Why does Belarus Exist? (Short Animated Documentary)

Why does Belarus Exist? (Short Animated Documentary)


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Why is Belarus a thing? By successive governments slowly giving in over time.


Understanding Belarus: Belarusian Identity by Grigory Ioffe

Russification: Word and Practice 1863-1914 by Theodore R. Weeks

there are many questions which keep us up at night is there an afterlife why are we here and why is Belarus a thing so Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe sandwiched between Poland Russia Ukraine and the Baltics it's also an exceptionally young nation having only become a fully independent state in 1991 so the name Belarus comes from the term Belarus which means white Russia historically much of modern-day Belarus is lands were located within the Grand Duchy of Lithuania here the Belarusians were often referred to as Ruthenians but this term was often a broad one which applied to both them and the Ukrainians in fact the people who lived there were often refer to his evil it's veneer or poly gastric the first traces of a consistent Belarusian national identity don't spring up until the 19th century roughly when all of the other nationalist movements were picking up – during the 19th century Belarus was a part of the Russian Empire after the partition of Poland Lithuania and they saw many changes brought about firstly the ruling polish Catholic class were removed from power and replaced with the russian-speaking Orthodox one secondly intellectuals within the Russian Empire began to study the Belarusian people to determine just how differently were covertly that is because the imperial government outlawed the notion the Belarusians were distinct people from Russians in the latter half of the 19th century the Belarusians led by constantiy Kalinowski revolted against the Russians asserting their own identity but this revolt was soon crushed of course this doesn't invalidate the belarusian claims of the unique identity though it existed whether or not the saint-petersburg government wanted it to so as you'll know world war 1 kicked off in 1914 and this saw the status of belarus and its people changed massively in a very short period of time after pushing the russians back to here the germans created a puppet state the Belarusian People's Republic this was short-lived in the Russian Civil War in the following polish-soviet war soared the land divided like this with some of the Belarusian lands going to Poland and the rest going to the USSR the Belarusian lands here were known as the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic the B SSR was enlarged twice the first was an internal enlargement which reflected demographic lines the second came with the USSR's annexation of eastern Poland in the lead-up to World War two after the dust from that conflict had settled Belarus's modern borders were established and affirmed that said belarus wasn't independent in any way barring some politicking by stalin because as many of you will know belarus along with ukraine had their own seat in the UN whilst being a part of the USSR the reason West hourly managed to get these was that he refused to join the new UN unless he was granted extra seats since he was concerned that he would be consistently outvoted by non communist states this concession was granted in the be SSR held its own seat until the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 when it's seat was transferred to modern Belarus so in conclusion the origins of Belarus are blurred and wrapped up in difficulties concerning names and which state its culture is rooted in was Belarus another successor to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania or was it a newcomer whose identity was forged in opposition to those around it be aware though that Belarus and its people shouldn't be seen as some offshoot of Russia and that their history is long and varied Belarus is in many respects a young country but its people and the many names have existed for much longer I hope you enjoyed this episode and thank you for watching with extra thanks to my patreon supporters which you can see on screen and with an extra special thanks to James Bissonnette David archaeologist Ozark a flash Party Boyko Rob Waterhouse Chris wicker Michael Reynolds Gustav Swann David Silverman spinning three plates Maggie packs Kowski Christian check' Anthony Beckett Ike Skye Chappell and Winston K word you

45 thoughts on “Why does Belarus Exist? (Short Animated Documentary)”

  1. I remember reading something about this in another video channel the cynical historian. Nations are fairly new inventions, and arbitrary at that. Even defining Nations along racial, ethnic, or religious lines, the lines can get blurry. In the end, if enough people get together and say they are a nation, best thing is to take them at their word. Whether or not they get a state with orders, Etc is a different political and diplomatic issue.

    Keep all this in mind next time you hear someone say "Palestinians don't exist."

  2. Отстаньте вы от нас беларусов, дело вам стало до нас??? Живём, ни в какие войны не лезим, бесит вас что мы нормальные??? Не трогайте лихо, или картошкой закидаем вас

  3. ukrainian and belarusian is a variety of the Polish language when they were part of the Polish-Lithuanian. for a long time they were not part of Russia, which is why they are so different from Russia.

  4. Isnt there a genetic difference, too? I have seen claimed that Russians have large finno ugric component, but Belorussians are closest to czechs and slovaks.

  5. Беларусь существует, чтобы быть буферным государством между Россией и странами Европы. Беларусь пережила много войн, и если случится ещё одна, она будет сдерживать противника, пока Россия будет мобилизироваться. Беларусы собирают в себе качества соседних народов, чтобы каждый приезжий чувствовал себя как дома…

  6. So that means Belarus is historically part of Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth. It would be nice if nations with that heritage were closer in cooperation to each other.

  7. Funny how this video explains that we shouldn't see Belarussians simply as some offshoot of Russians, while all Belarussians I've got to know so far see themselves as Russians. xD They even prefer the Russian language to their own.

  8. As a Belarusian born individual I’m telling you the the name Belarus and Belarusian is colonial Russian invented term . We are Litvins and our historic country is named Litva .
    Litva above all!

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