Velvet Art – Cosplay Documentary

Velvet Art - Cosplay Documentary

Documentary about Cosplay
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Cosplay it’s a wonderful hobby and adventure. Sadly not everyone knows this and has a nerdy perspective on this hobby.
With this small story we tell what cosplay is about and how it spread over the world.
And to make you as Coser proud on your hobby!

Hear the words of the 2 Dutch cosplay teams, how they got inspired and work on their costumes. What cosplay means for them en most of all how they enjoy all of it.

Team Paraluna Cosplay
Liza & Sophie:

Rick Boer & Dominique Boer:

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Europe Cosplay Gathering ECG — COMICUP Staff SHANGHAI — Ubisoft Nederland — Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam —
Merdahn Photography — Jeroen Weimar

Camera: Canon 600D
Lens: Canon Kit les 18-55 & Tokina 11-16
Stabilizer: Flycam Nano & Handheld

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18 thoughts on “Velvet Art – Cosplay Documentary”

  1. Amazing video. I love the visuals and the message is so inspiring (exactly what I needed to get out of a little slump. I should go back to my foam now 😉

  2. Het is geweldig hoe iets simpels (zoals cosplay) zo'n groot effect kan hebben op het publiek. Een karakter uit een game tot leven brengen, dat vergt toch wel heel wat talent en fantasie. Jou kostuums zijn verreweg de beste die er zijn, houden zo!

    (translation) It's amazing how something as simple as cosplay can have such a big impact on the audience. Bringing a character from a game or a movie to life takes some serious talent and imagination. Your costumes are by far the best. Keep up the good work!

    ps: I saw you dressed up as Jacob Frye at Antwerpen centraal station.

  3. Net helemaal bekeken en vond het gewoonweg geweldig! Nu heb ik een klein vraagje: zullen jullie er ook zijn op Dutch Comic Con maart 2015? ik zou het geweldig vinden om jullie te kunnen zien, vooral Rick Boer.

    I just watched the whole video and it was just amazing! Now, I have a question: will you guys be there at Dutch Comic Con march 2k15? I'd really like to see you guys there, especially Rick Boer.

  4. I just got through telling Rick B. that unlike how that disappointing show Heroes of Cosplay try to make it full of drama just to get more publicity,  i love how Velvet Art focus on what people feel cosplay is about and how it makes them feel.

  5. One of the best (and most realistic) cosplay docu's I've ever seen.
    Thank you for portraying cosplayers like normal people without judging. <3
    Hope I can see you at animecon so I can give you a big high five!

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