UH60 Blackhawk Documentary

UH60 Blackhawk Documentary

A short documentary looking at the UH60 Blackhawk helicopter.

and 700 improved Huey's beyond year 2000 the most important tactical Assault transport helicopter is the Sikorsky uh-60 Black Hawk since 1978 Sikorsky has delivered over 1,100 and the Army has a stated requirement for just twice this number powered by two t700 engines of 1560 horsepower each the Black Hawk was designed to lift a squad of 11 armed soldiers but in fact it can bring 14 can carry slung loads of up to 8,000 pounds and it can be fitted with an external stores support system carrying 5,000 pounds on each side of the helicopter and fly for two hours with full load at 145 knots a typical load is a gamma goat vehicle or a 105 millimeter howitzer plus crew and ammunition from the start the Blackhawk was designed for reliability in tough field conditions and for survivability in the face of enemy fire for example with triply redundant hydraulics and electrics blackhawks played a major role in the exercise Brightstar in 1982 when they were airlifted to Egypt by US Air Force military airlift command they are the standard assault transport helicopter of the u.s. rapid deployment force

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  1. I want to get the music, if you have the documentry video,I want to buy it I know its an old vid I regret not tapeing it on the Discovery channel. I really want to make the Army proud with the background Music its awsome!

  2. This Black Hawk is very toit like a tiger. And Chug, the show called Wings, which was on the Discovery Channel. I love this helicopter ever since I was a little tike. And I'm glad my dad was a crew chief for this flying catfish!

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