31 thoughts on “The world's finest shoes handmade in Budapest”

  1. Garbage for pompous jerkoffs with tiny dicks and bitches that love them because they pay them. Riches don't make for happiness nor for a gentleman. I'm not a fucking gentleman for sure but I am certainly a real true living soul and what I see on the screen now are nothing more than organic portals and NPCs.

  2. Really nasty shoes Yo u have not seen Indian shoes the shoe makers have excellent skill but its dying due to many reasons Indian people have become rich due to property bribery criminalization dirty politics but don't know to eat and what quality to wear

  3. Plot twist: That's really a warehouse full of human leather. The Chinese harvest the organs out of religious/ethnic minorities and political dissenters, and then ship their skins across the Pacific as 'specialty leather'.

  4. Actually, I follow the Vietcong method. Sturdy sandals made from old tires. Very long lasting and easy to repair. One good tire will give you foot wear for life.

  5. Nice church shoes from Germany made in Hungary Ha ha ha. They want cheap experienced workers from Hungary and sell for $2000 for rich fuckers. This is what I'm talking about Greed and cruelty slavery for wealth. If this is what you want to wear than you should be wearing Jesus's sandals til the rest of your life and than probably go to hell after you die

  6. This video stinks…what about the poor…those people..so arrogant…please…its the new king of france..or england crowns…i new revolution on place…to change for the good…?

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