WORLD WAR 3: The documentary – Part 1: The introduction

WORLD WAR 3: The documentary - Part 1: The introduction

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WORLD WAR 3: The documentary – Part 1: The introduction

Apart from the few official experts who always speak on TV and in the papers about the economy, military strategy, psychology and psychological warfare, etc. We have all the real experts (all the others outside the entertainment industry) who have been shouting for a very long time in unison that the countdown is coming to an end for the worst collapse on ALL fronts in your life, that be the economic collapse, wars, chaos, etc. – But as long as people like you are able to read this message, it means there is still hope, but only if you complete your new mission which, in the worst case, may prove itself to be lifelong.

The mission is in short to prevent over 90% of the earth’s total population from completely disappearing within a short time henceforth, because of a GLOBAL process that has been set into motion. You will need to act quickly and study the most basic things, and is the reason for the small “do it yourself” task at the end of this message, but first, here is YOUR BRIEFING:

Let me start by giving you the bad news first, because it IS very bad: The threat we face is GLOBAL, which humanity has already tried two times before in recent times, but overall look more bleak this third time, among other things because of all the electronic developments that have always been managed and controlled by the private and global military industry, with an almost unlimited funding of money and researchers. The only “good” news (if you can call it that) is that it is NOT an unstoppable comet from the outside, but a man-made population reduction to below 500,000,000 GLOBALLY in the very near future.

The ultimate goal is to establish once and for all a functional world government which will be controlled completely by the royal, private families. The most likely signs for “the beginning of the end” or “the point of no return” will most likely start with nuclear “suitcase-bombs” going off in major Western cities, so let’s work diligently to hopefully prevent this from happening in the first place. Here is the message you will have to read, and spread out to as many as you can to get the message of freedom and fraternity back on the agenda:

The entire world is being taken over by a hand full of royal, private banking families with military force:

1) First, open Google’s search engine and type in “Agenda 21” and then add the name of the city you live in before you press search, and start by checking out what you find.

2) Then make a new search in the same way, just with this text instead: “Agenda 21 youtube” and you will now find a myriad of well produced and documented films, mainstream news clips, endless presentations, lectures, educational materials, solutions and plans for how you can prepare yourself.

You have now been able to inform and educate yourself about the most basic elements of this news bulletin, which you need to get started quickly as possible, because this is something, you will have to study thoroughly BEFORE you go out and inform others

Hitler got the idea to create unions, which would be merged under a world dictatorship aka UN / NATO. Today will be mostly about the EU.

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23 thoughts on “WORLD WAR 3: The documentary – Part 1: The introduction”

  1. "Yes, peace can and must be won, to save the world from the terrible destruction of World War III."
    Paul Robeson

    We must try and stop world 3 from happeining before to late for all us!
    Thanks for uploading your video it was nice šŸ™‚

  2. IMF – int'l mutherfakers. That's how they took over the world and we financed them. Now, since Thatcher we've been enslaved to the same IMF caulculations. A perpetual debt which cannot be repaid until everyone and everything is sold as a commodity to pay the interests of the real consumers and useless feeders at the top of this sewage system of vicilisation.

  3. Talking solves nothing never did never will. Why do not you stop with the shitty ass movies and start killing these "threats to freedom"rather then just pissing andļ»æ moaning about it. Because you cant. You got no actual proof of targets even if you had the testicular fortitude to try and hunt them down. Go back to your cabin basements and your inbred sexslave daughters

  4. Blablabla oinkoinkoink whinewhinewhine nwonwonwo. Thats how you all sound. Why dont you stop bitching and start shooting govt officials if its such a biiiiiig threat. No balls thats why. NO balls.

  5. Lockheed Martins logo sits somewhere between a holy cross and an unfinished, distorted satanic pentagram. Pretty clever. Again, thanks for the good work, pacman.

  6. He says he doubts people inside the department will be "capable" of sorting this out. Which was true, because less than 24 hours later, they were all dead from a cruise missile hitting their department within the Pentagon. That was reported as a jet crash, hitting the Pentagon. He said, people from outside are going to have to come in, and they did. At 500 mph. Looking back, it's all so disgusting.

  7. Around minute 25:30 Rumsfeld says, Look at this, motioning a pyramid downward with both hands, then uses the penal hand signs, chocking briefly around his neck and points up, and then says it is going to take a number of years. He then discusses the base of the pyramid, indicated with hands. Mind you, the day before 9/11. What was he really talking about? Monumental task, while indicating a loose 666 gesture. Also, the word Terror is used, in terrifying. I'm sure it all means nothing.

  8. If the people had more education and weren't raise through the system they were designed to be raised in, that crowd could walk over to the cops as one, hug them, and then together they could go after those who are responsible, despite their chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, threats.

  9. Austerity measure means, be poor and like it. And, it's cool to be poor. What's funny is, nobody is really in debt to anyone. You're only in debt if you believe you are. Who exactly do we all owe? God, ourselves and no one else we haven't made an agreement with. They're not bankrupt. They've been defrauded, therefore the transactions, all of our transactions are null and void.

  10. it is all warmup for what is coming for everyone in the west. Pay close attention to what is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran etc. but mainly in Syria atm because what is happening there now is about to hit everyone else next !!!

    Syria; A model for the world – FULL version

  11. I have always found the conspiracy theories to be exciting, but each time i see some of it im just as dissapointed as when im watching a regular news site! How on earth can you link the "Riots in Copenhagen" with the "NWO" and a 3rd world war ?"?"?!?!?!

  12. You boys and girls seriously think that you people could make peace?
    You would not be able to archive it unless you people listen to both sides.
    Nobody is black or nobody is completely white. Both sides have something to speak.

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