[Teaser Trailer] My Saga – A Star Wars Fan Documentary

My Saga follows the journey of Adam Harris, a husband, father and Star Wars fan. Four years ago, the discovery of a brain tumour and a serious health scare caused Adam to re-evaluate his priorities and follow his dreams.

Star Wars has always been a constant source of joy, comfort and even safety in Adam’s life. When it became apparent his children shared the same deep love and affection for Star Wars, Adam felt compelled to discover just what it is about Star Wars that creates such devoted fans that span across multiple generations, all around the world.

With his son Jack by his side, Adam has spoken with fans, enthusiasts, die-hards as well as cast and crew members from the films. All the while discovering what Star Wars means to him, and the impact it’s had on making him the husband and father he is today.

Every fan has their own saga. This is one.

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my name is Adam Harris I'm a husband a father and a Star Wars fan four years ago I was left with an uncertain future when doctors taught me I have a brain tumor this has spurred me on to live out my dreams so along with my son Jay I'm going to discover what being a star's fan really means well I'm quite nervous I'm not a good flyer that sort of feeling it get that excitement whole crew went off to watch Star Wars and it was just mind-boggling it was just overwhelming there's so much you can be a part of and everybody loves each other I mean I was a bad guy everyone nor is amazed by call Carolyn said all these other clothes for it's it's really a humbling experience to come out and sit and have people appreciate something that he did 30 years ago you know it was a universe I felt safe in Gabe's journey started when he was about six months old he was diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis complex which is a disease that causes tumors to grow in the body maybe that's why this means so much for you it does it really does I want to tell them they're not alone there's a world of people who've been through it and it come out the other end that's arrived you think that's is that a good message why do you think people connect with the Star Wars story do that why in the world would they do that you