Documentary Filmmaker: Film & TV Mimi Machado-Luces

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Documentary Filmmaker: Film & TV Mimi Machado-Luces
How to Make It In Film consists of a series of behind the scenes interviews with regional, national and international filmmakers, editors, directors, writers, cinematographers, producers and many others who work in the film industry. Each program includes questions taken from a live studio audience consisting of students in the film and film studies division at George Mason University. Covering all aspects of the filmmaking process, each program is designed to enlighten students and take them through all the steps to Make It in Film. From the roles of sound editors to assistant directors, scriptwriters to location managers, cinematographers to producers, webisode producers to film critics and documentary filmmakers to actors, they’ll discover the role of each position and what it takes to Make It in the business. MIMI MACHADO-LUCES, Emmy, Telly and ProMax award winning; Producer, Writer, Director of documentary films, television programs, health education films, commercial advertisements and television promotion spots. She won critical acclaim with La Vida in Black, a character portrait of Afro-Latinos living in the Americas.

welcome to George Mason University studio a my name is Rick Davis and today our guest is Emmy award-winning director producer writer Mimi Machado lusus what got you interested in this business in the first place um Barbara Walters I just remember her anchoring the news and saying wow she gets to interview people like Menachem Begin and presidents and Michael Jackson and Bob Marley and it was kind of fun and I said you know I want to interview people like that when I grow up and I want to do it in television how did you get into documentary filmmaking Wow BTW jazz I went I went back to work at bay to jazz after my son turned three and I begged my way into creative services at Beauty jazz and my manager director there was had been my manager director years before when I had worked for BT regular and at bt jazz it there was only two people watching so at the time it was called bet on jazz and we had not a lot of programming and I came up with some fun ideas to go out to wolf trap and interview artists to try and get some commercials have somebody like seal or Al Jarreau or somebody of that caliber saying hi I'm al jarreau and you're watching BTW jazz they turned into interviews and they turned into a show and so I started doing I created a show at bt jazz called profiles at wolf trap huh your Emmy is for fossils Latinos yes which is was that your next project um no in between there to toe pointed juniors attorney called me after seeing Cuban music crossing borders and asked me to do a tribute to Tito Puente with his son because he had seen my other show profiles show on the channel and I did that and somewhere in there Tito Puentes music was all about dancing and i am a cell suphan mm-hmm so I i used to i will i still do i have a cheers downtown in DC called havana village that i inhabit and love to go in there and dance every month or so once a month i have to take my havana village break and so i was in there and I said you know I asked the owner if I could come in and shoot and pazzos Latinos kind of came alive and I started looking for the best Latin dancers it like kind of do a history and I found cute the original Cuban Pete and he agreed to have me come to Florida and interview him and I went to Florida interviewed him and passos became this like just a I don't know it kind of blossomed into what I thought it was going to be originally was I was going to do some segments on different dancers that were world-class that were Latin dancers and it turned into just a bunch of stuff about Latin dance bashas Latinos are stocked and natural heritage

Tribeca Film Institute at The New School: Transmedia for Social Documentaries

Media Studies and Film |

What does the word transmedia actually mean? What do documentaries need to be to ensure that they are seen in this complex media world? Documentary filmmakers, funders, and technology experts join in conversation to explore gaming, films for mobile phones, new animation techniques, and storytelling platforms for the iPad and other tablets. This panel is an opportunity to learn about and discuss the future of media-driven communication.

School of Media Studies |

The panel will be moderated by Tribeca Film Insitute’s own Opeyemi Olukemi. The speakers include:

– Vladan Nikolic is a filmmaker and associate professor of Film and Media Studies at The New School. His most recent work includes producing the feature Here and There (winner of the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival Best NY Narrative Award), and writing, directing and producing the feature film Zenith, which is accompanied by an elaborate transmedia campaign.

– Caitlin Burns is a transmedia producer with Starlight Runner Entertainment who has worked on a number of blockbusters including Pirates of the Caribbean,Tron Legacy and Avatar, as well Halo for Microsoft and Transformers for Hasbro. In addition she runs Starlight Runner’s Documentary and Social Issue campaigns focusing on using entertainment for social change.

– Megan Cunningham is the founder and CEO of Magnet Media, an award-winning digital production studio and marketing services firm that produces web video and social media campaigns for many of the largest brands in media, entertainment and technology, including Apple, Google, ABC, Showtime, the Associated Press, Dreamworks Animation and more.


Co-sponsored by the Department of Media Studies and Film.

Location: Theresa Lang Community and Student Center, Arnhold Hall.
11/01/2011 7:00 p.m.

W3 SFU Rough Cut Screening

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what's up boss barrio golfers last night a man named Joshua tréminis found Jenna's apartment as you can see from the picture body was found with two bullet wounds geez any lace so far not yet but check with forensics when you get there they might have some extra information I'm tired from last night aren't you yeah that exhausting did you eliminate all the trucks that could lead back to us yes there's no way they can trace us back to the murder about money please I'm starving what kind of sick person would do such a thing I know it's terrible here's the stills from the security footage detectives I'll be right back excuse me sir have you ever seen these two people Hey think I saw these two last night do you remember which way they went yeah think you went that way thank you sir stop right there stand down you two are under arrest for murder dang it how's as possible do not move a single muscle boss is that you detectives both of you on your stomachs now and hands behind your heads oh why are you doing this to us you two are getting too close to figuring out all their answers and I need to put a stop to that you've gone mad maybe I have got a little mad but there's just something so refreshing about it sorry boys but sometimes the villains need a victory aren't you that homeless guy hi the name is Howard do undercover spy force agent spy floors who worked in a couple of worker cases and turns out their boss here with a culprit for both of them whoa now for us T to attachment let me see okay cause for homework you need to read paid five hundred to four hundred and do the ten page worksheet you have a taste on Wednesday what it's way too much home and only two days to do it I have important stuff to do like playing video games and taking selfies I don't think we need to do it it just can't be bad yeah do you guys hear that hear what all I hear is the sound of me not doing my homework is that my textbook sure looks like it who are you guys where are those ghosts of course not don't be sitting was that I don't like this yeah let's get out of here we need to get out of here you shall never move the school like us you will be cursed to hunt these halls for eternity but I have so much to live for I am too young to die unless unless what unless you do your homework is that what this is about of course it is we will like you once long unless no regard for our future our GPAs were in the negatives what happened to you we were cursed among the halls of this school and floors uninspired students to deliver wait we just do our homework he won't turn us into ghosts pretty much yeah that sounds like a fair deal it's good to work hey Lauren there's an open mic night tonight at the theater I heard you like telling jokes what do you think Tiffany sure yay Lauren I really don't like being laughed at it's kind of here oh come on you can do it please there's no risk in trying okay fine but all of you guys better come and support me especially you Tiffany if I have to uh hi everyone you go girl my name is Lauren and I'll be doing some stand-up comedy for you guys tonight if the blue hosts on the left and the red house is on the right where is the White House in Washington DC so what's the difference between a cat and a sentence well the cat has Clovis at the end of its paws and the sentence has a pause at the end of applause wow this is going well no one's laughing at me do you guys walk into a bar it will say out oh they're laughing at me this is bad [Laughter] where are we just to let you know Tiffany's not here neither is amber okay I'm gonna start panicking soon and a panicking Sara is not a nice Sara guys I'm sure everything will be okay I'm sure Nicole oh my gosh this can't be happening okay I got gas here I need to see my pet fish again there must be some exit somewhere let's go look it's a bath maybe that's what we heard before Nicole disappeared I wonder who's doing this what do you think Sara Sara Lauren there you are everyone's gone Sara Nicole everybody who's doing this I don't know you're pretty smart there's two of us left one who was scared out of her mind and one who most certainly isn't you're killing everyone why remember that simple day in the playground when I tripped over my own foot and fell and all the laughs laughs laughed at me especially Tiffany today I get my revenge Lauren you don't have to do this everything will be fine if you just stop hurting us I won't another accidents will happen and you'll all giggle at me again right now I have the last laugh no-no-no Wow it must have been a fast show Oh about yesterday now send me a picture here wow so nice Thanks Hey I almost dropped my phone Wow so rude we need to teach them a lesson how quick Google how to get some revenge looks like revenge has a dress code well in that case ready yep I love kidnapping people perfect off you go my minions getting kidnapped and losing your phone at the same time that poor girl is having a rough day good thing I could help where am i what happened I can't find my phone this is why you always watch where you're going we were so absorbed in your phones you may have as well I've just been under mind control um what I never seen before in my life also there are no phones – you don't remember me how dare you I was just gonna keep you tied up for a while but now I'm angry no food for you until you remember me have fun starving to death I don't want to starve to death I need to check my notifications we have to get out of here and find our phones do you know where our phones are I'm here to help but you have to trust me thank you you're a real lifesaver we've been walking all day how much farther is it and when are we getting our phones back don't worry thank you / almost there well who are you what's going on this is my master she helped me realize the futility of Laura my first solo assignment as a spy was to have filtrate the lair of dr. reefy she caught me but she was kind enough to take me under her wing indeed you are already slaves you felt so why not be my slaves – where'd they go how did they get out maybe they serve so much that they shriveled up and turn to dust that's impossible that doesn't even make sense joining us or thank your internet overlord look into my eyes and join the High Line free will is overrated submit to our master five down six billion nine hundred and ninety nine million nine hundred and ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety five left good morning agent KJ come on as Iraq Tiffany news for me know it look – yeah no evil scientist is holding people hostage Oh how many people the heart city how can one person have a whole city hostage bounce he present all around the city I'm gonna need some backup now start looking right now hey boss my recent bomb experiment is complete and it was a big success good work how about casualty rates 1 million don't worry everything is under my control whatever you say boss seriously KJ this is who you brought me I worked with this guy before he's a joke he used to be in harmony yeah sure hey man I can hear you and for your information I was in the reserves prepare to lock down and turn on the defense system in the maze oh I'm keeping my de agent has a purified spider she's on the camera EJ and I have I found you you're ready remember others there is a mass you have to cast soon careful okay right how about you yep right here say hello to my little friend Oh just take this I'm going to shut down the cameras poke ax sure get into position let's go to the bunker yes boss you're here one moment the password is one two three four five I can't see it anymore then I guess we'll go in line activating energy shield hey Jay you were working with them how long how so of you to catch up the bread Jackie was just to import rest your best what Cass come over sit up we are from a dying planet that innovative by artist species who took all of our resources so that's why I want to buy now humans so that our people can migrate on earth that doesn't mean you have to be hostile towards us yeah let's go man we're peaceful soon well I suppose we could try okay how about we all drop our guns in the count of three sure one two three now someone please remember to SARM the bombs fire spearmint is success sure the mean you have to be hostile towards us Oh first a mission for you how serious is it this bad grand just escaped person after 20 years what's the problem problem reverse he tends to destroy mankind as we know but how he has to pull the world into Earth's will take care of him where is he he's hiding underground I'll sell you to location how much time do we have you only have two hours let's go guys you don't have much time you mean entrance let's go what about the goat way until he's not looking then we'll make a break for it look who decided to show up turn off the machine Graham no thanks up booting a long time for this turn up the machine oh shoot I first returned fire I may be going but you will soon join me oh yeah I got I have two children's kind you know both of them are great I'll take great please okay I'll give it to you later how they're doing is when me let's get out of here hates advise can we pick the songs for a movie sorry guys we're a bit crunched for time the screening is really soon maybe next time though but we really love music we're in a band you know oh yeah you guys yeah we can go get them well play something for you yeah sure I'd love that how about this you get your band and we'll see so you're not gonna live on man do a stain all right no I just thought that you could at least let us do one song oh yeah of course ready Wow that was really good that's what I thought

Week 1 Clayburn Rough Cut Screening

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I'm so glad to be done with this place same summer's gonna be so awesome I can't wait to go to the beach every day and eat ice cream 24/7 and not worry about homework we should do something to celebrate tonight that's gonna be arcade that's boring let's do something exciting like breaking to school and explore mmm that sounds fun I don't know if that's a good idea have you guys heard about the ghost of Cleburne middle uh no 50 years ago on the last day of school a kid decided to do something extra exciting to celebrate the beginning of summer he waited till everyone had left then he snuck into the school what happened to him he was never seen again some say his ghost still haunts the halls of this school that's nonsense ghosts aren't real okay whatever you say I think we should do it let's meet back here at 7:30 hey guys check it out play that video hey guys I snuck into the school today I told you I was gonna do it here I am this place is empty that didn't sound good I'm sure it's nothing maybe we should listen to the guy in the video what are we gonna do hey where's Chris I thought he was behind you I'm out of here maybe we should stick together not every man for himself this is not good this is really not good 10th annual virtual reality kickball tournament I'm excited 10400 the means is one one great critic and he'll send his team home I promise what he did if Maya makes his kick he'll take home the championship you yet again Colton Colton wake up we've got a problem what's happening I was in the middle of a big tournament then everything went black well you care you would have missed anyway it happened to us too no Wi-Fi is down now we cannot finish our big tournament wait what if we didn't finish the day and then we'll have to forfeit thanks Captain Obvious this sucks we've always been winners there goes my reputation don't worry you don't worry we can still be champions because I have an idea what's your idea captain we need to take our name out of the virtual reality and bring it back into the reality reality what side this petition to STOP virtual reality let's bring sports back into the real world hey Zach you're still trying to save the old team I have to no thanks you and your dumb video game Zach we had to forfeit the virtual reality pickleball tournament we can't afford to be failures but we can bring your team back from the dead side so let us play you think you can help my team I bet you can't even kick a ball yours made you soft let me Adam I think you need us as much as we need you ok sorry we only training you won't win a real kick ball to room with those chicken legs but that would involve running okay Colton if you make this you can play on my team if you keep here just throw it Alton Wow I didn't know I had it in me thanks for giving me a shot sir nice job Coleman now I think you have what it takes to make it in the real world what are we waiting for we still have so much training to do last one around the track – rotten egg that involves running you oh man I hate math class despite artists interests it is important to acquire the fundamental knowledge taught math what is it really that important can't we just skip yeah Helen and I are gonna go to that bathroom want to come oh no principle play is coming quick in here giorgia to get outside good afternoon is a new colleague that Eleanor she's a principal and Sophia is the vice principal they're all grown up all this financial paperwork makes me glad I suffered through those math classes 20 years ago the closet take us to the future indeed I pity those poor girls who skipped class back then fittingly enough their lives have fallen into utter despair as of late it's not less of a math class you know future life is awful I don't want to live in this fair did you hear something by that students skipping class click back to the closet did it work are we smart principal place behind wash Becca's time nice of you to join us what prompted this change of heart well we decided it was better than the alternative don't worry you're only 20 minutes late you I can't believe Hayden still missing I know I wonder what happened to him the police investigated it but they still haven't found anything apparently they lost saw him in the library that toby kid is so weird I know he's such a loner they don't want to hang out with me but soon they'll have no choice let's go to the library to investigate let's split up and look for clues he'd attack it's a spellbook P where's Morgan it's just all doing here this looks like I spelled them but there's a page ripped out guys I found Hayden's hat and this is weird don't – you found a dog we found a doll here – and this spell book guys do you think someone's turning our friends into dolls camping spells aren't real what are you doing you never let me play with you now you play with me forever look it's you neither one of those dolls the doll spell so you figured it out I turned all your friends into dolls now it's time for you to join them all right students we are about to begin remember there's no talking during the test and if you don't pass you don't graduate good luck no what am I gonna do I didn't bring a backup neither did I ion can you borrow some pencils yeah ours broke are you kidding me I don't have any extras also there's no talking during the test hey heard you guys are in some trouble legend has it that there are two pencil hustlers who roam the halls of this very school they'll provide proper writing utensils number 2 HB I've even encountered them myself that sounds like a safe and easy option where ever can we find them oh they're right here hey is it true you guys can win us a pencil of course did your pencils just break yeah been there we got you covered these pencils are the highest quality rated number two on the HB scale with the strongest graphite core like I said safe knees II will take – whoa whoa whoa hold your horses there we do have one condition we failed this test three years in a row if you would like to borrow these you have to write it for us that seems risky I don't think we have a choice okay fine all right class I've marked those tests nine you got a hundred and two percent that essay on mass spectroscopy was amazing thank you so much I found it so interesting oh my goodness I can't believe this the pencil hustlers women and Donovan you guys finally passed congratulations now Hannah and Brooklyn it seems that you two forgot to hand in your tests what looks like I'll be seeing you this summer at least we got good pencils for summer school that's right [Applause] that was intense bro stay with me Ben it's not over tell my wife I love her hey guys why are you yelling sorry sir I got a math question wrong you guys better not be playing computer games again no sir of course not you lose wanna play again no it's too intense

Sci-Fi Short Film "FTL" | Presented by DUST

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Subscribe and watch more sci-fi shorts on DUST: “FTL” by Adam Stern A lone astronaut testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft travels …

Laura Poitras, Rory Kennedy & Steve James: The Full Documentary Roundtable

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Laura Poitras (Citizenfour), Alan Hicks (Keep On Keepin’ On), Orlando von Einsiedel (Virunga), Steve James (Life Itself), Nick Broomfield (Tales of the Grim Sleeper), Rory Kennedy (Last Days in Vietnam) and Ryan White (The Case Against 8) discuss their new films, Roger Ebert’s final days and secret Edward Snowden meetings.

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The Congo Dandies: living in poverty and spending a fortune to look like a million dollars

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“La Sape” is a unique movement based in Congo that unites fashion-conscious men who are ready to splurge money they don’t really have on designer clothes. Dressing in stark contrast with their surroundings, these elegant ambiance-makers become true local celebrities… but this fame comes at a price.

The Republic of the Congo in Central Africa can’t boast of high standards of living. Yet, there are men here who are prepared to spend a fortune on designer suits. They call themselves “sapeurs” – members of the “La Sape” movement. “La Sape” comes from French and stands for “The Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People”. For its adherents, it’s all about style and elegance, the right combination of colours and textures, brand-names and the highest quality materials. They derive true joy from showing off their attire on the streets of Brazzaville – the country’s capital and the centre of the “La Sape” movement. Walking down dusty streets lined with clay houses, they turn heads and feel like kings. And there’s no price they won’t pay for this.

In fact, behind the image of success these dandies project, there are often stories of significant financial troubles caused by their extravagant hobby. To afford the price tag of their designer clothes, “sapeurs” have to save, borrow and even steal money, sometimes bringing ruin to their families. But even the grim consequences of their indulgent dressing habits often don’t stop “sapeurs” from spending money they don’t really have. They are in constant competition with each other and investing in their image is more important to them than improving their living conditions. Dressing smartly becomes a true addiction that is very hard to conquer.

However, some “sapeurs” do strive to find a balance between looking chic and being reasonable with their spending. They insist that the “La Sape” movement isn’t about designer suits but rather developing impeccable taste. They make an emphasis on learning to dress well but within one’s means. This way, style and elegance will demand fewer sacrifices from their devotees and will be accessible to more sophisticated men.

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1 en habillement la saps mochovce le meilleur gagne et surtout quand je mets mes couleurs commencé là où ses sanitaires dans mon quartier à ce que mon père le dieu de zapf ankama tina turner métro leader qui fait la fierté du 27 mai c'est ça hein ça peut il faut avoir les différentes tenues un ca peux tu peux avoir une seule tenue non il faut avoir les différentes tenues pour créer un peu l'harmonie l'ambiance des habits c'est ça un bon beaucoup réfléchi faut avoir beaucoup des habits et beaucoup de peine et ses successeurs et sa peur il faut pas que tu sois mon automne il faut pas nier sa queue je suis on m'appelle et la ligne d'un billet je sais je suis sa femme la mère de ses enfants de ses deux enfants comme ils veulent et les habitants à lui continué petite vendeuse a révélé me wade a créé parce que moi j'ai même habillé la manche départ on se rappelle juste pas gérée par m est tout à fait en mesure de me dire qu'ils tiennent qui m'aimait maxima culpa il y avait beaucoup de filles beaucoup de véhicules tout le match mais il a préféré faire nos enfants avec ma donc à chaud comme ça chez moi de baïnem lui la paix la cdu ouest au narrateur cdu weston ça ça va dans les bons c'est cher à henri stoll j'ai lâché t parce que comme un sapeur c'est celui obligatoires il faut avoir une paire de huits stone mais j'ai économisé l'argent pour acheter ça parce que j'ai fait presque deux ans d opacité ça ouais normalement la perla au bord si vraiment je l'achetais pas je vous l'achetez mapaq c mais moi en tant que sapeur autre que reconnue au même temps donc pour garder ma dignité ma valeur fallait que j'arrête la paix ils sont toujours pas ce que lui prend son temps on s'habille d'autres personnes croient que ça pourrait me fait ça parce qu'elle est meilleure notamment parce que oui pendant trois mois en son temps et puis ça m'énerve à la fin on apprend beaucoup vraiment plus d'une heure même de même deux heures vraiment il prend du temps tantôt il dit catch que partira jeudi à après toi moi je viens après 1 beaucoup après la deuxième guerre mondiale nos anciens combattants de retour au pays pour comme quand il était en france le fallait qui aurait le dock et et doré tout avant qu'il soit de retour pays ça c'est qu'ils avaient acheté des habits je sais des habits chaussures l'éclat vat les chemises tout ce qu'ils avaient achetés chaque dimanche pour qui ce retour pour ce que pour que lui il vient se retrouver pour faire voir que moi je te dépasse pas ce que tous avaient des avis c'est là où ils ont commencé de la salle bonjour je suis elvis mac wazi auteur du dictionnaire de la sape je vous souhaite bienvenue au congo brazzaville et ce fleuve congo c'est celui qui sépare le congo brazzaville où nous sommes mais avec la république démocratique du congo rdc ou ex zaïre et ce fleuve et le fleuve congo où nous venions nous baigner et certains de zone et de nos aînés traverser ce fleuve à la nage voilà en gros et la basse et kinshasa et ici c'est brazzaville nulle part la tenue générale de sa pop dans take the foals fake fait un grip aux tribunaux de la salle connu sous l'appellation société des ambianceurs et des personnes élégantes mais en fait c'est une société de gentle man est une manière d'être et se comporter qui est de se vêtir qu'on appelle le contrat au liberia sapeur à dimanche soir exponentielle à les tenues les plus chers c'est à dire je lui dis c'est à dire que l'on prend d'abord par kenzo ya giorgio armani a investi deux idées selon laurent où je suis je m'appelle bakou tout cas le nom que j'ai hérité de mon père et les prénoms patriat lee carly lady gaga kenzo italie tmz au bond et la peur que j'ai mis c'est une personne à la nouvelle série nouvelle collection il voit ce que je mets mais la valeur ils ne comprennent pas parce que je ne peux pas dire sinon que cdtl mois des soins mais non les gens ne seront pas contre pour les abysses est sans limite bon ce qui me plaît plus ce qu'ils me ce qui me plaît j'achète ça c'est brazza là où nous sommes c'est précisément bat pour la zone sud c'est cette si c'est dans cette zone là où il ya beaucoup des sapeurs c'est dans cette zone où on parle plus de la salle donc tout le monde gsm et ses avis et tu éthiques mais samedi dimanche c'est les retrouvailles mais c'est là où lé concurrence c'est là où les gens vous voient écouter des habits voir ce que tu as à me voir en fait la façon dont ces éléments étaient beaux esprits comme cela non en fait c'est d'abord la beauté des amis et le prix mais le plus aussi haut pour savoir un peu le fils un peu caché pas si y'a même pas des étiquettes les ja le cje les connaisseurs qui maîtrisent un peu les habits qui connaissent un peu la valeur des amis et que tu mets là les gens seront que vraiment c'est ça je suis monsieur sévérin mouillé ngo ces drames ou yengo de salopards de la sable tous les sapeurs les grands sapins le poney connaissent non pas par la vulgarité n'est ce pas mais par la bonne façon de faire et c'est par rapport aux actifs duquel j'ai maintenant les avis et les avis allant tout ça c'est des cds a b c d armes à tu sais tout ça pour les pochettes la nasa bon maintenant avec la cenal comme ça comment vraiment on peut manquer réglages tout ça oui je prends décrite comme je suis fonctionnaire je prédis que c'est la saf saf et 421 la première fois j'ai pris 10 millions procès ou humiliants et j'ai pris 6 millions juste ils paient plus sept milliards cinq cent tout ça rien que pour les avis je vais en banque sur un crédit j'achète le chef indigène nous avons des serres nous avons des enfants quand ta soeur là-bas au village va apprendre que toi une chaussure seulement qui au contact de la terre tu vas donner trois millions cinq cent pour cent alors que ta soeur là bas souffrent pour avoir de l'argent il faut qu'il parle au chant et marié tu ne donne rien en apprenant ça elle sera content et je vais tout vous dire je dis pas avec que voulez-vous belle sinon c'est foutu pour frustrer un peu la famille quoi enfin ces trois millions 5 vraiment je ne sais pas comment ça c'est à dire que je me sens bien je me donne à 100 comme étant le plus riche du lot polish parce que je suis là dedans partout où je passe au secondaire c'est vrai en ce mois là c'est là aussi j'avais crié mon projet j'avais dit non ça peut en manger ce qu'il avait dit sa peur en danger sa peur il en danger parce que c'est ça qui fait la vie pour l'amour du prochain pour la beauté pour la couture mais à la fin et gagne rien jégo non pas sa vie mais je vais y aller franco y'a rien non là elle fait la sauce la voilà là – blacks comme on apprécie moi de pacte si les journées faudrait sala rossa vraiment s'ouvre le crotoy petit peu cheap et tina salon trouve ça c'est moi dans la forêt de tout ça le ferait mais c'est cher maintenant dans les matches parce que mort d membres et transporteurs de voitures pour aller prendre son village double à venir chou blanc pour la chine et en inde ceux-là on appelle ça la vraie la 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Making A Living As Documentary Filmmakers – Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady [FULL INTERVIEW]

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ladies I've heard you both use the term fresh eyes and I'm wondering what that means in relation to documentary filmmaking and how important that is well we tried and we try to make our films always with fresh eyes if we can't get fresh eyes on a film we probably won't make it which means that we want to take on subjects that are deeply interesting to us we're fascinated by that we don't feel like we know everything about so it starts with a really deep curiosity and we have to go in just asking questions not with an agenda and so that's what we mean by fresh eyes just sort of a brand new perspective we're listening to what you have to say we're not taking any position or judging necessarily we just want to hear what a character has to say or what a story is so that's what we mean by fresh eyes I was thinking it meant more that you had feedback on a rough cut or something so no it means more as it pertains to you both fresh eyes in terms of your curiosity not well someone's receiving your rough cut of something another yes oh yes of course well we don't want fresh eyes on on that too because you do lose perspective when you're editing so yes we like other people's fresh eyes on our work and to give us feedback but what Heidi's describing is also you can call it the beginner's mind which is when you when you have no idea what someone's answer is going to be and you should always kind of be in that place especially at the beginning of a project if you already know what people are going to say you're gonna get sick of it you're going to you're gonna peter out on the subject matter so that's why you want to have the beginner's mind and if you can maintain it for a while you're gonna enjoy making this film you're gonna be curious enough to you know keep the momentum going back to curiosity which is more crucial and interesting topic but a reluctant or maybe not fully developed subject for whatever reason or the reverse a fascinating person but a topic that's maybe more vague and a little bit too broad well we don't make films about topics we're very careful not to come up with a topic and then try to back into it but it's it's important to have subject matter that is rich and has depth that it could be full of surprises and twists and turns but it doesn't matter if you have that an in-depth topic if you don't have amazing characters to take you on the journey so really we look for both we look for a subject matter that hasn't been picked over so many times that people think that they knows that much about it and you also need these great storytellers which is part of our casting process is to find those who can articulate a journey or can change over the course of a film and can bring a subject matter to life I think it would be almost a Venn diagram actually when you put it that way which is if there are both we make a movie about it and it's it's hard to have both it's it's unusual which is why we make a film every couple of years or so because they don't come along every minute how far into the process of the film do you know if the subject is working I know you talked about Heidi I think with boys of baraka that you had one subject that seemed more reluctant but that person was so fascinating that you really wanted to keep up with it yeah okay so and I'm sure that was a painful mistake cause you probably really wanted that person in the very much – one the one that got away we have learned over a long career that reluctant subjects are no subjects at all a reluctant subject it only exists in your mind he or she will never participate or allow you the access that we need in order to make a satisfying film so we detect very early on by doing test shoots and allowing people to saying listen let's come into your house let's shoot a little bit see how it feels for both of us because how reluctant or subject that's too shy camera shy or too self-conscious probably won't get over that and so you have to move on and it can be very very painful and we don't really make that mistake too much anymore on this film we did film several people before we settled on our final three and one was a reluctant subject that we spent a couple of too many days on maybe thinking that he might come around but he did not so you keep mate you keep making them stumbles hopefully you spend less and less time on the reluctance object every film well the three interviews that you have for lack of a better word subjects are all fascinating loser re and Eddie and their each one of their stories are so amazing I want to know did your angel investor broke to the idea for approaching footsteps or Oh wasn't okay so you did a TIF interview it was on stage and you tell ya it's great I just seem very observant yeah yeah sorry it's one of my faults – no it's she's wonderful on her and she's no you know what we were already working on it okay and that's another sign that we really want to do something which is when we just start working on something with no funding whatsoever and figure out you know use all of our own resources and usually when we do that it works out once in a while we've had some duds but typically if we're as excited if we're excited enough that we have as a subject a character and some passion it happens so with that we have a fairly good record of that and in this case we had just started fishing around and trying to figure out what our story was and casting a bit and this wonderful woman Regina skully gave us our seed money okay so what was the impetus for the idea though I mean you both live in New York City or on the outskirts did you see members of the Hasidic community walking around and just you were so intrigued by them as we are all of our films begin with the deep curiosity for particular Pickers particular subject or an obsession in this case Rachael lives in Brooklyn adjacent to a Hasidic community I live in an ultra-orthodox neighborhood in lower Manhattan and so the two of us have a lot of just had a lot of interactions small interactions every day with us in a community but if you live in New York you ride the subway with them you might live next door you might you know during the High Holidays see them in Mass you know on the street at a street celebration if you're in New York with eyes you or you you see the Hasidic community but you don't know anyone you don't have any Hasidic friends you have usually no exchanges with Hasidic people usually there's not I even so it's this population that lives among us we live among their population but there's zero contact and then it's so unusual and so strange because you know this is not like filming the Amish you know this is not a remote area this is the largest city in America and here we are next to each other not speaking so for Rachel Knight there was always a very deep sense of curiosity and fascination but we never would dare to try to make a film about the community because we're to secular women this is a community does not want to be photographed that it's very has an aversion to publicity doesn't watch film and television that's not looking for any sort of attention so we we just just you know we had a fascination that we let let's stand then we read about footsteps an organization that helps people exit the community that's sort of the Underground Railroad of people that are trying to transition into a more secular life and we thought that might be an interesting jumping-off point to get to know the community and those people that are brave enough to try and get try to leave it and so that really was our access point we thought if we could get access to footsteps maybe there's a movie here and that took about a year to get access and to start finding our subjects and it turned out to be true because through our subjects you do get a real sense of the Hasidic community even without official access in the beginning of your filmmaking how fearful or brave were you to ask for more the beginning of our career ask for more from money our subjects or money or everything everything I know you had talked about an interview confidence in versus being afraid to ask for more right and that really oh it's like a light bulb went off because not even gender specific but just just the fear of appearing to you know what if we pushy it is generous is it okay okay well but but it is getting over that and I think you talked about how you didn't even realize that was a thing and you just kept you were okay with asking for more and I'd love to hear more about I think I mean I think a lot of women professional women have that kind of trajectory which is you know as you have more success and you have more personal confidence you will ask for more and we were two women we own our own company we have staff and we've noticed over the years that the boy our boy employees will always ask for more even if they don't deserve it and the and the women won't so I think part of it's just you know we also we we matured and we got more confident but also we're business owners and I think you start seeing the world differently when you are asking for money when you're taking care of money when you have staffs working for you when you're a director you're telling people what your vision is and expecting them to they work for you so all of the things that help people get more confident and ask for more we were put in a position that we were able to grow in it so now that we're almost 30 we're insanely confident we yeah I mean we have approval it's a privilege to make documentary films it's a privilege to be in this business and direct but there's also a marketplace for the stories we have to tell there is more of a marketplace and there's ever been and so I think a lot of filmmakers especially earlier in the career just feels so lucky that anyone is interested in financing their work or supporting their work and I totally understand that but I think it's really important to graduate into a place where you realize that everyone with is is moved by important stories well told and it's very hard to tell a story and important story well and so there's a premium for those people they can do it and it's important to realize that especially as a woman director because if you don't ask it will not be offered to you so you have to know that and to you know make demands that are reasonable that are fair and so you don't just end up you know working for less or or feeling less than so we can't wait that cabin pretty early on in our career I mean we put our heads down and we work and we make a movie that's what we do but we also know that this is important work that that people want to see and will and will pay for and that sort of thing so it's really fine finding that balance between doing subjects that really interest us and also realizing that it is a business as well so then asking for more being given somewhat access to footsteps I think you'd said maybe that they let you sort of be in the lobby for a little bit it was like sort of baby steps with them and I don't I mean that was the access that they gave us that was it yes okay they they gave us the ability to meet their clients that's what we were asking them for we did not film inside footsteps hardly ever except a couple of one-on-one sessions which you see in the movie right and they're excellent by the way Oh things were hard-fought scenes thank you those were hard to get very very hard to get I can see why yeah so we weren't at we weren't asking them for more that's all we needed from them so we were very persistent and patient and you know gave them a good pitch of why we were the right people for them to trust and they did it and then we met their members and we kept our end of the bargain and we made a movie that they like and they can use in any way they want so we all we all got something out of it which is another thing that you understand as you get more seasoned that everyone is doing something for their own incentive and you have to figure out what that incentive is and also in terms of asking for more I mean they had been contacted by other filmmakers multiple filmmakers over the years and they had said no and so we said but you haven't been contacted by us and we have a body of work to show so it's not abstract so much they could see all of our past films are five plus feature-length documentaries plus a lot of their work and they can judge for themselves you know how big of a risk is this footsteps took a big risk they had no editorial control over the film they were not invited for any editorial feedback and so they had to trust that at least these filmmakers didn't have a agenda and would tell it like it is which is all we can guarantee and so they kind of jumped off a cliff as well and you know that's what it takes it's like it takes really really brave individuals that will trust you and organizations in order for this documentary thing to even happen and we rely on on people to trust us and rely on goodwill and we take it as a big responsibility and as a big gift and it can be a heavy burden because people have trusted you and entrusted you with their secrets and their stories and so that has not gotten easier that is just you know something that we grapple with every time are we doing right by this person is this did this person mean to say that or is this the one day that they would say such a crazy thing that would be great in the movie but they actually don't really mean it so you have to sort of also suss out you know what what is representative of a person or an organization so so that we had a lot of those sort of you know we had to grapple with a lot of those sort of rocky moments on this particular movie and in following the three are a loser and Eddie how long were you filming them because I saw such an arc and how they changed I was it was almost like there were different people by the end of the film from my eyes I don't know if that was really where it was but from the first initial sort of scenes with them to the end I felt there were different people we've done with them for about a year and a half okay yep in and out over a year and half but they you know we're all in New York so we had a very luxurious opportunity where we could pop in when we wanted and it wasn't not like a huge big deal to go and shoot for you know three hours with one of them so that was a real bonus I don't think an non New Yorker could have made this film you had you had to be living in New York City to make at least a film that we made so you do have an excellent body of work and that's probably one of the reasons that footsteps you know they saw your track record they saw that you had not only excellent films but films that had a broad audience most documentary filmmakers don't get sort of that opportunity there are done after a few films it's very hard to make money what do you think has been maybe not the secret but the some of the key points in keeping I mean you both have what over 20 some directing credits yeah okay that's that's difficult I mean most people tap out after a few because it is so hard I think it's I think we probably both have interesting answers to this but she wanna go first well I was gonna say that I think it makes a difference that there's two of us I really do I mean it's a lot one of us yeah not just one of us because you know we we can support each other and you don't want to kind of you have someone that you are accountable to in a lot of ways no one knows who does what so it's like everyone has to kind of have their their top their their game on and I think it's just a tie yeah I see a lot of our good friends that are lone wolf filmmakers and it's hard it's very lonely and you are creating something from the ether and no one knows or cares about it until it's finished and it's it's tough it's it's not it's not a saw it's not for the soft it hearted I'd say this particular this job so I think the fact that there's two of us and that we help each other out I think that that has sustained quite a bit it's for the soft hearted but not the soft stomach I you know there's a I think of the type of documentary filmmaker that will spend nine years on a subject there's an incredible devotion and obsession that most documentary filmmakers have and I think it's hard to do have them have a body of work if you have spent eight years on a subject to get the motivation do another one I mean I think there's just a type of person that makes documentaries that might not be looking let there a whole career trajectory at the bottom that the whole you know future career and we try to look at the body of work and look down the road so I think that's helpful to us but you know we we do feature-length documentary films that take two or three or more years to make but we also do documentaries for television you know for other clients which are very you know they can be satisfying and they're just shorter and maybe less in depth but we also are doing those well we're making the other films so it's really rare for us to just sort of peel off and not do anything else the two of us for a period of four years we also have we have other irons in the fire because you also have to make a living and so we're careful about that balance between the larger feature-length documentaries which are very precious to us and also some of the short shorter form pieces that are are wonderful as well that maybe take less effort and less time and there's less shooting days and less editing so we we take that work as well and I think you know we have to do that in order to to make a living and also you know we like to do things that have a shorter turnaround that are going to be brought to an audience sooner as well there's you'll keep your skills up you know you have to be able to do all kinds of work we do commercials every now and then so you know you want to keep your muscles going and if you're just in an edit room for 12 months and you're not in the field that anymore guess what you can get rusty you can get rusty if you're not on the field a lot and you're I can get soft and I don't know I think it is something that has to be kept up and we're able to do that by doing television work as well as our feature-length work you have a scene in the beginning of the film or toward the beginning where Ari I believe is speaking to a rabbi and the rabbi is kind of like talking about human nature and how it's just part of our make up to shun those in the sort of quote-unquote out group maybe it's some a million trait too and let's do it can you talk about that and your thoughts on that I that was a very tough scene for us to get it was getting people that are in the community to go on camera speaking to our characters was extremely challenging we happened to we got that we got that scene that's pretty much it and I I'm glad you noticed it I think it's really important that we had it right up front to start talking about the phenomenon of the black sheep right up front and not as something pertaining to their community but as a universal concept because that's really what the theme of the film is is about being an individual versus being part of a group and what what is more valuable and what do get more out of and how different people get different things out of it and so that was that's sort of a key at the key moment when of course being a black sheep in the Hasidic community is quite different than being a black sheep at you know your office party you know but they're they have things in common there's correlation the human behavior there's correlation so I'm glad you noticed that and then we wanted it to be right up front so that it was already in your brain when you started watching the movie and what this elder in the community says is there's groupthink and that is human trait groupthink you know you're Shawn Shawn or be shunned and as Rachel said it's more extreme in this particular committee but I'm sure there's many people in the gay and trans community and the evangelical Christian community doubters in that in that world that have felt shunned and for them it's their entire world that might not be as Extreme as the Hasidic community but when you're living it being cast out I think there's a lot of people that can identify with those fears that are not religious people and we hope that these kind of concepts can jump out of the Hasidic community and into sort of a more general discourse that people will see the movie once you approached foot steps how long before you had the three main characters in the film how long did you ask them would they be willing to about a year it took us about a year from when we first approached foot steps until we met our three main characters because we filmed some other people before them and for various reasons we we felt like we had not found our main characters yet and when we filmed each one of our characters that ended up being sort of the stars of the film we knew right away so until you have that feeling like this person this is the right person you keep trying and once we had them we stopped looking you

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Top 10 Documentary Filmmakers

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some of the most groundbreaking and enlightened films of all time have been documentaries and these are the minds behind them welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 documentary filmmakers as for the former inhabitants they'd all died or moved on long ago well almost all of them for this list we'll be looking at the most revolutionary and innovative directors of nonfiction motion pictures and some of their best work number 10 Michael Apted I think that there's gonna come a time when I on that has to be told in addition to fiction films this former president of the Directors Guild of America has dabbled in the art of making documentaries to commercial and critical success the shootout at jumping bull the killing of these two FBI agents was the part of the total pattern of violence that was occurring on the reservation bring on the night a concert film based on sting as well as incident at Iguala a look at the murder of two FBI agents or to such successes shortly I have to heed half Oglala housing two cars entered highway 18 behind him his greatest work however has been the up series a documentary series that has followed the lives of 14 British children from the age of seven up to present with a new episode about their lives every seven years a lot of the enjoyment of life has been taken out of it is the natural enjoyment hasn't been taken out of it it's just people it's still there every look for it number nine Morgan Spurlock patient is embarking on a one-month McDonald's binge although active in the field of the performing arts as a playwright this moustached director and humorists first massive success was with the film supersize meet a chronicle of his own attempts to nothing but McDonald's for 30 days my advice to you as a physician is that you got to stop there pickling your liver the second film where in the world is Osama bin Laden premiered at Sundance and was also a critical success as he takes a first-person look at the fight on terrorism while going on a search for bin Laden himself and I'm gonna find out once and for all where in the world is Osama bin Laden with a nomination for the coveted Academy Award in his pocket we can't wait to see what he does next Osama bin Laden's all the other day I wonder Stan I don't know what he's in there's also question what he's alive or dead okay number eight Kevin McDonald while this award-winning Scottish director is known for his fiction motion pictures we've reported that you cried you saw the lost King of Scotland his efforts in the field of documentaries are certainly renowned as well although he won an Oscar for his 1999 film one day in September recounting the murder of a group of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Germany perhaps his most popular documentary his 2003 s touching the void and I had this bizarre idea that if they'd fallen off the mountain they would have just landed to the bottom of it a harrowing tale of two Mountaineers attempt to climb a peak in the Andes mountain it has been called Britain's most successful documentary and is on PBS's list of the 100 greatest documentaries of all time and when I shouted they were there I sort of knew I was dead then number seven James Cameron unbelievable this is the most insane of biomass I ever saw in my life nominated for six Academy Awards and having directed films that have grossed approximately six billion worldwide James Cameron just seems to have the magic touch whether he's directing blue aliens or creating a documentary it is history right there we are touching the legend six years after releasing the box-office smash Titanic the fascinating ghosts of the abyss was released where Cameron revisits the wreckage of the legendary ship and many times when I close my eyes I'm suddenly back there floating over the wreck two years later he teamed up with NASA scientists to explore chains of mountains deep under the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans an expedition that was captured in aliens of the deep the science community was stunned how could these animals be living in these toxic chemicals number six Martin Scorsese now the first Italian films that I remember seeing we're on this little screen my family around me in pretty much a room like this the most nominated living director and certainly one of the most influential this 8-time Oscar nominated filmmaker has drawn us to many fictional worlds I'm funny how I me funny like I'm a clown I am you you I make you laugh but has also created some underrated documentary classics so as a filmmaker I'm kind of caught I've never really felt like a Hollywood director or at least what my idea of a Hollywood directors supposed to be and obviously I'm not an Italian filmmaker reader my voyage to Italy is perhaps the most award-winning effort documenting a journey through the history of Italian cinema and particular movies that influenced the director himself they needed to dissolve the barrier between documentary and fiction and in the process they permanently changed the rules of moviemaking he has also been praised for his treatment of legendary musical artists including his 2011 documentary based on the life of former Beatles member George Harrison the event is so momentous that historians may one day view it as a landmark in the decline of the British Empire the Beatles are breaking up number five Alex Gibney and that is the main entrance to camp x-ray would be extremely difficult for anybody to make an escape out of here praised for his emotionally compelling subject matter and style Alex Gibney has shown numerous times that he isn't afraid to deal with topics that others would be afraid to take on a lot of what needs to be done we'll have to be done quietly without any discussion using sources and methods that are available to our intelligence agencies for instance taxi to the dark side his chronicle of a taxi driver who was tortured and killed for no reason on an Afghan Air Base in 2002 won the 2007 Oscar for the Best Documentary Feature it certainly makes you wonder about whether they just sent these guys on to cover their butts he was also nominated for Enron the smartest guys in the room a film that took an in-depth look into the fall of the Enron Corporation one of the biggest scandals in the history of the United States this is a case of America's largest corporate bankruptcy the question here is what happened who was responsible for it happening and what can we do to prevent this sort of thing from happening again number four Ken Burns Lincoln's been so smothered with stories of his compassion that people forget what a highly intelligent man he was with a unique style that includes simple musical sound tracks and the captivating use of archival footage and images Ken Burns has won numerous Emmy Awards for his vivid all-american documentaries work began on a statue unlike any ever built before it would be a gift from the people of France to the people of the United States he has been nominated twice for an academy award once for 1981's Brooklyn Bridge and another time for 1985's the Statue of Liberty liberty is the absence of constraints and bury an impediment perhaps his greatest achievement however is the film that garnered more than 40 major film and television awards namely 1990s the Civil War it was the establishment of the United States in independence from Great Britain with slavery still a part of its heritage number three Michael war when the second plane hit the tower his chief of staff entered the classroom and told mr. Bush the nation is under attack although he had humble beginnings as a magazine writer he has since established himself as a filmmaking force to be reckoned with I'd spotted an ad in the local Michigan paper that said if you opened an account at North country bank the bank would give you a gun known for his sharp criticism and wit Michael Moore's 2004 hit Fahrenheit 9/11 an examination of terrorism and the American presidency at the time is the highest-grossing documentary of all time there they're not happy they're occupied I wouldn't be happy if I were occupied either everybody here we go several of his other documentaries can also be found on top grossing documentaries lists including Bowling for Columbine which won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature yes it was a glorious time to be an American number two Errol Boris any prosecutor can convict a guilty man it takes a great prosecutor to convict an innocent man it's not for no reason that the Guardian put him in the top 10 ranking of the world's 40 best active directors have you insane they're at the hotel that night this would never happen not dress perfect not restaurant known for his direct and natural style of documentary making Errol Morris has tried his hand in several life stories and was successful each time he's killed people unnecessarily his own troops our other troops through mistakes who errors a judgement most notably cell with his oscar-winning film the fog of war 11 lessons from the life of Robert S McNamara with the fog of war remains is war is so complex it's beyond the ability of the human mind to comprehend all the variables his critically acclaimed film the thin blue line the story of a man sentenced to a life term for a murder he was probably wrongly accused of was also so powerful that the man in question was released a year after the film's debut oh I don't wanna know before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions this stands your are fun which is good crying like a fire in the Sun four years ago that's all i used to dream about was playing in NBA i don't really dream about it like that anymore everybody stand together amy and everybody goes together everybody go out on the picket line and we'll win her contract FL i understand it he was only 32 the person lending you the money expected you to pay him or her back you got a loan from a lender who wanted you to pay him back we've since developed securitization whereby the people who make the loan are no longer at risk of there's a failure to repay by show weakness if I retreat I may be hurt I may be killed I must hold my own if I'm gonna stay within this land number 1 Verner Hertzog he has been called the most influential film director alive and American critic Roger Ebert once wrote that even his failures are spectacular I don't know what the variables are but we've gotta have some goddamn rain so if there's a god don't in a sting a director that has narrowly escaped death many times and will go to any extreme to carry through with his creative vision Hertzog has certainly created his share of cinematic masterpieces when I'm driving my car I often hear the voices of my dead friends sometimes my friend Duane Martin calls me and tells me that his feet are cold whether he's following the deaf and blind in the land of silence and darkness a former prisoner of war in little dieter needs to fly but I knew from that moment on that I want to be a pilot I want to be a flier or a grizzly bear enthusiast in grizzly man his films are captivating and always remarkable I would never ever kill a bear in the defense of my own life would not go into a bear's home and kill a bear do you agree with our list do you think are the greatest documentary filmmakers who only once shame on shame on you for more in-depth top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to