Transmen Documentary Part 3

Transmen Documentary Part 3


Part 3 of the documentary “Transmen.” See more at

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I am kiss leave Brendan James page on 22 and I live and bring one in Nashville Tennessee and I'm a licensed massage therapist and I'm transgender female to male I was born a female in Clarksville Tennessee Montgomery City Hospital – Monroe and Suzy Paige I always knew that I was more boyish whenever I was younger I was wore my hair up and a hat Chicago Bulls is my favorite team I was a ran around with my brother I'd always try and I guess dressed more like him and his friends and different things like that I had a lot of guy friends growing up it was always a lot more macho I guess and I could pretty much beat up and he got I hung out with I was very naive I would say it's a child about different things my family was very loving but maybe not very open so they didn't really talk about worldly worldly things and stuff like that so everyone just kind of made me seem like I was a normal even though they'll behind my back or to the side they would all make comments or be concerned about the way that I was I just really kind of teetered on a really big line on being who I really felt like I was you know and then who I was portrayed to be evil my family I mean if I could have understood that I was trans then and transitioned at 13 then I would have done it for sure like if I would have had a doctor or someone realized and sit me down and tell me exactly what it entitled then I would have been more than happy to do it I know that I definitely would have not gotten the support for my family what he has learned I first met he was Kayla her she was Caitlyn but we did hit it off I mean we pretty much texted um for like two days probably and we just decided to go ahead until I like each other everything about there was to me about the other one or anything that usually hide I guess was someone that you like and if we still wanted to meet with each other he was going to come down and visit me for the whole day so he did and everything went really good so so we used to get spark we went out there and there's like this cliff area and on the rock he had a road marry me I didn't see it I think I just said on it but whatever I turned around he was on one knee we were supposed to have thousand our wedding and then like they come late for the wedding he was like rat doing vows after I stressed over writing vows what our next way do you want we can use them for the next one I want to write Alan we can use those though I got those four minutes for my shirt just think I was watching them at church I thought you said you wrote them all from your own opinion I did with the church with health I'm hoping that we do get the rights as the married couples do whenever we're able to officially get married like I want my old same to change I don't want it to change because I went to court and made them change me like I just want everything to happen as it would as if I was straight ahead of this proportion like we are I had never personally ever really encountered anyone that was transgender and all I'd seen and had been from like TV tabloids you know different things like that and I had a really negative view on it we were just hanging out our bed talking and having like one of those little couple talks you just talk about random things and I think I asked him if he liked how the choice to be a woman or man which he would rather choose and he went with Amina and I knew that it was possible just transition and become like the opposite sex but I didn't really know what all that entailed and I'm not entirely sure if at the time I said it if I really really like him it's it but I put it out there on the table and he got really offended by it I was definitely very upset at first with her you know bringing that up but the more that we talked about it and the more that we researched and just kind of let it seep in the more than we learned about it I fit a lot of the criterias I found a therapist to go to you and we found a support curve through the the tea palace and went to a doctor in hey did you say your doctor was said it then I would be a really good candidate to start hormones and so we went ahead and started normal and scented taking my Shawna testosterone today today is going to be the first day that I start taking half the dosage sometimes it doesn't always work the first time but we hope that it does get it just right and then it will bleed a lot and sometimes I'm gonna bleed at all that's how I do my shots what most people are looking for when they come to see me is hormone therapy if it's a female-to-male transition then we typically use in testosterone injections and I needed to be familiar with those things as well as the potential side effects and complications and I spend to get a bit of time educating patients on that to make sure that they kind of know what they're getting into and some of these medications create irreversible effects and so that's another thing people need to be aware of once you have hair growth for example and if you start treating any biological female with testosterone and she develops you know hair growth in a beard pattern for example that's not going to go away if you stop treating I don't know or I'm not on T yet because I have been doing my own research on it and I'm currently looking into some alternate some alternate methods times are getting tough of course you know works kind of not giving me the other time I was so right now it's getting tough to get you know like my natural testosterone things I've been about a week or so down which is kind of really a big setback for me and kind of downer but I like to I'm hoping to pick up you know the next day or two right where I left off and continue on also hoping you know eventually I can get international orchids start looking at physicians in Nashville to actually get a physician to do hormone therapy for me money is a very big factor the many trans people can't even get health insurance because they're trans very few companies will even cover trans people and some of the ones that do don't want to cover transgender healthcare especially because it relates to the transition outside of school I spend a lot of time in Nashville when I perform I do drag which I'm a male impersonator there's some people as his hand from my head and put hair on my face it's a good time sometimes glitter I'm a drag king which is defined as usually a biologically born female who dresses who portrays a man on stage and joy queen is about usually a biologically born female a male who performs as female dry kings are not as popular as drag queens enjoy what I do very much [Applause] drug families basically are like a drag king will have will take on new drag kings as their son and will be like their mentor like and also drag queens take on drag son and daughters basically someone with more experience picks up someone with less experience and then when the person people have less experience go on they pick up someone else or less experienced so we have these elaborate drag families like right now I think my drag family including Anthony and me and my other son they we have like 26 family members it's a fun thing to do I mean you get up in front of a bunch of people and you know just be goofy pretty much I mean you get to do something that you don't get to do it in everyday life I think that several performers out there are told that they can't they can't perform because they've had work done they you know they've had cert they've had bottom surgery like Amanda females mainly like drag queens say that they are drag queen and then they're they're trans also and they've had surgery and they may be excluded from some passenger systems because they've had these surgeries never been I've never been told that I can't continue performing Trane's but in my community of drag performers everyone understands that I'm transmitted that I you know I'm James day in and day out onstage and offstage people who are in drag people who are transitioning and those are the ones who are most easier to easiest to target by police the first don't want riots the Stonewall riots were started by transgender people the original it was easiest to arrest trans people because of the visibility because they look different what's happened is what we sometimes refer to as whitewashing riding a group out of the history african-americans have been written out in different ways and that's where the term whitewashing comes from and trans people have been written out of the story of Stonewall the very people who started the riots it's really not until the 90s and and especially as we move into the 21st century that the trans community has really started to catch up to the other communities

20 thoughts on “Transmen Documentary Part 3”

  1. I think what's happening is beautiful.
    Am i myself a trans? No, but i think that these people who are born into a body by force have just as much right to become whoever they were meant to be in the first place. Yes, i am religious and yes i read the bible but that doesn't mean that all of us believe that there can't be a mistake when it comes to gender. i think its amazing how well trans handle the hate, and i hope that in the future people will realize that hey, it's probably not my business with how someone lives their life. Bless all of you, and keep being strong.  

  2. I can now understand the process for my ftm friends from out of Canada (more so the outside of Ontario) hope everyone enjoys the documentary to. PS feel free to talk to me my kik is: JustifyMySanity. Oh yeah I'm pre everything (but should be starting t soon)

  3. I to am FTM I'm from Toronto, ON Canada. I'm enjoying this documentary. I'm 19 years old but I've known I wanted to be this way since I was about 12 give or take. The reason I'm enjoying this documentary so much is it's given me a lot of information about FTMs in the USA. The process is different for example many cases OHIP covers transitioning if you go through CAMH

  4. I'm an Ftm as well, and I find it disturbing just how much people go out of their way to spread hate. It's disgusting. How about going out with friends, doing something productive, or you know, getting a life? Live and let live. Why is that such a difficult concept to grasp?

  5. I've been enjoying this documentary, it's interesting to see a focus on transmen in the southern states. I live in Canada, so my experience has been a whole lot different. Many of these stories are quite positive, though I do have friends who have moved up here from Michigan and Mississippi, and they have much different stories.

  6. …"Your way is wrong, my way is right" and yet no other religain but those who follow God actually come out and say "these are my beliefs, follow my way."

    I'm not saying that being christain is wrong, I am myself. But I don't believe that anyone is better, and if someone wants to believe in what I think is "wrong" let them. I won't like it but the Lord made everyone a certain way for a reason, and who am I to question God by questioning others.
    I won't reply again, because ((Hang on running ou

  7. Oh my bad I thought it was the same person all the way through…

    If a person says "Buy this" on the street or "can you answer a few questions" people get annoyed. It's the same with Christianity. If someone says "I'm Christian and these are my beliefs" then to others it can be perceived as the exact same thing, whether it is or isn't.

    It is not the "mission" to proclaim faith to all, because Christains would say to Satanists/Buddists/etc ((Hang on, running out of room))

  8. When did I ever say that? I didn't. End of story. I'm not posting hateful comments. Also, if you really believe in the the grace of God and redemption through faith then you won't just tell people when they ask you, because the majority of the time nobody will asks you thst question. Its the mission of a Chrsitian to proclaim their faith to others, through love and actually verbally telling people that and being intentional with people.

  9. John 15:12
    My command is this: Love one another as I have loved you.
    And that's what I do. If someone asks I tell them "I'm Christian." But I don't go around saying "GOD WILL DAMN YOU ALL" becuase the bible is also about loving people, forgiving people, and indeed, having faith. I have faith that whatever will happen is God's will, and what I say can't change it, so why spend my life posting hateful comments online?

  10. So you're afraid to blurt it out? I think you think you're "Christian", but calling yourself a Christian and living it out and loving Jesus is another. Also, the fact that you say change people means you really don't get the Gospel at all. It's not about changing people or a "acting better", it's about being saved and having faith.

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