The Bristlecone Project: Men Overcoming Sexual Abuse & Assault – Documentary Trailer HD

The Bristlecone Project: Men Overcoming Sexual Abuse & Assault - Documentary Trailer HD

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An emotional and informative 30-minute documentary featuring individual stories of men overcoming childhood sexual abuse. Through their participation in The Bristlecone Project, these men hope to inspire others to tackle the various stigmas surrounding this painful issue.

The mission of is to help men who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood live healthier, happier lives.

The Bristlecone Project, and awareness initiative of, gives a voice to those men who have suffered sexual abuse as children.

I guess start at the beginning it takes one victim to come forward and then when one victim comes forward other victims come forward and I find myself sitting here talking about having been abused as a kid and I didn't even have a clue that was true until two years ago I am 61 years old and why haven't they before they say because I thought I was the only one or I didn't think anyone would believe me when I was in the third grade there was this computer teacher who kind of took me under his wing he had taken me to his house and molested me for the first time I had accepted it for so long and internalized it and that I must be a blame or at fault that I'd wanted it in some way I had been treated by some people that I loved and told that I wasn't worth a damn thing but my view started when I was six it was a family member and I just felt so empty and ashamed like after those things would happen and those of us who were harmed were wounded as children have to deal with the conflict between those wounds and the message that we all receive as men thought there is something wrong with me you know it happened to me because I wasn't a man in that masculine or in a competitive world there is no room for vulnerability being sexually abused I can't ignore the impact that that has had on my life but it's not all of Tony's we are seeing in being completely open completely public about what happened to us we will communicate that it's possible to cast off that shame in that stigma and talk to somebody and a voice that said you know they can't hurt your spirit they can hurt your flesh but they can't hurt your spirit I'm looking for the aha moment and I found it almost immediately as soon as I acknowledge publicly what happened to me along this journey in life is gonna be just that one step within finally the love and the light had broken through all of the pain and the fear and that's when my life changed really I just asked each man to to tell his story exactly the way he wants to we have no plans to end the Bristlecone project at some number of survivors and we will continue on into the future for as long as they are men who want to volunteer

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  1. I love everything 1in6 stands for in creating awareness for men being sexual abused. As a man who has overcome being abused I share in the walks of all the great men who have shared there stories publicly. This April I hope to post an awareness video on my page. Thank you.

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