Trailer: History of Afterschool in America Video Documentary

This 2-minute trailer previews the History of Afterschool in America (60 minutes) and how to access the full documentary.

the history of afterschool after-school programs are now part of the community landscape by after-school we're referring to school and community based programs this has been driven by a family need for after-school supervision of youth as well as the need for you to have expanded learning opportunities over 10 million kids across the country are participating in after-school programs few of these workers or other afterschool stakeholders are aware that after-school has been around for a long time or that the important contributions that after school programs have made dating back to the early nineteen hundred's private charities and day nurseries that had services for after-school kids so we're going back due to the large public and private investments after-school is greatly expanded and become a field of its own thus we need to document share and celebrate our history with others think of Education Social Work and medicine each has a documented history we have a growing body of literature and research we can do more to fully document our history in America of course we want all of our kids to be able to be full-fledged members of society where they contribute where they have jobs where they succeed and so we can't ignore this vast amount of time outside the classroom where parents are at home where kids can be learning in this documentary we attempt to tell the full story of the history of after-school it's important role as unique institution serving low-income youth as well as lessons that we can draw from this history we also look at the contemporary after-school field and to the future of afterschool programs