The Twins That Were Cut In Half | Living Differently

The Twins That Were Cut In Half | Living Differently

Teenagers Kendra & Maliyah were born as conjoined twins, sharing a liver and only one kidney between them. They had life-threatening surgery to separate them when they were four years old, so they now live with one leg each. Although they remain very close, the girls admit they have totally different personalities and would have found it very difficult to have lived a conjoined life. We see how they face tough day-to-day challenges, and how they have started to overcome these to become an inspiration to others.

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49 thoughts on “The Twins That Were Cut In Half | Living Differently”

  1. Is there a link to their YouTube channel? I’d love to subscribe and keep up with them. I’m going to show this to my daughters to help teach them and I would love for them to keep up with these young ladies as well.

  2. Just watched it this morning, 9 yrs later, when mom was kissing them before being wgeeled into surgery , i broke into a million 😢, thank God he was the surgeon in the operating room, seeing them now what a mighty God we serve, thank you Jehovah Jireh, we love you Lord, continued blessings over your children, when man said no Almighy says yes, and the devil in hell could not pluck you away, kadues jeeo smiling , keep shining,

  3. I remember these girls on the news and the reports of when they were separated….when I heard that it was going good and that they would live I was so happy. Don’t know why but I just wished them all the best.

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