Griselda Records Debut Album on Shady Records Documentary Intro – November 29 2019

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The highly touted Buffalo New York underground rap champions Griselda have announced their long-awaited Shady Records debut LP WWCD for this Friday, November 29th.

The album will feature Eminem, 50 Cent, Raekwon The Chef and more…

Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine and Benny The Butcher, the core of Griselda, have been three of the most prolific artists of the ladder half of the past decade with a rap acumen and grind that brought them from the streets of Buffalo; to cosigns and deals with two of the biggest and most important rappers of all time; a Shady Records label deal and now involvement with Roc Nation Management.

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without without without know I'm late but I'm here now gonna be on here too long I know I told you I 11 o'clock but you know I had things to do cally widow cally word what's the word just word was to word gain Ohio in the building Pennsylvania Omaha Nebraska damn y'all from everywhere baby loving it C give you a few minutes to get in here Houston Texas in the building shout out mark good-looking Atlantic City DC Dade County Florida North Carolina Oklahoma was good was good Philly Detroit Portland Oregon Crown Heights South Carolina Houston Texas Columbus Ohio shout out to Columbus Ohio Los Angeles eatin world projects in the building all y'all giving me a shout-out all day all day without without Virginia my second home it's good the X stand up compton wood up Compton's in the house without a doubt alright Seattle what up QB Queensbridge it's good was good babbling in the building Brooklyn Detroit Detroit in here heavy Eastside el barrio that's hollow lower yeast side for y'all don't know no South Central which love to South Central Crenshaw and Slauson without without what up light planes ro st. Louis Chicago Fresno that's the bay okay okay Rochester shout out to Rochester I don't know a shorty from down Alaska in the building oh man I'm trying to get to Alaska was good Cincinnati co-op city be eggs go ahead roll Miami DC in the building the valley the cally Valley North Dakota on Doris went up East New York Atlantic City and yeah I love and happy Jesus I love it Memphis Tennessee Tenakee I don't know who came up with that Tenakee thing because if that joins for Tenakee everybody be over there and YC alright let's get to it y'all let's get to it boys to roll you already know first I'll do it I went side Cleveland shout out the bone thugs-n-harmony one of my favorite groups he's ninety nine and Sinclair you already know South Philly shout out to stay proud my man sparks beanie Mac young Chris he's tremont was good it was good I shout out to all the Jamaicans all the hondara years everybody on the international side shout to everybody and Columbia Carter haina shout out Turks and Caicos Toronto so good all right now y'all got y'all shout out if I missed anybody I know it's all love right all right now came on today man because I began a lot of people telling me you're choked you know be careful you know what I'm saying I've been getting that I begin yo why you always talking about the rock you'll move on leave it alone I begin a lot of people coming in my dams speaking about the people that I'm speaking but they won't they won't say this stuff publicly you know I'm saying they won't say a public so then my dams with it I got these clown ass motherfuckers they're hanging me in a curse sorry I got these clown as dudes out here I can like they cool with me they know me I don't know these guys you know I'm saying do see it's all about like to do I'm not even giving these dudes no pub's I made me say any names but moving forward I'm not talking to dudes and DIMMs no more because they're going and making blogs you know you got other dudes out here claiming they know me or they met me and they going y'all know me and y'all met me and y'all know me but y'all going through a blog telling me what I should do and what I'm doing if you know me why aren't you calling my phone if you know me why aren't you emailing why you ain't hollering at me tell me y'all meet up your children want to talk to you about something cuz you out here trying to get faint and it hits on my wave I'm that nigga right now I'm the one okay I'm trying to ride my wave all right talking about you know me you don't know me you made me add an event and I sat there and talk to you because I'm a real one don't get on him and make no blog talking about you know me you met me and you're I should do this and I should do that that's fake I don't do fake corny dudes alright y'all y'all like male groupies hop off the planners all right aka nuts get off the planning's I what is wrong with child you look corny doing that you don't know me what's my nickname what's the do name I grew up with they got a scar on his face well you don't know me stop fronting out here talking about y'all know me man phony ass with that bull you don't say sell me out so my yo why you're suing my Rockefeller son so my Rockefeller you hey you know let me tell yourself if y'all got a problem with me talking about rockefeller then yes have a problem with Jane keep going talking about that fight in Paris are y'all going on his page tell him yo stop talking about Joe why you always talking about you how many times you wanna tell us about that fight in Paris are you doing that now you're not doing that so stop telling me about talking about jay-z oh yeah I'm mad that y'all never worked at Rockefeller are you jealous is that what it is is that what the problem is y'all jealous cuz y'all ain't working Rockefeller y'all didn't live it yeah I was just fans don't tell me what to do I don't tell me what to talk about I talk about what I want to talk about I'm tired of these dudes y'all didn't live my life okay I've been in his gang since 95 even before then but it's 95 okay from since I got off the street I have not sold drugs and nothing I did what I had to do to make it okay I came into an industry full of suckers it's nothing but suckers a bunch of dudes that almost of them soul a soul meaning soul a soul to the bar for me whatever y'all want to call whatever y'all want to call these lose pray to the devil they worship and idolize symbolisms of evil I didn't have to do that I didn't have no I didn't I had a choice I didn't true I didn't choose to go that route a lot of these dudes did homosexual acts to be where they act I didn't have to do that but I still became successful okay but it is very hard for me in this industry okay so when you got somebody that child idolized like a jay-z and he could call a network and say y'all don't get us do the job I don't do that and I got to see how states stay out here and make it on my own the best way I know how you don't say ya ain't livin my pain y'all don't y'all not going through the blocks that I'm going through so stop telling me what the hell to do stop telling me how to feel and how to eat and react to this you know I'm saying when you you and I sit there when I got to do like Funkmaster Flex who I did all his visuals before there was a MTV or BT covering the hip-hop and the underground in places like the tumblr there was no cameras in the tunnel I hope flex get out there nationwide so angular do you see that I do ever hire me when he depend my ride or whatever show he had on TV you ever see him tell them come up there don't show come be a producer I produce more shows in the Simpsons that one or one time when the Simpsons was out on TV we had over 200 some episodes or that tongue show you see them dudes ever coming to me you ever seen flex invited me up to high 97 say it to promote anything that I've done all that I've done for him no all they do is block me so don't tell me what to do and who to talk about and what to do I'm fed up I'm tired yo I'm tired yeah only I don't know what I'm going through yeah I don't know what I'm going through but us my bills are paid that nigga – oh he broke how you know I'm broke I'm not broke yeah I want me to be broke wait cuz I ain't waiting for anything right here we're in a bunch of fake jewelry like these dues y'all think of dumb dumb diamonds I see is real yet these these jewelry these dudes be wearing is real or stairs yeah I don't know when they think when they finish we ain't taking it back right back to the store they Randy I ain't gotta do none of that I didn't put a lot into this industry man for those to be blocking me y'all see it tomorrow damn this and game that you don't saying jay-z this and Jay today which I think these dudes don't black people they don't think these suckers it's plenty of people in my in my dams telling me how they got block buddy I'm not the only one let me do what I want to do I'm to the point where I don't care no more no I'm not suicidal I'm more like Larry Davis right now I'm telling you the rules don't push me into the corner where I don't care no more so ya ain't gotta be scared for me y'all need to be scared for them cuz I don't care no more leave me alone let me get my money let me do what I want to do to get my money don't be mad at me because I didn't suck no on us don't be mad at me because I didn't ain't give up my backside just cuz ya'll chose to do that that's what y'all shows to do don't be mad at me cuz I ain't sacrifice nobody you don't know what really goes on especially all young dudes behind the keyboards ain't never been in the industry today in your life now tell me about this new casino casino in a asks anybody anybody I've been in the industry have they ever seen Cassino anywhere in the industry where companies have this do ever worked for he who never worked for no company BT MTV rockefeller Def Jam eg all he do is research to do his stories and he sit there and told my like he's a fact like it's a fight he did not come up and none of us asked anybody who's in the industry from Jim Jones Decameron to Signori to – jay-z to Fox he to anybody actually anybody have they ever met his do none of us know this guy so don't say anything I'm not trying to do the or him cuz I'm trying not to curse you don't say I'm not trying to hurt his brain but he'd nobody know what none of us came up around his dude I would have footage of him somewhere each other he met me somewhere who they never meet me where's the picture with me in him any one of y'all could see here and go and research and look at a bunch of interviews and act like y'all know some and put some stories together I'm getting sick and tired of the boyo you don't say I did a lot for a lot of people man I done made a lot of people famous man dudes you should come come stand around begging for interviews and stuff in the tunnel so they could get on camera but then they act like they don't know you once they pop I did a lot for a lot of people yo I did a lot for a lot of people at Rockefeller game nobody would know that you were the man behind it the business I I'm the one that went out there and put put that out there with the last days of the rock document and stuff if I tend do that people wouldn't even know and they said they know a lot of these new dudes as you new to YouTube and everything they don't know now because they wiped off my page and they wiped off my page because they didn't want the FG I may want them to see the tortures interfering interference that Leo and I was doing between you and J that's why they wiped it off when I shot that Def Jam conference room thing when we came out in it I try to give you the tape what you say I don't want it I don't want it and I had to stash the take me security running upon me looking for the tape and like I held you down in that meeting who or maybe would've had the heart to do that not too many people would have the heart to do what I did man and you're still going on your play keep so much this international grizzly I shot that whole thing that was my idea I shot the whole thing yeah when they added it up and did some interviews some rapid rounds around it and they put it together and still and even give me no credit can't even put my name in the credit and I shot the whole thing how many times you did that just I'll play with me man just stop playing with me man you want me Artie not choke niggas you want me Artie I'm coming I'm telling you man leave me alone man leave me alone you not know gangster I don't care how many gangster movies you saw you not know gangster you ain't never pop nothing don't get don't get it twisted man I don't tell my street stories because I don't need to brag about it and I don't need nothing to come back and haunt me you know I'm saying but believe I get busy believe my niggas get busy and I ain't got to pay nobody to do nothing our peoples who die for me for free stop playing with me man stop playing with me big you're going on national TV some on my life and you don't even let nobody get the question for off you'll know what but even want to say he probably was given say y'all Cho said you were good guy you weren't so my all my life everything I say is a lot tell me online about you running around with the gay duarte tell me how town line about she's sharing the room with him everywhere we went tell me I'm lying stop playing with me yeah doctor hire whoever y'all want to do something to me I'm coming out the yard a you to come out to me I'm not going after them I'm coming after y'all leave me alone yo let me get my bread yo yeah I hid blacklist some people and I'm saying my license is on me my phone bill is paid my car is paid for ain't got no time to be playin with y'all man I could be so much further in life if it wasn't for y'all with this suckiness leave me alone man I don't went through the CBT to try to sex me for me to move up my homie try to try to uh flip me and I won't say your name ain't because I got love for your wife and I don't want to embarrass you and your kids that's the only reason I'm not saying your name any cuz of you is cuz your family I don't want to embarrass your family that keep playing me everybody out here don't want to give up they but man to make it everybody out here don't have to sacrifice a soul to make it hey I'm good where I'm at I don't have to be a multi-millionaire but y'all motherfuckers gonna leave me alone man I'm telling you that won't leave me alone man and y'all keep hearing me about drink champs listen me and nori is cool to to a point where I'm understand his moves he's down with them niggas the other dude that y'all seen in the Def Jam conference room that damn screen door named Randy Acker he's the producer drinks champs this is why I can't go up there so stop asking you'll never see game up here again Randy actin is Leo's partner Kevin Liles partner he's the white guy that Danes home shut the F up you don't know nothing about Jay you don't know nothing about my culture he produced dreams like in the credits so I'm never going on drink chance shout out the DJ EF n or F in wherever you pronounce your name cuz he's the only one that keep it real with me keeps trying to get me to come up here hey I told him it ain't gonna happen it's not going to happen I don't even want to go up here now even if they want me to go up there I'm not going to have it the show is watered down now and we're gonna see when the on the 25th when that now show here you won't see let's see if he talking out about some realness let's see if he talked to him about jay-z let's see if he talked to him about ether let's see if he talked to him about jay-z and comment they are messing around let's see if the real questions come out let's see if he talked to him about the firm and what happened to call mega the show ain't the same as controlled and I'm not I'm not praying on all it is what it is so all yeah that kids telling me yo stop talking about this yo move forward these did I see Biggs going and on the drink champs just a couple of weeks ago and say I was a liar I'm not randomly just talking about no Rockefeller didn't you just see Dana did last week go on his page and put up that international grizzly and didn't have Johnny Nunez it talking about it all over again that's emotional for me when I see my work and I don't get no credit I'm tired of Dane with the suckiness you keep laughing the joking like everything's a joke I'm not playing no more nigga you wanna fight we could fight you name the place nigga get the gloves I'm not fucking playing no more man let me live my life let me live out here I'll see Connie Orlando she told my old show yeah definitely you could come work back here be et you definitely could come back and then I don't hear from her that's because you want to be in bed with jay-z in them yo I'm tired of it I going high your publicist go to high post oh I'm gonna get some of my other people to do it cuz I got some relations with Roc Nation no I don't want to deal with you now if you did if you over there sucking rock nation get out my way get out my way people say oh you know be careful be careful be careful of what who I you're scared of you think jay-z's gonna pick up a gun and come do something to me you're scared cuz y'all seen Kanye so my joke Jay I know you got killers we all got killings out here and my killers don't come with a course something happened to me I guarantee you some what happened to y'all I'm not scared and I don't need nobody do nothing for me I don't have a problem sitting in jail I've been there done that ain't got no problems with nobody I don't want no problems with nobody all I want to do is be able to go and work that's it I would like to go work for a Tyler Perry a will Packer or one of these dudes but they ain't gonna happen because they all got allegiance to the same bullshit I'm the most talented dude out here ain't none of them better than me ain't none of these dudes more creative than me but one thing about me I got integrity and I'm not gonna sacrifice it for noneya so if you can't work with me without me becoming a H to the Izzo then fine keep it moving but one thing I'm not gonna do is that y'all play me foot no sucker cuz that's the last thing I am and I got me to the point where I don't care no more I do not care no more and I don't say that in the suicidal way I say it in a way where I'll crack your head in front of the world on live TV leave me alone yo leave me alone leave me alone let me be let me get my money let me get to the bag I got so many people that won't do business with me cause they ain't bad with jay-z I ain't never do 9 to jay-z nothing I did nothing to just do he got me jump cuz they're ding ain't even press charges for him ain't even filed a lawsuit against him and what they do keep blocking me for what ain't doing nothing to you dog ain't doing nothing to you start with the ball man st. in with you day all I did was help you I got you harder you don't rob me of my money just like you did everybody else how many people are today more money – right now how many y'all did how many I did work food he didn't pay yeah y'all I ain't got no time to be playin with nobody no more man leave me alone man I will go Larry Davis I'm telling you man my kids are grown my people my people is good I got two daughters don't even talk to me because it a mother's one of my daughters don't talk to me cuz my mother lied to her for 10 years telling she know who her father was and I've been there since birth you know how that feel to have two daughters I ain't never get a Father's Day cook Day card oh cool because these girls mothers don't turn them against you and you don't get them child's play and all this stuff for years you know what that's like I could sympathize with 50 weight was the way his son turned on him these women will turn your sons against you your kids against you one of them you got 250 grand from me in six years how you got my daughter not talking to me don't make me put you on blast I got a lot of pain in me man and it all come from other people doing me wrong cuz my heart is so big I'm not playing no more man I'm not playing no more that's what everything man y'all niggas bet to leave me alone man all I want to do is produce and direct that's all I want to do it's nobody better than me and I came to showcase my talent the way I should be because of this bull everybody wouldn't be in bed with you y'all stupid people I ain't thinking this dude's a billionaire he's not no damn billionaire hey I hear pimping do pimping Nipsey Hussle name and stuff for money got this dude man why would you I go out there and put America at EMC the marathon continues poster up over Roscoe's with this do in the middle of it the poster praying to remind people that he's dead what kind what kind of marketing strategy is that what kind of people are yeah I meant that going to show this man one opposed to pray all the pitches after using him that could be smiling being happy I want to show him sad so the emotion of the people could be sad so yeah I can sell some shirts and sneakers Naomi you're found that holds that whole thing ain't right I don't care what y'all say that's your choco talk about yo you can get hurt to say that I don't care that whole thing stinks gonna see how city stinks and y'all getting the money off of it y'all getting the money off of it greg's you I have friend like you from Harlem you know you from the Bronx tell me you ain't from the bronze Biggs a white wouldn't be from Harlem I was born in Harlem Hospital phony niggas I got me sweating tight hot you know I'm telling you I'm in I don't want no problems I don't want no problems but I ain't scared of nobody it's dudes out there they tell you they got some iron and they diet they'll tell you leave me alone yo leave me alone leave me alone that's all I ask leave me alone yo so all you have to keep coming on my page talking about yo move on this side of it go to them and tell them move on you know where do you know what it's like to be nicely what you do and God people idolizing people so they don't work with you because they idolize these dudes thanks Barbie – that's Dan's brother he's one of the best radio promoters in the game he was pushing jay-z records now he can't get a job being a radio promoter why cause his brother being as brother blacklisted and blackballed because it did Ali or coming in them he can't even be a radio promoted no more something that he'd been doing for years and was great at it ask him you know what that's like no cuz I stand behind the keyboard pop and mess like I said man jay-z I never did anything to you nothing nothing nothing Dane keep joking about the Paris stuff and I'm gonna embarrass you I'm really gonna embarrass you you better chill out my man I'm done with y'all I'm done with y'all I think I don't need to talk about rockefeller but you're not gonna talk and see it and try to discredit me and they're sitting around and clown me and try to make me look like I'm soft for some y'all one get somebody beat up running up on me thinking that damn you did a lot of sucking stuff to a lot of suck to a lot of people live your life man live your life move on man and you got me tight you keep posting that international goods then you know I did it and you ain't even got my name in the credits crap how many times you did that to me crap how many times you wouldn't give me credit for the stuff that I did cry leave me alone dawg yo I ain't gonna stay on here too long I'm gonna try to read a few of these questions you know what I'm saying and answer like a man it's like three questions man so if you got a question just type it now man and I'm letting you know I ain't implying to no ignorance so asking me where I'm at I don't know you well I do a podcast I'm doing I still got my truth be told all day every day that's it somebody says there's sacrifice I don't know what you mean is their sacrifice do people get sacrificed is there a Illuminati do are there blood sacrifices yes yes that really happens yes to do sell a so yes yes do those do gay stuff to get into to get ahead yes they do it's not only you what you think you did your hand this way before we was born it ain't it ain't no lie – it ain't breaking off cuz I didn't take it so yes dude aim like white women over black women yes we don't wear all the way to Africa pain chasing white women in Africa I swear to God don't play and if ya think I'm lying about bigs hanging out what to do already go to you to when when I get off of this I want y'all to go to you to put choke no joke the international takeover not the international grizzly they changed the name it was originally in the international takeover they stole my show and changed it to the International grizzly I did another one called the international takeover go look at it then I tell you how that bigs got arrested in answer to them for trying to smuggle season to the to the next eight to the next country I'm not snitching cuz he got arrested for it go look at the international takeover starring Victoria Beckham and Daymond dance while choke no joke at four minutes and thirty seconds you will hear Dame st. right in front of biggs biggs it's in right there yo we can't go back to Amsterdam are we going back am sinful Oh so business could smoke remember the last time what happened to him well Biggs is out right now on bail I don't make up enough and I lie to you I don't lie to nobody and if you ain't a judge or a cop they gave no reason for me to laude and pigs got out on bail I don't even know what happened to that case and then caught the other case when he was growing the plants in his house and then he caught the third case when he did the bid so nobody's lying here but since I may think if there's any doubt in your mind go watch the international take over some Victoria Beckham and Daymond – I thought it was right off because they got wiped off in my other YouTube page but so much he went and strong for the episodes that I did because I did him in foot I think it's probably seven episodes so don't four parts and still up there some guy or some girls strong those parts together and I thank God that they did it because I searching for it and I found it so when y'all get off when I get off it y'all go look it up you're going to hear Dain say Biggs is out on bail right now Biggs is sitting right next to him and I put the cam on him if I was lying Dan witness said he big the same right there he would have been like y'all ain't on bail nobody's lying nobody's lying you see them hanging with the gay duarte you look at Audion you tell me he's not gay no disrespect to you already I ain't got no problem with you or whatever I'm not out on you I'm sure that you are you do you out there you don't say I just say know it and say yeah I got hostile mushrooms and that girl said it in the room all right I don't got a problem with Chu RT being gay I treated you very cool I treated you like I didn't like you regular do like me I didn't know then and it's all love okay so y'all go ahead and check that out I'll be back I don't know when I'll be back on but I ain't gonna stay on long right now man because as I could see I'm very angry you don't send a very tight about this whole thing because I work real hard in this industry you know saying and I worked even harder to make it to where I did as I can see more recently I produced the Real Housewives of Atlanta so even without Real Housewives of Atlanta I can't even get into that but it was so much every going on with that behind-the-scenes and I fought for my sister's so they wouldn't be looking stupid on TV that's why I ain't there no more because I can't do that I can't sit there and make my sister's look stupid on TV exports you whether I done for her I'm the reason hiring Kandi's cool today I set that up behind the scenes for Portia III may I drew up that plate I made that move happy for I can even go into details but because I signed a confidentiality agreement with them I actually read what I did for her actually what was going to happen to her I say hi Sato cuz I got love for her daughter Callie and her son I don't even know why I'm drawing a blank and I've got this do so much work oh god why am i you know I know your name right I'm so I y'all know Sheree I mean yes sir a son named I'm just so upset yo I didn't got just do my modeling gigs and I never I never made Sheree or Wow am I not knowing just doing name right now I'm so angry I don't got him mad modeling gigs I never took 20% sure a supposed to be his manager but I did a lot of those jobs y'all seen him doing for cool and hustle gang though those those those jobs I did that I got him booked I didn't take no money for it and I fought for her to not look stupid on TV I'm like I said all those women III did I stayed there and made sure when I was involved they didn't look stupid one of them even went to try and punch me in the face and I never put her on blast or her evil ass so yeah I think I'll be saying stuff is a lot of stuff I don't be saying you know I'm saying I ain't gotta embarrass nobody but I'm a good person at heart and sometimes my big heart makes people take advantage of me and the whole lotta thing ain't even got to talk about that no more ain't nobody we was itching on Lala I didn't like what Lila I said talking about she if you won't give it every bout a nigga you don't need one it yo weapon I know my daughter's ain't around my daughters ain't sending me no Father's Day card you saw her you don't need a nigga and I didn't went through what I went through with child support they even locked me up I've been I was in jail for three weeks I was going through they told me I got to pay $5,000 or six months in jail and I was in court for termination my kids was over 21 I went to terminate the case they said oh the last time you was at B et you didn't give us enough money when I was working in creative services and locked me out right there I'm there for a termination my kids is over 21 I'm happy thinking this so these bloodsuckers God made me go lock me up right there and now I'm in jail saying they're backing niggas up off of me in the civil case I almost heard so many dudes in it you don't say talkin reckless bunch of punks in there for civil cases thinking they tough ain't nothing amusing there for no real crimes I was after Wow I mean I'm I'm running the house I'm running the kitchen I'm the cook in there I'm house gang and I'm telling everybody oh don't send me no money I'm in there working for 25 cent an hour 35 cent an hour making money too to eat cuz I'm telling nobody don't send me no money I'm gonna make this on my own until I say yo you know what let me get out of here before I catch another case cuz I was gonna was sitting there six months to prove to these girls yanking another goddamn dime out of me so I have to pay the 5 G's to get out I pay the 5 G's to get out because my daughter was graduating that year from Virginia Union I get out I Drive the first day I get out I Drive rain I jump right into my car I Drive all the way down to Virginia Union to catch my daughter's graduation I film the whole thing I wait for my daughter to come out to take a picture with me she see me know what she do she went to the goddamn cops I don't know what the hell her mother told her she runs over to the police I walk over to it like it went running to the police for I'm fresh out of the chair I was even home 24 hours what are you doing what are you running to the police for I ain't know you was gonna be here she wasn't some running to the police when I was coming down they take me shopping it was a run to the police when I was coming down there to get your hair and nails done you wasn't run to the police when you was coming to spend the weekends with me at their hotel your mother never paid a dime for you to see me your whole life any time you came to New York I pay for it any time I see you I pay for it and I had to travel pay for hotel rooms every time I came to see you child support got nothing to do with school shop in the none of that all that's called gifts and you ain't got no God you got to know not to be talking to me and your mother like until you see no your father was and I'm trying to show you baby pictures of you and either walk with your sister as babies and you want to throw the pitches on the I ain't calling your mother a whore when I'm telling you the truth why your mother why you imagine mo for making that man raise raise you for 10 years lying had you in my life for 2 years they're gonna turn around tell you tell me oh I made a mistake she's your daughter he was a goddamn lie you yes sister look like twins when y'all was little and ran ahead for me for eight years and you don't talk to me and I came and found you and you don't talk to me she knew your father was all those years and she took that other man the court for child support for eight years maybe that man pay child support for eight years and knew your father was and you'll talk to me I got out the streets for both ya and ya don't talk to me only stuff that I done gave y'all all over the years I don't talk to me I'm fed up with everybody man so now I'm going through some real shit so you imagine you go to kit you go to jail for some kids you raised and you and you spent all that oil left money on every check I got 50 on the dollar check I got $200 of it I gotta say five or six checks to pay my rent time I pay my rent my lights went off I turned the lights on my phone go off but your mother driving around in the BMW you got a car and I ain't even had no car I went to child support for five what six seven years and not one time did y'all mothers come to court because they both lived out of town they could have been crackheads the court never seen these women one time in court not one time telling me what I'm doing for y'all y'all forgot about all them great Christmases your aunt taking you out of the mix games and all types of shit and y'all don't talk to me so let me tell you ain't got nothing to lose I live my life I've been all around the world I've been to Africa I've been to London I've been to Italy I've been to Paris I've been in Turks and Caicos I've been to Germany I've been to Switzerland I may have been so many places I hung out with Naomi Campbell and Victoria Beckham and David Beckham ask him I've been in David Beckham's house i sat in David Beckham brand new Aston Martin before he's saying it not knowing you're just cars flying I opened the door go sit in and check it out he said yo you know you saying that car and I never even saying it I live the good life I danced with Jade Jagger Mick Jagger's daughter it could have bagged her a home with Solange in mmm its nose I didn't met Beyonce future I didn't win since launch birthday parties in California and the hills gave a gift for birthday I lived a good life so at this point I don't care anymore man y'all pushing buttons on the wrong one man I work for the Reggie tidelands I worked with qt3 and their projects for Quincy Jones and Sean Roman I live the good life my man I got a Lifetime Achievement Award for me being me without selling my soul or giving up my body I put out an independent project to hiphop nucleus a documentary on the legendary eternal night club without flex help without him even letting me come up to the radio station promoter with him blocking me telling people don't do interviews artists that I don't put on TV I helped a bunch yeah and y'all didn't do the integers cuz Flex told y'all not to and I still win number one on the regular charts and the documentary charts I'm on the charts right now so y'all motherfuckers ain't stopping nothing but I'll be damned if y'all keep on messing with me so if y'all don't feel my pain just get out my way but leave me alone man leave me alone man about to go have me a drink or so ya got me riled up man but I don't want no problems but I'm telling you y'all brought already back just a joke no joke this is already choked I survived the early Snickers alive trust me dudes who try to extort us and then leave our building check my crew check our records plenty of my dudes in there 20 years and came home four bodies and changed a life so unique ain't saying nothing I was just a smarter one I'll move just a little different but don't ever think I'm a chump and people will tell you a different side of me I never been in the industry and glorifying my street life y'all never heard me talk about my street life like the rest of these dudes be talking about all day do this and do that I ain't a I'm not stupid trust that and know that I'm not no sucker so today I got really emotional on here I'm sorry for for the cursing I really try not to curse you know what I'm saying but oh yeah with the negative comments talking mess I will slap the taste out your mouth I'm not that dude okay so yeah here repeating other people words and other people's slang you you would not get a emotion out of me you get your teeth knocked out your mouth I'm not playing okay so yeah keep talking on all that trash I yeah yeah in the comment I don't on the moon I don't bark back at y'all y'all would never live the life that I live yeah I wouldn't never survive what I survived I've been to see 73 see 95 HDM see 76 you see any scars on me you see any cuts in my face with the illest dudes alive in Rikers Island walked in there with brand-new shoes on my feet and walked out of there with him in the town where that was very dangerous okay we do told me I couldn't use the phone and my girl is at home pregnant and I tell them oh you run out I can't use the phone I'll break it oh yeah no you break that phone and say breaking my mother well your mother be a broke bitch ask about me I survived the illness two niggas alive and that's real talk and then wherever that dude was that was running out what I said asked him did I say that ask him did I get on that phone I don't want no problems I want to live my life I'm not going let niggas keep blocking me all right so leave me alone I ain't got no problems with y'all just leave me alone yo let me eat all right so I'm gonna continue doing what I've been doing to make my money if you don't want to hire me because of y'all want to make sure that jay-z come through y'all show y'all go don't want to be in a relationship with Roc Nation I don't care but there's people out there that's gonna deal with me as the people I had that got more money than jay-z that's gonna deal with me I'll be patient and I'll wait for them in the meantime I'll get to the bag the way I get to the bag yo peace of love god bless y'all for y'all that pray for me keep praying for me I see your prayers I take it you know all y'all that hit me in confidence and and tell me stuff and you know tell me to be careful I'm being very careful trust me trust me but at the same time I don't have no fear I jump out of planes for fun nice scared to hit the ground okay parachute don't open it don't open I went in jumped out if I was if I was scared all right but like I said I'm a man of God I walk the path that allow me I have no fear you know I'm saying I know it could happen to anybody anybody could get touched me or them you know what I'm saying but to say I ain't do nothing to nobody where it got to come to violence you don't say all I do is speak my truth if the truth hurts so be if you want to do something to me because of the truth so be it but I know one thing I ain't going without without a fight all right so I'm I'm gonna stay prayed up I'm gonna pray for those who pray for me you know what I'm saying and I'm just gonna move on so god bless and all y'all with the slick comments kiss swallowing and say reach your gut pong bitches

Choke No Joke on Lala Anthony & Nipsey Hussle

Choke No Joke talks about how he feels about Lala Anthony saying that she doesn’t give a fuk about a man and tells how she got with Carmelo Anthony. Choke No Joke also recaps the fight between Carmelo Anthony and Layla’s ex boyfriend Suga J of Mase’s Harlem World. Choke No Joke also finally gives his thoughts on the death of Nipsey Hussle.

pigs pigs in love y'all choke don't joke truth be told all day every day yeah which one in your networks gonna give me a show nothing I networks gonna give me a show yeah I don't see all this traction I got going on I hit nobody in Atlanta no Reggie without man 103 jams you wanna give me a morning show you'll think I'm better than which I got going on over there Reggie what's going on man hey I'll be highlight some people over there in 107 man tell them niggas choking don't joke ready to have his show up there man you don't say all right all y'all scared of jay-z yeah I don't want to give you a job as jay-z ain't gonna come to or Beyonce or he gonna block y'all niggas that's what it is you're all fucking scared of jay-z that's what the fuck it is fucking motherfuckers anyway let me get to it right now the only reason I talked about the last situation cuz when I was watching it it struck a nerve you know what I'm saying she's saying it talking about she don't give a fuck about it nigga I really don't now you don't give a fuck about it nigga why cuz you are now cuz you already got your nose fixed already you got your new nose a little flat ass that you had you started hanging with Kim Kardashian's you when I got your ass done now you got a fat fake gasp now you're on you don't need a nigga for nothing no more hey by tomorrow no Lala was doing her thing she been to I think since MTV we all know how much hosts make a mtv back then I do I know what the beauty host is making MTV holds fighters getting a little bit more but she wasn't rich okay she fucking wasn't on alright now let me give you a little back story real quick I used to be around Delilah's I'm not gonna say these other people's names but Lala I know who I'm talking about now Lyla I used to hang with her crew girls right one of the girls used to be on the radio as a host I'm not going to say her name another one you know used to run magazines you know other ones used to be on the radio with news all these little girls used to all be around each other right now they all if you go and look la la solely to mellow you know I'm saying so these women they would just sit back and kind of prey on these young niggas that were was going to the NBA right we all knew back in the day Melo was it the young dude that we know he was going make it in the draft we knew he was going fucking around and be a first-round pick we know that these chicks know that all right there's a group of women back in the day and if you think I'm lying ask Chris Weber somebody hit Chris Webber and said yo Chris Webber you remember Chuck no joke pulling you over at the bar telling you that women were scheming on you I'm sitting at them dude the bar in New York Chris Webber you overhead some girls over here next to me this girl sitting there talking to the hug girl feeling like y'all ain't girl you see that guy right over there don't look yeah that's Chris Webber yeah that nigga stashed his black black black black that nigga guy this amount of rebounds just think I just amount of motherfucking points like they knew more about this nigger than I did right and so if you won't say your act like you don't know him right now I don't heard these girls say this shit there's a side bar outside of La La's situation right but um so I slide over to Chris Weber I say yo these motherfucking hos is over here scheming on you nigga they know more about your fucking career than Stephen a Smith he like it the fuck out it I said y'all my nigga I'm telling you and the girl told the girl act like you don't know who she is now Chris Leben said you bullshit I said I stay right here just watch they gonna deal about to come up on you he said the ball he talking they make their way over to the nigger they spinnin this shit nigger look at me like Oh shit oh by Lyga you was right so say that to say these chicks been what's that terminology of charlemagne used about tiger with Kali red flagon or red tail in a some shit like that forgot what he called it but that's what la ligne done was doing two dudes like Melanie now this is one chick from the radio right that was hanging with Lala heavy she had a nigga that went into the draft Lala that went into the draft Lala had come out and Anthony now the other girl had something that God forgot his name but he played he got drafted he at the bench he didn't become a star he went to the d-league then he went overseas but they they goal was to get pregnant by these niggas right so the girl the other girl now I was telling I was talking to Babs on the on the phone the other day I'm telling her this the bad don't tell him what are we talking about but when I tell a bad boy she like she got a baby she she mess me dick what what do you talk about like she knows this woman has a gay woman she never even knew she had a kid she like get the fuck out of here show yeah she got a fucking kid so this chick I seen her to do she took this dude is for child support when her baby was 2 months years old I'm like yo why you taking him to court already you do what you say he can't prove nothing to you or 2 months and I say they ain't do nothing for while she was pregnant you don't say but it's just goes to show me that's what they do you don't say it's all about 18 yeah pay off it ain't about the kids it's about them having financial security for 18 years right excuse me now Lala was one that got mellow now like I said Lala was with sugar when she was read what do you call that shit Charlemagne read tagging real read telling which means you fucking with somebody younger than you or whatever today get old enough so you can do them I guess that's what it is but so now she's sitting there we all know her in the industry is sugar J's girl right but she's fucking with the nigga Melo on the low cuz he's potentially gonna go to the NBA if he hit by a sugar J nigga I got a rich nigga now and I'm gonna get pregnant by this nigga and I'm gonna be set in 2019 I'll be with this nigga I'll be rich I'll be famous Teddy that she did it she comes to go I'll give it to you Lala you did that now he Melo any marry you for a minute you know saying but eventually they probably pressure the NBA now the story happens this is how sugar J finds out that Lala's with Melo we in Bobby loose right I'm standing right here boom sugar J come in the door while I'm standing right here she on the side of me Melo right here up in the VIP she's standing it here comes sugar Jackie sugar J cones walking there he walks over there Lala to go give her a kiss and she kind of moves like yo like chill you blowing up to spy my nigga he like yo like what you're doing and shit she like yo chill I'm here with my man she can J say your man I'm your man what the fuck you mean your man she was like he said yo you know what fuck you then bitch and he walked off he goes to the back of the party he say what's up to Swiss whoever will he saw coming back right now Lala went up into the VIP with Melo at this time last line in my line Lala cuz you know niggas like big say I'm a lie everything I say is a lie alright tell him I'm not lying Lala all right and I'm not spending the truth all right Lala's up in the VIP with Melo suga Jay comes walking by I'm still standing in the same spot as sugar Jay walks by Lala reaches over the balcony and grabs him by his shirt and says sugar I guess she was gonna apologize to her that's exactly what she said sugar and nigga sugar J said the fuck off me bitch and spit dad in her face right now Melo don't know what the fuck is going on he don't know this nigga or he's doing the he up in the VIP all he do is see and there you go and spinning in his girl face or which he thought was his girl but which was vaguer right so mellow goes right over to the real mellow and my lion mellow mellow in my life mellow grabs the real jump over the rail right and sugar J's on this side mellows on this side sugar Jade back is to the door they start squaring up right now sugar J's about 411 all reach about this law Carmelo Anthony's about 65 maybe on rent on lymph about this long lens – anytime sugar J try to punch with his little arm and mellow mellow just catching it from down the street flat you know say there goes sugar sugar imma give it to you you fought the nigga but your arms are too short to box with God keep it real every time sugar went to go punch it nigga Melo just catch that nigga from down the street boy with them long assholes he punched his ass all the way out the door back they went right out the street wheezing Bobby lose on 44th Street between 8th and 9th avenues right next door to daddy house right you punched him he can't just keep tagging sugar in the face pack all the way down the street and the street fighting Melo still got it cuz Melo arms as long as the motherfucker it was like Kareem abdul-jabbar fighting uh what's the little girl name on the Rickey smiley show I can't think what's my little baby name of I can't think our name right now y'all know our mother miss juicy miss juicy it was like a mellow fighting miss juicy imagine miss juicy trying to punch Carmelo and his arm lift make it catching sugar Jade all the way down she know say hey girl hey girl sugar like Miss juicing say his arms as long as Miss juices and mellow like Kareem dong-chul Jabal he just catching him right boom you go out on the street they fight it you know fight is over sugar jeguk mellow arrested he soon he get a couple of hundred thousand he saw this clothing line boom now I'm Ella knows probably figured out what happened so for a long time he didn't marry of Lala but Lila I got that baby out that nigga she was said now that's that you know I'm saying that story's over hi but behind it behind all that the two girls one of the girlfriends like the woman on the radio she used to hang with Lala to Allah I was blowing up she got the nigga the other one she salty sea salty cuz the nigger she got ain't GoPro nigga ain't got no money now she tight and now I like acting like oh she took two good to hang with this other girl no more so now I learn a group mellow became popular which brings up blood loss popularity now she get to hanging around the Kelly Rowland's the Kim Kardashian's she's getting a TV show based around Melos career not on her fucking career based around Melos career okay you know I'm saying so I say oh I like to say it hurt me to hear motherfucking Lala say she don't give a fuck about a nigga I really don't know you don't give a fuck about their nigga now you don't say and if you didn't give a fuck about the nigger because you felt like he cheated or he had a baby with somebody else why the fuck did you stay why are you still in the in the marriage right now cuz you like his lifestyle it was never about you being in love with this nigga it was about where you can go in the lifestyle and that's where you are today so now you think you're the super bad bitch cuz you got a nose job and you got a fake ass and you got your body done and all that just like the rest of y'all mother fucking chicks that was super wack in the body and now y'all got to fake bodies and y'all think y'all all listened or left y'all still the same person is nigga like me I don't give a fuck how much money you made or what you did you know I'm saying your shit is body enhancement you're not the bad bitch from birth okay you're not you're not okay so I really don't have no I got no beef with Allah but that shit be hurting me when I hear women say that they don't need a man for nothing so you don't need your father you don't need your grandfather yo you don't you don't need you know your uncle's that that like that to care you you know helps your mother out like that so that shit is so disrespectful to hear women say that they don't need a man for nothing like all kelly said let's go half on the baby soon the baby's here is y'all fucking baby you don't say me personally I paid two hundred fifty thousand and six years I didn't go to court to my daughter's probably about 15 for child support because they felt like oh he I rock if I could get all this money this tighten up you know what I'm saying one of my baby mamas got two hundred fifty thousand and six years I'm on fucking saying yo children just success you know your lifestyle don't warrant your success yeah motherfucker because if I got a fifteen hundred dollar check I only got two hundred dollars out of it so imagine you fucking getting fifteen hundred a week but you got to save our file checks just to pay your rent so see it a nigga like me is better when it comes to a motherfucker to him I don't need a man for shit you don't say y'all fucking women take all our money y'all turn out fucking kids against us look at 50 look at like people's their old 50 do this by his son young bees when we fifty first popped off and we seen him raising his son the same shitty doing for the digits in Sunday's his new son he did for the other son you see I had his son then turned against him women can do that to you they can turn your kids against you you know what I'm saying and then it's like oh fuck niggas we give you out all our blood sweat and tears and then it's fuck niggas y'all need us tonight but you I want our sperm to make babies go bump pussies with a bitch and make a baby if you don't fucking need us for nothing don't ask me to open the fucking door for you if you don't need us for nothing don't ask me to pay for your fucking mill when we go out if you don't need us for nothing I'm done knowing that one but um other day I'm said I was gonna talk about where's the Nipsey Hussle thing shout out to the west coast y'all see it the old bay you know I mean shout out to my man JC and I'm saying shout out to LA y'all sit out blink Compton long baits okay the bait San Francisco all right and everybody else on the west side now people ask me how I feel about the NIP CLC thing this is how I feel you know I'm saying no disrespect to nipsey and what he did right I don't know Nipsey Hussle for being a humanitarian you don't say I known for being a rapper but what I do know is nipsey never had a hit record name a hit record that wasn't on this last album from Nipsey Hussle y'all thinking too long name one hit record Tupac had oh that was easy huh name one hit record big yeah oh damn you said that fast okay name one hit record then this year a radio hit named a gold album from them CLC named a platinum album from Nipsey Hussle nothing new okay I say that to say Nipsey death and the attention that he got from his death his success they and warned that I'm not taking nothing away from the brother okay but this brother got the same funeral is Michael Jackson somebody that's been a talent since the kid since the Jackson 5 grew up with the Jacksons played since he was a kid went solo Motown 25 did the moonwalk the glove or last she thriller the biggest selling album in the in the worldwide probably still to today right you telling me Nipsey career and Michaels career is parallel for Nipsey Hussle to have the same funeral as Michael Jackson stay with me – I'm not taking nothing away from this seat or his family or nothing I just follow me you know I'm saying then they give Nipsey Hussle the Humanitarian Award at BT now this is the same award that they gave Cicely Tyson and Harry Belafonte do you know who Cicely Tyson is do you know what year she was born do you know what she contributed to this industry do you know who Harry Belafonte is if you don't I need you our kids to go look this shit up go look at what year Harry Belafonte was raised I mean born look at his accomplishments and look at all that he's done and look how old he is today and look how old Cicely Tyson is today you telling me Nipsey Hussle just the same award is dumped no disrespect to Neff COC but you tell me his his career warrant the same success and award as a Harry Belafonte and assistly Tyson No okay now if y'all niggas is smart and y'all intelligent and you got that third eye like me this shit ain't adding up right now a lot of y'all try to blame big you for this shit everybody sayin big you big you you think that big you got strings to pull to get him that funeral like Michael Jackson you think big you can't help this thing could get a Humanitarian Award the same is Cicely Tyson and Harry Belafonte okay now they saying that Eric Holder says that he was paid 75 thousand to kill Nipsey Hussle I'm not saying big you is not broke I'm not saying he's broke don't get me wrong when I say this but do you think that big you would have to pay a nigga in the hood $75,000 to hit a nigga heap like he get it done for free I don't even think he would have to pay ten thousand five thousand I'm I don't think so I don't think big you had anything to do with this shit yeah everybody said yo they had beef and real beef big sent Sam shot at big you we'll all right cool how long ago was that he could have been this up why would he wait now to do that second of all Oh y'all saying no cuz you know he brought nipsey into the game he get no money off him what the fuck killing him was going put in big use pocket nothing right killing us he was not gonna fuckin make big you rich but he was gonna make somebody else rich now Steve LaBelle he'd been running around with nipsey for a long time now he said in an interview more recently with a BT that he don't want to say no names cuz he ain't no snitch Stevie labelled you wouldn't be snitchin again snitchin is when you do a crime with somebody and you tell to get yourself free so saying who wasn't signed this year who weren't fuck with him and say oh he looked like Snoop Dogg and he ain't it it's not snitching they could say so motherfuckers can take that heat off a big you understand what the fuck is going on here okay Steve LaBelle you believe there nipsey not none of these niggas these niggaz took him from you and big you they took him from y'all the same old fuckers that didn't believe him I heard you say Atlantic right so you're telling me you took him to Atlantic Atlantic ain't wanna fuck with but now he's signed to Atlantic and woody I'm sure he's under 360 deal with Atlantic and then he signed the rock nation now if any of y'all motherfuckers is smart rock nation and Atlantic are one in the same Atlantic is my casa Julie Greenwald Kevin Kevin Laos Lyor Cohen Kevin Liles Leah Cohen they don't went over to start 300 ever but they still a part of this shit right these are the same people who worked with jay-z at Rockefeller this was his distribution people they worked with him and they pushed all the jay-z records they pushed all the Rockefeller records right these are the same people that I was the staff for jay-z when he became the president of Def Jam right now me personally I wouldn't fucking sign the Roc Nation in Atlantic cuz the motherfuckers could talk and do shit that you don't know nothing about they too smart they've been in bed with each other too long causing them know so much shit and learn so much shit about the music game that they learn in Jade and in rock they Jay knows so much shit cuz he learned cuz they take they fuck with each other you don't say it's like you puff signing you were telling you mark this is going to be your manager okay so wait Rock nation being nipsey's management and Atlantic Records being his record company now if he's signed to a 360 who the fuck is getting all the money from this seat huh sue who's getting all the money Atlantic and a rock nation right now they got just this he had a Pullman deal he's 360 in the fall they're gonna drop and nipsey sneak up they're gonna do some Pullman shit who's gonna get the money not black Sam or Sam is brother not Lauren London it's going to be roc nation in Atlantic Records so who the fuck you think through that big ass who knew who for him who the fuck you think is getting all this publicity for him and why cuz the more attention you get the more money they make right so would that be a say we know the LAPD is corrupt right they said Nipsey Hussle was meaning where and rock nation was meeting with the heads at LAPD today after nipsey got killed right what would a meaning for just make shit good in the hood for niftier without whatever but the fact that rock nation is meeting with the LAPD and these niggas is from New York which I mean with the LAPD for the fact that that always shit that I brought to light that motherfuckers getting arrested with a bunch of keys nobody go to jail and they got federal informants and everybody over there at rock nation got federal cases niggas then came home everything is federal they fuck with the police now I'm not saying they did that I'm just saying y'all went from saying Nipsey Hussle could afford to buy the store but he wanted to bind the whole building who gave him the money for that cuz he never sell no motherfucking records where didn't if he get the money to buy the whole fucking building was he selling drugs in the street I never heard that

The Roaring 20's: Crash Course US History #32

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In which John Green teaches you about the United States in the 1920s. They were known as the roaring 20s, but not because there were lions running around everywhere. In the 1920s, America’s economy was booming, and all kinds of social changes were in progress. Hollywood, flappers, jazz, there was all kinds of stuff going on in the 20s. But as usual with Crash Course, things were about to take a turn for the worse. John will teach you about the Charleston, the many Republican presidents of the 1920s, laissez-faire capitalism, jazz, consumer credit, the resurgent Klan, and all kinds of other stuff.

Hey teachers and students – Check out CommonLit’s free collection of reading passages and curriculum resources to learn more about the events of this episode. The Roaring Twenties was characterized by great highs:
However, the Roaring Twenties ended with the country’s most tragic low, the Great Depression:

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hi I'm John Green this is crash-course US history and today we're going to learn about one of the best errors ever the 1920s the 20s gave us jazz movies radio making out in cars illegal liquor and the 20s also gave us prosperity although not for everybody and gangsters and a consumer culture based on credit and lots of prejudiced against immigrants and eventually the worst economic crisis the US has ever seen there's a green machine but what about Gatsby yeah me from the past it's true that Gatsby turned out alright in the end but what preyed on Gatsby what found us trailed in the wake of his dreams did temporarily closed out my interest in the abortive sorrows and short-winded elations of men so there's a stereotypical view of the 1920s as the Roaring Twenties a decade of exciting change in new cultural touchstones as well as increased personal freedom and dancing and it really was a time of increased wealth for some people the part of the decade has to go to our famously taciturn president from Massachusetts Calvin Coolidge who said the chief business of the American people is business jay-z would later update this for the 21st century noting I'm not a businessman I'm a business man but anyway during the 1920s the government helped business grow like gangbusters largely by not regulating it much at all this is known as laissez-faire capitalism or less a fair capitalism if you're good at speaking French the Republican Party dominated politics in the 1920s with all the presidents elected in the decade being staunch conservative Republicans the federal government hewed to the policies favored by business lobbyists including lower taxes on personal income and business profits and efforts to weaken the power of unions President Harding Coolidge and Hoover stocked the boards of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Trade Commission with men who shared their pro-business news shifting the country away from the economic regulation that had been favored by progressives and that was very good for the American economy at least in the short run the 1920s were also marked by quite a bit of government corruption most of which can be pinned to the administration of warren g harding now Harding himself wasn't terribly corrupt but he picked terrible friends they included Attorney General Harry Daugherty who accepted money to not prosecute criminals and Interior Secretary Albert fall who took half a million dollars from private business in exchange for leases to government oil reserves at teapot dome Paul later became the first cabinet member ever to be convicted of a felony but on the other hand businessman productivity rose dramatically largely because older Industries adopted Henry Ford's assembly line techniques and newer industries like aviation chemicals and electronics grew up to provide Americans with new products and new jobs during the 1920s annual production of cars tripled to four point eight million in automobile companies were gradually consolidated into the big three that we know today Ford Chrysler and harley-davidson what General Motors by 1929 half of all American families owned a car and thus began the American love affair with the automobile which is also we're love-affairs were often consummated which is why in the 1920s cars came to be known as skoodilypooping chariots what's that they were called brothels on wheels and the economy also grew because American corporations were extending their reach overseas and American foreign investment was greater than that of any other country the dollar replaced the pound is the most important currency for trade and by the end of the decade America was producing 85% of the world's cars and 40% of its overall manufactured goods Stan can I get a liver Taj and companies turned out all kinds of labor-saving devices like vacuum cleaners toasters refrigerators and not having to spend all day washing your clothes or turning over your own toast like some kind of common or mint that Americans had more time for leisure and this was provided by radios and baseball games boxing matches vacations dance crazes I mean before Gangnam style there was the Lindy and the Charleston but probably the most significant leisure product was movies and I'm not just saying that because I'm staring into a camera the American film industry moved out to Hollywood before World War 1 because land was cheap and plentiful all that sunshine meant that you could shoot outside all year round and it was close to everything desert mountains ocean plastic surgeon and by 1925 the American film industry had eclipsed to all of its competitors and become the greatest in the world especially if you count by volume and not quality and more and more people had money to go see those movies thanks to consumer debt the widespread use of credit and layaway buying plans meant that it was acceptable to go into debt to maintain what came to be seen as the American standard of living and this was a huge change in attitude these days we don't even think of credit cards as debt really but they are and that was a relatively new idea as was another feature of American life in the 20s that is still with us celebrity opera singer Enrico Caruso has often been called the first modern celebrity but now he's a lot less famous than Charlie Chaplin or Rudolph Valentino or Babe Ruth but probably the biggest celebrity of the decade was Charles Lindbergh whose claim to fame was flying across the Atlantic Ocean by himself without stopping although he did use an airplane which makes it slightly less impressive that Lindbergh wasn't a truly contemporary celebrity in the sense of being famous for being famous but he won a business more than a businessman hi culture also flourished this was the age of the lost generation of American writers many of whom lived and worked in Europe but America had its own version of Paris in New York the decade of the 1920s saw continued migration of african-american people from the south to cities in the north and Harlem became the capital of black America and speaking of migration let us now migrate to the chair for the mystery document the rules here are simple I guess the author of the mystery document I'm either right or I get shocked with the shock pen all right let's see we got here if we must die would it not be like hogs hunted and penned in an inglorious spot while round us bark the mad and hungry dogs making their mock at our accursed lot like men will face the murderous cowardly pack pressed to the wall dying but fight back Stan thank you for the poetry I appreciate that it's not some obscure document from 18th century blah blah blah Claude McKay Harlem Renaissance poet the poem is called if we must die on it's the only thing in the world I'm actually good at I know this from the imagery alone especially the line about mad and hungry dogs that would figuratively and literally make up the mobs at the lynchings but the giveaway here is the ultimate sentiment that we will fight back this was part of the spirit of the Harlem Renaissance which rejected stereotypes and Prejudice and sought to celebrate african-american experience meanwhile thanks for changing for women as well as they found new ways to express autonomy flappers kept their hair and skirts short smoked and drank illegally in public and availed themselves of birth control and marketers encourage them to buy products like cigarettes christened torches of freedom by Edward Bernays liberation had its limits though most women were still expected to marry have children and find their freedom at home through the use of washing machines but the picture of prosperity is as usual more complicated than it at first appears the fact that so many Americans were going into debt in order to pursue the American dream meant that if the economy faltered and it did there was going to be lots of trouble let's go to the thought-bubble prosperity the 1920s wasn't equally distributed through the population real industrial wages rose by a quarter between 1922 and 1929 but corporate profits rose at twice that rate by 1929 1% of the nation's banks controlled 50% of the nation's financial resources and the wealthiest 5% of Americans share of national income exceeded that of the bottom 60% an estimated 40% of Americans lived in poverty now many Americans celebrated big business and Wall Street was often seen as heroic possibly because by 1920 about 1.5 million Americans owned some kind of stock but big business also meant that smaller businesses disappeared during the 1920s the number of manufacturing workers declined by 5 percent the first time this class of workers had seen its numbers drop but not the last now some of these jobs were made up for by new jobs in retail finance and education but as early as the 1920s New England was beginning to see unemployment in deindustrialization as textile companies moved their operations to the south where labor was cheaper and working-class people still made up the majority of Americans and they often couldn't afford these newfangled devices like in 1930 75 percent of American homes didn't have a washing machine and only 40% of them had a radio farmers were even worse off many had prospered during World War 1 when the government subsidized farm prices in order to keep farms producing for the war effort but when the subsidies ended production didn't subside largely due to mechanization and increased use of fertilizer farmers incomes dropped steadily and many saw banks foreclose upon their property for the first time in American history the number of farms declined during the 1920s for farmers the Great Depression began early thanks thought-bubble so in general the federal government did little to nothing to help farmers or workers the Supreme Court was the only segment of the government that kept any progressive ideas alive as they began to craft a system of ideas that we call the jurisprudence of civil liberties now the court still voted to uphold convictions of left-wing critics of the government but gradually began to embrace the idea that people had the right to express dissonant views in what Oliver Wendell Holmes called the marketplace of ideas in our versus Minnesota the Supreme Court struck down censorship of newspapers and by 1927 just as Brandeis was writing that freedom to think as you will and to speak as you think are indispensable to the discovery and spread of political truth but despite increased free speech and torches of Liberty and flappers and the Harlem Renaissance the 1920s was in many ways a reactionary period in American history for instance the decade saw the resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan in a new and improved form and by improved I mean much more terrible spurred on by the hyper patriotism that was fostered during World War one the Klan denounced immigrants and Jews and Catholics as less than 100 percent American and by the mid 20s the Klan claimed more than 3 million members and it was the largest private organization right here in my home state of Indiana and with more immigrants coming from Southern and Eastern Europe who were often Catholic and Jewish white Protestants became more and more concerned about losing their dominant position in the social order spoiler alert it turns out ok for you white Protestants immersed immigration restriction bill was passed in 1921 limiting the number of immigrants from Europe to 357,000 in 1924 a new immigration law dropped that number to 150,000 and established quotas based on national origin the numbers of immigrants allowed from Southern and Eastern Europe were drastically reduced and Asians except for Filipinos were totally forbidden the quarter for Filipinos was set at 50 per year although they were still allowed to emigrate to Hawaii because their labor was needed there there were no restrictions however on immigration from the Western Hemisphere because California's large-scale farms were dependent upon seasonal laborers from Mexico these immigration restrictions were also influenced by fear of radical anarchists and pseudo-scientific ideas about race whites were seen as scientifically superior to people of color and as President Coolidge himself declared when he signed the 1924 immigration law America must be kept American tell me Calvin Coolidge about how American you are are you Cherokee or cream or Lakota the 1920s also saw increased tension between science education in the United States and religious beliefs the best-known example is of course the trial of John Scopes in Tennessee in 1925 Scopes was tried for breaking the law against teaching evolution which he had been encouraged to do by the ACLU as a test case for freedom of speech Scopes was prosecuted by William Jennings Bryan whom you will remember as having recently resigned as Secretary of State and who had become a leader of the fundamentalist movement 10 scopes was defended by Clarence Darrow that famous defense attorney who contemporary defense attorneys always point to to argue that defense attorneys aren't all scum scopes and Darrow actually lost the trial but the case drew national attention and ultimately led to evolution being taught in more American schools the Scopes trial is often seen as a victory for free thinking and science and modernism and I suppose it was but for me it's more a symbol of the contradictions of the 1920s this is the decade that gave us mass consumer culture and celebrity worship which are important and very complicated legacies and it also saw the birth of modern conceptions of civil liberties it was a period when tolerance became an important value but at the same time it saw a rise in lynchings immigrants were necessary for the economic boom of the 1920s but at the same time their numbers were restricted as they were seen as a threat to traditional American value and that raises a question that we're still struggling with today what are those values I don't mean that rhetorically let me know in comments thanks for watching I'll see you next week crash course is produced and directed by Stan Muller our script supervisor is Meredith Danko the Associate Producer is Danica Johnson the show is written by my high school history teacher raoul meyer rosianna rojas and myself and our graphics team is thought cafe I nailed that every week there's a new caption for the libertage you can suggest your own in comments or ask questions about today's video that will be answered by our team of historians thank you for watching crash course if you enjoyed today's episode make sure you subscribed it as we say in my hometown don't forget to be awesome