Master Gardeners of Paradise a proposed documentary film by Darrel Jarmusch

Rough cut of preproduction concept video for “Master Gardeners of Paradise” a proposed documentary feature about the amazingly productive organic farms of Kauai, Hawaii and the master gardeners who created them, by Darrel Jarmusch.

hey suddenly see you guys want to be in my movie in your movie yeah yeah yeah but I want to make a movie about The Master Gardeners of Kauai son I have a proposition for you I want to make movies I want only with a better camera having to get a better camera and I would like to come to your farm and take pictures and interview you on the farm and doing stuff in between yeah Marie I'm making a movie about The Master Gardeners of paradise would you like to be in it turning Dylan you guys want to be in my movie making a movie about The Master Gardeners of Kauai we're really trying to integrate like no-till into our beds just keeping that's you know undisturbed and trying to build fertility from like the top down that's why we go chop the cover crop rather than so what will you do with this cover crop probably just lay it down and then like these two that one was buckwheat and that was kelpies just put a buffalo grass over a chopped-up just to keep anything from getting through and sure kills off the rest of the cover crop all right so um keone and i this is candy I were just about to go out into the orchard and do some Oni with all the rain that we've had the grass has gotten really real yeah it's gotten really so when when we round the mower the grass can be this high and keone is like facing this wall of grass and just sitting here watching it come on so that's what we're about to go out and do the word of the day is well let me go okay mango years old from transplant bang is two years old variety is critical I mean it's critical and also learning to work with your ice cream satin a lot of fruit already the this is a Brooke sleet which is one of our favorites this is your pigeon pea so we've been using these for mulch as he's been in your first thing for three years they've been blown over every which way and it's still grow and they make you know seeds pods are edible dried dried beans are edible and spend all this money for four proceed meal and stuff like that it's right here that soon as they set seed like that you come in and cut them throw them down on the ground for mulch you got Celia got food get serious food for these plant it's a couple few of them sprout here and there and sometimes you leave them and just let it grow again and come back so anything that's like that that can survive must must have something going for it as a life force so we just cut them back put it use it for mulch you can see all of the plants put that so what is the secret to growing a fabulous head of lettuce variety for one selection creating soils they want to be in this is selected asta seed from the eg in Italy fabulous focus they have on quality and which is taste this is best to me best tasting lettuce we inoculate these soils that's over and over and then have quality compost you can look at that this is collection site here all the calls and left auger rod and veggies would ever go into this file and this is vegan there's no manure here so then it gets turned that pile it's turned to another and that sits for being a year it gets turned one more time after that and then when they're going to use it going to sift it and then have a have a more useful product so now you got something and again you're looking at this you don't see a bunch of wood and stuff like that in there so this is done now it's ready to give back so the problem with there's no definition compost really so people just use it in England it's a potting mix that's compost you dig that into these soils you're going to have nitrogen deficiency right off because the high carbon wood content wasn't a wood yeah good test is you take that take that product put it in a bucket of water and see what floats and positive look so it has to feel again so we need a shot at creating a Coppola chair so a sustainable living alternative lifestyle alternative living space that simple give us a shot at doing it thank you so much the