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  1. As I had written about 4 years ago.. What ArPAIASO is doing was incorrect. Now, 4 years later he has been properly investigated, &, charged to a small degree. Not near what he deserves of course.. He is just filled W/hate, &, based his ENTIRE CAREER on ruining the lives of others. Now, his legacy is tarnished, tent city is going down, it took a little while, but he is paying for what he has done. Lesson? If you preform evil it will return to you! God bless!

  2. This is in humane and unjust, it causes a greater social problem, if states deport the parents of document children, who will take care of them, now the children will  become America's problem. This is a bandage  to immigration reform, it will result in a social and economic problem in the long run.

  3. There may be legal ways, but the fact is those avenues takes years to process. If someone filed a petition in December of 1997 to get a visa to become a permanent resident of the U.S. and they are from Mexico, they are STILL waiting to even BEGIN the process of sending in police records, birth certificates, things like that. Yes, there are legal ways, but it takes years especially if you don't have the means to have a strong case.

  4. As far as your second question, they are not automatically deported. There is a case laid against them and it takes a long time to process the case and then deport them. Some of the detainees are fighting for political asylum and so that takes even longer.

  5. I have wrote this before & despite a troll who lies of me. I will say it again I also want Justice, TRUE justice, no matter how it turns out.. We are slowly, but surely having out rights stripped away from us. From the checkpoints, to the gun laws, from the rights of Citizens denied.. Its terrible.. Its happening slowly, & we are accepting it, bit by bit. One day we will awake, & will wonder what happened? However it will be too late, no one spoke out prior. We can't give up OUR freedoms.

  6. Two questions:

    1) Is the full documentary available online?
    2) Are there any filmed interviews with people who have come out of this prison?

    I've always heard that if you're caught here illegally, you get deported. Why are these people sent to jail?

  7. Tienes razon. Te digo Hermano ODIO Arpaio, vivi en Phoenix Az, Condado Maricopa. VI con mis propios ojos como cambio todo. Fui alla desde 2002 a 2008, vi el terrible transformacion, el abuso, las injusticias, y nadie puede hablar quien no esta en los zapatos de uno. Racistas ni saben nada A sus ReP*utisima madres!!!!!!!!!! JAJA Si oiste Joe? "Trabaje por mi reputacion y nadie me lo va a quitar" El tambien quiere justica, yo tambien pero el no iba gustar mi justicia el iba desaparecer! JAJA

  8. Como esperan que una nina va a comprender que quitaron a sus padres? Yo soy un Adulta y todavia no comprendo. Sabemos la respuesta en palabras, pero en nuestras corazones no comprendemos. Soy un Adulta y todavia no puedo comprender, todo ese odio, y porque quitaron a mi familiar. Por tratar de regresar esta sirviendo cargos de Felonia, lleva mucho tiempo encierrado, no se nada, ni cuando tiempo es juez en fin va a aggregar es hasta 10 anos solo por entrar, y el no tenia nada, no record criminal!

  9. K,Soy blanca (Italiana) pero tengo que decir la verdad. Todos en ese junta parecen ricos, mayores,y de piel blanco. Ay racistas de todo color. Una pregunta? Porque el no va donde ay gente de classe normal,y que sea con Hispanos, que dice sus cosas alla? Sera porque no iba a recibir el "gracias, Joe?" Jaja Suerte salir de alla. Sali de Az por culpa de este payaso,solo para encontrar que lo que el empiezo infecto al resto de el Pais. Si tantos desgustas los Immigrantes la problema es usted.

  10. Ok, I am white (Italian) but I have to point out the truth. That WHOLE community meeting was of older, ricer, WHITE Americans. There are racists of all colors, but why the heck does he not step into a middle class Hispanic Neighborhood with his speaches, humm, Might be because he wouldn't get the "thank you Joe", jaja far from it. I left Az because of this clown, only to have the damage he started there infect the rest of the country. If you dislike Immigrants the problem is you, insecure much?

  11. Hes wants Justice alright….Just for the immigrants everything else falls by the wayside, sometimes if you would call about a real crime they could not come because they were busy with their "Immmigrant crime supression" FUCK U Arpaio I am from Az, lived there for years, saw your shit, and now know about the investigation from the Dept of Justice, You are a hypocrite and lucky no one has killed you! I don't wish u harm, but u sure hurt people alot, ignoring the true issues. Sleep well hpocrite!

  12. The term, Mexican, has an indigenous root word (Mexica) from the Nahuatl language which has existed in the Americas for thousands of years. The term, American, does not have an indigenous root, but a Latin root and has only recently existed. Thus, to be Mexican is to be more American than what we consider to be American.

  13. Here's the thing – just like every other modern day country we have laws on the books. If what he is doing is enforcing the laws, and you don't like the laws, then it stands to reason that you need to change the laws. Otherwise what else you can you expect law enforcement to do? If someone is beating the hell out of you, THEN you want the laws to be enforced… you can't have it both ways.

  14. The nasty people who don't obey the law shes referring to are those who WOULD kill and harm. NOT those working thier fingers to the bone at the local car wash/restaurant/ETC. Been w/someone who is "Ilegal" for more than 10 yrs. We have tried every way possible to get him legalized, but to no avail. Once you make the mistake of coming here with out papers, there is basically no hope to do things right.. Well, I can say for sure in OUR specific case. The laws will NOT allow. God bless

  15. Stop assuming things I am not. I am American. Born and raised, I speak very little spanish. Just because I have done research and analyze a political and social situation doesn't automatically make me mexican or I am just automatically for everything Mexican. And no shit these people are not coming here for our sake. They are coming here to save their lives but I am sure you have benefitted off them plenty for their cheap labor. Go actually read news about what is happening in Latin America.

  16. You seem to be laying blame to the actual land mass of Mexico…as if it's not the fault of the people themselves.

    Look, you're obviously a mexican and will never see it any way but that of benefitting the illegals. But, this isn't a story book and these people aren't coming here for our sake. They are coming over here at the rate of 3,000 per day. The plain truth is, we don't have the infastructure ready for them, hence our overcrowded hospitals and schools. Mexicans need to fix Mexico.

  17. Mexico. Leaves nothing for the people who live in that country. Mass body graves revealing hundreds of people who have been killed in towns are discovered almost monthly. Then there is the fact that people die everyday crossing the desert to get to the U.S. I know you wouldn't take that risk to get paid minium wage and treated like shit. Basically, illegal immigration is wrong, but the U.S.'s hands are just as dirty. If you were in their situation you'd either be dead or crossing the U.S. border

  18. protestors, gunned down by the Mexican Army and Police, order by the Mexican Government, who was being advised helped by the U.S. and the C.I.A. Drug Cartels own Mexico, they have guns and are not afraid people to kill people. They dump dead bodies in the middle of the day during rush hour to send a warning. The civilians are powerless. You can have a college degree in Mexico and be only earning 5 cents a day. U.S., Canadian, and British corporations control almost all the natural resources in

  19. source. Not enough resources. We have plenty of resources, we as the U.S. don't use a majority of our own resources. We invade other countries or create coups in other countries to benefit the U.S. See the Iraq War and the countless coups the U.S. was behind during the 60's-80's in Latin America. Journalist, Musicians, Artist, Policial activist in Mexico are working hard to take back their country. Many end up dead. Also, in 1968 the student protest in Mexico City ended in a massacre of 1,000's

  20. First off, I do know. I actually have talked with tons of the people of the hispanic community, legal and illegal immigrants. I know their stories and I know what they have been through and what has happened to them. There is not enough room in the U.S.? The U.S. population only occupies 2% of the land. Has the U.S. lost a lot of jobs? Yes, but you are barking up the wrong tree if you think it's illegals who are stealing the jobs. Why not ask U.S. corporations about the 100,000's of job they out

  21. You don't know that they were or will starve, Nor do you know how long thier wait will be. The simple truth is, we have limited space and limited resources. It is not our job to feed and support the entire population of any nation, other than our own.

    If they want a better country, they have to put on their big boy boots and go out and earn it. Sneaking here and welching off the backs of American taxpayers, while spitting on our law, is not making Mexico better…or America for that matter.

  22. So let the kids go back to where they came from with their parents. Starving on the streets of Mexico or towns being run by cartels and forget about protect from the police because they are just as bad as the cartels. So let those parents and kids go back and wait around for 3 three years to maybe get a vista because they are trapped in a Drug War that was created by the U.S. and Mexico, not to mention U.S. and Canadian corporations have been exploiting the Mexican people.

  23. It's not the US Law keeping those kids in America without their parents. Those parents can get their kids at any time and live in Mexico as a family. The simple truth is, they use their kids as leverage to try to get free benefits. THAT is why they want over here so badly and why they leave thier kids here when they are deported.

  24. Dios me bendicio con papeles,asi que no tengo miedo,Que Arpaio me vas a deportar tambien?,Voy a hablar, pelear los derechos para las personas indocumentados. Solo Son asi por una systema corrupta! NO SON CRIMINALES POR SU ESTADO AQUI.Porque no encerramos,o mejor deportamos los que son de aqui y no sirven de nada! solo crimen tras crimen! Mira nada mas cuanto cuesta para mantaner a ellos en un prison por solo un ano, luego queja cuando uno viene a trabajar honestamente!QUE ASCO!DIOS ama a TODOS!

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