THE BATTLE OF THE LAST PANZER | The Last Panzer Battalion | Full Length War Movie | English | HD

A group of German Tank Crew fight to survive in france while a french woman falls in love with the German lieutenant.
Stelvio Rosi – Lt. Hunter
Erna Schurer – Jeanette
Guy Madison – Lofty
Rubén Rojo – Sgt. Schultz

Eminem: Behind the Lyrics (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

Rapper, record producer and songwriter Marshall Bruce Mathers III, commonly known as Eminem was born in 1972 in Kansas City, USA. Having sold over 100 million albums worldwide, he is regarded as one of the best selling artists in the world and has been previously ranked as the best selling artist of the 2000’s. Eminem burst on to the US charts in 1999 with a controversial take on the hip hop subgenre, horrorcore. His first major label debut album Slim Shady EP contains a provocative fest of violent, twisted lyrics and is claimed to be written from the perspective of his alter ego Slim Shady. While offending an array of individuals and various other artists named in his album lead him to become one of the biggest starts on the planet. Eminem isn’t just about controversy and shock value. The often misunderstood major talent has given white rappers credibility with his string of Grammy nominations , his critically acclaimed film 8 mile and three multiplatinum studio albums. Aside from Eminem’s musical success, he has continually hit headlines with his turbulent relationship with Kimberley Ann Scott and ongoing legal disputes with his own mother. With an eighth studio album on its way, Eminem continues to take the world by storm. We take an intimate look into the colourful life and career of this bad boy rapper including interviews with industry experts and unseen footage and clips from his most popular hits.

Rihanna: No Regrets (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

She has been referred to as one of the most powerful celebrities of our time and has been characterized as one of the most influential people in the world. We are taken on a journey from her humble beginning from St. Michael in Barbados to her becoming the world-class pop icon she is today. Rihanna is the first female artist from Barbados to have won a Grammy Award. She has received dozens of awards, produced songs with Ne-Yo, Stargate, and Timaland, and released six albums, with her seventh “ Unapologetic” due to be released on November 19, 2012. This film takes a look at the life of the singer from the view of the fans, industry experts, and the singer herself as she talks about the heartaches and celebration of being one of the most talked about individuals in the music industry today. We also take a look into her love hate relationship with singer Chris Brown and how this lead to a positive change in her music, while the abuse she experienced lead to a change that would stay with her forever. Including rare archive footage and music videos from a selection of her greatest hits including Pon de Replay, Umbrella, Rude Boy, We Found Love and more, this a must see for any Rihanna fan!

Freemasonry: Tracking the Code (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

Mention Freemasonry, the world over, and images of secret handshakes, ancient rituals and mysterious ceremonies will spring to most people’s minds. Left to the vivid imagination, fuelled by modern literary best- sellers like Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code”, we all now look for hidden meanings in the documents of history, and Freemasonry with its fascinating symbolic imagery is a natural choice for the inquiring mind.

There was a time, and not so long ago, when it was almost impossible to find out anything about the Freemasons, unless of course you became one, but with advancing technology it’s possible to now successfully investigate the past of this elusive secret society. If unravelling a good mystery appeals, this program, literally follows the progress of Freemasonry from its earliest beginnings right up to the present day, will definitely be for you!

So, let the journey commence in a place and time when the stonemasons of the great Cathedrals of Europe held all the secrets. Discover how the mysteries of the Great Temple of Solomon from the Bible influenced growing interest in Freemasonry and then join the Founding Fathers of America to see the craft of the Mason evolve in a New World for a New Age. You’ll even get to enter the Inner Temple of one of the most magnificent Masonic Lodges in the world, and although you may not uncover every secret of the Freemasons, you can guarantee you’ll end up knowing a great deal more than when you started “Tracking the Code”.


This is the film, which the famous Pussy Riot church scene is taken from. WINTER, GO AWAY! was filmed by the graduates of Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov’s Documentary Filmmaking and Theater School. Ten young directors did not part from their cameras for two months. The result was a chronicle of Russia’s winter protests – a chronicle of those who make the political climate and those who are dissatisfied with the makers. We see people, their faces, their conversations, rallies, victories and defeats ahead of the presidential election. A living camera interacts with living heroes. WINTER, GO AWAY! is funny in places – and yet contains an overall sadness: A unique account of Russia today.


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MURDA CAPITAL documents the harsh reality of a post-Katrina New Orleans. Rapper, entrepreneur and New Orleans native K.Gates sets out into New Orleans most treacherous ghettos to discover the root of a cycle of killing. People from all factions of the city give their take on how murder has affected them directly and indirectly. Stories of a convicted murderer and a mother who lost all four sons to gun violence shivers the soul. Drugs, money, ignorance, ego, and envy make a deadly concoction which equates to the nation’s highest murder rate for more than a decade. See how violence intertwines with the cities rich culture. Obtain access to the part of New Orleans hidden from tourist as K.Gates strives to ‘Save The City’.
Fall in love with characters in the film who are talented in Hip Hop and various arts. Music plays a big part in New Orleans culture and it resonates in gangsters alike. Whether it be rap, jazz, or brass band members no talent can escape the glass ceiling of the ‘Crab Bucket’. You will wonder why opportunities aren’t given as youth die in cold blood without leaving a legacy, This a true story searching for a happy ending. Hear the cries of those ignored and opinions of those on the outside looking in. Millions of dollars are made right under the nose of the impoverished African-Americans who fight for scraps. Gates exposes a systematic oppression that keeps a city thriving on tourism flourishing.

Zül-Qarnaįn Nantambu (K.Gates)
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Lakewood, Ohio has two high schools with very different wrestling teams. The public school, Lakewood High, dominated during World War II but hasn’t had a state champion since 1959. This may change with senior Matt Curley. Matt, who is naturally strong and wrestles with an unorthodox style, lives with his single mother in a small apartment and dreams of becoming a champion. Placing in the state as a junior, Matt will do anything to win, including training all week on a diet of just three oranges. Unfortunately, natural talent isn’t enough in wrestling. To be a state champion in Ohio requires dedication, discipline and time. The greatest challenge to being an Ohio champion, however, is right in Matt’s home town: St. Edward High School. For two generations, St. Edward has dominated Ohio high school wrestling. So many brackets from state champions occupy space in the Eagles’ wrestling room that some have been moved to the track above. Three of those brackets belong to their captain, Lance Palmer. Lance has wrestled since he was 9. He employs a ferocious physical style, using a version of the half-nelson which forces his opponents to get pinned – or suffer a broken arm. On his way to winning a third title as a junior, Lance pinned every opponent in the sectional, district and state tournaments, including Lakewood’s Matt Curley – twice. Sharing the credit for Lance’s success is his father, Dwayne, who made Lance lift weights on Christmas Day, then had his son repeat eighth grade to improve his chance of success in high school. Dwayne even has Lance wrestle full grown bears to hone his skills. “Pinned” is an intimate glimpse into the lives of two young men fighting for the same dream in radically different ways. Along the way are thrilling victories and agonizing defeats that reveal exactly what it takes to be a champion in a sport where pain is practiced and winning is worth any price.

The Pursuit Of Happiness – Brighton Breezy (Episode 3) | Tony Palmer Films

“They told me I didn’t understand the assignment and I told them they didn’t understand life“ – John Lennon

These early films by Tony Palmer, one of Britain’s greatest arts documentary makers, were shown in 1972 on London Weekend Television’s Aquarius, a weekly arts programme edited by Humphrey Burton. Filmed within six months of one another, they constitute, in the first place, a remarkable album of contemporary images and attitudes. The portraits taken at the Brighton races or Las Vegas’s casinos by Palmer’s photographer Mike Humphreys are as eloquent in their sympathy and humour as the work of the late Observer photographer Jane Bown or the social satirist Martin Parr. The punters’ faces, eroded by hard lives or hard living, yet vital in the optimism of the moment, look less like examples of their times as victims of them.


Edited & Directed by TONY PALMER
Sound recorded by BILL CROSS & ARTHUR PAYNE

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Tony Palmer:

I've lived in Brighton now for twenty years at least just outside Brighton people always say to me why did you choose a house just near Brighton as your hideout for writing and I've explained that somehow Brighton's always been a lucky town for me don't ask me why just that I've always been happy here the Sun always seems to shine boarding powder for cocoa 12 sand upon the 22nd a 40-pounder for cocaine tougher pays 14 founded upon a 20 cocoa 30 never the ball ball ball a brain fever [Laughter] many the thing is keeping me and Brighton is the hope that one of these days they're going to turn the pavilion into an indoor car park float the entire thing out to sea and sink 200 years ago Brighton was a little fishing village called brimstone and then a doctor called dr. Russell came up with a funny idea that if you bathed in seawater and drank the stuff it was good for you and ultimately for the fashionable people seized on this rather queer idea and they came streaming down to Brighton along what is now the a23 in their coaches and their carriages I think everybody who's used to traveling up and down on private Bell is very sad about being removed I understand he's got to be removed I mean just by sitting here but it's so rapidly first introduced I think it's a train in 1932 and it took him to be longer to go down right and there it was possible to serve the most marvelous dinners one waft it all with whoever one wants to take down but sneaked into the weekend right everyone gets up out of milk or Gras James Laurence Olivier and the whole sort of gang in any of that not might end up on the train you experienced earlier a it's like traveling in a period room taking out the Victoria & Albert Museum it is a kind of mobile stately home when the 1930s quite enchanting everyone expected me Ginger Rogers any moment these coffee pop things have always been and I remember complaining was one of the waste and I sit there and really I mean they're designed to flout the tablecloth always been cocky and he's it's been like that he said I've been on this train ever since 1932 this they've always done there so I said that a part of their just you know a bit of no good design of China is that's a terribly sort of subtly I think really seriously think about it for a change it's done being safe daddy minded talking about it was there any old cattle truck and he'd have them Lord Olivier on and in 1783 Prinny arrived on the advice of his doctors he came down to Brighton to take the seawater cure he was George Prince of Wales the eldest boy of the King George the third and over the next thirty years he booked this incredible Chinese caravanserai on the site he lived here all his life as Prince as regent when his father was ill and his King in his own right as George the fourth when he died he was followed by his brother William and when he died in 1837 who came to the throne then Queen good Queen Victoria and she didn't like Brighton she found Brighton was too large too popular and too vulgar doctor don't move that's why I want you to tell your wife you're going to the picnic you know the clambake right okay right that's right there's a big life come on come on come on now pull away pull away please dear please now look over oh come on come on I turn a little to the audience for your book you don't deal pick it up look at this how the owners let's see that one good girl good come on lean right forward get that bottom tucked in come on lean right forward come on tuck your bottom in check your tummy tummy out and should we right bang in the middle looking straight forward into the md's eyes okay right quickly down pull and straight up okay let's sleep better without them and smile come on let's have some grins on your faces keep those smiles going and are you're working hard keep the smiles going where everyone is dream is through 12 while I'm sure most people to live it in here I'm deeply we can't bear the idea of all those Regency terraces Miller's the rest of it they wouldn't be at all sorry to hold off just win I think that's the important thing to grasp about self because you think of Brian is a sort of loving agency scene but 95 percent the population is living here including the corporation there's a bar that's a bit some Bartholomew's and then they've big anglo-catholic high churches were meant to attract people who arrived on the railway its enormous church which in fact has a nave harvest or my misguided late 19th century idea I was trying we were trying to think the other day who's where who was the first person to retire I mean what is that hurt retire think I mean when did the South caves become the geriatric ward yes could be oh good pals and joining the company now we're all together Oh sounds really good company Doria took away everything that could be moved curtains carpets lanterns chandeliers furniture everything went and eventually we bought it the people of Brighton bought it around about 1851 for fifty thousand pounds it had cost to build over six hundred thousand pounds I think you can say we got a bargain boo boo me yeah Bobby once cook the other than her uncle – mommy do Bobby yeah beef run as I can you know ever the grape team Bobby a lot of the people down here are for example on the dole they don't have jobs brightness is also a sort of an elephant's graveyard it's not just retired people it's people who come to die for the specific purpose of dying they come together to die there are days down here in the summer when it is warm and the air is just like honey and maybe it's quiet on a Sunday and the only sounds you can hear in Brighton are the clicking of false teeth and bowling balls and it's really incredible when I first came here the whole of the garden was an absurd wilderness and I had to decide what to do with it so we decided to keep this part wild and in the spring as you seed some mass of daffodils and then the rose bushes come and the lower looks another Burnham's I've written 10 books in this house and the last two my autobiography have done very well and I think it's parted you to Brighton err people say why is it like champagne and is that just advertisement well I can only tell you what I'll come down whacked on a Friday night and by Monday morning I'm absolutely on top of the world again over there that end of the house is where I write I shut myself away and not a big room because summers had more more who is my that regard father taught me that I should always write in a room which wasn't very big sartorial thoughts went in words behind me are the playing fields of the Sussex University you can imagine when I arrived here and was safe for a few years because everyone in the village is very kind and leaves me alone to get on with it I had an awful sinking feeling I thought is my piece now going to be completely disrupted not to think deeply to slice to proportion and we have the crackling and the stuffing on the dish base we have in this dish it's murmurs a derivation of a pom do chase this in fact about hunger yes mr. piped you know it's quite amazing that Bratton technical college hotel and catering department was the first post-war school a situation today now is that there are 200 full-time catering establishments now in spite of fact that the department has been in the technical college for the past 25 years I frequently meet people who don't know that we exist I think it's a great pity in fact that we haven't had more publicity over the whole of this very new building which is probably as fine a building as anything in Europe five minutes you'll be on service please so make sure you've got all your dishes or your requirements for service service burns ladles etc please finely chopping onions now I notice this morning some of you a bit shaky on this and the preparation of a finely chopped down is very important in the kitchen first of all move the head of the onion and cut it from head to tail if you do this then you have the onion in the correct correct formation it's held by the root and you haven't the problem going to pieces remember the action is stroking leek knife across the onion ha Marquis your tomato concassé taken out of the mold into the you share into the top of the palm Duchess give the customer a good portion remember that you know this is a fairly small hole and it's now we come to the kitchen that's basically the history of the building the kitchen was built in the year of Waterloo 1815 when it was built the most modern kitchen in Europe very light very Airy supported on iron palm trees to bring the oriental feeling through presumably to the workers Department you've got copper heat cones to collect your kitchen smells a hot plate for a couple of hundred dishes good working tables lower by the way than tables are today and all the way around you've got a wonderful set of cooking pots they're all numbered this enabled the master chef to call for frying pan a hundred and getting the exact size he wanted well I'm making a bridge Dave lamb what unites for their people is sleeping out and coming out usually come in for a meal and we try to make it as good as possible and FICA is good stuff for up and down the country you know I will reception center close enough and that's why there's so many on the road now especially youngsters on the road they get despondent but nowhere it go you see there's nowhere to go at all they're on a long road there may be snow animate the grain and the first thing you do is resort the train we wouldn't have as much their petty claim say about 20 years ago 15 years ago because they had someplace to go have a path has something no matter how small it was at least I had a roof for what I had see but now today there's only one in Scotland only one in Wales and very few in England people relied on them you know well this is the oldest part of right in the middle of bright Hills town as it must have been called there on the left there is the Church of st. Nicholas which is the old parish church and I think this churchyard is one of the most enchanting and pretty places in Brighton I live just down there in a little gothic terrace or hovel as I always refer to it airs which was built about 1825 in the church are this one for to farm the time always show everybody who comes to see me in Brighton it's one of my more recent discoveries all I have known Lee knows I walk by it every weekend almost a bit hesitant about walking over somebody's – this is an amazing lady called Phoebe hiss or who live no less than 100 and the age of 108 Notley now she began serving as a private soldier rather like Joan of Arc and 5th regiment foot and then she was heed to bear in it wound in her arms you can see here and a long life which commenced in the time of Queen Anne and needless to say that the person she received comfort and support from was King George the fourth and I think a great number of ladies received comfort and support from George to Falls in one capacity or another look at the way the light is falling onto the terrace and that is particular this bright bright and light which makes architecture which is often very commonplace I mean one took these houses out and put them in oh I don't know in batter city nobody would care tuppence about them but the fact that they are set in the way they are up on the hill with their little can appears they're painted white and the Sun beans down and somehow refraction see onto them make them have a kind of sparkling glamour and freshness an excitement of beauty about the witches which we just wouldn't exist anywhere else what's your ask the way I'm into it push em in and see you papayas okay tanu Debra let's get the arms straight as soon as you've got underneath otherwise it's not your attack all your hand in the lunge the first of all this is a very strange shape doesn't it was very long thin I was in fact it's it's shorter fatter then without the juice well if the good seaside resort has to have a Bandstand this Bandstand went up in the 8th is that anything a band ever plays here now I mean to me it looks like a kind of minaret that somebody sat on it's just a massive amazing artwork dashing around full of excitement and stack full of electric light bulbs I hope they never demolish it rumor has it that it was supposed to be demolished and through lack of money it's never come down in Brighton architecture they extend the square back in a serpentine line say that the light everyone can get the sunshine from the sea can you see the way it goes around there and it curves around and goes right up there are two PI R squared notice the way the trees there's no trees one side because of the way the wind comes in from the water now here we're coming to brunswick square it's got a particularly plebeian object near which a dog is nesting known as a dog toilet I think the sooner that's removed the better and beyond the Metropole you can see what is that I think my favorite hotels from the outside and that's the grin which is I think what a hotel should look like absolutely lovely lots of encrusted plaster work and brought hard work squirrel around the place and with the Union Jack flying at the top just to make sure beyond the ground we see the building I'd most like to blow up it's known as the top-ranked Center and what connection it ever has with a seaside front I'm still trying to fathom out is this what we want Brighton to look like do we want high-rise blocks labor exchange all this sort of monolith Brighton itself ought to be very grateful to University for the prosperity that is brought and also the fact that it had brought a great deal lively intellectual lives it's the classic university town gown situation where the town hates the university and the university hates the tongue there are 12,000 students here approximately the town milks them all winter long during the summer when the students are gone they rent the same rooms to tourists they double their triple their rates they make money aside from conventions they are the only major outside source of money for Brighton then yet they hate them not long ago I met another writer rather more elderly and a bit more sour than I am and he said to me Oh Godfrey I was so very sad to hear your news so I said what news I just signed a new contract I was feeling rather on top of the world he said oh it must be terrible for you I said terrible for me yes he said I hear you're on chalk and he said it like the doom of all mankind so I said cheerfully well I do my best to rise above it and you can see walking around my garden with me that I have risen above it the roses on the other part of the garden I planted as a kind of memorial to my mother because she loved roses and now I've been given a rose myself a Godfrey Wynn rose and here it is and it looks as if it's going to do very well this year I'd always wanted a rose named after me because it's a kind of immortality of course some of the wealthiest people in Brighton is a football and pull it's only a third division club but it's the only one for miles around so I suppose it gets enormous gates some people think that apart from all that cultural stuff it's the only real entertainment the Brighton has to offer I get a number of people every day say to me will 11 o'clock your bars closing where can we go there is nowhere to go there's no nightlife some years ago they were about 80 clubs and lots of nightlife but this seems to bum I don't know why but you know the night night seems to have died and private enterprise have pulled out the Hippodrome supposed the piers are dying you know we haven't had a tremendous amount of holidaymakers each years him to get less and so nobody cares this meeting is called because it is Independence Day and in common with the jury all over the world and our brothers and sisters in Israel we are celebrating possibly the greatest event in Jewish life for the last 2,000 years a date that has now been accepted into the religious calendar we are going to open our proceedings with the alert male Iraq Amin which will be intoned by Reverend thousand we then have I'm trying to set the scene for this evening a recorded message from the Prime Minister of Israel Golda Meir bless this Babich Kerr may she live to 120 and I hope she's at the canal at the end of her of office [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I get too sexy when I drink champagne I do it once then I do it again I'm just a girl who drives men insane that's why the ladies I like my men [Applause] [Applause] the bow is amazing I had the most embarrassing experience come down on the train today with my friend held up as we had to stand prepared two hours and eventually a gentleman got up to give us his seat what you mean missing and as used to adapt miss farish's fell down well my friend Hilda fainted and I had a stroke good morning ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome to Brighton is dolphinarium before the show begins we thought you would like to know a little about the aquarium which was first opened nearly a hundred years ago it was then the largest aquarium in the world and many millions of people have visited the building during those years today the aquarium contains thousands of tropical marine and freshwater specimens light refreshment and ice cream are available in the dolphin lounge please visit the souvenir shop where colored postcards of our dolphins are on sale the coloured souvenir books obtainable in the shop or in the arena contain excellent pictures and stories of the dolphins dolphins are the cleverest and friendliest of animals they love human company and have a great sense of fun they are do or jumping out of the water playing with balls and retrieving objects they are responsive to you in speech are extremely curious and by nature larvae show all the animals certainly enjoy the view when our cleaners have their daily swim this is the tenth dungeon right a cup which attack I started myself in 1957 especially devoted to commercial vehicles yeah and here now the price of an Tunisia was getting more more popular we have on board the male Marisa bride I think the general public buying this one almost more interesting than the bride around world we've left under the about agent Tom and Hailey all by being excited about Hamas tab just as bad many believe to be here how many kills one tamponade they pleased to have with us they honestly 25 3 see whether for five to arrive well I'll have to hang on well you know we can't go back now where do we get to to part two two five one the only trouble is where are they see there anybody you you

The Pursuit Of Happiness – Birmingham: City Of The Future? (Episode 4) | Tony Palmer Films

“They told me I didn’t understand the assignment and I told them they didn’t understand life“ – John Lennon

These early films by Tony Palmer, one of Britain’s greatest arts documentary makers, were shown in 1972 on London Weekend Television’s Aquarius, a weekly arts programme edited by Humphrey Burton. Filmed within six months of one another, they constitute, in the first place, a remarkable album of contemporary images and attitudes. The portraits taken at the Brighton races or Las Vegas’s casinos by Palmer’s photographer Mike Humphreys are as eloquent in their sympathy and humour as the work of the late Observer photographer Jane Bown or the social satirist Martin Parr. The punters’ faces, eroded by hard lives or hard living, yet vital in the optimism of the moment, look less like examples of their times as victims of them.


Edited & Directed by TONY PALMER
Sound recorded by BILL CROSS & ARTHUR PAYNE

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Tony Palmer:

yes we have a pride in ourselves and a pride in our city there is a spirit of enterprise in Birmingham where we will somehow we have a different approach to our problems we're anxious to solve them we're full of energy we're we're prepared to ask the people to pay for the services we provide the first thing to realize about Birmingham is that it's huge London's about 30 or 40 towns but Birmingham is just one town there's absolutely nothing else like it they grew incredibly fast during the industrial revolution other towns used very much local labour have been thrown off the land but Birmingham just had to draw in everything from everywhere people and money to keep it going and sure enough by the seventies we see Birmingham at the center of a new motorway network which has just been finished now in modern Birmingham there's quite a friend to campaign going on to try and sell the city comparing Birmingham favorably with Detroit's New York or San Francisco anywhere that sounds impressive take the road system for example in Birmingham which is already taking a huge slice of the resources there was a great joke some months ago but they never Monte Carlo it's like Grand Prix in it now the amazing thing is they're dead serious they're really worried about selling bromium getting its name across the world so make it mean something now Birmingham makes cars they sell them here they distribute them here and now they built this road system to put the blooming things on and so they may as well go the whole hog and get all the workers and their families let them put up with them working night shift to produce these ridiculous things to all go in the middle of town to watch souped-up versions of these monsters going round and round in a city that's supposed to be theirs in the first place [Applause] across these standing joking Birmingham is the planning department is actually run by a motor car the car culture is really basic to the shape of the place to the Prioress estate industry but it's not the only example of how Birmingham try sell itself now a council think they've won a great victory in that the new oil score exhibition hall for Britain is not going to be rebuilt in London it's going to be built next to Birmingham Airport which of course links us to Germany France and Brussels into the great new prosperous Europe that's all been promised think big you know is just when you actually have to live in this place it's all just a very sick joke less on D with boyfriend away Adams had a fried onion a small onion fried and cut into between each other this week we've gone we've gone raving mad we've gotten to it we've had two bases of Britain Archer they reach and Ansari show you so you think very unsocial security firm wait there well it's supposed to be a second city but if they cared people like us and there must be hundreds like us wouldn't be allowed to live or exist below the bread line according to special welfare of a compliment house we're not supposed to be below 16 pound 15 from the Labour exchange or from the Supplemental benefits but they in one hand said this and at the same time they cut our money down to 14 pound 65 which the result is now very rarely we get dinner at our weekend in this house the central core has been completely gutted the old open markets been retained but it's crowded in between the enormous covered market area and the road system there's just nowhere to expand sit there are post cars going around of eighteenth-century Birmingham which look very charming there's probably very similar to 18th century Worcester Winchester York but they're still here old Birmingham is not but the way Birmingham is going is in advance of any other city in the country they're completely remaking the city whatever the cost in money or demolition pushing ringways and flyovers wherever they like so the city center has to divert our attention and so they can get away with it to attract us and make us feel that there's something worth living for in this city but in fact it's just a damn great monument to consumption most of the shopping area has been developed in a covered area completely closed it's a total environment now it's not a people's market like it's claimed to be because they can shut the glass doors on you and it's run by some private interests it's patrolled by its own police force there's prison cells built into the basement and as an armory in there as well the whole place is piped with music to love you it's the same in any season there are artificially made concourses they call them and meeting places you can't see out except for one window where you can watch the cars go by from the point of view of the shopkeepers and the businessman it's an ideal place there's a long as they can get the people to go in there but there are very few local shops left because of the demolition so people are forced to go into town we just don't have any choice by giving you no time instead of it all till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all but the main thing to get across about a forum City Center is there's a total environment that is a completely encase issue and there's nothing's left for your initiative at all the whole thing is geared very much to somebody's preconceived pattern like the attempts to create zones where you can sit and rest even then you can't sit down anywhere in the bullring Center without paying it's a place where you only go to do business to buy and it get out there's nowhere to hang about anywhere that is really safe for anybody we hate you if you're clever and they despise the fool till you're so fucking crazy you can't follow their rules as for the rest of the city centre well it's not just the following the main thing is that the traffic rules traffic's above you traffic goes straight whereas you have to go up down and around to get anywhere you can see where you want to get to but you can't get to it you often have to go through shops to get anywhere which of course again exposes you to the whole consumer thing an extraordinary thing is that after all these millions acquits wear that ring wake up people are not bothering to use the subways in fact crossing roads where you shouldn't is becoming something which people are doing to assert themselves against the design of the whole place where every last thing is controlled is a very difficult place to fight the different parts of the power structure are all very inaccessible there's a great standing joke about the fact that certain departments just don't talk to one another the Estates committee just won't talk to the social services social services won't talk to this and that and so it goes on and it's this which has led Birmingham to become what it is anthem such pure district up today's modern estate built by the City Council now no doubt in a way to broaden the life and the prospects of its citizens but such is not the case because the electricity and the gas bills are so high and I so despairing the people who come from the per district it's a it's a complete change over to what the people of a Ben Houston and it has in several cases ended up in men and women showing the roads in the gas oven good luck to the rest Midland gas board and also to the Midlands electricity board they say you can't climb up the dead but I don't know I think they pave all they're still alive of course when you tear down a whole city however well you do it you are bound to destroy the sort of human organization that lives within it in the heart of the city the places where people live in the places where people were I think this is inevitable you've also got to ask yourself that pressure says it may be the sort of human interrelationships and warmth and hundun sanitary conditions and kids playing around the lamppost as I did as a child you know in a bad Street in the winter evening are these things which can be perpetuated anyway there can't you've got to fight your way through them you've got to replace them with something else but you're improving the physical environment remove back-to-back houses you've given people a decent little cell in which to live but this isn't the end of it surely you know life is not about roads or bricks or concrete it's about living now you can't honestly say that the improvement in the physical environment has as yet been matched by a comparable improvement and development in the amount or the creativity of the social culture in the sense that people get together for the experience of things which they can only have when they're together now you you can express this in terms of going to the theatre even going to the pub going to a concert going to art galleries getting up amateur dramatics getting up choral societies all this kind of thing and this is a still at a pretty low level [Applause] the old people almost like a batch of breeder chickens are brought down together from their tower block and entertained for one lunch time and then they shout back at the top of the tower block again and you don't see them for six months I sometimes find it rather remarkable that nobody argues anymore about the need to employ landscape architects or city architects or planners to make in a physical sense the society would but at the moment there is no comparable appropriation of resources to people who will make the the social order tick and make the community building process actually work man needs this help in his well-being as well as in his depredations and at the moment we seem content to think if you provide a good-looking city that life in itself will then just happen after all that the most animated social communities are the the newcomers I think the anthropologists would expect this wouldn't they if people come from four corners of the earth and come together they will develop a community life in the West Indian communities the Indian Punjabi communities and and the Irish communities certainly appear to have more sustained and continuous social life all kinds of her activities in society worthwhile activities are based on creating opportunities for a man to fulfill himself to do something worthwhile in society as well as just get his bread and butter the man who feels that having gone to work and come home there's still some room in his life to do something for his fellow to create extra happiness very few towns can burst as many roads and activities as we have in Birmingham we've built a new Repertory Theatre we're now discussing the possibilities of a new concert hall we have the city of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra which costs us a lot of money and which is the envy of lesser places people interested in a particular aspect of entertainment or enjoyment live for that particular aspect and they think it should receive much more of the cake than anything else people who are distressed and concerned about children those people are quite determined that their but their activity should be a first priority on society surplus funds same thing applies with drama if you're totally obsessed with drama or music then you must have the new concert hall and it must be a top priority but I suppose the most popular entertaining today is the football match [Applause] we few said to me why is the football match more popular than the drama I must confess I just don't know just don't know I think it probably right that it should be so it's certainly my own personal preference it's good to know that alderman Griffin is a good time invariant that just about sums it up for the rest of us the city center at night is just people running to catch the last bus on the night service which is double the price there's a few dance halls the weekends people congregate around them but the police clear the place by midnight you can guarantee that that place is dead absolutely dead except of course the Burman was pathetic naughty nightlife for those who can afford it the problems have become more urgent because the opportunities have become more apparent because there is more Martin wealth in the community because the whole structure of the society in terms of self-directed activity has changed up upside down and I think most people realize that era when you talk about the leisure revolution and the larger society that this isn't a thing of them of years to come we're already past the point of no return of youth clubs recently circulated a letter in which it was urging youth leaders to think of why it is desperately even of consoling the unemployed youth and creatively occupying them so in this kind of context we can see a natural conclusion of profiteering which was all a place ever existed for now what is there in the city for creatively occupying people especially children and the young one of the few things is in Cannon Hill Park whether something called the Midlands Arts Center unfortunately most people have never heard of it every dish that we have cooked every program that we've provided has been fully subscribed in fact oversubscribed we are the amount of activity that is going on in this small collection of buildings is really quite extraordinary and it was over a third of a million attendances already in a year now these are young people children and their parents and young people of student ages up to young marrieds if those figures want qualifying it is more people for instance in the first three years of service as far as the Performing Arts is concerned there are more people attending here then attended in the 50th year of the life of the burning of Repertory Theatre which was last year you see and the more people came in to performance events in the theatre here and use the center then went into the Town Hall to enjoy the city orchestra after 135 years [Applause] [Applause] clarinets violins flutes play the top are very smoothly [Applause] the corporation felt guilty about what it had done to the city and to the people and it felt guilty what it knew it was going to do so it was a bit easier for John Inglish to put forward the idea of setting up this fantastic birthday cake kind of Art Center place and then both John Inglish and the council thinking that anything could happen when you offer things to a new age range in a thing called like a like an Art Center now right across the board irrespective of social class certainly as far as the Performing Arts is concerned you'll get this really enormous response there are children now who have seen in the first three or four years of services here there are children who have seen more players and attended more concerts then the average Birmingham citizen has done in the whole of their lifetime it's hostile for a working-class kid for instance who's got to go to there to walk through Edmiston we're very very rich people live he feels embarrassed he feels he feels isolated by the hostility of this beautiful place because that's not the place he knows and feels comfortable in and if you go to John Inglish he'll say that of course the problem is money we cannot get the people who live in these areas and he leaves it at that point and he doesn't realize the way you get to people is to sit down and be with them in their kind of play [Applause] time for everyone we want to make it so for all of you here in this hostel you do walnuts tonight if you've got something special obviously you can say or you can recite it and you'd like to show it off one man is one well somebody else would want to sing with you something if you don't want to go too dear yourself get your friend to come and tell me so we can have a good time let's say no longer three I don't resent one penny that has been spent on the physical reconstruction ELISA Delhi is a marvellous job we're fine sight what one can regret is we have accepted the fact that if you learn to do a big contract you set aside less than half of one percent for cultural embellishments like a piece of sculpture or fountain or something like there again this is begging the issue they are natural seem to live together in the city then it has to be planned for a lot of the things that we are talking about have been marginal to most of the population until there you know most people have had no time for anything but there were no money for anything else except you know bare subsistence we're in a very buoyant position in the rifle sale salesman insofar as Turner is concerned we put something in excess of 30% on our turnover in the last financial year and we're substantially up this year on last year it's a continuous expansion which of it is mainly to the fact that we've made quite substantial strides both in design and also in standards of quality and performance okay people are skeptical about that culture of avoid receiving is skeptical about the arts they have every right to be and in the arts has more failures than the trade unionism or the church is no doubt about there should you call your place a non-central if you can call it a fun palace or something like that in the end one decided that the dirtiness in the word arts I forget well you call Aquarius an arts program or not is is acquired you know we decided that arts was a perfectly good four-letter English word and meant what it said the most modern section of the brewery is as far as standard of automation as anywhere [Applause] you have to face up to it at a very tiny minority disappointing minority choose to read and practice the social culture you wouldn't put this over the door but in an arts prayer then it ought to be said but how are you going to pay for it are you going to have it freely on tap well clearly the society can't afford to have illiterate people in its society neither I think and it afford to have culturally illiterate people in society it will be an unhappy society to provide for the 90 percent or more of kids whose parents would never think he passed their task to bring me regardless cultural orphans it's a sad thing to say but you know if there's any real deprivation throughout Great Britain throughout Europe at the moment it is this cultural orphanage parents who don't believe it part of their job to introduce their kids to the cultural and social patterns of the society any facilities for kids to enjoy themselves there's been a lot of talk recently about vandalism but what is familism it's just the kids trying to communicate we've nowhere to play no youth clubs and nowhere we can call our own main point is that Boehm's culture is consumer oriented and it's been directly conditioned by the fantastic changes going on in the city we're going from one hero to another once it was people talking with each other in the back terraces now it's big and brash but there's very few people asking themselves what's happening to our way of life because of these changes at the last resort I suppose most of us would evaluate the success or failure of civilizations not by their calmness not by their territorial conquest but by the quality of their life but their architecture by the literature by their music you know by their social patterns these are the things we remember about ancient civilizations and say offended you know this is the things we mean when we talk about a Golden Age however mythical it may be we're thinking of now these are the kinds of activities the kind of explorations and enjoyments the table at the moment thought to be the prerogative of a very tiny section of the population and one owes it to the society one owes it to the individuals to widen the possibilities most people will most people know rejected I don't know just is the the the Midland Art Center of course is an experiment in the direction of offering art to anybody who has some in a sensation possibly that he or she is not fulfilling his real purpose in life but if in the end they don't come out lasting will have to be abandoned when the tortured and scared you for 20 odd years then they expect you to pick a career when you can't really function yourself full of fear keep you doped with religion sex and TV and you think you're so clever and classless and free but you still fucking peasants as far as I can see this room at the top they are telling you still but first you must learn how to smile as you kill if you want to be like the folks on the hill working class hero is something to be a working class hero is something if you want to be a hero well just follow me if you want to be here oh well just follow me you

The Pursuit Of Happiness – New York, with John Lennon (Episode 1) | Tony Palmer Films

“They told me I didn’t understand the assignment and I told them they didn’t understand life“ – John Lennon

These early films by Tony Palmer, one of Britain’s greatest arts documentary makers, were shown in 1972 on London Weekend Television’s Aquarius, a weekly arts programme edited by Humphrey Burton. Filmed within six months of one another, they constitute, in the first place, a remarkable album of contemporary images and attitudes. The portraits taken at the Brighton races or Las Vegas’s casinos by Palmer’s photographer Mike Humphreys are as eloquent in their sympathy and humour as the work of the late Observer photographer Jane Bown or the social satirist Martin Parr. The punters’ faces, eroded by hard lives or hard living, yet vital in the optimism of the moment, look less like examples of their times as victims of them.


Edited & Directed by TONY PALMER
Sound recorded by BILL CROSS & ARTHUR PAYNE

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Tony Palmer:

in 1776 Thomas Jefferson one of the authors of the American Declaration of Independence wrote we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men you cannot have happiness until your health that says you need not the things you want we're not asking what we want we want the things we need we're not looking for any happiness you know it's just a dream you know it's too many addicts dream enough we're trying to get a reason to dream we want to get into the reality of things you know and the reality of things is that we need a chance [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hi sir it's me mr. teenage America again mmm as you know that me and Al constantly come down to these model painting studios in order to better ourselves and just to give you a background in model painting itself it's an ancient art which comes from the term pygmy him from there the term pigment came about and therefore you know the use of paint on a body itself is a very ancient term most painters are short as toulouse-lautrec oh well the signifying anyway this is a water-soluble paint and normally you know you place it on the model with varied if struck s– that's you you have to be careful not to destroy the lines of the model that you're painting are you painting by the numbers Jim are you following no there's no numbers on this this is a particular model that she came from Macy's well some canvases do have numbers uh Jim she's not you yet she's in these a little work what do you propose I touch it up yeah you're symbolism is uh hasn't quite gelled I mean in an existential sense she's speaking to me about the universe but right well see this is this is a very ecological painting but this this signifies trees and grass and the greenery right this signifies human life you notice the pigment there which is very close breathing China was pulsating right and then the pinks signifies blood which is war I thought that the Pink's represented your own latent homosexuality and you're trying to sort of express yourself no nothing that did it all not today no I'm still trying to live down mr. teenage America so that's true yeah why you tic-tac-toe on her back okay the when it gets Germaine Greer knocking still I still want to be very careful with my strokes number of people Toby your strokes are falling short in case anyone in England would be interested I think we're selling this particular anything when it's through right but it's hanger you have to feed her a typically American form of art that we choose make the first move now we should know Jews win until using X's can I make a variation okay now you see drawing that swastika makes me feel happy why do you guys I've survived no cross no holy war basically I I I would think that this whole the whole thrust of body painting is to give a guy happiness mostly guys who haven't been close to women I mean does this make you feel good well I've probably never been happier in my life right at this moment why did you work with such fine members of English no I guess I guess mainly because this kind of this kind of creative activity bring brings back wait what does it bring back that's the point I think I've won wait am I gonna win do you think I think we wanted a six-day war I have one i Jemaine queer is mine Jim why don't we ask these people here today why do we asked him here today well they came to New York looking for looking for happiness looking for happiness and I think they found it they found it with us and they found it with my talent we're looking now at one of the great new facilities of Washington the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts it's a massive building big in every possible respect call sixty six and a half million dollars part of it from the United States government part of it from very generous citizens and part of it we're still in hock the grand foyer that we see here is the largest foyer the largest inside thing of its kind in the whole world the hall itself could take two football fields in to end or if one wanted to lay the Washington Monument here you'd have a hundred feet left over to play there are three halls opening off of this grand foyer one the largest is a concert hall second is the opera hall and the third is the Eisenhower theater the center itself was a brainchild back in 1958 but it took a long time in the doing only after John Kennedy was assassinated was it given his name the only memorial to that slain president in the capitol almost 30 different nations have given works of art to make this a fitting memorial the chandeliers in this Great Hall our gift of Sweden and a kind of fun thing about this this Center in its first season if the dimension is added to Washington life almost any night about half of the ladies will be in long gowns they're always a sprinkling of Black Tide but until the weather turned cold they were using some barefoot hippies to waste of human the prisoners in the towers 43 Alec instead Media Rockefeller that is what people feel the main thing that yoko and i are doing is to change the apathy that all the youth have especially in America which is infiltrated to Britain and to France and Germany everywhere because still everybody follows the American Way of life because that has the music and the whole style of this century is made by Americans at the moment all the youth are apathetic and they think there's nothing to do and it's all over and they all want to be on speed and junk and just kill themselves our job now is to tell them that there is still hope and we still have things to do and we must get out there and change their heads and tell them it's okay we can't change it it isn't over just because flower power didn't work it's only the beginning we're just in the inception of revolution we're just the beginning of change and they're all apathetic because they're young and they think oh it didn't work today so it's all over we must get them excited about what we can do again and that's why we're gonna go on the road but all the shows will do are free all the money will go to prisoners or to poor people so we'll collect no money for performance we hope to start touring in America and then eventually go around the world and possibly go to China too and it's spotlighting their local problems whenever we go wherever we go we spot like the problems there and the people I believe the money locally for instance we'd go to say Chicago say and then in the Chicago prison say half or a quarter of the money earned that night would immediately go to release the first 500 people alphabetically that couldn't get bail to get out of prison so wherever we go the show will arrive and we'll release people in each town so possibly when the stones are touring America for money we'll be touring for free are you gonna do about that make mm-hmm viva la la revolution and so all we can say is why and why not my mountain stream you're watching a rehearsal of a new musical called the selling of the president we are running a candidate for president whose name is George Mason and the advertising people were handling this campaign have hired these 16 singers and dancers to do the commercials and the television presentation this man what we're watching now is a campaign song that's being rehearsed but during the course of the evening we see a number of commercials to appeal to the black community into the geriatric community to the west to the north to the east there's practically nothing that we leave untouched [Laughter] Oh [Laughter] you got to know what you're buying before you buy it to offering you you're not told you just have no way of finding out it's one thing to buy a bar soap and be able to throw it away the next day or not use it at all but when you elect somebody for office who has to be there for four years it's a little bit more serious [Applause] the Richard Nixon lost is his sexuality when he was traveling with Barnum & Bailey Circus back in 1939 he he did this act and it was called you know tricky dick and it was very popular act at the time but but when when barman Bailey went under and and tricky dick lost is his his appeal he lost the the knack that almost got him onto the Ed Sullivan Show by the way he crept into and got himself into politics as the only way that he could regain his lost man huh and actually this is what happened anyway since that time the sexual revolution has been all downhill and at this point it's almost nil in the United States yeah but III think we have to add a couple of things that after the circus folded Oh Nixon was discovered in a men's room by J Edgar Hoover no let you know and the idea I didn't want to bring that up I think we should I don't think we should we should deny to English television of things which you and I now it's like the Pentagon Papers we have to have our journalistic integrity and then that's when they formed the team they won but one was a juggler one was a clown right remember and they worked their way into the hearts of America and if you're called Martha Mitchell worked as a carny right here right here right now right here and he has seated two freaks and you remember there was her number and it became a fantastic tact yeah I think what we're saying is that Nixon is basically an unhappy man like gal is an unhappy homosexual I'm I'm an unhappy mr. America you know we're all unhappy to a certain extent and that's why we try to out comment but the the unhappiness has created the repression that exists in America and there's nothing worse than unhappy refresh inist I'm Jack Ryan I'm an inventor I'm reassembling a 15th century Castle here in bel-air which is a suburb of Los Angeles by lowering the ground one story we've been able to insert the medieval stones which we've brought in from Europe central France actually I was fortunate enough to be able to get the living room paneling from mr. William Randolph Hearst's house in New York the paneling is really too tall to fit in any room here so we were building a room at the end of the house that will be tall enough to accommodate the paneling from Hamilton Hall and Scotland where it originally came from let hear me play something I can't really play that's why I invented this the right hand plays the melody but in this case it'll make quite a different sound of these keys the telephone is arranged so that you can carry on a conversation with someone without their taking the phone off the hook my daughter used to talk to her horse by calling and she could speak to him on the loudspeaker and he would Quinny back to her at night before she went to sleep who's never lonesome that way which is kind of nice happiness to me is being in Hollywood and being in and giving happiness to other people by being a really great actress and a great comedian and well going to a lot of parties and having a lot of fur coats and jewelry and having a lot of beautiful things and maybe well sometime in the future I may hope to be married I mean I know it might sound ridiculous to my friends but I mean I've already made myself happy I mean because I am in films and well there's nothing quite like it I mean this is happiness to me especially the camera being so close on top you know speak to the camera it's like being in a drive-in movie breathing hot and heavy down you know did they have a drive-in movies in London do they have drive-in movies in London no what do you take well I don't want to be the facetious now don't misunderstand this but where do you take your fish and chips I know that you think I'm being sly what was happiness to me happiness to me is just a word you know of to the camera I'm sorry you should get behind the camera but the voice is coming out of the camera that's dude I'm doing well happiness is different things to different people and to us it's entertaining I mean we were very happy when we were in in the play that we did last summer called vain victory we had our you know chimps oh we were yes but even that was fun I mean it was exciting you know we were always appearing in front of people and getting a lot of applause I mean I love the sound of applause I mean I suppose these days you're not supposed to like those things you know you're supposed to be very humble and like the earth and all that and we do you know actually I'm very athletic which nobody ever seems to realize because I mean I would love to go camping she does some time but I mean my friends never ask me because they just probably always think of me as the salon Thais she wants to stay in when we go on hikes she never always in bed and she isn't in bed she's pampering her she's really quite exquisite she takes hours to put out a food in the most perfect detail I really love her discipline aside from the fact that she's really a dumb blonde and great fun but I'm a redhead now dear oh it's strawberry blush but I'm just those of my fans if I do have any fans in London um I usually am seen as a platinum blonde but I'm changing my image because I'm trying to get better parts and as my aunt just mentioned I'm known somewhat as a dumb or dizzy blonde sexpot and I'm trying to get better roles I want to play yes but I I wanted to get the part of Joan of Arc and I would like the part of Madame Curie if that picture has ever done again I mean I think it was once interesting I think this is amino acid lipstick this is a black cherry by Minah it gives you those oh so kissable lips hi I'm candy darling I'm an actress here in New York I've been in eight pictures small parts and big pictures and big pots and small pictures now if you'd like to bring marry for it shall we bow our heads please Almighty God as we are gathered here upon this beautiful Sabbath and not only do we ask that you bless this union but we pray that your abundant blessings – like this fine young couple always as they leave this humble place and while to seek and establish their home together as you chose for us all in the very beginning we ask this most reverent that's very good Donna Mary I usually wish to expound for just a few moments before I go into the exchange of the vows I'm Reverend Robert Truesdale I'm the wedding director of the chapel of the bells also the Chapel of the stars here in Las Vegas we're considered the leading wedding chapels in the entire world Nevada has over a hundred thousand weddings a year Las Vegas year of course is the marriage capital of the world not only because of the courthouse being opened 24 hours a day which is a convenience to the wedding parties because we have an unusual honeymoon atmosphere here not all the wedding parties come in from California we have wedding parties coming in from all over the world we've married a number of folks to your home community London we've had Parisians in people from Germany we have wedding parties and from Sweden Minako I'm happy again the questions been asked many times are the weddings in Nevada legal to my knowledge they're recognized in every country in the world and I cannot speak for the communist nations two years ago on Valentine's Day we have a which happened to come on a Saturday we have 74 weddings in one 24-hour period I wouldn't want to see that happen right that way again it was quite hectic this is a great community we have more churches per capita than any other community of its size in the entire United States I have made movies and I enjoy them I made the movie Pepe I think you saw Pepe and one thing I haven't done is television that is about the only thing that I haven't done I would like to do work on TV but actually maybe play an Indian girl or a space woman something like that instead of like what do they always they're not the Showgirl type or the I don't I wouldn't like to be typecast you can't help the way you look really if that's what people think our tourism year encompasses many facets the wedding industry itself brings in 12% of our entire revenue into the state of Nevada so this is quite a sizable sum so we do call it an industry surprisingly and John before you place this band upon Mary's hand I'd like to explain the meaning of the ring since the beginning of time man has used many different types of symbols to denote greatness of an event and now the most sacred the most holy of all joining man and woman into the Holy bonds of matrimony they use a plain gold band now if you'll place the band on a third finger the left hand I'm holding her hand in both of yours turn facing your bride-to-be looking in your eyes I John give my ring to you Mary give my ring to you Mary as a token and pledge as a token and pledge of my abundant love of my abundant love I promise I promise from this moment forward from this moment forward forsaking all others forsaking all others to love to love to honor to cherish and protect to cherish and protect in sickness and health in sickness in health wealth are poverty wealth or poverty whatever God's will may be whatever God's will may be till death do we sign you may kiss your lovely wife you finish John and Mary it is now my pleasure as an ordained minister by the authority vested in me by this the great state of Nevada and the presence of this company and always in the presence of God I now pronounce you husband and wife I don't want this give the impression that these are quickie marriages but you can arrive at the airport be picked up in a courtesy car be driven to the courthouse obtain your license return to the chapel be married and be back on a plane if you might say back to London in approximately an hour to an hour and a half at the most don't you think some sometimes going to a prostitute could help for a better marriage in a way yes because I've cured a lot of men of running away from their watch a lot of men came to me said oh my life this that you know the big stories I'm gonna get a divorce I'm separated and you know she doesn't satisfy me but she's a great mother the old says she's a great mother and she's a great cook so I said okay and in a way I love her so the man was already hesitant then I'd say okay if you have the money of course it was to my advantage to do it say you have the money come to me once a week see my girls once a week or twice a week and then go home to your wife so really if she don't have to bother you don't have to try to go to bed was really just listen to her problems and just stay married and the woman that I've interviewed regarding prostitution pretending at first that it wasn't prostitute they would all confirm that they'd rather have their husbands go to a prostitute then having been involved with a secretary or with another girl and get a mistress and eventually pay much more money than $1,500 a week and then eventually the misters after year two would say listen I want to get to I want you to get divorced and marry me so those are the girls the straight sort of straight faced girls was the double of morality that are more ruining that the more damaging to a society and marriages then an honest prostitute that says okay that's fifty dollars and that's it my name is Claude Belle I'm 75 years old I've been five years building this little monster here and we call him Denny when I was a child I got the idea from an elephant which a man made in landing City New Jersey now it seems as though it's an awful long time but I had other things I had to work at to do this and here's what we have what you see now it possibly be the interest to a restroom or gift shop but possibly I think it would be arrested and it'll be built like a battleship what's your what you see on this floor now it'll be all concrete and a native stone on top of that and on the sides would be sort of dinosaur pictures landscapes anything free pertaining to prehistoric dinosaurs I've got this far and boy was really relieved because it's turned out better than what I anticipated at all all the way through money all I can scrape up steel I put it right into it now it's it's been a pleasure all the way through you're getting rid of something that your thing has been thinking about for years and years and this is a result of it I'm happy and I want to make other people happy it's really like a dream come true my name is Bruce bossman and I'm one of the producers of the James Joyce memorial liquid theater we're standing in the lobby of the Guggenheim Museum where the liquid theater is being presented in New York City on Fifth Avenue liquid theatre was originally created by a group called the company theater of Los Angeles they were using a series of exercises and games to develop actor training and also to develop a sense of ensemble amongst their own company and they wondered if some of those exercises and some of those games couldn't be used to develop a sense of ensemble and a sensitivity amongst an audience they experimented in many different ways with many different techniques and what they came up with was the germ of the James Joyce memorial liquid theater if I say this is my nose you apply when people first come into liquid theatre it's a little strange and baffling to them it's really a regression they're handed a big laundry bag and they're told to put all their belongings inside it and then they are asked to join a game group on the floor and they're just groups of people who are standing around in circles usually the atmosphere in the lobby is very unrestricted and relaxed and the idea is to get the people involved in the show or involved in games and each other and out of being involved in themselves so much you're good as you get more into the games you find that actually your game group develops a certain sense of unity a certain sense that we call it ensemble which is which all goes back to what liquid theater was all about trust the maze is the most personal part of the liquid theater experience and it's the part for which we are best known I think its purpose of course is to awaken people's awareness to the fact that they have many other senses besides seeing and hearing most especially of course the sense of touch but also the sense of taste and some of the listening that you can do under certain conditions which you normally don't do during the day as you pass through you'll be passed through a series of embraces and experiences where you are welcomed where you are hugged where you receive a kind of face massage and finally you receive a sort of spiritual baptism which symbolises your new awareness of your of your body and of a new general awareness of your sense of community and the torso and the hips will lift her overhead horizontally she's not going to leave our hands who will bend at the knees rocking like a waterbed okay so gentlemen in the round and round back ladies get two legs and when I say three we'll lift her up okay now bend at the knees and rock or gently develop a group of people can lift a person up into the air six people if they put their minds to it can lift a person up to up in the air as long as they're willing to be trustworthy and to give their consideration to that person for those few moments one person's couldn't do it alone two people couldn't do it alone and the person being lifted certainly couldn't get up there alone that's the understatement going on in in those games now what we need is something to say because in a minute it's gonna be a beat set up a one two three four and we're gonna take our slogan whatever we think of and March around this room shouting it every other community in the room so so anything you've always wanted to shout out in the middle of the Guggenheim Museum or anyplace else oh come on can be political or dirty or witty or anything freeze and then we form into a great big huddle which symbolizes the coming together of all the small communities into one big very aware community in the center of the room and that community explodes sort of spiritually and tactfully and begins to celebrate its own awareness and just its own being people always say when is liquid theater over is it over yet they often walk up to me during the show and say is it over yet and I always tell them that it's over when they think it's over because it really is something that you can take with you out into the street and down into the subway and back home again some people stay high on liquid theater for a couple of days [Applause] I was a boy somewhat in school but I would be offended if someone called me I mean it would it no one ever does and when they do I mean I mean I guess I can remember a few times I mean lately within the past year when someone has referred to me that way and it's always been someone that was out to get me or something that you know out to the to you know try and top on me or expose me or one thing or another but I mean they can't deny you know my emotions and my my reactions and my feelings put a curse on you may all your children end up junkies to your mammy tricked by the pound to buy that ounce put a curse on you but I saw you and a dive push-up cutting stuff without me to put a curse on you but what class on you your children smash each other's brains to cause all that mean is squeezed in them ain't got nothing else to do futures to trash and slide children's do [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] unless you're happy you know I want to be happy but I'll never be happy unless you're happy too you


Billionaires David and Charles Koch have been handed the ability to buy our democracy in the form of giant checks to the House, Senate, and soon, possibly even the Presidency. SUBSCRIBE: GET INVOLVED! Sign up: Host a FREE screening:

The last time we exposed the Koch Brothers’ dealings to the world we here at Brave New Films wound up in their crosshairs. They produced online ad campaigns attacking us, but, it takes more than a banner ad to slow us down.

We’ve reissued Koch Brothers Exposed in an updated version, Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition, to shine a light on them. We’ve delved even deeper into where their money is going, who their money is hurting, and how much they are making during this whole process leading up to the 2014 Elections.

Two years ago when we made this film very few people knew who the Koch Brothers were or what the Koch Brothers were doing. But now, we so strongly believe that everyone should know what is happening that with your help and donations we are able to offer the film for free. We want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to see the truth.

(5:11) How the Koch Brothers use Citizens United to corrupt democracy

(7:11) The Koch plan to re-segregate public schools

(17:11) Koch University: Rewriting your Education
Is your school on the list

(21:02) Kochs VS The Minimum Wage

(25:09) Kochs & Voter Suppression

(31:26) Koch Attacks on Unions

(34:54) The Koch plan to dismantle Social Security

(38:20) Kochs & The Environment

(40:52) How the Koch Brothers Cause Cancer by dumping their toxic waste everywhere


In our country today, income inequality is getting worse and worse. Something's wrong and people know it. Even a dog knows the difference between being stumbled over and being kicked. Never ever in all my years in governance seen anything like this. I don’t admire the Koch Brothers. I'm not against people who make money, that's fine. But what they do with their money isn’t fine with me. The Koch Brothers, they are bound and determined to do away with government. Who's Street? Our street. Billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch are the poster boys for the top one percent, using their money and power to fuel the growing inequality in America. Day in and day out, we see the Kochs using their billions to purchase politicians and policies. Kochs buy policies! Taking a terrible tool on democracy as they knock down the middle class, stomping on poor people. We are the 99% Koch Boys claimed to be self-made men. Yeah, made by their father, Fred who made his fortune in the oil business in the Soviet Union of the 1930s. Stalin himself brought Fred Koch into the Soviet Union to build oil refineries and teach them how to be oil engineers . Fred Koch came back to the United States after taking money from the Soviet Union and used that money to start his own oil empire and accumulated millions in a short time. Fred Koch wrote screeds against the Civil Rights Movement saying that it was communist driven and that white children should not go to school with black children. He said it would lead to the mongrelization of the races. This is the climate that the two brothers, Charlie and David, grew up in. And then they inherited a big pile of money from daddy Fred. And then they put that into their own organization and help build it up to where it is now. An enterprise that so far has put over a hundred billion dollars in the Koch Boys' pockets. Koch Industries is the second largest privately held corporation in the country. They have holdings that range from oil and gas to paper products, forestry, consumer goods, plastics and ranching And the most important thing is not that they have wealth, it's what they're using that wealth to do. To run roughshod over the American people. Koch Industries is filthy. One the top fifteen polluters in our country. Responsible for up to 300 oil spills. They paid over a hundred million dollars in fines and legal settlements and a federal jury found that Koch Industries stole oil from American Indian lands, which their younger brother Bill blew the whistle on.
Koch Industries has a philosophy, that profits
are above everything else. The Koch Brothers are trying to buy America. Over the years, the Koch Brothers have spent over $80 million dollars on at least 85
organizations to serve their agenda The Kochs have set the stage by building an ever-growing right-wing presence called Kochtopus Through this vast network, scripts are written We instituted a photo ID requirement for every voter Actors are cast. Regulate CO2 under the Clean Air Act is wrong. It should not be allowed to stand. And the show is played out on a national stage. But if the curtains pull back, we discover that their production is all under the direction Of the Koch Brothers. $10,000 to the Pacific Legal Foundation $20,000 to Rep. Fred Upton Chairman of the House Energy, and Commerce Committee Over $10,000 to Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin $9,000 for Republican Rep. Paul Ryan. $35,000 to House Speaker John Boehner. $250,000 attacking the Economic Stimulus Act. A quarter of a billion dollars on negative ads in the 2012 campaign.
Over $300,000 for the Republican National $23,000 to Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe. Over two million dollars to the Institute for Justice
The Republican Governors Association, one million dollars.
$3.5 million on a nationwide campaign $545 million $2.5 million dollars $3.4 million dollars on the 2010 $8 million dollars $1.4 million dollars Freedom Works 80 percent to And Americans for Prosperity Vice Presidential candidate $8.7 million dollars $7.9 million dollars Lobbying in the government The libertarian the 2012 Election cycle $400 million dollars They're interested in using the money they make To buy a political system that allows them to become dominant players in the shaping of the country. A blockbuster decision from the Supreme Court today. Opening floodgates for companies to spend all the money they want attacking political candidates. In a major five to four decision, the court gave them more power to spend as much money as they want. Well I mean, I think this is a political game changer. It's historic. It's a grenade. The Supreme Court reversed a century of law that I believe will open the floodgates for special interests. Citizens United is a perfect example of how the Koch Boys worked to create a legal decision that supports their efforts. First, two of the Justices on the court Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas Have attended private meetings sponsored by the Kochs providing behind-the-scenes interaction. Second, the Koch Brothers helped fund numerous organizations to prepare thousands of pages of legal briefs that were sent to the Supreme Court advocating unlimited corporate spending on political campaigns And third, Ted Olson was the lead attorney representing Citizens United during final arguments in front of the Supreme Court. Today, Ted Olson represents Koch Industries' private legal cases. So now, the Kochs use the law they helped to write to spend millions more in their efforts to buy the public policies they want. What the Supreme Court said to the Koch Brothers, "You can buy the United States government." Why would you hesitate one minute to spend a billion, two billion? That’s pretty good. Senator Kay Hagan is having trouble telling time. We want our insurance plan and your doctor… And their health plans cancelled, health care cost has soared. Families are losing access to thousand of dollars spent on green energy went to jobs in foreign countries. It looks like they already bought the House. The Koch Brothers can buy the Senate, and what's next? They're gonna buy a President? In terms of academic achievement, Wake County is a nationally recognized school system. Because of the good schools here, the economy has actually boomed and prospered. Are they really trying to reverse all that we've accomplished in these last 30 years? Big money is definitely trying to change people's lives here. The Koch Brothers are fabulously wealthy billionaire oil barons. Free enterprise, capitalism is alive and well. It does appear that the conservative think tanks and foundations are eager to move back to an earlier time In terms of the way we run schools and they're definitely pushing an agenda to resegregating the schools, but there's also real push towards privatization. The Koch Brothers, of course, have a national libertarian agenda and they have brought it to Wake County by means of the school board elections and they want to destroy really the model of equal schools Shut it down! Equal opportunity for every child It has also sparked this protest right in front of the Wake County School administration building. They do not like a large public school system and they were determined to take it apart as quickly as they could. The Wake County School Board threatens to turn back the clock to an era of segregation. We must stand up and fight back. We're on the record talking about the most significant local school board election since the 1970s. Follow the money, you can see it. It's real. The connection between the Koch Brothers and what happened here with the Wake County School Board could probably be best traced if you look at Americans for Prosperity. My brother Charles and I provided the funds to start the Americans for Prosperity. Americans for Prosperity, they were gunning for the diversity policy all along. The future of the Wake County School system is on the line. And just a few weeks, four of the school board seats are up for grabs. The Koch Brothers didn’t put money directly into the Wake School Board elections but indirectly, Americans for Prosperity to help the school board candidates on their agenda. It's beyond my wildest dreams how AFP has grown. It was the Americans For Prosperity and the Koch Brothers. They were like in The Wizard of Oz. The Oz behind the scene pulling levers and making things happen. I really had no idea. We worked so hard running for school board. Yeah. Oh yeah. And to know that our opponents were backed by these billionaires For me, my opponent–we had forums and debates, and she really pitched forced busing.
The school board crossed the line with forced busing. Forced busing is absolutely a code word. It's a term, busing, used in the South by George Wallace. Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever. The voters in Wake County in North Carolina have rejected a forced busing policy We are winning the battle against forced busing. My opponent, he just mainly talked about–he stressed neighborhood schools Neighborhood schools, neighborhood schools, neighborhood schools. Neighborhood schools means we have our own schools and the blacks have theirs. Well, we heard loud and clear across this county, people wanted to go to a neighborhood schools model We should have our right to choose our own neighborhood, our own neighborhood schools He didn't talk about student achievement and helping all our schools get better There are always ways to improve the education of our students. We went to a gun fight with knives. The heated race is over. Justice. When do we want it? Now! And don't make any mistake about it. Your plan that you're putting forth today will resegregate the schools. We had no idea what the stakes were. In one election, they now have the majority needed to change the way students are assigned to schools. A big shake up on the Wake County School Board could now impact tens of thousands of local families. People have not really taken the time to listen to the students who are actually in these programs. We met before sixth grade and we were in the dance ensemble together. We consider each other twin sisters. If it hadn't been for the diverse school system, I don't think we really would've had a chance to become such close friends. This pretty much describes my education since kindergarten. This is diversity. When you walk in our classroom and you see the different types of students and the different people, this picture really does represent what it actually is. Moses, come on. It's time to get up. Let's get started. Robert! Let's go. Y'all come on and let's go! We got to get ready. We want to make sure that they get the best education that public money can buy. Ah, there you go. One down. With that idea, we've been able to make sure that they are receiving advanced classes The school board has started the process of phasing out the busing for diversity policy. They're moving so quickly with what they want to do We're not going anywhere! It happened so fast, and they're going to continue. The more they have in power, they're going to change the rules, the laws, whatever they can. I think you'll find that the student voice has kind of been lost through this whole process. Let's go! The Koch Brothers and Americans For Prosperity and that ideology is very simple. What they're actually trying to do is dismantle the whole public school system. If this policy goes through, the schools will become segregated. I don't believe the courses. They would not have opportunities to take the advanced courses. That's critical that they have opportunities, resources so that they can become a productive citizen. There would be enormous impacts on the schools especially in the urban parts of the county. So you'd have an enormous concentration of poverty in that school and with it comes all the related social problems. People aren't gonna wanna teach at that school and suddenly education in that school is going to suffer. It worries me about my sons because we had a game plan. We did not think we were gonna have to change. Do you have your agenda so you can see what your assignment is? If we don't get ready, it's going to be even rougher, nastier than what it is. I am a part of the first group of students moved. I strongly feel that it's racism, I strongly feel that it's segregation. And it was all by surprise, all on short notice. I've lost my communication with the teachers, relationships with the students. I'm just disconnected right now. The school board's decision to do segregation has really made it difficult for students like me to adjust and kind of grow. What happened here really woke people up. Battle lines are drawn over the issue of diversity in the Wake County schools. There was a tremendous outcry over what the school board was doing and tremendous resistance to moving backwards. People got really riled up and pushed back hard. Education is under attack! There were enormous protests at the school board meetings. We say no to Jim Crow! People were arrested. We're heading down a rabbit hole. And we're getting so far down that rabbit hole, there's not going to be a way to get out of it. The Local NAACP filed a civil rights complaint with the federal government. Fight, we will, for the future of our children. They also filed a complaint with the accreditation agency Backwards, never! Forward, ever! We don't want to be left out of this decision because we're the ones going to school! Breaking news on this election night in the Triangle, a shift in power for the Wake County School Board. A shift in the balance of power. The conservative majority, no more We're likely going to see a lot of changes Big changes Th conservation takeover is over This election was a rejection of the brand of politics that the Koch Brothers stand for. The celebration continues. Koch Brothers, Americans For Prosperity they brought in Tony Tata. Superintendent Tata was fired To the Koch Brothers, why don't you just leave? Leave us alone. Leave our children alone. As far as the school board in Wake County is concerned, the Koch Brothers, they are an unpleasant memory. They failed. Things have calmed down. We have the school system back that we were always proud of. But they've moved on. They've set their sights now on taking over state government, which they’ve done. They have taken control of the state legislature. They elect a governor in 2012 with a lot more money and much more openly since Citizens United. So the Koch Brothers are not history in North Carolina. They're very much present. We're still at war. The Koch Brothers have been very clever at designing their grant agreements with universities in such a way that they will exercise maximal control and influence on campus. Many of these grants come with very significant strings attached. They have very clear stipulations that give the Koch Brothers excessive control over various aspects of the universities' internal affairs. A school that I take so much pride in and that I believe in had effectively sold its soul to the Koch Brothers for a few million dollars Their help's setting up a pattern where universities are expected to give up their values in exchange for money. Programs that they start tend to be one point of view only. They now have financial agreements with over 150 colleges and universities. They've spent tens of millions of dollars to get their point of view instilled in classrooms, amongst faculty members, and in students. The size and scope of these deals is quite significant. Thousands of students pass through those programs every year. And over time, hundreds of thousands of students are directly exposed to Koch Brothers' ideology and political points of view. The university signs a contract that says they will hire someone who shares the point of view of the Koch Brothers. They have an immense amount of influence over who those professors are, and what they teach, and what they publish, and what research they do, and what they say in the classroom. We depend on universities to provide a kind of knowledge that is not owned, or bought, or sold. Since the Renaissance, we've had academics who do research independently and we learn as a society from them. What the Koch Brothers have done is strip that segment of society in a way so as to promote their own ideological agenda. This is a major threat to the country. The Catholic University of America founded to serve this purpose to be the national University of the Catholic Church. Almost immediately after the million-dollar contribution, there were protests about the Kochs' undue influence on the staff and faculty. Fifty prominent Catholic educators signed a petition calling for the university to refuse the money. Saying the Kochs' philosophy directly contradicted Catholic teaching. But the Koch Brothers But the Koch Brothers continue to contribute with strings attached to colleges and universities This is a–this is a major threat to our way of life. They are trying to use their money to influence the flow of American democracy. Billionaire industrialist and my future face twin Charles Koch In an interview with The Wichita Eagle, the cute Koch said he wants to eliminate the minimum wage because it creates a culture of dependency I'm living off of minimum wage. And a big hug, big hug. Being on minimum wage, it's really hard getting by. I live on–my house is through Section 8, but I can't afford to buy anything extra or anything better. It's really hard trying to get by. I think the fact that the Koch Brothers are trying to take away minimum wage is ridiculous. I'm just filling out the forms that–what my public assistance, they require in order to get assistance with anything. If minimum wage was just raised a dollar or two, I wouldn't need public assistance. Thirteen million a day sounds wonderful and I couldn’t imagine anybody making that much even being concerned with somebody making minimum wage. It just doesn’t make sense to me how they could even consider taking it away or lowering it. If anything, I think they'd be given back and helping us. When you shared together, the fun just never ends. The end. Well, I'm recycling our cans and our bottles. Sometimes we don’t have enough money at the end of the month, but it makes me feel like what I'm doing at work isn’t enough. I'm just a step closer to being homeless. It really angers me that billionaires like the Koch Brothers have the audacity to create laws and fight certain laws that determine the way I provide for my family. We're not asking for wage to live upon. We're asking for a wage to get by on. Right now, I'm just making 8.25 an hour which is not enough. It's very difficult for me.
Why would Koch Brothers wanna take that minimum wage away from me if I barely make enough money to living? I struggle with, you know, providing daycare, child care. When I see about the Koch Brothers' homes, I believe– because you don’t need that many houses and that big for some– I mean like probably my apartment is as big as one of their bathrooms. I'm just trying to provide for my family. That’s it. The Koch Brothers, they're doing wrong by–you know that’s a grave sin. It's greed. I have been fighting all year to stamp out voter fraud. Because if even one fraudster shows up at the polls in November, that would tarnish the integrity of an election that the Koch Brothers paid good money for. Voters will now be required to show an ID at the polls. A suppression tactic to undermine the right to vote The impact will be felt most heavily among the poor, the elderly, minorities They hit students extra hard Now push to make it as difficult as possible to vote It disenfranchises a whole sector of the American electorate The Koch Brothers are behind these kinds of laws because they want to cut off the participation of people who are not behind their corporate agenda. The people most impacted by these new voter suppression tactics are African-Americans, Latinos, elderly, young voters, and those with disabilities There are three ways the Koch Brothers are working to suppress the vote. Number one ALEC. ALEC stands for the American Legislative Exchange Council. This is an establishment that brings high-powered organizations like Koch Companies, the NRA and Exxon Mobil together with politicians for the express purpose of creating legislation that favor the corporations that fund ALEC. ALEC supervises and guides the writing of the legislation. Once they have the language of the legislation, they work tirelessly to get the bill introduced into as many states and counties as possible using the ALEC money and connections. One bill fits all. Number two Americans For Prosperity and True the Vote Koch
funded Americans for Prosperity supporting a number of voter suppression groups in campaigns across the country. One of the largest and most vocal is called True The Vote. True The Vote has enlisted and trained an army of citizen volunteers. They are planning to station one million poll watchers across the country on election day. True The Vote is the first line of defense for free and fair elections. True The Vote opened my eyes to a problem that has been left unaddressed True The Vote is a citizen led effort to ensure free and fair elections. The problem critics say is that those poll watchers are mostly white and many of the polling places they will target are mostly black. They're trying to find any and everything to stop the citizens from voting. And Number Three Politicians Protecting the integrity of each and every vote cast in the state This voter ID bill Including voter ID. Voter ID. Common sense voter ID law Get those IDs in people's hands Photo ID requirement for every voter. These kinds of efforts are reminiscent of a much darker period in American history. When there were efforts to prohibit people from voting, particularly in the segregated south. This is the resurrection of those voter suppression efforts. And there certainly hasn’t been this kind of money or this kind of organization behind them in a very long time President Kennedy, that’s when I started voting. And then from then on, I've always voted. I'm gonna miss this one though because I don’t have nothing to know– I don’t have any idea. Somebody stolen my pocketbook. Her purse was stolen eight years ago along with her birth certificate and she says she can't get an ID. It's just such a kick in the teeth to old people particularly who have been voting as long as– or darn near as long as I have. There is a glitch on my birth certificate and I did register almost immediately upon my 21st birthday. That was 59 years ago. I have voted in every single election. Since then, I would have considerable difficulty getting a state-issued ID and I would like to continue voting. I think it's my right. They told me at the voter's registration I have to bring in proof of my disability check, proof of my Social Security check, and proof of my handicap ID card. Why do I have to bring these? I never needed it before. The notion that we need this to prevent voter fraud isn't a good faith mistake. It's a lie. It is a way of disenfranchisement of certain segments of our society. This isn't politics. This is requiring people to pay money to cast a ballot and I don’t think we want that in this country. Born at home in the segregated south, she's never had a birth certificate. My grandmother, she insisted never, never miss a voting day. I won't have no right if I can't vote. Ninety-three year old Viviette Applewhite is the lead plaintiff in the ACLU's case over the voter ID law. I think it's a terrible law to make people not be able to vote because they don’t have a piece of paper with the ID on it. January 2014, a judge ruled that the Pennsylvania voter ID law is unconstitutional which means that Viviette Applewhite is eligible to vote. To be able to vote. This is all I wanna do, is be able to vote. The brothers and their allies are going to spend millions of dollars in these efforts. Citizens who believe in voting and democracy must fight back in all possible ways. Viviette Applewhite was able to hold on to her long held right to vote because she fought back against the Koch Brothers suppression laws. Joy Libermanin Missouri also took the issue to the court and won Alberta Curry preserved her record of voting rights of over 50 years because she refused to let her rights be stolen by the bogus voter ID laws backed by the Koch Brothers. The reason that you target somebody's voting rights is it makes it easier to take away the rest of their rights. You come for that first and the whole house of cards starts to fall. Why is voting important to me? Because it gives you equal right to do things. That's why it's important. Really what we would like to see is to take the Unions out at the knees so they don’t have the resources to fight these battles. This a coordinated effort where you have ALEC and Americans for Prosperity, the Koch Brothers and their allies spending millions and millions and millions of dollars to fight unions and to take this country backwards. The Koch Brothers want to eliminate the ability for working folk to have power at either the ballot box or the bargaining table. So they try to eliminate Trade Unions. The Koch Brothers not only want to destroy Unions but they wanna destroy the lives of working people across this country. They do not want to have safety regulations. They do not want workers to be able to negotiate wages and benefits. They're attacking Unions because they know that we stand in their– in their way and that we're going to continue to stand in their way and that’s why they're coming after us in state after state after state. There have been reports that the Koch Brothers are exceeding the spending of the ten most political active Unions. They are behind introducing legislation which robbed public sector workers of collective bargaining, right to work initiatives where they are trying to convince folks that it's better to live in a union-free environment. What they’ve done is they’ve hurt a lot of working people who used to have decent wages who no longer have decent wages. The legislation says we shouldn’t allow unelected bureaucrats to dictate the That workers should have the right to decide whether they want to be part of a Union or not. Forcing workers to pay Union dues. Do not have to pay union dues in order to get a job. People have to join a union in order to get employment. To choose whether or not to join a Union As well as for right to work. The union bosses run a well-greased By setting off member's dues like parasite And raising employers' labor cost The labor movement is one of the most important voices for justice in this country. Unions take away your right to choose where your money goes Being middle class nowadays means we have to work harder more hours for less pay. Kids, you can be the Union boss. Spend forced dues on politicians and eliminate the right to vote The only way that you're going to be able to exercise power it would be through collective action.
Workers' rights! Workers' rights! And now, we turn to that showdown raging in the heart land Thousands of union members taking to the streets When the Koch Brothers put all that money into Michigan here, they financed this thing. We are one. We are one. Union members from all across the commonwealth have gathered here in Harrisburg. These workers see it as union destruction. The people who are making all the money, they want what little we have left. Right to work is wrong. We want to take care of our children the way a working family is supposed to. Destroying what we have done and busting unions and that is not right. Out of state billionaires are just trying to damage the working people and it's ridiculous. We need to shine the light on who the Koch Brothers are and what their motives are. This threat is real. These folks are trying to buy our country and we can't let that happen. What the Koch Brothers want to do is destroy Social Security because Social Security is a federal government program that has been enormously successful. The Koch Brothers are funding think tanks and other organizations which are spreading an enormous amount
of disinformation about Social Security. Raising the age of the retirement is to ask people who are banging nails or waitresses, or so many blue-collar jobs out there that you got to keep working until you're 70 years of age That's just really unfair Second of all, we want to give the younger generation an opportunity to get out into the workforce. The Koch Brothers fund organizations and you have economists and political scientists working there and they are very, very good in getting on television. Raising the retirement age I would increase the retirement age So we'll probably have to increase the retirement age. We're probably going to have to raise the retirement age And people will not know they represent an organization which is heavily funded by corporate interests They are very effective in getting their positions out into the media Should Congress raise the retirement age? If you raise the retirement age Well, raise the retirement age Let's consider the options. Let's raise the age. Raising the retirement age to 69 At the same time, the Koch Brothers are putting huge amounts of money into campaign contributions. Very modest increases in the retirement age And eventually getting the retirement age to 70 is a step that needs to be taken. The age on Social Security will have to go up So you have an echo chamber which starts repeating a lot of misinformation. The Koch Brothers are funding study after study which suggests to people that Social Security is going bankrupt. Social Security is not going broke. Social Security has a $2.6 trillion dollar surplus. The program is actuarially bankrupt. Social Security and Medicare, they are going to go broke. The real risk is Social Security running out of money. Social Security going bankrupt Social Security already bankrupt Social Security is going bankrupt The system will be bankrupt. Bankrupt federal programs like Social Security Social Security is going bankrupt Social Security The Koch brothers want to privatize Social Security to invest your retirement funds on Wall Street and you may lose all of your retirement savings when you get old. Real security is based on personal accounts with real assets. I like the idea of personal accounts The option of investing one third of their Social Security payroll taxes into personal retirement accounts The Koch Brothers' job is to do everything they can to dismember government in general. And if you could destroy Social Security, you have gone a long way forward in that effort. The Koch Brothers are big oil personified and they're carbon barons. They make most of their money running pipelines around the continent. This proposed Keystone pipeline is a 1700 mile fuse to the biggest carbon bomb on the continent. It is going to take the dirtiest energies, so-called tar sands, and bring them down the United States. The Koch Brothers don't have access to this unbelievable amount of carbon and hence money. There are trillions of dollars worth of oil up there. Any spill means that the dirtiest, nastiest fuel on earth will be poured all over our country. Over 10,000 protestors surrounded the White House Sunday calling on President Obama to reject the proposed Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline. When we say tar sand, you say shut down. tar sand. Shut down Tar sand. Shut down. We're never gonna have enough money to compete with the Koch Brothers. We're going to have to find other currencies to use and sometimes it's our bodies. Over two weeks in Washington, 1253 people got arrested. That was the largest civil disobedience action in about 30-years in this country. I, myself, was arrested on the first day of this protest and spent the next three days in Central Cell Block in DC. We played the game as hard as we could, making it clear to President Obama that there were people all over the country really deeply concerned about this. And in the end, that was enough to outweigh the financial power of the Koch Brothers and the rest of the oil industry. President Obama making an unexpected decision on the Keystone Oil Pipeline. The President announcing they were gonna hold off On a final decision for at least a year. The Obama administration said today it is putting off a decision On whether to approve the Keystone Pipeline The Koch Brothers will scrape the bottom of the barrel with the tar sands That is the dirtiest fuel on the planet There's no limit on the number of communities and families they will hurt to make their money off dirty energy Something is wrong on this street, Penn Road, where I live. Something is wrong here in this community. It's killing people. Just like he killed my daughter. I live on Penn Road. People call me Mr. Bouie because I'm a minister. I pastor church for 22 years in this area. I'm a Reserved Deputy Sheriff and I'm a senior citizen. This house is Mr. Warfield Gibbs. His wife, Bobbie Sue Gibbs, passed away with multiple cancers a few years ago. I have to do this three to four times a day. This house here belongs to Mr. George Parker and Ms. Ollie Parker. Both of them was taken out by cancer. My husband died of lung cancer and I am having breathing problems. Mr. Tom Perkins and his wife, they live here. Mr. Tom Perkins is deceased now. He had multiple cancers. We have 15 homes in this area and maybe 11 people have died or more with cancer and that's unreal. What's going on here is a crime. It's just a waste. My daughter, Laetitia died at 43. She grew up in the neighborhood. She had a husband–a devoted husband. She had children that she really and truly loved and I think that she died too young. She was a non-smoker. She was not a drinker and she got lung cancer. And you know, you're wondering, "Where did it come from?" These people are sick. They're dying. This is inexcusable. Perhaps murderous. Great to see you. Good to see you again. When I met Mr. Bouie, I could not believe what was going on in this neighborhood. I think it has to do with our environment, what we smell, what we inhale. We were deer hunting in the back and we noticed that there was such a strong, strong odor back there. The smell was so strong and so bad, it was awful. They have cut this huge channel and it is like an open sewer line. This is where the smell is coming from. You can see the steam coming from this stuff. And at times it gets so bad it's like a big cloud and it gets up in the air and it flows right over the trees where our property is. It causes the throat to be sore, eyes to hurt, nose, and it's harsh to breath in. The first time that I came here and saw the color of the water, it was like an epiphany. This right here, this private property, but if you could follow it in a straight line, you would be at Georgia-Pacific Plant owned by Koch Industry. It's pitiful that Koch allowed this kind of stuff to be dumped, just dumped. Once I saw this, I knew Koch Industries were the culprits. They know that these people are sick. Koch Industries, Georgia-Pacific, they employ thousands of people here in Crossett and it's hard to come up against the company that employs so many people. The neighborhood of Penn Road is at ground zero. Right through these woods are these ditches carrying these various types of pollutions from the Georgia-Pacific Plant. And that industrial process includes the use and discharges to the air and to the water of a lot of nasty chemicals The Georgia-Pacific complex in West Crossett releases millions of gallons a day of waste water into a whole series of ditches. One might characterize these exposures as a ticking time bomb to the people's health that are breathing the air that's flowing from these open ditches. It's such a hard battle that these people have here. They don't have money and their state representatives are all influenced by the Koch Brothers and this whole system they have put together to be able to do whatever they want to. The Senate will come to order. Koch Brothers direct contributions has been an investment well worth it. It's certainly a lot less expensive than actually having to record this factories. The EPA will have doors locked and the lights turned off. Koch Industries not only manipulates the political process but more importantly to me is, they manipulate the public in to believing that the EPA is killing job The EPA is intent on taking matters into their own hands which will result in a bleeding of jobs. It is a problem when politicians are calling EPA and saying "Leave them alone," rather than calling them and saying, "Do your job and clean it up." This bill is about protecting jobs Jobs. What they're trying to do is just shut down this machine called America. Koch is using natural streams to transport waste and this is not allowed by the Clean Water Act and they can do it because EPA lets them do it. Koch Industries are repeat offenders of environmental crimes. Koch Industries is one of the primary sources of pollution in the United States They have a history of serious and even criminal pollution problems. Koch Industries subsidiaries have paid millions in environmental fines. The Koch Brothers are trying to stop the government from limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Government regulators have fined Koch Industries and its subsidiaries tens of millions for oil spills and pollution over the years. In 2000, a federal grand jury returned a 97 count indictment against Koch Industries in Corpus Christi, Texas. They were charged not only with emitting more benzene than they were allowed to, they tried to cover it up. Benzene is a known human carcinogen. People that are breathing benzene have increased risk of developing cancer. That's known. It's not suspected. It is known. But the Bush administration worked with Koch to come up with a plea bargain. So it went from a 97-count indictment to one count. The potential 350 million to just $20 million fine As an environmental criminologist, watching this case evolve makes me sick. They know they can get away with it. They'll just wait and be fined if they ever get caught which in most cases they won't ever be caught because the EPA is understaffed and under-funded. The Koch Brothers care more for their income than they do for their neighbors and people are constantly dying. It's just called cheap and not caring about people, or rivers, or the environment or anyone but their bottom line. David Koch, he can stop this Just as he donates millions of dollars to try to find a cure for cancer. It began 16 years ago when I discovered that I had prostate cancer and that I had not long to live. What kind of man is David if he has cancer and put all his money into research and then he's dumping in our back yard? Today my cancer is very much under control and my doctor advises me that I have many more years to live. He was able to buy good medicine, to see the best doctors. The fact that this magnificent research facility has been named after me is probably the greatest honor I've ever been awarded. With David Koch knowing that he has been right there what we, the people of this community, are now. And when you look around you and see people dying everyday, then that's shocking to us. I've lived here for 39 years. My husband died of lung cancer and I am having breathing problems and I feel that I might eventually have lung problem. The Koch Brothers, I'm reaching out, hoping and asking them to fix this problem because we need help here. In the Old West, they called it being out-gunned. They're out-gunned by the Koch Brothers. So I feel like their only hope is to make people realize what's happening here. If I could talk to Koch Brothers face to face, I just really believe I'm dying now. You know, just a slow death, that's what it is. The Koch Brothers are killing me and my family. I feel that Georgia-Pacific and Koch is responsible for my daughter's death. This is inexcusable and something's got to be done about it. Once we expose the wealthy and powerful individuals that seek to gain our political system, that’s where citizens get to step into the process. We get to say, "No more." Bad enough that we have to fight the Koch Brothers in terms of what they're doing to our planet. We shouldn't have fight with them also about what they're doing to our democracy. Stop the Koch Brothers! I think losers are those that don’t have the resources being deployed by Koch. At the end of the day, this is a battle of wills. It's a battle between the Koch Brothers' very organized money and people. We can change our politics. It won't be easy. It wasn’t easy to take on robber barons hundred years ago. Once we expose the Koch Brothers that unlocks the door. We need People can beat money, but only if we decide to link up and to organize. Money in our political process produces undue influence absolutely. We're not gonna be bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers. Good afternoon. Koch Industries. Hi, this is Jim Miller from Brave New Films. I'm producing a documentary about the Koch Brothers. I'm wanting to speak with David Koch about it. Koch Industries. How may I address your call? Hi, there. My name is Jordan. I'm calling from Brave New Films. We're working on a documentary about the Koch Brothers. May I speak to David Koch, please? Okay. Do you think you can hold on for just a moment? Certainly. Thanks. I wanted to see if I could talk to Charles Koch today to get a response on some of the issues we raised? Just hoping I could get in touch with somebody or to Charles Koch directly to see if we can get their comment on a couple of things we raised on the film. Uhh. He's unavailable. You know, I'm not allowed to do that. No. One moment, please. Let me–let me connect you with–let me put you on hold and see if this lady available. One moment, please. okay. Well, you have to do voicemail. I could take a message. Sure. I just wanted to ask some questions. okay. Oh, are you the person I should speak to? No. And the person you need to speak with is not available. Mr. Koch's office. Hi, this is Jim Miller from Brave New Films. I'm producing a documentary about the Koch Brothers. I'm wanting to speak with Mr. David Koch about some of the questions that we have. He's unavailable. Can I leave a message? sure Well, could I ask you to send an email with all the information and your inquiries to [email protected]? Sure. I'd be happy to do that. I'd also be really happy with the voicemail. Um. We'll start with an email. Okay. Well, I can almost assure you that he won't be able to call today. I would be surprised. Why would he hide the money he's spending if he's proud of what he's doing? Why he is attacking Social Security when it's essential to so many of our seniors. My next question Uh-hmm. Is why do you think it's right for billionaires to fight against raising minimum wage. So the director of the film, his name is Robert Greenwald and he would love to talk to somebody. Greenwald? Yes, Robert Greenwald. okay. And then also, why, as a billionaire, he's fighting against raising the minimum wage? How does he continue to pollute people's neighborhoods around his factories? And how he justifies taking away people's basic rights to vote. Okay. Well, I just want to make sure that we can get some answers. We're gonna go public next week and I want him to really have the chance to talk to us. We would like to send him the documentary that we're working on. Is that okay? Can I have an address? Jim Miller, Brave New Films. I heard you the first time. Thank you. Have a good day. He's unavailable because he's not here. He's out of the country. And I look forward to talking to him. I would encourage you to send an email. So, I'm not going to be able to provide you with any address today. Thank you. bye Bye-bye

In Hiding A Bigfoot Story (Bigfoot Movie 2019)

In Hiding A Bigfoot Story tells the story of a Bigfoot type creature reported in the Ocala National Forest that has been getting local 911 calls. Three friends decide to check out the sightings and reports for themselves. After talking with many of the locals they decide to set out on a journey into the unknown. Armed with only a camera they head deep into the forest.

Cast: Charlie Cogburn, Mark Vermont, Ian Cranston, iCizzle, Lori Simmons, Edna James, and more.

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oh hi how are you doing my name is Isis ole and I put together this documentary for you and I just wanted to warn you be prepared to be shocked terrified scared screaming wait what was I gonna say anyways I'm just kidding with you what I was gonna say is that I'm about to board a flight to go see my friend Charlie and we're gonna go uh make a Bigfoot documentary we're gonna call it in Heidi a Bigfoot story hey there miss Laurey hi and how are you we are awesome listen you know we know you honored your dad with your book and and then you actually sent me that book and thank you I love it and you know it's really got me it's got me soand you know I mean right right oh you missed [Applause] and how he responds to other people in the area Ocala National Forest you know that year and it was coming up I'm gonna talk to him you see it though I've seen all these Bigfoot sightings at all you know he even believe in that kind of stuff but I think it'd be funny if it's a good time by getting him the mark together would you mind if we went and stayed a couple days in the woods I think it'd just be fun you know I'm go talk with people and see what they think about Bigfoot and all of that there's I mean wow this is crazy it's right right out here in Ocala sightings are everywhere you're the pony tell me give me a phone I wanna fly to where he's it says he's in Washington they put capital but I didn't be good to get us all together [Applause] my name's Vanessa about 77 years old and I found your number on the bathroom wall it says so even for a good time so I'm calling you honey hey listen man I know you talked about coming in I got an idea let's uh let's all get together and and I'm looking at all these Bigfoot sightings that everything is you know I had that when I was young I've seen and always yeah I know y'all gonna say it's a Wichita bear but it wasn't a bear but we can say it with the bear and give you that I don't know you know it is what it is I may be fun man let's get more you know Marco free dance let's all just get together have a good time just a beer okay it's around fire whoo camping and like fun big for this – ok so talk to your mark you know mark mark big one says I'm a bit to get away for a little bit it'll be a oh honey is it okay if I go this type in the Ocala National Forest Bigfoot sightings and it's like [Applause] yeah yeah yeah let me know I'll pick me up from Orlando that's what closes airport to me bye buddy oh right I'm getting ready to film this Bigfoot movie I got all my equipment ready yeah I'm excited now I'm gonna be taking off taking off tomorrow in the evening just check this equipment looks pretty good weathers supposed to be nice somewhere in somewhere in the eighties so you know I'm gonna pack light take this bag with me and I you know it's cool I got I got some big Elvis in here you know for Charlie I haven't seen Charlie and she that has been at least five years since I've seen him I talked to him on the phone a few times you know see how things are going so yeah then I got this nice I got this cool light here Oh kind of bright but you you see the light it's pretty nice all right well I'm on my way to Florida in hand and I'm about to get on the plane here shortly looking forward to it's gonna be a fun trip I don't know go see we can do some Bigfoot hunting it should be a good time man I'm just waiting for my flight and look who I ran into touchdown Miami now we go to Orlando we know that you have a choice of traveling by air we thought you were choosing American Airlines have a good day from our professional sports high-tech university medical in cheese to our vibrant our community there is something for everyone enjoy your visit to get past these curves will be no houses demand is there any can't fit all these years still looks the same it wasn't like a monkey or same thing I saw a man is pure evil looking and I'll never forget it man I you know we're playing baseball out there and I forget who it was in Shane or who I think was Shane to hit the ball I chased it down and got into the woods and there was an analyst I don't never I was like five I guess five or six that is that I forgot it I forgot what it looked like nothing it just scared the hell out of me and it seemed a bit bill he he won't even come back to the woods no more and and then up here there's a bridge up here and I just got the side it'll did just a few nights ago we decided we'd go out here can't do this I figured in a kind of go back to the kid thing we tell stories each other and all that best we have scared the hell out of mark again we always scared in any way but yeah there was a guy that actually reported there's a bridge somewhere up in here and the guy reported go start to go over the bridge and seen it on the left-hand side of the room there's been a lot of sightings and not just the guy the other night but several people it love to kind of narrow kill some chickens and that it's kind of I mean you get an eerie feeling just looking you know it's kind of scary just to think that something like that could be out here but yeah it's all slumping down in there I here's a lot a lot of big deer back in here too come on guys dogs gone and they they found a carcass to hit but he said it was cut open they say it was a bear that did it because it was so mutilated but cuz as these guys y'all ready Bigfoot stories out here not out this way huh now they think we're crazy that is big that's when we need mark back there town they call Eureka Florida it's really zip code it is Fort McCoy Yurika boy what is known as the town and in out here Hawk Valley which will have to go up all Valley from shore that's what camp out there that's the nice words now if I remember where we're at it's right up here right is it right or is it I think it's left that's right that's right all right I'll get right and it sounds bright no good God anyway isn't that right kid yeah that's it Wow that's how facility crazy it still look the same way painted red white and blue the whole nine yards well they're doing a lot more to it you got some new stuff out here wow man does that not bring back some memories [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] you want my job yeah no dude this is great yeah it's fun actually no a book study and we're here and handles teddy so I went to Twitter I brought like a nobody thinks I can't see it when I saw the flame see like 10 that's all that's kind of weird I'm catching up with somebody then realizing stops then I realize the new taillights right so went by and it was standing there bartending upload scare them return to Southwest around just the only one I've ever seen three years we lived with him in Oakland County really [Applause] once he gives it all oh I just want to get the word out and I don't believe what most people think this house about to eat and their vision we put butter our dogs or pets we're gonna kill those it was said little accessories to ask him not to I said what kind of idiot dumbest thing I've ever heard ask him not to we got home and we want to be a journalist and said please don't I'm a pet lover fetch a dog check that it's three years he bought one little kit and we have a presidential run – box affairs one kid never probably long you never played the fingers at all [Applause] place and pulling meet this guy here we're doing all this yeah that's cool is that goes hand in hand you know was he say I was like three books yeah well you just wrote a third one he said but just to meet these people around here that's actually seen this thing it gives me more I don't know more of a drive right throughout our camp and maybe if anything we can get some sounds or something yeah that'd be awesome so let's see you were saying where we're going there's been Bigfoot sightings yeah yeah all the locals say they see Bigfoot up up this route like all the time and we're going to find it today it says might be one of the seven hundred sightings that has been reported out here I don't think he's been recorded it's just a local legend I guess you'd say okay this is a Bigfoot leaflets here it seems pretty peaceful back here yeah I mean not where I would imagine Bigfoot being but everybody talked about a Bigfoot back here yeah I would think it would be more like you know the not as many people or woody door yeah more wooded and uh I mean I guess it's kind of mossy out here wait what's that what's that holy shit holy what the there's Bigfoot that there's a Bigfoot wait let me let me focus in we found our first Bigfoot all right so what is this bridge – this is actually the cutoff it splits the boy area to the Hulk Valley in f2 Ocala National Forest we go across this bridge we're actually in the Ocala National Forest you know how large the forest is I think three hundred eighty seven thousand acres I mean look when I decide is just crazy as far as you can see all forest huh all forest okay what are we doing here in looking south thrill and that's where they people reported seeing one this is blown out right now there we go okay that's the only places I I mean I've looks like maybe a trail through here here there or maybe over there I don't know man it just uh just said that there's a little trail that it's been reported by a couple boaters coming through the river in the same area good place to take a bath yeah [Applause] a Bigfoot's recliner right there yeah we move on Carly's back – yup Mike when I was here on this and it was my bait shop how old sign it's about to fall in but it's still there this is where I started hearing all the Bigfoot stories all the locals you know Fisher hunters and this whole area is full of them pretty cool enough gasps listen oh shit yeah I see a light maybe maybe there's something there we hope there is that's all we need meat walking at night like this I see a lot of traffic it was like tailors yeah I don't know why I just didn't spend day with us course he's a Yankee stuff walk to it I'm glad we found this gas station I guess is a good thing we didn't bring any gas cam oh my god man you know that's still like a 15 mile on 16 mile drive out to them wood so yeah I'm glad you've seen it when you did cuz I was not paying any kind of attention just like hey don't don't film yet I'm getting yeah that's we're doing right now kind of like very witty hey you move out there to hold rally what do you want you hear about Bigfoot sightings out there really how about y'all y'all really yeah well hope we y'all seen Bigfoot out there and give me a story I got a news reporter here yeah he's got the camera right now see all shit all right I'm gonna let you go I got y'all blocked in yeah hey listen minions talking and we will go out to the woods tomorrow and maybe can't found do some Bigfoot shit you you want to go in you know what you want we just go have fun just some guys hanging out you know get away from the wives and all of that what I know you don't want to get away from your wife you'll her to go to alright what sounds good man listen we're riding out a ninth we'll pick you up we'll go out there tomorrow and let's make it fun with wood like interviewing people to make just make it a good time oh yeah jeepers ain't shit out here where we got gas we haven't seen I would seen a car in a minute not knowing can you imagine this being out here breaking down or you're screwed I'm in it's like pitch-black on her you ever see that movie The Blair Witch Project yes yeah I you know he was alright he did it really was it was alright I'm not into the whole thing and scary stuff I don't like that kind of stuff yeah I'm not really into witches yeah that stuff doesn't really I think the last scary movie I watched was the damn love Legend of Boggy Creek oh yeah again about Bigfoot so being after that encounter I kind of makes my hair stand up you know yeah I try to pass it off with everybody else yep it was just a bear but there was no bear I've ever seen before is man trying to try to find a spot to go just a you know to have fun man what's big good for the bonfire it's it around till some Bigfoot stories under each carry oh I said you know it's the big we're not gonna worry about me cuz I'm not hiding my face we get there because I a bunch of my Bigfoot [Applause] damn why d'amour got to move way back here yeah where would he come from Vermont yeah think so big was Vermont back here in the middle of damn woods I so you ready oh yeah hey Yankee we got a damn rebel flag and he's from Vermont come on hey Gary yeah charge the camera in the mario you walking downtown tomorrow we can go down in the world shut the fuck up that's all of them can't please morrow you don't all right lady to do an interview about a fixer citing she did or if you like there's a lot of sightings in that area tradition uh Pegram and there's a there's a few of them here on those I guess there's an island out here there's a few sightings on the island I don't know where the island is over here right there's the iodine all right all right oh it's right there yeah there's a few sightings on this island that's back there right there there's a higher power why can't there be so they put you know and that's what I don't understand people they'll find different things and policeman and but yeah they're clip you judge everybody over believe in a Bigfoot or believing in this or believe it in UFOs and all those people are crazy well why are we crazy if you believe in what you like in that's okay too you know well he pulled over a lion with its bricks you know but uh I think about your work bricks but yeah man you know this I just thought it would be cool all of us get together go out here do this it'd be fun time away from no ladies and then I got where I don't drink fired up fireball wasn't when the Bigfoot story occurred either by the way just yeah tell us about it it was 1991 the water you know they drained the dam and the water will get right this was a year they did not do that the water was really high and if you go with the Aqua ha there's some little offshoot creeks you can paddle up some of you have to get out of john boat and like push it over so far so doing that for about two hours up a creek beautiful no trash no worm cups no nothing no people ever been there probably right right so we stopped and I had soaked up and I was gonna get some water because it come out of the ground like a spring it was so beautiful right white sand all around it and I leaned up to get some water in that cup and I glanced up ahead of me in the stream and there was a about a five foot tall what I took to be a juvenile female hairy creature now there are monkeys out there in the midst and about life I've had to hit them with the paddle before those neurons it like a Silver Spring yes yeah they get in your boat right right not was not a monkey clearly not right when I saw her I guess I in took my breath and she turned and looked at me and she had big kind of oversized brown eyes but very friendly and very just at one with her place in nature she was beautiful and I turned my head to see if my husband was looking and he had walked around the corner and by the time I turned back around she made this odd little stand up and hoot thing and she went about five feet tall proportionate arms and legs not an oversized head nor feet just furry and the sun was shining on her and she was clean and silky looking she's beautiful and your first instinct is to go look where she came from right but I decided not to do that since apparently there weren't a lot of people there and I didn't want to bring any people there was her house right and I fully believed that there was an adult one out of my line of sight that smelled me or heard me and was warning her to come back right so that was how that went I've only told the story to two or three people because I am NOT certified crazy maybe slightly but not there was no alcohol or drugs involved in this encounter and I have looked for the creek many constants and never been able to find it yeah but this was a different country then right and there were no people and there was no garbage there was no pollution and there was no gas fumes for them to smell or fireworks going off three or four times a year it was there right and people all just came and where are they gonna go that's it really where are they gonna go yeah from here I used to be all the way to to Citra nothing Wow woods you're not that way no more no and when I was when I grew up here there was no people and I don't like Pegram Lake miles kale on either side of the road boy Wow Ocala lumber sales owned almost everything and all the boys around here poached deer and got in trouble regularly but that's how it was different some people didn't come back from those nine hunting trips and stuff right so yeah it was different and I seen that some people date they got the reports of it was evil it was pure evil than others say hey it was it was a beautiful experience and so but maybe maybe they're like human to wear maybe it's more Mean Green ya know maybe they can sense somebody's gonna hurt them or not – well I hope you might be able to find some sign of one if you go far enough take a while yeah gonna be cool be cool we're scared no not really no no they just wanted him that wasn't scared of the juvenile way right now bossy baby ten foot tall walk out I might run so much or uh yeah roll up in a little ball at like it's baby take care of me something duck and cover yeah yeah I think a little when I'll be okay with seeing but I don't know about a big one but yeah right here alone there was like 300 something sightings right it right there on on the backside of horseshoe so and we looked all that up like I don't like this right alright noisy people all the time yep can't even eat none of them right this thing that I saw didn't have pointed canines it didn't have fangs yeah what an ass tonight my uncle has seen it he just said it looked in hominoid I believe it's a word right it's the kind of teeth and jaw we have right yup he said it didn't look like a man it didn't look like a monkey no it was not a monkey not a monkeys do have fangs right I got a friend as Miss up in Washington her dad was gone I'm trying to remember I can't remember his last name but he was one of the originals in the whole Bigfoot night and her name is laurie simmons and she just did a book and she she's described something that nobody else has she says why they're not finding these things charlie is because they live underground you know and I'm stories you know to maybe there's that would explain older from living you know the whole nine yards but um she has a video it's on YouTube on her YouTube channel that she's at this tree and she's knocking on this tree and the ground below her you actually see the ground move and it can hear grunting I I was a maid when I seen it I was like you got to be kidding me when I run across this house yeah you know and but she talks to him like they're little babies you know and and you can hear it clear in the video and she's got people with her that are freaking out roll back to the car you know but uh yeah unbelievable so and that's her theory she says you know I think they really do add to this because of what she's found she thinks they live underground and I said well you know what that would be a good reason why nobody's fine you know they're not above where everybody's looking only inordinately yep good yeah yeah we've been having fun what's this is the opening to three hundred eighty-seven thousand acres and in two years over seven hundred Bigfoot sightings right here where we're at you want to make camp here tonight if we can get car back here we try I just got to be a little trail or something cuz I hear the hard road over there here's a little probing come in on that'll work so it's dry now here's our threshold this is our threshold of going into the unknown kind of cool there's raccoon tracks but a lot of shoe tracks that are going this way but none coming back in is there uh what's out here I mean what uh like is there like raccoons out here out here there's raccoons snakes cow what they call cats which is like Panthers stuff like that yeah bears lots of bears right yeah this is a whole area is overpopulated with bears and I think the state just started a hunting thing out here for bears from what I was reading up on I haven't been up this way in a long time so but uh yeah he's been come out here in camp and kind of makes my hair stand up because this is where I had my encounter and it scared the hell out of me and it was it was actually probably a good mile and a half back of course everybody says it was a bear but it wasn't no bear man I know what a bear is and it was looks like a raccoon it was digging down in the ground what I thought was not a bear this first I've been back here since then it just now you know the one lady we talked to said that she had the feeling that it was a warmth and that's not what I felt I felt it scared me oh of course I was a little kid you know and it was big it was I don't know it probably ate her ten foot tall but what I seemed that wasn't I didn't get that feeling that it was okay I got the feeling I need to get the hell away or it's gonna hurt me well you know what I know what I saw I know it wasn't a bear and to have all these sightings in this general area within two years and there's more than that it goes way back you know but just in two years over several hundred sightings there's more to it than just nothing going on people are making up nobody's making up all that shit hey-oh funny yeah funny funny Charlie funny that in the coffee this morning I appreciate that oh man I don't know it's one of them one cup wonder thing you know I can't stand yeah I put a spoon or two coffee in and it never comes out correctly oh yeah I'm wired sound like a Lynyrd Skynyrd song you went down to the non-believer what is that song a tree that's red paint okay that's that back to the Bigfoot on her period [Applause] oh yeah yeah I told you not it wrong with him cuz I know they're they're harmless no they'll bite you but yep cool don't keep rattlesnakes away yeah again mori-san okay what a thank you what are these houses out here are these just just for is this a what is it what are they show it wait out in the back duck and when that happened these things they say were rented all the way up until like a week ago non-stop yeah you know and I mean weeks at a time we're normally they only have now which way do we go well that way looks like is a long way out nothing let's go around his fervor beer orange brains what is this highway 315 yes I said which brings or something up gracias on I see the reflection of it in a tree gas station always a good age that's a restaurant Ivies country cap and that's a restaurant sweetie my knees country can fit you guys got the best sweet tea down there I don't drink tea or any sweet rosy tea of none like that their knees when I don't know that we got a movie about partly interest there's so many sightings right here you know and then this one right here similar go GoPro oh wow but this one actually has a screen on the back and this one takes like a micro SD these things are so easy holy cow yeah you want to go or you want it I'm sorry the lab the other one the other one you wanted to go you know what that'd be a good place 10:00 to 10:00 we can't have a fire over there could you tell he might get fuzzy to be my my what I don't live that long a mustache moustaches because right here foot country in Florida right yeah I man that was a have some interesting Bigfoot stories today I'll tell you that much yep I thought you will get back here yeah we shouldn't be back here on this but not just late at night remember when we walked through this morning this is that real real uh sandy spot so I don't know I'm hoping to God look at that didn't incline oh shit yeah shall we Pete driving back here probably not but I told you we'll get back I'll get the car back here so hang on guys everybody oh shit shit are you just messing with me again messing with us no we're dug down let me set this down real quick just messing with us no we're stuck come on you can't be stuck look at this a nano leak it should we get some like you know I mean like 2×4 is there anything in the truck now wait we'll get out of it go tomorrow let's do this I mean ain't nobody gonna come back here because we got the car back here let's uh let's let's just grab everything let's set up camp we'll set up go ahead and go back right over there mark shining light over there yeah I mean that's close enough it's move it open there let's go there Martin we'll grab that can't hear listen let's go back and we'll get up on the hill what the hell is that oh my god yeah yeah please the hell was that it stinks – do you hear that something back there I'm sure it's just a maybe it's a rabbit or something all right let's go back over here and I don't think you should be doing that did you uh you kind of kind of pee in your pants love it there flat ground all right here wait here and I'll go back and get the other chairs and uh okay if y'all want to build a fire or something yeah there I'll help build a fire I got to go back and get the can of paint so we can start it yeah let's do it here so now we need to pick it up and move it where's the door over here can't move it why because it's pinned to the ground well that's on pin it hey you gotta reset it well we'll have to reset mark the fucking doors over here our fires over there buddy hi I'm pin it and move it you sit there and take a break don't take your break being on pin that side yep all we got to do is yeah break it take a break man yeah I didn't work I hope this light so we won't have fire tonight come on you little shit fucking shit cheap-ass shit I tell her don't buy me no damn dollar thing yeah we don't need a camp bone up on me well I don't feel bad since we're not as far out as what I was when I seen that thing that barrier we'll call it the Big Bear you know I was pissed me off and everybody made me feel like a fucking jerk because I know what I seen I was a little kid but I know the difference between the fucking bear right you know and that was not no bear what I saw look at look at Dave talking today yeah and Edna yeah about their signings they know the difference from a bear but yet you know what I mean I think I think it's that fear thing people take it and pass judgment off on something else so they don't have to be scared and I'm telling you what what I seem scared to living shit out of me it wasn't this natural beauty that was described it was fucking freaky yeah and I was little of course you know something like that you see it would scare you being little so it may have been innocent nights and right whatever crush your little so people don't actually shit yeah I know I thought camping without it I'm just glad you guys are here with me we're all having a good time it's been fun I mean yeah I learned I learned a lot more about Bigfoot I was a subject man I'm yeah we're a little bit too far out here to scare our fucking self and three grown men sleeping in the same fucking enemy Wayne spooning yeah you legs a little bit too hairy for me there buddy well you know I need you sewn and then and there are some out there and I you know hey in all respect that's what they choose I hope they're happy with it and that's that's their own priority that's just ain't my lifestyle you know we all deserve to live happy and no matter if it's that way or not and I like a lesbian I am too I will be I'm the biggest never been ever father Groppi making money with that thing Bobby rich I ain't no footsteps out this floor but ours I think we got on that Bigfoot shit and nobody's getting scared mine's probably going that direction you hear that yeah anyway it's only so uh do some racing I'm gonna get some pussy when I get back I'm about y'all almost like it was a rock or something he threw at it just some rocks ain't it mark just a rock okay there's something in that what man my battery my battery's about to go dead with me you changed my my camera battery okay is that really okay yeah where's that raccoon that's gay okay kitty-kitty nowhere kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty candy are you guys doing out here well they look like wild cats don't have any callers on yeah well you know all this land I'm sure people look at the fucking cats what a cat's doing out here there ain't houses nothing for fuckin miles and it's cats – cats right here so maybe somebody dropped him off he's eaten by you tonight I'm sleeping in the car tonight yeah you walk him back by yourself I'm gonna go right in that motherfucker right there well we got to find the car I kind of know we remember where it is I mean once me three main kinda you should remember a chair damn call man I was just driving hey Bob was just fucking driving Oh head we're going get out it yes scene I seen The Blair Witch where they lost their car what's the start a ticket is the start of the end of the movie I'll tell you what though I wasn't crazy shit yeah I mean they they was kind of like what we've been doing right I mean honestly they were kind of like us and then just go out and did what they fucking did man to make billions I wish we could do that shit Yeah right table wouldn't it wouldn't help me none I'd give it all to fucking people I would I'd I just help everybody just try make a difference I'm sick of this fucking world man everybody so focus on what you have is who you are and yeah everybody's from solves yep sucks fuckin sickie all the Trump shit the Obamas shit man ain't no change in that white house it's changing us we've got to go out there and create our own difference and be that man in the mirror that's it man Michael had it right dude no no where you going you got this there's some fucking cats back there it's the cat smart need to leave that pussy alone oh I don't think there's anything out there we're gonna be using leaves Charlie that's probably nothing nevermind I mean all these like coyotes and no I just thought I saw some eyes or moving back there alright nothing you know yeah we'll get it out and head on back alright I guess I'll just shut down it's been a good one yeah I'm gonna set the camera down fella with them yeah that night actually open but yeah well I don't know how much more I've got of it I can't recharge it so yeah alright we're good hey you know I heard something Charlie yeah Charlie get up man there's something out there I heard footsteps [Applause] the hell'd you give us indeed down here ah get out of here bear oh my god holy shit it's coming back this way it's just walking around back and forth let it walk around back and forth just let it leave we move you become able to go away this is prey it's going back by them trees film it let's get to some fucking film I know who don't shine a light that's a million dollar fucking show daddy did he just go in holy I think it's go away oh my god [Applause]

VOYAGE TO THE PREHISTORIC PLANET // Full Science Fiction Movie // Basil Rathbone // English // HD

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In 2020, after the colonization of the moon, the spaceships Vega, Sirius and Capella are launched from Lunar Station 7. They are to explore Venus under the …

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واقع الحقيقة هناك قصة في الإنجيل عن أن الله أنزل المن من السماء والغذاء للحفاظ على بني إسرائيل بينما كانوا
يتجولون في البرية ولكن الإنجيل لم يذكر تحديدا ما كان عليه — ما كان
هذا المن من السماء؟ عندما سألت هذا السؤال، لم يكن لدي أي فكرة كم كانت
حياتي على وشك أن تتغير المعجزة الأولى التي ذكرت عن المسيح هي تحويل الماء إلى نبيذ خلال حفل زفاف ويروى أنه قد نفذ النبيذ ووضع المسيح جزء من المن
في الماء المغلي ليقدم كشاي وأمر النوادل بتقديمه على أنه نبيذ فاتصلت بديباك وقلت له: ديباك، يجب أن أتحدث معك –
لقد وجدت بعض الأشياء في الإنجيل لا معني لها. أعتقد أنني وجدت بعض الأشياء الخاصة بالمنشطات
العقلية والتأمل – ما رأيك؟ كان هادئ على الهاتف – فقلت له: ديباك، هل ما زلت
على الخط؟ فرد علي: نعم، وأضاف: أين وجدت هذه
الأشياء تحديداً؟ أرسل لي ما كنت تتحدث عنه ماذا تريد أن تفعل يا ديباك، ماذا علينا أن نفعل
حيال ذلك؟ هل تريد أن تكتب شيء ما؟ فرد ديباك: هذا أمر مهم للغاية، لم لا نتحدث عن هذا
الموضوع؟ هل يمكن لجزء من التجربة الدينية أن يكون له علاقة
بأسرار النباتات؟ في تقاليد ديباك، تم استخدام نبات سومو لتقريب
الناس إلى الإله. هل يمكن أن تكون تراتيل فيدا في الواقع تغني لهذا
النبات الذي لا بذور له ولا زهور له، الذي كان
عبارة عن فطر هناك مشهد في الفيلم نوح، بطولة راسل كرو، حيث رأي
في المنام أنه كان تحت الماء مع الحيوانات تطفو
حوله. يستيقظ مع العلم أن الله يريد منه أن يفعل شيئا،
لكنه لا يعرف ما هو. يذهب ويجلس مع الرجل الحكيم في كهف، ومثله انتوني
هوبكنز. الذي يعطي له بعض الشاي المنشط. يشربه ثم يكون
لديه رؤية مفصلة بالضبط عما يريده الله أن يفعل. أولا وقبل كل شيء هذا شيء ممكن – نعم. ثانيا، لماذا لدينا مستقبلات في المخ لهذه الأشياء؟ حسنا، لأننا جزء من هذه الطبيعة نفسها. كما أننا لا
ننفصل عن الطبيعة. فالعلم يقوم على تقسيم المادة والموضوع – وهذا
الفصل ضعيف – مثلاً، أنا والكون في الواقع، أنا أيضا جزء من الكون. لذا، فإن نفس العواصف الكهربائية التي تخلق الرعد
والبرق في السماء تخلق أيضاً تفاعلات في ذهني. مما يولد الفكر. نحن جزء من التكامال وما التجربة الدينية إلا
اختبار التكامال بذاته ما التنوير إلا الاتحاد مع المصدر لذلك ما تعطيه للناس – لا أطلق عليه تغيير في الوعي
– ولا أطلق عليها الهلوسات إنما تسمح للناس بالتحرر من الهلوسة اليومية بأننا
مفصولون – وتريهم واقع الحقيقة. وسواء فعلوا ذلك عن طريق النبيذ أو المن أو سوما من
يهتم؟ هذا شيء لا معني له – كيف يمكن تجاهل تلك النباتات
القديمة التي ستوصلك إلى الله بطريقة أو بأخرى؟ هل يمكن لهذه النباتات أن تكون الحكمة القديمة التي
نحتاجها لحل مشاكل عالمنا المعاصر؟ ماذا نسمي الواقع اليومي – وهو ما يعتقد أمر طبيعي.
حسناً؟ هناك حرب – هناك إرهاب – هناك ظاهرة الاحتباس
الحراري – هناك ظلم اجتماعي – ٥٠٪ من سكان العالم
يعيشون على أقل من دولارين يوميا. البيئة مشوهة تماماً – ونحن نقول هذا أمر طبيعي. ذلك جنون، أليس كذلك؟ وهو جنون لأننا أنشأناه. ماذا برأيك سيتطلب لاختراق تلك الحدود في هذه
المرحلة؟ أعني، نحن ها هنا في القرن الحادي
والعشرين. لنحتفل – سوف نجلب الجميع إلى البيرو وننورهم –
آمين. هل أخبرني ديباك للتو أن أذهب إلى البيرو أشرب شاي
آياهواسكا؟ واحدة من أقوي المنشطات المعروفة للبشر؟ بينما لا أزال في حالة ذهول من هول ما أوصي به
ديباك، اصطدمت بصديقنا جيري الذي كان سخياً
بإعارتنا منزله على الشاطئ لإجراء هذه المقابلة. كان عندي فضول لمعرفة رأيه فيما قاله ديباك. لم أكن أدرك في ذلك الوقت، ولكن عالم جيري كان يخرج
عن السيطرة. على الرغم من بعد أن باع شركته ما يقرب من ١٠٠
مليون دولار جيري كان يتعاطى المخدرات – يفرط في شرب الخمر –
وكانت عائلته في حالة من الفوضى، وكان يحاول في
الأساس قتل نفسه ولكن ببطء. حينها قد أدركت كلمات ديباك كان استيعابي لها يزيد. لعلكم تتساءلون عند هذه النقطة، من هو هذا الرجل
"زابي"؟ دعوني اخبركم القليل عن نفسي. كنت قد فعلت كل شيء كما أملي على المجتمع – الذهاب
إلى المدرسة – الحصول على وظيفة – توفير حفنة من
المال – الوقوع في الحب تأسيس عائلة – كنت أعيش الحلم الأميركي – اشتريت
موقع الكتروني ب ٨٠،٠٠٠ دولار – وبعد بضعة أشهر
بعته ب ٧ ملايين دولار ها أنا ذا أحدق في إعلاني المذاع خلال بطولة
"السوبر بول" – الحياة أصبحت سريالية للغاية – حتى
مع امتلاكي كل ما سبق. محادثاتي مع ديباك أوضحت أن هناك تجارب أخرى والتي
كنت بحاجة لتجربتها. قيمة التجربة أكثر أهمية بالنسبة لي، لذلك شعرت
دائما أني أود أن يكون عندي جواز سفر مليء بالأختام
على أن أمتلك بيت من نوع معين. خطر لي أنني مثل معظم الناس، أبحث عن السعادة خارج
نفسي. وأدركت أنني قد لا أكون سعيداً حقا إلا إذا ذهبت
داخل ذهني للبحث عن بعض الإجابات. قال ألبرت أينشتاين: لا يمكنك إصلاح مشكلة بنفس
الوعي أو التفكير الذي وضعك في ذلك الموقف. هذا يعني بالنسبة لي أنه إذا أردت أن حل مشكلة في
حياتي او إذا كان المجتمع يريد حل بعض المشاكل
الكبيرة لدينا. مثل العنف – تدمير البيئة – الإدمان – الاكتئاب،
نحن بحاجة إلى تغيير وعينا الجماعي. هل يمكن للمجتمع استعمال بعض هذه التقنيات القديمة
لحل لمشاكله الحديثة؟ واتخذت الناس التي جاءت قبلي مثالاً أعلي، على ما
يبدو كان لديهم كل شيء ولكنهم اختاروا المجازفة
بالذهاب داخل عقولهم. هؤلاء الناس ما يمكن أن أسميهم "بحارة العقل".
ورأيت أن هؤلاء الناس كانوا في طريقهم إلي داخل
عقولهم. واستكشاف ما كان داخل عقولهم كجزء من تجربتهم وقلت
لنفسي: هذا رائع ويجب أن أفعل ذلك أدركت أنه قبل أن أتطرف وأجلس مع الكاهن شامان –
يجب أن أذهب وأتكلم مع بعض أصدقاء ديباك حول ما
يسمى بالواقع. إذا كنت تعرف فقط عن عالم مكون من ٣ أبعاد – إذا
كنت تميز فقط الجسم – إذا كنت تميز فقط الظروف
الفانية. والخبرات الفانية. إذاً فأنت إلى حد كبير تحت تأثير
تلك الظروف. إنهم على قناعة بأن هناك شيء أكبر يحدث هنا. ما نراه هو فقط جزء صغير من الواقع – لدينا ٣
حالات: الاستيقاظ، الحلم والنوم. ولكن أبعد من ذلك، هناك حالة لا تربط بالثلاث حالات
وهي اليقظة المريحة. لا مجال للهرب من أن نكون الطاقة – لذلك نحن دائماً
الطاقة – ما نراه من أجسام هي في الواقع انعكاس
للضوء (الفوتونات) التي ضربت طاقتنا وترتد مرة أخرى تعكس
الضوء كحقل طاقة. نستطيع الوقوف مع العالم غير الواقعي – الذي يبدو
حقيقياً ويبدو محدوداً بقوانين الزمان والمكان، ومع
ذلك لديهم إيمان بعالم أبعد من ذلك. حرفيا يستحضر ذلك العالم إلى كيان. يبدو وكأن ما كان الجميع يقوله هو أن الحقيقة هي
مجرد فكرة. أنا بحاجة إلى الخبرة المباشرة من
الذهاب في الداخل. هل يمكن للحكمة القديمة أن تشمل النباتات والتأمل؟ كنت متحمساً لمعرفة أن الكثير من المشاهير مثل جيري
ساينفيلد، مارتن سكورسيزي كانوا يقومون بالتأمل
لفترة طويلة. ومؤخرا كان الناس مثل أوبرا وينفري والدكتور أوز،
وكاتي بيري يمارسون التأمل، ويبدو أنه يجعلهم أكثر
إبداعاً. كنت أرغب في معرفة ما إذا كان بعض من هذه الحكمة
القديمة ستمكنني من الوصول لطاقتي الإبداعية في عام ١٩٦٠، جاء رجل يدعي مهاريشي ماهيشيوجي من
جبال الهيمالايا إلى الولايات المتحدة، وانتهي به
المطاف إلى تعليم فن التأمل لفرقة البيتلز. والباقي معروف. اليوم، هناك أكثر من ٧ ملايين شخص في العالم يقومون
بفن التأمل – ما يعجبني بفن التأمل هو أنه لا يوجد
عقيدة مرتبطة به. انها حقا تقنية بسيطة تتضمن تكرار تعويذة لنفسك
والذي تتسبب لك بسمو عقلك إلى حالة أكثر إدراكاً
للوعي. حتى تصل إلى مكان يسمى بالوعي العالمي. حقل لا نهائي من الطاقة التي تربطنا جميعاً حيث يتم
احتواء كل المعرفة، وحيث يظهر كل شيء عندما توفي مهاريشي في عام ٢٠٠٧ جعل جون هاغلان
المسؤول – كفيزيائي كمي وكمتأمل كان قد استخدم بنجاح النظرية الكمية لدعم نموذج
مهاريشي عن أن الذكاء الخلاق هو مركز كل الخلق. الوعي اليقظ هو عبارة عن إدراك شيء ما، هذا – ذاك –
المفهوم – الشخص – السمو هو ترك كل ذلك وراءك للعزل واختبار النفس بذاتها. إنها نعمة أنها ليست نهاية القصة، ١٠ – ٢٠ دقيقة من
ذلك هي كافية – والفكرة هي أن يعود إلى النشاط،
وعلى نحو متزايد دمج وتحقيق استقرار الواقع الداخلي والسكون الداخلي جنباً إلى جنب مع
الواقع الخارجي. عندها نكون الحياة مثيرة مع مرور الوقت. للحياة جوانب عديدة. الدماغ وهو شيء ملموس جداً
يمكنك قياسه، يمكنك لمسه. ولكنه يتفاعل مع مجال
الوعي، وما يتحدون معاً، ذلك هي نفس الفرد أو شخصية الفرد وهذا ما يعتقد معظم الناس أنهم عليه. أنا طولي ٥
أقدام – لدي هذا المستوى من التعليم – أنا هذا
الجزء في المجتمع – لدي هذا المبلغ من المال. هذا ليس في الأساس من أنت. ولمعرفة ذلك – تحتاج إلى معرفة ما اختبروه – وهنا
يأتي دور التأمل. "أظهر الجنود نسبة تعافي تصل إلى ٥٠٪ من آثار
اضطرابات ما بعد الصدمة وذلك بعد ثماني أسابيع فقط
من ممارسة التأمل" "ممارسة التأمل تساعد على تخفيض مستوي القلق بشكل
ملحوظ وزيادة المرونة ضمن الشباب" "المساجين الذين يمارسون التأمل على الأرجح لن
يعودوا إلى السجن بنسبة تصل إلى ٣٣٪" لقد وُجد أن الجذر التربيعي لواحد بالمئة في بعض
المدن هنا وهناك وأنه يقوم بخلق إيجابية في المناخ
وميول الناس ما أثارني بخصوص هذا هو أنه إذا أردنا تغيير الوعي
العالمي – فنحن بحاجة فقط إلى عدد لا بأس به من
الناس تحت هذا التأثير. عندما وجدت هذه الآيات في الكتاب المقدس "كفوا
واعلموا أني أنا الله، أتعالي بين الأمم" هذا ما
يقوله المتأملين. من الواضح جداً انها هناك. الكتاب المقدس يحث على
التأمل. في هذه الأيام، الانتماء الديني أخذ في التقلص. "الملايين من الناس يتركون الكنيسة والمقدر أن ٢٠٪
لا يعودون لها على الإطلاق" كنت بحاجة للتحدث إلى بعض الزعماء الدينيين وكبار
العلماء في عصرنا عما إذا كان التأمل جزءاً من
الدين. عندما يتعلق الأمر بالزعماء الدينيين، ليس هناك
أفضل من جويل أوستين. أردت أن أسأل جويل ماذا كان المن من السماء باعتقاده لا أدري – أكان مثل الخبز؟ أم كان مثل الفطر؟ هذا
ما سمعت أود لو كان الفطر – رائع – لم أكن أتوقع ذلك الوصف في الكتاب المقدس من موسى وعيسى يميل إلى
الفطر أكثر من الخبز. في الواقع، كل معجزة أخرى تم ذكرها، المسيح كان قد
فعلها بعد أن شربوا شاي الفطر. آية من الإنجيل "لكنهم لم يسمعوا لموسى بل ابقي منه
ناس إلي الصباح. فتولد فيه دود وأنتن" الخروج ١٦:٢٠ سانت مارك بازيليكا – مدينة البندقية – إيطاليا هنا
كل التلاميذ وهنا المسيح مع الفطر العملاق خلفه ها هو المسيح هنا مع هذه الفطر العملاق وراءه. دعني ارى. المسيح مع الفطر العملاق وراءه. كنت أرغب في التحدث مع بعض الناس التي كانت هناك –
وفعلت ذلك. على الأرجح أنني تعاطيت المنشطات بقدر أي شخص على
قيد الحياة – عندما تقع بعيدا للحظة شيء ما يحدث –
وهذه في الواقع هي البداية والآن عليك أن تتعلم العالم كأنك طفل رضيع. ما وجدت أنه اكتشاف أنها في المقام الأول هي المادة
الوحيدة المذهبة للعقل التي تحتاج أكثر من مكون. والحقيقة الأخرى المثيرة للاهتمام هو أن كل من هذه
المواد ألا وهي "إم إيه أو" و "دي إم تي" يتم إنتاجها في الجهاز العصبي لكل الثدييات، لذلك
هي مواد تنتجها أجسامنا بالفعل. الفيلم الوثائقي "النماء" من إخراج المخرج فوستر
غامبل حطم العديد من الأساطير التي كانت تُقدم على
أنها الشيء الطبيعي للمجتمعات والتي تبقينا عبيداً لما يسمى الواقع. لذلك يبدو أن الميل الطبيعي هو لتغيير وعينا إلى حد
ما، وأعتقد أن أحد أسباب ذلك هو أننا عندما تغير وعينا، يمكننا أن نرى حياتنا اليومية بطريقة جديدة
– فإنها تميل إلى رفع وعينا اليومي. وبالنسبة لي، هذا هو بيت القصيد – إذا كنا نستطيع
استخدام المواد سواء كان ذلك البروكلي أو آياهواسكا
أو نوتة موسيقية لتعطينا لمحة عما هو ممكن للإنسان، وعلى وجه التحديد، ما هي
الخطوة التالية بالنسبة لي؟ ما أنا على استعداد له؟ عندما فُصل وعيي عن جسدي، تغير النموذج تماماً –
أدركت شيئاً ما – هناك شيء أكثر من هذا مركبة اللحم
"الجسد" هذه التي لدينا. ودفعني هذا الإدراك إلى الكتابة بشراسة طول الليل
حتى طلوع الفجر، وذلك أعاد تقييمي لفلسفتي بأكملها. من تلك النقطة، لقد كنت في رحلة روحانية – العثور
على الإجابات بنفسي والنباتات كانت أروع المعلمين في هذه الرحلة وفي كثير من الأحيان هناك فائدة كبيرة من تجربة
واحدة لأنها تصل إلى صميم الأمور التي تحدث. حتى انها تقريباً مثل اختصار علاج عشر سنوات في سبع
ساعات. كونداليني يوغا رمز من رموز غورموخ، تعلم العديد من
المشاهير كيفية الوصول لداخل أنفسهم باستخدام
تقنيتها التي كان لديها تجربتها الخاصة مع الطاقات المذهبة للعقل. أنا لست نادمة على أي شيء قمت به من أي وقت مضى –
يقول الناس أني تعاطيت المخدرات – وماذا في ذلك؟
لقد أوصلتني هنا – انسي الأمر – قابلت أناساً آخرين
أتمنى لو أنهم تعاطوها لأنهم لا يستطيعون المرور من خلال الحاجز – لا
يمكنهم الوصول إلى البعد السادس ومع ذلك تريد أن ننظر إليه، فإنه سيكون المجهول.
ولديك الاختيار إما الخوف أو الإيمان – الإيمان
بأنك ستكون بخير وأن الدروس ستكون قيمة وأن الدواء سوف يوجهك – أو
الخوف – الخوف بأن شيئاً آخر سيحدث. سوف يكون مجهولاً في كلتا الاتجاهين، لذلك اختار
الإيمان. هناك أوقات في الحياة حيث من خلال وسائل مختلفة
والله يعمل بطرق غامضة، يُظهر لنا قمة الجبل. انها
مثل بالنعمة. كأن يد الله ترفعنا لنا وتبين لنا الجبل. أنا مدين بالامتنان لتجربتي مع المواد المختلفة. لا أستطيع الموافقة عليه إلا إذا كنت في مكان معين،
في بيئة معينة، مع بعض المعالجين حقاً لأنها يمكن
أن تسبب الفوضى فهي أدوات تحول قوية ويجب احترامها إذا تقربت منهم
بالقدر الكافي من التواضع والاحترام، وأنا أميل إلى
الاعتقادبأنك ستكون على ما يرام. الناس يخافون أنهم إذا استعملوا هذه الأدوية، فإنهم
سيخسرون الأشياء التي يحبونها أكثر في أنفسهم وهذا مجرد خوف طبيعي – تجد شخصاً يحب حياته المهنية
– ماذا لو ذهبت إلى الرحلة وأردت أن أكون مدرب يوغا إنها لن تفعل ذلك يا رجل – وإن فعلت ذلك فسوف تكون
أكثر سعادة عند حصول ذلك هناك فرصة بأن استخدام المؤثرات العقلية سيفتح
العقل ويريك من أنت حقاً أنا مفتون بها – ومهتم بها – وأعتقد أنه سيكون لها
فائدة حقيقية في مكان ما – ما زال مبكراً بالنسبة
لي، كشخص متدرب بطريقة معينة. لا ضرر ولا ضرار – المساعدة – أن أكون حقاً واضحاً
حول ما أفعله – نحن لسنا متأكدين بعد مهما كلف الأمر، سواء كنت تتعاطي المخدرات أو ما
إذا كنت تمارس التأمل، أو أيا كان لا يهمني حقاً. ليس هناك شك في ذهني أن أول مؤشر بالاستخدام الرسمي
للمهلوسات سيكون نهاية الحياة لأنه من الواضح أن ما أقراءه وأراه في الأبحاث أنها تحسن القدرة
على ان تكون مرتبط مع شيء، ويشعرك بالأمان حول
عملية الموت. والله يعلم أننا بحاجة إلى المساعدة بذلك في هذا
البلد. النموذج النفسي التقليدي – النموذج الطبي التقليدي، فإنه عادة ما يستغرق سنوات وسنوات من العلاج، وسنوات من التدخل
والعمل مع فريق الخبراء لمجرد الحصول على تقدم بسيط في حياة شخص ما. مما رأيت في هذا التشبيه الذي ذكرته – هو أنه يمكن
اختصار عشرة إلى عشرين سنة من العلاج النفسي في
جلسة إلي جلستين من علاج طب النباتات. هناك علاقة لطب النباتات عندما يتم إدخالها من باب
التقاليد التي تجعل الناس تدرك طريقهم في الحياة بشكل مقدس أعتقد أن كلمة مخدر لها مفهوم سلبي – لا أستطيع
التفكير في أي شيء – ربما – إذا كان بعض المخدرات
تشفي فعلا شخص ما، فإنه من الدواء. قبل أن أخذ القفزة النهائية، كنت بحاجة إلى التحدث
إلى رام داس وهو من الأقوياء عندما يأتي الأمر
للمنشطات، كان اسمه الحقيقي ريتشارد ألبرت. ولد لعائلة ثرية في نيو انغلاند ودرس في جامعة
هارفارد، وبعد التخرج عمل كباحث في الجامعة. كان العام ١٩٦٠وكان قد تم اكتشاف مخدر "إل إس دي" –
ان الحكومة مازالت تدرس تأثيره على الأفراد ومقاتلي
الأعداء. بينما كان الباحثون في جامعة هارفارد – ألبرت
وأستاذ تيموثي ليري يجرون التجارب على الطلاب
باستخدام الفطر ومادة “إل إس دي" والتي كانت قانونية في ذلك الوقت وكانت النتائج لا تقل شيئاً عن المعجزة –
المستخدمين أفادوا أنهم مروا بتجربة مغيرة لحياتهم
بما في ذلك دراسة والتي أظهرت أن ٦٠٪ من المدمنين على الكحول التي
أعطيت لهم جرعة واحدة من الفطر بالجرعة الصحيحة
أقلعوا عن شرب الخمر بيل ويلسون، مؤسس "الكحوليون السريون"، أقلع عن شرب
الخمر بعد تجربة عجيبة مستخدماً المنشطات العقلية كيف يمكن للجميع ألا يعرفوا عن ذلك؟ – بعد أن أٌحبط
من الغرب، ذهب إلى الهند – سماه معلمه "رام داس" –
وعندما عاد إلى الولايات المتحدة، وألف كتاب بعنوان "كن
هنا الآن" – وتبعه مجموعات كبيرة من الشباب. إذا كان لدي أي شخص النية للذهاب إلى الدواخل
الروحية الخاصة بهم – المنشطات هي رائعة لذلك –
رائعة. هل توصي شخص يبحث – نعم – نعم. لذلك يجب على المهتمين أن يبحثوا علي شامان –
بالتأكيد – بالتأكيد إذاً – كنت سأجمع مجموعة من الأصدقاء الذين يريدون
المجازفة والذهاب في رحلة إلى عمق عقولنا. يوم في احتفال سان بيدرو – سان بيدرو، والمعروف
باسم "هواشوما"، وهو مشروب مكون من نبات الصبار في
سانت بيدرو، وكان يستعمل في العلاج والطقوس الدينية في منطقة الإنديز لأكثر من ٥٠٠٠ سنة بكل شيء يبدو غي مكانه – أشعر أن الأمر موجه – كأنه
يجب أن يكون – بالنسبة لي، أترك الأمور تأخذ مجراها
– أفترض أن معجزة على وشك الحدوث لذلك يجب أن أتركها تحدث
وأستمتع بها لقد اخترت العمل بالميسا وهي مجموعة من الأدوية
ممزوجة بالتأمل، الطقوس والاستشارات باستخدام طرق
العلاج القديمة كالهواشوما في سانت بيدرو، هي من طرق العلاج
القديمة المستخدمة منذ أكثر من ٥٠٠٠ سنة بالإنديز
في البيرو والثقافة ما قبل الهندية حيث كانوا خبراء في الوصول إلى أبعاد
من الوعي بغاية العمق ومن النادر الوصول لها أنت تعرف، أنا أشعر بأنه لا يهم إلى أي مكان في
العالم تذهب وسوف تجد دائما النوع الخاص بك –
وعندما يتعلق الأمر بالروحانيات أنا أحترم أي شيء أو أي شخص يحترم هذا الكوكب، ومحباً للطبيعة،
فاتحين قلوبهم لهذا الكون، والحب بذاته – ما دامت
هذه هي الأولوية وراء الدين أو الطقوس الدينية الخاصة بك،
فأنا أتفق معك. عندي عدد قليل من النوايا بعضها شخصي جدا وهي أني
سأحاول أن أجلب إلى عائلتي وأحبتي ومحاولة أخذ بعض
من تلك المعرفة أو لمحة عن الأبعاد الموجودة – والتي كنت أحاول
فعلها بطرق اصطناعية. أحياناً بطرق أخرى اصطناعية أكثر وأحياناً هذا هو
مخدر للألم أو مجرد يوم آخر سيئ. ولكن هذا شيء كان يناديني منذ فترة لأفعله ولكنها
لم تكن الفترة المناسبة في حياتي يبدو أن كل شيء يصطف بشكل طبيعي. أنا هنا لأحصل على نوع جديد من الولادة، لألمس مكان لم أذهب إليه من قبل – لذلك أنا لا أعرف أين هو – لا أدري أين هو – ولكن آمل
انه شيء جيد وسوف أقدر على المضي به عندما تشرب الدواء، ٥٠٪ هي مسؤولية الدواء أن يقوم
بكل الشفاء، التطهير، اليقظة والتناغم الذي يحتاج أن يفعله ولكن، الخمسون بالمئة
الأخرى للوصول إلى نتيجة أعمق منوطة بك دائماً –
جزء من عملي في هذا هو جعل عملية الانتقال أكثر لطفاً بقدر المستطاع – من
مرحلة الغفلة التامة إلى مرحلة اليقظة التامة. أنا حقاً أتطلع إلى التعرف إلى بعض أمور هؤلاء
الموجودون في الأعلى رحلة سان بيدرو كانت حقاً مجنونة لأن فريدي بوما
يعرف الشامان الذي عرفنا على المحفز المستعمل في
هذه الرحلة الروحية، الذي كان مشروب سان بيدرو – هذا الرجل كان متناغماً
وأتذكر أننا كنا على قمة الجبل – وكنا في غاية
التعب من هذا العلو الشاهق وتنفسنا بعض الهواء وأنت تنظر إلى
الغيوم الرائعة تمر بمحاذاتك – وأنت على حافة قمة الجبل تنظر إلى مئات الأقدام تحتك
واعتراني إحساس هائل من الآسي والحزن الذي استهلكني وأثقل كاهلي لسنين عديدة –
كنوع من الغضب الثوري – لماذا أنا هنا – مثل أبي اضطررت للمحاربة لأخرج لهذا العالم – نوع من الغضب
رافقني منذ أن كنت مراهقاً – أتعلم ما أقصده؟ لماذا نكون مقيدين؟ لماذا نعاني؟ لماذا نقاتل؟
عندما يمكنك التحرر من كل هذا وأن تسمو بينما تكون
رقيقاً على ذاتك أنا أعلم أنك تحتاج التقلبات لتشعر أنك بشري
وتستمتع بالحياة وتقلباتها لأن جزء من جمال الوجود هو أن تكون حزيناً وتتمتع بالسعادة عليك أن تعرف
كلا الجانبين ولكن هذا الحزن الساحق لم يكن لغماً –
لم يكن ينتمي لي – منذ أن كنت طفلة، لم تنتمي لي – لم تكن لي – أنا مسافرة
كما يقول زيجي بوب، أتعرف ما أقصده؟ – أنا هنا
لتجربة هذا بطريقة محترمة – واحترام كل شيء أختبره وأمضي
في مسيرتي بالحب وأودع الرحلة بعد إنتهائها – و خرج وشعرت بهذه الطاقة الدافئة ورائي، وهناك كان
بينما كنت على الصخرة أتأمل السحب وهي تطير باتجاهي بدأت في البكاء، فوضع يده على كتفي وقال لي اتركيه،
إنه ليس لك. إذا انتهت رحلتي اليوم، فقد انزاح ألم عشرين عاما
من على كتفي – سأكون مخيماً سعيداً دون استعمال
الآيابوسكا – لذلك أشعر حقاً بالخفة – بالسعادة – بالتقدير – القدرة
على الاستيعاب – حان الوقت لأخطو إلى أنوثتي هدفي الكامل من القدوم إلى هنا – كان هدفي الكلي هو
محاولة للمشاركة مع الجميع في العالم لهذه المسألة،
أن هناك طرق مختلفة لرؤية الواقع وأننا في ظل هذه الفوضى بحاجة إلى أخذ
خطوة إلى الوراء، ومحاولة رؤية الأشياء بشكل مختلف
قليلا. الطريقة الوحيدة للقيام بدورك هي أن تكون على
طبيعتك – فتجتذب مزيداً من الحب وتجتذب المزيد من الطاقة – واحدة من الأشياء التي طلبت مني
أن أواجه مخاوفي وأدركت أنني لا يجب أن أواجه
مخاوفي، فمخاوفي لن تزول – أولاً كان على أن أقبل نفسي مع مخاوفي. كل شخص لديه نمط وهذا النمط هو ٥٠٪ منسوج من قبل
الشخص نفسه و٥٠٪ منسوجة من قبل القدر – آياهواسكا
قادر على تغيير هذا النمط كله. من كونه شخص معين في أحد الأيام، في اليوم التالي
تكن شخصاً مختلفاً تماماً. أنا منفتح للضوء والحب والمشاعر الموجبة وأي شيء
ليس على هذا التردد – فأنا لا أراه، إنه غير موجود
بالنسبة لي هكذا سأبدأ رحلة الآياهواسكا – أنا في مكان يهيئني
للتقبل – أنا أعرف ما أنا عليه – أعرف مبادئي –
أعرف ما هو متناغم معي أرجو أن أسلك هذا الدرب وأياً يكن من يسلك نفس
الدرب – فأتمني أن نلتقي ونمسك أيادينا ونمضي في
هذه الرحلة سوياً يوم احتفال الآياهواسكا – آياهواسكا هي نبتة شافية
محضرة من لحاء شجر من أمريكا الجنوبية معروفة باسم آياهواسكا وأوراق نبتة محلية تسمي
شاكرونا ما حدث لي في تجربة آياهواسكا – كنت جالساً وأدركت
أنني قد فارقت الحياة – بينما كنت أنظر للموت أختبر الموت – رأيت كيف كان ديناميكياً – أدركت
أنني لا أحتاج أن أخاف من الموت مرة أخري – كان
شيئاً محرراً للغاية – وكلما أمضيت وقتاً في تجربة الآياهواسكا – أدركت أنني كنت جالساً في
مكان أستطيع طرح أي سؤال – أستطيع الذهاب إلى
المستقبل – أستطيع الذهاب إلى الماضي كل ما أردت معرفته – سأسأل السؤال المهم – لذلك
قررت أن أسأل، لماذا تحدث الأشياء السيئة؟ وبمجرد
ما طرحت السؤال نقلت الى حافة الفضاء – إلى عندما كنت طفلاً وأتسأل
ما بعد الفضاء؟ المزيد من الفضاء – لنتغاضى عن ذلك   كنت على الحافة أنظر إلى كل شيء في الكون بشكل
محتوي – وبينما أنا أتأمل المنظر قالت لي روح – أتري ذلك؟ كل شيء في توازن – إنه
الكمال – نظرت إليه وأصبت بالاندهاش – إنه حقيقي –
كل شيء متوازن – كل شيء كامل – لو حدث شيء هنا فإنه سيكون قد تم هنا – وبمجرد ما
استنتجت ذلك، رجعت إلى ما كنت عليه – جالساً في تلك الغرفة مجدداً – وبمجرد ما استفقت بدأت
بالضحك لأنني أدركت أنني فهمت المزحة الكونية
برمتها الخاصة بالإنسان ها نحن ذا كنا مع الرجل ذو اللحية البيضاء – بوذا –
محمد – المسيح – كل هؤلاء الرجال – وأنا كنت مع
الإله وقد كان امرأة – الأمر ظل بذاكرتي كل يوم منذ تجربة
الآياهواسكا يومان بعد احتفال الآياهواسكا تناول الدواء بالنسبة لي كان بمثابة تدمير كل شيء
عرفته يوماً، كل شيء آمنت به، كل شيء ظننت أنه
حقيقي حاولت أن أقتنع بالأمر لبعض الوقت، وبعد يومين قلت
لنفسي "ميشيل، إنه عقار مسبب للهلوسة" إنه يأخذ الأشياء من عقلك الباطن ويعرضها لك، لا مجال لأن يكون ما رأيت حقيقياً –
إنه مجرد نوع من الجنون. أنت تقرأ أطناناً من الكتب
عن الكيمياء عندك الكثير من المعلومات عن الرمزية والدين
المحفورة في ذهنك منذ أن كنت طفلاً – ولكنني متأكدة وعندي قناعة شديدة أن ذلك ليس صحيحاً وأن كل شيء
أعرفه يمكن أن يكون مجرد هراء – وهذا يسعدني شعرت بالسلام والهدوء كما لم أختبره في حياتي …
شعور غامر أنني يمكن أن أسترخي بدلاً من توبيخ نفسي
باستمرار في هذه الحياة وإضعاف دروعي – التجرد من كل شيء –
ووضعني في تواصل مع شيء ذو قوة خير أقوي – هكذا يمكن أن أوصفها إنها حقاً أوقات عصيبة – وفي وسط ذلك – خطر ببالي
أن جروحي فتحت – أحسست بالألم – كأنني نضجت وأصبحت
قادراً علي حب نفسي بمجرد أن انهيت الجزء الصعب أو الجزء الذي احتجت أن
أجتازه – لقد كانت بالتأكيد أحسن تجربة مغيرة
لحياتي عندما يستعمل الناس هذه الأدوية – يجب أن يستعملوها
بكل الحب – بطاقة إرادة كاملة – وإلا سيجدون طرق
أخري – الناس ستسمو بجميع الأحوال – الآن هو الوقت المناسب –
وهذه الأدوية هي عوامل أساسية – مساعدين أساسين –
أستاذة أساسين – تساند في عملية الوصول من مستوي وعي إلى مستوي أعلي – لقد فقدت الكثير من الغضب، والكثير من الكراهية –
إن أردت أن تكون حقيراً فكن حقيراً، إنه مصيرك –
أتدري ما أقصد؟ – الآن أنا متساهل – أنا لست غاضباً بعد الآن – وكل الأوغاد في
العالم – لأنني أقبل أنهم جزء منه – وأن كل شيء
بخير، أتدري ما أقصد؟ إنه ليس مصيري – ولكن افعل ما تبرع فيه – وأنا أحترم مسارك – ولكن لا تقربني بطاقتك الشريرة – لأنني سأطرحك
أرضاً العودة إلى الواقع لو الأمر منوط بالنية بالنسبة لي – لو نيتك سليمة
فإن الأمور ستنجح – ستكون أفضل مما ظننت – وستقل الفوضى في حياتك يبدو لي أن الطبيعة تتعرف على الناس الذين يعانون من ضغوط هائلة ويحتاجون العلاج بالأدوية لمعالجة مشاكل الإدمان
والإكتئاب ظللت أبحث عن طرق للسمو بشكل يومي، وتعرفت على شري
رافي شانكار وأسلوبه في التنفس المسمى سودارشانكريا – وهي تقنية تستعمل من قبل الملايين
من الناس ويشمل السجناء وشباب المدن الذي تدربوا
علي يد شري شري يستعملون هذه التقنية للتغلب على البيئة
المادية ويمدون أنفسهم بقوة داخلية منطق الشري يرجح أنهم عندما يولدون يأخذون أول
أنفاسهم وعندما يفارقون الحياة فإنهم يطلقون آخر
أنفاسهم ولكن معظم الناس لا يفكرون بهذا بما بين ذلك، في حين أن التنفس يمكن أن يكون من أهم
إمكانياتنا التنفس هو أداة هامة – لكل نوع من أنواع المشاعر
هناك إيقاع معين في التنفس ولو أعرت اهتماماً
لتنفسك وتمكنت من التلاعب به فسوف تنتقل إلى حالة أخري من الوعي بإرادتك لقد تعلمت تقنية التنفس التي أذهلتني – حقيقة أنني
أستطيع أن أضع نفسي في حالة تخدير بمجرد التنفس –
صواعق البرق كانت تخرج من يدي وقدمي – توقف الوقت – ظللت أقابل أصدقائي للتحدث عن تجربتنا – وكيف كنا
نمزج تمريننا الروحي بحياتنا هناك فريق كامل من العلماء، عددهم قليل ولكن كافي. كانوا يرجحون أن الدماغ لا يكون الوعي، ربما كان الدماغ
يقوم بتصفية الوعي هل تقصد أن تقول إننا أجهزة إرسال؟ نحن أجهزة إرسال ونقوم ببث مقدار لا نهائي من
الإمكانيات الذي تحدثت عنه في مجال الإحتمالات –
وعندما نبدأ بكسر الحدود فإن كل ما يتبقى هو لا نهائي إذاً فحدودك هي كتعصبك للأشياء التي تراكمت خلال
حياتك إما بأن تنفر منها أو تجتذبها؟ نعم، فإن كل من هذه الحدود هي حد خيالي بالنسبة
للوعي هذه هي مركبة الأرض – التي تمنحني فرصة للقدوم إلى
هذا الكوكب مرتدياً بزة – المرور بتجارب الحياة –
أن أكون مبدعاً والتعجب من هذا الكوكب الذي أتينا إليه – والأمر
مضحك لسببين. أولاً، لقد بدأت الموضوع برمته بشكل
غير روحي وثانياً بمجرد أن رأيت طبيعة غشاء الخلية ومستقبلات الخلية أدركت على الفور أنك إذا تبعت العلامات فهي ليست مسألة وجودها من عدمه – هناك
روح   لقد ساعدني حقاً أن أدمج ذهني العلمي مع تجربتي
الروحية – إنهم لا يختلفون كثيراً عن بعضهم البعض –
إننا فقط نكتشف خلال كل هذه المسارات وكيف أنها تؤدي إلى مسار واحد بعد أن بدأت رحلتي مع النباتات وتغيرت الأمور عندما كنت في العشرين من عمري، كان صديقي الذي
يكبرني سناً يصفني بأنني غبية، كان يخبرني بأنني
شغوفة جداً لكنني لا أملك شيئاً يدعم إحساسي تجاه العالم؟ أنت لا تقرئين – يمكنك أن
تقرأي كتاب واحد وتحصدي خبرة ٢٠ عاماً في كتاب واحد
– وقد حفز عقلي لكي أقوم بالبحث لكي أملأ عقلي – الآن حين أري
العالم، أستعمل المنشطات وأفكر بشكل مجازي وأعتقد
بأن هناك طبقات عديدة – وبالطبع أنا أستمتع بتلك اللحظة
أيضاً، أنا أستطيع أن أطارد أحاسيسي أياً تكن – أحب
أن أشعر بشعور جيد وأن أحظي بالمتعة وأن أتفاعل مع الناس ولكن المعلومات بغاية الجمال –
إذا استطعنا أن نصل إلى خزانات، إلى ينابيع الناس
قبل أنفسنا، أنت تعرف أنك لا تعرف إلى أين يمكن أن تأخذك عندما فقدت بول، مررت بعام كنت فيه مجرد حيوان. ما
يكن أن أفعل جسدياً لأشتت تفكيري عن الوجودية – لأبعد تفكيري عن كيف أن الحياة عابرة – كيف أننا
نأتي للدنيا ويمكن أن نختفي في أي لحظة – كيف يمكن
أن أبعد تفكيري عن ذلك؟ مجنون – معتوه – خارج عن السيطرة – كأنني فعلت كل
شيء في مقدرتي للاختباء من نفسي – وأقول لك – تجربة
الآياهواسكا الخاصة بي جعلتني حزيناً أنه تركني هنا
– لم يكن حزناً لأنه اختفي، كانت أشبه بالغيرة أنه
كان هناك أولاً – الأمر غير سوي ولكن نعم أظن أنه من خلال تجربة الآياهواسكا والرحلات الأخرى
التي مررت بها في حياتي – تم تأكيد ما كان يحدث لي
عندما كنت أتعاطى الأدوية أو عندما كنت أمارس التأمل وتدخل جسدي – كنت أزيل
جميع المرشحات، هذا ما كان يحدث نظام التفعيل الشبكي – كأن أبواب الإدراك تنفتح –
كان يحس بأن نظام الترشيح الذي نكونه بعمر السابعة
كان قد أزيل أتعرف كيف تتلقى الكثير من المعلومات في القشرة
البصرية الخاصة بك؟ ولكن عقلك فقط يتقبل كمية معينة
بحيث أأنك لا تشعر بضغط – هذا هو نظام التفعيل الشبكي وفقاً لاحتياجاتك ورغباتك واختيارك لأي معلومة
ستستقبل في كل مرة أجتمع مع أصدقائي الروحانيين، شعرنا
بأننا أقوي وبرغبة أقوي لنشر المعلومة لمساعدة
الآخرين للوصول إلى بعض تلك التقنيات القديمة التي كانت متعمقة
جداً في حياتنا يجب أن ننشئ مكان في كوستا ريكا ليكون ملاذاً للناس التي تفكر بنفس الطريقة – أنا
أحب ذلك أنا موافق – حسناً كل شيء يمضي – كل شيء منطقي – ككل شيء في الحياة –
تريد تأكيداً – تريد أن تعرف أن له تأثير أبعد من مجرد: إنني أمضي وقتاً جيداً – أنا أتعلم
الكثير – أنا أختبر كل هذه الأشياء المثيرة ولكن ما
الذي يحدث حقاً؟ وكنت أبحث عن علامة بأنه يصنع فرقاً – لأنني لم أري
ما كان الفارق – وبخلاف أصدقائي والمقربين لي – كنت إلى حد ما – الإله أرسل لي علامة بأن هناك فارقاً – أن هناك شيئاً خاصاً بها – ثم
جاءني اتصال هاتفي من جيري لم أكن قد رأيته منذ أن صورنا مع ديباك في شقته منذ
سنوات – بدون علم مني جيري كان قد أخذ بنصيحة ديباك
أيضاً وذهب إلي كوستا ريكا لتجربة دواء من أحد النباتات
المسماة أيبوجا وهي من أصول أفريقية – إنها من أقوي
المنشطات المعروفة للإنسان وجيري كان يأخذها ليري إن كانت ستساعده على كسر
إدمانه – البدر جاء إلى جيري وأراده أن يري لم هو
في وضع سيء طوال حياتي وأنا أعاني من مشاكل الإدمان، الكثير من
المشاكل مع النساء، مشاكل الغرور – التدخين وشرب
الخمر، أيا تكن فقط كنت من المعجبين – لذلك سألت
نفسي ما خطبي ؟ وما حدث بعد ذلك أن جسدي ذهب إلى منزل لم أره منذ
٤٨ عام – لقد كان منزل جدي في سكرانتان – بنسلفانيا وأمام المنزل رأيت نفسي بعمر الثلاثة
أعوام وهذا الطفل يدعوني لأدخل البيت وأنا أنظر إلى
أرضية المنزل، عندما كنت طفلاً سكبت عصير التوت أو العنب الذي انسكب على الحائط
وهذه البقعة كانت على الحائط، لهذه الدرجة كانت
التفاصيل، ثم فتح الولد هذا الباب وكان جدي يتحرش بي عندما كنت في الثالثة القمر أخبر جيري أن يذهب لرؤية جده الميت ويطلب منه
شرحاً لما فعله وأن يعتذر – ذهب جيري لرؤية جده الذي أنكر أن شيئاً حدث وأرسله بعيداً – أخبزته
أن يذهب لوالده ليساعده أن يحصل على إعتذار من جده وقال إنه آسف وأخبرته أنني أسامحه على الرغم من أنه
لن يفعل أي شيء لي والشامان قال لي: عد إلي القمر، فعدت إلى القمر وقلت: أيها القمر، ماذا
يمكنك أن تفعل لي؟ فرد القمر: افتح صدرك، ففعلت ذلك
وإذ بقلبي كان هناك – والقمر أخذ قلبي وغسله – وقلت: ما الذي
يفعله؟ إن القمر يغسله كما لو كان لديه يدين – قد يبدو جنوناً ولكنها الحقيقة – وقلت لشامان، ماذا
يجب أن أفعل به؟ فقال: دع القمر يضعه في يدك اليسار
– فقلت: أيها القمر، هل يمكنك أن تضعه في يدي اليسار؟ – فوضعه في يدي اليسار وقلت: ماذا
تريدني أن أفعل به؟ ضعه في صدرك – وبمجرد أن حاولت
وضعه في صدري تحول للون الأسود مرة أخري فقد ظل بلونه الوردي
لخمسة ثوان وقلت أنا لن أضع هذا الشيء في صدري –
لأنه مقرف فقال لي اطلب منه واحداً جديداً – فقلت للقمر:
أيمكنني الحصول علي قلب جديد؟ فرد بنعم وأعطاني
قلباً جديداً فسألت، ماذا يجب أن أفعل به؟ – فرد ضعه في يدك
اليسار ثم ضعه في صدرك – ثم في اليوم التالي كنت
شخصاً مختلفاً من ذلك الحين لم يلمس المخدرات وإنه يستطيع أن يتناول مشروباً بشكل اجتماعي دون أن يثمل – جمع شمل أسرته و
للمرة الأولي في حياته فهو في علاقة جدية عندما دعيت أول مرة لأجرب دواء النبات ظننت أن
الشخص مجنون، كنت أتسأل كيف تأخذ مخدر لتصل
للروحانية؟ لا أظن ذلك – لم أرد شيئاً بخصوص ذلك وارتعبت – أمي
كانت مدمنة ميث وأنا كنت متأملة وفي النهاية جاءتني هذه المرأة والتي كانت حباً في
حياتي ودعوتني لكي أذهب ولم أستطع الرفض – لذلك
ذهبت – في تلك الليلة قالت لي بأن أكون بعض النوايا حول ما أريد رؤيته – فقلت:
أنا أريد معرفة سبب جذبي لنفس الشخص المعتوه مراراً
وتكراراً وذلك يمتص النورمني؟ والشيء الثاني الذي أردت أن أراه هو ما المفترض أن
أفعل هنا – لذلك تلك الليلة كانت واحدة من أكثر
الليالي إثارة – لقد رأيت من أنا – ما الذي سأفعله هنا – ولماذا أجتذب نفس
الشخص المعتوه مراراً وتكراراً – إنه شيء مذهل
لأنني وجيري نستيقظ كل يوم غير مصدقين أن هذه حياتنا. أحيينا بأنه أنعم علينا بأن نقع في حب صديقنا المقرب – أن
نفعل ما نحب فور عودتي وعندما رآني طفلي أدرك أنني شخص مختلف
وقد عرفوا أن شيئاً تغير ببمجرد أن دخل من الباب رأيت بوضوح الاختلاف – عندما كنت أتحدث له – لقد صدمت – يجب أن
أعطي هذا الشيء للعالم – استنتجت أنه إذا غيره ١٨٠ درجة فماذا يمكن أن يفعل بي؟ أ أول مرة رأيت فيها جيرارد بعد علاجه بالنبات – لم
يضطر بأن يحدثني أو أن ينطق بكلمة – شعرت وأنا
أقترب منه على مقربة ١٥ قدماً وعرفت أنه شخص مختلف – إن الفرص
أن يخرج شخص من أسلوب الحياة القاسي هي نادرة جداً لا رغبة لي بشرب الخمر بعد اليوم – كنت أدخن علبتين
من السجائر يومياً – فوراً أقلعت عن ذلك – لا
يمكنني حتى أن أفكر بتعاطي المخدرات – لا يمكن حتى أن تأتيني فكرة الذهاب
لتعاطي بعض المخدرات إنه مثل زابي – ليس فقط أنني تناولت دواء الأعشاب
وأنهيت إدماني في جلسة واحدة بل وأنني في الواقع
افتتحت مركزاً للناس لكي يأتوا لينمو وعيهم، يعالجون أنفسهم، ينهون إدمانهم وإنه
موجود ويا للهول إنه قائم من تلك المحادثة مع ديباك يوم أن أخبرني أن أقلب ما هو موجود في الإناء
و أن أشربه ذلك قد يبدو جنونياً و لكن القمر أخبرني بأن أذهب و
أشتري هذا المركز و جعله مركزاً للعلاج بالنبات –
أخبرني أي مبني يجب على أن أشتريه – أخبرني كم على أن أدفع
كمقابل – أخبرني كيف أعامل صديقتي – أخبرني كيف
أعامل أولادي – أخبرني أن كل شيء سيكون على ما يرام هذا المكان اسمه ريذميا و أين مكانه؟ قبل ٣ سنوات " ننشئ مكاناً في كوستاريكا" هذه هي المعجزة التي احتجتها – هذا المكان تم
إنشاءه بعد محادثة واحدة و الرغبة بمساعدة الناس أن
تكسر الحواجز أول عيادة من نوعها حيث يمكن للناس أن يزيدوا
وعيهم و أن يعالجوا أنفسهم – بينما أنت في ريذميا
يمكنك أن تحصل علي الاستشارات و التطوير الروحي بما في ذلك برنامج مصمم خصيصاً لريذميا من قبل المحترم مايكل بيكويث و يسمي: الإجابة
هي أنت – إنه برنامج لتكبير الوعي الذي – ١ – يسمح للناس بأن
يكونوا ١٠٠٪ مسؤولين عن حياتهم – أن يخرجوا من لعبة
اللوم و العار و ألا يلوموا الآخرين – ٢ – إنها تنقلك خلال فترة من مسامحتك لنفسك و
مسامحة الآخرين لكي تكون نظيفاً من الداخل ٣ – أن تبدأ باعتناق اهتزازات النوايا و أن يكون
عندك النية و محدداً للاتجاه الذي تريد أن تكون
عليه حياتك – عليك أن تختار ذلك – إن لم نختار فإن التيار التحتي من
المجتمع البشري يختار لك الذهاب إلى مكان مثل ريذميا – إنه مكان حيث يمكنك
حرفياً أن تعود إلى تناغم حياتك المعجزة التي ستحصل عليها هي أنك ستحصل علي الحقيقة
– الحقيقة هي أننا كلنا متصلون بنفس الشيء و أن
الحب هو الشيء الذي يبقينا معاً و عندما تصل إلي تلك
الحقيقة – عندما تصل إلي تلك الحقيقة و ذلك كل ما
أردته من حياتك – و عندما تأتي إلي مكان مثل هذا و تستطيع أن تري أنها
الحقيقة – ثم هناك معجزة أنك أن تبتعد قائلاً:
أتعرف شيئاً لقد خسرت كل شيء خلال عطلة نهاية الأسبوع و
لكنني ربحت حياتي و ماذا يمكنني أن أطلب أكثر من
ذلك خلال الإجازة؟ كل شيء مررت به كان حقاً يستحق لأنه حتي قبل أن
ينتهي الفيلم – كان قد غير العالم بالفعل لأن هذا المكان موجود كل عمل وراءه سبب فهو مدعوم من قبل الطبيعة و عنده
القدرة علي تغيير الأشياء بطرق لم تحلم بها مطلقاً
– كيف يمكنني أن أوجه كل هذه التوصيلات إلي أن يكون
شخصاً مفيداً في المجتمع؟ لأن يعطي بالمقابل – لأنه
بالنسبة لي فالحب هو كل شيء يجب أن يكون عندك طريقة لتدخل تجربة الآياهواسكا
بشكل يومي – لو لمجرد لحظة اختبرنا تجارب تغير الحياة – سيكون السؤال: كيف
يمكن لطاقة هذه النباتات الفائقة أن تكون غير
قانونية للاستهلاك حالياً؟ أو حتي للدراسة؟ اتضح أن إجابة هذا السؤال يمكن أن تكون
أكثر شراً من السبب المأخوذ من الدين – المال – شركات الأدوية مهتمة فقط ببيع أدويتهم المبنية علي
مواد بترولية و التي يحتاج أن يأخذها الناس لبقية حياتهم – هذه الأدوية لا تشفي و لكنها تغطي الأعراض و لها آثار جانبية سلبية للغاية – ها أنا ذا أعيش حياتي
بأكملها مكتفياً بالنباتات و متناولاً للخضروات – و عملي
اليومي هو الوصول لصيغة مبنية علي النباتات لمساعدة
الناس علي حل مشاكل الإدمان – أنا أدين بكل شيء لهذه الأدوات القديمة – أدوية النبات –
التأمل – التنفس – هذه هي بعض من الأدوات التي كانت
جزءاً من تقاليد دينية – حان الوقت لإرجاعها – لقد كونا مجتمع
الواقع الحقيقي لتكوين جيش سلام – لمحاربة العنف
الجماعي في العالم – و لجمع الناس الذين يؤمنون بأهمية ما يحصل داخل
أذهننا معاً مجتمع الواقع الحقيقي سوف يساهم بالتوحيد حول
العالم، و مشاركتك سوف تساعد علي تحقيق ذلك تنازل: المعلومات المقدمة من ديباك شوربا أو أي من
شركاته ليست بهدف العلاج الطبي أو النصح العلاجي، التشخيص أو العلاج. لا يجب أن
تستعمل هذه المعلومات لتشخيص أو علاج أي حالة مرضية
أو مشاكل صحية. ديباك شوبرا و شركاته لا يقدمون أي نصائح طبية أو علاجية.
إن كنت مصاباً أو تعتقد أنك مصاب بمشاكل صحية يجب عليك أن تستشير طبيباً أو معالجاً. بالإضافة
لذلك، ديباك شوبرا و شركاته لا يوصون أو يدعمون أو يقدمون أي معلومات بخصوص كفاءة الأعشاب، الفطريات،
المخدرات، الخدمات، الآراء و أساليب العلاج و أي معلومة تظهر في هذا العرض و إذا ما كانت مناسبة أم
لا. بينما ديباك شوبرا علي قناعة بأن النباتات
المنشطة قد تفتح أبواباً للعلاج و ذلك تحت إشراف طبيب، معلم أو شامان و في
نفس الوقت هو لا يعتقد أنها دواء شامل تنفس ببطء – شهيق – زفير – عند الشهيق فكر بالسلام
– عند الزفير فكر بالفرح سلام عند الشهيق – فرح عند الزفير – نبه قلبك –
تذكر تجربة حب رائعة تذكر تجربة تعاطف رائعة – تجربة فرح عظيمة – تجربة
اتزان رائعة – الأمان يمر و الآن نبه باقي جسدك – و اسمح لكل حواجز جسدك أن
تذوب ببطء و ترتبط مع الأجواء المحيطة – اعرف أن كل حاجز
ما هو إلا خيالي – لا وجود للحواجز لا يوجد حواجز وطنية، لا حواجز قبلية، لا حواجز
عرقية، لا حواجز دينية – كلها مجرد خيال – و لقد
حصرت قدراتنا – نحن النجوم و نحن السماء و نحن القمر،
نحن المجرات، نحن الأفق الكوني نحن الانفجار العظيم، نحن قوانين الطبيعة – نحن
مقياس بلانك، هندسة الزمكان حيث كل شيء يذوب في
الامكانيات حيث القيم الأفلاطونية كالطيبة، الجمال، التناغم،
التطور هي من الركائز و المواد الخام للكون – حيث
الحقيقة الرياضية و أيضاً الحقيقة الموسيقية حيث هناك شعر
الكون، و رقصة الكون و نحن هذه الرقصة يقول رومي: انظر إلي هذه الكلمات تكونت من الفراغ –
نحن أتينا من العدم – نجوم متناثرة مثل التراب – من بين كل الأفكار عن
الصواب و الخطأ، هناك ميدان سنلتقي فيه – لذلك تذكر
الميدان الذي ذهبت إليه – إنه تخطي فعل الصواب و الخطأ –
إنه كان في الميدان حيث أتينا – و حيث سنظل – سأترك
روبيرتو لينهي بأغنيته

LATVIAN LEGION | Latviešu leģions | Full Length Documentary Movie | English Subtitles

In the mill between two – Russian and German – superpowers they were just a pebble. Unexpectedly – a touch pebble to crush… The film is a neutral view on the historically still controversial phenomenon of the Latvian legion within the German army during the World War II.

10 Days = Wife: Love Translated (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

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Modern day dating can be a real headache. For men with little experience or those burned by an ugly divorce, the idea of looking for a wife in a foreign country, known for its solid family values, seems like a viable solution. Come on this personal journey with ANASTASIA DATING TOURS!

Ten men are determined to find a spouse during their trip to the city of Odessa, Ukraine. They have only ten days but countless opportunities to meet the right woman or fall for a scammer in this land of stunning beauties. Not all men are losers and not all women are gold diggers, but the abundance of romantic opportunities brings out the best and the worst in human nature.

Another World – Action, Horror, Sci-Fi Full Movie

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In a post-apocalyptic future, a biological warfare program gone wrong leaves only four survivors defending themselves from “the infected” – mindless killers. As they struggle to survive and make sense of what is happening, they find another survivor, intent on revealing the truth.

Director: Eitan Reuven
Writers: Michael Birinbaum, Shlomi Aviner
Stars: Larry Butchins, Zach Cohen, Susanne Gschwendtner

some say it was all caused by a virus and truthfully it's much more logical than some apocalyptic event of biblical proportions a virus sounds more likely something tiny invisible carried within us a collection of molecules a set of commands fragments of microscopic codes that frucht wherever there is life waiting to attach themselves to any living creature and to unleash the malicious program upon it yes a virus sounds to me a much more likely called ah you can help instead of just sitting there there anymore only a few seconds you sure you want to forget about the doctor thinks someone's badly hurt he dies someone contracts a disease that requires medical attention he dies we don't need a doctor we don't need a doctor but we want one well I think a risk you want one you think a doctor can give you more information forget about it it's a waste of time all that's left is to keep moving and attacking as fast and as fierce as possible until they die from lack of food and water and become extinct information is power we need the information so the initiative remains in our hands not that kind of information well what about hiding in some remote desert until this whole thing blows over in the desert we'll need a medical expert for sure trust my calculations all we need is two trucks loaded with it's too dangerous they can always turn up when we at least prepared and then we'll be trapped that's not true come on remember when we met after everything fell apart you were sitting on your ass waiting for a sonic boom and a downpour two nuclear warheads the glanza place only if their bombers I told you if there I see BMS or cruise missiles you won't hear a thing before the explosion but we digress look a one point or another we'll need to settle in one spot and we'll need someone with medical know-how when settling in one spot is an option perhaps but until then my way is the only way keep moving keep attacking when we say when where and how well that's not the issue is it you're simply dying of curiosity the curiosity will get you killed so I'm curious so what I don't get you aren't you even a bit curious you wake up one day and everyone around you has turned into mindless bloodthirsty pissed-off zombies and you don't want to know how or why it happened no I don't besides I need to renew my chemical stock not to mention it's my turn to choose our next destination a deployment location where we can prepare for an ambush agreed then a hospital you choose the one and we're good to have relative let's go you know your way around the hospital yes rule 3 1/8 would see go there lock yourselves in and wait go how unlucky can you get I'm looking for a doctor and we find a nurse and a girl instead my sister isn't a nurse she's a senior doctor I know not just some girl who you reveal too many details to two complete strangers before we've even asked a question there's no time for this we have to get out of here okay it's okay one of ours we booby-trapped the entire place that's not right we run before no time turn over the bed coming in done shoot yeah get it now you're the one who set up that nice little kills I'm out there nice very nice all you have to do is just stand then pull your trigger what do you want what do I want look at this look at this they got me I'm infected you get that I'm fucking infected know what I want you to take this thing out of me I want to cure you understand the cure and you're gonna give it to me you're out of all people I knew you'd come eventually you and your conned now what I want is for you to take this thing out of me you know him you can say we know each other oh my laughs are being hunted down by he's conned what are you a general no yeah but too young for that maybe our captain Oh major gorica no you must be a colonel he's right about one thing part of my job was to hunt down freaks like him so yeah you could say we know each other don't patronize me you're not in the position to patronize me I'm holding the cards now that can't see me I'm infected that means I'm invisible truly invisible so you better come up with something quick you better come up with something or else till they actually now do you know him or not now personally should have killed him he had the chance you let him out of the room you pitied him if you did that's the first time you let any emotion get the better it doesn't matter he's dead and you have you doctor I know you were a soldier an officer I guess that must be hard aiming a gun and shooting at someone not infected i mean ii thought he said he was do you understand what he meant by that forget it he's dead and you better stop asking questions before you expose more details to two complete strangers so you're a doctor I'm sure you understand these things better than us what do you think he meant that he's not infected I mean someone who's infected turns into I mean you know how can he be infected and still control himself it has an incubation period okay how'd he get infected in the first place he had to have been infected by one of them and those wounds and look deep enough to be animal bites you think that let it go there'll be time enough for your questions it must be almost nine o'clock if you turn the radio she's right we almost forgot it's almost 9:00 you listen to him too yeah of course every day at night do you think it's him talking or recording I don't know someone broadcasting must be manually operated radio broadcast or a pre-recorded program that comes on every day at 9:00 wait you are worrying me I'm supposed to be the cynical one the skeptic they're not without feelings you're the son of a bitch remember the purposeful one who lacks emotion stays on the move one let's go it's probably already started perhaps it came with the rodents small elusive merciless spreading disease and death at times eating the remnants of the strong other time is preying on the weak emerging from the dens of night trading dinosaurs nests devouring their eggs systematically destroying the mighty creatures perhaps that's the nature of progress the new devouring the own tears added a thousands of tiny pieces until it perishes perhaps progress is innocence a type of extinction unavoidable like the time and death that accompanied it step into my office remind me what it is we're doing here exactly we are setting up traps for the kill zones then we lure the infected and we butcher them I know it sounds absurd at first our initial instinct is to entrench ourselves in one spot or if you don't want to get trapped simply run away or stay out of trouble but no I mean I get that part we're in charge we chase them not the other way around what I mean is what are we doing here with all of this water and lectures electrodes well we are dividing the waters from the waters and making a firmament that we will call heaven it's it's electrolysis it's breaking down water into hydrogen and oxygen I'm hoping to create a large enough amount of hydrogen in a closed space so that at any given moment only a small spark and everything explodes everything in theory of course truth is I tried it several times it didn't go so well I guess I couldn't create a large enough amount of hydrogen in the closed space to get a substantial blast I don't know maybe I didn't seal the spaces well enough or maybe I didn't have enough containers with electrodes but whatever the reason we're we're doing it now that's beautiful thanks I'm glad somebody appreciates my originality not him though D&D and gunpowder until he cares about I mean the metaphor it's like God turning water into the heavens that that's not original this religious fanatic join one of the forums I managed it once some scientist or pseudo scientist I don't know the kind that tries to explain the Scriptures through science you know anyways he raised the theory that this is how God created the heavens by transmitting an electric current through the prehistoric waters it's good theory I didn't let him off that easy I asked him hey where did the nitrogen in the air come from still waiting for an answer where the nitrogen came from or how the heavens are created yeah do you like it what's it for sound just like my father why does everything have to have a purpose why can't we do things just for the sake of doing them do you like it or not aesthetically yes but but it serves no purpose right say don't you think beauty as a purpose of its own that it can exist just for the sake of wealth beauty can't we do things for no reason at all say eat something because it tastes good or hear music or draw a picture just for fun all right if you're done in school what you learn about the rifle can't believe you just like him purpose purpose purpose there can be beauty in purpose and function – you know follow me come on go what entry weapons that way we need to leave negative outside that can close in on us from all directions here there's only two directions and according to you the rescue is on the way soon as it arrives we'll make a run for it and get out of here [Applause] the rescues here No No [Applause] so the second time they attack us instead of us waiting for them something's not right it doesn't mean anything's wrong either what is wrong is for the third time we've been attacked from the direction you've been observing and instead of working on her shooting skills you're playing The Alchemist you still owe me an answer iron City from what I've seen with my own eyes the time between infection and outbreak shifts from a few seconds to several minutes but I've only seen a few cases so I can only go by that that's the same as what I've seen up till now and that's what I read in all the official reports before everything fell apart but that guy at the hospital we have no reason to believe he was actually infected I don't know it's hard to explain but I feel like he wasn't lying we don't know what this thing is and we don't know how its transmitted from one person to another and we don't know who he is or what he is in any case I'm not the right person for this discussion as far as I'm concerned it's over but if you insist you've got him now if you don't mind I have more important matters to attend to take a quick break drink some water straight back purpose purpose purpose this way it's just like that you're right but he's not I'm falling into that trap are you sure it's not too soon you fired more weapons on the range than most recruits do during weeks of basic training assuming you get used to killing as sooner they will get this thing over with we'll just have to go on we have to make traps and wait around with guns and kill just a few more months sweet hunter I promise in a few months this nightmare will be over and we'll find a quiet spot where we can put all these horrible things behind us okay well must always make traps stand by with weapons wait it's never really over a merely rest bites that's all you don't really believe that that's a strange way of looking at things through a rifle sight with no hope for something better something else the moment winner they were bombarded with a cloud of steam they were totally blinded oh you should have seen all the water turned into steam inside the container and a few charges would have done the job probably even better and maybe that's how the heavens were created a huge heat source boiled the water but it's only steaming okay okay if if the temperature is high enough and I mean really high the water disintegrates into its elements but but now the chemistry lesson is over and we have real work to do there anymore it is possible they killed each other the predatory dinosaurs simply disobeyed the laws of balance just like man perhaps one or several dinosaurs became so skilled at killing that they eradicated entire species I know it doesn't sound likely after all the ecosystem was supposed to intervene the more the population of prey decreases the smaller the population of predators becomes allowing the prey to recover and so forth the only exception to this equation is man but how do we know man is the only one before all this began I used to watch these scenes for hours to observe the basic power the creation of matter from nothing there's no greater truth than that what else here [Applause] [Applause] just a guy with the dinosaurs that's it do you think there's still a government out there there's always something that's what civilization is all about isn't someone tells others what to do gives them orders and in return lives at their expense yeah by your definition if there's no government and there's no civilization I don't know if there were a functioning government it probably cleansing entire area with nuclear weapons and we wouldn't be here and maybe it'll still happen who knows well in that case we won't know anything until it's over oh that all depends if they're ICBM czar cruise missiles you won't hear a thing but if they're airplanes then you have two options subsonic Wilmers like the b-52s and then you might just hear the jet airplanes approaching right before the blast or supersonic bombers like the b1 and then you won't hear a thing because well they're supersonic but you might just hear a sonic boom right before it all comes crashing down and they'll be this bright light this intense heat and anyone here thing you're smiling this is the first time I see you smiling finally someone else you can drive crazy with his conspiracy theories did you tell her what you did before all this began no he had a website what he refuted conspiracy theories now he's the greatest believer of all Occam's razor it's usually the most simple most logical explanation of all think about it where did all the functioning governments disappear all of a sudden why is there still electricity and running water you tell me it must be biological weapons I believe that it's the most logical most simple explanation you're trying to stand guard what did you lose more than enough you it was on the offensive I never sit back and wrist always it's alright I understand if you don't want to talk about it everybody everything as bad as it gets husband parents kids cousins uncles as I said the worst things can always be worse I see look I know everything looks dark I understand your point of view but things change not for me most of my life I have killed and witnessed killing I have been responsible for the planning and development of ways and methods of destruction that would be incomprehensible to a person like you so as far as I'm concerned nothing's changed but surely not like this not women and children not your own family look my entire life I've seen people die suffering from all sorts of illnesses but at the same time I've seen others who healed and grew as people because of that suffering so you're right nothing's changed that's exactly my point I know that even now there is hope the shopfloor fighter in pursuit of their scary this is the third time this is not an accident someone's leading them to us the next hideout move beginning to think it's that guy from the hospital after all he survived all of our traps and he said something about them not seeing him could be they're not attacking him for some reason just like they don't attack one another what do you think he could be guiding them to us then running away it's not unlikely devise a plan if he really is leading the infected to us we'll have to neutralize him it's 11 o'clock and we missed the broadcast it's the first time I'm missing the broadcast so you think they do know each other I don't know it's not so clear-cut you said for a fact that he should have killed him at the hospital but he didn't that's not like him I mean I don't know him very well but that's not like him at all I know I've never seen him hesitated like that but then again I've never seen him with a live person before I mean a healthy person I mean not infected look he's obviously a professional soldier could be that shooting citizens in the back is just against his basic nature you know the ethos of the honorable warrior and all that actually fits in well with this type I gotta say that that's exactly what I assumed when I first met him way too young to be a general too confident and experienced to be a major or captain I don't know but we should probably get back to the others they're probably beefing up security as we speak if someone really is leading the infected to us we should probably set up as many charges as we can we are out of hiding places what is this it's a little experiment I'm conducting I'm creating land from water see the cage is in a body of water and I'm running a faint current through it the current makes the particles inside the water stick to the cage according to the theory enough particles should stick to it over time to create small island where you see the cage we should probably get back yeah yeah we should this is really nice thanks thanks she's really following us he's familiar with this place that means he'll be guiding me infected to us tonight or tomorrow have a plan I always have a plan that's how you put up with me isn't it maybe you enjoy me driving you crazy I should have known like always you were hunting me down like a cat playing with the mouse don't move don't move yeah they think they should be afraid of me hate me me he's the one you should be afraid of he's the one who killed his entire family tell them colonel tell them who you really are don't move raise your hand all of them with his own gun from point-blank his mother his children his little niece a two-year-old baby they're absolutely right you kill one person as a civilian you're a criminal a murderer you kill one person while wearing a uniform you're a hero a civilian killing 20 soccer a serial killer but a soldier stop it if by any chance you're responsible for the death of hundreds or thousands or more you're a national hero kill millions you're a god they wrote poems about you you become the stuff of legend stop me that beg you they are afraid of me they despise me when all this began he still had soldiers under him you could have helped his family to solitary take care of them help them out at most send one of his troops you take them out of their misery but no no not him he went by himself to put a bullet in each and every one of them brought in the head execution style so here he is a decorated hero a nobleman Ivana nothing but a psychopath in the service of the law nothing more his mother his children from point-blank tell them colonel how does it feel murdering your whole family know what that's lock you could have waited a little longer it looked like you had information you could have waited I've seen it before he was about to die and you did you know him or not why did you hesitate again instead of just killing him why'd you have to take this time what's the difference he's dead another attack take up your position a meteo yes after all what can cause such sudden extinction other than some external element coming out of nowhere obliterated everything like a Hollywood disaster movie or an apocalyptic myth or is it no more than a reflection of one of our greatest fears a total lack of control over our fate the knowledge that no matter what we do at any given moment the end is lucky absolute and final gigantic burning unstoppable of course there is the possibility they did see it but simply never understood what it was perhaps it's before our own eyes as we speak and like the dinosaurs we can't see or hear it like an annoying beep that your brain simply writes off after a while so did you know him or not when I told you to prepare the hideout I asked you to kill the fish in the aquarium they attract cats and if they die they'll attract worse than that he didn't answer my question the time and energy is spent on that automatic nourishing device we don't have time for that now did you know him or not I told you I didn't know him personally and he's dead so it doesn't matter the truth doesn't matter you're hiding something from us you know how all this started how it all began you know you know how all this started difference does it make what I told you or didn't tell he was nothing you couldn't figure it out for yourself yes it was a biological weapons experiment yes it got out of hand yes so you knew this entire time you knew and you didn't tell us you knew how all this happened and you're the same way you knew I don't understand why you're feigning innocence didn't you ever stop to think why the infected don't attack one another why they only attack the healthy you with all the conspiracy theories wasn't it obvious to you from the start that the most logical explanation is a biological weapons experiment that got out of hand I mean what would it achieve for me to tell you something you already knew Jesus scientists it's your obsessive curiosity that got us here in the first place if it wasn't for the geeky obsession of people like you with the truth and the how and the why we wouldn't be here right now look I understand your anger just like he sat at his computer developing software viruses his friends and colleagues were developing things that were much much worse and he could have easily been one of them if you care so much about the truth don't lie to yourself we're all sons of bitches that's the truth so don't feign innocence as if you didn't know just because I hid or didn't hide something from me I don't have time to these ridiculous discussions we have a large explosives arena to prepare by noon in the last few days we've burned our traps faster than we could build them we have to close a gap now don't fool yourselves it won't get any better the infected are getting more and more violent and aggressive if we stop dictating the time in the place they're gonna kill us all I'll get some rest I take lower floors when we arrest I'm judging two hostile you heard what happened he had to kill his own family by himself he didn't just lose everything I used to have this argument with my father about euthanasia would I have the courage to do it if and when don't fall into that trap he's not dad remember let's go tadpole it's amazing even frogs will fucking spawn here hey hey hey you mayn't encrease so you're saying if we find some random fish from an abandoned pet store and put them together they laugh mate and procreate absolutely we really shouldn't because I intend to electrocute the place at some point yeah but um don't I have a chance to make some love before it's over now understand where you don't like to talk about it I'm sorry your wife children parents siblings anis everything everyone with my sidearm at point-blank just like the man said the worst I'm sorry there's always something worse I treated the terminal patient ones who applied for a court order to switch off her life support machine you know to allow her to die in dignity when the order came in the woman insisted that only her youngest daughter would actually do it you know would actually pull up the plug that girl lived on the other side of the world took him a whole week to trace her in another week for her to finally arrive well through that time the mother suffered through hell we begged her to end it but she insisted on waiting now after the girl arrived and everything was over I had a chance to speak with her when she spoke of her mother she spoke of a cold and harsh woman somebody who was always criticizing and demanding never caressing or accepting comforting but she said she would have forgiven everything if her mother had just told her once that she loved her at that point I stopped her and I said your mother didn't just say she loved you she screamed it out loud halfway across the world I'm gonna break then prepare the charges we're not keeping up this can't go on we must keep up I was sure on the beach I am NOT the beach type of guy that's cuz I didn't know my dad one week with them and you totally become see guy he's really a pirate deep inside or at least a professional fisherman he always talked about a Viking burial ceremony at sea Viking burial so what lying in a boat sailing off into the horizon with all his favorite weapons and worldly possessions hmm and the fire slowly consuming it all nothing I don't know I'd rather die while making love this is the first time you were scratched or bitten by an infected person what do you mean you know what I mean I'm talking about the scratches going in the corridor you don't miss a trick do you not when it comes to injuries that's what I do for a living we remember and he didn't answer my question what's happened before yeah to me too right at the beginning but then either it wasn't contagious or it wasn't transmitted through bites or scratches or maybe the incubation period was very long anyway we have to find out maybe it's growing inside us and we must stay away from them for their safety before it breaks out while they're around us what makes you think I know come on there's no point in carrying on the charade it's all right I won't tell them what do you mean you know exactly what I mean it can't be a coincidence it's alright I know exactly how you feel everything is collapsing around me – oh this is new to me unlike anything I've seen unlike maybe you need to get a grip because like I said as far as I'm concerned nothing's changed you're doing it again attacking instead of answering and I refuse to play the game I know some things haven't changed you're right but there are wounds there are wounds that no one can heal not a doctor not a healer not time no one we've rested enough we're leaving promise me promise me that when this is all over we can try to grow some fish without having to electrocute them come on start making the charges use them they already know how to use small arms it's time to learn how to prepare charges and handle the explosives another answer is volcanic eruptions not a single event but thousands of small ones pressure accumulated for millions of years and then one day everything is released the huge force erupts in numerous places filling the atmosphere with dust and lethal gases blocking the Sun poisoning the soil the air and the water what's more frightening than the thought of destruction lurking under our feet coming from the same place we live off from which we draw our comfort in life and death I didn't it worked I've been trying this for months it's perfect even he can't see it's ineffective I mean look it's small it's got a he's got a remote control it's got a camera it's the perfect patrol device it's perfect nothing you can do with a camera installed on a remote control vehicle I knew you'd say that but mine can climb and descend stairs take a look I don't get it just worked don't worry don't give up you know one of my professors of medicine used to joke and say that in the book of Genesis there's actually two versions of the creation of man because you know the first one didn't work out so well so go try it again well from what I can see it into a better job the second time I guess you released a beta version too early before fixing all the bugs the beta version yeah the beta version you know the computer programs they release versions without fixing the mistakes by no means whatsoever I see he managed to convince you but believe me it's too soon in a few weeks maybe when we're certain everyone's dead but not now they talked about loading several tons of equipment and food on some trucks and driving down to a remote location in the desert some are isolated hundreds of kilometres away from any town and they know for a while I'm all for it I mean look I devised the plan and I even made lists and how to collect everything and there's also room it's still too soon I agree there's no place they can't reach and there we have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide wow you've finished it yeah it's beautiful Thanks look this this is the cage and protects the processing unit I think I'm gonna build another one and I'm gonna make a communication system between them then I'll replicate them and we'll be able to deploy them everywhere you know get one man shifts rest a little more and we'll have more worthless toys and time wasted on maintenance and repairs okay 15 minutes rest and then we leave I'll stand guard while you got ready look why are you so hard on him is that what you consider life's purpose always undergo kill or be killed tell me what's around because they were trapped fuck this let's hide in the corner the break-in we finish them off we have enough charges and ammunition negative there's too many of them this must be the end can especially aggressive and frenetic just before the end you can smell in here from hundred yards away gather within seconds we were in a corridor narrow killing zone perhaps but this way they'll reach us long before we can do any serious damage I love that's what you always remember that there's nothing else you understand there's always hope you just need to take a good look around wait wait wait if they all enter the hall all at once we simultaneously blow up the charges stay close to the ceiling yeah perhaps it might buy a few minutes before the next wave we've got nothing to lose they'll help you deploy the charges I'll take care of the rest come on I'm right behind you come on [Applause] she's not gonna make it to my [Applause] [Applause] it's time to go to the desert leave me I'm dead go good luck why didn't you leave me there I'm a dead man we all are you're badly hurt but it's not over yet she's dead but you're still alive so you're doing this for her for the idiot that fucking hypocrite shut your mouth you hate me you're not I'm not what Jesus Christ I'm sick and tired of the pretence and the hypocrisy what do you think what was she thinking what are you all thinking that if you help your fellow man and simply live and do no wrong that absolves you from any responsibility for what goes on around you the essence of life is murder and suffering every time you eat to sustain yourself you're feeding off the death but let me creature plants and animals like plants animals every time you turn on the light or drive a car someone somewhere dies of lung cancer every time you buy something for peanuts some kid dies in a third-world sweatshop you don't know what you're talking about you're delirious again with a denial you know I did but you think like her if you treat me maybe he's my pain it'll make you a better person love grace pity fuck you you're doing it for yourself you're just like her on the run I'm killing in an attempt to live and not be killed no more and no less a murderer than the rest of us you can say what you want about me but don't you dare say anything about her don't dare don't dare let me tell you something about that bitch why do you think I chose her Hospital out of all the hospitals huh why because it was part of the program it was a research hospital that was part of the program I hope there would be research subjects there I was curious curious to know how my project turned out no I don't believe you I don't you all along all this time in you oh yeah I knew what that little shit said when she blew his brains out was true I am God I'm God I thought was that idiot thinking when she killed him that's he spare me the pain that she's keeping me from confronting the truth that ignorant phony moron I know the truth I know who and what I am I came up with the idea for the experiment for Christ's sakes I set up the meetings I wrote the memos I pushed pressured persuaded hinted contrived falsified signatures the head honchos never would have approved that if someone like me hadn't been pulling the strings this was my baby the highlight of my career the entire damned but strategy of an experiment we couldn't have been worse I kill them oh I didn't just pull the trigger I'm the one that made it all happen we're all murderers I'm just a little more successful than most that's all with your sister the saint sheer perfection worked at a hospital I took part in an experiment no I don't believe you she would never have never have what she's stupid bitch she lived there for she was a murderer you want to save me you can't I'm dead the infected didn't attack me I contracted it too right from the start and it has no cure I know because I made sure there wouldn't be one we're all sick we live therefore we're sick life is a disease with all murderers you and him and your sister and your father you see you want to you want to we'll do this properly well clean him up and dress him then we'll put him in a boat like a Viking nobleman by the book and I'll find two trucks and he'll load them up with everything we need it won't drive to the desert it is possible that no one theory is correct and maybe they all are perhaps it was not just one event and the end never came from one single source but a combination of factors some related and some not something damaged the fragile balance of the dinosaur ecosystem it may have been the dinosaurs themselves maybe small rodents in any case just then when they were most vulnerable a large meteor struck earth causing a chain of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions throughout the world remedial the eruptions earthquakes the imbalance each of these in itself was not enough but together they caused everything to collapse and some say it was all caused by a virus truth is the sounds much more logical [Applause] [Applause] you

Mandela: Son of Africa, Father of a Nation | Official Full Documentary

Views:381162|Rating:4.60|View Time:1:57:50Minutes|Likes:1945|Dislikes:170
This documentary about Nelson Mandela, nominated for an Oscar Award in 1996 (Best Documentary Feature), is the official film biography of Nelson Mandela, the first democratically elected president of the ethnically united South Africa. The film touches on Mandela’s childhood, family, education, and his long struggle to gain freedom for all the various ethnic groups in South Africa, including his experiences on the Robben Island prison.

“A vibrantly presented and emotionally charged portrait of the dynamic African leader, this needed tighter narration to close informational gaps. For instance, there is very little mention of F.W. de Klerk, although as the corecipient of the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize (along with Nelson Mandela), he most certainly figured greatly in the peaceful passing of the political baton. It may leave you with a few questions but otherwise captures Mandela’s remarkable spirit. It follows him from his early days and tribal education through his work with the African National Congress to his election as Africa’s first black president. Produced by Jonathan Demme, this wisely includes poetry of Africa, as much a part of Mandela’s story as his own inner strength.” (Rochelle O’Gorman)


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