Why does Belarus Exist? (Short Animated Documentary)


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Why is Belarus a thing? By successive governments slowly giving in over time.


Understanding Belarus: Belarusian Identity by Grigory Ioffe

Russification: Word and Practice 1863-1914 by Theodore R. Weeks

there are many questions which keep us up at night is there an afterlife why are we here and why is Belarus a thing so Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe sandwiched between Poland Russia Ukraine and the Baltics it's also an exceptionally young nation having only become a fully independent state in 1991 so the name Belarus comes from the term Belarus which means white Russia historically much of modern-day Belarus is lands were located within the Grand Duchy of Lithuania here the Belarusians were often referred to as Ruthenians but this term was often a broad one which applied to both them and the Ukrainians in fact the people who lived there were often refer to his evil it's veneer or poly gastric the first traces of a consistent Belarusian national identity don't spring up until the 19th century roughly when all of the other nationalist movements were picking up – during the 19th century Belarus was a part of the Russian Empire after the partition of Poland Lithuania and they saw many changes brought about firstly the ruling polish Catholic class were removed from power and replaced with the russian-speaking Orthodox one secondly intellectuals within the Russian Empire began to study the Belarusian people to determine just how differently were covertly that is because the imperial government outlawed the notion the Belarusians were distinct people from Russians in the latter half of the 19th century the Belarusians led by constantiy Kalinowski revolted against the Russians asserting their own identity but this revolt was soon crushed of course this doesn't invalidate the belarusian claims of the unique identity though it existed whether or not the saint-petersburg government wanted it to so as you'll know world war 1 kicked off in 1914 and this saw the status of belarus and its people changed massively in a very short period of time after pushing the russians back to here the germans created a puppet state the Belarusian People's Republic this was short-lived in the Russian Civil War in the following polish-soviet war soared the land divided like this with some of the Belarusian lands going to Poland and the rest going to the USSR the Belarusian lands here were known as the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic the B SSR was enlarged twice the first was an internal enlargement which reflected demographic lines the second came with the USSR's annexation of eastern Poland in the lead-up to World War two after the dust from that conflict had settled Belarus's modern borders were established and affirmed that said belarus wasn't independent in any way barring some politicking by stalin because as many of you will know belarus along with ukraine had their own seat in the UN whilst being a part of the USSR the reason West hourly managed to get these was that he refused to join the new UN unless he was granted extra seats since he was concerned that he would be consistently outvoted by non communist states this concession was granted in the be SSR held its own seat until the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 when it's seat was transferred to modern Belarus so in conclusion the origins of Belarus are blurred and wrapped up in difficulties concerning names and which state its culture is rooted in was Belarus another successor to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania or was it a newcomer whose identity was forged in opposition to those around it be aware though that Belarus and its people shouldn't be seen as some offshoot of Russia and that their history is long and varied Belarus is in many respects a young country but its people and the many names have existed for much longer I hope you enjoyed this episode and thank you for watching with extra thanks to my patreon supporters which you can see on screen and with an extra special thanks to James Bissonnette David archaeologist Ozark a flash Party Boyko Rob Waterhouse Chris wicker Michael Reynolds Gustav Swann David Silverman spinning three plates Maggie packs Kowski Christian check' Anthony Beckett Ike Skye Chappell and Winston K word you

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How to Tell if Your Oven is a Liar – Chemistry Life Hacks

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This week Reactions turns up the heat on science. We’re looking at a chemistry life hack to tell if your oven is accurately reading its temperature. Have you ever felt suspicious about whether or not your oven is actually reaching the same temperature as the dial is set to? Well this chemistry life hack is for those you out there who yearn for the truth, but don’t have a thermometer to do so. Check out Jeff Potter’s book, Cooking for Geeks for more interesting kitchen hacks:

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special family recipe right in the oven, but even when you follow
step for step, it never seems to come out cooked to perfection. If you don’t have a thermometer
on hand to make sure oven is pumping out the right levels of heat, here’s
a quick tip to help you figure out if that dial is telling the truth. First set your oven to a crisp 180°C. While you wait for it to heat up,
take two pieces of aluminum foil and fold them over into little
miniature, makeshift pans. Now that you have your pans, add one
spoonful of table sugar to each of them. When the oven is up to temp, put the
first sample of sugar in for 15 minutes. When done, pull the sugar out, and
reset your oven temperature to 190°C and give it some time to catch up. Once ready, place your second
sample of sugar in the oven and give it another 15 minutes. If your oven is properly calibrated,
your first sample of sugar should be stay white and granulated and the
second one, nicely browned and melted. If both are browned, your oven reaches a higher temperature than you set it for, if both are still white, your
oven isn’t getting as hot as you think. Regular table sugar is 99% sucrose
which is usually extracted from sugarcane or sugar beats. Both of your table sugar samples
begin to break down and decomposed through a chemical transformation
process called caramelization, and in addition to caramalization, sucrose
melts at a steady 186C (367F), that sweet spot between our two oven
temperature experiments. So sweet – now you know if
your oven is a little hot, a little cool, or right on the money. Alright folks, as you know we love
finding new chemistry life hacks, so if you happen to have any old chemistry
inspired tricks or tips that you use at home, post them down in the comments. Make sure to check out these other two kitchen tip life hack videos to make your life a little easier, with
all the evidence you need to back it up. We want to give a big shoutout to Jeff
Potter, who wrote Cooking for Geeks, the book that inspired these
kitchen chemistry hacks. Get out there and get yourself a copy,
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Are attacks on white South African farmers aimed at terrorising them off the land? Should Australia offer them special haven, as some MPs here have suggested?

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SLAVERY: The only narrative we have heard in our schools concerns the ‘Atlantic Slave trade’, reminding us of the millions who were taken by force, over a period of 400 years, from Western Africa to the Americas (North and South America), to work against their will, and whose progeny number in the millions today.

The narrative we haven’t heard was that there was an even larger slave trade taking place simultaneously, yet spanning a much longer period (over 1400 years), on the Eastern and northern coasts of Africa, made up of even more millions, all of whom were taken northward, to the Muslim Middle East.

Curiously, little is written up about this Islamic slave trade, nor can we find their progeny (who should be numbering in the millions today), nor has there ever been an Abolition movement against slavery in any Muslim lands.

It is this question that Jay Smith and Sarah Foster (using her research) decided to introduce at Speaker’s Corner on Sunday, the 10th of April, 2016.

They wanted to not only look at the figures, but at the history and motivation behind the little known, but much larger, East African Coast Islamic slavery.

And they didn’t have to look far.

Starting with the Qur’an (see Surahs 3:106 and 39:60) where both references can imply that black faced people will go to hell, while white faced people will go to paradise (though another interpretation is that blackness is nothing more than disappointment), they then moved on to quotations from some of the most famous Muslim scholars, including such house-hold names as: Ibn Qutaybah, Ibn Sina, Al-Muqaddasi, Ibn Khaldun, Al-Tabari, Al Tirmidhi, and Ibn Taymiyyah, all of whom uniformly referred to the black African race using horrendous racist terminology which is demeaning and disturbing.

Watch the video and notice that while quoting from their Qur’an and their Muslim scholars the Muslim crowd at the corner tried desperately to shout them down, or change the subject, calling out the ‘Shahada’ in unison, and even at one point suggesting that Sarah was Jay’s slave, with one Muslim claiming he would buy her for a £ 1,000,000.

Not letting themselves get distracted, Jay and Sarah then moved on to the Bible, to show that since the time of Jesus Christ, slavery has been frowned upon in Christianity, due to verses such as Galatians 3:28, and Philemon 16, which not only state that both those who are slaves and those who are free are equal in Jesus Christ, but that Master’s who have slaves, are to consider each other as ‘Brothers in Christ’.

And it was those verses which motivated the strongest abolitionists against slavery, the most noted of whom were all Christians, including: Richard Baxter, Alice Curwen, Benjamin Lay, Anthony Benezet, Toussaint L’Ouverture, John Newton, Granville Sharp, Thomas Clarkson, William Cowper, Olaudah Equiano, Elizabeth Heyrick, Thomas Pringle, Mary Prince, and of course the well-known, William Wilberforce, all of whom were the driving force behind the eventual abolishment of slavery in the early 1800s.

The lie that slavery is only a Western, or European, or even a Christian problem, and has nothing to do with Islam, needs to be confronted, as Jay and Sarah have done here.

It is about time that Muslims take a hard look at their own history, and at their own scriptures, and finally admit that they do have a problem with slavery, one which they have never dealt with; unlike the Christian church, which has admitted its past mistakes, and has since been at the forefront of righting a wrong, so that now, outside of a few Muslim areas, slavery no longer exists.

Note: We have just been informed that some scholars suggest that the two verses (Suras 3:106 and 39:60), referring to the faces being blackened, can also be seen in the context of disappointment, especially when compared to the context of what we read in Sura 16:58 (that the face is darkened when giving birth to a girl), and are thus an idiom of Man’s disappointment for these two as well.©

© Pfander Centre for Apologetics, 2016

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World Biker Build-Off | Episode 1

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World Biker Build-Off | E01

three bike builders we've got a pretty strong chance winning because hellbugs just so different three nations I built the bikes I want I'm opinionated and you know I'm right and anyone who doesn't like it they're wrong one goal and that'll be something I kick Russ's with his own parts to be crowned the greatest bike builder in the world from England Russell Mitchell the American bike build scene doesn't seem to include the word tough from Australia Scottie Cox love the egg box I follow the sign theme all the time it's just pineapple different tell us from the USA Joe Martin these builders they all got their own thing I think my bikes gonna win I think I'm a lexington kick the challenge to design and build the world's most radical bike in just five short weeks the judges build the toughest in the business at the rats old custom bike show blank fans that like right there who will win the first world biker build-off the clock is ticking let the builds begin on bass Jason Martin on lead guitar Joe Martin the Martin brothers from Dallas a garage band that makes more than just music they make long lean shoppers Joe builds the bikes you see that person going down the road on that bike saying something you know they're saying I mean that's a badass to his brother Jason runs the business Joe can make anybody beautiful he's amazing with what he can do with with anything Joe left school to play music for a living but when that didn't happen he turned to his other passion cars and bikes when I left school you know my friends are going to college that sort of thing and building these careers I got on the ball I had to do something and you know I figured I might as well do something that I really want to do likes a little bit different from a car because that's how your body fits in that bike yeah that's much better it's important to me that the fabricate a bike with your own hands everything I do is self-taught but at the same time I think it's kind of getting me my own edge my own voice moment style Joe is known for super stretch choppers that push the boundaries of design Joe went towards a slow crazy look just to make sure that people didn't get us mixed up with everybody else that's what I'm trying to get to is just get them em recognized everywhere JC's marketing and management built a thriving business in just six years I like that you know run the show here yeah I'm gonna think I'm gonna do some of my own too it's a partnership that works most of the time I mean no you can't argue me was the typical we fight like brothers you know the we are brothers and we clash but it's kind of good because it's kind of a good combination and I thought that's kind of corny I like it you like that it's all right I think it's corny I don't ever win an argument against my brother that's kind of a no-win situation though you know if I have a battle to pick I'd better pick a good one because I'm not gonna win many of them there's one thing that the brothers agree on for the world biker build-off they want to create their longest lowest meanest chopper ever starting with Joe's custom frame trying to achieve a lot of radius lines with the frame I like the drop seat kind of going for a drag bike look being close to the ground I think you can actually have a better feel a little more in control and it just looks cool the centerpiece of Joe Martin's frame is this the downtube on that bike was just I just thought kind of cool and I just had this idea in the back of my head I thought man can I pull it off in this timeframe that we have to build this bike it will take extra time but he thinks his lightning bolt down tube will create a sensation I've never done it down tube that's incorporated this kind of a design really it can't just look good it has to be the strongest part of the frame [Applause] I just wanted to try something different and it kind of goes with the theme of the bike with the flame thing and the point thing and kind of the devil looking thing you know but it's got a it's got work as good as it looks it'll be a work of art to get Crohn's I think the end results gonna look pretty cool you knock that thing as fast as we can all right well run it over there customer for cos the outsource chrome job should take two days if it takes longer the Martin brothers will have a problem josè design may be top-secret big chop for our bright colors but his English opponents still check out the Martin brothers website for clues yeah more of what you expect yeah what's out there kind of thing and I suppose pre building Russell Mitchell and right-hand man Dan Hugh Jones try a little American trash doc I can't imagine either one of these are gonna step outside of their no I'm sure realm of expertise working out of California the Englishman consider themselves in exile the name they give their operation in Los Angeles exile cycles are bare-bones European muscle our basic force is very straightforward it needs to be tough it needs to be simple it needs to be clean isn't about flashy pain isn't about lightning bolts carved into every available surface it's all about the bike you could cover up all this crap with it that'd be lovely working behind enemy lines the English are sticking out their territory very cool Franco I tell you I'm gonna be implicated for treason Russell employs American staff but they follow English orders I built the bikes I want I'm arrogant and opinionated and you know I'm right and anyone who doesn't like it and yeah they're wrong when we do these batteries we put the acid in we do not install the caps we just sit them on top which are German we discharge we charge them again before we put the caps down yeah okay yeah no he's saying exactly what I thought we did we do Russell left England in 1991 to make it big in Hollywood while waiting for calls he played with custom bikes about nine years ago decided to do it part time make a little bit of extra cash when I was a struggling model actor um in Hollywood and started exile cycles and she's come from strength to strength I was telling you that we kick the ass of the O's is in the Americans at exile cycles Russell does minimal metalwork foot clutch with a hanging gearshift he comes up with the design and leaves the fabrication to trusted contractors all right so we got the finished short caliper Hobbs done right exile parts end up on English and American bikes have we got the big caliper odds in this machine right Russell will build his entry with his stock parts except for a new gearshift mchugh mention the top of the clutch cable this would be your wire if he wins the build on Russell hopes to go commercial with this new price this bike kicks the aussie yankee collective miss you know me everyone's gonna be wanting to do their hand shift foot clutch will be building nothing but for the next year yeah we could do that back at his workshop Russell starts with an off-the-shelf exile frame and a few modifications our frames start like usually in a fairly basic form without too much of the bracketry this one has a couple of things on the frame off of the shelf that I'm not going to use so we're going to remove this here break tab and these two little bottles here they're not doing any harm but they're aesthetically I'd rather they weren't there so we're gonna grind these off well this up smoothie so what you're left with is a bike that looks like the pure essence of a motorcycle it's tough it's clean it's it's the guts of the bike anything I can do to assist into finding this star way you put the kettle on me a world away in the Australian outback in a small town called yer ala the third team warms up for the world biker build-off we've told you Americans do they fight is style I keep messing with the Sanders on just touching it a bit turn it upside down they they should throw the lot out that we don't start again if the Aussies are outsiders no one's told them a lot of the eight bikes I guess they follow the same lines the same theme all the time and just plain em all different colors we try to do something a little different a little bit of creative artistry builder Scottie Cox and business partner grant Perkis build Australia's hottest choppers taking their national title and also winning in Sturgis and Daytona itself had an interesting bollocks probably for 15 or 18 years I started out as a fitter and Turner by trade and having to fix Harley's I guess when they broke down and back in the old days I always thought I could make a better part friends come along they'd want the same sort of parts made for their bikes next thing you know we're building the whole bikes hand beaten and polished alloy is a Scotties chopper trademark as nigh bondo is that bulb there's no filler of any type what you see is what you get Scotty badly wants to win this contest to put Australian bikes on the map his plan a bike with alloy armor it's gonna have a lower fuel tank it's gonna have a lloyd panel work all over this section of the frame and the swingarm so the thing looks like it's made out of aluminium I think this is the one Scottie starts with a blank canvas turning 30 feet of steel tube into a frame this frame is a little different than normal frames because we only have a single front down tube instead of to get your normal frame has very low seat height very low bike very long very low Scott is the only one in the world that does the whole process as in frame fuel tank oil tank guards handlebars exhaust systems the whole deal all done in in the one shop like all all the rest of the bike builders American included bike assemblers the Aussies do share something with the Americans plans for a show-stopping down tube but this artwork will double as an oil tank Scottie hopes it's a world first we're filling all the bottom of this area in here for the oil tank these pipes here actually return lines for the oil the oil fittings will come out of the motor going underneath here and back into this oil tank for his smooth organic oil tank Scottie turns to an old metalworking technique you'll have to carve a mold for every piece of shaped alloy all 14 of them it's pretty tall order to build a bark at such short notice especially one that's so involved with the hammer work and the time finishing our work day and night over the next few weeks to get this done [Applause] three nations three very different plans and in just five weeks only one winner let me hold this up mark you back in Dallas with his feature down to bat the chromers Joe Martin moves on to the back end with engineer mark Juarez make sure things a lot up right I mean it's close that's where needs to be the rear of the bike will have a single-sided swingarm which will look kind of cool will need one side of the wheels open you can see the entire thing and the suspension system will be removed a swing arm on this bike which actually even get a swing anymore I welded and solid I kind of prefer the hard tails over the soft tails they're just a little more fun to ride I guess and I guess it kind of makes you more bad speaking in Deraa and dirt a hard tail but people think it's kind of a waste to use a nice swing on my hard tail but it ought to be pretty cool you know we've got four weeks to do this build and if it takes a week for me to get the part back I don't know if we'll be able to get you know you see where I'm at the Martins first obstacle their downtube hasn't returned from the chromers and Joe's worried talk to Bradley he said he's gonna do the best to get it done in a timely fashion so as long as he gets it done we can't really move on I can't I got to get out of the frames yeah that's only in a week wasn't gonna do it and he said he would try to have it done in a couple of days Joe has big plans for his front end radical even by his standards but he can't make a start without that lightning bolt down to at least the wheels arrived on time yeah check that yeah looks like it's cut out of ice or something man Joe's favorite wheel supplier hasn't let him down check this out that's bad so we eat one week into the build and the drivetrain starts to take shape here's a six-speed that's a built by Bert Bakker fully chromed it's a billet machine case you need to see the workmanship in the sink soon will be a nice addition this bike the engine hasn't arrived so the Martins use a temporary replacement to align the wheel in gearbox all rights prefer chains on my bikes they're narrower than a regular rear drive belt so it's easier to make things fit and you know they're strong but I just like the look of them it's kind of an old chopper thing I guess another part arrives from an unusual supplier when it's exile this competitor yeah do you think he might have sabotage it Joe's trying psychological warfare using an exile brake calliper cut mail this exile off and grind at him in there something like it sure Russell appreciate it can you turn it in where the Exiles on the inside and let's have to show it proud I guess and that would be something like kick Russ's with his own parts you know the Texas boys are using some of our parts which you know sort of gives them an unfair advantage really you know I mean I thought was them versus us not us versus us Russell Mitchell starts his drivetrain and like the Martins must work with a stand-in motor this is not our motor we're still waiting for our knucklehead motor so we got no choice but to move forward with the project we've grabbed somebody else's motor we're gonna use this to mock up with a certain set our alignment get our rear wheel in position using this motor and hopefully the knucklehead mode will be here before we finish fine because we will need that in this frame to get exhaust pipes me the 103 cubic inch knucklehead is a 1930s replica harley-davidson due for delivery just two weeks before Daytona Russell's counting on it being the exact dimensions of his mock-up if it isn't he's in trouble because of the time frame we don't have the luxury of waiting for the rear wheel that's actually gonna go in this bike but rim width tire size will be identical so the wheel will basically be same as this wheel are filthy mock up wheel only red rim whitewall tires you know different cosmetics that Dillon wiggling everything Russell strives for the look of shrink-wrap muscles each component stuffed into the frame the American bike build scene doesn't seem to include the word tough you know they want it pretty or they want it shiny or they want it this or they wanted expensive but nobody seems to care that it looks like a tyrants handbag nobody seems to care that it's you know a rolling Easter Egg it's it's not manly this one let's short Trojan rear fenders call it shorts hasn't got a lot of sight hey we'd like to see a lot of this beefy back tire you sure the other guys are gonna be going low-profile which means a big diameter wheel with a little skinny side profile tire which I personally think looks a little bit weak we like a lot of tire Russell's obsession with a type FATF it calls for perfect fabrication we like to keep our clearances real tight rather than build a frame that's 2 foot wide to fit a woman foot tire we like our frame to look like how the hell did you get that tire to fit in there in the first place so our stuff looks real tight like everything was jammed in that's real important to us even when this tire gets super hot at mega high speeds like our bikes always go the tire won't grow and have an interference issue with the fender there's nothing worse than slamming your fender taking your bike up the road the fender gets rubbed by the tire and the fender gets hot your paint bubbles up you strip the bike though right look at you all this rags with a bit of a bash indeed the Australians revolutionary front mounted oil tank takes shape public loans when you throw in a shaped metal buy here like this it's hard to shape one part without another part moving I've just had a tack crack it's time-consuming but it's what Scottie thinks he has to do to win a lot of our stuff we copy out wood so we can pretty much carve any shape and the metal will beat over whatever shape we carve so the possibilities are endless that's something unique in the bike world I want to eventually have all this so that it's all smooth and just looks like one piece of liquid metal a lots riding on his technical skills any deformity means disaster when you're actually forming alloy like this and this is all going to be polished there'll be no bondo or paint or anything to hide all the imperfections what you'll see is what you get this part alone only 10% of the panel work has taken a week just four weeks to go will the Aussie bike be ready for Daytona and there's another problem I have the police way other wheels some crucial parts ordered from the US are missing they probably still sitting up there well they're on another truck this is the problem you get with ordered things from episodes with notes on Friday for our mess-ups we have one fully one discredit and they will a crisis is in the making without wheels Scotty's build will soon grind to a halt someone said the governor said a will sit in the land room or that Miss Pashtun Scottie success now appears lost somewhere between LA and the Australian outback in Texas it's week two of the build and christmas comes early for the Martin brothers unveiling Excalibur yeah it's a nice-looking all right I'm gonna go stick it in there that's hot real hot now I think we got to clean it instead Jason and Cromer Bradley Shelby are happy the only one left to weigh in is Joe sliggoo you clean this Bradley it's been a lot of time working inside of the curves and the radius it through real nice down at the bottom of it I can't believe I sleek II got in here moon you laid out two beautiful curves for me too so it worked out real nice she didn't make it a hard battle I can't imagine it up coming out that slick you know me fry that's perfect that's gonna be wicked this was very weak here well now we throw the front end off now we can start on its radical front end I guess the original concept for the front end was I wanted to make the bike look like a old lowrider bicycle and I came here when I was in junior high these kids that have these little lowrider bikes you know and all tricked out and they had these front ends they're kind of like a spring or friend but that he's just long sweeping lines and radius and you know will come up I thought man I always thought that would be cool on a motorcycle a front end with a bend Joe's never tried it before man let's take it out check it out to make it even more complicated Joe wants to use an old fashioned Springer suspension he has got to cut and Bend four tubes all to the same radius you know you're kind of doing this stuff in the dark sometimes I kinda wanted to take a chance with this opportunity doing this contest I want to do something really radical and I didn't want to just try to be safe and I don't know if it's gonna work uh-oh just a little bit marking a little bit more right there yeah that's it man with the curves done time to cut the original Springer show me some drawings you had in mind for this yeah but first some advice from the Springer's creator Vince Dahl what I wanted to do is go cut right here with us inch tubing straightens out and then down here on the end cut it right here right and that can roll down okay but I was wanting to put a radius tubing roll some radius pieces and then maybe lay the couple of those slugs put them in there so to get the strength back and we polish it what you think I'd do right pretty heavy wall why don't you take this thing apart yeah take this over to your buddy and put – and laid and roll it that's one piece instead of cutting on anymore I think it was stronger right but I was wanting to Vince is unconvinced his final advice don't cut yeah he uh well anybody any manufactures probably advised that we don't cut their product but that's kind of a whole thing about it you know taking this stuff and cutting it up and changing around a little bit but uh I think once we get the regen trail set up on it I think the front ends gonna be fine it's a custom adjust customer number on the suitor comes up at 7,000 miles from his u.s. supplier grant Perkis is on the hunt that's the only why we can do it just three weeks to go the Aussie build will soon be at a standstill if grant can't find his wheels know that therefore mere accent it takes a lot to do I make this place work as in you've got to click the materials everything up to Scott take that these the mean that doesn't if he's ill that we're all held up and we have to look out they just released their wheels from customs and they're gonna dispatch in this afternoon but they won't send them on last tool I put the money in the bank to set that to the Friday night $1,200 me buy an extra wheel for all hundred dollars checkbook in hand grants off to the airport inside there's not a lot of line like a busted wheel or a scratch wheel after coming them all the way from the US these are these wheels have been waiting on they're all mine excellent thank you very much know that the mural wait'll I get home I'm that excited look my wheels at last we have wheels today is a very exciting day I just can't believe it they're intact there's no damage no dents no scratches now we've got nearly everything Scotty's lost three days time to catch up to speed things along the aussies unleash their secret weapon I've built quite a few machines here and it's taken a lot of the time out of building you gotta work smarter not harder in a few minutes Scottie's custom machines turn out fenders or as they call them in Australia mud guards my dad roll which is made out of this place to shop football you remember that at school well we've thrown it in the door my dad roller machined all the rest of the parts bearings change all the workings adjustments which the end result is a front mudguard so actually makes something like this with him as an English wheel would probably take you to three hours that's taken a minute we'll Aussie ingenuity put them back on track or has the delay destroyed their chance at the title the showdown in Daytona is just three weeks away rats hole is America's biggest bike show each year half a million visitors from around the world come for Bike Week for the world biker build-off these fans will vote for one of three machines their origins kept secret until the votes are counted Englishman Russell Mitchell with his pre-designed parts is cruising our stuff looks real tight like everything was jammed in that's really important to us he thinks his bare bones tight fit muscle machine will be ready well ahead of schedule the plan man dial it in get it right first time Ozzie Scottie Cox takes a harder route I've just had attack crack building a hand beaten bare metal monster from the ground up this is all gotta be polished there's no room for imperfection he's already lost time on the one part of the bike he thought would be easy in that will America's Joe Martin is betting it all on his radical front-end gotta work as good as it looks against the manufacturers advice chromoly he's chopping up his front forks and adding his own curves kind of whole thing about it you know taking this stuff and cutting it up and changing around a little bit it could spell disaster the stakes are high for the world biker build-off Englishman Russell Mitchell's off-the-shelf exile parts are an easy fit classic mate classic let me crank this guy up a little bit give me a little bit of a vibe of its finished okay note the beautiful way the gap at the back of the seat mate just the gap at the front of the seat its technology mate we fabrication going smoothly Russell gets artistic and I thought because she's pretty and I thought maybe she could be play he brings in design expert Greg James but basically here's just a little type thing in a smaller scale hold that up see it laid out Russell wants something eye-catching for Daytona like the pillow idea because that could be decorated to be colorful and kind of offset besides going on they're not talking about Russell's bike they're talking about Russell's back [Applause] [Applause] tattoos are an exiled tradition this is Dylan the world best welder in this competition by far he's also got a 32 Ford that he's just dying to show us here we go look at that fine work I got my doves of war we're so halfway through this have this lovely old school feets right here own traditional work that is know how well the colors still holding up got any more do strip naked butt good to see you shaved your stomach just for the day made excellent work not who else likes to take their t-shirt off at the drop of a hat oh wait there we are I've only got one set to me and let's have a little look at it can we a work in progress let's have the bad news how much is this gonna set you back by the time you don't so far I am $15,000 into it and probably be about 40 or 50 once it's done so Bell Park is gonna be about what one of our bikes cost your choice may I'd go with the bike man it doesn't feel really good to cut up a hot off front end like this almost halfway into the build Joe Martin takes his biggest gamble yet it's all about the chopper thing you know you got a chopped-up got a sacrifice stuff his reputations built on radical design but is this going too far I just hope it goes down the road good and then I don't kill myself but I think we'll be all right he's grafting curved fork tubes onto his Springer suspension fill that gap up with will and that'll be plenty stout it's his Frankenstein front end he's gotta be careful of what you're doing to make sure it's always not just different just for the sake of being different you got to make sure it still looks good by the time you're done he has to match for perfect curves now this gap needs to be snug double here Marky Joe is trying to make sure we don't even fall behind by always pushing it and going so insane with the bikes okay from that side market each thing [Applause] straight to me yeah that's right on right there that's perfect the one-of-a-kind Springer's ready for the big test how will it look on the bike soon Joe will know if he's created a masterpiece for a monster 9,000 miles away the Australians are behind schedule they're on double shift Scotty's still working the alloy grant and his assistant rags on the drivetrain to buy got six pretty broad draw this is the new generation gearbox which will accommodate those new wheels being that we're from such an isolated area in country on the other side of the world from where the main chopper building goes on people tend to think that anybody who was any good would come from a major center but quite the opposite is true and in fact a lot of well-known people in the world originally came from remote areas it's the the components in a fuel tank that's the top these two get welded together they'll form a front that piece goes on the top and those are the two pieces go on the sides and that's a fuel tank I like building fuel tanks we've got it all jigged up and worked out the way though was turning is pretty awesome we like it it's gonna be a little different than what we normally do because it's got to be much longer and thinner normally air tanks are a bit shorter and fatter but looking good fine if you do a good world you should get a good penetration like this on the backside if you don't you feel tingly there's a lot of people out there building fuel tanks but I don't think any fuel tanks that are being built a quite up the standard what we're doing the English are far ahead of the Americans and Australians Russell's minimalist pre-designed parts need only slight adjustments it's good my side I was it yours cool we should give them the underside of the light we've tapped some holes in the bottom here we're gonna mount it up here I'm gonna mark around it with a pen drill put some bolts in weld those bolts in place permanent light on the fender this rear light is the closest thing to a feature for an exile cycle I love ratchets we build bikes to look good and you can get a cleaner look than a rigid let's get to me what do you think so it's a totally writable ride it's got the big fat tires so there's plenty of cushion in that it's it's plenty comfortable and it's clean and it's simple and there's old school and this hardcore is you can get in contrast to the Americans Russell chooses a short traditional front end you got it this time are stainless steel one and a quarter inch bent stainless and then run ape hangers on this cuz it's old-school and it's tough and ain't no birdie boys here at Exile cycles honest and I'm gonna weld on these little guys these are what we call our integral risers little threaded stubs that allow us to bolt the bars pretty much straight to the front end without risers without any additional clamp in mess keeps it super clean once the bikes done you'll see how clean these parts are gonna be no levers no nothin just bars grips excellent after a week's work Joe finally finishes his radical design and it worked out really good and things like cool I thought it looked a little obnoxious at first a little you know a little goofy and I thought man I'm gonna go with this it's gonna be really cool Joe admires his handiwork it's Jason's first look we think that's probably the craziest bike I've ever seen kangaroo spikes little onion tomato sauce on bread the australian stable died in Australia business manager grand-père cos cooks while Scottie and rags fabricate I would say that's as good as it gets he's moved a lot of we're actually inventing as we go I think our bike will win purely based on the creativity that went into it the sweat and the carpal tunnel and the hours a lot of guys fiberglass suit bases they actually put down a piece of plastic and they'll lay down sheets of fiberglass and resin and fiberglass and resin and they bug around for a day pretty much the only way to get the shape of that thing is just to put it on the bike and bash it then just when the Aussies start making progress we've just had about two inches of rain in a bad – er and what I think anywhere it's good enough to all that it's just was it coming Nikola this could be big trouble we'll a flooded workshop stop the bill out here it can rain for weeks Australia's bullet all the Aussies hopes are sinking see definitely the beautiful spot Californian weather I don't know what they're on about I mean they think this is raining summer down our way right now this is the best day of July why they whine so much yeah anyway go now is that in the rain spirits are high at exiled cycles and with just two weeks to go they've got time to kill next time you see it this close together it's gonna be looking beautiful and that satin black fender molded-in tail light or one piece real beautiful trimmed up real nice seats gonna be a beautiful time and laced Eagle logo beautiful satin black gas tank with some fat old school flames white blending into silver with a satin red pinstripe to pick up the red and the tires whitewall tires super clean bars probably gonna go satin black with the bars satin black frame gonna have our beautiful 103-inch knucklehead motor real cold real 50s hotrod old-school toughest can be it's gonna be the business the dog's bollocks mate in Texas the mood is very different we they just a little late I just don't think you should be that long see how the thing I didn't know how long I was gonna be it's easy looking man it's the same I mean I like the looks of the front end don't know if I like the looks of it with the style of the metal and everything on this what he gonna do haha no we're just kind of eyeballing it yeah I think he may have pushed that one just a little far but that was the first time I've ever seen one not paying out into something really beautiful by the time it was done see it grabbed jim's tank off his frame but bring it over here man I mean it's close in it it looks a little bit better than it the Americans could be in trouble after working for a week on the front end they may be moving backwards Herman monster man no it's just like whoa but if the team's think they're having trouble now the world biker build-off has a lot more in store it's a race to judgment day encounter a little problem tension man whatever frustration but antiwar enough working and disappointment that's a real problem when I go this route will they even make it to Daytona on the next episode I can't get your paw of the world biker build-off let's run outside myself

Loreena McKennitt – Ancient Pines

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Loreena McKennitt on a powerfull piece from 1989 album Parallel Dreams.

Pictures chosen of Bristlecone Ancient Pines, most from California’s White Mountains. Ancient Pines are today the oldest (acknowledged) living organisms on Earth. Methuselah tree is measured by core samples to be 4,789 years old.

'Being Mick' (Jagger) documentary – Elton John discussing Madonna at white tie and tiara ball

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Mick Jagger attends Elton’s white tie and tiara summer ball and we hear Elton say how Madonna’s tour was only “alright” and he was “slightly dissapointed”, then Kate Winslet chats to him about upcoming film “Enigma”. Being Mick was released in 2001.

how are you right yeah this going well actually yes going excellent I'm down at metropolis how you put the tent up yet you banging the pegs listen I will ask you say I'm gonna come tomorrow and I'm doing this documentary and I wanted to video a little bit of it with this very small camera is that right Elton John's white tie who's your date and it's all for Elton's aidschat there's a Venetian things so when you walk into be some sort of Phoenician nonsense in the garden left here there you go tell me who everyone is Lizzy I know some of them but always remember there's just too many of them all at once yeah you must tell me when to cherry yeah I like that one runner got champagne or what's that one cantar I'm like one of those yay hi hello Hillary from The Telegraph I don't know I have to look at the label oh yeah John then John Pierce thank you very much oh thank you okay very well thank you how are we well good very well miked up yeah all right I'm doing a video tonight and it's all about you come you were allowed a camera in and what are we gonna do with the video show on the Elton John channel it's coming up in the autumn week there's gonna be a special cable network which is only about Elton and any tensions hello say what's your written Madonna right we loved it I think I've heard something yeah me too I was gonna be so blown away I was gonna have to go I don't know what I'm gonna do you know that's why I show an eye there wasn't that was the tempers are a bit sort of bit stodgy yeah she could have done with another two or three here yeah a fast more fast numbers of the middle you know seven to five years when you don't know you get bit rusty yeah they want you know and when she's doing those things like holiday at Yemen for the to back again she's hmm she's being Madonna she doing yeah but she was trying to be able artsy fartsy and I understand that we all might be yeah the thing I wanted to see is in your next show is that you leaping off the top with one of those things can you are I didn't know you're supposed to be blending you know Elizabeth's not under dressed as you tella she isn't I did all their bricks loudly they're very different tonight somehow it's a nice garden the Venetian theme in full swing that's Lizzy oh you're looking at fantastic on my side thanks so much I wore this especially for you yeah yeah how's everything it's coming out September the 23rd yeah god pthen Hilton had a huge fight why do you suddenly ask no Aaron and I have never had a tip watch out and hold onto you know yeah Japanese underground on the floor yes there's Lulu

How to Photograph Mountain Hares | Wildlife Photography Tips

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Join wildlife photographer Mark Hamblin on a quest to find and photograph mountain hares in the Cairngorms, Scotland.

Learn how to handle tricky exposure conditions in the snow, and find out more about these beautiful highland animals.

This video was produced by NatureTTL.com, in partnership with B&H Photo Video.

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hello I'm mark Alyn from nature TTL comm and today we're on the hunt for mountain hares and his fantastic snowy landscape in Windsor Mountain hares turn white which gives them fantastic camouflage in this snowy environment you can see behind me we've only come a short distance from the carpark but already we've seen clear signs of mountain hare activity there's a lot of footprints in the snow that you can see here and this is evidence of a good population of hares in these hills mountain hares are nocturnal animals they spend most of the day resting in a little snow hole or perhaps in in amongst some rocks which keeps them very well camouflaged with their white coat from predators such as Golden Eagles but at nighttime the hares will become active they start to move away from their resting areas to feed on little bits of Heather and other vegetation and that's why we've got footprints down here the hares would have come down from the higher hills looking for better grazing on these lower slopes heading up into the only one on the slow here eventually they're walking in the 20 probably it's a nice little group of perhaps five individuals hundred meters away there's the other one that rifle first there's so many hairs around today I'm a bit sport for choice to be honest but the great thing about that is there's plenty to choose from enough managed to find a hair here in a really nice position nice clean snow around it so it's gonna make a great photograph at the moment though the hair isn't doing a great deal which is it's fairly normal to be quite honest during the daylight hours they're fairly inactive but I know sooner or later that hair is going to do something make it up you might get up and have a stretch or a yard might do a bit of grooming so really it's very much a waiting game I've got myself into a good position here I'm just going to sit it out and wait for the hair to do something and then hopefully I'm going to get the shots that I'm after imagine hair photography inevitably involves a lot of waiting around often kneeling sometimes lying in the snow so it's a cold business and it's it's quite windy today as well so the windchill factor is it's a substantial lien with gloves hat and all the big coats on it's still very easy to get cold and chilled and even hypothermic so it's quite a serious business being out in these environments during the winter time you certainly need to have the right gear on one thing to bear in mind when photographing in these snowy conditions is exposure because if you leave your camera AV aperture priority mode without any compensation the pictures will will come out too dark that we underexposed so to try to combat that then the two two ways to do that really either continue shooting in AV mode but dial in around about plus two stops exposure compensation and you can do that using the exposure compensation dial which is usually on the back of the camera most most models the way I prefer to do an exposure is to shoot in manual mode just feel that gives me more control so it's a very similar technique I'll set the aperture that I want to use point the camera at the snow and then adjust the indicator so it lines up with +2 depending on the conditions and the lights on the day that countless styles and different types of photos that can be captured this was an image that I perhaps consider to be my first shots of a mountain here that I was really pleased with and it shows the hair running across a large expanse of snow the spindrift they're really nicely illuminated by the late afternoon light another shot here of the hair quite small in the frame and taken from a distance actually with a 500 millimeter lens and the hair are just woken up and got its front paws they're outstretched in front of it and the composition lends itself very nicely with the little wispy grasses they're running diagonally across the frame box in behavior is something I've seen quite a few times but pretty often it's too far away from the camera to get a reasonable picture but here I've dead lucky and the action happened right in front of me and I was in a perfect position to shoot a long sequence of hairs maybe 50 or more pictures well lights starting to fade a bit now but we've had a fantastic day in the Hills there photographing mountain hairs hopefully got some really nice shots so you hope you've enjoyed watching and learnt a little bit from the tips and techniques I've been talking about and don't forget to subscribe to the nature TTL Channel and also tune in for new videos every week you

White People | Official Full Documentary | MTV

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What does it mean to be white? MTV’s ‘White People’ is a groundbreaking documentary on race that aims to answer that question from the viewpoint of young white people living in America today. The film follows Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and filmmaker, Jose Antonio Vargas, as he travels across the country to get this complicated conversation started. ‘White People’ asks what’s fair when it comes to affirmative action, if colorblindness is a good thing, what privilege really means, and what it’s like to become the “white minority” in your neighborhood. For more information on ‘White People,’ and to join the conversation, head to race.lookdifferent.org.

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I'm trying to be careful here. Don't be careful. You kind of get this feeling
that things belong to you. To be white is the good thing. We don't even necessarily know
someone that's not white. People here don't see anybody
of another race, so there's this barrier. Give me a hug. If I bring up any sort of race
issue with my parents, they immediately assume
that I'm demonizing them. I didn't wanna feel like I couldn't live in this house
with my beliefs. When you start seeing things
that aren't your own- No, no English? You don't speak? It's gonna make you
wanna move away. Any minority group, if they get
a scholarship, straight white men
feel like something is being taken away from them. Kinda feels like
I'm being discriminated against. We've never had to internalize
what white have done in America, but here you can't escape that. I'm getting uncomfortable.
It's uncomfortable. Hey, this is great. Let's get
all uncomfortable together. I'm Jose.
Sam. Sam, nice to meet you. I'm Ty.
Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. So we're doing a film for MTV on what it means
to be young and white. Okay. I think we fit the role.
Yes. We're doing a show for MTV, Mm-hmm- -on what it means
to be young and white. Okay. Yes. That's exactly what I'm talking
about. We talk about race
in this country … a lot. But we don't include you
in the conversation. It's only us. We talk, usually about you,
about white people. I'm interested in how you feel.
So some background. My name is Jose Antonio Vargas
and I look like this, which can get, as you can
imagine, a little confusing. You know, I look
a little more Asian, right? And … why is your name Jose? So I was born
in the Philippines. The Philippines was colonized
by the Spanish, which is how I got my name. I moved here to America
when I was 12. I'm actually
an undocumented immigrant so I'm not even
supposed to be here, according to the government. So, let me ask people
this question. What are you
and where are you from? I'm white. I'm Caucasian,
that is my heritage. Yeah, I find that really
interesting you know 'cause white is not a country. I would just consider myself
white, American. When you say white,
like what does that mean to you? White is the default.
It's the default race. It's just the norm.
To be white is the good thing. How would your life be different
if you weren't white? I believe it could be different
because … it's hard. I don't necessarily go outside
of my group so I don't know. Most white Americans do live
in kind of a white bubble. The typical white American lives
in a town that's more than
three quarters white, and the average white person's
group of friends is more than
90 percent white. White people usually
are raised by white people, they hang out
with white people, and so they're completely
oblivious to issues of races that impact
non-white people. Hi. Are you Dakota? Yeah. How are you? I'm Jose. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.
Hi. Hi.
This is my mom. Jose. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.
Hey, I'm John. Hi, nice to meet you. Thank you for having me. So, this is
your high school picture? Yes. As you can see, I was really going
for the Justin Bieber look. So when did you stop this phase? When did you go
from that hair to- Soon after the pictures came out and I saw
how terrible it was so … You're proud of being Southern. Yeah.
You're a Southern man. So there's this stereotype
that you can't be gay and be Southern. But I can be both of those
at the same time. Talk to me about this town. Are there people of color
in this town? I don't really see people
of any kind of race. Like black, Hispanic, Asian.
It's all white people. And the people are really nice,
but at the end of the day, people are very close-minded. I hear negative things
about interracial couples and when you approach someone
who's black on the street, that you're not supposed to walk
on the same sidewalk as them. My parents have never displayed
any of that kind of behavior, but people would tell me
those things at school. That's just what
I've grown up around. How would you describe
this community? Very small town.
Cliquey. It's predominately white. If you-
Yes. Oh yeah. We had one and one family.
[crosstalk] One black family and that
was the only black people that were in our high school. It's how it's always been and I
don't think it'll ever change. This is the student center. This is. There's restaurants
down here where people hang out. Considering
where Dakota grew up, you might be surprised to learn
where he goes to school. I decided to go to a
historically black college. A historically black college? Not just a school
that's diverse. Right. Their academics
are really great. It was close to home
and so I could commute. What did your friends say
about this? People were like what? You know,
you really wanna go there because you know,
that's a black college? And you're not gonna fit in. If you teach your child all the
time then they become independent from you. The first few days here
was very surreal. I found myself trying
to count other white people, and I've never done
anything like that before. How did you all get
to be friends? We had a class together. Like I said to myself I know
we're gonna be best friends. I'm glad that I wasn't shy
and I just went ahead and started talking to him. What did you think we when
you first saw Dakota? He's so cute. Right. You're making me bashful. So you're gonna meet,
for the first time, Dakota's friends from school. Can't wait. What has Dakota told you
about his hometown? Just that he has friends
there and- We all have things in common.
I just feel like a lot of times, race will put a barrier
in introducing groups of friends because you don't want somebody
to say something offensive. It's gonna be interesting
but I think it's gonna be fun. Zoe. Hey. Hey. This is Miranda. Hi, my name's Brittney. Hey, Brittney. Hey.
And this is Jasmine. Jasmine. Come here. Aw, look at you guys
wearing cheetah print. Y'all tried to match.
There you go. Why do you think it took
this long for y'all to meet each other? That's Dakota's fault, not mine. Growing up in this area, how often do you think
you guys talk about race? Oh no.
Hardly ever. We were talking about
some friends that you had that's like hey, if there's a black person
walking down the street, you- You go the other way. You go the other way. I will honestly say
I've done that before. You've done that before? It was that bad part of you
that thinks something bad. Would I do that now? Never. How about you? Like stereotypes that you have
about white people? Lay 'em out there, girl. They're stuck up,
they're all racist. They might be nice in your face but behind your back,
they're gonna say something. What were you gonna say, Dakota? Yeah, I think
people like say oh, black people can get ghetto
real fast. Well, I can get
ghetto real fast, okay? [crosstalk] This is something that
I've always asked other people. What is ghetto? Like I don't understand
like what is ghetto? You know like take your
earrings off and stuff. I know but that's not … I mean, it's on TV. Somebody says ghetto
every five seconds on if you turn on Housewives. I know. I understand what
the definition of it [crosstalk] I hate that word. It's … Why do you hate that word? 'Cause it's not … No. No, no, no, no. Brittney, please don't 'cause
I'm gonna start crying. No, no, no. No, no, no. No, no.
Give me a hug. Give me a hug. Give me a hug.
Give me a hug. Everything, everybody's- Brittney, I apologize if I- No, it's fine. It's just …
I mean- It hurts. That's not something that
people would see on the outside. It bothers me. Yeah. The word ghetto for me,
when I was younger, it was used in a negative way. It was derogatory,
like you're ghetto because I'm black,
not because of where I'm from. It wasn't about where I was,
it was who I was. You know, isn't it amazing,
the power of these words? 'Cause words hurt.
Think about it. Put yourself in other people's
shoes before you say something. I completely agree. I'm curious. What does white privilege
mean to you? You kind of get this feeling
as you grow up that things belong to you. You don't have to show people that you're one
of the good ones. I could walk to a convenience
store and back without getting hassled
by the police. I don't have to deal
with prejudice that some dude's Asian, some dude's black, some dude's
Spanish, have to deal with. That's my privilege
as a white person. It's [censored]
but it's true. If I was white, I don't think
I'd have to wake up knowing that there is a certain
stereotype put on me. Being Asian, I'm smart,
I'm good at math, I eat a dog. Do you actually wake up and that's in the front
of your mind? Well it's not on
the front of mine but there are clear times
when I know they already put me in a box. I've never experienced systematic oppression
against me. I'll never know
what that's like. I'm not saying I wanna know what it's like to be
discriminated against. But I would like to know
what I've constantly been told my whole life
that I cannot possibly ever really relate
to or understand. So we're going to the Pine Ridge
Indian Reservation, home of the Oglala Sioux tribe
of Native Americans, in tiny Wanblee,
South Dakota. Population 725 people,
14 people in this entire town in the reservation are white. I think we're going to meet
all 14 of them. This is the Crazy Horse School. It goes from kindergarten
through 12th grade. I'm looking for Sam. Okay. Her kids should be
coming out from lunch. Oh, okay. Great. Every single one
of the 260 students here is Native American. But most of their teachers
are white. All right, guys. This is Jose. Hello.
Hi. All right.
I grew up in San Diego, predominantly white
where I was raised, and this is definitely
a different environment to be wearing
this color skin. So what I want you to do
at this point is I want you
to pull out your journal. I grew up in West Fargo
in North Dakota. It's a very white town. How did your parents
talk to you about race? It just wasn't really something that was discussed
like it is here. I'm wondering, all the
students are natives. Right? And a lot of the teachers
here are white. How does that work out? It can be a little weird
whenever you first meet them because they're outsiders,
and along the way, it's like they become
a part of the school, and they become part
of our family here. What was the moment that you
realized that you were “white?” Here, in this place?
Instantaneously. [crosstalk]. I think some of it …
like walking into the store, like they have
these small convenience … walking into the store
for the first time, and you're like, “Wait. I'm the
only white person in here.” I'd never felt that. I have never felt like I was
treated badly because of that. Yeah, more of just … Curiosity. Curiosity. What does it mean to be white
in an Indian reservation? We've never had to internalize what white people
have done in America, but here you can't escape that. Wanblee is near Wounded Knee,
South Dakota, the site of one
of America's darkest days. Simply put, in 1890,
white soldiers slaughtered hundreds of Lakota men,
women and children, as part of America's
centuries-long history of atrocities
against native people. What is this experience
like for you all, being in a US history classroom,
being taught by a white teacher? They always talk about
the good things white people did in their history. What about the bad things, when
they tried to get rid of us? It should be all the US history. I think for the first time
to have an uncomfortable feeling inside
because of history, when so often
I would tell people to … when I was younger,
I feel like … as a majority you hear,
“You get over that,” or like, “That was the past,
that wasn't me.” But then when you're
the minority within a place where recently there was
that much oppression, you internalize that. The theme for today's
stereotypes. You're going to have
two minutes to think of as many things
that come to mind when you see the topic
on the sheet of paper. Wow. Whites. So what do you think about
when you think “whites?” They're mean to us so much. Here's the one about whites. A lot of things that I see
on here are pretty negative. All of them are negative.
How does that feel, when these young students
see you as these things? It's something that I have to
bring in here every single day, just encountering it today, I think about
one of my students, so I said he couldn't go
to the bathroom, and he says,
“You stole our land, and you won't even let me
go to the bathroom?” And while I know at the core
he was joking, the skin color
I wear allows me to represent something
a lot bigger than myself. I did not know about this word,
“Wašícu.” It means what again?
It means … He who takes the best meat. Like greedy, to come in. Greedy, greedy, yeah. Be greedy, take what you want. What is a Wašícu? A greedy white person. But [Anisha], you say it's just
a synonym for a white person? Yeah, it's the only way people
use it. It's just to describe
white people. I've never felt attacked
by that word, but just like what it means and the fact that it exists
is like … rough. I haven't felt offended by it,
and I think the history is something that like,
“Okay, I get it.” So is Sam a Wašícu? Yeah. She's the most awesomest
Wašícu ever, though. I kind of don't like
using the term. Why not? My dad raised me to not be
really racist, or anything. It wouldn't feel
right to me. Yeah. All right. I'm going to go.
Thank you for having us. Jose, thank you.
Thank you. How do you say thank you in Lakota?
[Lakota] [Lakota]
Bye. See you. Living out here has really
instilled within me just a very, very real sense of
just how complex things are. What do you think are the
disadvantages of being white? This is a really
interesting question. I know there are some people,
of course, here that are going, “What is he asking?” Again, this is the conversation.
She's in the back. I would say there is no
disadvantage to being white. I don't know. It's like asking
a rich person, “Tell me how hard
your life is, being rich.” This is a question
many young white Americans are to embarrassed
to discuss in public, but privately,
it's a different study. In one study, nearly 50%
of young white Americans say that today discrimination
against whites is as big a problem as discrimination
against minorities. Scholarships, definitely. There's a lot
of scholarships out there for people of
a different race. It would ask you literally on
the scholarship search page, it's like,
“What's your race?” And when I filled in that
I was a white male, it said there are
no scholarships available. Hi.
Hi, I'm Jose. Nice to meet you. Katy. Right?
Yes. Nice to meet you.
Thank you for having us. Come on in.
Is this where you grew up? Yeah, this is Scottsdale,
Arizona. Oh, wait. What's that? That is my- You were in the honor roll. Well, I graduated
as a high school scholar. So where are you going to school
right now? University- I am going to Paradise Valley
Community College. How was the high school
experience like for you? I graduated top of my class,
in the top 10%. I graduated 3.8 GPA. That's a lot higher than mine.
Okay, great. Even with all that, being done, I'm not able to have that
education that I'd hoped for. So what was the plan? The plan was Grand Canyon
University, that's what my dream was. So what happened
when you applied? I did get accepted.
Yay! Yeah.
You got accepted. Yeah, that was really cool. Awesome, okay. However, my biggest worry
was the finances. Yeah. I just started noticing
that there were all these scholarships for race,
and I thought to myself, “Well, I don't qualify
for any of those just because
of the color of my skin?” How does that feel? Kind of feels like
I'm being discriminated against a little bit. We told Katy when she was
growing up, “Just work hard,
get your grades. It'll get you far.”
But I think that now white folks aren't getting
the same opportunities. It's kind of almost reverse
discrimination in that way. We have heard white students who say that white students
are at a disadvantage when it comes to
the college admission process. Financial aid, scholarships,
and this isn't fair. Talk to me about the facts. What are the actual statistics
about scholarships that are available in to
white students in this country? Available to white students,
virtually all of them. I think it's something
like 96% are actually available
to white students. In terms of who gets
the scholarships, white students are usually
about 40% more likely
than students of color to actually receive
that type of aid. 40% more likely? That's correct. This surprised me.
It turns out that even though 62% of undergraduate
college students are white, they get 69% of
private scholarships. On the other hand,
minority students make up 38% of
the undergraduate population, but get only 31%
of private scholarships. So despite all we've heard
about white students being at a disadvantage,
they're actually disproportionately getting
more scholarships. So what do I tell
to white students? Yes. You know, I spoke to this
young white student- Yes. Who feels that she is
at a disadvantage. “You're not at a disadvantage.
You're simply not. Everybody in this situation, especially as it pertains
to paying for college, everybody is struggling
right now.” She's not going to want
to hear that. There's a lot of white students
who feel that because they're white, the scholarships may not be
available to them, but if you actually
looked at the facts. If you are white,
you are more than 40% likely to get a scholarship
that if you're not white. I'm curious, how do you then
explain this feeling that white students feel
that they're at a disadvantage. Maybe because they just expected
to get all the scholarships. Any minority group,
if they get a scholarship, I feel like straight white men
feel like something is being taken away from them
because they don't get it. I've never had a problem
finding a scholarship. What do you say
to somebody like that? Google. I'm Jose. I'm Michael.
[crosstalk] What's your name? I'm Michael. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Thank you
so much for having me. Yeah. Oh, definitely man.
Anytime. This real feeling that Katy, and many other young
white Americans have, right? That I can't get
the financial aid or the scholarship money
that I should be able to get or I deserve to get
because I happen to be white. Would you agree with that?
That that's a disadvantage? Oh yeah. One white
and one's Filipino. They both applied for the same
scholarship and the Filipino one got it and the other one
didn't, the white girl didn't- Even though she wasn't
as qualified. I think there might be
other factors involved too. I mean, maybe she's Filipino but that might not be
why she got in. The reasons that people
get scholarships are not always clear. I think,
if you wanted to inquire why you would have to ask the
people who gave the scholarship. I think this is where we … This is where I have
to give you some facts. Right? Around 21 million people
apply for financial aid. About 76%
of all institutional merit based scholarships
go to white students. If you're a white student, you're 40% more likely
to get a scholarship than if you were
a person of color. Oh dang. Are you surprised
by the numbers? Yes. I'm very surprised because
the way Katy was making it sound like,
"Oh, I'm being penalized." That made me think like,
"Oh, maybe they are kind of directly aiming it
towards the minorities." With those numbers,
obviously they're not. Okay, now I'm like
the victim here. Why did you say that by the way? You said like, "You're making
me out to be a victim." I mean, I know … I don't want to come off
like that to you guys. You can say whatever you want
to [crosstalk]. That's fine. No I know …
I mean, it's like … You seemed to be understanding but then when
the numbers came around- Yeah. When the numbers … It did kind of change
my view a little bit. I feel like you guys
are attacking me now. I know we're- Opinions are opinions.
[crosstalk] I'm not saying like- [crosstalk] Put myself
in both sides shoes, I guess you could say. Katy's feeling about, "This is an unfair system
and now I'm at a disadvantage." That is a feeling that a lot
of young white people, that I talk to, feel. Most people feel like this. Because me, even with
all the races I am, I wasn't able to get
any scholarships. It's not just you being white. It's just it is hard
to get scholarships now. Katy, how are you reacting
to what your friends just said? Maybe it's just my side of it.
Maybe it's what … It's all that I've seen.
Being born and raised here. Having predominately
associated myself with generally
Caucasian people. You know, my view is what it is
because of my experiences. Maybe I am wrong. Here's the point
that I want to make, this is what I really want
to make sure you understand, you're not the only person
who feels this way. When you hear that Christopher, who's a mixed race
and who's a minority, has a hard time
getting a scholarship. What did you think of that? You know, it really opened
my eyes to see that
there is a challenge, no matter who your are
or where you come from. It's hard.
Yeah. You know, my initial concern was just feeling excluded
from certain things. Just 'cause no one
likes to feel excluded, especially for the color
of their skin. Talk to me about the next steps for going to a school
that you want to go to. I … You know, I'm gonna keep
looking for scholarships and, first off, apply. Hopefully I can find something
or find a bunch. How badly do you want this? I'll do what it takes. You're gonna do what it takes. How do you feel talking with
a person of a different race? Yes, sir? I feel extremely uncomfortable. Half my friends are black
and it's totally normal. I don't give a [bleep]. Sorry if I shouldn't
be swearing but … About different colors,
different races. Yes? I could care less what race
someone is. I've never … I was never
really taught to notice it. Almost all young
white Americans, I spoke to, consider
themselves colorblind. That they do not see race. In fact, three out
of four young white Americans say society would be better off
if we never acknowledged race. Most people making the comment
about being blind to color, in my experience,
have been primarily white. It's a dismissive comment. It feels like you're trying to
avoid what the real issue is. Colorblind.
That's a cop-out man. That's for people
too scared to face it. If being colorblind means
running away from racial issues, well, it's working. Less than one
in three white people say they've talked about race
with their family. If I bring up any sort of race
issue with my parents, they immediately assume
that I'm demonizing them. Four out of five young white
people say they feel uncomfortable
discussing racial issues. It's scary and no one
wants to do it. I think that's the problem. Yeah. Hi. Hey, Jose. It's nice to meet you. Tell me about growing up here. I always kind of describe
it like a '50s movie. It's a really suburban town. Going to my high school,
just a lot of white students. When did race come up
in the conversation at home? Never really ever. I started going to
a community college and that's only when
I really started thinking about the fact
that I was white. Welcome to Lucas' Super Serious
White Privilege Workshop. We're not gonna be able to solve
all the world's problems in here but we're making
steps towards it. With a friend of mine, we developed
a white privilege workshop. White privilege.
Such a scary word. It can be hard to explain. White privilege is really
the other side of racism. Unearned societal advantages that benefit certain groups
over the other. As you probably noticed, I have a bunch of pieces
of paper around the room. I've written
a lot of privileges. You have a white person,
a white student, talking to other white students
about white privilege. What do you think of that? I think it's a good thing. If the audience is white and
there's a white person speaking, I feel like they could connect
more with that person. They don't feel like
they're being attacked. Talk to me about how
you're parents have reacted. Do they know that
this is what you're doing? Only recently. My parents are
pretty conservative. They'll get a lot
of their information from conservative
TV channels so- Like what? Like Fox News. Okay.
Bill O'Reilly, specifically- Oh I like Bill O'Reilly. My stepdad's really into him. Yeah. Most of the time I just
kind of avoid the conversation with my parents because we never
really had that connection. Basically, this whole
white privilege workshop is actually should be happening
right in your own home. Yeah. Perhaps. Hi.
I know who you are. I'm Jose. Howdy.
Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Hi.
Jose. Very nice to meet you. You know, I don't know
if you guys know that he's been teaching
these white privilege workshops? Did you know much about that? I have no idea what that was. Who's teaching it?
He is. Oh, I didn't know that. I thought you knew. I'm curious, from
your perspective sir, when you hear white privilege
what do you think about? When Lucas mentioned white
privilege I went on Google- And you looked it up? Started looking it up.
Most of the stuff, that I saw, was so slanted
against white people. Against white people? Yeah. It's almost like an attack. As if it's like
attacking white people? A little bit. It's just,
you get a bad, bad feeling. I can't listen to this person. You can't just slam it into me
and say, "You're a jerk." What would you say to that?
When people feel attacked? It's not something that … It makes sense
to really feel bad about because none of us
chose to be white. We can't change
what race we are. We can't change our experience. All we can do is change
what we do with that experience. What we do with that life. I don't want to be ashamed
that I'm white. Yeah. You shouldn't be. Yeah. Have there been some moments
where you … Maybe like, "Man, I wish I could
have said something more." I mean, I don't know if I regret
biting my tongue but there are plenty of moments
where I don't agree, and I'm getting upset
at the conversation, but I just choose to leave because I don't want to cause
conflict or anything. That's a surprise. Is it because you were scared? In a way a little bit, yeah.
Like about that. Just growing up
and being conservative. You can get pretty
worked up sometimes. It does, sometimes,
scare me a little bit. I'm not gonna lie. That's why you're like, "Let's
just not broach the topic." Yeah. For me,
it just wasn't worth it. I didn't want to feel like I couldn't live in this house
with my beliefs. I want to know if you guys
would come to my white privilege
workshop tomorrow? I'm curious. Would anyone like to share
with the bigger group which privilege they chose and why they think
it's interesting? The privilege I chose
was I can ignore the social issues
of people of color and remain largely unaffected
by the negative consequences. I am very rarely asked to speak
on behalf of all the people
of my racial group. I can choose nearly any
profession without questioning whether or not
a person of my race would be accepted
in that profession. I can continue to live my life without thinking twice
about anything. It's just kind of shocking
to think about that. One thing I find myself doing
a lot is just whatever situation I am,
I think about what do you think it would be like to not be white
in this situation? Like do you think we would
be treated differently? All right, well thank you all
for coming. How did you feel about all
that? You did good. Good job. You listen to this workshop
and like watching Lucas, like well does this change
how you view race and whiteness? Not really, but I've always
been proud of it. I think my mom is taking it
a lot to heart, but my stepdad, like,
he's getting it but I still think he's going to
hold a lot of his beliefs. Yeah. I think he's definitely like
opened his mind a little bit. How has the racial makeup
of this town changed? In recent years we've seen
more black and Hispanic people
moving into my town. There's been a huge influx
in North Carolina the past ten years
of Hispanics. There are people coming here
from different cultures, and it's really amazing
to see because you're kind of catching
a glimpse of the future. That future will be
more diverse. It's projected that in less
than 30 years, white people will make up
less than half of America, but for young people
that future is already here. In 2014, for the first time
ever, whites made up less than half of America's
public school students. Latinos are now
the largest quote, unquote, minority group in the country.
Asian people are now the fastest growing racial group
in this country. How do you feel about America
becoming less and less white? Personally, I think that's
great. That's more diversity. I think it's cool and not cool
at the same time. I love that some people refer
to America as the melting pot where all these cultures
can come together, but I also,
I'm trying to be careful here. Part of me- Don't be careful. It's okay. You also sort of lose some of
the unique qualities of each culture
when you start blending. Part of me kind of wants
to hold onto that. This is the neighborhood
of Bensonhurst in Brooklyn, New York. Just a generation ago
it was almost entirely white, specifically Italian American. Over the last decade and a half
it's undergone a radical change. Hey John. I'm Jose. How you doing Jose?
Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.
This is where you grew up? Yes. I work at Krispy Pizzeria,
but on the weekends I DJ. You basically kind of stay
around the area. Oh yeah, all in Bensonhurst. If you go anywhere out of
Bensonhurst it's like a
vacation. Is Bensonhurst
a white neighborhood? Do I consider Bensonhurst
a white neighborhood? By the way there's nothing
wrong with that. Not anymore. Hey everyone.
Hello, hi. This is Jose. Hi. Thank you so much
for having me. I got you cookies. How long have you guys
been in this community? Forty years maybe. I can only imagine how
the community has changed. There's more Asians and it
looks like there's more of them
than there is us. Hi. In the last 15 years,
the Asian population has grown by 57% percent here
in Bensonhurst. Now, for the first time
in over a hundred years, whites make up less
than half the population. How does it feel for you
to like walk around in your neighborhood, right?
It used to be Italian, and you see all these signs
in Chinese? It's kind of upsetting actually. We're growing within
the population. We're slowly being noticed. When you start seeing things
that aren't your own or that you feel
comfortable with, then it's going to make you
want to move away. I'm sure they feel like
they're being encroached upon. I see some tension
sometimes when I go around. What are the kind of phrases
that you hear people say? Chinks.
Chinks? Chinks, yeah. Obviously I don't feel happy or I feel offended
when people say, "Oh there's a [bleep] chink
walking down the street." What can you do? You can't
change other people's opinions. I think it's a little
bit offensive. I mean, I never refer
to them as that. I have Asian friends, I have
friends of every different race, and I'm not going to say,
"Oh, you're a Chink." How does it feel sometimes
when you go to a store or like you meet people
in the neighborhood, right, who may not
speak English? You kind of feel
a little uncomfortable and you don't know
what to do. Talk to me about,
what are we about to do? On my block, 85th Street,
I have a block party. We're about to go door to door
to see my neighbors to get
the block party signatures. If you don't get 51%
of the block to agree, then you won't be able
to have the block party. All right, well I guess we'll
see if we get these signatures. Let's go.
Let's go. Peekaboo. Can you sign
for the block party this year? Yeah of course. Of course you can.
Part of the neighborhood, right? It's just a little complicated
when you go to certain people that, you know,
have never even met you. Some of them are Chinese.
They don't speak English. No, no eng … You don't speak? Hello, can I talk to you
for a minute? No, sorry.
No? Oh, okay. Okay.
Thanks. Hello. Most of them don't even
come outside their house. Hi do you live
in this neighborhood? No.
No? Not this one. Okay.
Sorry. Just like that. There's us, then there's them. The basic principle of just
speaking like a hello, how are you, you know, things
like that they can pick up. That's not hard to do. Is that frustrating
for you sometimes? YOu're like- It is. It is.
It really is, yeah. There's a perception
among white people here that Asian people may not be
as inviting or as friendly. I guess it's because
of language barrier. Most of the Chinese population
here are like first generation. It's must different,
like it's hard to communicate. That's why they were
more sticking to like their same kind,
the Asian. If you don't mind signing,
it's going to be July 25th this year. It's just a shame
they don't understand. I have to tell you though,
when I was growing up, that could have been easily
my grandmother telling you that. Somebody will knock on the door,
she'd be home, she doesn't speak
English all that well although
she's an American citizen. I can imagine what happened when
the Italians first got here, the Germans first got here,
you know, trying to kind of assimilate
and transition. It's always going to be tough. When the Italians came here
and the Jews and the Irish, they weren't considered white. They were the other. Yeah, they were considered to be
different from white people. Over time they then
started to be considered white. I think the Asian
American population, they may be
the new immigrants now, but the Italians were
the new immigrants 100 years ago and they were
discriminated against. You moved to America.
How old were you when you moved? I was five. Did you speak English?
Do you remember? No. It was rough. It was a strange land, you know?
You don't know what to do. The kids, you know, they used
to pick on you, you know, because they know
you're a foreigner. It happens with
every nationality. It happens with
every nationality. When your grandparents got here
or when your dad got here, that same moment where they are
is kind of where they are now. Yeah of course- Which is why we need more people
like you to kind of like brings
these groups together, but that's going
to take some time. It's not an easy thing. This is a transitional phase.
It's growing pains. It's growing pains. I mean, this is
the United States. It's not just white people.
It's everybody, you know? It's not, "Oh my God,
we're being invaded." It's more like all right,
they're here, but let me see if I can grab them now,
pull them into my business. Yeah, it's like
a slow introduction to like different cultures. Bringing a little bit
of Italian pastry back home, like you know,
I'll have my parents try it and they'll be like,
"Oh, what's this?" Then that's how we start
to slowly open them up. They're here. They live here
with us, right? This is their home. That's it. They made
a home here like we did, so we have to accept them
and they accept us. How are you going to adjust
to this new American reality? If you don't have a negative
attitude towards it, then you welcome it, and I don't have
no negative attitude towards it. Again, you're not leaving. No, of course not.
This is it. Yeah, this is Benson Hurst.
This is where I live. We're becoming a more
diverse society and we're the young ones. WE're going to be the ones that
are going to be there in 2050. In an ideal world,
if a person's skin color didn't affect their experience,
then yeah, I don't think it would be
important to talk about, but the fact is it does. It's something that does need to
be addressed and talked about. Your generation is going to have
to facilitate a conversation that we've never really had
in this country, but that's beyond
the simplistic discourse that happens when we talk
about race in America. It doesn't even have to be
a young generation. It's just a group of people
that are willing to say something about a very
uncomfortable subject. It's going to take
a really long time but it's worth the effort.