…The Planet… Documentary Part 2 of 9

...The Planet... Documentary Part 2 of 9

Part two of the Swedish documentary ‘The Planet’ 2006 By Michael Stenberg, Johan Soderberg and Linus Torell. Presented by SBS television Australia.

get Moses our adult male chimp he's about 20 now we were traveling on a conga riverboat from Kinshasa to Kisangani and he came on board with a hunter and we bought him for five dollars from this hunter who came on board and not thinking too much about long-term consequences but they started pretty fast in a sense at the moment he had my wife to hold on to he wouldn't let go anymore he's part of the family so like when I go in this morning he will come up and play we roll around on the ground he bites me I bite him you know play biting or he will wrestle me and push me around and at the moment he's into magazines and he carries his magazines around all day he asks for them and you know he has very specific magazines very specific pictures he likes and then in evening we bring him in and he watches TV for a while and then the dinner arrives I go outside we bring to dinner and my tray there's his plate and there's my plate and you know then to some extent we share I mean if he likes something very much he asks me for more of mine and I might give him a few spoonfuls we believe he has the same emotions as most humans too and he has for the last 10 years being being a daily reminder almost why I'm still in this business in his Hempstead that if we cannot do anything for these creatures which have all the same emotions then what can we do for the butterflies or the pangolins or all these things down the line from from the gym so he has been a constant reminder for me and such a big motivator coolness at the reason I became a conservation activist really has to do around bushmeat meaning it was something which struck me as being very wrong something the world needed to know and that something I felt I had an obligation to document if we cannot protect a gorilla which we all feel strongly about which we know is our you know the chimp certainly is our closes animal relative if we cannot protect them what else what can we protect we are the poorest in Brazil in the last few years about 20 to 25 thousand square kilometers so the Amazon is becoming like a Swiss cheese with holes all over it's really very dramatic to think that perhaps less than a hundred years from now we might have twenty percent remaining forests and now and we have to say twenty percent of also of remaining animals not to mention that a very large fraction of those animals will vanish because the forest will also become very fragmented very enable unable to sustain large populations of many animals I don't think many people are aware of the seriousness what we could be making to the planet we are the only species in the whole history of the earth that has a power to drive even one species extinct and we may well end up driving maybe five million species extinct species of always gonna extend we no longer have the dinosaurs but the rate at which species are going extinct now is a thousand times greater than it would have been under natural circumstances what really lies behind all of this the things we're seeing in the environment the last exhibition there's the huge expansion of what we call the human Enterprise we have converted over half of the Earth's land surface into a new form from forest to croplands from grasslands to crop lands and so on even if the existing Reserve Network were expanded well beyond what anyone thinks is economically or politically feasible it's unlikely that we would protect more than maybe ten percent of the life-forms that we share the planet and maybe the whole universe with today you

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  1. What I would like to see is an entirely non-statistical documentary on global change. Look at how the vietnam war was stopped. Not by a statistic of the number of people killed, but of a single girl on fire. Statistics aren't close enough to home.

  2. That's fine… it will come back to us. We will pay the bill, like old man that has a liver and hart problems because he liked sausage and alcohol when he was young.

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