Wendy Williams Is Producing Her Own Biopic and Documentary

Wendy Williams Is Producing Her Own Biopic and Documentary

Wendy Williams talks about her Ritz Harper book series and her plans to produce a documentary and biopic about her life.
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Wendy Williams Is Producing Her Own Biopic and Documentary- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

-What I like about your show
is it's very honest. It's this kind of thing.
You don't lie to your audience. And they know that.
-I was talking to Eric Holder behind the scenes back there.
-Yeah. -He's coming out a little later.
-Yeah. -So, he was like, "Oh, my gosh. You're like you are
on your show." I was like,
"Well, what do you want?" -Yeah.
-Nobody has time to act. -Yeah. Also, this —
I would — It would be very — I feel like you can only be you.
Is that accurate? -Seth.
-Yes. -Believe me.
-Yeah. -I can only be me.
-Yeah. And I'm so glad. What is this? Season 11?
-11. -Amazing.
Congratulations on that. -I never thought
it would last, honestly. -Yeah, 11 is a big deal.
-It is. Well, it's not — I mean, 10 is a good number.
11 is kind of a weird number. -Well, don't make me feel bad
about saying 11 is a big deal. -But 11. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. -You also — I don't think
people fully appreciate how multitalented you are. You've written a series of books
before you had your show. -Yes.
-Ritz Harper was the character. And I feel like Ritz Harper
was maybe slightly based, inspired by Wendy Williams?
-Certainly. -There was "Ritz Harper
Goes to Hollywood." -Well, that's me posing as Ritz.
-Yeah. -Mm-hmm. [ Laughs ] -This is another
Ritz Harper book. "Drama is Her Middle Name." -That was the first one
of the Ritz. That's correct. -I got to say,
this made me laugh so hard. -Okay.
-I haven't stopped laughing. -That is me with
ketchup sprayed around me. -And the title of
this Ritz Harper book is "Is the Bitch Dead or What?" [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] I mean —
-The thing about Ritz — Ritz is a fabulous New York City
disc jockey who happens to get a talk show. -Oh, wow.
So it's really close to home. -But — And so I have this —
I'm in bed with Lifetime. Not in bed, nut, you know.
-Yeah, yeah. -With Lifetime right now. And I would like to see Ritz
either as a series or a movie. But my first project is
going to be my own life story. -Oh, you're going to do a
Lifetime movie about yourself, your life story?
-Oh, believe me you. -Are you gonna — Is it
gonna be a documentary or is it gonna be a narrative? -Okay. Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay. They're doing two hours
for the movie and then two hours
for the documentary. -Oh, my God. So who's going to
play you in the movie? -Four hours of me.
-Yeah. -On Lifetime. -Are they — How can they cast
Wendy Williams? Are you going to play yourself?
-No, no. No. I'm producing.
-Yeah. -I got no time to act.
-Yeah, of course. Hands off. -Yeah, yeah.
But here's the thing. No. I want to hire actors
that no one knows. Because, really, you know,
there's a message in it. I mean, we can laugh
and joke all day, Seth. -We can, yes.
-But in actuality, I've been doing this — I've had
a microphone for over 30 years. -Uh-huh.
-You know what I mean? And I've done the best I can
with what I had. And what I have is, you know, my parents don't come
from, you know, nepotism, you know, like, making a phone
call, getting Wendy in the door. I've fought for everything.
And I've never been MeToo'd. You know, I —
Respect to all the girls who, you know,
are going through that. I've never done that.
I don't even know what that is. You know,
I fight, punch, hustle. Even right now, you know,
going through a public divorce while I'm still a big mouth
doing hot topics. I'm talking about people
when I'm being talked about. It's me against the world. -Well, I feel as though the
world is getting a beating. You've been doing great. Congratulations
on all your success. And let me tell you,
it is always such a pleasure to have you here. -You're kicking me out?
-I'm kicking you out. Wendy Williams, everybody.

40 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Is Producing Her Own Biopic and Documentary”

  1. Wendy Williams is a Culture Vulture. She spends her life living off the backs of People With Actual Talent. She makes the world worst not better. She serves no purpose what so ever..
    Biopic what's
    It called ?

    Shade can get you Paid.
    Fainting to the Top.
    No Talent-Trash Talk.
    Believe My Hype.

  2. I have to give it up to Seth…sometimes when talk show hosts interview other talk show hosts it can be awkward but he always makes it work, he's engaging, funny, but still allows the guest to shine…my fav in late night rn

  3. Wendy Williams is a toxic human being by spreading such vitriol and bile on her show. She has advocated women can't rape a man or a spouse and should be allowed to take sex whenever, regardless of what the partner says.

    I understand she needs to make a paycheck, and this interview shows the professional side/ the best of her. Why not be this Wendy?

    Otherwise she definitely overcompensates for her shortcomings by also taking it out on her guests. We all know she hand picks her audience due to height and looks.

    Please be gone Wendy. Humanity is better than what you are producing

  4. Yoo y'all can say what you want but this woman has been hustling and had much success all her life so the biopic is going to be for me. I thought the interview was entertaining and cant wait for the new season! "Me against the world" I felt that.

  5. …why is everyone so mean out here in the comments? 😔 if you don’t like her, then just don’t watch her interviews or whatever, why must you be mean ? It’s unnecessary

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