The documentary about Pokemon GO

The documentary about Pokemon GO

Thank you for taking a look at this love letter to childhood nostalgia, I hope it brings back those warm fuzzy memories of when you were a kid, catching pokemon in your back yard 🙂

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Music (in play order)
Shinji Miyazaki – Hautai Woods

Russell Velázquez – 2BA Master

SYGMX – Pokemon Center Theme (music box cover)

Kristofferson – For the First Time

Kristofferson – You Are the Stars

2000 views in a week!!!! Wtf!!! You guys rock thank you! Please keep sharing and if you liked this subscribe for more!!

EDIT 2: Nightcore doc is on hiatus.

24 thoughts on “The documentary about Pokemon GO”

  1. 100 likes!!!!!!!! AND 2.5K+ VIEWS IN 2 WEEKS!!! YOU GUYS THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! What 2 friends would like this?? Send it to them too!! Thanks again everyone!

  2. Dude this is unreal. I saw this reblogged on tumblr and pressed play, expecting the worst. As soon as you walked out and started talking, I heard that good kush audio and knew you weren't fucking around haha after finishing the doc I was in tears. What you did here – with the juxtaposition of the technological journey meeting our coming of age journeys and your own personal journey of catching a ghost type – that's amazing story telling. Such a beautiful way to convey the nostalgia and the game itself, then driving it all home with that closing shot of you finally being able to catch your ghastly… I am so fucking impressed and happy I didn't scroll past this. Subbed.

  3. i dont think it's a documentary mate. i like content and the enthusiasm however you took a view point only from US and not other countries and how it works on economical level.

  4. I must say, this was a fantastic documentary and your subscriber count certainly doesn't equate to your video quality. I subscribed on both my channels and I wish you the best with your channel. I'm sure that you will see me in the comments in the future.

  5. such a great little doc trent, fucking love you! i cried a little at the end when you got gastly, haha! i was so happy for you! DREAMS can come true!

  6. Oh man this was so adorable and yeah, no, I agree about the whole nostalgic thing. It's weird 'cause nostalgia isn't a thing I feel to strongly about most things I grew up with but Pokemon for sure had a massive impact (and continues to have a massive impact) on my art (TLK has the most impact though).

    Playing Pokemon Go is weird for me though 'cause I don't quite live in the city or in the suburbs. I don't run into a ton of people playing it so I don't get the social aspect of it. I don't just run into other people my age playing it. The exercise part though I totally do. I'll walk around for like nearly 2 hours straight just because I can.

    Also now I feel weird for having found a Gastly in the middle of the afternoon. 😛

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