The Minds of Men | Official Documentary by Aaron & Melissa Dykes

The Minds of Men | Official Documentary by Aaron & Melissa Dykes

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44 thoughts on “The Minds of Men | Official Documentary by Aaron & Melissa Dykes”

  1. Hi, I'm Victor. I am from Philippines. I am a victim of narcissism and witch. They were degraded, humiliated, and disrespected me for years! They were intentionally making some noises and talking back to me everyday which I became too depessed! I was too depressed and paranoid by their manipulations! They even used black magick spells to kill me and they had succeeded! Right now I am a dead person without seeing my coffin. I am a dead person which I reincarnated when I did suicide at the sea. There was a soul that pulled me in the sea and it means that I was dead but I refuse not to die but I resisted it but I found out for 7 years that I died during my suicide at the sea! I really2x need to go back to the soul world but I am afraid to drown my self again. I feeling so lost in my way. There are other narcissists that are making more and more excuses to me everyday!

  2. Well, it took three installments, but I made it! Had to watch it when I would NOT be distracted. You guys did an amazing amount of work over a prolonged time period. I could not fathom the documentation on this! And I really DID watch it. Scarey subject matter, and even scarier evidence it was worse than what was told. Typically the case with govt. Thank you for the expose', too bad no balls could have been pressured to slow it down before it got out of control. Love Dr. BREGGIN!!! Astute, and ahead of his time. Visionary.
    Thank you for your BS&T, it is evident in the outcome. Don't quit, please. They don't all have to be this long, (or can) but importantly please keep putting out films. It brittens the day.
    God bless…๐Ÿ™โ˜๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ””๐Ÿ™โค๐Ÿ™

  3. I truly believe that they want people
    to know and believe the government intended to control minds via MK ultra.
    This is because it reinforces in the subconscious that specific elaborate and secret experiments are needed to โ€œmind controlโ€ someone.
    When in reality all thatโ€™s needed is the media, newspaper, schools, institutions, museums or to put in simply and under an umbrella term
    Itโ€™s that easy and if people ever knew how potent mind control was through simple information it wouldnโ€™t be so easy to keep it going. So they need you to believe that only MK ultra, LSD, and electric shock is the only way to induce this level of mind control. When actually people are being experimented on every time they turn in a tv, read a paper, or listen to a teacher.

  4. IDIOCY OF HUMANITY by ISA DUMAGAT; The IDIOCY Learned by young Humans are from IDIOT Adults around them while growing up… They carry and bring the IDIOCY to their Adulthood; That's why Earth is Overflowing with IDIOTS… Geniuses can be IDIOTS at the same time; But NOT Necessarily Intelligent… Look!!! Where are all those claimed Geniuses and Experts of Old??? They are all Dead and the claimed Geniuses and Experts of today will also be Dead… Human Bodies are Designed for the Earth and NOT for Interstellar Travel or other Planets… Earth is Human's First and Last School before Transcending to the After Life… Like in your Academic and Professional Schools; It is up to the Individual to PASS or FAIL the TEST…" Let's find out if those claimed Geniuses and Experts are really Intelligent by asking them the Following Simple Questions; ("How many Oligarch; Scam Bags; Criminals and IDIOTS are in the Punishment Process in HELL? In What Stage?? And How many more to come???"). NOTE: TO you claimed Geniuses and Experts; You can use your E=mc2 > Relativity > Quantum >String > Etc., But Theories and Hypothesis are NOT Acceptable… Anyone of you Claimed Geniuses and Experts who can Solve and Answer the above Simple Question; SATAN Guarantees to Assign you to Assist Einstein and Hawking because the 2 IDIOTS and their likes can only come up with Theories and Hypothesis… The 2 Genius IDIOTS and their likes are being Punish because Instead of trying to Solve and Help Eliminate the IDIOCY Problem of Humanity Fist; They wasted their Life; Talents and Time on this Human Testing Ground called Earth trying to Infringe on the Patent and Copy Right of the CREATOR on the Mystery of CREATION which No Human will ever be Allowed to Infringe on it… "Genius IDIOTS and a 1/2's"… Good & Evil > Angel & Demon > Positive and Negative is in every Human… "SATAN have Nothing to do with It"… It is up to the Individual to Produce Positive or Negative Results… WARNING !!! Oligarch; Scam Bags; Criminals and IDIOTS are NOT Accepted in HEAVEN… ("None of those in HEAVEN").. They all go Direct to HELL for their 100 Folds or Forever Punishments for what they Committed while on this Human Testing Ground called EARTH and SATAN was assigned in HELL because he always Performs an Incredible; Innovative and Excellent Job Guaranteed… YOU ARE ADVISED AND WARNED…

  5. 2:48:38 that dude looks "fake" and passively creepy, the old interviews are interesting in what was spoken of as to where their personal views are towards their studies/research, otherwise I keep vids like this at arms reach due to it being NOT removed, 2million views and no interference, hmmm

  6. Thank you for your brilliantly produced documentary on the subject. I am grateful for all the hours of hard work it must have taken to compile all the information. God bless you and your family, โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ we shall see a dawn when all this evil is dealt with. Don't lose hope or faith.

  7. I'm AlmosT Positive ThaT ThIs KinD Of thinG Goes On ToDaY …. We Are All Manipulated And Washed Of Are MinDs DaY in anD DaY OuT.. They Use All this research in are everyday Lifes .. So We live and do as they please
    .IT Really Shades Light on all the problems We have in are CivilizatioN …

  8. The more and more i see Rockefellers' hands in things the more I think about JayZ with Rockafella records and the control he has in the Hip Hop/ Rap industry…more mind control and suggestive programing.

  9. Dedication to the truth without greed, even though you would be well within your rights to charge for this as you put so much work in you deserve to be compensated, but at the same time well done and its so admirable what your doing. You make some of the best documentaries I've seen on YT no doubt! Thank you so much guys

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