ZION Williamson – Future King (Original Bored Film Documentary)

ZION Williamson - Future King (Original Bored Film Documentary)

Zion Williamson has stormed into the public eye, a raw athletic ability unseen since the days of young Lebron James…Zion erupted into superstardom as clips of his famous and insane dunks quickly went viral. But he is much more than a dunker. He is a freak of nature in the vein of Bo Jackson and Lebron. A true prodigy, a once in a lifetime talent. This short documentary takes a look at the origins of the man we all know as ZION. The dunks, the blocks, the star power.

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we all make a big deal about 42 6 inch vertical and that's great but it's his ability to recover how about there's a move in the sweet 16 yes where you guys got his ankles broken recovery block the shoveling [Applause] their speed vii and if great design was by 511 about 120 pounds he was taught at that time because of his size the point guard skills [Applause] [Applause] before that summer was over that was six four before the summer wasn't Zion is the most unique prospect that I've ever seen on a basketball court he's built like a Mack truck he's six foot seven 285 pounds and he's versatile when he has ridiculous speed he is 285 pounds I think we're looking at a superstar the popular athlete that I've seen in the high school game since LeBron James this kid is incredible we already said he's a top 50 player in the world though he's not big 50 I said top 30 borderline top 20 go ahead that grossberg's craze for me and I picked up some late and some crazy outfits God giving out foot body's gonna get in the way when he's coming down powerful at the rims iron [Applause] he's a powerhouse on the court and on social media and when hoops fan drink war Zion Williamson Jersey in a music video he began to realize his reach yo favorite rapper way Jersey nearly a million sixteen eight high school words can't even describe him I saw him at the beach ball classic signed 200 autographs after a game with a smile for everyone everybody loves ionways explosive dunks have generated millions of views Naaman on is also games I on celebrity fans it's heady stuff for a seventeen-year-old Zion was in full control of himself defensively in an age when cameras are everywhere and videos can be shared instantaneously it didn't take long for Zion to become one of YouTube's biggest sensation right now everybody's thumbs right now have tendonitis we've it's a cliche but he was a month [Applause] I read all articles to see um yeah average player to wanna be in place coming out of high school he beat up a bunch of like South Carolina small school kids and people were doubting him I myself doubted him a little bit I was like I don't know if he'll be the number one pick whatever weakness they think they see on my game I understand a gym working the winners in the past Vince Carter LeBron James I will be joining the Brotherhood of Universal Zion is going to the part of the top ranked recruiting class in the nation this is the first official practice okay it's the beginning of the race you have to push each other you know five guys playing is worn what we've said about being a fist fine wall I've never seen the constant energy and passion that we see from this kid every dribble every possession ridiculous athleticism a 46-inch vertical he's just different he's most unique collegiate basketball now has a villain again in the Duke Blue Devils they're playing a one-and-done game number two Kentucky in front of a packed house [Applause] seen here two historic programs to rate freshman classes as well well you'll see three of the top players in the country and three of the top five presumptive picks in the NBA Draft he's chosen the challenge to play at dude which says a lot in itself so he's got the pressure of being on a number one team get used to that if he doesn't break a back door this year it'll be a hero I'm gonna read a few quick quotes from people who really know basketball we're really good at playing it for it coaching for point March of the most lopsided defeat suffered by Kentucky would be per se the day after Zions debut against Kentucky at that point ranked number two remember this one guy one shot deals but apparently that's the next day after he watched obviously by a television and sat back and said there he is yes but just the way he's accepted the challenge I think he's gonna be a great Pro will be a great fit for anytime [Applause] don't be excited all right yeah he's this a polarizing player look at the size [Applause] by a firm and yet even the best college players struggle with physicality never been to the NBA he will not he will dominate [Applause] that's an unmanned camera to the stool the Duke Blue Devils have won four straight games about 20-plus points and it's been must-see TV this isn't just about basketball it's about business if you get designed website your team your season tickets are going up you're gonna be on national TV more you're gonna sell more views with stars and talent on both sides and what should be an unbelievable early season college basketball game what he's phenomenal he's a man amongst boys I think that's the phrase to use [Applause] [Applause] it's a three and it's well short [Applause] it's the ACC Big Ten challenge coach Kate Courtney read Cameron ready to bring you Indiana and Duke for the Blue Devils Jay on the court for the first time since they lost that tough game against Gonzaga he's one of the rare talents that we've seen in college basketball that literally has ensued in his appointees nobody get in front of him and he's got his second dunk of the night you're right we haven't seen it you're right it's unicorn Zion is somebody you go out of your way to go that says a lot about the star power that person let me tell you something right now Zion Williams it's special [Applause] Zion is the most and I tied to the separate like he's the most well-liked Duke player now because of the nature of college basketball but regular season which many people ignore is now interesting [Applause] that is playing in his first game in Madison Square Garden and that has created a huge flash in New York and Nikki V when the garden is packed to the rafters as it did as it is tonight this is a very special place to be could there be a bigger Broadway style attraction the taeyeon Williams well zion.t here in New York City right now a terrific talent one of the most unique players that I've seen their mind in 40 years at ESPN [Applause] you talk about box-office Bonanza with every he goes FBI you want this guy to be the number one overall he's to 85 and made of rock his potential is stone you can't teach me he possesses the physicality the [Applause] [Applause] what was years ago and yet he's fast twisty and leaf and stops on a dime on the defensive end he has been spectacular he's only only going to get better rejection this is a situation where Sion is a universe he was unbelievable I think he's gonna go into the league and be the most impactful transcendent player possibly since LeBron James number one being the competitive heart he has the ability to just give you what is needed but very good to do Chester Jack so who says what did I in the biggest moments when it matters most strong enough to finish that play in spectacular fashion [Applause] anytime you're talking about Duke there you talk about sigh it you took what RJ [Applause] what a lot of players black when it comes to how great they can actually be but what I see on the basketball court [Applause] do basically whatever's accident any in his role at Duke he was asked to be an interior guy and be that glass pounding physical feature God became the first blue double with 1515 three steals and three blocks and throwdowns 47 and dogs Williamson on guys puffs the kick open again she's so special ticket sold for up to $10,000 each former President Obama was there the best rivalry in college basketball North Carolina Duke look at his left shoe he blew completely through the shoes foot goes through the sneaker President Obama you can see what he said he saw you saw and 36 seconds into the game Zion Williams shittiest how many older white guys like me with a dad bod that are now gonna reconsider buying mics because if it can't withstand the power of Zion Williamson how is it stand me unfolding a stroll of the Nike pre market is down 1.3 7 percent the first thing I thought of when I watch this by the way wasn't wow what a crappy shoe it was Zionist hulked out of his shoe what the piss guys did like I could not do that to his sneaker if I got hit by a car as he came back from the ACC Tournament Zion returning to the trip comes up with a steal and they went 3 and 3 without ok he comes back he averages 27 points 10 rebounds he was 13 of 13 from the floor 29 points 14 rebounds Duke wins by a dozen toward the most points in ACC tournament history in a three game tournament and as we mentioned they will play Carolina for the third time this season tonight Zion will finally get to play against the Tar Heel and this one feels a little bit extra special even by the standards of this great rivalry with a trip to the ACC championship game on the line he's open on the side steal by Williams [Applause] the genophage ACC tournament championship you boys he's special and you know it's clear and we haven't seen you know a combination of boots strength and vertical athleticism combined with the guard and premise built that he has since LeBron dropping opponents with Euro steps in transition listen five games comes back and shows you why he will be straw drive Williamson gather the rebound [Applause] and congratulations to the Duke Blue Devils the ACC tournament champions for the 21st time I have not seen a guy who's Sam Williamson listen if you miss Bo Jackson like this is what you're watching nobody brings it home my children's nope I make it so

47 thoughts on “ZION Williamson – Future King (Original Bored Film Documentary)”

  1. He has really impressive athletic skills, but why do people idealize a person so early and already need to compare him to other players. Is it so difficult to enjoy the moment and enjoy his own style. Let's see how he does his first 3 yrs in the nba.

  2. It's funny looking at this now, and then realizing that Zion has the same issue that Simmons does.
    His jumpshot isn't exactly.. consistent. I mean he has an open shot. but he has to be WELL AND TRUELY open.
    least he has a mid range I guess.. a not too consistent mid range…

    You know what, lets just call him a 280lbs Ben Simmons. With an explosive step. WIN.

  3. I was on that match vs Yale and i was among the stairs and i saw Zion and gave him a five and i told him '' DON'T STOP MAN !'' and he told me '' WE ARE STARTING NOW MAN ! '' and i was like shiit he will f*ck everyone in NBA !!

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