The Body in the Sports Bag – Crime Investigation Australia | Murders Documentary | True Crime

The Body in the Sports Bag - Crime Investigation Australia | Murders Documentary | True Crime

The Body In The Sports Bag explores the disappearance and brutal murder of Sydney teenager, Lyndsay Van Blanken. This chilling episode features detailed re-enactments, interviews with key homicide detectives and heartbreaking accounts from Lyndsay’s family and friends.

Hosted by respected journalist, Steve Liebmann, CIA uncovers the true stories behind these cases through chilling re-enactments and access to the key detectives, family members and witnesses involved.

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40 thoughts on “The Body in the Sports Bag – Crime Investigation Australia | Murders Documentary | True Crime”

  1. Lyndsay drew images and wrote quotations from the classic video game "Silent Hill 2" which you can see here at 8:30 and other parts. The weird thing about that is in the storyline of that game (spoiler), it's revealed that the main character had suffocated his wife.

  2. Omg what a horrible creep! What did she ever see in him ?! Awful story ! How dare he think he had the right to take her life in such a horrific way !! He is beyond evil !! He should be locked up for life !! Please people take note .. do not ever go anywhere with your creepy , ugly psycho ex ! Sounds like she had low self esteem , her fiancé seemed like a drip , he should have done more to protect her .

  3. Having pet rats has nothing to do with him being a freak, all animals deserve to be loved, they're pricks for making out like you have to be a psycho freak to have pet rats

  4. I can never understand why some evidence has to be withheld from the jury?. Shouldn't the jury see all the evidence against the suspect?. I just can't understand some of these courts and, I seen evidence being with held in American, British, Canadian and Australian courts and I can never understand why they're being allowed to withhold evidence from the jury, it's like the courts are protecting the murderer.

  5. A dear friend of mine tried to divorce her husband and he walked into her work and attacked her in front of all of her co workers stabbing her multiple times in the chest. She survived and he went to jail for a little while. It goes to show you. Even when you play it safe, these freaks can still get you.

  6. It seems like every dramatization is worse than the last. And the last was shit too. A number of Crime Investigation Australia episodes contain re-enactments of murders with Liebmann narrating, oftentimes inventing details for colour and drama, which is reprehensible.

  7. 27 yrs?!! Wow, that'll prevent him from doing it again!🙄 Send him to Texas, they'll fry him up like a chicken. His eyes were so empty. Scary…..Ha, People say God isn't real…what about satan?? Do you believe in that scumbag???

  8. He only got 27 years for her murder just because the evidence was circumstantial evidence!? He planned and executed her murder and should have been convicted of first degree murder instead. Are they fucking serious! 😵What kind of laws and Justice System do they have over there..that's crazy! He should have gotten life in prison or the death penalty in my opinion. He took a life and should have his life taken as well for what he did to her. So this means in 27 years from when he did this he will get out of prison just to kill someone again if he chooses to. That's fucking crazy! Smh 😔

  9. If I ever want to kill anyone … I’m taking them to Australia because it’s obvious you literally get away with murder! He and every other killer there should get life in prison or death!

  10. If an ex was stalking my fiance I wouldn't let her walk alone in public. I'd walk her to the train, take the train, and walk her to work. After she got that text of I see you, the fiance should have been more protective.

  11. Did he really try the "I hear voices" so I guess I'm crazy act? He was not crazy. He was self-entitled and brooding. He thought breaking up with him was a crime all on its own, so he convicted his girlfriend and punished her with the death penalty.

  12. Serial murderer Pedro Alonzo Lopez from Colombia murdered up to 300 children! He has been released, whereabouts currently unknown, I think he did about 14 years? Released for good behaviour 😞 so I don't think Australia, the UK, New Zealand etc. has the worst prison sentences…I think they are pathetic and I believe in the death penalty, but us Commonwealth countries are certainly not the worst…

  13. Why do women have attraction for losers, weirdos and perverts?
    Well, when she got involved with him she had chosen her destiny. She knew he was RWA to perpetrate a crime — his fetishes and musical taste and vices have already told a dark story.
    Sad, but our destiny isn't created by the shoes that we wear but by the steps we take. 💔

  14. Stinky stench 💩😷inside the locker, still he went straight to the sports bag's jugular thinking it was packed with dollar bills😹😹😹😹
    I bet my testicles those poor animals trapped in a filthy room were the first victims of Australian Norman Bates.

  15. Teens? she's been seeing him 3 years and talking to the other guy in America for months obviously at the same time and he did not want to get into a serious relationship at first three years earlier? Her mother says she wasn't seeing both at the same time which she was and then she tells him she don't love him and breaks it off a few days before the other guy is to arrive from the U.S.? He then sees them together a few days after breaking it off and then comes and confronts her at her house? Not to diminish her terrible death and he should get life or death but a lot of feeling being slung around not to see no DANGER!!!!

  16. I don't like the way this information has been presented. The strangulation scene is repeated many more times than is necessary; we got the idea the first time we saw it. By constantly repeating such violence, you are desensitizing people to the use of violence; you are normalizing violence. This needs to stop. Stop programming the youth towards a culture of violence as if it is a normal state. It is not. Violence is a tool unscrupulous people use to manipulate others. This is wrong. You can present these cases without sensationalizing them. In fact, the whole story would stand without any such strangulation scene at all. Stop selling violence to the impressionable young. It is morally reprehensible.

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