The Rothschild Family Power and Money Full Documentary

The Rothschild Family Power and Money Full Documentary

The Rothschild Family Power and Money Full Documentary

Rothschild dynasty — European dynasty of bankers and public figures of Jewish descent, founded in the late 18th century. Meyer Rothschild one of the most influential businessmen of all time. Forbes magazine also referred to him as a «founding father of international finance»

17 golden rules for Business Success by Mayer Rothschild

23 thoughts on “The Rothschild Family Power and Money Full Documentary”

  1. I think they're so cute , pretending they are smart enough to control the world while simultaneously not knowing control is an illusion not to mention they let us know who they are. It's like watching a baby trying to drive . If you were smart, you would know money means dick.Be careful morons, don't get got

  2. I'd rather a family that made themselves rich and wealthy like no other despite the oppression rule the world than royal puppets and bloodlines. If they weren't Jews, they would be praised.

  3. V.
        Who hold the balance of the World? Who reign
          O'er congress, whether royalist or liberal?
        Who rouse the shirtless patriots of Spain?[615]
          (That make old Europe's journals "squeak and gibber"[616] all)
        Who keep the World, both old and new, in pain
          Or pleasure? Who make politics run glibber all?
        The shade of Buonaparte's noble daring?–
        Jew Rothschild,[617] and his fellow-Christian, Baring.

    Byron   Don Juan

  4. Toolsforforex, first thanks for the videos. So you actually look up and want to emulate the Rothschild model although it's founded on wars and oligarchy? Don't you see it's driving Humanity in a wall?

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