Volcano BREAKTHROUGH! Scientists Test New Method to Predict Volcanic Eruptions!

Volcano BREAKTHROUGH! Scientists Test New Method to Predict Volcanic Eruptions!

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Volcano BREAKTHROUGH! Scientists Test New Method to Predict Volcanic Eruptions!
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this is a volcano breakthrough scientists now have a new method to predict when volcanic eruptions will occur they've been telling us for quite some time from USGS and other agencies that it's impossible to predict earthquakes even though they work with statistics and can predict just about when to expect a major earthquake now they have a new method of finding out how magma can be viewed can be assessed to see when another earthquake another volcanic eruption will be probable this is by tom fish from Express UK the volcanic eruptions could one day be predicted this is after cutting-edge research in one of Europe's most volatile volcanoes comes to light as we know one of the worst is the campi Flegrei it's a supervolcano in Italy and a lot of the Italy volcanoes are quite active right now Stromboli and Etna for example now a new method designed by a multinational research firm could potentially allow geologists to predict how a volcanic eruption will occur with great precision they say they combine physics and statistics and the new technique reportedly chases the magma to understand what path it will take from the depths of the Earth's core magma as we know frequently does not spew from the mound main mouth of volcano it can find other routes for example features or dykes and even fractures earth fractures now this example is what happens in iceland's bardarbunga eruption is what happened in August 2014 and also in Hawaii's Kilauea in August 2000 18 this is why volcanologists are faced with serious challenges to predict what will happen with the aim of minimizing the risks of volcanic eruptions to the populations in the areas while this research led by Italian scientist dr. Eleonora revolta she developed a new technique which can be invaluable for planning and exploitation of the soil in areas at risk dr. Eve Alta says when trying to predict how an eruption will occur in the main difficulty lies in the fact that magma is transported underground and because of this obviously it's not visible with the naked eye we can't see what's happening underneath researchers have only been able to employ precise monitoring tools in the last 20 years and this reveals dynamics by helping them with computer models dr. Eve Alta explains that the new volcano prediction combined two levels of analysis she says those methods are used up to now our base either only on statistics and now is analyzing the sites in which the previous eruptions occurred more frequently or only on physics that is calculating the paths that offer the least resistance to the magma in the first case the available data are not sufficient to drop a fairly accurate map well in the second case the forces involved are difficult to assess accurately as she goes to explain we have combined the two methods based on the physical method but calibrating it so that it is compatible with the eruptive now researchers demonstrated the validity of this new technique they tested it in the flagger Ian fields in the captive legree meaning the fields of fire in Europe your most dangerous supervolcano one of the areas with the highest volcanic risks on earth and it's a supervolcano as we know the area extends for more than six miles as 10 kilometers it has about 80 fractures in the ground that have erupted with regularity in the past 15,000 years so the researchers concluded quote the most difficult part was to make the method valid for every volcano the secret lies in quantifying well all the forces of the subsoil which will always be different and recalibrate the model every single time the flagrant feels her captive legree meaning to burn is a large supervolcano in the west of Naples Italy declared a Regional Park in 2003 the caldera consists of 24 craters and volcanic edifices most of them lie underwater though hydrothermal activity can be observed in the area of Luke Renault nano and the town of Port Wally there are also effusive gaseous manifestations at the solfatara crater sulfur sulfuric acid sulfuric cassis the mythological home of the Roman god of fire Vulcan this area is monitored by the Vesuvius observatory the area features Braddy seismic phenomena which are most evident in the mess elem of pozzuoli bands of four holes left by marine mollusks on marble columns show that the level of the site is in relation to the sea level has varied the flagrant period thought to have erupted in the volcano eruption of about thirty nine thousand hundred and eighty years ago erupted 200 cubic kilometers of 48 cubic miles of magma to produce the champion in Buda England eruption with a volcanic explosivity index of seven the second flagrant period was between thirty-five thousand ten and a half thousand years ago the third flagrant period between eight thousand years ago up to five hundred years ago material forms the majority of volcanoes in the fields and more recently the recent history the caldera now is essentially at ground level accessible on foot containing many fumaroles from which steam can be seen issuing over 150 fools in 1538 and eight-day eruption of the area deposited enough material to create a new hill Monta no ever and it has risen about seven feet from ground level since 1970 a 2009 Journal article stated that inflation of the caldera center near Pozzuoli might presage an eruptive event within decades of course we would expect that if you have something kind of an a rising of the ground of course it would mean an eruption in 2012 the International continental scientific drilling program plan to drill two and a half miles below the earth's surface near pompeii in order to monitor this massive molten rock chamber below and provide early warning of an eruption local scientists are worried that such trillion could itself initiate an eruption or an earthquake in 2010 the Naples City Council halted the drilling project program scientists of the drilling was no different from industrial drilling in the area the newly elected mayor allowed the project to go forward Reuters article emphasized that the area could produce a supervolcano that might kill millions now in August 2017 there was a magnitude 4 earthquake on the western edge of camp a flagrant area and we know that of course it's a very volatile very delicate place and we also know that we have a list of various listing of let's see the volcanoes in Italy there's quite a few and this is Wikipedia I'm reading from there's at least 40 40 the ones that have most recently erupted our rule cine 104 BC will canelo 1550 volcan volcano at 89 now Vesuvius erupted in 1944 Panta Pantelleria in 1891 in and also Ferdinand era in it's a submarine volcano 1831 campi Flegrei in the sea of Cecilia in 1911 again can't be Flegrei 1538 and there's many others here that were a lot older than that 10,000 years ago 5,000 BC and the like I'll leave links below for you for this if you'd like to join me on my patreon account you will hear content not covered by mainstream media these riveting stories will be based on my research and I will state my opinions and give my personal insight on diverse and controversial subjects and world events and that's not covered by mainstream media and not certainly on not supported by 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