Tokenize The World: A Security Token Documentary – Part 1

Tokenize The World: A Security Token Documentary - Part 1

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Welcome to Part 1 of “Tokenize The World: A Security Token Audio Documentary”

I decided to create this series after learning that many of my preconceived notions about security tokens were just flat wrong, and that several individuals I respected and who otherwise were well-versed on crypto assets had misconceptions about security tokens, how and where they attempt to add value, why they might be needed, and the mechanics of how they work.

My purpose here is not to convince you that security tokens and asset-backed tokens are valuable, or needed, but instead to simplify the complex and tell the story of the projects, makers, issuers, investors, and influencers driving adoption of security tokens.

To create this content, I had conversations with leading thinkers and creators in the field. What I’ve found is that at every step of the way, the tokenization of securities, real estate, art, and other real-world assets is forcing us to re-examine old habits and ways of operating.

Special thanks to all of our guests including Professor Stephen McKeon, securities attorney Zach Robins, Harbor CEO Joshua Stein, and Bruce Fenton (CEO Chainstone Labs/Atlantic Financial and Board Member at Medici Ventures, tZero & the Bitcoin Foundation).  Thanks also to Polymath’s CEO Trevor Koverko & COO Chris Housser, who appear prominently in part 2 of this audio documentary.

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