The Wolfpack: documentary about six brothers locked in NY apartment

The Wolfpack: documentary about six brothers locked in NY apartment

Six brothers, who were kept locked in a New York apartment for decades and constructed their lives from the movies they watched, are the subject of a new documentary. Channel 4 News went to meet them.

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I didn't have movies life would be pretty boring and there wouldn't be any point to go on so movies opened up another world deep in the thronging city their isolation was absolute we were taught by our father not to talk to strangers you know until five years ago the Anglo brothers had spent nearly their whole lives inside their 16th floor apartment on the Lower East Side with their sister and mother locked away by their father dad was the only one that had the keys to the front door no one else not even our mother it's scaring having to want to break out of that that box trapped inside that box the boys created a vivid imaginative world hang out with homemade props mr. pink scenes from the thousands of films they watch during their years of seclusion pulp fiction has a lot of characters that all of us can play in after meeting the family on a rare outing in the neighborhood five years ago the filmmaker Crystal Moselle befriended and began to film them it is through her lens that their movies appear this outfit is made out of cereal boxes and yoga mats and why do you want to kill me I'm gonna kill you Batman must take his mask off and turn himself in and everything he doesn't people will die without revealing too much these days the brothers are able to live their lives with the freedom they were so long denied there must be so much expectation of what the world would be like I said disappointed or has it absolutely not it's delivered and more everything is sort of similar to the movie world the only difference is it's not structured like the movie world it's not told as the movie world three-act story no it is not Mukunda is now 20 although one of the middle brothers he played a leading role in their productions we always say lines from some of our favorite films we kind of thought why don't we do those he says it was his curiosity about the world outside that led him to be the first to break away so tell me what made you make the decision to make a break from the apartment I feel like it just sparked naturally it wasn't a plan that I'm gonna get out of here on this day at this time where the specific thing do this symbolize it wasn't anything like that was a real spur-of-the-moment thing I just woke up and I was like today hey I'm gonna go out what how would you describe your relationship with your dad um now it's not so bad we don't talk but we wish each other the best although the voice father appears only briefly in the documentary their mother Suzanne is a constant presence perfect her son's value her transformation as much as their own we owe everything to her one of the greatest receptions we have is how taken people are with us they say like we're very well-spoken and nice and we owe that all to our mom it's ironic these boys who were so deliberately kept from the world have now found themselves propelled into it by the film that revealed their isolation it was a very strong way of living and it was like a coat that and it's completely backfired so now it's one extreme to another from listing their favorite films oh let's agree that the Godfather 1 & 2 is number one number two for me it's JFK I agree they're now involved in the craft of filmmaking working on sets in New York but there's much about the outside world to learn can I ask a personal question about relationships maybe relationships with girls I don't know sure how's that going it's going it's going dot okay let's see what happens yeah Monday's Valentine's Day right no I don't I wish I did though it's interesting as well it's like making a new discovery a new feeling in yourself I believe what makes you human is feelings if you don't have any of those this it's kind of pointless really there's no it's not clear yet how their next scene unfolds but for the anglo brothers that is what makes life so much better than any movie salutรฉ Kylie Morris Channel 4 News New York you

42 thoughts on “The Wolfpack: documentary about six brothers locked in NY apartment”

  1. I truly believe that this is all bs. Think about it, yeah they're locked away all those years but only got to watch movies. One video showed them lighting a fire in their apartment living room, I think not. They're too well spoken and too well adjusted. Think about it, the first person they meet is a movie producer! Really??? They supposedly live in the same apartment as their supposed capture, but now they just ignore him??? Doesn't seem they were ever held as captives, I personally believe it's a hoax. Just think, 6 kids held captive, they don't press charges, they finally leave their apartment and the first person they befriend is a movie producer???? They're well spoken and seem to have no after effects.

  2. This is a gimmick to make money and only to make money they should act a little better to fool a person with common sense, at any time they could and did leave now look at them probably raked in a million bucks for this stupid made up story because the public is about dumb enough to believe them, they don't act like cavemen if they were locked up they would be scared of everything.Act happy because they are rich from this, there dad is sitting back and saying I told you we could make money doing this.This is fucking stupid.

  3. I really like them after I watched their first story and then I wanted to see another again of them. Its great how they behave & speak even after got locked for years

  4. ๐Ÿ™‚ Children turned out so well๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜€ good upbringing ๐Ÿค”under such difficult circumstances ๐Ÿ™ Thanks to THE MOTHER'S nature & nurture ๐Ÿ˜Š

  5. they are such a very handsome boys, and good thing is though they were isolated for years but they still managed to communicate with the people normally,,,and most of all they are raised very well by their mom

  6. God bless these kids.. Mannnnn if i was rich i would reach out to these brave men right away. Not only do i applaud their courage but NOT also killing their dad or seeking some revenge like some privileged kids do nd they grew up poor. Wow.. Such beautiful hearted kids. I truly wish nd hope the best for them

  7. Wonderful mother raised such wholesome children inspite of the circumstances. She deserves so much more praise than she gets. M glad d boys recognize n appreciate her endless efforts.. instead of blaming her for not doing anything sooner. I hope they find all the treasures that the world has to offer. N not get disillusioned by the ugly side of humanity.. which they will eventually come face to face with.

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