The Snowman Trek | Official HD Trailer (2018) | Documentary Drama | Film Threat Trailers

The Snowman Trek | Official HD Trailer (2018) | Documentary Drama | Film Threat Trailers

Bhutan’s high Himalayan landscape is not known for athletic pursuits and its culture must be persuaded to let the elite ultra-runners, Ben Clark, Timothy Olson, Anna Frost and Chris Ord, pursue their dream. The result is an incredible shared accomplishment across 188.5 miles of foreboding landscapes, resulting in a once in a lifetime adventure that was always teetering on the edge of total failure.

“This documentary brings big mountains, a big story about mountain culture and exclusive shots all to the big screen,” said Ben Clark. “That’s why it should be seen in movie theaters. Audiences will experience the environments just as we did when they fly over the Himalayas, explore the landscapes and feel the team’s truest emotions.”

“’The Snowman Trek’ is an impressive tale of perseverance in the face of adversity. This event illustrates what a group of committed athletes, and people overall, can achieve with enough resolve,” Fathom Events CEO Ray Nutt said. “We’re proud to partner again with Blue Fox to bring this spirited feature to cinemas nationwide.”

Directed by Benjamin Clark
Written by Benjamin Clark, Darryl Lepik, James Huntsman
Cast Benjamin Clark, Timothy Olson, Anna Frost, & Chris Ord
Produced by Benjamin Clark, Derick Gallegos, James Huntsman, & Todd Slater

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we're in Bhutan to hike and run a trail that many considered to be the world's hardest the snowman trek usually takes 25 to 30 days if the mountains let you through snowman we're gonna be going over a couple 17,000 foot passes yeah that's gonna be a challenge we don't know where we're going we don't know what we're sleeping in or if we're sleeping anywhere for keeping young guy and if we're lost like nothing else even myself I thought it is impossible I was right on the edge of not coming back from hypothermia I was so cold I specifically remember there being a lot of tension we were thin or heavy or frosty and Tim were quite frustrated like this is not killing me yeah we're gonna lower those emotional assists deeper but also why we came in so much my apology in the end the mountains make it and sometimes they don't let you pass he's got to be super grateful when they do you

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