Introduction to Biology

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This dramatic video choreographed to powerful music introduces the viewer/student to the wonders of Life. I have also posted a new HD video on the Introduction to Biology. You can find it here on my channel. Both videos are designed as motivational “trailers” to be shown in classrooms by Biology and Life Science teachers in middle and high school and college as a visual “Introduction” to the beauty and diversity of life on Earth.

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Sir David Attenborough says its extraordinary powerful figures in Australia are climate sceptics N

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Sir David Attenborough says its extraordinary powerful figures in Australia are climate sceptics NZ Herald Read more Any violation of policy,…

MUST WATCH: A Lioness Adopts a baby antelope. A short documentary that will open your eyes.

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A lioness in Kenya has adopted a baby antelope- and later other cubs from a different animal species. This short touching documentary will open your eyes and rethink about how humane animals can be. A must watch.

thousand and one the unthinkable happened word spread that a lioness in Kenya's Sambora reserve had taken an antelope car for live and was guarding it as her own I can believe my ears when I first heard about the adoption I just thought you know that's absolute nonsense give it a few hours and then that lioness will definitely eat the car Saba douglas-hamilton his wildlife conservationist for the save the elephant trust she rushed to the reserve to see for herself the lioness and a baby Oryx antelope in one of the oddest animal bonds ever seen and all of a sudden there was this completely unheard of situation on our hands of a predator that had adopted its prey she was named cameryn yack meaning the blessed one I think many people felt that this was you know had to be a message from God this was a miracle this was you know the lion and the lamb laying down together I'm coming ugh really seem to be infatuated by the baby so they'd walk together live flop down under a tree and curl up next to each other and it was very moving to watch but what seemed like a touching story was actually a deadlock which kept a solitary line from hunting and a starving calf from its milk c'mon yak had done the unimaginable instead of eating the baby Oryx she had encountered she adopted it how coming out got it I can only speculate but Oryx carves trained by their mothers and have a very strong instinct just to lie low in the grass and rely on their my camouflage to protect them from predators so it's likely that as his mother wandered off to feed it was just hidden in a clump of grass and she may have just stumbled across it or sniffed it out but it was very hungry we saw it trying to nibble on branches at one point it was even suckling on Kamini axia for days the calf wandered looking for its herd while the lioness followed of course every Oryx it saw was potentially its mother and potentially food and life so it would constantly try and rejoin adult Oryx well coming out would allow it to go a certain distance away but as soon as it started to move off with the Oryx she was then up on the warpath and of course the other Oryx saw this lioness coming for them and would flee and the baby ran as much as it could and then it just got exhausted and stopped and she took it back again what would drive a predator to defy her instincts and endanger her own life we were just so flummoxed by this odd pairing of coming yak and the Oryx that I wrote to a lot of people I wrote to all of the lion experts I could think of to try and get some kind of balanced view about what was happening one of those experts was craig packer of the serengeti lion project by email sarah shared with him the story of common yak she'd only recently separated which is the way it sounds in this story she still would be kind of reeling from the experience and no longer having the companionship for the rest of her prime what we think happened was that she actually went through quite a traumatic loss very sudden traumatic loss and this clicked a switch in her head that that to spark this obsessive compulsive behavior so that when she came across this baby Oryx instead of seeing food she saw baby the problem with being a solitary lion is that you are all by yourself in a world surrounded by groups of lions and they're going to kill you so if by misfortune a female ends up all on her own she lives a life of utter terror because she has to figure out how she's going to get from A to B without being spotted how she's going to feed herself without being discovered in a vulnerable situation by her neighbors I think that in her state of mind she's she's likely to be very frightened and very nervous and I think that she found something that distracted and soothed her days became weeks common yak displayed little in the way of predatory tendencies towards the calf and the pair showed no sign of separating that we were so caught up in the bubble of this miracle that none of us really thought about the most obvious thing which was that other predators would be lurking around and do you make a meal of the calf if they got the chance we followed command yuck and the aurochs down to the river we're really pleased to see them going there because it was the first time that they drunk in several days that of course a river is an absolute haven for predators it's where they lie in wait to ambush prey and even if you have a lioness as a protector it's no guarantee that you're safe so when coming-out moved back up onto the bank and flopped down in the shade she let the calf wander out of her sight for a few seconds and in that instant huge male light left out of bushes and grabbed it she was clearly terrified as the male lion but she acted exactly as if she was a mother losing her cub she couldn't leave the scene and she it was almost like this anguish that you could feel in her desperate to try and save the calf but unable to take on an adult male lion when door accentual II died the next day she went out immediately and she killed an Impala and fed herself so she was totally functional in terms of being a predator it's just that she didn't equate food with the baby Oryx but her odd obsession was not over within a month c'mon yak had adopted another or egg scarf after this first incident command yak actually adopted five more Oryx calves but none of them lasted as long as the first command yaks relationship with the calves she had adopted was not quite that of a friend or even a parent I think she's more like a jailer in that she's just controlling this animal she's keeping it close by it's something that's very harmless and inoffensive but she obviously felt very strongly for it I mean in her mind this was her baby and I think if she'd had her own Cubs and looked after them with that same kind of intensity she probably would have starved them along with herself in the wild a bond between an antelope and a lion can't last but it tells of the animals ability to feel complex emotions it was really charming to see them together it was like something out of a fairy tale that you had the calf and the lioness walking side-by-side and there was a real sort of intimacy between them

Safari Riot – Where Is My Mind? (Epic Cover – "The Innocents" Trailer Music)

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This awesome Pixies cover of “Where Is My Mind” by Safari Riot ft. Grayson Sanders (aka TAMER) was used in the first trailer of new Netflix TV show “The Innocents”, which will be available on August 24th! Track published by Pusher Music.

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Naked Science – Death of the Sun

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Every other Wednesday we present a new video, so join us to see the truth laid bare…

The Sun is the most powerful force in our solar system. It generates the heat and light that sustains us. Without it we wouldn’t have life on Earth. But the Sun is violent and volatile and is becoming more dangerous as it ages.

Naked Science explores the life and death of the Sun. We explore what will happen in the future as the Sun ages, and how our lives linked to the Sun’s life cycle.

Firstly we want to understand how the Sun was created from a giant cloud of dust and gas. Scientists pretty much agree on the theory but physical evidence is hard to come by. Naked Science meets scientists at Johnson Space Center who have been working on a ten year mission to bring a piece of the Sun back to Earth. How do scientists collect samples of the Sun when a probe could never get near the Sun’s surface? We follow NASA’s dare devil mission to capture the samples.

Today we rely on the Sun to live. It’s energy fuels trees and plants which are essential for the food chain we all depend upon. But how do we get the energy? Naked Science explores the incredible journey that the particles of light from the Sun have to make to earth to deliver their energy.

How old is the Sun? This is a question which has fascinated scientists for a long time. Scientists have now established the Sun’s age with the aid of one remarkable fact that the Sun sings. We visit Big Bear Solar Observatory in California to meet one of the scientists who has been at the forefront of using the Sun’s sounds to determine its age.

The Sun’s warmth and light helped life on Earth to begin but it can also play havoc with our modern way of life. Billions of tons of plasma erupting from the sun send powerful storms hurtling through our solar system. We visit the Space Environment Center in Boulder, Colorado where they try to predict the sun’s violent moods. 1989 brought one of the most dramatic space storms and Naked Science uncovers the events which took place on the Earth. But what lies behind the explosive events on the Sun. We travel to the California Institute of Technology in Los Angeles where they are trying to understand the science behind the explosions by creating them in the laboratory.

But what about the risks of solar storms to astronauts in Space? Naked Science meets Michael Foale who was directly in the line of fire on the International Space Station during the intense solar activity in 2003. There is one solar event astronauts can’t be protected from. A superflare. Superflares are up to 10 million times more energetic than the most powerful solar flares. Naked Science journeys to Louisiana to meet an astrophysicist who has found evidence of nine stars that have experienced superflares. What if our sun ever produced a superflare, what would happen to life on earth?

We know when the sun was born, how it nurtured us and how it has thrown a fair amount of danger our way. But how and when will it die and will the Earth survive?