The House That Was Erased / True Crime Horror Documentary

The House That Was Erased / True Crime Horror Documentary

if you have any information regarding what happened here please contact us privately. this paranormal true crim documentary has taken us down a rabbit hole of twists and turns and its still not over. this is our story

of all the things that I have accidentally stumbled upon in my life I believe that this is probably one of the most impactful in the last 48 hours me and Olivia have delved into a rabbit hole deeper than we could have ever imagined and still not even over yet I think sometimes we turn a blind eye to the reality of our lives that evil does walk amongst us and that sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction I guess the best way for me to tell this story would be to start it where the story began for us it's crazy honestly like seeing all this and knowing what we know now that this was all of their stuff just left here I mean I honestly cannot believe that this happens okay so I was literally just discussing with Olivia about about looking through some of this stuff just to see if we can find any clues and literally the first thing I see is this horrible blood-stained shirt I don't have gloves but I'll pick it up pick it up with this oh my god that is it's a kid it's a kid's garment though do you think she picked up her daughter or something or do you think what do you think happened you guys just look at that you can see how certain parts are thicker red then others like as if stab wounds would have been there obviously this is a kids garment I mean I could imagine a mother holding the child close to them or something like that but that literally was in this pile of clothes I've been left here what's up everybody it's a boy Andrew proving demons ain't a girl Olivia from India she's having a bit of a lie from now I hope you enjoyed that son now I'ma just wait for some people to pop in started off like any live stream you're in high spirits Olivia was cracking up that a silly thumbnail I had made for the livestream it's just Ross pointing behind him saying get a load of this cracker you know we were just having fun and we were on our way to a mansion I was tipped off to that we knew nothing about all we knew is it was abandoned and it was worth about two and a half million pounds walking into the house that had a very eccentric style it was it was fun to explore but we wouldn't know if it was haunted until we started the ghost hunt the atmosphere did start to turn dark though when we found a scribbled note stuck to the wall and one of the abandoned rooms down in the girl's best friend yes all fashion if you tell anyone I'll kill myself what kind of Dark Dimension nose and you tell that it was it had something over it if you tell anyone I'll kill myself so to start the still hunt I decided we would open with a spirit box now I know a lot of people aren't used to the idea of using a manual tuned radio as a spirit box as opposed to an automatically sweeping spirit box so I'm gonna let myself from that live stream at night explain to you why I choose to use a radio get a proper spirit okay welcome guys how are you doing I love you to death and thank you for watching our videos I'm gonna explain something to you guys first of all I'll tell you I do have a proper spirit that was me I do him a proper spirit box on our channel we do things a little bit differently now I'm going to give a very very quick sort of explanation is why I choose to use a radio right before spear box were invented right this is how spear box was done I want you to understand a spirit box like this again there's nothing more than a radio that I can flip through channels just like on this right but on a spirit box when you hold down the button it flips through the stations for you okay same difference except I choose to do it manually okay and I seem to always get better responses with my radio that's why I prefer to do a manual tune spear box or a radio session literally the same thing I personally get better results like this some people might get better results of the spirit box there's a weird voice coming through [Laughter] just had the Harvard RIT we received several spirit box responses all using these words as well as including knife I mean the string goes on for quite a while but this was just a start this is where we started realizing that there was something really bad that happened in this house so we started doing some research I guess this brings us into Chapter two right now is that the place for it I don't know if this is the place where this is known as the murder mansion and where we are someone killed the wife in the hearse and it's been empty ever since okay so all right we're just solving it we found an ad about the house run after knife killing a knife killing oh wow let's say guys we're here honestly I have done no research on this place whatsoever but it's right there in the Daily Mail hold on let's see if I can focus for sale Victorian mansion blinded by horror two million pound property empty seven years after a knife killing that and that is without us doing any research that is solely spirit box well now we know what the problem is here now I feel this says a lot about paranormal investigating for detective purposes if you were in our livestream and if you haven't seen any of our live streams I would say definitely check it out subscribe and hit the notification bell because uh crazy things happen all the time but I think this says a whole lot when the audience the viewers were picking up on these words as well and then doing our research after the fact to find out this revelation the precise numbers of blows Kristopher Lumsden knifed is 53 year old wife Allison around 30 times after she announced she was leaving him for a family friend he slashed her face and neck so many times that the pathologist could not count the precise number of blows yeah well now we have a name and now we know where we are everybody welcome to the murder mansion now from this point on the story gets quite deep it kind of goes down a rabbit hole but I'm telling the story in the order that have happened for us just stick around and see how strange things start to get you told the jury how myself getting out of bed with the word burning in my brain and grabbing the knife out the drawer next to the bed I walk around the foot of the bed up behind her she saw me and started to stand in the turn I brought the knife and went blank that is the story of this house figured half that story out just through spirit box alone we have the spirit of Alison here with us who was again last time I'll say it you guys figured that out just by listening just by listening to my radio you guys heard all that and told us what you heard and you know what turns out you were right so there you go is your name Alison can you say the name Alison if that's your name so they put new windows and things like that that's why it looks new they were try selling it for 1.4 million million willing walker there's a shout out right let's do it then I'd like to know what room it happened in but well I wanted in the bedroom in her bedroom so I assumed the master bedroom yeah this is true the Christopher and Alison lumsden house was purchased for 1.4 million after being derelict for several years by company called Green link they started renovations on the on the house and they went bust before they could finish that went completely broke so the house continues to remain derelict we'll talk about what happened to the house after this grisly murder in just a bit because that rabbit hole goes quite deep but for now knowing that this murder took place in the bedroom we decided to head there and see if we could find any evidence of this brutality that took place and I think be honest or something about that before I missed it though so beyond we put that back in there but it's I don't know what is blue Santa's luminol so what's luminol luminol for it's used to highlight I'm assuming luminol that meters or illuminate so is it to illuminate stains it detects blood used to highlight flood under black light I don't want a black light on me but there's definitely blue stains on the hardwood it's right here that I'm gonna need to see but I can't really I can't rip up the carpet you're not allowed to do that she looks like the one bit I think it looks like somebody's already attempted to turn this to see us on the plane but they didn't get all the way through somebody's already cut the floor sweet they're I'm not breaking anything but the carpet is not exactly attached to the florist someone says it is only seen under a blue light so it wouldn't be seen like normally well look here stains stains yeah the stain goes through the carpet there but good again new carpets so oh oh my god look look at that guys I'm not even joking this is not a joke I just pulled the carpet up this is not a freaking joke I just pulled the carpet up and this is what's under it all the carpets in we just we discovered through spirit box that a stabbing took place here we then looked at the address online and found out it's true they said it happened in the master bedroom it said that they have placed new carpet down is said they placed nucleon I have chills I actually have chills it's fine it's just dried blood it is fine it comes one more time do you guys want to see it a better look at it they put new carpets down but we pulled up the card or the carpet wasn't even attached and we just saw that yes all right this is no joke I pulled up the carpet it's all here there's splattered around but it's all there right in front of the drawer cover it up right this is not a joke I can't make this stuff up and the way you get sick and tired of people saying we're fake they could shut their freakin mouths right there you go this is absolutely crazy I wasn't expecting this tonight oh my goodness I just wanted your soul to rest in pieces home amen you okay you're having a moment you weren't expecting the side that were you it's gonna be okay it's gonna be all right right Olivia it definitely brings to life how real this is are you being affected or is this all you it's just you I I'm just stunned that night after we ended the stream and we went home we just did research all night we were just so fascinated by this turns out christopher Lumsden basically got away with murder he was only sentenced to five years for manslaughter though he did stab his wife over 30 times on top of that he only served two years out of a five-year sentence and on top of that in Alison's will she left him two million pounds and the house we decided we had to go back in the morning it was too surreal that night we had to make sure that we really discovered what we thought we discovered all right so it's the morning after we've come back to the house after we made the discovery last night I think part of us part of the reason why we've come back is just to I don't know see it a day time to make sure that it really happened like we weren't dreaming it's really surreal the other thing I've been thinking about is the fact that he's the the husband he is out of prison in his will I believe that this house and a million pounds was left to him meaning technically he could come back at any time and I think me and Olivia were kind of discussing this morning like what what would we do if we were in there and he just like showed up I mean I figured my initial thought was I'd interview him I tried to interview I definitely want to interview him inside the house I'm a little concerned about his mental state and well-being but I think we're gonna go in and we're just gonna get some shots and get a clear view on camera for you guys something clearer than with the live stream could provide of the bloodstains and everything all right so it's still wide open this morning Olivia are you coming said are you coming I can't believe I forgot a torch still wide open this morning like I said I feel a little more uneasy now about being in here knowing what we know now but we'll just make this a really quick trip upstairs and just make sure that we're not crazy that that is indeed the blood in the master bedroom by the board waar I know I know we're not crazy but like I said it all just feels so surreal I can't believe we were here just last night and we discovered this all right here we go all right I love you hold this while we're not crazy as you can see that is 1,000,000% blood it is brownish dark red stained into the floor it needs the boudoir exactly where it happened see what it's been smeared a bit you see splatter it's all here it does Olivia now now knowing all this how how do you feel just knowing that this is his house I know justice was not served a million percent I mean he what he walked away with only two years in prison and a million pounds and the house this is still his house and we're in it and he is free he is not in prison right now he got out and yet the stains will always remain the other part is quite daunting is the fact that we spoke to her spirit last night what was that there was a noise come on we gotta look there was a noise just now I want to make sure that we are the only ones here I just want to get out I honestly the fear that he could come back at any time where the noise we just heard was literally we're just jumpy is all did you imagine if he just walked in here right now what would we say what would you come on let's just get out of here this has been surreal enough for a lifetime there's no way that could be the same house I mean it if it didn't happen here whose what was that so we're getting really confused here we're doing there's another house nearby like not even two minutes away that's the murder house at least that's the house that all the news reports are pointing to meaning what is this house there's no record of this house even existing and the supposedly Murder House has no address online it's big cover-up alright guys so we have done so much research over the last 48 hours obviously it was literally last night that we made this discovery and that we're filming this it happened last night we have done so much research and we have been trying so hard to figure out where is the Oakley house the the house named Oakley that doesn't appear on any Maps and why is the house that we found slightly different but still most of the features match up but there's absolutely nothing online the only thing we can do when we're back up north in a week let's continue the search and do everything we can completely pound the pavement and try and find if this is the house and if not we need to find the house by the way everyone real quick if you are fascinated by these documentaries click on that right there it'll take you to another awesome awesome documentary of ours all paranormal and in the same sense and as always do you believe yet you

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  1. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because you are the only one that does videos in hunted locations that doesn't stage any of it's content. I really appreciate it. Keep up the good work.

  2. I have to give props to you for getting the facts of a place to go along with your investigation. I find far too many just go by word of mouth and do no educating of themselves to provide truth and facts that go a long way in explaining the things you catch on camera. Amazing and yet horrifying story behind this once beautiful home. Sad to see vandals destroy property in this way. Sad they don't think this was once a happy home, that held happy memories of a family once whole. They suffered far too much tragedy as is so to see their home destroyed as well has to be a worse insult to the hurt they have. can tell this didn't happen in America as none of the flooring or any area that had any blood splatter would have been removed as evidence of removed by a crime scene cleaner business. In America nobody would be allowed to be in a home or have it sold if any bodily fluids had not been properly cleaned or sealed. Sad seeing evidence of her death was left to be covered up in hopes it would be forgotten.

  3. Thank you! For not using music that drowns out sounds. For not filming your own face the whole time. For not yelling "DID YOU HEAR/SEE THAT?" every few minutes, while filming your own face.
    Good channel. Subbed.

  4. I pack my gun everywhere because there is crazy idiots like this evil lawyer that the courts 🙄 let loose…justice my ass. Bring back the gallows and the firing squad. I hope some knifes this ahole 🙄

  5. And this is why psychology is a dangerous, demonic idealogy. It helps no one and allows sadistic murderers to walk. He should face a firing squad or hang on the gallows. Great Britain has fallen! 😡🤬

  6. Andrew have you done this vid in the last few weeks?? Cuz I’ve just been looking at it article from dec 2018 and it’s all refurbished completely with furniture an everything all modernised?! So now I’m really confused lol

  7. I have watched alot of your videos. Your footage you got proved there was evidence of activity and here at this one is proof as well. I love your efforts. It always pulls off in the end and this video proves the fact to be true. Thanks guys.

  8. Makes me so mad!!!!! If that was me and my husband killed me in a most vicious and merciless way then to go on to serve just a few years in prison! Was it money? Did he have a good QC accompanied by a team of barristers and legal assistants? How will this lady ever find peace or perhaps she has? I don’t know.
    When will husbands/partners stop killing their loved ones? In Australia so far this year 2019 48 Women & 16
    children have been killed by the men in their lives that love them, that equates to 48 women in 38 weeks and the year isn’t over yet. How do we solve this insidious issue of domestic violence, .murder doesn’t happen overnight
    There is a clear and well researched pattern that follows to ultimately lead to a death.
    I admit that i am naive when it comes to this issue, however one thing that I have noticed is that no one seems to want to talk about it, I remember when people ( survivors) of sexual abuse started coming forward and it seemed to set off a positive chain of events, positive reactions authorities started to listen and believe hence it’s out in the open now, people discuss, children are educated correctly upon the realities of peadophillia.
    Is this the answer to domestic violence? Clear and informative education flooding our society about the initial
    And first warning signs of behaviours that start at the very beginning of a relationship. I hope I don’t receive any
    Negative comments as it would only reinforce the very facts we all should be steering away from, that a woman has no right or must be humiliated for speaking her mind, these are just my thoughts, not only women and children
    But men are dying too at the hands of their loved ones I only wish I knew the answer.

  9. Spirit box????i remember as a young child I fell asleep with the radio on, as I was scared of the dark & silence.
    I awoke in the middle of the night to hear ( radio) static noise intermittently broken by a female voice saying
    “ ur ur urgently “ this disturbing pattern repeatedly as I was frozen by fear,,,, not sure what happened next as I was very young, all I know is that when I woke in the morning the ABC channel of the radio was working perfectly well reading out the news. I can still vividly remember this event., when you use your “ radio” I sometimes think of that night.
    I feel as spirit boxes and such go, you should always use what your comfortable with in that way you will get the best results.

  10. I like your videos but can you go back to college or at least read a dictionary… Your vocabulary is poor. And don't worry you can't rip carpet ffs… And he served his time wether or not you should think it should have been longer, the judicial system thinks otherwise.

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