Folk! Ukrainian Dance Documentary by KinoRox Productions

Trailer for Feature Film Documentary on Ukrainian folk dancing!

it's rare when I'm standing in a line in a dance rehearsing and performing when I when I stand there and go wow put a weakened worse things in spending scantily-clad if you wanted to learn Ukrainian dancing the East Coast she was there it's hard to say no to pioneer Darla he bought a little boy did I want to you're a good dancer she wanted to been retired for ten years old it's a strange kind of eating and in some hand you can't believe yet was spoken to some of these people in 15 plus years my first show was dissipating woods in an opera house in view that feeling on that stage from that moment on you want to continue to feel that feeling all my life I lost my dancing my guess is that's whenever's maybe five year old and I already knew that I want to dance behalf of crazy cuz hard right we have 40 minutes left we're done we're done we can't do it no way that's the place of things I just could happen Korean super dancing one of which the world is understanding well I don't know about the world I've never traveled

NEXT GOAL WINS Documentary Film Trailer

A hilarious and moving soccer documentary
In select theaters April 25, via Ketchup Entertainment
➨ @NGW_Movie

After suffering a world record 31-0 defeat at the hands of Australia in 2001, American Samoa — officially the worst football team on earth — are still in search of their first ever competitive win. When maverick Dutch coach Thomas Rongen arrives on the island to help the team achieve this elusive goal, he discovers that his ramshackle team includes an emotionally scarred goalkeeper and the first transgender player ever to play international football. They haven’t scored a goal for four years. With the team about to embark on a gruelling World Cup Qualification campaign, Rongen has just one month to transform this ragtag of endemic losers into a winning team — and perhaps learn a little about himself along the way. Next Goal Wins is a hilarious and moving exploration of what it really means to be a winner in life.

NEXT GOAL WINS Documentary Film Trailer
Directed by Mike Brett and Steve Jamison
Release Date : April 25, 2014

NEXT GOAL WINS Documentary Film Trailer
© 2014 Ketchup Entertainment

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I wish that I can go back and play against Australia you know you can't change anything on the internet but still gonna stay in the record for a long time it's embarrassing you know I was there when Australia beat us dirty no 30 or 30 or 31 I'm not by know it was 30 the boys they put the hearts I know they not really have the skills and everything but they've got the guts we're always the underdogs and we'll always will be until we prove them wrong they needed nine goals today you gave them only eight these are steps steps all going in the right direction I played with George Best's the on Cruyff that coached several MLS teams Thomas is a real professional high level coach oh he's too fast you play yourself out of starting a level right now if you're not gonna be mentally tuned in your risk man when he get here Thomas was a very difficult person to deal with you brought me here to be the willing ta feels that don't interfere I told him if you don't like it you just pack your things and go back home I get a man that's really discovered she has more female panda sneeze the goal keep the only guy that wasn't it 31 to nothing lost their scars with his teeth these are these up plus she think about you baby come on like it [Applause] shoppers become cynical in big business and I don't want this to happen here these guys play because they love the game they could seal up well nothing I'm here to play for my country represent do my best on the field you know I'm here for the love of the game I'm just trying to rule we're not the same team anymore I want to win a game I would die as a happy person to play in your motel today Wallace flying game the biggest or the death in the world that you guys have part of this wow that's pretty cool American Samoa worse show me how to fight I'll show you how to win come on well done well done I just myself from a pen seriously

The Achievers Documentary Trailer

First there was a movie from the Coen brothers called The Big Lebowski then, there was an Explosion of the bizarre
What could have spawned a media frenzy over the course of 5 years, driving over 300,000 hits on the Lebowski Fest website alone and selling out over 17 events from Louisville to London giving birth to a sub culture correctly labeled as Achievers?
What could gather such an eclectic crowd together relegating the best time with one could have with a stranger in a bowling extravaganza?
With interviews from Jeff Bridges and Jim James of “My Morning Jacket”, Director Eddie Chung decided to take a shot on answering this question by creating this amazing documentary with the help of producers Agi Orsi and Cecy Rangel from Riding Giants and Dogtown and Z-Boys.

this thing is the biggest thing I've ever been involved in and it's big and it's huge it's just becoming real you know we have these fests where all these fans get together just like us and we all just like kind of create this strange world of lebowski with nihilus running around and people running around in bathrobes and giant Creedence tape and severed toes the last three years of my life had just been unbelievable housekeepers cured my cancer I am the real Lebowski Chicago trivia championships are coming true I just think it's a weird dream I'm having

The Iran Job Documentary Film Trailer (Basket-Ball)

When American basketball player Kevin Sheppard accepts a job to play in one of the world’s most feared countries–Iran–he expects the worst. But what he finds is a country brimming with generosity, acceptance, and sensuality. With a charismatic personality that charms everyone he meets, Kevin forms an unlikely friendship with three outspoken Iranian women who share with him their strong
opinions on everything from politics to religion to gender roles.
“As entertaining as life itself” (Gloria Steinem)
“You will be on the edge og your seat” (IndieWire)
“Celebrating warmth , humor and tough complicated humanity” (Variety)

The Iran Job Documentary Film Trailer. In theaters September 28th, 2012.

The Iran Job Documentary Film Trailer (Till Schauder – 2012).
© Paladin

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my first response when I thought about Iran was hell no but God put something in my spirit and said you need to get away from the familiar and go to the heart family and Here I am [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] yeah a little better man let them talk maybe it won't pop I don't believe in a song because

Making "Lost Cause" pt.2 • Full documentary movie (French w. English Subtitles)

Watch how a wacky band of Canadian indy film-makers made a feature-length film with just 15,000$!

Watch the French version without subtitles right here:
Watch “Lost Cause” (full movie) here:

0:00 Production: A Retarded Plan
5:18 Production: Just Shoot Me!
In the other parts…

Part 1:
Beginning: The Origins of Lost Cause
Pre-Production: Let’s Get to the Beezness
Part 3:
Production: Cine-Cucina (The Kitchen Studio)
Production: The Good, The Bad, and the Spaghetti
Production: That Kung-Fu Ninja Shit!
Part 4:
Post-Production: That’s Art, Man!
The End: Future of a Lost Cause
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dans ceux consentis futur c'est un vainqueur dans le temps passé dans le temps d'évaluer un petit peu tu vois le projet qui prend forme sur deux ans à ce jour pendant le temps où on tournait pas moi je pourrais faire du montage dont je peux prendre ce qu'on avait déjà tourné puis l'assemblée puis voir un résultat concret il partagé avec le 2big pour nous aussi ça nous permettait de raffiner notre technique puis d'anticiper des problèmes sur les prochaines fois qu'on a détourné était est-ce qu'on est obligé de faire plus de plaire ou moins de place que l'on réalise bien est-ce qu'on joue bientôt retourner sur longtemps ça nous a permis de repenser à tous les niveaux devenir meilleur c'est évident que tourner longtemps comme on le fait sur la porte certains des avantages surtout dolls dans le plat de la continuité toutes ces affaires le fallait que tout le temps que je garde mes cheveux un certain certaine longueur parce que c'était les personnages de bob effet y en a pas fallu que je 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Couple Share Studio Flat With A Cougar | BEAST BUDDIES

Views:12588031|Rating:4.73|View Time:6:39Minutes|Likes:178625|Dislikes:10288
MEET the brave couple that share their home with a playful two-year-old COUGAR. In 2016, Alexandr Dmitriev and his wife, Mariya, decided to adopt a young cougar called Messi and raise him as a house-pet in their small, studio apartment in Penza, Russia. Messi follows a strict grooming routine to ensure he doesn’t make too much of a mess around the house – he gets washed in the bath, has his nails trimmed, his teeth checked and he receives a special brush-down every day. The big cat eats twice a day with a diet consisting of turkey, beef, a bit of chicken breast and some bones. And with a growing social media following of 250,000 on Instagram and more than 2 million views on YouTube, Messi has become a local celebrity.
To follow Messi’s journey, visit:

Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Александр Крутенков
Producer: Danny Baggott, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

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COMM: A year and a half ago Alexandr and Mariya
decided to adopt a cougar. COMM: The couple adopted Messi from
a petting zoo. COMM: Alex and Mariya already had another,
much smaller sphynx cat living in their studio apartment but Messi fit right in. COMM: It’s not just a carefully planned diet that Messi needs, Alex and Mariya also have other tasks to do – to take care of their big cat.

Soviet Montage: Crash Course Film History #8

Russia went and had a revolution in 1917 and cinema was a big part of its aftermath. Even though film stock was hard to come by, we saw the first film school started, and the study of film became hugely important. Russian filmmakers started trying to understand the power of the cut itself, thus developing a theory of filmmaking based solely around the juxtaposition of images: Soviet Montage. In this episode of Crash Course Film History, Craig talks us through some of the filmic things going on in post-revolution era Russia.

Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios:

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Movies Discussed in this episode:
Battleship Potempkin: 1925 – Dir. Sergei Eisenstein

Man with a Movie Camera: 1929 – Dir. Dziga Vertov

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: 2009 – Dir. David Yates
Property of Warner Bros. Pictures

Psycho: 1960 – Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Property of Paramount Pictures

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: 1966 – Dir. Sergio Leone
Property of 20th Century FOX

Youth of Maxim: 1935 – Dir. Grigori Kozintsev, Leonid Trauberg


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CC Kids:

The Russian Revolution marked the first major
civil war fought in the age of cinema. And the big winners in that struggle understood
the unique ability of film to change minds and inflame hearts. Today, we’ll meet a bunch of filmmakers
who spent as much time studying films as they did making them. We’ll see the founding of the world’s
first film school. And we’ll watch the rise of a cohesive,
self-conscious, and game-changing film movement that would unlock the power of the cut to
create meaning, shape public opinion, and call a hungry populace to action. It’s time to cut…
to Soviet Montage. [Opening Music Plays] In 1917, the second of two violent revolts in Russia, led by Vladimir Lenin, overthrew
the Tsar and brought the Bolsheviks to power. “Bolshevik” means “majority” in Russian,
by the way, and this political movement grew from the peasant and working classes who acquired
their power through persuasion and force. That’s important. You should remember that. Because the resulting government, ruled by
what would become the Communist Party, was organized around principles of workers’
rights, state control of industry, and the suppression of dissent. So the government took a strong interest in
film, because it recognized cinema for what it was – a powerful tool for social and
political influence. But before it could get that engine started,
the party had a few obstacles to overcome. First, it needed to centralize the Russian
film industry. Prior to the revolution, there were a lot
of production companies, mostly making pro-Tsarist films. In 1918, the new Bolshevik government did
what Germany had done in creating UFA – which we talked about last time. They took over the studios, combining them
to form one state-owned company called Narkompros, also known as The People’s Commissariat
for Education. Second, and more importantly, there was virtually
no raw film stock in the country. You're gonna need film stock if you're gonna make films. The revolutionary government choked off imports, and Russia didn’t have the capacity to manufacture
much of its own stock. So, some enterprising Russian filmmakers took
a different approach. They started studying films. What?!?! That’s what you’re doing right now! And they didn’t just watch them; they dissected them. Literally. They took the actual reels of film, cut them
apart, and analyzed them. How long were the shots? What was the camera angle? How was the image composed? How did they do the thing? And most importantly, how were the shots edited
together? In what order, and why? Then they began experimenting – rearranging
the order of the shots, shortening some, repeating others – all to see what the effects might
be. To encourage this experimentation, the government
founded the world’s first film school in 1919. It was called VGIK, or the State Institute
of Cinematography. The most well-known and influential teacher
at this new school was the filmmaker Lev Kuleshov. And his most famous discovery bears his name
and provided his students with the cornerstone of a new cinematic philosophy. What he discovered is now known as the Kuleshov
Effect, and it came to light like this: Kuleshov took a shot of a well-known Russian
matinee idol named Ivan Mosjoukine staring off-camera with no expression. He then cut to an image of a bowl of soup,
and then back to the shot of Ivan. When he asked viewers what Ivan was feeling,
they said he was hungry. Kuleshov then took the same footage of Ivan,
but this time intercut it with a shot of a girl in a coffin. Now, the audience said Ivan felt sad. Finally, Kuleshov projected the shot of Ivan,
then cut to a woman on a couch. The viewers said he was feeling desire. The Kuleshov Effect suggests that viewers
draw more meaning from two shots cut together, than either shot on its own. And the Soviet filmmakers believed that
phenomenon was the true power of cinema, something no other art form can do: juxtapose two images
in real time to create a new, and sometimes unrelated, meaning. It’s also one more example of film as an
illusion of reality. Kuleshov took Georges Méliès one step further:
not only can a cut be used to hide a magic trick, it is a magic trick! And that wasn’t Kuleshov’s only contribution. Or his only illusion. He also developed a concept called Creative
Geography, also known as Artificial Landscape. This effect can be created when two segments
of film shot in entirely different locations are cut together to make them appear to be
happening in a continuous space. If you’ve watched Doctor Who, this is how
they make it seem like the TARDIS is bigger on the inside. Just kidding. It actually is! We call the overarching theory of film developed by Kuleshov and his students Soviet Montage. Montage comes from the French word, meaning
“assembling” or “editing” or… "montage." And the theory of montage proposes that films
derive their ultimate power and meaning through the way the shots are cut together – their
order, duration, repetition, and rhythm. Beyond that, Soviet Montage filmmakers believed
that for film to reach its true potential, the cuts themselves should be visible. The audience should be aware of them. That the illusion should be obviously constructed, and not hidden. We call this style of editing discontinuity
editing, and it fit quite neatly into another political idea the Soviet Montage filmmakers
had: that the artist was an engineer, simply another worker, joining shots the way a brick-layer
builds a wall or a factory worker assembles a vehicle. For these folks, the process of filmmaking
was as much a political statement as the movie itself. Within Soviet Montage, there are a lot of
ways to juxtapose images. There’s Intellectual Montage, for example,
which refers to the juxtaposition of two otherwise unrelated images to create a third idea in
your mind. This is the purest form of Soviet Montage,
and Kuleshov’s experiment is a perfect example. Ivan’s face juxtaposed against soup equals
hunger. Tonal Montage puts together two or more shots
that have similar tonal or thematic qualities. The idea here is that these shots build on
one another and reinforce the emotional or psychological meaning the film is trying to
convey.. Two rams butting heads next to a fist next
to people rioting and you’ve got images that may make you think of conflict. But, a flower opening next to a baby yawning
next to a sunrise might be beginnings. To take a great – and decidedly non-Soviet
example – think about Dumbledore’s death scene in Harry Potter. The shots between Snape and Dumbledore are
drawn out, still, each wrestling with his emotions, followed by Dumbledore’s slow-motion
fall. Metric Montage dictates that shots are cut
after a specified number of frames, regardless of what’s happening in the shot. This can be quite jarring, as on-screen actions
are interrupted, but the rhythm of the editing itself has a psychological effect. The speeding up or slowing down of edits can
greatly affect the amount of tension the audience is feeling. There are moments in the famous shower scene
from Psycho where Hitchcock uses this technique, cutting between the knife and the victim without
regard for continuity, tone, or musical rhythm. And, any modern action movie tends to pick
up the pace of the editing as the fight scenes pick up intensity. Rhythmic Montage, on the other hand, matches
the cuts to music, sound effects, or action on screen. Marching feet or beating drums. Modern movie trailers do this all the time,
using music to link various shots from a movie. And finally, overtonal Montage is the combination of metric, rhythmic, and tonal montage. One of the best examples of Overtonal Montage comes from the final stand off in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. we see Tonal Montage in the Mise en Scene. Desert, cracked Earth, tired and weathered faces, a cemetery, this is the end, death is coming. [Craig sings theme from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly] Rhythmic Montage is pretty obviously used as the scene is punctuated with cuts of the 3 gunslingers based on the rhythm of Ennio Morricone's incredible score. Finally, Metric Montage. We begin the sequence is long cuts but as the intensity picks up, we cut faster and faster and faster UNTIL! Now, imagine you’re a Soviet Montage filmmaker,
and you’ve spent months or years studying films and developing your theories. What happens when you finally get your hands
on some fresh film stock in the early 1920s? That’s right. You start making films with a vengeance. Not, like, films with "a vengeance" in the title, like Die Hard with A Vengence but like, you make films with the attitude of vengeance. One of the most influential Soviet Montage
filmmakers was a former engineering student named Sergei Eisenstein. It was Eisenstein’s second feature film,
Battleship Potemkin, that launched him to international fame and provided a blueprint
for how filmmakers could incorporate Soviet Montage theories – particularly intellectual
montage – into fiction films. Made in 1925, Battleship Potemkin tells the
true story of a mutiny aboard a Russian battleship in 1905. Rather than focus on a single protagonist,
the film dramatizes the miserable conditions of the sailors as they toil under officers
who beat them and deprive them of food. In the film’s most famous section, the Odessa
Steps Sequence, the sailors are cheered on by the people of Odessa… until Tsarist troops
show up and slaughter the crowd. The shots themselves are fairly horrifying
– bullet wounds, trampled children, anguished parents, a baby carriage rolling perilously
through the middle of the battle. But Eisenstein’s real innovation lies in
the use of montage to bring life to the chaos, madness, and violence of the action. Eisenstein wanted the juxtaposition of sometimes-unrelated
images to jolt the audience out of their complacency. The film is also a powerful piece of propaganda,
which we’ll define as a biased or misleading communication designed to promote a particular
point of view. And just because something’s propaganda
doesn’t mean that it’s false. The Tsarists really did put down a revolt
in Odessa in 1905! But by making the sailors and civilians so
innocent and the officers and Tsarist troops so cruel, the film comes down on one side
and stokes the viewer’s outrage against the other. We’ve seen this before – in the egregious
re-writing of American history in Birth of a Nation – and we see it today – in everything
from political ads to issue documentaries. Film was and remains one of the most powerful
tools of persuasion in the world. Another Soviet filmmaker who excelled at persuasion,
but took a different approach to montage, was the documentarian Dziga Vertov. Vertov began his career as an editor in 1918,
before becoming a cameraman and travelling around the country taking newsreel footage. Vertov was an opinionated and rigorous thinker,
and he banded together with other like-minded documentarians to propose their own ideas
about film. They called themselves “Kinoki” or “Cinema-Eye”
and wrote manifestos dissing fiction films. They believed that only documentaries could
be true and honest. Vertov’s goal was to use the camera to record
quote-unquote “reality,” and then arrange his shots using montage to create pure meaning,
rather than tell a story. His masterwork is The Man with the Movie Camera,
made in 1929. It follows a day in the life of a city, from
empty streets and sleeping figures through work and meals and evening traffic. Actually, the film is as much about the process
of making the film as it is about anything else. We see the cameraman shooting the footage. We see the editor, Yelizaveta Svilova, who
was also Vertov’s wife, choosing shots and cutting them together into sequences that
we then see unfold on screen. Vertov uses special effects, freeze frames,
special camera rigs, animation, compositing, even non-linear editing – all the tools
cinema had at the time. He painted a portrait of his city, its people,
and the artist as an engineer, pulling back the curtain to reveal the truth of how the
film was made. But of course, as we’ve talked about, film
is ultimately an illusion of reality, not reality itself. Film scholars have long recognized that however
useful Vertov’s theories were in making films, they don’t account for the fact that
all moving photographs are by nature constructed realities. Whether they’re in service of a fictional
story or a documentary, they’re chosen and cut together to articulate a point of view. Just as there’s very little “reality”
in reality TV, so Vertov’s documentaries are simply a different use of the magic trick
of film. As power shifted to Stalin, western films
began to pour back into the U.S.S.R., and film stock became more readily available. And the government cooled on the esoteric
Soviet Montage filmmakers. Audiences wanted something more accessible,
more emotional. Socialist Realism, which began as a movement
in literature, became the state-supported style of cinema. Filmmakers were told to focus on realistic
stories that supported communist values. A sort of propaganda-through-relatability,
rather than abstract theory. A prime example of this is the 1935 film Youth
of Maxim. The story follows a naive, young factory worker
in pre-Revolutionary Russia who helps his colleagues hide a subversive teacher from
the police. Over the course of the film, the young man
is radicalized and eventually joins the Revolution. Rather than use jarring cuts and juxtaposition,
the film relies on a much more smooth, mainstream style, encouraging viewers to identify with
the character and buy into the reality of the story. That brought an end to the Soviet Montage
movement. As often happens, however, the techniques
developed by the Soviet Montage filmmakers continue to influence cinema to this day,
in everything from the shower scene in Psycho, to the latest music video. And movie trailers… pretty much all the
movie trailers. Today we learned how the Russian Revolution
led to a subsequent revolution in cinema. We talked about how the Soviet Montage filmmakers
believed editing was the most foundational element of film technique. We looked at some of the filmmakers who put
those theories into practice, and how their films worked as state-sponsored propaganda. Next time, we’ll cross back to Hollywood
to witness the Golden Silent Era and the rise of the studio system – where movies were
made as art, entertainment, and commerce, more often than political statements – as
the story of film continues. Crash Course Film History is produced in association
with PBS Digital Studios. You can head over to their channel to check
out a playlist of their latest amazing shows, like Brain Craft, It’s Okay to Be Smart,
and Physics Girl. This episode of Crash Course was filmed in
the Doctor Cheryl C. Kinney Studio with the help of all these nice Kinoki and our amazing
graphics team, is Thought Cafe.

ZION Williamson – Future King (Original Bored Film Documentary)

Zion Williamson has stormed into the public eye, a raw athletic ability unseen since the days of young Lebron James…Zion erupted into superstardom as clips of his famous and insane dunks quickly went viral. But he is much more than a dunker. He is a freak of nature in the vein of Bo Jackson and Lebron. A true prodigy, a once in a lifetime talent. This short documentary takes a look at the origins of the man we all know as ZION. The dunks, the blocks, the star power.

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we all make a big deal about 42 6 inch vertical and that's great but it's his ability to recover how about there's a move in the sweet 16 yes where you guys got his ankles broken recovery block the shoveling [Applause] their speed vii and if great design was by 511 about 120 pounds he was taught at that time because of his size the point guard skills [Applause] [Applause] before that summer was over that was six four before the summer wasn't Zion is the most unique prospect that I've ever seen on a basketball court he's built like a Mack truck he's six foot seven 285 pounds and he's versatile when he has ridiculous speed he is 285 pounds I think we're looking at a superstar the popular athlete that I've seen in the high school game since LeBron James this kid is incredible we already said he's a top 50 player in the world though he's not big 50 I said top 30 borderline top 20 go ahead that grossberg's craze for me and I picked up some late and some crazy outfits God giving out foot body's gonna get in the way when he's coming down powerful at the rims iron [Applause] he's a powerhouse on the court and on social media and when hoops fan drink war Zion Williamson Jersey in a music video he began to realize his reach yo favorite rapper way Jersey nearly a million sixteen eight high school words can't even describe him I saw him at the beach ball classic signed 200 autographs after a game with a smile for everyone everybody loves ionways explosive dunks have generated millions of views Naaman on is also games I on celebrity fans it's heady stuff for a seventeen-year-old Zion was in full control of himself defensively in an age when cameras are everywhere and videos can be shared instantaneously it didn't take long for Zion to become one of YouTube's biggest sensation right now everybody's thumbs right now have tendonitis we've it's a cliche but he was a month [Applause] I read all articles to see um yeah average player to wanna be in place coming out of high school he beat up a bunch of like South Carolina small school kids and people were doubting him I myself doubted him a little bit I was like I don't know if he'll be the number one pick whatever weakness they think they see on my game I understand a gym working the winners in the past Vince Carter LeBron James I will be joining the Brotherhood of Universal Zion is going to the part of the top ranked recruiting class in the nation this is the first official practice okay it's the beginning of the race you have to push each other you know five guys playing is worn what we've said about being a fist fine wall I've never seen the constant energy and passion that we see from this kid every dribble every possession ridiculous athleticism a 46-inch vertical he's just different he's most unique collegiate basketball now has a villain again in the Duke Blue Devils they're playing a one-and-done game number two Kentucky in front of a packed house [Applause] seen here two historic programs to rate freshman classes as well well you'll see three of the top players in the country and three of the top five presumptive picks in the NBA Draft he's chosen the challenge to play at dude which says a lot in itself so he's got the pressure of being on a number one team get used to that if he doesn't break a back door this year it'll be a hero I'm gonna read a few quick quotes from people who really know basketball we're really good at playing it for it coaching for point March of the most lopsided defeat suffered by Kentucky would be per se the day after Zions debut against Kentucky at that point ranked number two remember this one guy one shot deals but apparently that's the next day after he watched obviously by a television and sat back and said there he is yes but just the way he's accepted the challenge I think he's gonna be a great Pro will be a great fit for anytime [Applause] don't be excited all right yeah he's this a polarizing player look at the size [Applause] by a firm and yet even the best college players struggle with physicality never been to the NBA he will not he will dominate [Applause] that's an unmanned camera to the stool the Duke Blue Devils have won four straight games about 20-plus points and it's been must-see TV this isn't just about basketball it's about business if you get designed website your team your season tickets are going up you're gonna be on national TV more you're gonna sell more views with stars and talent on both sides and what should be an unbelievable early season college basketball game what he's phenomenal he's a man amongst boys I think that's the phrase to use [Applause] [Applause] it's a three and it's well short [Applause] it's the ACC Big Ten challenge coach Kate Courtney read Cameron ready to bring you Indiana and Duke for the Blue Devils Jay on the court for the first time since they lost that tough game against Gonzaga he's one of the rare talents that we've seen in college basketball that literally has ensued in his appointees nobody get in front of him and he's got his second dunk of the night you're right we haven't seen it you're right it's unicorn Zion is somebody you go out of your way to go that says a lot about the star power that person let me tell you something right now Zion Williams it's special [Applause] Zion is the most and I tied to the separate like he's the most well-liked Duke player now because of the nature of college basketball but regular season which many people ignore is now interesting [Applause] that is playing in his first game in Madison Square Garden and that has created a huge flash in New York and Nikki V when the garden is packed to the rafters as it did as it is tonight this is a very special place to be could there be a bigger Broadway style attraction the taeyeon Williams well zion.t here in New York City right now a terrific talent one of the most unique players that I've seen their mind in 40 years at ESPN [Applause] you talk about box-office Bonanza with every he goes FBI you want this guy to be the number one overall he's to 85 and made of rock his potential is stone you can't teach me he possesses the physicality the [Applause] [Applause] what was years ago and yet he's fast twisty and leaf and stops on a dime on the defensive end he has been spectacular he's only only going to get better rejection this is a situation where Sion is a universe he was unbelievable I think he's gonna go into the league and be the most impactful transcendent player possibly since LeBron James number one being the competitive heart he has the ability to just give you what is needed but very good to do Chester Jack so who says what did I in the biggest moments when it matters most strong enough to finish that play in spectacular fashion [Applause] anytime you're talking about Duke there you talk about sigh it you took what RJ [Applause] what a lot of players black when it comes to how great they can actually be but what I see on the basketball court [Applause] do basically whatever's accident any in his role at Duke he was asked to be an interior guy and be that glass pounding physical feature God became the first blue double with 1515 three steals and three blocks and throwdowns 47 and dogs Williamson on guys puffs the kick open again she's so special ticket sold for up to $10,000 each former President Obama was there the best rivalry in college basketball North Carolina Duke look at his left shoe he blew completely through the shoes foot goes through the sneaker President Obama you can see what he said he saw you saw and 36 seconds into the game Zion Williams shittiest how many older white guys like me with a dad bod that are now gonna reconsider buying mics because if it can't withstand the power of Zion Williamson how is it stand me unfolding a stroll of the Nike pre market is down 1.3 7 percent the first thing I thought of when I watch this by the way wasn't wow what a crappy shoe it was Zionist hulked out of his shoe what the piss guys did like I could not do that to his sneaker if I got hit by a car as he came back from the ACC Tournament Zion returning to the trip comes up with a steal and they went 3 and 3 without ok he comes back he averages 27 points 10 rebounds he was 13 of 13 from the floor 29 points 14 rebounds Duke wins by a dozen toward the most points in ACC tournament history in a three game tournament and as we mentioned they will play Carolina for the third time this season tonight Zion will finally get to play against the Tar Heel and this one feels a little bit extra special even by the standards of this great rivalry with a trip to the ACC championship game on the line he's open on the side steal by Williams [Applause] the genophage ACC tournament championship you boys he's special and you know it's clear and we haven't seen you know a combination of boots strength and vertical athleticism combined with the guard and premise built that he has since LeBron dropping opponents with Euro steps in transition listen five games comes back and shows you why he will be straw drive Williamson gather the rebound [Applause] and congratulations to the Duke Blue Devils the ACC tournament champions for the 21st time I have not seen a guy who's Sam Williamson listen if you miss Bo Jackson like this is what you're watching nobody brings it home my children's nope I make it so

Behind the Mic: The Science of Talking with Computers

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Language. Easy for humans to understand (most of the time), but not so easy for computers. This is a short film about speech recognition, language …

FITNESS DOCUMENTARY: I Want Abs By Sergei Boutenko (full movie)

Is it hard to lose weight, tone the body, build muscle, and get in shape? I had no idea, so I decided to investigate this in a film. After looking at countless before and after photos on the web, I became curious to see if I too could achieve my dream fitness goals by following a no-gimmick exercise and diet protocol. At age 30, I noticed my metabolism slowing down, my weight increasing, and the temptation to get caught in life’s bad habits (eating out, drinking, and living a sedentary lifestyle) intensifying. Instead of yielding to these pressures, I hired a film crew and decided to use myself as a guinea pig in a fitness experiment. Over the months that followed I learned how to exercise in a safe, effective, functional fashion, rediscovered the joys of healthy home-cooked meals, and achieved some note-worthy results (lost weight, burned fat, gained muscle, and got a six-pack). With my new film titled: “I Want Abs,” I want to share my findings with the world and inspire others to follow in my footsteps. If you’re someone who wants to get in shape but don’t know how to do it, I Want Abs is for you!

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you it's February 26th this is my movie I want abs this is the start of the movie and I'm walking over to a friend photographer who's gonna be taking my before picture I'm going through all sorts of emotions at the moment I'm nervous I'm excited I'm not totally stoked to be taking most of my clothes off and getting a professional photographer to shoot me but I know that it's necessary after this that's it I'm gonna start exercising following the protocol eating right doing everything I need to do to get rock-hard abs and so that is exciting for me because like many people I've been putting off fitness and procrastinating and I'm tired of procrastinating so I'm doing something about it but I'm still kind of nervous it'll be good though I mean what do I have to be nervous of if I don't have a six-pack at the end of this there there will be no movie no pressure right my name is Sergei and I grew up in an extremely health-conscious family my Russian parents didn't much care for conforming to society which made for an interesting childhood for the bulk of my youth I eat nothing but raw vegan food slept on a wooden plank instead of a mattress took polar plunges in frozen lakes and hiked across America while foraging for wild edibles those were some exciting times that vastly expanded my worldview and helped me shape some core beliefs about the importance of being healthy and fit never in a million years did I ever think that I would have to worry about being chubby but I was wrong despite living what I considered a healthy active lifestyle I started getting fat at age 30 life stress relaxed eating choices and a slowing metabolism appeared to be the perfect weight gaining recipe seeing my reflection in the mirror was becoming increasingly more painful as it depicted a dude with a protruding gut flabby love handles and a double chin getting on a scale was equally unpleasant as it produced a figure skirting around the 200-pound mark 187 more disturbing still was the mental process caused by gaining weight putting on the pounds was crushing my self-esteem stealing my happiness and making my general attitude towards life shitty I was stuck in a vicious cycle feeling heavy killed any motivation I had to work out and the lack of exercise added more weight stress and burden to my life I observed my friends who were in their 40s and 50s and noticed that many of them had weight issues through friendly conversations I learned that working out at 40 or 50 was even more cumbersome than it was at 30 for me these observations ultimately led me to an epiphany at no point in time will it be easier to get in shape than now every year that I wait to make a change will make it exponentially harder to lose the weight and achieve my fitness goals shortly after this realization I was cruising around on the internet and I typed before and after fitness photos into a search bar right out the gate I was struck by how profound some people's transformations were not only did their bodies look more toned and muscular but their eyes seemed brighter their posture straighter and their smiles wider I caught myself on the thought that the people and the after photos look generally younger and happier than their old selves I was also taken aback at how inspirational a simple photo can be just by looking at an image an image that was free of words I felt a strong drive to start exercising and changed my ways those photos lit a fire under my ass and gave me the motivation I needed to say enough is enough and tackle my personal fitness goals once and for all I craved hardcore stamina I desired a v-shaped torso a strong core muscular arms and solid legs I wanted ABS I desperately wanted ABS I vowed then in there that I would find a way to get them I was pumped and ready to go the only trouble was I didn't know where I was going or how I was gonna get there intent on using myself as a lab rat in my own fitness experiment I hired a film crew and started making this documentary my name's Jared Cruz I'm a professional photographer and I'll be taking the before and after photos for surveys documentary I want ABS yeah that's great lineup out there maybe just two this way just a bit cool looking good cool so I guess I should get into the monkey soon yep bring it on alright how'd it go that's it I'm just creating a lot of blackmail material right now aren't they alright knowing full well how easy it be to lie to myself about my progress I thought it'd be a good idea to snap a few before photos to keep myself accountable and on track in addition to accountability I hope that those unflattering photos would also give me motivation to continue training should I ever find myself in a workout low after thoroughly measuring my entire body I paid my personal trainer a visit and had him conduct a body composition test in order to figure out my weight and total body fat percentage what is a body cop a body comp is just your percentage body fat I like all of my clients to be between 10 and 20% body fat to give you an idea the typical American is 37 percent that's horrific that's horrible less than 8% of Americans are under 20% you want to be 10 to 20% body fat that's where often will help us achieve how I achieve a body comp is a caliper test I'll take five measurements and then I have a little chart that gives me your age and I can extrapolate and figure out within one percentage point of what your body comp is I like using body comp because it's very accurate I've done thousands of them a lot of people use body mass index or BMI which is only accurate in about 50% of the people 22% by that I like not all my clients between 10 and 20% okay I think the great goal or the next 12 weeks is to get you to 12% so I want to lose about 10% of your body fat what your actual physical weight or should we do a weigh-in let's do we're doing yeah my scale might have not been as well let's use this scale right over here so it looks like we got 188 yeah I've actually gained a pound since we talked about dietary intake that's real important the 188 these are just biomarkers that we're gonna use from now is it hard to get out yes it is very hard to get abs it's it's a lifestyle change for most people their genetics played a part of it but for most people if you really want that six-pack abs it's a lifestyle change so it's going to be nutrition is huge activity obviously is huge but nutrition is probably the biggest component and then outside that's also taking care of yourself through exercise and proper rest to maintain a good hormone balance as well I think anybody can get so long as they have the metabolic base necessary to do so one thing that I find with the clients I work with is it a great deal of people particularly women and many men are metabolically compromised from things like persistent dieting eating the wrong foods they've become very insensitive to insulin so I think the easy answer is that yes it's difficult to get out getting abs is incredibly easy if you have the right program design I specialize in functional training where you utilize multiple muscle groups in the three dimensional fashion you want to alter the pattern basically you have a lot of people that just do one exercise they do crunches or as an example you want to do a lot of different exercises you want to be consistent in your program design you want to have a program that works everything and brings balance to the system also abs are made in the kitchen – it's your dietary intake you can have titanium abs and if you're 28% body fat you're not going to have that cut look so you want to get down if your man around 10% woman the 12 to 15% body comp is really critical to actually see those abs and I think that's what a lot of people don't get having a good functional training program that lasts about 50 minutes three or four times a week and you will get titanium abs if you are consistent with your program and you have the right dietary intake that's critical guaranteed 100% it's March 6th I'm rolling over to my first training session with John hacker I'm hoping that he's gonna kick my butt today and I'm really excited about this I can't wait to start working out as you can see I'm growing out a beard I have a six o'clock shadow going on and I have decided that for the entire 12 weeks of this project I'm gonna be growing my beard to show time so hopefully by the end of the twelve weeks I'll have rock-hard abs as well as a big beard to prove that I did this and that I'm real twist take this fall down rig down Center the neck Center the ball like this put your hands up straight hips up and you're gonna rotate the ball on your shoulders that's it again 15 to 20 fantastic the closer you put your feet together the mortality is gonna be good job going into this project I was well aware that it would be difficult to get a six-pack every person that I interviewed told me pretty much the same thing there are no shortcuts or quick fixes if you want abs you have to put in the time and effort after discussing my goals with my personal trainer he helped me devise a three-month program to help me get the results I was after over the course of the next 12 weeks I would be engaging in various functional fitness workouts three to five times per week for about 15 minutes per session I specifically chose functional fitness as my workout method because I wanted to get fit in a way that would help me move through life with more ease and not just enable me to lift heavy weights at the gym actually in my house and my lower abs yeah that's what we want to hit a little belly button right hand it's a really hard area to hit this exercise is an exercise that will get that it's amazing but it's you're not really doing all that much minutes you're doing a lot I can tell that people like the other places where I work that just do crunches all the time and is the worst thing you can do they'll be really strung up here and then they'll just Boop they'll be really weak below the ABS again you want to have balance to the system you want to attack everything so I mean you just brought a really good point because while the movie is called I want abs it's not just about the ABS I don't want to have a rock-hard six pack and then weak dysfunctional everything else absolutely yes absolutely absolutely largely the best training program is one taxi reader areas you want to bring balance to the whole system and that's what this whole project is all about bringing balance to the system any training program should be like that you want to attack your weak areas you want to just be really strong and fit and help well that's what most people want so doing this is going to give me all around like health and wellness health and wellness but also a proportionate ripped yeah that's a side effect as a site you are powerful beyond measure I think you just got me ready put your palm down never hear his eyes and look at this leg out 15 times while staying in the ball two three control the slower four five six they go to kid the last one so I just completed my first workout session with John and I gotta say even though I didn't do anything too crazy I am worked apparently my entire core is weak and it needs a lot of work so I'm gonna continue on this path and hopefully like he says get titanium abs in addition to my workouts with John I felt like I needed a little bit of supplementary help in order to reach my fitness goals I hired a second personal trainer who specialized in kettlebell training unlike a traditional dumbbell a kettlebell is engineered so that its weight is off centered because of this off-centered design a kettlebell recruits more stabilizing muscles and works your body more like a concentration camp than a piece of gym equipment thus kettlebell training is considered by many as the ultimate form of functional fitness feels so good Nick was just saying this when you get a heavier kettlebell you can use more of the way to kind of balance yourself on a pistol and so that actually makes the movement is slightly easier so for this exercise the lighter the weight the more difficult than it is we do the all move it okay one that straight up and straight down to its core corkscrew down corkscrew up if I'm doing an alternating movement what up what's the have one to the stay where it is okay so getting that full hip Hinch so you know how when you watch their game do histamine in the Sanchez he's almost kind of straight up and down a lot of it all right you're gonna do a lot of the same thing okay so you really still absorb the hips are still able to connect and deflect a little bit all right it's just that kind of soft soft remove it there all right corkscrew down corkscrew up so right we can come up catch it it's going to be you know go down right hand I just finished a kettlebell workout which I do because it helps me build muscle and it's also really good cardio this is gonna be burning that extra fat off my body today was a fundamentals class where we really get to do all the movements and and learn how to do it right and learn how to do it safe and it was amazing because today I was kind of in a funk I was sort of tired of the diet and you know just kind of hit a low point and doing something active has once again lifted my mood and I feel all-around happy and well and energized so if anything else the kettlebell workout was good for them so when I want you to I'm gonna xxx you're gonna catch it do a half squat and then throw it back alright ready good that's what yeah good whoo good eye on the ball good job I had a ball excellent that's adults we don't really play catch very much this is great for hand-eye coordination balance and reaction time good man yeah I'm falling off yet most people have fallen off by this time bring your hips in a little bit stay in the linemen bring the right foot over a little bit more with them there you go feeling that in the trunk and the core yeah 15 to 20 each side remember the body will want to cheat don't let the body cheat man yeah this is fun man these will give you titanium obliques this will take care of the muffin tops it does it does you're better off to do 15 in good good form then 25 not so much bye keep going 6 feeling it 7 8 we're gonna go 12 9 10 yeah 2 more 11 last one now flip around feet that way ha ha your thermal regulating now watch out for the muscle ball right there 1 good 2 3 oh all right rest that's good there's a little fact-finder's first time we've done this we have muscle failure muscle failure is success you yeah you get hurt you get over overtraining syndrome classic symptoms are fatigue feeling kind of rundown crankiness not sleeping at night overeating you're under eating and you're gonna you're gonna achieve so much more benefit if you train properly and you're not training all the time and at a really high level because if you push yourself you know not only you go you have the possibility of having an overtraining but you're also your risk of injury goes up keep your elbows right back here let's do eight to ten elbows alright good job brother may give you a nice long rest skull Crusher's do not live up to the name of the exercise do not crush your skull that's it got a man one of the really important reasons for this counterbalance that I'm giving you this 110 pounds is it does take a lot of the stress off of the lower back and really helps you focus on the on the rectus abdominals or ABS excellent Dan rest good job man it's really amazing I've come into the gym I had like zero energy I thought I was gonna take a nap for three sets today and after just doing a few sets of this I can feel the energy flowing back in today is April 2nd I've been doing this project for exactly one month and so I decided that today would be a really good day to sit down and spend a couple minutes discussing how I feel and going through everything before going into this project I was experiencing some symptoms that were somewhat alarming as far as my health is concerned I was feeling very shaky that's having a lot of trouble sleeping very low energy like my energy was very erratic all of those symptoms have completely gone away I feel alive I have this certain spring in my step that wasn't there before I can see my stomach shrinking like check this out you know this might not look like abs yet but literally a month ago this was out to here you know and now when I pinched my stomach there's a lot less to pinch my arms are getting bigger look at this my arms are getting bigger I noticed that my clothes are fitting better than ever before and I'm finding that I'm wearing shirts and pants that I haven't worn in about a year when I go to cinch my belt the hole that I normally cinch to is too loose so I go down two or three holes past that after a month I'm moving differently my thighs aren't rubbing together as much as they did which I never really told anybody about because I was a little bit embarrassed but I was starting to chafe in between my thighs because they I guess they were getting really big that's not happening anymore basically the routine is that I've been exercising five days a week I've been training with a kettlebell guy I've been training with my core workout trainer I've been running a little bit on the side most days it's just 55 minutes of exercise and that's it and I wake up the next day feeling sore my abs are hurting my muscles all over the body are sore I'm shocked with the amount of exercise that this protocol requires because it's much less than I originally thought diet plays all the role in getting abs and the reason why is that everybody has them like you have abs you you wouldn't be able to support yourself through activities such as walking if you didn't have abs the issue is whether or not they're visible so you can make the lines or the cuts in your abs deeper through training but you need to reduce body fat accordingly to make them visible the biggest mistake that clients will come to me that they'll make is they'll get into this huge caloric deficit if you do that if you starve yourself I guarantee you're gonna gain a stored energy you're gonna put on body fat I've had clients that we're eating less than a thousand calories a day that were 30 percent body fat you have to eat you got to feed the Machine by feeding the Machine you will liberate that stored energy the first thing I tell everybody stay away from anything white don't eat white potatoes sugar bread flour you absolutely don't you don't want to pig out on meat that's real important so essentially you you want to eat a lot of vegetables smoothies are good your largest meal should be breakfast smallest meal should be dinner and for the first month during the initial conditioning phase you want to go to bed a little hungry it's critical to have breakfast period you want to wake up really really hungry when you start waking up hungry that's telling me that your metabolic rate is going up so that should be your biggest meal and then eat every three hours shortening the meals as you get to dinner dinner again should be your smallest meal and let's say you eat at 6 o'clock then you shouldn't eat anything until 6 o'clock the next morning you want to not really have anything in your digestive tract when you're sleeping before embarking on this fitness journey my traveling lifestyle and heavy workload enabled me to develop several bad dietary habits as it was before I frequently skipped eating breakfast in order to get to work a little faster once at work I forgot about food for hours until my body gave me the I need food now signal in a hungry state I often settled for less than perfect food choices and regularly gorged myself until I was stuffed then I would take another massive break from eating until I was once again starving and ready to overindulge around nine ten or eleven at night I'd get hungry again and eat a huge dinner then I'd go to sleep as my body started digesting my last meal this type of feeding schedule was like an anvil for my metabolism it slowed it down to a crawl and definitely contributed to my weight gain it also made me feel sluggish and old ironically in an effort to save time and be more productive I actually started feeling crappy which significantly hindered the amount of work I could do in a day by contrast my new diet which emphasizes eating a big breakfast followed by reasonably sized meals every two to three hours throughout the day keeps my metabolism high and my blood sugar level as a result I feel more energetic more satiated have fewer mood swings and I'm able to liberate stored energy aka fat at a steady rate this way of eating has also reminded me how pleasant it is to cook my own meals cooking at home lets me be creative and allows me to make art in the form of food it forces me to unplug from all the electronics that are constantly competing for my attention and helps me spend time with the people that I love it seems counterintuitive but this routine also helps me save tons of time every day of this project my sister comes over to help me make my meals together we spend about an hour cutting up various fruits and vegetables we make delicious soups and salads using the best healthiest ingredients and devise new recipes to keep things interesting within the single hour we managed to make all of our meals for the entire day including snacks once we're done we're done all of our food gets neatly packed into glass jars then when hunger strikes all we have to do is open the jar of food and enjoy it this literally saves me hours per week as hunting for three or four individual meals daily takes up a lot of time as for the contents of my diet my food hasn't changed all that much the majority of what I eat consists of raw fruits and vegetables this means lots of big big salads and lots of ripe fruit as nibbles I also like to eat cooked grains such as buckwheat millet quinoa and roasted root vegetables because they add substance to my diet the biggest thing that I've changed about the way that I eat is I've added some animal products back into my diet growing up I ate an entirely vegan diet for 18 years of my life for 15 of those years I was extremely strict and followed a hundred percent raw food diet though my rigid dietary choices initially helped me overcome my childhood health problems they also eventually led me to develop several serious nutrient deficiencies at a certain point I could no longer deny that my diet wasn't serving me so I started experimenting with farm-fresh animal products and regained my vibrant seat once again presently I eat eggs fish and poultry and think it's very important to source these things from small local farms where animals live happy lives and are treated well most of the animal products that I presently consume come from my friends farm called willow whit ranch I've personally been on their property and can be certain that their animals are well cared for my general stance on animal products is such if you're going to eat eggs fish chicken etc it's a good idea to make sure that they are ethically raised every morning of this project as well as every morning in general I start with a green smoothie green smoothies have a wide array of health benefits they're hydrating for the whole body they provide good muscle and tissue repair in my documentary powered by green smoothies I followed around 10 athletes and made them drink a quart of green smoothie every single day and we found that green smoothies helped them to improve their endurance helped them recover better and just help them feel all-around awesome so in this documentary I'm definitely going to be using green smoothies as part of my meals one of the things I want to talk about is I try to get all my clients in the pool the pool is magical as far as strength endurance and flexibility when you're doing a pool workout you're basically doing thousands of core rotations I cannot wait to get you in the pool if you're re-engineering your body a combination of strength training functional training and swimming really give you incredible ABS yep keep that thing is that's good so don't fight the water when you have this on okay you don't have to kick so you're gonna be conserving energy because you still have like an eight beat kick you're still wasting a lot of energy kicking this is gonna keep the lower body on the surface because you want to rotate on the surface okay and really focus on good rotation turning your head to breathe and try to get the timing down okay so let's try this it's called the pull buoy don't think three dimensionally where your hands are like that because you'll freak yourself out all right thinking can be a dreadful affliction all right rotation and let's zoom a 25 [Applause] three good that's good [Applause] last month this was substantially bigger this is my muffin top and the month before that it was even bigger and so this last month became soft kind of jiggly and then it just started to shrink boom I've also noticed from working on my arms in my upper body just bigger arms bigger biceps bigger pecs stronger back today I did my third body comp body comping in is where I measure my fat my weight and John does some calculations and kind of tells me where I'm at how much further I need to go and as of today May 8th I have dropped another two and a half percent body fat so that's about 8 percent total I have dropped about 14 pounds in weight and I've gained between 5 and 6 pounds of muscle the last week though has been kind of challenging I've been having ups and downs in my mood and my energy feeling like am I gonna get there you know am I gonna have rock-hard abs after all the documentary is called Iowan abs and so it's critical that at the end of it I have you know a 6-pack that I could be proud of one thing that's been happening repeatedly is people have been coming up to me and saying hey you know how are your abs going show me your abs and when I lift up my shirt reluctantly they're like oh you still have a ways to go but the thing is that these folks they haven't been with me ever since day 1 they haven't seen me firsthand you know naked at the start of the project so they haven't seen the progress I've already made and I'm still very much in the process of developing definition and showing abs and that that in itself has been kind of discouraging because it's kind of been like freaking me out like will I make it my plan of attack for that specifically now when people say show me your abs how's it going I'm gonna tell them if you want to see my abs you're gonna have to purchase this movie because you ain't getting nothing for free I wonder sometimes if this documentary isn't lacking drama thus far there hasn't been any drama it's just been like positive all the way and sure there are days that are harder and there are days where I don't want to work out but they're few and far between and I can tell you this that when I do go and work out and push through that I just feel 100% better yeah I didn't I felt pretty crummy I went to my workout a couple BOSU flies into it I felt better then a couple more BOSU balls into it I felt like incredible and it's been a couple hours since that I'm recording this check-in I still feel really good I think I'm addicted now I think I can't quit and it's a very maintainable lifestyle that I've been living in the last couple months and I think that ultimately when I get to the end of filming this documentary I don't foresee myself changing a whole lot because I don't really miss anything from how I used to do things like the food is awesome the exercise is great it's 95 percent positive and then the lows are to be expected our health and wellness is priceless you can't put a value on this which it blows my mind that some people the first thing to go is their fitness program their dietary intake but this is like the most important thing because it enhances the human condition so it's interesting that you bring that up because this week what I've kind of run into over and over again is people coming up to me they know that I'm doing this project they try and lift up my shirt which is a little intrusive and then they're like why are you doing this why are you working on your abs there are so many other things that you could be working on like isn't that a little conceited and I got to say it's like I'm in a little bit hard it's kind of brought me down a little bit because I'm thinking like I mean am i doing something wrong here by working on my body what interests me the most about those people who lift up your shirt and say why are you doing this is my counter to that is why would you not be doing this because your health and wellness is the most important thing on the planet it's it's way more important than stuff or money or anything else because if you don't have your health you don't have anything and I know what that's like I remember lying in a hospital room for 22 days not having my health and wellness and the whole thing about being cut and having great ABS that's a byproduct of just being incredibly healthy it's not conceited yeah I think you're doing the world a service by being as fit and as healthy as possible because then you can operate on a higher level and you can help other people so it's very non conceded to be to really work on your health and wellness because it helps everybody it brings everybody up so I don't understand that type of mentality and I think a lot of people they don't get it they don't get that that that your health and wellness is everything and it enhances the human condition and that it truly is priceless you can't put a price on it which is why what you're doing is the best investment anybody could ever make period so so let's start investing interactive I'm gonna throw the ball that ball to you and you're gonna throw it back that was great yeah hahaha so how's it feeling man feeling good oh my goodness that's why I recommend a personal trainer at least sometimes because few people can do that by themselves and I'm definitely not one of those people so in about 15 days left Excel it's supposed to be done we have that three month mark so one thing I'm noticing is that there's like developing more muscle definition and I think I could get there but it's starting to stress me out so I'm thinking should I add another month in order they're really good make it four months instead of three because the movies call I want apps I wanted to be disputable and I think this is really good progress but I think that good yeah well I think you've answered your question my friend so yes let's do it and your you'd be up for getting a fourth month I'm up for it hey I am joyful to rip you apart of the cellular level my friend I'm three months into my project I've been working out of an eating right and as I get closer to my after picture I'm realizing but even though I'm developing pretty good muscle definition I'm gonna need to be able to flex correctly in order to show it off I need some help posing I need a I need some help figuring out how best deflect the display my muscles absolutely okay and so I was hoping that I could so just like flex your abs for me so yeah just act like you like you're all like heated like we're gonna beat someone up yeah let's talk about your laps because in bodybuilding you're trying to give the impression that you have a small waist and a big back your laughs are right here yeah so they come all the way down your back like this right and then I come down so when you take a big breath and you fill it up you can fill this muscle right kind of start to engage and poke out that's what you're trying to look for mm-hmm and that's the same thing here with your bicep so lots you'll see lots bodybuilders do this little hand thing because that helps them kind of flex it a little bit more if you suck in and pull up yeah can you make your belly button come up a little bit yeah so but all of that pop do you see that all your little scam liens went oops yeah and you can see where I am you can see you're lying down here as it starts to come in there you go there you go do you see that definition and that one okay are you ready for this good luck and then turn to the side yep and then turn all the way back do your back with no arms up breathe into it remember to just open oh yeah that's different now bring your biceps up good and then let's turn all the way to the other side again find that tricep and roll it back go smile pretty at the judges yeah and if you're a girl you'd be like hey and if you got my food portions since the beginning of this project have shrank I'm finding that it takes a lot less food to keep me fueled throughout the day and this happened naturally I didn't force myself to eat smaller meals I've also learned that it's just as important when you eat as what you eat I eat a solid breakfast I eat a snack in between breakfast and lunch most days I'll eat two lunches a couple hours apart because that enables me to shrink my portion size then I eat another snack and then I eat dinner and that's it on top of eating really healthy food I've drastically changed the timing of when my meals hit my body and that has been an incredible thing to witness the energy levels are incredible and I just feel light on my feet all the time I never have that feeling of heaviness and I always have this feeling that I could just get up and run and that feels good as far as the workouts themselves are concerned I noticed a shift at the beginning of the month at the start of this month there were still days when I had to kind of drag my heels a little bit it wasn't always pleasant and then something happened and now they're my favorite part of the day at the beginning when I started this project I had no idea what it takes to get abs that's why I'm making this movie I wanted to find out and as it turns out it's a lot easier than I thought initially my initial thoughts and concerns were that I'd have to be exercising five hours a day and then it would be unpleasant and then I'd have to eat a highly restrictive diet but the recipe for abs is actually quite simple their recipe for abs is a good diet good program design and consistency and that's it good program design in my opinion is first and foremost something that's fun that you enjoy doing and it's also functional fitness so I'm not just lifting weights in one fashion I'm lifting weights in a way that I'm using stabilizing muscles and I will be able to apply those exercises into real life for example when I do yoga ball work or BOSU ball work I'm using stabilizing muscles in my core that I can then use when I go surfing you know it's exercising that helps the real world I think it's very important to find stuff that you're excited about John helps me do core work he makes it fun it's not just doing sit-ups boring sit-ups he makes everything fun we do a lot of different exercises that keeps me engaged I found Nick he teaches kettlebells kettlebells add an element of danger into my workouts because obviously you have this big heavy kettlebell in it you have to be mindful and not drop it on your foot or your face I'm actually find that with kettlebells I workout and I'm so focused on being careful that the workout can just run by quickly and I don't even notice the time fly by so good program design for me is functional fitness and to find things that you enjoy we all have big egos we all want to grab the big weights we get to the gym and it's like I'm not gonna grab the ten pounders I want the 30 pounders and that's the zone where you get hurt and if you get hurt you can't keep doing workouts you can't keep working on your body so one thing that John has been very helpful in helping me understand is that it's important to start light at the beginning of this experiment he would give me 10 or 12 pound weights and I'd be doing curls or butterflies and I was like thank God I'm in this gym alone because this is embarrassing but the thing about it is it it built my muscles incremental E and now I'm at the point where I'm using 30 pound weights and not only does it not feel heavy but it feels safe my body can accommodate that weight and building off that I think it's important in the beginning to have a personal trainer because a personal trainer adds a level of accountability I noticed for myself it's a lot harder to do something for me than it is for somebody else and so when I know that John is coming when I know that I've paid John for my workout that's so I sort of have no choice but to go hiring a trainer isn't cost-effective for everybody but I think that it is a very good tool in the beginning because it makes you go to the workouts and it helps you form that healthy pattern on that note of having a personal trainer it's also worth mentioning that it's very difficult to find a good trainer and it's absolutely imperative that you find a good trainer when you choose a personal trainer make sure that you interview them ask them specific questions based off the results that you want to attain like are you confident that I'm gonna have abs or are you confident that I'm gonna build upper body strength and based off how they respond you'll know if they're the right trainer or the wrong trainer for you my friends were concerned that this project was driven by vanity and that I would become more vain the fitter I got but I've actually learned that the opposite is true before when I was a little bit overweight was pudgy I found that I was constantly stressed and concerned with how I looked I was always looking in the mirror and making sure that my hair looked good that I was wearing clothes that concealed my shape I was like a perpetual thing I was always like don't take pictures of me or do I look good in that picture whereas now I look in the mirror and my reflection that's looking back at me is an awesome reflection and I love it and I find that I'm just so much less stressed I'm able to just go on with my day and I'm not concerned about any of it I don't care what I'm wearing where I'm going who's taking pictures of me I'm just free [Laughter] okay so the place that I'm at you're smart you can guess where that is it just expanded its organic section so it's a great place to come to buy inexpensive organic food if I were to shop for these things that my look will help to the store I would spend thousands upon thousands of dollars so when I come to a place like this it's an easy way to get really good food and save a little cash it's funny I'm just cruising around the store talking to myself about various fruits and vegetables and people are looking at me crazy like what's he doing just talking to himself and I think that may be a good strategy for next time would be to wear some Bluetooth are like Apple headphones so people just think I'm on the phone why and I'm not crazy so check it out I got a whole cart load of food that's mango the oranges got pineapples celery tomatoes cherries avocados and I only spent a hundred and thirty nine dollars and 76 cents this cart of food at a health food store would have easily cost 400 bucks so that's how I shop [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I think it's like this hmm after four months of consistent training my coach John suggested that I put my fitness to the ultimate test by competing in a triathlon unlike other races triathlons require participants to swim bike and run thus challenging every muscle in the body I was extremely apprehensive to compete in anything let alone a triathlon but after constant persuasion from John I agreed to try it and the results were better than I could have ever expected there was a point when I was running the last leg of the race when I was no longer passing people I remember thinking man the guy in front of me must have a big lead over me I don't think I'll be able to catch him shortly thereafter I crossed the finish line and split the ribbon with my body I came in first place there was nobody ahead of me oh yeah so this is the after photo shoot and this marks the end of the project this is the last thing that we're gonna shoot what up Jared how's it going yeah welcome good the same man good man come on in Bali and I are just checking out some of the stuff we get from the previous shoot cool well let me hop into my speedo and we'll go from there cool let's do it [Applause] in my upbringing I was taught that when you want to lose weight you have to fast and I think this is a very common belief and what I learned over the last 4 months is that this belief isn't necessarily true because I lost weight through eating one of my major takeaways in this project has been that it's just as important when you eat as what you eat because I would eat breakfast religiously every morning and then from that point on eat every two hours until 7 p.m. my metabolism experienced a spike my blood sugar stayed level and consistent throughout the day and I was able to lose weight lose fat naturally without stretch marks consistently I lost about 4 pounds a month that's a huge huge eye-opener for me that you don't have to starve yourself or deplete yourself of calories to lose weight you actually have to eat people always say that you should love yourself but what does that really mean when I started this project I got all sorts of different comments some people would say it's so awesome that you're doing this good job other people would say why are you wasting your time this is so superficial you shouldn't be working on your abs there are many other causes that are much better than this and I learned that choosing healthy habits over unhealthy habits is an act of true love to yourself so when I choose to eat healthy food when I choose to go to the gym regularly I'm giving myself a big big hug I'm actually doing something very pleasant very loving for myself for my body in that that in and of itself that choice to do something healthy repeatedly is how I lift my own self-esteem when I was going into this project I had pretty big expectations my expectations initially were that I was gonna get really fit that I would start noticing in a more definition right away and I had a little bit of a freakout a month or two in when I'd been working out for a solid 30 40 days and I started feeling stronger but thing was changing I was still kind of pudgy in the gut I didn't have as much definition in the arms as I would have wanted to and I had this mini panic like the three-month mark is coming up I'm supposed to have figured some stuff out by now but I'm not is it working and so then I had a meeting with my film crew and we decided to extend the project for another month make it four months instead of three and it wasn't until the third month that I really started noticing the difference the fat really started melting that the muscle definition started showing up I had these expectations for fast results and instead what I got was slow and steady results this is something that's very important to mention I think because often people will start going to the gym in January it's called the January effect and they have all this you know desire to live a better year to have all these new year's resolutions and a month into it when they don't see any results they all quit had those people not quit on the first but taking it another month month and a half that's when the results start showing up so it's a much more gradual process unfortunately but you know what what's the rush once you get fit and you can maintain it for the rest of your life it's not really a race enjoy the process you four months ago being fit was no more than a dream it seemed impossible and completely out of my reach at the start of this project the title of this movie I want apps describe my most honest desire to get in shape and figure out if the effort was worth it today I can attest that the effort is worth it during the making of this film I learned that the process of getting fit was much easier than I expected and that the lifestyle change was a pleasant one the transformation of my body was accompanied by elevated self-esteem stronger will power and a lot more happiness walking through life in a fit body is a completely different experience than in a body that's out of shape it's absolutely awesome and I highly recommend it I feel alert and ready for whatever life throws my way and this is an incredible feeling so what's the secret to getting abs one hour of vigorous exercise 3 to 5 times per week eating 6 small meals that consist of healthy ingredients daily not eating late at night and being consistent it's that simple this project helping you realize that it's just as difficult and expensive to get out of shape as it is to get in shape in order to get out of shape one must regularly purchase cookies and other expensive junk foods spend countless tedious hours and sedentary poses and put up with all the physical and emotional limitations of such a lifestyle by contrast being fit requires a trainer a gym membership and time to achieve results but unlike being out of shape the side effects of living a healthy lifestyle are only positive any one person is only 2040 or a hundred workouts away from being in the best shape of their lives you're gonna live those days anyway so why not invest into a better future for yourself it's daunting to start in the results show up gradually that's why I encourage you to enjoy the process and trust that you'll get there and most importantly don't stop okay so we're heading to the flat top where I'm gonna finally shave I've been wearing a beard for quite a long time at the start of the movie I told you that I was growing at a beard to show progression and time and now I'm going full circle I have abs I have a beard and I want my face back I've recruited three friends who are gonna help me pick a new facial hair style so this is the beard cut I'm doing great what we do today I'm gonna give you full creative license just cut my beard off

The Ethics of Historical Accuracy in Film

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This video discusses what ethical considerations could arise concerning historical accuracy in film.

Movies discussed include JFK, The Imitation Game, Green Book, Inglourious Basterds, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

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filmmakers have been adapting historical events and true stories since basically the beginning of cinema and that time movies have had varying degrees of historical accuracy and in this video I'd like to look at what ethical concerns that may raise some people may disagree with the idea that this is even a concern they say it's just a fictional movie after all and that people should know films aren't always a good representation of the truth but unfortunately the reality is that people often don't know or care about how inaccurate movies can be and just assume what they see on film is true to history if events are portrayed a certain way in popular media it seeps into the collective consciousness regardless of the truth this can be especially dangerous with regards to people who are still alive or issues that still have significant reverberations today a common argument against this viewpoint is that concessions have to be made for the sake of the plot and I certainly understand where people are coming from especially in regards to big-budget Hollywood films the studios are spending tons of money and don't want to take risks in terms of narrative however there are a few reasons why I don't find this argument a hundred percent convincing to me if the true story isn't interesting enough on its own and needs massive embellishments maybe it just shouldn't be made into a film and of course many of the people these films are about did live fascinating lives they just don't necessarily fit into a tidy three-act structure but that's where the artistry of filmmaking comes in they can still make it compelling with dialogue performances cinematography and all the other stylistic elements of cinema it's a filmmakers really just feel they can't make a good film out of the real story they could just change the names of the people involved and that would solve the issue at least in my opinion for instance the novel and the movie primary colors are clearly about the presidency of Bill Clinton those names and details altered I think this communicates clearly to the audience that things are just loosely based on reality but it seems as if filmmakers want to use famous real world figures and events as a crutch a movie about a fictional monarch isn't as easily sold to audiences as something about say Queen Elizabeth and to be clear I'm mainly just talking about things that completely contradict reality obviously with most historical topics we don't know many of the exact details or specific quotes that were said and admittedly filmmakers have to fill in the blanks to a certain extent but altering major things is a much bigger deal a great example of the dangers of factual imprecision is controversial director Oliver Stone's 1991 film JFK throughout the film he takes liberties that consistently make the case for conspiracy regarding Kennedy's assassination seem like it's backed up by more evidence than it really is for starters Joe Pesci's character is shown in mitting that he was part of a CIA plot to kill JFK but the real person Pesci was portraying maintained he was unaware of any conspiracy and didn't even know Lee Harvey Oswald there are already tons of interesting things about JFK's assassination you don't need to make stuff up to make the story compelling this did result in a huge controversy in the film was pretty much pilloried by the press obviously JFK conspiracy theories were already widespread but this film definitely helped keep them alive in popular culture in stones movie has even been credited with causing Congress to release documents related to JFK's murder so regardless of your opinion on whether or not the theories are true clearly films like these can have an effect on society's perception of reality in 2015 a film was released about the life of mathematician Alan Turing called imitation game in it Turing covers up the existence of a spy in order to keep his homosexuality a secret this is completely made-up to add drama and is basically slandering a war hero touring has been dead since the 1950s but I can't imagine his living relatives were too happy about this on top of that the filmmakers created tension that wasn't there between Turing and his superior Alastair denistoun in order to give the movie a villain this led his family to publicly state that they were deeply offended a situation like this could have easily been avoided by simply changing denniston's name can't really come up with a good excuse as to why the filmmakers didn't do this historical accuracy led to a controversy about Best Picture winner Green Book it features pianist Don Shurley whose brother called the film a symphony of lies I do think there are a small number of clear exceptions take for example the 2012 film Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter which is about exactly what you'd imagine hearing the title any reasonable person watching such a film should be fully aware they aren't seeing a realistic depiction of history the entire premise is a what-if situation furthermore I think there's an exception to be made for movies that are set in a historical situation like world war ii but with completely fictional characters there were millions of people involved with the war and we can never know all of their stories and this doesn't affect the reputations of real people something like Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds is a good example which makes clear with his ending that it's portraying an alternate history it makes no claim of being based on a true story and while it does feature real figures like Hitler and Churchill in minor parts the main characters are all fictional it should go without saying but it's not that I dislike all movies that alter history I thought the favorite was one of the best films of 2018 and many things were different than in the life of the real Queen Anne but I often hear people suggest that filmmakers have no responsibility whatsoever to adhere to the facts and to me this is going way too far in the other direction that'll be it for this video please don't forget to subscribe and thanks for watching

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The Hidden Meaning in The Lion King – Earthling Cinema

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Master in Chemistry – Leiden University

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Epidemi sound for African film makers

In my Quest to be a better film maker , i have made sound design a key aspect of my film making and to do that i rely on Epidemic sounds but when i need African themed music , i find little to none, so is Epidemic sounds for African film makers or not ?

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OFFICIAL TRAILER The Science of Fictions (Hiruk-Pikuk Si Al-Kisah)

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Siman discovers a foreign crew shooting a moon landing. He gets caught and his tongue is cut off. He goes through life in slow motion, imitating an astronaut in outer space, labeled as crazy.





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New documentary explores world’s first movie maker

Thomas Edison and the Lumiere Brothers have been hailed the pioneers of film and cinema, but what if they weren’t actually the first to capture moving images? What if an unknown Frenchman working in England actually beat them to it? Jonathan Vigliotti tells us the little known story of Louis Le Prince, a filmmaker and inventor, whose mysterious disappearance in Paris meant the world never got to see his vision for the future.

THE OVERNIGHTERS (desperate job-seekers DOCUMENTARY)

“An indelible snapshot of a moment in american history…”
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★★★ The Must-See Documentaries ➨

A modern-day Grapes of Wrath, award-winning documentary .

The Overnighters is an intimate portrait of job-seekers desperately chasing the broken American Dream to the tiny oil boom town of Williston, North Dakota. With the town lacking the infrastructure to house the overflow of migrants, a local pastor starts the controversial “overnighters” program, allowing down-and-out workers a place to sleep at the church. His well-meaning project immediately runs into resistance with his community, forcing the clergyman to make a decision which leads to profound consequences that he never imagined.

Directed by Jesse Moss
Release Date : In Theaters October 10th, 2014
Genre : Documentary

© 2014 Drafthouse Films

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we are on our way to Williston North Dakota destination North Dakota hopefully to find jobs you're gonna go out there and try to find an organ job I don't find a job within an hour to these people with ten felonies under granite you playing field with new opportunities that's maybe some point of Oh for everybody thought I could come out here and if I worked hard he was a hard worker knew what I was doing and I'd get a job pretty easy I'm seeing now I can't afford to live and I'm just at the end of my rope if everyone deserves a chance this is America that's what this country was founded on you know helping your neighbor fingered people we have people literally walking up to our door from all over the world saying can you help me if it wasn't for this place we pretty much been lost how long do we intend to support them if you have rational people they look at me like I'm a vegan they have no intention of building anything here is so what is community in this place what are we gonna do here this is not my home anymore cut there I'm serious did Jesus happen Jesus doesn't have our neighbours this morning investigators say they know a lot more about the two men they believe kidnapped err but you haven't answered a single question they are being conveyed I'm the one who's taking the risk here you're gonna nosedive some things you getting ready to hit the fan there was a large manipulation that went on they cannot hear your segment baby and spot it'll cost my family I will not give in to despair because hopeless should never win and help us is a lie

Cameron Diaz thinks all partners cheat | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

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Working on Date Tree – Ancient way of Collecting Dates – Hameen -Date Picking – Date Farming

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Children for sale – Documentary film

What compells parents to sell their children?
How does such traffic in humans happen?
How can this be stopped?
This documentary film follows the lifes of several girls that have been able to break away with the help of aid agencies in Cambodia as well as girls still stuck in prostitution.
Poor families living in the countryside have few defences against the slave trade. We visit one such family.
Length 50 min. English language. English subtitles.
MB Film 2009

Cambodia is a beautiful and fertile country with as many exciting opportunities and its inhabitants are beautiful people with hopes and dreams the nation is also inflicted with many social problems corruption civil unrest poverty child labor and the social devastation of genocide one of the most serious problems is the trafficking of young girls how can this be what could make a parent want to sell their child how do people get away with stealing children and trafficking them how is it that young girls become sex workers that are traded like common goods why is it that young girls he's selling their bodies in exchange for sex as their only option to avoid starvation I had in my voice my own how can this situation be reversed and what has been done to solve the problem hamburger is still recovering after a brutal genocide where quarter of the nation was killed the dictator Paul Pott leader of the Khmer Rouge came to power in the mid 70s and ruled the country for four years during that time he was responsible for a massive ethnic cleansing operation intellectuals and other enemies of state who did not conform to his ideals and were deemed dangerous was systematically killed primary schools like this one were turned into prisons and torture camps which were run by cruelty khmer rouge planned to reinvent civilization and took up a new calendar which started on the day they took over their time and power did not last long but was all the more devastating the collapse of the health system slave labor and systematic executions cost more than 2 million people their lives Garf Anthony word for eight years in Cambodia for the International advantage relief organization audre Pol Pot tried to destroy the family so children were separated from parents they were sent off to different camps put in different work parties many of them never saw their parents or their children again their plan was to displace as many people as possible and upset the whole family structure anything that they could do they destroyed they got rid of the monetary system they tried to go back to the bartering methods they were trying to set up a very simple economy which left them in total control of the nation those who were uneducated and did not know what was going on were driven away from the cities into the countryside there they were made to labor on farms oppressed and starved people of all ages the children were not spared anyone who had any type of education or even appeared to have an education for example if they wore glasses they were killed those who did not obey or made the slightest complaint were executed without hesitation resignation passivity and obedience were necessary to survive in 1979 the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia and got rid of the Qin air regime but Pol Pot escaped justice and fled into the jungle where he died of old age in 1998 a guerilla war lasted for many years after the invasion and a situation did not calm down until the late 90s the Cambodian nation still has a long way to go before it can recover from the effects of these atrocities the genocide has left them with memories that have been burned into their consciousness which they just don't want to know they want to forget the genocide changed people's perceptions towards for example in terms of child abrini so I think in the psyche of the people there is still this fear yes it could happen again therefore I'd better not love my children too much if you don't love your children too much then you won't be hurt if anything happens to them today about 14 million people live in Cambodia the nation is very young half of the population is under 21 years of age the genocide explains this bizarre age composition few generations are missing the elderly do not have a proper education and are susceptible to health problems the country's infrastructure and government are badly damaged when we arrived we realize for example that the welfare system is in ruins the welfare system hardly exists as we would think about it anymore hospitals were they the social services were very poor medicine until in recent years was almost non-existent one of the consequences of this situation is that Cambodia has one of the highest recorded infant mortality rates far too few primary schools operate in Cambodia a fifth of the nation is illiterate the poverty is so great that the children have to work for their families from a very early age most of them have jobs some sort thousands of them spend their days at rubbish dumps rummaging around in deplorable conditions were half useful objects instead of going to school this is considered normal it's just something that children do average salad crafted way David is around one to two dollars a day for 40 percent or more of the population if your father is on a dollar a day and he is supposed to look after wife three four or five children he can't do it in order to survive most children have to contribute to the family but this is why you have so many children going early into prostitution they they roam the streets they steal they do get whatever they can in order to survive they look on their lives as a hopeless situation both the parents and the children they they see life is just one unending search for food or affection or whatever they want and they usually can't get what they and so they live in hopelessness every year tens of thousands Cambodian children are sold into slavery or prostitution children can be sold they can be exact they can be led almost willingly or they can be abducted either by car motorcycle or or whatever something like that and then they disappear children have become somewhat of a commodity they are looked on especially when people are in poverty well this is one way I can alleviate my situation and there is a desire for making money which is built into some of these these people like nothing else we think the West is materialistic but I think the East can beat us on that poverty-stricken parents therefore look on their daughters as property which they are prepared to sell like livestock this is done for money or as trade-ins for goods some parents are even prepared to exchange the daughters for a satellite dish or a TV set the boys are favourites with families or the girls are less favored Jeffrey Baumann has for the past 15 years been an aid worker working with victims of the slave and sex trades in Cambodia I have seen literally tens of thousands of girls over the years that have been trafficked in brothels karaoke bars beer gardens all sorts of places a girl might charge $1 $2 a time for any man who comes out if they are good-looking they can get more it's the same force selling them on when I first went to Cambodia a girl could be sold say for $50 hundred dollars by the time I left it was five hundred dollars sometimes a thousand dollars if it was a good I have personally witnessed a young woman who was driving around a village I was visiting one day tears in her eyes crying for her daughter that had been stolen from her and she never saw again the girls either sold domestically were across the border to Thailand Vietnam and China it's estimated that around 800 girls are either sold and smuggled over the border to Thailand every month 400 of them a court sent back by the Thai authorities the others don't find their way home if they're living close to a border children can disappear over the board of a cooker and the parent has no hope of getting longer there are many methods used to trick the girls and their relatives sometimes their families are assured that their daughters would get a job in a restaurant a salon or a sewing company in the capital they would get clean clothes food housing and even an education in exchange for their work these are almost always blatant lies the girls end up as sex slaves some of them end up like this on display like meat in a supermarket the difference is that here people are for sale the families are sometimes promised a monthly sum of money many rule persons that don't know any better food by crooks and never see their children are gaining some mothers are so overwhelmed by grief they can hardly speak it's unfortunately true that many of the people involved in the child slave trade hold high positions in the community some of them real considerable power they are village leaders and even policemen when it comes to dealing with the authorities you know you're gonna have to deal with the collection that goes with it it's that this could be one of reasons that the victims aren't willing to press charges and except instead to live with the injustice in silence no official statistics exist on the number of girls involved in the sex trade it would be impossible to contact such a study trafficking happens in the villages but what is so difficult is to find the number because when you go to a village and so has anyone ever been trafficked from here or left and never come back and they say it's never happened in our village but go to the village next door and you go to the village next door on those days never happen in our village but that village just came from it's happened there so it's that it's the subject no one talks about but everybody knows happens it's estimated that the number of sex slaves in Cambodia is around 100,000 around a third of them are children some are not more than five years old the age doesn't concern the traffickers so much they look for the the quality of the goods in quotes that they are working with and if if a girl is physically well-developed they will they will take her whatever the age they say she's younger so much the better a third party usually instigates the trafficking one case I heard was of a small girl about 12 years old where mother took her to an uncle and this uncle took her to a house that was isolated and he tied her up and he raped a silly rape to a day-in day-out for a number of weeks and then eventually let her go but of course after all this had happened there was only one choice for her to go and that was to end up in a brothel the girls often very young when they are sold into slavery in prostitution this horrible existence is usually a short one they can very I mean I can take you to a place where you can find girls as young as eight to nine and ten but probably the majority start between twelve to sixteen and by the time they're 18 19 20 they would be finished within ten years they probably died of AIDS but that's how quickly they can track the disease and die for me by the time they're 22 23 years old they're dead if you've been you know serving 10 or 15 men a day you're worn out anyway you know 10 years in that sort of trade and good for nothing if they just doesn't get you something else will you don't have to look for long to find child prostitution the Capitol dome pan has many districts where people are offered sexual services from children equipped with a hidden camera we play the part of someone looking to buy time with a child the brothels are rusty shacks made of corrugated iron there the girls are kept behind lock and key and are made to serve as many as 20 men a day money too much money how much how how old come on hen I think maybe don't be at least anger maybe 12 or 13 no 10 not much how much how much yeah some of the girls have their faces painted white like dolls this is deliberately done to show that they are for sale the girls are sold for tiny amounts of money okay I'll give you some cost some facts and figures if you're a Cambodian and you have sex with a girl especially the ones that are in the very low-end 10,000 reel or two dollars fifty is what you'll pay for sex if you're a foreigner for a short time it would be five dollars all night twenty dollars up for a c'mere all night ten dollars of a girl's virginity is very sought-after the Cambodian man it is also for sale virginity runs at around about a thousand dollars and that's usually for a week you can keep them and so as you can see sex is very very cheap and it's too cheap after a girl has lost her virginity she's worthless to single nun a future wife has to be a virgin of fear of humiliation many of the girls find it hard to admit they have been raped I've seen a lot of girls that have done a lot of damage to themselves which have been a sign of self-hate and many girls end up committing suicide there is more for sale than sex and virginity of young girls children olds are sold as slaves for labor in most cases only a few hundred dollars these families are very poor so if they're getting a couple of hundred dollars it is like as much money as they would have in a year so they think it's a huge amount but then for instance if that girl's a virgin she's being sold for $1,000 plus so most of the time where payment is made for a girl at the community level it's extremely cheap ratha is the victim of a slave trade she has endured a lot of misery have been sold many times mom owned young al Qaeda the look for a long time she was the property of a man who used her for sex he held her captive and repeatedly raped her he didn't count man been bidding him okay Jenny of the loot another you dig out Bonnie again and lo p.m. Lancome picked up a mm sobbing cow tweeting at band the first time Rafa was sold she was a virgin NIMH implemented a she was 13 years old when she lost her virginity covering at the koi in Manila God but him at dawn oh come on Dave like manga sake him to look no hi for the last few years Rafa has been working as a Street prostitute for her boss who gives her food and a place to sleep she works in a park in the capital which is known to be frequented by prostitutes and men looking for their services I love a game with you my moon – come on think about her birthday be a mere three todavia Mira I'm back with a new number you got lawyer because we take into account young I could get into Montana paging Dalton Kappa parking Lala but no clock rock at the end Rafa meets her customers in the park and takes into a shabby motel nearby that's not know anytime man blonde we thought that's not ok doc had a tailor we had been poking me at a looper hiding talking Moira tell you to clone Italian committing trauma protecting our you Carlo a to my dude ROM number number you need to take them there hand him home like Gillian kg weight that gonna tell you my nigga baby thing now no you little backing talent a money to do me wrong time from na number take you annoy do Turner children chapter but I do admit Louie hanging army my ultimate world Canon something you're not gonna tell my the last time ratha was sold it was her $300 she had just recently given birth to a child so consequently her value had dropped her sale took place in a nightclub in the capital the place is known to offer prostitution similar places are all over the city and they advertised in tourist brochures such as this one it varies how many customers rougher seas per day sometimes one sometimes two most of the time it's around five or the ha remember near a dog I love it might now know the family I think they pineal that happens quite often to prostitutes he is very well known in this culture is that groups of guys large 10 15 20 guys will get together and send somebody out on a motorbike to get a prostitute and they were taken back to a hotel room and then these 15 15 20 guys were just Roper all night and often pay her almost nothing Wow Jenna Maroney young well yeah but I didn't get them in a set up it up that's not to come in from Nia John with every tortoise nothing I'm on him time we talk at Apple just a dumb bunny ana.k Tottenham nurse at the Bastrop ammonia problem Bonilla Pokemon that's right and it has a word here it's called book which I'm sorry I don't speak welcome here it's probably not said the right way but it's commonly now under us and in the society it's seen as a way of building mate ship amongst the men booting comradery were all guys in this together and at least one in every two street prostitutes will tell you that this has happened to at least once and it's the experience she most fears as she lives on the streets Marin pipe Italian Italian Italian hey Dominic no internet allowing multiple natural you pilot a imminent America champion to get up and up here the problem do you know Topanga did we child the Mitanni and April tagging presenting the judging by can we talk how you tell me to come shunga dear me from the Brereton parroting you don't want on the copy she says he's often beaten and abused under these circumstances did that name again give her come daily value by employment look attempted in German by Dumont well my brother says some of her friends have been injected with drugs if they disobeyed their bosses or the customers they then pass out and lose consciousness while the customers has their way with him you don't mind me borrowing I'm are you bothering him don't mother dear hello you don't want the I got a lead on one with the death line any minute contain him to come they don't also come we get more news and gold ha you know clap at all yeah [Applause] girls who live in the remote villages in the countryside are the most vulnerable to the trafficking and the most common victims Sonia is one of them despite her young age she has experienced many tragedies the Sonia is one of the fortunate ones she's one of the few girls who have been liberated from the claws of the sex trade when she was 14 she went into the hands of a trafficker a sale that was facilitated by her grandmother he took her with him to Thailand where he repeatedly raped her and violated her he tied her down and told her the police would arrest her if she told anyone for monson and Sonia was this man's sexual slave he locked her in a room at a motel and didn't let her out there goes Cathy I'm young but God I am done with Doug Liman got the mood that they bring him take my window young we died and saw a good time who died inside a bacteria tournament a gate up down up in a tangle battle – thermic bobbing tongue paralyzed with fear and despair she kept her mouth shut and didn't tell anyone what was going on you know cried but come on Sonia attempted to escape many times but the man always managed to catch her and beat her to submission excited obtain mckernon Road you know McCollum I mean an accurate a non monument band the line Katya finally Sonya managed to escape they they got a bathroom and a new band she found a taxi and was driven to the police station after that she was found a place in the rehabilitation center in thrown pen this girl's story is just one of thousands we traveled for Sonia to the village where she grew up the village lies in a northern region of Cambodia it's small mowed very few people live there it's typical for the type of village the traffickers target in order to enslave young children into sex and labor once the traffickers get their hands on them they are bought and sold between regions or over the border Sonya's father lives in a small Hut in the village with his family her friends are happy to see her however Sonya's father completely disregard sir although he's seeing her for the first time for many months his contempt for her is overbearing he's controversial among the villagers and has both alcoholic and gambling problems gambling is a very popular pastime in Cambodia they will gamble on anything you know even if it's a cockroach lace or something like that you know seeing which cockroach is going to look it's just something they do and I suppose it's entertainment there's nothing else for them to do in the evening or very little to do for a time Sonya's father was a village leader but he lost his post because of irregularities those gambling debts go for a certain amount of time until the neighbour turns around as Jose come on I want my money what do they have to give that's when their children turn into commodities when you're on $1 or $2 a day and you suddenly find your 14 year old girl can be sold for $1,000 that's nearly three years old that's an enormous amount of money in the context of what they're living in in the hut where Sonya's father lives everyone sleeps together in one room the hammock is the only piece of furniture excluding the bird the toilet facilities are behind the hut Sonya's father has several wives today her mother disappeared soon after she was born her father admits he hasn't spent a lot of time with his daughter in the past yeah it's a pure Italian making like new younger abandoned body yeah they back to my journey coffin men but she'll be there for her a colon gone mad big like giant iron ore no motive and no home but Jamie Thailand what banner stay tuned some avatar but Jamie bought my house you know he says he tried searching for his daughter for a few months before giving up but record cut through a brown bin young boy Cartman don't cut up cut pinion Jim but you're the cotton cranium Daniel you gotta know and patron I denied my car around him we are Sonya's father if you would do things differently given another chance not know Roberta are you mean cop and a car tops Catherine never been known that not women John Madden strong and a clarion all-american then I got you adorable no time in class the neighbor says she sports Sonia and her family since she was a baby manager Marty hey Terry I'm bill mountain active area crap and they were unknown we'll all hold a missile or Lorna she says she's does not know what happened to Sonya after she disappeared from the village without dignity Nina at length even though we're back captain come with us and make with the ruin I agree and you might in that bathroom a t-girl thing with Johnny books and yawning is in Yama no no keep academic a cloakroom prepare cool they got good to believe how gone you get when the person is paying debts they will use anything they can to to make those debts as you say when whether whether it's corn or chicken or children it's it's it's it's there and they say okay you can have my daughter I will let you have her what for $50 $100 $300 and so that child is then taken from her original home and placed in a neighbor's home that neighbor might get into debt so that child will be sold on again because she's somebody else's child originally not their child so that child has been sold once can be sold again and again and again then they have to turn around and say well now how can I make more money out of this girl and the easiest thing to do is to get her into prostitution and before she knows it she's serving 10 15 20 min a day some of the girls in Sunnis village have been taught to avoid the types of man that deal in trafficking I know the time will open up a new pipeline I am an album young man and a young woman Skagen throne I tipped it Baybrook like it up young out for a year it's very cool it's raining don't but it's me a good day doing affirmative keeping some of the kidnappers used drugs to run to the children and conscious before they abduct them I mean finally the gay game yay bataki decima yang hai yes a lot there's luck okay yo yo don't look I know you got no clue and they thinking Minton and I hate him or vice mayor you always imagined the real Italian jury absorb a younger son to learn to laugh but what about the parents don't they try to get their children back after they've gone missing obviously those that have sold them don't but those that have had them kidnapped or tricked they try very hard very very hard it really it's it's so painful when you see them and you see them trying because most of the time they never found these tragic circumstances are foreign to us but leave lasting impressions and those who try and seek answers what can be done to prevent this from going on many relief organizations are working in Cambodia they deal with the problems with their tireless efforts efforts with a driven by care the passion to improve people's lives in the rehabilitation center where Sonya lives there fifty girls opened through the trauma of sexual slavery and violence for security reasons no cameras are allowed in the center but a few of them are operating in the city all of the girls staying there have a similar background of abduction and violence like Sonia some of them are even worse and that's why for us we are really focusing on trafficking Prevention we have to stop it part of the rehabilitation takes place in the jungle where the girls stay for one week at a time to do thrown up to make depravity mouth again also need to look the gentleman looked like golden love Jetta was the heart need youth oh yeah in with house like a meaningful payment then but that memory and they've got one car page like jello problem had them lock they got the plum and I thought man the planners have got Aibileen Sani had been in rehabilitation for more than six months before she dared to speak of what she had been through because once somebody has gone through that kind of drama it is a huge process to bring them back where they can start to function again in society and often society then doesn't even accept them Sonia was afraid and ashamed of herself but now she's grown stronger she gets love and care from the instructors and her friends in the rehabilitation center she's learned to read and write the girls also taught English and how to use computers they've my nom de lijn when I'm a time when all write down cut means crazy language crazy line in the hood the key to fighting trafficking is prevention the volunteers of the relief organizations go from village to village with drawings which illustrate the dangers of trafficking because of the high illiteracy rate simple pictures are used detailing the dangers involved mothers are offered special classes that are getting more popular every day viii work is hard and selfless sometimes Jeff feels like he's fighting windmills I just heard of a very sad story recently where a girl was rescued and she went through all the milestones everything was going well they thought it was fantastic and she even got married and went back to living in a new village with a husband and she'd been there for two years and then somehow the villagers found out that she had once been a prostitute and they started to talk amongst the village and she got so much negative pressure she went out and killed herself it is the positive examples like Sonya at Kiva volunteers going young man decided my Nanyang code that I read in beta to keep him the hood it looked a technomage oxidized avoid my I could tell mocked it that an academic peer come could type out a new water tower ruin a crab right behind you cause angry with my turn aside tonight by now Sonya is so strong as she's herself doing volunteer work warning parents and children about the situation she found herself in it's not burning down memory lane a new variant Veneto clapping and Korean kids would William nah okay Branca yada we are seeing changes in attitude we're seeing people think about things is it enough I'm not sure we need to change men in every country in the world so that they really become focused I'm living a life which relates to their family and being honest to their families and really that's how we're going to stop the problem but otherwise that problem is going to be anywhere where there is poverty and there are men who are willing to pay for sex Cambodian males are by far the biggest group that buy prostitution only a small section of buyers are tourists but the media reports are almost exclusively centered on them of course we need to stop the foreigners but that's about two or three percent let's hit the other 90 95 percent sunniest lucky to have ended up in the rehabilitation center if those kind of centers did not exist many of the victims would have nowhere to go that place to go when you're on the run when you're trying to get away is essentially there has to be a place of safety there has to be a place where the children can open up they can talk about their problems they can feel safe and say whatever they want to say and this is why Cambodia really has needed the help of NGOs and the like in order to help kick-start some of these services again the girls often feel bad at the start of the rehabilitation when questioned it becomes apparent they often feel like they have let their families down by leaving the brothels Jeff is impressed by the resignation of the girls one of them who he works with was sold by her mother for $300 I said to her do you hate your mother and she said no she says we were poor like what was the choice and I think a lot of people don't really understand how these things can happen because they also don't understand the culture and how people are and how people feel and think in those cultures so I really want people out there to really have an appreciation that this is a good culture these are a good people but they are very different in the ways they think and so we have to be different sometimes in the way we work with them and the way we the issues that we raise with them and the way we talk about things like Sonia the girls in the rehabilitation centers get stronger one step at a time bit by bit they regained their confidence and self-respect despite nightmares and the constant fear they live in the hope for a better life the hope has to be real it has to have some foundation and so when they begin to learn more skills different skills whether its language skills even even learning English can be a door to a better job after Sonia has finished her rehabilitation she will be placed in a foster home where all efforts will be made to help her become happy and well-adjusted young woman my pining glad I had the babe in Bantam door young Tanya my crying young man with a volunteer work the girls are taught that rape is never justified they are made to understand that rape and human trafficking are human rights violations they have to know the consequences for breaking them and that they have to have the courage and conviction to report all sexual violence to the police so that the perpetrators can be brought to justice above all they have to stop believing that they don't deserve to be treated decently and so you have to try and work around those things and work at the grassroots level so that you you avoid much of the bureaucracy as possible and get the aid through to the people the lowest level so I think there was improvement I think there's a lot of room for even more improvement but I think advances are being made and once you started helping people to help themselves and that made a big difference even though progress has been made there is still a long way to go if I think the work of NGOs in Cambodia will will still have quite a long life the country can absorb it it's needed and I think it's money well spent if there is no hope there's nothing to look forward to and somehow we have to instill the hope of better things a better life a future to look forward to something where there isn't corruption there isn't profiteering the racketing there there is something which people can look forward to which is safe which is sound which creates a loving environment that's what's lacking and unless society can find them then the situation isn't there but once they can have something they can hold on to and shake yes things are going to get better we know that we've got to work through this I have some goals I can work towards then that child and see a better future ahead of them [Applause]

Top 10 Best Documentaries of 2014

Top 10 Best Documentaries of 2014

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hi everyone and welcome to my picks for the top 10 best documentaries of 2014 I think I saw about 15 to 20 documentaries last year in the theater these are all films I saw in the theater and I did a review for each of those films on my channel but here's a top 10 i love doing top 10s and i love documentaries sometimes they're so the best films i've seen all year and here is 10 of them and i also want to say right before i name my the best one of the best i have a couple honorable mentions i just want to name really quick but let's get on with this countdown all right number 10 finding vivian maier now this one was actually nominated for i believe that academy award for this documentary this year and this is a very fascinating story about this guy who at this auction got all these boxes or crates and stuff like that and he found that this woman who was kind of living alone and living her own life she's a nanny and she had all these amazing pictures he just loved to walk around her community i believe she was from New York or somewhere and she just walk around taking random pictures and there's all these amazing pictures that are going on sale right now and said traveling the world or she's no longer with us she I think she died years before all this stuff was found and I think it's a side of her that she probably never wanted to show the world but it's such an amazing credible side that now the art world is just eating it up and I thought this was a really great documentary that examined that her story and the people that knew her but didn't know her and then at the same time this filmmakers journey or the guy who found all this stuff his journey and what he's gonna actually do with all this stuff really great documentary that i highly recommend i don't know if it's on netflix right now but if it is check it out it's definitely worth seeing I don't think it's very long either it's a pretty short documentary and I wish it was longer but check it out finding vivian maier next one is number nine Glen Campbell all be me now i'm not a big country fan though I do love the country music of glen campbell and a lot of the other people that came around during that time I think in the 60s and the seven he's a lot of great stuff you know Johnny Cash Coal Miner's Daughter camera brought her name what her name was but some great some great music the country music up today is just trash sorry if you like it that's fine you can enjoy it I'm not going to I have nothing I don't have a problem with anybody enjoying it I'm just not personally into that kind of 20 crap but Glen Campbell is a great artist and what this film actually examined I didn't know what I was going to get into I knew Glen Campbell because he was in a movie called True Grit the original true grit with John Wayne new one but with Glen Campbell I'll be me this is a concert film at the same time is this guy's journey with his family as he is suffering from Alzheimer's disease and you could see how it affects him but it doesn't let him stop him he goes on tour his final tour and it's a great thing that he can experience with his entire family and as fans and people that maybe not know him that well can enjoy all the great music and the great performances and see like oh my gosh how is he going to do is you can survive because he's trying to be himself he's losing his mind but his music is loved by so many and this film actually got nominated for best song so that is awesome congratulations to glen campbell and this entire family on this nomination a great film I hope it gets hope it gets released on some sort of format other than blu-ray so people can chance to go see it because it is a really great concert film / documentary about a talented musician and human being next one is number eight touch the wall now I didn't know much about this story before watch it I saw the trailer I don't follow sports but this film examines the lives of two amazing women misty Frank Missy Franklin and Carol Lynn Joyce and I saw the documentary before watching this like I do for most films that I don't know much about and when I saw it I really loved it I enjoyed it I actually met the filmmakers at the screening I got to interview them and then they told me about tubs the tug tug tug tug calm where you can actually host a screening in your area and just last month I did that with the filmmakers both filmmakers showed up and I had a sold-out show that included friends family that were there and a lot of people that I've never met a lot of kids that just love swimmers and stuff like that but i would say what really got me into this movie more than the subject matter it was just the themes and ideas that you can look at the lives of Missy and Carolyn and you may not be into swimming and that's okay I'm not too much into swimming I do like to go swimming but I I'm not that passionate about it that's what I'm trying to say i'm passionate about other things so i was thinking as well watching this film how could I relate to my own life and that's what I think you should do when you watch that movie because great examples of Carolyn and Missy she is she's a firecracker she is so interesting and uh I would love to meet her one day get a chance to interview but she's so busy let her win some more gold medals and bronze and stuff like that she's gonna be incredible probably yet at the I think next year's summer olympics I hope she takes home a lot of medals and at the same time doesn't forget to be herself because that's what's so great about the film is that she's truly herself and inspiring to everybody whether you swim or not and I want to thank the filmmakers everybody who came to my screening because if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have had that amazing experience and a great film a wonderful film and one of the best documentaries I saw in 2014 hopefully it'll be released very soon i think in april on blu-ray and hopefully digital format as well next one is number seven citizen for which is also nominated for this year's Academy Awards and I didn't know much about this film or about Edward Snowden before watching in what he's actually done and how brave he's actually been and some people might not like what he did and other people will enjoy I appreciate what he's uncovered this is a really great document I mean if you were someone who loves documentaries and and actually the for the filmmakers because they're all a part of the story kind of around the beginning they don't really know where it's going to go and where this story actually goes and I'm not going to get in detail or explain too much is I can majan the filmmakers being in this room when this guy's just uncovering all these things and they're just videotaping like oh my gosh we have gold this is amazing this is what documentary filmmakers live for so check out citizen for it is nominated again for best documentary and it may win who knows it's got some really great subject matter a great story and I there's going to be a movie in the works I don't who's making it but I think it'll be an incredible film if it's done right as well number six tim's vermeer this is a film actually made by Penn & Teller the great funny comedian magicians who perform every almost every day in Las Vegas they have a friend named Tim who is a filmmaker as well and he has a huge passion for Vermeer the great artist and what he tried to do in attempts to do in this documentary is pretty shocking this is one of the first documentaries I saw last year and one of the best it's just incredible filmmaking and and just what he does with art and trying to not just make a copy but make his own version of a Vermeer and i highly recommend and of course Penn and Teller are part of it but they don't really get in the way they let the subject shine they don't try and use their notoriety to get in the way of a subject during the film but they probably need to use their notoriety when they were making it other than the fact other than that great film check it out hopefully it's available somewhere in some sort of format great film number five when I went to the LA Film Festival I think I saw I don't know if I just saw this documentary or anymore but this is one that stayed with me the most it is Giuseppe makes a movie now giuseppe is adapter and someone who's been working in the business as a young actor in films like detroit rock city and independence day but he formed a real friendship with adam rifkin who was the director of this movie and so Adam started filming his his his life as he was making these kind of off-the-wall crazy somewhat terrible movies but he was having so much love so much passion for it he was using his friends his people he met in bars homeless people off the street being a part of these things and so he just makes these movies and one thing I loved about what he said this film is like forget continuity who cares I don't deal with it you shouldn't deal with it either and that's one thing I appreciate it i mean i love continuity in big-budget films but when it comes to these small independent films and you don't get it right who cares just have fun enjoy your passion and i don't know what he's doing today but i think he's still making movies wherever he's at and this is just a really awesome documentary that examines film a game when someone may not have a lot of money but have a lot of passion a lot of ideas and just willing to put himself out there algorithm is this did a great job at directing this and putting all clap putting this all together I would love to see an extended cut because I bet he has hours and hours and hours of footage but you should check out this film as well number four the gallipoli gallipolis affair satan came to Eden now this is a documentary that has has a lot of footage from this situation that was shot there back and I think the 1920s or 1930s off the coast of somewhere south america or maybe other the pratt can't remember where this where this actually happened but this is a strange weird film that i didn't know what i was going to get into there are interviews with the the people that are still living there at the same time there there are recreations with the letters at the that the that the people that were there lived there and all the crazy crap that actually went on with the people that were looking to get away from the world and at the same time when they got together they were pretty much still part of the world even though they were on this island far far away a lot of evil things happen when they released them when they were when they at least expected it and i didn't expect what i was going to get when i saw this film and i think this film might be on netflix right now so please check it out it's definitely worth seeing and a great film about the history of that island the crazy history of that island number three last days in vietnam which i think is nominated for an Academy Award now this film examines the last few days when America was in Vietnam before after this is after the vietnam war was over and they were slowly just backing up and getting the hell out of there and let him vietnam deal with Vietnam now after the the catastrophe that happened during the Vietnam War this examines with with interviews of the people that were really there is they were trying to get as many people out of the country as possible during that time at the same time there was so much crazy and amazing insane footage of everything that went down and if I was going to pick a film out of the five films that were nominated for the Academy Award and I've seen four notches I've seen three right now I'm trying to see a fourth one before the before the weekend happens but I'm out of the three three films out of the five then I've seen I would probably pick last days in Vietnam it's a great documentary and it does a great job of incorporating the footage with interviews and all that stuff and where Vietnam is today number two life itself now one of the film critics that really inspired me is Roger Ebert I think most people that are doing YouTube and sharing their feelings about film were inspired by Roger Ebert to me he was the best film critic ever and ever and ever and ever no no no one will ever beat him when it comes to film criticism I think he's the best he's the greatest and I even if I agreed or disagreed them i always had much respect even if I really really really disagreed with them I still had a lot of respect for his opinion I knew whether he knew I knew that he knew that I knew that he knew what he was talking about he was just so interesting to watch in the show what he did with just a cisco neighbor and then even Roper and that he worked and he did all this stuff to the day that he died and the love life you had with Chaz Ebert and even some of the stupid stuff he did on Twitter it's there but you know when you vocalize your opinion you might say a few things every once a while that people are not going to agree with but anyway it's great film why is this film not nominated that's the shame of life itself this film should be nominated for an Academy Award and if it was it would have won I love this film it is really close it was definitely going back and forth between number one and number two on my list so please check out life itself especially if you love film if you love film criticism if you love to go to the movies you got you're gonna love this film because Roger Ebert as I said reviewed a lot of masterpieces and now he's in one congratulations to everybody worked on this film and love this film and i highly recommend whether you like movies or not it doesn't matter this is a movie about someone's life all right to come to honor to honorable mentions before i get into the final film really quick i'm just going to name them off really great films that you should check out super Mitch The Legend of Jeff Gordon great film funny film directed by Mike Myers yes Mike Myers Wayne's World Mike Myers and also for no good reason now if you've seen anything from the great writer gosh fear and loathing in las vegas hunter s thompson then you've seen this artists and his work so check out for no good reason which i believe is also produced and starring johnny depp great film check it out about his the the artist behind the the the art behind the artist behind the art of all that great stuff that hunter s thompson worked with as well for his books in his design and stuff like that just really crazy alright everyone finally number one and then we can move on with their lives number one it i just love this film so much and this film opened me up to a whole new world of this insane filmmaker the film is uterus keys dune i loved alejandro jodorowsky and now I've seen three of his films now and it's a shame that this dude does not exist because it would have changed the world it would have came out before Star Wars but we'll see this movie if you love film if you appreciate film if you just love great stories about stuff that just never happened that could have changed the world it's a great story in itself yoona Roth's keys completely insane and that's what's so great it makes it so interesting I can't wait I hope he continues any movies at he's in his 70s or 80s now and he just made a movie last year called the dance of reality which I really love that I put in my honorable mentions but this film shows you how this movie can't kind of came together and then then fell apart at the same time as all the influences the major influence this movie actually made on science fiction & movie history from then on because it's supposed to I can come out in the 1970s before Star Wars and then I like at the end I'm not going to say what it's compared to but it shows you all these movies that were inspired maybe hopefully probably by you know Rocky's do great film the best documentary I saw in 2014 love this film I'm a huge fan of uterus key right now and I can't wait to see more of his movies that I have not seen yet I've seen the holy mountain I've seen no tempo and I've seen the damn to reality and I know there's a list of other films that he's made in the past that have not seen yet and some I think he's working on right now so that's awesome i love crazy insane movies that sometimes i'll make make any sense but they're visually stunning and emotionally engaging and that's how I felt about you know Rocky's dude everyone that is my list and the comm box below what were your favorite documentaries of 2014 I'd really like to know in the meantime please check out we live film calm and subscribe to youtube on started we love film on YouTube also go to Long Beach acting and film Association right here on facebook on Twitter please also go to movie polycom and if you enjoyed this video please click right here subscribe to my channel I'd really appreciate it thank you again so much for watching I got one more video to do about 2014 the worst of the worst and I hope to get that done soon in the meantime have a great day a wonderful night and wonderful life and I'll talk to you in my next video on YouTube oh my gosh I can't talk anymore bye peace be with you

The Big Picture Documentaries: P4 – Survive or Thrive

Survive or Thrive. What’s the future of ski resorts?

Like all ski resorts, Whistler Blackcomb must adapt to a changing ski and snowboard world if it wants to flourish for another 50 years. What will the future hold for ski resorts? Dave Brownlie, Whistler Blackcomb’s Chief Operating Officer, offers his perspective.

Part four of The Big Picture Documentaries, a four-part series exploring big questions:
P1: Conflicted Obsessions – Is our thirst for adventure threatening our environment?
P2: Tech Trap – What if kids stopped playing outside?
P3: Pushing the Boundaries – Is the pull of the backcountry pushing our limits?
P4: Survive or Thrive – What’s the future of ski resorts?

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Produced by: Switchback Entertainment, Whistler Blackcomb, and Origin Design & Communications

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you need to move forward there's always those people that you know they don't want change they want they want the past it's about doing new things new things that maybe not everybody is agreeing with today I mean you know go back to the peak-to-peak in this business if you're not moving forward you're probably falling behind who do you look at very long-term it's clearly you know climate change is an issue whether becoming more volatile making sure that you have snow for people to ski on so and that's a long term clearly challenged not only for us but if we're in trouble quite frankly the world's in trouble so it's know we're a bit of the canary in the coal mine but I think what's what's more relevant in front of us is creating new skiers and snowboarders yes you dig into the to the ski industry in North America it's actually very very small it's really important done and we know it as an industry that ultimately you know we work together we support each other and in a lot of ways in terms of you know whether its management practices whether its marketing initiatives whether it's quite frankly direct support in particular to the smaller sphere is those skiers generate new skiers and that is you know one of our challenges and so we need to support each other if we can you know help everybody get better hopefully we can raise that tide and ultimately raise the number of people that want to ski and snowboard when you look at our population base and you know the baby boomers getting old who are these Millennials how do we get them engaged in the sport now where is the growth coming from are they traditional Canadians that grow up in the snoer is there you know there's a whole bunch of new people coming and living in North America and how do we get those folks engaged in the in the sport kids today I mean it's electronics from video games on their phone to snapchat you know you name it they're all over it I mean they got they got things going on and you know and I look at their life and their and their attention spans and everything it's there's a lot of things that we're competing with you know it's not just you know competing with hockey and soccer it's competing with a whole array of things and things that we don't even know that are coming down the pipe now that they're actually gonna invent and create but hopefully you know we have people thinking about our industry and how we engage our guests in that manner in a broader way and whether it's GPS systems are at Whistler Blackcomb plus that we did this year and you know tracking vertical and people on leaderboards and getting a whole discussion about skiing and snowboarding well into the evening because you know now they can talk about it they have stats about it there's this whole dichotomy of being jammed packed and busyness and stuff and and luxury – wide-open space you kind of go outside the ski boundaries and you really start to ultimately see that and that's been a growing trend for many years now now that will continue to grow for us to be successful the community has to be successful and I think you know vice versa so there's actually a plan or a commitment that 75% of the people that work in this community live in this community people that work here have an emotional attachment have a vested interest and I think that goes a long way not only in terms of you know what you want to deliver every day but also in terms of the interactions ultimately that you're having with the guess you know a lot of times when you're trying to figure things out or things are busy and you're just trying to get perspectives I mean you get your ski boots up and get your skis and you head up the lift you know the different ideas issues thoughts it just all of a sudden opens up on Whistler and quite frankly on the whole and the whole sense of you know why we're here you know I think we've shown a track record you know and I think that is what really is important when people step back and look at what we've done you know you gotta go you know what he's done a lot of the right things not everything's perfect we're gonna make mistakes as everybody does but you don't hit the homerun if you don't swing the bat you know and that's kind of what we're all about you you

Must Have Filmmaking Accessories for iPhones & Androids

Shooting on any mobile device like an iPhone, iPad, Pixel, Galaxy S, etc… has become a much more viable solution. Today we show some accessories that will help take your mobile filmmaking up a notch.

Watch the sketch we shot on the iPhone –


Camkix Lenses –
Olloclip lens –
Moondogs Anamorphic Lens –
MeFoto Tripod Adapter –
Benro BK10 –
DJI Osmo Mobile –
iRig –
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color correction after effects

welcome to film riot their show that takes a mystery out of the effects and techniques come some your favorite holiday Omer hosts Connelly and last week we talked about using your iPhone in production and how we recently used it for a sketch of our own it definitely has its limitations and challenges but mobile devices have become really impressive in the level of quality they're able to produce so if you have an iPhone or any mobile device with good video capabilities here's a few must-have accessories for mobile filmmaking first up is lenses I have a couple of sets here first it's the cheapest at 23 bucks on Amazon these are cam kicks lenses it comes with 4 in total a fisheye wide-angle telephoto and polarizer they attach to your phones it's a clamp you screw on the lens that you want and then clamp that on to your phone so it should work with just about any phone then a large level up from that would be these guys the ollie clip which is 120 dollars definitely pricey for what it is but much better glass and a lot more solid way to get it on your phone properly since it has the groove here that lets it sort of snap into place but this one you have two lenses a telephoto and an ultra wide so it's definitely better glass but like the other if you don't have the lenses on just right you're getting some out-of-focus edges and I find that it's difficult to get sharp edge to edge no matter what you do really but using the telephoto does get you a bit more shallow depth-of-field and some interesting and our final lens is an anamorphic lens made for the iPhone this is the Moondogs anamorphic adapter it has a one point three three times squeeze which means it works with 16:9 footage so you slap this guy on and grab your shots which will look a bit stretched like this once you get that into your editor you can fix it and in my case I'm using Adobe Premiere so I'll just right click the shot go to modify and interpret footage and in pixel aspect ratio I'll conform to HD anamorphic one point three three three and there you go so just like with any anamorphic adapter the upside here is that you're using your full sensor while you're still getting that cinematic widescreen look and since it is stretched and you squeeze it down you're getting a bit of that nice and a morphic feeling bokeh and of course lens flares although often the iPhone doesn't handle harsh sources of light very well so it's a give and take there the massive downside here is that the lens will run you 175 dollars so it probably isn't gonna be worth it for most but it is definitely a nice cinematic look so if that's what you're needing there you go moving on to stabilizers we have the me photo sidekick 360 this is a tripod adapter for your device goes for $35 and lets you mount to anything that you would mount a normal camera to you also have some extra movements here to rotate the device around as needed which is nice and I tried out several and this was by far the sturdiest of the bunch then there's the Benro mini tripod which works as a small tripod for your device or monopod of sorts or selfie stick which I always died a little bit inside whenever I have to say the word selfie out loud but it also comes with this Bluetooth trigger so you can stop and start or snap pictures using that if needed and this one is only thirty bucks then on the much pricier but entirely awesome end we have the DJI Osmo mobile for two hundred and eighty bucks and like I said last week this is the best of its kind you're able to get all kinds of silky smooth shots it's really intuitive once you've used it for five minutes it feels like you've had it for five months everything's gonna follow your movements normally right upfront but if you hold down this trigger it will lock and stay smooth on the position that you last had it at regardless of how you move once you have your finger off the trigger again and you need to recenter your phone just DoubleTap the trigger and there you go then you have the joystick in front which you can control your pan and tilt but then if you connect the device to filmic Pro on your phone like we talked about last week you can hit this button here and then shift between locking and unlocking your focus and exposure or operating them manually right from the joystick once here right and left shifts your exposure and up and down will pull focus and of course you can start and stop your recording right from here as well DJI also has their own app for connecting to the Osmo as well which is great for calibrating your gimbal and setting the speed that you want for your moves but for actual shooting I'd much rather do that inside a filmic pro but now we take a quick break and then talk audio and storage if you're a budding filmmaker entrepreneur innovator two main common place to go with that next idea hits you when you buy a domain name from you're taking the first steps in creating an identity and vision for your brand or idea and the world's top two premiere and most recognized domain name extensions are calm and net which means those are the ones that are gonna help you build your brand and expand your presence online the best and for a limited time from now until August 31st you can get 35% off by using the coupon code film jumbo when you get domain names web hosting and email and when you think domain names think okay jumping into audio right off the bat the audio right inside of the phone is actually pretty impressive but in production you want something much more directional and focus just like what we had when recording our sketch I wanted to handle it the same way that we always do which meant using my rode ntg3 shotgun mic right into the camera to do that right into the iPhone I got this guy the irig pre which goes for 40 bucks of course I have the iPhone 7 so we had to use the dongle for the iRig but it worked fine once it was connected and we plugged that in we could connect our mic through the XLR input that's on the iRig then turn on phantom power for our mic adjust gain and monitor our audio so using this guy I was able to get the audio right into the phone just like I would with my C 100 or C 300 and if I need to use one of my LOB mics I can do the same but just switching phantom power off and there you go and the sound that you get is pretty impressive in fact the original audio from our sketch was crazy noisy a lot of work had to go into it imposed to salvage that audio because there was just a lot happening around my neighborhood on that day and even though I was processing the iPhone pretty aggressively just like the image it held up really well mmm it was closer no but if you just want to go straight to your phone with something like a lob you can get the smart lob from rode which is great or if you need to stay very cheap check out the boya and one it's 15 bucks and has pretty decent quality film riot show takes mr. ed effects techniques they list every favorite Hollyfield I'm your host douche bag douche Edition which is good for mobile devices or even a DSLR and of course one of the best things that you can get for anything like this is gonna be one of Rhodes video mics which is what I use to shoot our ad that was sort of a vlog parody those mics are really excellent and again ones that you could connect directly into your phone or camera and finally we have storage while shooting I almost ran out of storage on my phone if the sketch had been any longer we would have had to have stopped and transferred but for how I would use my phone for shooting I don't see me having a laptop around with me when I do which makes this little thing perfect this is the same disc I expand the price for this is gonna vary depending on what size that you get but it's gonna be anywhere between $40 and $200 you just connect this to your phone download the I expand app then in filmic Pro you can select the clip that you want to offload then select I expand and save where you want now you can plug this right into your computer and grab those files so a great way to backup footage or clear space while shooting again as always links to all of this can be found in the notes below and if you aren't subscribed consider doing that and if you do make sure you hit the bells so you can be notified when we put up their stuff and I'll see you next week when I eat cat poop so I could have a snake

How Was Video Invented?

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I always wanted to know why film looked better than video. Moving electronic images have as long a history but were invented for a different purpose. This video was sponsored by B&H Photo:

Huge thanks to:

Richard Diehl, Video Labguy

Branch Education for awesome animations

Minutephysics for mechanical TV animations

Mark Schubin
Engineer and explainer, SMPTE Life Fellow

This is a video I’ve long wanted to make, about what makes video look like video and, up until 10 years ago or so, not as appealing as film. I grew up with the two technologies (film and video) in parallel and to me they always seemed like two ways of achieving the same ends: recording and replaying moving images. But their histories are quite distinct. Film was always a way to capture moving images for later replaying. Video started out as a way to transfer images from one place to another instantaneously. This dates back to the first fax machine, mechanical TV, live broadcast tv and ultimately videotapes. This history focuses on the early decades of video and not the more recent switches to chip cameras and solid state storage. Maybe that’s a story for another day.

Additional resources and references:

The Dawn of Tape: Transmission Device as Preservation Medium

What Sparked Video Research in 1877? The Overlooked Role of the Siemens Artificial Eye

Video Preservation Website:

Image Orthicon Tube:

Film vs Digital

Eyes of a Generation:

Television in the US:

Music from “Seaweed” “Capture a Picture 1” “Colorful Animation 4”

[Click] [High-pitched CRT TV noise] Film is a very straightforward technology. It just involves taking a two-dimensional image, and focusing it on to a two-dimensional piece of film, and there you have a photo. But video, and by that, I mean moving electronic images, has a very different history with a lot of changes that have really transformed the way it works. This video was sponsored by B&H Photo, which is kind of fitting because that's where I get a lot of my gear to make these videos. So I'll tell you more about them later,
but now it's off to San Francisco. I'm going to meet with a guy who knows a lot about old video gear and he's got some he's gonna show me. – Richard, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you Derek. Come on in. Welcome to LabGuy's World. – [Laughs.] That's a cool spot you got here. – Thank you. – The fundamental problem of video is taking this two-dimensional light image and turning it into a one-dimensional electrical signal. So how do you do that? Well, the solution actually comes from
the first ever fax machine, which believe it or not,
was invented in 1843 by Alexander Bain. Now he was a clock maker. His invention involved a transmitter and
receiver which each had a pendulum, and those pendulums were synchronized. So what would happen is,
at the transmitter, there would be a metal sheet on which something was written or drawn
using a non-conducting ink. – So a finger at the transmitter, an electric finger, would stroke over the paper and wherever there was iron, it would conduct, and that conducting signal was sent to the other end, which was applied to paper with a chemical
that would turn dark when electricity flowed through it, and it would reproduce a very accurate image
of the handwritten note you just made. – Now Alexander Bain
only ever transmitted static images, but some people have called him
the real father of television, because he invented scanning. This idea of moving back and forth across an image, breaking it down into lines. But if you really want to get moving images, well, you need to be able to scan much faster. So we have to jump forward to 1884, and a 23-year-old German University student named Paul Nipkow. He patented what is called the Nipkow disk, which is basically a big disc with a spiral of holes in it. – The inner pinholes do the scanning, and if I go fast enough you can see the scanning. – You would put a light behind this Nipkow disk and so you'd have a spot of light
which scans across your subject, say a person. And then there would be a reflected light off that person
which would be picked up by some light sensors. That would create an electrical signal which
you could transmit over distance to a receiver. Now at the receiver you use that electrical signal
to modulate the brightness of a light source, and then in front of that you place
a synchronized Nipkow disk, and so the result is a recreation
of the image from the transmitter. – So it was just barely at the limits
of the ability to make a viewable picture, and it was actually broadcast
for a couple of years in Britain, and in America and other countries did
experimental broadcasts using this technique. – This is arguably the first-ever
broadcast television image. It was broadcast for a few hours a day for several years, and it was used by engineers to perform experiments
and try to improve the quality of the broadcast. – What it proved was that this wasn't the way to do it.
[Laughs.] – So by 1939 mechanical TV was all but phased out, and it was replaced by all-electric TV. ♫ Specifically the cathode-ray tube. So this is a glass vacuum tube
with an electron gun at the back. And the electron gun would fire
a beam of electrons at the screen, where it was coated in a chemical which produced light when it got hit by the electrons that's called a phosphor. And using magnetic fields, this beam
was scanned across the screen top-to-bottom, left-to-right, and you would vary the brightness of the beam by varying the voltage on a control electrode, essentially determining how many electrons would get sent out in that beam at any instant to hit the screen. So, if you send out a lot of electrons you get a bright spot, if you don't then you get a dark spot, and in that way you can produce a nice black-and-white image. And if you're wondering about color TV, well, there were a number of dead ends along the path to the red-green-blue pixel system
that became the standard. Like this TV with a spinning color wheel. – I named the project Goldmark I
in honor of Dr. Goldmark. The television part is a standard
black-and-white picture tube. – It displayed 24 frames per second but each frame required six scans: blue-green-red, blue-green-red. It worked really well, but it wasn't backwards compatible with black-and-white TVs. And this is a mini triniscope, so named for its three cathode ray tubes, one for each color. And their images were combined with prisms. – The downside of a triniscope monitor is that for every inch you add diagonally to your screen the volume of the cabinet increases by like the power of something like three and a half. They get huge fast. – So the ultimate solution was to have red, green, and blue phosphors for each pixel, and three electron guns to determine their relative brightness. – Now, the number of lines those electron beams make across the screen is, in theory, 525 every thirtieth of a second. But this is achieved by scanning every other line each sixtieth of a second, so it actually takes two scans to make one frame. This is called interlacing. And what you'll notice watching this is that most of the time you're actually staring at a blank screen. The illusion of a continuous moving image is made possible by our persistence of vision, that is, we don't stop seeing something instantaneously after light stops entering our eyes. – So, initially I was thinking
this wouldn't be too hard to film I mean, a thirtieth of a second
or a sixtieth of a second, that's not terribly fast. But then if you think about it, 262 and 1/2 lines being drawn every sixtieth of a second, that is 15,750 lines drawn per second. That is fast, so if you want to be able to see the lines being drawn on, you need to shoot faster than 15,000 frames per second, a lot faster, really, to be able to see this clearly. and so I am using the Phantom v2512. That is the beast that is allowing me to produce these images. Now the actual resolution of these TVs turned out to be around 480 lines, so when you select 480p on YouTube,
that's why this is an option. And I guess it's worth pointing out that the "tube" in "YouTube" is this thing, a cathode-ray tube. So in the time before light-sensitive chips like we all use in our cameras today, how did you actually create the image to display on a television? Well, there were many vacuum tube designs. One of the most common was the image orthicon tube, sometimes called Emmy for short. In fact, that's where the name Emmys comes from. So the way it would work is you use the camera lens to focus an image onto the front of the image orthicon tube, and that was coated with a photoelectric substance, so it would release electrons in proportion to the light that hit them. Now those electrons were collimated by magnetic fields and sent straight back. So essentially you had an electron version of the image sent straight back to a target, which was a very, very thin glass plate. And of course where there's more electrons,
that creates a more negative spot on this target. From the back of the tube you'd send forward an electron beam to scan across the target. And so these electrons as they came in, the more negative a spot that was on the target, the more that beam would get reflected. And so that reflected beam was amplified in the tube, and then used as the signal to essentially determine how bright that part of the image should be. So this is how television images were created and displayed for decades. But here is the crazy thing: there was no way to record them. I mean the purpose of video
or the purpose of electronic images was really to transmit something
from one place to another. "Television" literally means "seeing at a distance." It's not about recording for replaying later as film was. – The thing that blew me away was realizing that video cameras existed for a couple decades before video tape. – That's right. That was the the era of live broadcasting – But this introduced some problems. For example in North America, in the US, a lot of the TV programs were produced out in New York, and there was a coaxial cable which went across the whole of the US, and that could deliver programming to, say, Los Angeles. But it was at the wrong time. I mean a news broadcast from New York at 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. couldn't just be broadcast live at 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. on the West Coast. It just didn't make any sense, So you needed to time-delay it. So how did they do it? Well the answer was to take a film camera, a cinema camera, and point it at a television screen, and actually film the television screen. Then you would quickly develop the film and bring it back three hours later to broadcast it live, to scan it in and broadcast
that film as though it were live. – But now when I bring it back to the TV studio and stick it into the telecine, [Laughs.] the picture doesn't look right. The lines aren't lining up right, and besides you're trying to sample
two sets of lines back together and they don't! – This became such a prevalent method of doing business for the TV networks that by 1954 the television networks,
to time-delay their programming, were using more film than all the film studios in Hollywood combined. This is absurd and expensive and wasteful, so a different method was really needed. And that came along in 1956 with the invention of the first workable video tape recorder. It was the size of a large desk and it cost a fortune. It ran on this two-inch magnetic tape with little video heads spinning at 14,000 RPM. We're talking as fast as a jet engine. That is the kind of technology it took before
video became what we kind of know it as today, a method of recording and storing images, rather than a way of just transmitting vision from one place to another. But we've come a long way since then, miniaturizing the tape stand into VHS and Beta, and eventually down to DV and mini DV,
and now we are on to solid state storage. And you know I've glossed over a lot of the history here, but now we're in a situation
where video is better than film. You can see that in 2012,
that was the inflection point between people using film to shoot the top-grossing movies,
changing over to people using digital. And what this has done for people like you and me, is it's made it possible to make really good images.
And the question I have is,
what does this do to a society? What might it do when people can share
every part of their lives with video? ♫ This part of this video was sponsored by B&H Photo, literally one of my favorite stores in the world. They have all the greatest and newest camera gear, plus pro audio and lighting and computers, basically anything you could need to make high-quality video. And every time I'm out in New York,
I go and visit the store. The last time I was there I asked them for a gimbal, because I've been seeing all these comments saying my videos were too shaky, and so they recommend that this one right here, and I've really loved it. It's so smooth.
I can hold it with one hand. It is pretty lightweight and it's just been great
and I think it's really improved the quality of my videos. And when I'm back here in LA,
I still shop with them online, because there is no shop like that in LA. In fact, this camera, the Sony a7R III,
I'd highly recommend it, I bought it for my wife for Christmas
the Christmas before last, and it was backordered, but you can actually sign up through their website to get notified when it's in stock, and I did that and managed to get it
in time for Christmas, so it's a really great shopping experience. The people are so knowledgeable, it's a mom-and-pop shop, it's got anything you could ever want. I highly recommend that you check out B&H Photo.
I'll put a link to them in the description. And thanks to B&H for sponsoring this video. ♫

The Centrifuge Brain Project | A Short Film by Till Nowak

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The “Centrifuge Brain Project” gives an insight on scientific experiments with amusement park rides.

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Director: Till Nowak
Producer: Till Nowak
Cast: Leslie Barany
Music: Siriusmo
Year: 2011

Wild Way of the Vikings Preview | NATURE | PBS

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"Conflict" 2012 Project Reason Video Contest Winner

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Created By Risenape. (Project Reason user name)
Submitted on 06.29.2012
Without determined principals we are destined to stagnate as a civilization. This piece soberly presents the two sides to many issues facing modern society for what they are in their simplest terms.

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Sam Harris is the founder of Project Reason

the eternal conflict of ideas and beliefs has scarred our past and threatens our future we are all players and we have to choose a side between the wish to seek knowledge and denying it or with solid icing it a sin between a morality of absolutes written in blood and stone and an evolving system in unison with civilization between standing equal with half the species or shackling their bodies to tradition and divine instruction between exploring where science might take us and impeding it because of where it might begin between understanding freedom from and abusing the freedom move between realizing we are brief passengers on this planet rather than the recipients of a god-given Dominion it's a fights that can never be won only forged with rationality and reason together to climb ever upward from our lowly origins or a maiden chain to learn to live with questions that may never be answered rather than answers that may never be questioned choose aside

The Flat Earth Revelation and the Lies of the Scientific Community (Full Documentary)

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Ranching The Endangered West | Modern Cowboy Documentary

Get an inside look at the life of the modern cowboy through a multi-generational ranch family and how increasing regulations are impacting their operations.

there are places where true Cowboys still work the land lands that have been in their families for generations this is one of those places today is branding day at the Berg ranch in Nevada's remote big Smoky Valley skittery horses need to be caught and saddled before the cows and their calves can be gathered Jim Berg has lived and ranched here in big Smoky Valley all his life every rancher looks forward to branding day each spring even though it has its challenges I guess you're ready okay don't fall off he's recruited bird family members and neighbors to help with the time you'll all go up there and we got to dig a fire pit and and then we'll put gotta put that panel up and also we got to bring your wood over okay you better get going then guys you're chattering well you get out of my way so I can get out well you got the whole damn ranch Jim's son Danny will follow his father's direction today go gather the cows but that isn't always the case my dad whatever he says goes but only on his operation I have 300 head of cows but my dad has no say whatsoever fact I won't let him because he'll screw them up but uh know everybody everybody is in charge of their own cows 100 percent these cows are poor they went through we got one of the worst droughts I've ever seen his powers of 10 my dad and Kenny ours are highly respected their opinion everything is highly respected and they are in a sense in charge but not in charge while most Berk still live in big Smoky Valley others like Ken's daughter Kendra have travelled nearly a thousand miles from Wyoming to be part of the Berg's spring branding ritual even today wood fire still heat the branding irons even today calves need to be roped good job clay efore Brandon is like signing your check its Long's you and if you run with other people when with other people you want to be able to identify your cow so we we brand but all the ions are really different than when we go to ship in the fall you know that your cap there's eight different diseases we vaccinate for the shot we give these tabs a lot of people are different I give what they call eight way it's eight different diseases Black Plague there's a main one and then there's other ones I'm not sure what the hell pay for the bird cattle spend most of their life out on the open range but today the calves will have a few rough minutes as they're branded vaccinated and the males castrated for one thing when they go into the feed yard their little platter dopes are flush they haven't got something else on their mind like the bull calves got something they write each other around what have you they got other things on their mind rather than good shot what time do you get up always an excuse you got to put that iron in the right place because an to get killed anybody who brings in one by one hind leg should owe a beer people just get a little carried away on the Whooper I've got to outdo this one or I'll do that woman I just want a brand new I just want to get my cab done – Matt – yeah oh he wrote on whoa I didn't know that that's a thick box it's more of a party than a brandy it's just kind of the branding is the excuse to get everybody together tie was roasting in a broken toe off finger despite the fact that he was told not to you can't not rope it's up god it's one of the funner things you'll ever do in your life the camera was off wasn't it actually I loved a rope you know and being with Ben with the rest of the crew there being a part of it particularly if they're not like cattle I don't have to worry about feeding them you know and i inhaie and that sort of thing forgive me Jim but you'll be 75 in August and he's just tough I think the plains not well about pain and he feels it I mean it Moten's hurt but he's tough I'm probably a little weaker than that but I expect to get tough when I grow up luckily the branding was finished before the soaking rain could put the fire something more whiskey every burg I know is bullheaded stubborn independent no reason what to do and yet we still all come together and I have no idea why we get along I seriously don't I mean we don't we don't make a point to get along I mean we don't make no point to get along it just just works out Jack Daniels honey is good eighty miles southeast of big Smoky Valley is the Fellini Ranch kin son ty with his wife Anna carry on the duties of her family's vast Ranch which has been in operation for over a hundred and forty years the ranch like many in the West has been challenged over the years by government regulation and landmark litigation and his family though has fought to maintain their way of life and ironically the freedom to continue producing food for the nation the rub out here with us is that my family in this ranch I mean this very spot predates the BLM by almost 60 years so it it's really difficult when when you're trained you know why especially for my grandfather running a business came in did all the right all the right things you know worked with the state and then all of a sudden here comes the Bureau of Land Management established in 1932 and now they're in charge now they're in charge of you one of many current issues is the overpopulation of horse herds which often dominate areas of the range reducing forage for wildlife and cattle the horse population on this place was over twenty-two hundred head and perspective that's that's we run an average of eighteen hundred between eighteen hundred and twenty-two hundred head of cattle well we they were doubled as far as utilization goes with the horses at one point we were either going to go out of business because there was no forage available for either the cattle or the horses or we were gonna spend our last time and we did fighting it you know and you don't get compensation back for that you lose no matter what you know you you may gain your allotment back but you're you've lost eight hundred thousand dollars the BLM by law is supposed to control the horses keep them at a certain number there's certain areas where they're supposed to be this many horses and for forty some years they've disregarded that so now the numbers are so high that they're destroying the land wherever them horses graze they graze there year round they stomp out the the springs are just stomped out because they're there in huge numbers there's no vegetation left they made my dad pull his cows out out of mores Creek because the horses had destroyed everything well why should my dad pull his cows out if they're not gonna pull the horses out that spring is owned by that rancher that's his private property yet the horses get to use it that doesn't sit well why don't you go buy a go buy a car and then I'll come use it and we'll call it good every day you get out of bed you're breaking some policy you're breaking some law and and I'm serious if you look at everything we do on a day to day basis every one of us is breaking some law or some policy that has been enacted by Washington and at what point is that gonna break America when does it become too costly to raise alfalfa when does it become too costly to raise a cow what if you don't have time what if you don't have the finances to do that and you're an easy target and and unfortunately so many of these ranchers have gone under because they don't have those resources available or you know to make the fight we get a lot of ranchers smaller ranchers and you'll hear him say you know don't don't rock the boat and my advice to them is if you don't if he who don't want to rock the boat then you're just gonna wait around till they flip that boat right over the states could manage it better than the feds it's pretty apparent and the reason they could is because the people have radar access to the politicians to the people in power in other words it brings the power to the people just a little more which is where the power needs to be they work for us they tend to forget that those cows take that grass and those forbs and they turn that into it a product that we can use it's a simple thing to me but for some reason it's been lost on the public all these metals that you drive by those metals weren't here naturally and in the early 1800s those were developed by people and individuals that put their sweat and labor into those fields and now the wildlife can use those and if you abandon those if you take those metals the metal that I have if I abandoned that thing in ten years it would be nothing but willows and sage my son is the fifth generation out here and we have more vested interest in maintaining this productively and efficiently than anybody else a lot of times they think that we're just using it it's just a financial gain there's it's not to us it's it's everything to us it's our lifestyle it's our livelihood it's where we go when we have days off every wants to know it would be nice to get a thank you for the cheeseburger rather than you know let's make this more difficult for you this state ball he's a wonderful horse he's just a little bit crazy and like his owner the closest neighbors can be hours away in big Smoky Valley today the birds are traveling to Dave hole grunts rawhide ranch to help gather and brant his wild longhorn cattle guaranteed to be an interesting day I'm a hundred miles from town so asking somebody to come out and help me as a kind of a big deal sometime my cattle eat nothing but this desert environment whatever plants grow here so then the meat is exceptionally good for you Dave's Longhorns are wild and unpredictable unlike most cattle they spend their entire lives on hundreds of thousands of acres of open range gathering them will require a lot of writers and a lot of luck it's a big wide-open range in and it's a matter of sometimes necessity to help each other out the first order find the scattered cattle the Cowboys were spread out to cover as much territory as possibly after nearly an hour they finally spot some of the cattle but these aren't your usual cows them cattle are out in the open they don't see people very often there they're more like you know they're similar to a wild animal I mean in in a sense they are as soon as they see it here riders coming they begin to scatter now the goal is to get the cattle turnt and to begin hurting them toward the ranch much of that's a bull it is huh I'll go send Bo to go get him I wouldn't you know what he did if you rope him he'd come right back after you he'd be wanting to put them horns on you there's a nice valley there go over that pass right down the valley we'll probably run into more cattle if we all think we got enough horse to Olli don't take long the way to horse down your your two cows on your three cabs went right up this you guys okay we're gonna start these cattle after them through it we're gonna go right over that pass just so you know what now that way as opposed to go down that way just so you know that bellows guys how many do you want in the front many as you can about twice as many as we got okay now we just keep them lined out and stay behind this that's all I think we underestimated the cows yesterday our a lot of us did Dave did Dave knows what his cows do but we didn't think they'd run that hard or that way that we're not when you generally if you get in front of the cows they shut down pretty easy they'll slow down and stop Dave's cows when they get in front of them they just keep running unless you're really on top of them but then there's a point where you realize hey I ain't stopping these cows I'm they're gonna run no matter what so you might as well save your horse and actually save the cow too cuz the more you try to stop her the harder she's gonna run and it's then it's bad for the cow to you know end up killing the cow killing your horse and defeating the whole purpose most of the horses are used to that kind of terrain and some of the riders were not exactly just at that eventually the riders start to come together each with a few cattle not as many as they'd hoped some got away we did not get the number of cattle that the boss figured we we should get however I think it was kind of a blessing in disguise had we got a huge number we wouldn't have been able to cross that highway because most hidden met across that time they've never crossed the highway before having just crossed a first highway the herd has to be pressed hard to enter the first Corral many have ever seen even after a long journey and being corralled bulls who will be bulls having gone all day without water the horses need a drink as do most of the crew everybody had a good time nobody got hurt all the horses there good ain't lame got some good stuff to brand got a bull tied down up here he was off alone took off running so Brian bill roped him and tied him down now we can go in there and let him up and load him in the trailer and bring him down where's that road I could go get that bull for you you see where disappears he almost beat or disappears after nearly an hour's drive pulling that trailer over but barely passes as a road Travis and Brian finally reached the bull might not be all the pool man I need the sharpen my hey now free the situation could turn dangerous a bull will often charge horse and rider your free boy but this bull looks too worn out to do what he'd like to do we'll get two ropes on his head when we get him by the trailer okay ha you missed I'll start going with him then you just bring him up then wait for me I'll help you pull okay you ready okay let's go you got the Gator you got me to get the gate I'll get it while the tired bull is now in the trailer they need to move him to the front to make room for the horses but the bull isn't cooperating Shh when they're fresh that get you every time it's a dangerous job and a lot of them are more wild than this one I've seen people get gored I've had got my horse gored a few times everybody gets it I mean you mess with these kind of cows you get it but sooner or later the time runs out yeah that's the life play sometimes you pay the cattle business is going bye-bye there's a Bergesen probably one of the last big families that are running the cattle I mean outside the government's got everybody cut down so tight when you see this country it's full of feed while Travis and Brian were retrieving that last bull branding had begun at the ranch branding full-grown Longhorns is much different than branding calves it's incredibly dangerous young and agile Isabel is playing an important role today heating and delivering the hot irons this time she isn't taking any chances she climbed the fence before they let up that huge and angry animal it's a good thing the bull is determined to get somebody and now dave is his target this dangerous scenario repeats itself throughout the day as they continue to brand the wild and unpredictable cattle he's looking for someone to blame yeah nice big angry one for a big angry votes stick old give me the three bow I'm light on my feet and I ain't related to Gordon Lightfoot either right there that spotted bull-calf white and red I think he's laugh don't make me get my room and if you're wondering if she goes by a decade I am so brilliant I can tell which decade it is as a branding concludes the pool captured by Travis and Brian that out of the trailer to join the herd but this day isn't over for the birds they still have to load the horses and make the two-hour trip home so I just came through day visit my parents and stay for a couple of months and he was living in Tonopah at the time and I ran into this tall lean cowboy and thought whoa that's it I gathered all my pennies and went to the Mizpah cuz they couldn't afford to really gamble but I wanted to be there in case he came in so I was playing a penny slot machine and he made his move and that was the end of that I drove through Tonopah twas the middle of winter and I thought oh my god what have I done to myself because I quit my job and everything just took off and it was a total culture shock and now I go to Reno for a couple of days I'm ready to come home there's too much we have no stoplights and there's Walmart 275 miles away that is kind of a pleasure itself I have made it relatively fast to Fallon and back probably little patches that I should but I never ever am a danger to other people the way I feel about it the quicker I get where I'm going I get off the highway it's a lot safer for people get me off the highway that's cowboy logic we just aren't ones to just sit we don't like to just sit so we find things to do so we are not only life partners we are golf partners horseshoe partners pool partners we're always going and doing something and it's just great fun as good as this one's gonna be nice shot good shot oh yeah oh yeah what a wonderful good don't miss shorty an anonymous big Smoky Valley resident brews batches of a powerful local moonshine the Berg's occasionally feel compelled to test it well let's have a little nip well it's gonna be a small one yeah well you go first is it getting better true well don't breathe through your nose right no breathe through your nose I don't mind a little don't breathe through your nose just light a Mac no we're gonna have we're gonna have we're gonna have to stop we have to chase it with some whiskey rush rode with me a lot of year and he said there is no high that I get no high any higher than hitting a bunch of wild cows he said I don't care what you smoke what you take women you get shaken so goddamn bad like I said there's no high and I used to get a high unbeliev all right when I was younger I've done of course I don't get that high much anymore well you're thickened I'm gonna hurt myself I'll be laid up for a while good when you were younger you didn't think about that yes probably my age I'm slower if I catch something that's big and hoon you might wait for some terrible bitch I don't want to get off it think your horses are getting old – anyway I gotta have a look I mean I was it does Kenny ended up with a broken leg right here in the field and they said I hurt my leg okay so so what he said he couldn't stand up so I I took my knife and I cut his pants leg up and go the minute I cut them pants I knew there was a broken leg because it was kind of kind of hanging off that swelling – damn been plenty cut your boots yeah right down that frigging good fur boots I might well it probably were but laughter I got through them they weren't very good so the way I see it you can owe me a new pair we've had more fun in the last 40 years probably I wouldn't change my life for absolutely nothing or nobody's as far as money that's kind of a yeah I want to have one more I get the small one I swear to god you're tougher than I am you're tougher you're tougher and woodpecker lips Ken and Jim's mother the family matriarch now in her 90s also lives on Jim's ranch they still rely on her wisdom for many things including her unique ability to predict the weather so why is it gonna rain or what the winds gonna blow yeah well there's brother Jim what do you know about that [Laughter] well at least I got my head got air but at least I got there he says wind and wind and wind well you lived here long enough that's all we've ever had if wind and wind and wind that's right that's why your hair is always messed up I'm not sure that the the world is concerned about the policies we have to deal with on a day to day basis but the West right now is being attacked by Washington they're controlled by environmentalist and they control the BLM who put that regulation on us and puts us out of business so I'd say there regulations that shut us down regulations that they they shouldn't be able to enforce which they keep well they can't enforce if the people would stand up actually were were environmentalists and we're conservationists simply because these guys have to be that they have to be that themselves in order to keep their cattle going you know in order to produce a product we're not going to damage anything that it was like damaging your livelihood why would you do that we've had decades of harassment out here and it's it seems to be coming to a head with everything happening within the state right now which i think is necessary we just want to be left alone to do this and and produce the product you know food for the burbs the valley is magical if you get outside the valley no no you're not comfortable come back to the valley and you're just comfortable home sweet home although the guys of state pretty much and I don't know why I just everybody stays by choice flower anyway the leaves that seems to draw him back you just have to come back I didn't really grow up with a close family and Kenny's family just took me in and the tradition I was so happy to have that for my children I'm darn proud that the younger members of our family are carrying on our legacy of ranching I was reminded of our long history in this valley when I was at the cemetery the other day this is Wilberg this is my grandfather William Berg Oh Lord this is will Berg's sister Katie and my brothers and I Roger and Jim we hand dug this grave yeah we got a bottle of whiskey and believe me the the diggin was you know what started out really hard and tough but the more whiskey we drank it seemed to get progressively easier yeah my father died at a very young age you know very very young I was seven or eight or so I don't really remember him all that well of course my older brother Jim would remember him better and he you know we worked with him on the ranch a lot you know when was there when he when he died he had a heart attack and but I think he was around forty year there abouts so yeah good luck labor not yet born someday stand right here looking at master and reminisce will this next generation of Berg's still enjoy the freedoms I've known our way of life is fading across the West if ranching has continued the average American needs to know who we are and hear the stories we have to tell you

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ECLIPSE OF REASON – Live Abortion Documentary / Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Video

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26th July in the History of Pakistan | PTI Won and Grasshoppers in USA

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DIEGO MARADONA Trailer – Release BE: 31.07.2019

After SENNA and AMY, the new film by Asif Kapadia
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no es para mí 2 se va la vida si va todo digo nació en un lugar muy difícil la parte más pobre de la ciudad capital [Música] pero este más todavía este de admisión o asiento [Aplausos] no la parte maradona de la falta día con diego hoy día hasta el fin del mundo [Música] pero con maradona no daría un paso fue una calidad ciencia presidente yo quiero ser simplemente manada [Música] todo es el juego del engaño podría ser nada contra la cama [Música] más y más era maradona [Música] en el access información de la encía en un choque todo de la verdura [Música] con todos [Música]

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In Hiding A Bigfoot Story (Bigfoot Movie 2019)

In Hiding A Bigfoot Story tells the story of a Bigfoot type creature reported in the Ocala National Forest that has been getting local 911 calls. Three friends decide to check out the sightings and reports for themselves. After talking with many of the locals they decide to set out on a journey into the unknown. Armed with only a camera they head deep into the forest.

Cast: Charlie Cogburn, Mark Vermont, Ian Cranston, iCizzle, Lori Simmons, Edna James, and more.

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oh hi how are you doing my name is Isis ole and I put together this documentary for you and I just wanted to warn you be prepared to be shocked terrified scared screaming wait what was I gonna say anyways I'm just kidding with you what I was gonna say is that I'm about to board a flight to go see my friend Charlie and we're gonna go uh make a Bigfoot documentary we're gonna call it in Heidi a Bigfoot story hey there miss Laurey hi and how are you we are awesome listen you know we know you honored your dad with your book and and then you actually sent me that book and thank you I love it and you know it's really got me it's got me soand you know I mean right right oh you missed [Applause] and how he responds to other people in the area Ocala National Forest you know that year and it was coming up I'm gonna talk to him you see it though I've seen all these Bigfoot sightings at all you know he even believe in that kind of stuff but I think it'd be funny if it's a good time by getting him the mark together would you mind if we went and stayed a couple days in the woods I think it'd just be fun you know I'm go talk with people and see what they think about Bigfoot and all of that there's I mean wow this is crazy it's right right out here in Ocala sightings are everywhere you're the pony tell me give me a phone I wanna fly to where he's it says he's in Washington they put capital but I didn't be good to get us all together [Applause] my name's Vanessa about 77 years old and I found your number on the bathroom wall it says so even for a good time so I'm calling you honey hey listen man I know you talked about coming in I got an idea let's uh let's all get together and and I'm looking at all these Bigfoot sightings that everything is you know I had that when I was young I've seen and always yeah I know y'all gonna say it's a Wichita bear but it wasn't a bear but we can say it with the bear and give you that I don't know you know it is what it is I may be fun man let's get more you know Marco free dance let's all just get together have a good time just a beer okay it's around fire whoo camping and like fun big for this – ok so talk to your mark you know mark mark big one says I'm a bit to get away for a little bit it'll be a oh honey is it okay if I go this type in the Ocala National Forest Bigfoot sightings and it's like [Applause] yeah yeah yeah let me know I'll pick me up from Orlando that's what closes airport to me bye buddy oh right I'm getting ready to film this Bigfoot movie I got all my equipment ready yeah I'm excited now I'm gonna be taking off taking off tomorrow in the evening just check this equipment looks pretty good weathers supposed to be nice somewhere in somewhere in the eighties so you know I'm gonna pack light take this bag with me and I you know it's cool I got I got some big Elvis in here you know for Charlie I haven't seen Charlie and she that has been at least five years since I've seen him I talked to him on the phone a few times you know see how things are going so yeah then I got this nice I got this cool light here Oh kind of bright but you you see the light it's pretty nice all right well I'm on my way to Florida in hand and I'm about to get on the plane here shortly looking forward to it's gonna be a fun trip I don't know go see we can do some Bigfoot hunting it should be a good time man I'm just waiting for my flight and look who I ran into touchdown Miami now we go to Orlando we know that you have a choice of traveling by air we thought you were choosing American Airlines have a good day from our professional sports high-tech university medical in cheese to our vibrant our community there is something for everyone enjoy your visit to get past these curves will be no houses demand is there any can't fit all these years still looks the same it wasn't like a monkey or same thing I saw a man is pure evil looking and I'll never forget it man I you know we're playing baseball out there and I forget who it was in Shane or who I think was Shane to hit the ball I chased it down and got into the woods and there was an analyst I don't never I was like five I guess five or six that is that I forgot it I forgot what it looked like nothing it just scared the hell out of me and it seemed a bit bill he he won't even come back to the woods no more and and then up here there's a bridge up here and I just got the side it'll did just a few nights ago we decided we'd go out here can't do this I figured in a kind of go back to the kid thing we tell stories each other and all that best we have scared the hell out of mark again we always scared in any way but yeah there was a guy that actually reported there's a bridge somewhere up in here and the guy reported go start to go over the bridge and seen it on the left-hand side of the room there's been a lot of sightings and not just the guy the other night but several people it love to kind of narrow kill some chickens and that it's kind of I mean you get an eerie feeling just looking you know it's kind of scary just to think that something like that could be out here but yeah it's all slumping down in there I here's a lot a lot of big deer back in here too come on guys dogs gone and they they found a carcass to hit but he said it was cut open they say it was a bear that did it because it was so mutilated but cuz as these guys y'all ready Bigfoot stories out here not out this way huh now they think we're crazy that is big that's when we need mark back there town they call Eureka Florida it's really zip code it is Fort McCoy Yurika boy what is known as the town and in out here Hawk Valley which will have to go up all Valley from shore that's what camp out there that's the nice words now if I remember where we're at it's right up here right is it right or is it I think it's left that's right that's right all right I'll get right and it sounds bright no good God anyway isn't that right kid yeah that's it Wow that's how facility crazy it still look the same way painted red white and blue the whole nine yards well they're doing a lot more to it you got some new stuff out here wow man does that not bring back some memories [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] you want my job yeah no dude this is great yeah it's fun actually no a book study and we're here and handles teddy so I went to Twitter I brought like a nobody thinks I can't see it when I saw the flame see like 10 that's all that's kind of weird I'm catching up with somebody then realizing stops then I realize the new taillights right so went by and it was standing there bartending upload scare them return to Southwest around just the only one I've ever seen three years we lived with him in Oakland County really [Applause] once he gives it all oh I just want to get the word out and I don't believe what most people think this house about to eat and their vision we put butter our dogs or pets we're gonna kill those it was said little accessories to ask him not to I said what kind of idiot dumbest thing I've ever heard ask him not to we got home and we want to be a journalist and said please don't I'm a pet lover fetch a dog check that it's three years he bought one little kit and we have a presidential run – box affairs one kid never probably long you never played the fingers at all [Applause] place and pulling meet this guy here we're doing all this yeah that's cool is that goes hand in hand you know was he say I was like three books yeah well you just wrote a third one he said but just to meet these people around here that's actually seen this thing it gives me more I don't know more of a drive right throughout our camp and maybe if anything we can get some sounds or something yeah that'd be awesome so let's see you were saying where we're going there's been Bigfoot sightings yeah yeah all the locals say they see Bigfoot up up this route like all the time and we're going to find it today it says might be one of the seven hundred sightings that has been reported out here I don't think he's been recorded it's just a local legend I guess you'd say okay this is a Bigfoot leaflets here it seems pretty peaceful back here yeah I mean not where I would imagine Bigfoot being but everybody talked about a Bigfoot back here yeah I would think it would be more like you know the not as many people or woody door yeah more wooded and uh I mean I guess it's kind of mossy out here wait what's that what's that holy shit holy what the there's Bigfoot that there's a Bigfoot wait let me let me focus in we found our first Bigfoot all right so what is this bridge – this is actually the cutoff it splits the boy area to the Hulk Valley in f2 Ocala National Forest we go across this bridge we're actually in the Ocala National Forest you know how large the forest is I think three hundred eighty seven thousand acres I mean look when I decide is just crazy as far as you can see all forest huh all forest okay what are we doing here in looking south thrill and that's where they people reported seeing one this is blown out right now there we go okay that's the only places I I mean I've looks like maybe a trail through here here there or maybe over there I don't know man it just uh just said that there's a little trail that it's been reported by a couple boaters coming through the river in the same area good place to take a bath yeah [Applause] a Bigfoot's recliner right there yeah we move on Carly's back – yup Mike when I was here on this and it was my bait shop how old sign it's about to fall in but it's still there this is where I started hearing all the Bigfoot stories all the locals you know Fisher hunters and this whole area is full of them pretty cool enough gasps listen oh shit yeah I see a light maybe maybe there's something there we hope there is that's all we need meat walking at night like this I see a lot of traffic it was like tailors yeah I don't know why I just didn't spend day with us course he's a Yankee stuff walk to it I'm glad we found this gas station I guess is a good thing we didn't bring any gas cam oh my god man you know that's still like a 15 mile on 16 mile drive out to them wood so yeah I'm glad you've seen it when you did cuz I was not paying any kind of attention just like hey don't don't film yet I'm getting yeah that's we're doing right now kind of like very witty hey you move out there to hold rally what do you want you hear about Bigfoot sightings out there really how about y'all y'all really yeah well hope we y'all seen Bigfoot out there and give me a story I got a news reporter here yeah he's got the camera right now see all shit all right I'm gonna let you go I got y'all blocked in yeah hey listen minions talking and we will go out to the woods tomorrow and maybe can't found do some Bigfoot shit you you want to go in you know what you want we just go have fun just some guys hanging out you know get away from the wives and all of that what I know you don't want to get away from your wife you'll her to go to alright what sounds good man listen we're riding out a ninth we'll pick you up we'll go out there tomorrow and let's make it fun with wood like interviewing people to make just make it a good time oh yeah jeepers ain't shit out here where we got gas we haven't seen I would seen a car in a minute not knowing can you imagine this being out here breaking down or you're screwed I'm in it's like pitch-black on her you ever see that movie The Blair Witch Project yes yeah I you know he was alright he did it really was it was alright I'm not into the whole thing and scary stuff I don't like that kind of stuff yeah I'm not really into witches yeah that stuff doesn't really I think the last scary movie I watched was the damn love Legend of Boggy Creek oh yeah again about Bigfoot so being after that encounter I kind of makes my hair stand up you know yeah I try to pass it off with everybody else yep it was just a bear but there was no bear I've ever seen before is man trying to try to find a spot to go just a you know to have fun man what's big good for the bonfire it's it around till some Bigfoot stories under each carry oh I said you know it's the big we're not gonna worry about me cuz I'm not hiding my face we get there because I a bunch of my Bigfoot [Applause] damn why d'amour got to move way back here yeah where would he come from Vermont yeah think so big was Vermont back here in the middle of damn woods I so you ready oh yeah hey Yankee we got a damn rebel flag and he's from Vermont come on hey Gary yeah charge the camera in the mario you walking downtown tomorrow we can go down in the world shut the fuck up that's all of them can't please morrow you don't all right lady to do an interview about a fixer citing she did or if you like there's a lot of sightings in that area tradition uh Pegram and there's a there's a few of them here on those I guess there's an island out here there's a few sightings on the island I don't know where the island is over here right there's the iodine all right all right oh it's right there yeah there's a few sightings on this island that's back there right there there's a higher power why can't there be so they put you know and that's what I don't understand people they'll find different things and policeman and but yeah they're clip you judge everybody over believe in a Bigfoot or believing in this or believe it in UFOs and all those people are crazy well why are we crazy if you believe in what you like in that's okay too you know well he pulled over a lion with its bricks you know but uh I think about your work bricks but yeah man you know this I just thought it would be cool all of us get together go out here do this it'd be fun time away from no ladies and then I got where I don't drink fired up fireball wasn't when the Bigfoot story occurred either by the way just yeah tell us about it it was 1991 the water you know they drained the dam and the water will get right this was a year they did not do that the water was really high and if you go with the Aqua ha there's some little offshoot creeks you can paddle up some of you have to get out of john boat and like push it over so far so doing that for about two hours up a creek beautiful no trash no worm cups no nothing no people ever been there probably right right so we stopped and I had soaked up and I was gonna get some water because it come out of the ground like a spring it was so beautiful right white sand all around it and I leaned up to get some water in that cup and I glanced up ahead of me in the stream and there was a about a five foot tall what I took to be a juvenile female hairy creature now there are monkeys out there in the midst and about life I've had to hit them with the paddle before those neurons it like a Silver Spring yes yeah they get in your boat right right not was not a monkey clearly not right when I saw her I guess I in took my breath and she turned and looked at me and she had big kind of oversized brown eyes but very friendly and very just at one with her place in nature she was beautiful and I turned my head to see if my husband was looking and he had walked around the corner and by the time I turned back around she made this odd little stand up and hoot thing and she went about five feet tall proportionate arms and legs not an oversized head nor feet just furry and the sun was shining on her and she was clean and silky looking she's beautiful and your first instinct is to go look where she came from right but I decided not to do that since apparently there weren't a lot of people there and I didn't want to bring any people there was her house right and I fully believed that there was an adult one out of my line of sight that smelled me or heard me and was warning her to come back right so that was how that went I've only told the story to two or three people because I am NOT certified crazy maybe slightly but not there was no alcohol or drugs involved in this encounter and I have looked for the creek many constants and never been able to find it yeah but this was a different country then right and there were no people and there was no garbage there was no pollution and there was no gas fumes for them to smell or fireworks going off three or four times a year it was there right and people all just came and where are they gonna go that's it really where are they gonna go yeah from here I used to be all the way to to Citra nothing Wow woods you're not that way no more no and when I was when I grew up here there was no people and I don't like Pegram Lake miles kale on either side of the road boy Wow Ocala lumber sales owned almost everything and all the boys around here poached deer and got in trouble regularly but that's how it was different some people didn't come back from those nine hunting trips and stuff right so yeah it was different and I seen that some people date they got the reports of it was evil it was pure evil than others say hey it was it was a beautiful experience and so but maybe maybe they're like human to wear maybe it's more Mean Green ya know maybe they can sense somebody's gonna hurt them or not – well I hope you might be able to find some sign of one if you go far enough take a while yeah gonna be cool be cool we're scared no not really no no they just wanted him that wasn't scared of the juvenile way right now bossy baby ten foot tall walk out I might run so much or uh yeah roll up in a little ball at like it's baby take care of me something duck and cover yeah yeah I think a little when I'll be okay with seeing but I don't know about a big one but yeah right here alone there was like 300 something sightings right it right there on on the backside of horseshoe so and we looked all that up like I don't like this right alright noisy people all the time yep can't even eat none of them right this thing that I saw didn't have pointed canines it didn't have fangs yeah what an ass tonight my uncle has seen it he just said it looked in hominoid I believe it's a word right it's the kind of teeth and jaw we have right yup he said it didn't look like a man it didn't look like a monkey no it was not a monkey not a monkeys do have fangs right I got a friend as Miss up in Washington her dad was gone I'm trying to remember I can't remember his last name but he was one of the originals in the whole Bigfoot night and her name is laurie simmons and she just did a book and she she's described something that nobody else has she says why they're not finding these things charlie is because they live underground you know and I'm stories you know to maybe there's that would explain older from living you know the whole nine yards but um she has a video it's on YouTube on her YouTube channel that she's at this tree and she's knocking on this tree and the ground below her you actually see the ground move and it can hear grunting I I was a maid when I seen it I was like you got to be kidding me when I run across this house yeah you know and but she talks to him like they're little babies you know and and you can hear it clear in the video and she's got people with her that are freaking out roll back to the car you know but uh yeah unbelievable so and that's her theory she says you know I think they really do add to this because of what she's found she thinks they live underground and I said well you know what that would be a good reason why nobody's fine you know they're not above where everybody's looking only inordinately yep good yeah yeah we've been having fun what's this is the opening to three hundred eighty-seven thousand acres and in two years over seven hundred Bigfoot sightings right here where we're at you want to make camp here tonight if we can get car back here we try I just got to be a little trail or something cuz I hear the hard road over there here's a little probing come in on that'll work so it's dry now here's our threshold this is our threshold of going into the unknown kind of cool there's raccoon tracks but a lot of shoe tracks that are going this way but none coming back in is there uh what's out here I mean what uh like is there like raccoons out here out here there's raccoons snakes cow what they call cats which is like Panthers stuff like that yeah bears lots of bears right yeah this is a whole area is overpopulated with bears and I think the state just started a hunting thing out here for bears from what I was reading up on I haven't been up this way in a long time so but uh yeah he's been come out here in camp and kind of makes my hair stand up because this is where I had my encounter and it scared the hell out of me and it was it was actually probably a good mile and a half back of course everybody says it was a bear but it wasn't no bear man I know what a bear is and it was looks like a raccoon it was digging down in the ground what I thought was not a bear this first I've been back here since then it just now you know the one lady we talked to said that she had the feeling that it was a warmth and that's not what I felt I felt it scared me oh of course I was a little kid you know and it was big it was I don't know it probably ate her ten foot tall but what I seemed that wasn't I didn't get that feeling that it was okay I got the feeling I need to get the hell away or it's gonna hurt me well you know what I know what I saw I know it wasn't a bear and to have all these sightings in this general area within two years and there's more than that it goes way back you know but just in two years over several hundred sightings there's more to it than just nothing going on people are making up nobody's making up all that shit hey-oh funny yeah funny funny Charlie funny that in the coffee this morning I appreciate that oh man I don't know it's one of them one cup wonder thing you know I can't stand yeah I put a spoon or two coffee in and it never comes out correctly oh yeah I'm wired sound like a Lynyrd Skynyrd song you went down to the non-believer what is that song a tree that's red paint okay that's that back to the Bigfoot on her period [Applause] oh yeah yeah I told you not it wrong with him cuz I know they're they're harmless no they'll bite you but yep cool don't keep rattlesnakes away yeah again mori-san okay what a thank you what are these houses out here are these just just for is this a what is it what are they show it wait out in the back duck and when that happened these things they say were rented all the way up until like a week ago non-stop yeah you know and I mean weeks at a time we're normally they only have now which way do we go well that way looks like is a long way out nothing let's go around his fervor beer orange brains what is this highway 315 yes I said which brings or something up gracias on I see the reflection of it in a tree gas station always a good age that's a restaurant Ivies country cap and that's a restaurant sweetie my knees country can fit you guys got the best sweet tea down there I don't drink tea or any sweet rosy tea of none like that their knees when I don't know that we got a movie about partly interest there's so many sightings right here you know and then this one right here similar go GoPro oh wow but this one actually has a screen on the back and this one takes like a micro SD these things are so easy holy cow yeah you want to go or you want it I'm sorry the lab the other one the other one you wanted to go you know what that'd be a good place 10:00 to 10:00 we can't have a fire over there could you tell he might get fuzzy to be my my what I don't live that long a mustache moustaches because right here foot country in Florida right yeah I man that was a have some interesting Bigfoot stories today I'll tell you that much yep I thought you will get back here yeah we shouldn't be back here on this but not just late at night remember when we walked through this morning this is that real real uh sandy spot so I don't know I'm hoping to God look at that didn't incline oh shit yeah shall we Pete driving back here probably not but I told you we'll get back I'll get the car back here so hang on guys everybody oh shit shit are you just messing with me again messing with us no we're dug down let me set this down real quick just messing with us no we're stuck come on you can't be stuck look at this a nano leak it should we get some like you know I mean like 2×4 is there anything in the truck now wait we'll get out of it go tomorrow let's do this I mean ain't nobody gonna come back here because we got the car back here let's uh let's let's just grab everything let's set up camp we'll set up go ahead and go back right over there mark shining light over there yeah I mean that's close enough it's move it open there let's go there Martin we'll grab that can't hear listen let's go back and we'll get up on the hill what the hell is that oh my god yeah yeah please the hell was that it stinks – do you hear that something back there I'm sure it's just a maybe it's a rabbit or something all right let's go back over here and I don't think you should be doing that did you uh you kind of kind of pee in your pants love it there flat ground all right here wait here and I'll go back and get the other chairs and uh okay if y'all want to build a fire or something yeah there I'll help build a fire I got to go back and get the can of paint so we can start it yeah let's do it here so now we need to pick it up and move it where's the door over here can't move it why because it's pinned to the ground well that's on pin it hey you gotta reset it well we'll have to reset mark the fucking doors over here our fires over there buddy hi I'm pin it and move it you sit there and take a break don't take your break being on pin that side yep all we got to do is yeah break it take a break man yeah I didn't work I hope this light so we won't have fire tonight come on you little shit fucking shit cheap-ass shit I tell her don't buy me no damn dollar thing yeah we don't need a camp bone up on me well I don't feel bad since we're not as far out as what I was when I seen that thing that barrier we'll call it the Big Bear you know I was pissed me off and everybody made me feel like a fucking jerk because I know what I seen I was a little kid but I know the difference between the fucking bear right you know and that was not no bear what I saw look at look at Dave talking today yeah and Edna yeah about their signings they know the difference from a bear but yet you know what I mean I think I think it's that fear thing people take it and pass judgment off on something else so they don't have to be scared and I'm telling you what what I seem scared to living shit out of me it wasn't this natural beauty that was described it was fucking freaky yeah and I was little of course you know something like that you see it would scare you being little so it may have been innocent nights and right whatever crush your little so people don't actually shit yeah I know I thought camping without it I'm just glad you guys are here with me we're all having a good time it's been fun I mean yeah I learned I learned a lot more about Bigfoot I was a subject man I'm yeah we're a little bit too far out here to scare our fucking self and three grown men sleeping in the same fucking enemy Wayne spooning yeah you legs a little bit too hairy for me there buddy well you know I need you sewn and then and there are some out there and I you know hey in all respect that's what they choose I hope they're happy with it and that's that's their own priority that's just ain't my lifestyle you know we all deserve to live happy and no matter if it's that way or not and I like a lesbian I am too I will be I'm the biggest never been ever father Groppi making money with that thing Bobby rich I ain't no footsteps out this floor but ours I think we got on that Bigfoot shit and nobody's getting scared mine's probably going that direction you hear that yeah anyway it's only so uh do some racing I'm gonna get some pussy when I get back I'm about y'all almost like it was a rock or something he threw at it just some rocks ain't it mark just a rock okay there's something in that what man my battery my battery's about to go dead with me you changed my my camera battery okay is that really okay yeah where's that raccoon that's gay okay kitty-kitty nowhere kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty candy are you guys doing out here well they look like wild cats don't have any callers on yeah well you know all this land I'm sure people look at the fucking cats what a cat's doing out here there ain't houses nothing for fuckin miles and it's cats – cats right here so maybe somebody dropped him off he's eaten by you tonight I'm sleeping in the car tonight yeah you walk him back by yourself I'm gonna go right in that motherfucker right there well we got to find the car I kind of know we remember where it is I mean once me three main kinda you should remember a chair damn call man I was just driving hey Bob was just fucking driving Oh head we're going get out it yes scene I seen The Blair Witch where they lost their car what's the start a ticket is the start of the end of the movie I'll tell you what though I wasn't crazy shit yeah I mean they they was kind of like what we've been doing right I mean honestly they were kind of like us and then just go out and did what they fucking did man to make billions I wish we could do that shit Yeah right table wouldn't it wouldn't help me none I'd give it all to fucking people I would I'd I just help everybody just try make a difference I'm sick of this fucking world man everybody so focus on what you have is who you are and yeah everybody's from solves yep sucks fuckin sickie all the Trump shit the Obamas shit man ain't no change in that white house it's changing us we've got to go out there and create our own difference and be that man in the mirror that's it man Michael had it right dude no no where you going you got this there's some fucking cats back there it's the cat smart need to leave that pussy alone oh I don't think there's anything out there we're gonna be using leaves Charlie that's probably nothing nevermind I mean all these like coyotes and no I just thought I saw some eyes or moving back there alright nothing you know yeah we'll get it out and head on back alright I guess I'll just shut down it's been a good one yeah I'm gonna set the camera down fella with them yeah that night actually open but yeah well I don't know how much more I've got of it I can't recharge it so yeah alright we're good hey you know I heard something Charlie yeah Charlie get up man there's something out there I heard footsteps [Applause] the hell'd you give us indeed down here ah get out of here bear oh my god holy shit it's coming back this way it's just walking around back and forth let it walk around back and forth just let it leave we move you become able to go away this is prey it's going back by them trees film it let's get to some fucking film I know who don't shine a light that's a million dollar fucking show daddy did he just go in holy I think it's go away oh my god [Applause]

Ramen Heads (Japan 2017, Documentary) Trailer with English Subtitles

Am Samstag, 29. September 2018 um 14 Uhr im Alternativkino in Zürich. Tickets:

Osamu Tomita ist einer der besten Ramen-Köche Japans. Für seine
Nudelsuppen steht man stundenlang an. Die Doku «Ramen Heads» ist ein Blick hinter die Kulissen und zugleich ein Porträt über die vielfältige Ramen-Welt.

How fan films shaped The Lego Movie

The 2014 film was an animation feat — but it was built on the legacy of homemade fan movies.

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When you watch installments of the Warner Bros. line of Lego movies, it’s hard not to be struck by how realistic the animation is. It isn’t quite traditional stop motion — but it sure looks as if it could be. That’s largely thanks to the work of the animators at Animal Logic, a Sydney-based visual effects studio that has worked on The Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie, and the upcoming The Lego Ninjago Movie. Powered by live action filming techniques and a close attention to detail, the studio has helped reinvent what Lego animations can look like. But they owe a lot of that aesthetic to the influence of fan films. Since the early 1970s, enthusiasts have made home movies with their own Lego sets. They’re called Brickfilms — and they’ve grown into a sizable community producing great movies and helping many young animators get their start. The Lego Movie animators learned from what made those home movies so good by embracing the limitations of the medium, and creating a world that anyone could could rebuild at home.

Check out some of the Brickfilms we showed in this video:

The Magic Portal:
Journey to the Moon:
Matrix 2003:
Monty Python and the Holy Grail in Lego:
Tapporalli 2020:
Predator Montage:
ONE: A Space Odyssey:
Krieg der Steine:
Batman Begins Montage:
Star Wars Brickfilm:

For a great explainer on how to make your own Brickfilm at home, check out this video: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app.

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This is a 20-minute VHS tape about a LEGO
character called Jack Stone. When it came out in 2001, it was the first
real computer-animated Lego movie. … but it hasn’t aged that well. "Incredible!" "Fantastic." Thirteen years later, The Lego Movie looked
like this: Let’s watch that again. This is 2001. "There you have it." And this is 2014. "Yes, that's me." That is a huge difference. Here’s how they made it happen. “My name is Grant Freckelton, I’m a production
designer at Animal Logic.” He’s overseen the animation style of movies
like Legend of the Guardians, 300, and more recently, The Lego Movie, with co-directors
Chris Miller and Phil Lord. “Chris and Phil were determined to sort
of make sure the audience was confused about what they were seeing. You know is it actually stop motion, or is
it CG film?” And that became a big debate. Before the movie came out, there was a lot
of conversation about whether the movie was stop motion or computer animation. "It is, I would say 99% CG animation, but
it respects the rules of stop motion animation, and is designed to emulate that style.” To understand what made that style so unique,
you have to look back at what Lego movies used to look like. Early productions for themes like Bionicle,
Star Wars, and Batman helped establish the whimsical feel of Lego movies — but the
animation didn’t fit the physics of the toy itself. “There was this tendency to sort of treat
the plastic like it was flexible rubber, which meant that the characters could flex and move
a lot more than they might be able to in real life.” That style is typical of more traditional
computer animation, like what you’d expect to see in a Pixar movie. Take a shot like this, for example. The background isn’t made of actual blocks,
plastic limbs are bending in ways they couldn’t, and the faces are a bizarre blend of skin-like
texture and Lego geometry. It doesn’t look like a scene you could make
at home with your own Legos. Compare that to scenes from The Lego Movie,
where everything — gunshots, smoke, water, fire, explosions, clouds, even mud on the camera
lens — are all made up of Lego pieces as they look in real life. “We respected the hardness of the plastic
by not necessarily bending on the elbow, which you can’t do on a real Lego minifig.” That means that any movement you see onscreen
simulates the adjustment or replacement of an individual Lego piece. A joint or facial expression will never actually
bend or stretch — it’ll either move slightly or be replaced by another piece. Early Lego movies lacked that level of discipline. They struggled because they fought back against the limitations of the medium instead of embracing them. But the creators of the Lego Movie saw things
differently. “Characters that have limitations force you
to find solutions and charming ways of doing things in different ways. I mean, look at R2-D2: he’s like, the ultimate
limited character, he’s basically a bin with wheels that makes beeping noises, and
that’s all he's got to work with. And yet he’s a really charming character and everybody loves him. Same with BB-8. And other characters. Same with the Muppets, they’re essentially sock puppets with googly eyes that you don't really have much control over. But it’s from those limitations that you actually get a lot of charm.” Every now and then, the Lego movie animators
would let some joints overextend slightly to make room for a nod or a shrug of the shoulders… But overall, sticking to the plastic rule
made for a believable movie. You can freeze frame any part of the Lego
Movie and look at a scene that you could practically make at home. “We were always trying to echo and hark
back to how a child might make a film. So we would alternate between thinking like
responsible filmmakers working on a large-budget Warner Brothers animated film, and then we
would suddenly approach a scene as if we were like a kid animating in their basement.” But the history of Lego movies actually does start
with kids animating in their basements. In 1973, two Danish cousins, aged 10 and 12,
shot a short film called Journey to the Moon on Super 8 film. They made it for their grandparents’ 50th
wedding anniversary — and it’s widely considered to be the first time anyone made
a motion picture with Lego blocks. Note that the “people” in this film are
just little cylinder blocks — this was before any version of the minifigure design came
out. Movies like this came to be known as “Brickfilms.” When fans were making these at home, they
shot them in traditional stop motion. Footage was usually shot “on twos,” which
meant that they would take 12 pictures — adjusting the characters every other frame — to make
one second of film. Shooting “on ones” meant taking 24 pictures
per second — this was usually reserved for making faster movements like running look
smoother. When the Danish cousins sent their movie to
the managing director of the Lego Group, they were rewarded with a tour of the Lego factory
and sent home with large Lego sets. But Lego hasn’t always had the most positive
reaction to homemade fan films like this one. Between 1985 and 1989, a teenage animator
named Lindsay Fleay worked on a 16-minute short called The Magic Portal. He used borrowed equipment to shoot it in
his parents’ basement. Before entering festivals and competitions,
Fleay sent the film to Lego to see if they were interested in doing something with it. At first, Lego responded with a letter of
approval. But soon, the company started expressing legal
concerns and issued a letter demanding Fleay surrender all copies of the film within seven
days. Lego ultimately backed down, but Fleay had
already missed out on most major film festivals by then. Fleay actually went on to work at Animal Logic. He left before production on Lego projects
began, but his movie had a huge influence on the world of Brickfilms. “If you look at the live action portion
of The Lego Movie, you'll see Finn, the little kid, holds up a sort of cardboard tube and across the side is written Magic Portal." The Lego Movie, of course, was a huge technical
feat. There are 15,080,330 animated Lego pieces and 182 unique minifigures in the movie. Early mockups of buildings and vehicles were drafted on a free software called Lego Digital Designer Later on, in the animation software Maya,
each brick was given profiles for fingerprints, dents, seam lines, scratches, and dust. It’s hard to imagine what The Lego Movie
would be if it weren’t for the legacy of these early home experiments. Where most animated films use soft lighting
modeled after paintings, The Lego Movie’s lighting was harsh, replicating the actual
lamps that animators like Fleay used. Playful non-stop motion interludes — like
levitation via fishing line — were part of Journey to the Moon long before they appeared
in The Lego Movie. Even the final break from the Lego world into
the real world to meet a human creator parallels The Magic Portal really closely. Ah, my film! It’s easy to miss on-screen, but The Lego
Movie pays tribute to fan films in the background of this scene — these four clips are shorts
submitted by fans. “Look at all these things that people built!” The homage was a nod to the fans. By doing that, the movie embraced the idea
that amateur creators matter — and sometimes, the way they handle source material is far
better than the way major studios are used to doing it. If you want to try any of this at home, you
can actually use the same software that the animators of The Lego Movie used. It’s called Lego Digital Designer, it’s
totally free off the internet. When I talked to Grant Freckelton, he challenged
me to make this sort of pig-drawn carriage. I tried. I got the pigs, I got the wheels, but not
much else. It’s very, very difficult.

Éneklésre idomított állatok! | FILMFALÓ skálázott | Az oroszlánkirály

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Azt tudtam, hogy a felújított Az oroszlánkirály kapcsán a látvánnyal nem lehet gond. Gyönyörűen hullámzik majd Mufasa sörénye, a szavanna egyetlen …

The Labrador – Pet Dog Documentary English

The Labrador Retriever, also Labrador, is a type of retriever-gun dog.The Labrador is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the United Kingdom and the United States.
A favourite disability assistance breed in many countries, Labradors are frequently trained to aid the blind, those who have autism, to act as a therapy dog and perform screening and detection work for law enforcement and other official agencies.They are prized as sporting and hunting dogs.
Nature: The ideal family dog. Its patience, intelligence and gentleness, liveliness, sensitivity and love of children, mixed with a pinch of mischief make the Labrador the perfect pet.
Particularity: The majority of researchers think that the Labrador came to Great Britain in large numbers from 1830 with fishing boat crews. According to this theory the dogs embarked with the Newfoundland fishermen.

The Past, Present, & Future of Personal Vision – The Film-Makers' Cooperative

A short documentary about the Film-Makers’ Cooperative made by board member Richard Sylvarnes in 2015.

the filmmakers come up to me represents the idea that each individual has a personal vision and not just a visionary but a vision we have experimental documentaries we have her in the animation we still have in distribution the earliest existing animated film cycling giggling from 1923 we have it in its original form it's not only been in existence for 50 years but it's all of the 20th century in writing in text and we don't just have the films we have the history we every filmmaker has a file every file has his handwriting we have Andy Warhol's early press releases his notes to the cop what he's doing the early screenings it's part of the existence and the creation of our culture so it's interesting not only to see the work the artists make but what made the artists who they are and that's what this organization is about New York 1960 the French Nouveau bomb burst on the scene inspired by the New York school of cinema but there was no outlet no methods of distribution no way for their American counterparts to show their independent films to American when cinema 16 at the time the most advanced avant-garde theater projected stand practice bill that something had to be done so several artists banded together and formed the new American cinema group the filmmakers cooperative many of these films are recognized as masterpieces and part of the Western canon of cinema we have new work we have an international collection of films and we have work that represents all of the 20th century that is on super 8 & 8 millimeter and 16 and 16 millimeter is no longer viable projection medium and what we now need to do is have the current tools to make this work visible to a new generation of audiences but what we want to do is keep this work visible as a collection so that it can influence future generations and be part of history that's what we're striving for as a community

Predators at War Nature Documentary HD 2013 Lions Fighting to Death

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A natural history film or wildlife film is a documentary film about animals, plants, or other non-human living creatures, usually concentrating on film taken.

documentary, documentaries, full documentary, documentary national geographic, discovery channel documentary national geographic documentary national geographic history documentary discovery.

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something terrible stalks the African night unleashing of predators apocalypse and an uneasy truce is about to explode into fireworks forget the normal rules of engagement an all-out war of predators the attackers it's no place for a civilian drought has raised the stakes if you don't watch your back lovely to die desperation rules commanders are out take a mad dash headlong into the conflict and their divisions of lions a deadly light-infantry of dogs asleep the stealth fighter precision targeting Weavile Special Forces thank you with cunning and a powerful cat goes airborne correspondent embedded in the combat zone masks which forces will get out alive the Predators go to war there is no cloud cover over southern Africa ideal conditions for battlefield energy no clouds mean no rain and relentless drought means tensions escalate the delineator territories collapse front lines shift from day to day nightfall the Mala Mala Game Reserve usually a place of Plenty but tonight a place of desperation everything here is now out of kilter every move fraught with danger the pre endless here always vigilant the stakes are higher now let me know it the lone warrior descends to the field of conflict looking for me if you can match the lever for shear deadly ambush power every carcass is contested these days select tournament laughter announces the arrival of Mala Mala as hyenas the leopard is larger and stronger you know crush any other mammals not just the cats so he worked at late approaches a killing force that drives even hyenas and leopards into retreat once again change hands it's too small a carcass for so many big cats and this fierce struggle everyone has had a mouthful it's had enough an observer has witnessed the escalation in tension very human could feel at home out in this violent night it is Kim wallet her he grew up here in the bush his father was a ranger in South Africa's biggest game Park Tim's grandfather was the first to do that job in fact his grandfather once killed a lion with a knife before the animal could eat him pull each other's on baby cousins a game ranger turned filmmaker I think it was starting to feel like a war correspondent just getting worse animals are concentrating territories are breaking down predators are coming into contact with each other one year earlier before drought sucked the life out of the Mala Mala the game reserve is an unforgiving beaten the normal brutal economy hold sway right to reproduce while the heating is good not to get even praise everywhere and so uh predators tension hovers just beneath the boiling point predators typically avoid upsetting the balance of power maintaining territories limits the violence all understand the packing order and respect superior force a cheetah gives way to a more powerful leopard without a fight the lion the great icon of Africa could defend his territory while lying down on a still day his roar can carry five miles this is no encrypted broadcast it's peacetime psychological operations psyops the roar tells rival male lions to stay away when other predators that there's one king of the jungle here the our field pride consists of three males and nine females the control a 10 square mile area straddling the Sand River the lifeblood of the game reserve the lone male leopard Kim named shinola patrols a smaller territory that overlaps the Lions the Charleston hyena clan maintains its den site to the south and east of the river there are two wildcards in this scenario other super predators that make hunting forays here the cheetah and the African wild dog – Kim the Predators resemble modern day fighting units each with its own set of lethal capabilities the Lions who operating just with brute force and on top of that they're able to work together as a problem most of the time they're able to dominate the situation – Kim they form a tank brigade force that the hyenas occasionally challenge very much thinking roots of the battlefield and have you steel-trap mind they too have the strongest jaws of any of these predators thank you very successful coming in opportunistic they kill alone or on coordinated squads there are multiple capabilities make them a kind of Special Forces here then the knickers are the guys who were going to a third dimension where they take full advantage of hosting their caucuses into cheese and using them for safety as well like an airborne trooper the leopard 2 logo tends to stay above the fray still that serves him well when things get ugly Jim's covered chiloe low for four years and knows he stands apart he's a lone operator out here but in wartime is there safety in numbers or just a better chance you'll starve while male lions lie around proclaiming control of the land it's the lionesses who generally bring home the bacon they're like a fast-moving tank unit gonna coordinate their attacks beating is another matter here it's every one for herself the lioness is a marvel of predatory engineering four eyes said well forward from pinpoint targeting are extremely sharp and so powerful at night and she can see by starlight massive musculature powers our jaw a simple but deadly hinge excellent for crushing wind pipes two-inch canine teeth grasp the prey and tear flesh and our space to fit between the cervical vertebrae it's the better to sever the spinal cord for extremely rough tongue covered in spines efficiently scrapes meat from bone the Lions frame is built for both power and speed the hind legs propelled the big cat at 35 miles per hour in a short burst the four legs spread wide to engulf prey and deliver blows that were great as in perspective but there's one group that rivals the power of the tank brigade hyenas long underrated and contested his cowering scavengers hyenas are smart and gutsy predators they can bring down large prey and will readily take on even the strongest of their rivals an entire pride of lions sloped and front-loaded body is built for swiftness and exceptional stamina ambassador and muscular neck power jaw that puts even the Leopards to shame oh it did front teeth shred flesh back teeth crush bone stomach acids are so strong the animal can even digest bar radar dislike ears detect signals from miles away and making the hyenas hearing as acute as the cats even the hyenas children of vocalizations 11 and all serve as a kind of a psychological weapon intimidating war cries that can drive a predator off its kill to get close to this kind of action takes nerves of steel and keen knowledge of each animals personally boundaries Kim's been covering these creatures for so long he can get right in their faces sometimes I'm getting really really close in they brought down in the trenches with him just feeling what it's about and the real harshness of of just killing reading that's what it's about but I gotta be sure that in predict all understand will see the change in their behavior so that I can get out of there in time before Todd become serious casualty he's filmed the action for 11 years but never been bitten or mauled at least not yet he's caught on precedent in glimpses of these great biological weapons of Africa an arsenal of predation to rival the deadliest of the world at mama mama the system generally works pecking orders are clear and territories define the result is a shaky truce it's always simmering here the levels skirmishing is a way of life is rare Oh Kim the Predators Mala Mala are about to relearn an ancient lesson only one true superpower maintains this balance a subtropical climate only dumps nearly two feet of rain during summer that means water everywhere the Sand River rarely runs dry and is a prey magnet predators know that where there's water they can usually find lunch 6,000 miles for Mala Mala a disaster unfolds the Pacific Ocean contorts it becomes lopsided warm water piles up on its western edge it's called El Nino and it's a ghost in the global weather machine brush fires in Australia and in southern Africa the cycle of drought gets worse yearly rains haven't materialized what should be green and he has turned to dust waterholes are now Quagmire's the elephant's wreak havoc each adult needs up to 50 gallons of water a day and they're sucking the place dry for the fish of the Sand River there's nowhere to hide as the water disappears so do the prey the Sand River has lived up to its name it's hard times for everyone predators and prey like the very young suffer first this cub starved to death the Lions of Mala Mala have been taking down only small prey recently intense competition at the carcass means that some little mouths get shoved aside without weeding water his siblings will also die the Cubs demise as an ancient enemies grizzly prize there is no love lost between lions and hyenas out on his daily patrols Kim sees tensions escalated along the predatorial borders the long-simmering struggle on the plains of Mala Mala it's about to boil over into war and the best Napoleon noted every army travels on its stomach it's the wet season in Mala Mala but there's no sign of rain then last year the rains barely came at all the situation is dire only one creature has the powerful hydraulic equipment to find water with a sense of smell as cleared as its giant trunk the elephant can sniff out water under the sand and excavated for a few precious mouthfuls Kim knows the elephant's work will create hot spots in Mala Mala burgeoning War of the drought all the water in the felt died up several months ago and even the sandrov is stopped flowing but they stole quite a lot of water under the sand and it's really only elephants that are able to get down to this water and they dig these little holes and this provides a lifeblood for all the other animals that need to drink but it's this too that's broken down or territorial boundaries among competitors and this is what's bringing the Predators to war here at my low mana the hole should give him chances to film but there are also places where Kim has to watch his back predators normally wouldn't dare approach a human hunger now emboldened some across the battlefield kim has Intel that another super predator has entered the fray he's on the lookout for one very specialized fighter it's a cheetah he's been making incursions in the sector where the hyena clan is active a dangerous business this jet like killer has a lean and hungry look but he knows to tread softly in this free fire zone no matter how hungry that sheet is this is just too tall an order he's off in search of something more his own size the impala a souped-up model of an antelope is built for speed you can reach almost 40 miles per hour but the cheetah can do 70 anticipating a chase Jim takes up his decision capturing these two animals on film requires some pretty fast reflexes you know are the assassins of the bush and they operate fast and quick like stealth fighters they don't rely on stalking so much as as they speed to to catch their target this cheetah is now only about 15 metres of their target and will be be launching an attack any second every feature of the Cheetahs speed are lightweight flexible spine it's pretty loads each stride which can cover almost 30 feet in the quarter second on the flat track of Africa's plains it's pure afterburner like other cats the cheetahs claws never retract delivers more traction and high-speed turns to sustain this incredible speed but she just sucks in oxygen through oversized intake valves large nasal passages it's lungs liver heart and adrenal glands are super-sized to kick its metabolism into high gear it's tail axes or water for high speed turns even over the scrubby terrain of the Mala Mala Game Reserve the Cheetahs speed equals almost instant death but the cheetah is a high price for all that speed the chase ends in exhaustion and when it's time to fight this lightweight marvel is no match for any of the heavy predators they're normal times other predators sees many of the cheetahs hard-earned dinners yet these are not normal times the hyena seems to sense it it's streamlining versus power under the hot African Sun the Cheetahs thin bones small teeth and small jaw versus the heavy bone deeply muscled turbocharged jaw the hyena the cheetah should know it's outgunned rivals like the leopard have always kicked its butt up and down Mala Mala of course the leopard could never actually catch the stealth fighter of the plains but he made his point that was before the Predators went to war this time the cheat is not backing down the cheats are calling the bluff honor on a hyena I've you know I've never seen that performance unheard of the teachers are just getting extremely bored and and having to put up a fight there's no chance of backing down hard I try to survive and they gonna go to war with everybody else how you know can't pull rank the cheetah will not bow the superior force she faces down her heavily armed foe and keeps her meal but the Cheetahs bold stand is a one-time deal a tactical necessity for an animal at the end of its rope the carnivores of Mala Mala will take even greater risks before the dust settles in this prejudice war The Haven of Mala Mala is becoming a hell last year's minimal rainfall compounds this year's utter lack of rain there once was water there's now all this scorched earth battlefield conditions deteriorating along with water boundaries between predators evaporating heat that pushes 110 degrees another night descends over Mala Mala the deepening drought ratchets up the pressure and all frontline combatants like high-tech weaponry super predators operate within certain tolerances less food who needs more aggression tension is palpable tonight Jim hopes to shadow the forces of the iron field pride and there they are Lions specialize in night attacks as Kim knows from long experience that's why he's wary of becoming collateral damage a lion at night is pumped for conflict the lines on the move at the moment and I just trying to get myself into position these guys dominate the situation idea because of the brute force and they're operating in numbers looking in a pride and the day they take white trim it to my presence but at night they extremely different characters to to what they are in the daytime and can be extremely aggressive at night so I have to be very aware of this and operate according the Lions are headed straight for him emboldened by darkness they paint a new target time to warn them off after looking Kim over the pride apparently decides there are less noisy pickings elsewhere Kim trails the Lions nighttime incursion unknown to the Lions across the battlefield at different fighting forces on the move it's the hyena clan out on night patrol females leave this squad leader like all female hyenas is larger and fiercer than any of the man's they look like dogs hyenas are more closely related to cats neither cat nor dog they were all killer the liens meanwhile are having no luck the king of beasts doesn't know to stay downwind of its prey so the pride scent is spooking everything everything but the kudu which is by sheer chance upwind of the Lions an antelope distinctive for its size and magnificent horns the kudu has large keen ears but tonight the lines are running silent the kudu was a windfall larger than the impalas the prize has been bringing down lazy it won't satisfy it doesn't adult lions uninvited guests the hyenas pick up some chatter with their radar dish ears swiveling they acquire their target the unmistakable sounds of a kill rocket across Mala Mala now they take off across the battlefield though hyenas in this area kill more than they scavenge they're certainly not going to pass up someone else's hard-won rations to be killed by lions is not a good way to die for the carving tools are efficient the youngsters as always must wait their turn they know their place in the ranks of the kill and the lion's share inevitably goes to the commander – extraordinary times from extraordinary sights war has its own logic a pair of eye enas and a single lioness eternal enemies on this and every battlefield quietly share the spoils of war they fear the male's more than they hate each other seems to evening together like this was was just amazing and I think it is because the hyenas realized that if they cause too much havoc the rest of the pride would come running back other callers sort of truce with this lioness and they fed together until she felt intimidated by the presence of all of them they and and cougar Don the truce will not last long Kim knows till Lane docks tensions back to a simmer Mala Mala marches towards chaos the rains are months overdue and there is hell to pay the ire filled pride keeps producing Cubs but the Cubs keep dying the hyenas breathe several times each year but haven't bred for months high above the battlefield the symbol of death hangs in the sky but even a symbol has to eat so hippo is fought with a rival over a disappearing waterhole and died of his wounds when the battlefield scavengers are having a field day the hyena can barely believe his luck if only he can get rid of the enemy fortunes are an overlooked force on this killing ground leaders who arrive after the battle is fought nearby the squadron of white backed Bulger's has cornered a cheetah and her yearling cub their objective and Impala the big cats just killed the mother Chia eats while the eating is good youngster – green – no better price to chase off the poachers it's no use cheetahs have invested so much and their stealth fighter mode of attack that they had move your defenses no power poor weapons and so they give way to lowly scavengers the boodle pressure in this combat area is too intense for the cats they push on and search over more forgiving place in this drought it's doubtful that they'll find it her cub at least is alive they're not all so lucky in a tree Kim finds a casualty of the Predators war the dead leopard cub killed by an adult male now be eaten by its own mother as always the hyenas shadow is the leopard that reaps his gruesome reward harden witnessed a battle kim accept such disturbing sites without much pause but even he is beginning to wonder what will happen if the rains don't come while the drought is really soldiering on getting intense putting major stress on on all the animals and predators and the prey it's a situation that's not a pleasant want to be to be witnessing but I haven't seen it like this before and where there's a vinegar is very modest rate but they're just a figment in one massive disaster and the only thing that can stop us is going to be right which we can only expect now another 68 months time the battlefield of Mala Mala the rainy season has passed with almost no life-giving rain and suffering is widespread even the rules Kim survives by are starting to change predators are changing the attitude towards me where in the past I could sort of read their behavior well and understand it and now I look more as as an intruder and I don't have that comforter and that just was there before so paying in there to document this is becoming more and more Horus to me and and placing less predictable which is quite scary because but as risky as it is for this observer he knows that it's the combatants who are paying the price the Lions are still taking down game a small game a large appraising to have left this desolate place the young lions are the hardest hit of the adults dominate the carcasses the only two were on their last legs the artists account the super specialized cheetahs outmatched and out competed have abandoned Mala Mala altogether even a scrappy Charleston hyena clan is struggling it's numbers decrease the conflicts with other predators intensify but Kim's old comrade seems to be thriving Cholula Kim has tracked him through the drought surprised to see he's still a killing machine the leopard generally only half the size of a lion is not to be underestimated a ten-foot vertical leap this easy the leopard can haul twice its own weight straight up taking an adult antelope or even a young Buffalo into a tree massive neck and shoulder muscles and legs like cocked guns define this cat the power air left raises the leopard out of the 2-dimensional world of rival forces going up high means he can stash food beyond the reach of the enemy with the Predators at war shallow low gets his prize off the battlefield as quickly as possible satisfied that his dinners safe Chuvalo goes back to night detroit this time the leopard moves on without his embedded companion as a combat cameraman bent on capturing the soldiers point of view kim has managed to get himself into some interesting situations his camera sometimes captures more than he bargained for and a shadow moves under the tree it's the hyenas the Warriors seemed bewildered by cams new position things were about to heat up the new face and Ken's viewfinder is a hungry lioness she seems willing to scale the defenses if Kim wavers now or shows fear he's toast with the bold stance and a human bark the lioness retreats Jim no worse for wear gets his shot a war correspondents life in this drought written place is dangerous as careful on this experienced as kin is his vehicle testifies to the brutality of life in the bush and the place is totally unpredictable and I think fortunately I've I've spent so much time idea and gained a lot of experience to understand where a lot of these situations are going I'm getting out of my vehicle to get those low angle shot so I'm not just doing it for the for the fun of it unfortunately I do have experience what I understand a lot of what goes on but you know who knows maybe one day I won't get it right Jim sources in the bush indicate another lethal fighting force is moving into the battlefield one so far ranging its territory encompasses all of Mala Mala it's on the brink of extinction but to watch it work just to understand why it is still among the most feared animals in Africa predator war has been raging for weeks in Mala Mala now a roving force undaunted by drought joins the volatile mix it's the African wild dog smart colourful relentless wild dogs are African swarming infantry lightly but lethally armed they hunt with Marshall precision their markings work like high-tech camouflage they're hidden from enemies invisible to France each dog has its own as distinctive as our fingerprints these are ancient warriors descended from the oldest line of dogs built for a starling stamina they can choose prey over miles for hours until they run it into the ground these dogs are dangerous on their own and deadly in a pack compulsively and rigidly attached to their units they have been known to care for their injured unlike lions and hyenas the wild dogs eat in a disciplined quarterly way each member of the rank and file as a turn at the carcass they dedicate themselves single-mindedly to the raising of the next generation of infantry no only the leaders of the pack reproduce the group expects every member to regurgitate rations for the pups ritual greetings strengthen the bonds of the unit wild dogs tend to have big litters sometimes upwards of 20 pups they'll take on any predator no matter how large to defend their young a skeleton lurtz the pack to a nearby presence arrival it's chill hola the ancient hatred between dogs and cats may find its source here the infantry is too much for chiloe law and the air lifts out of danger once airborne he's got nothing to fear from the ground pounding canines when he stays aloft they move off and return to their den in Africa threats to young wild dogs are everywhere but hyenas make them especially wary wild dog radar picks up the sounds of nearby hyena activity the hyenas have taken down a starving yearling what makes off with a piece toward the nearby woods a bad idea it's getting far too close to the wild dogs damn with pumps to defend they're not about to tolerate a hyena in their midst no single wild dog would have a chance against a heavy armor of the hyena hyenas can weigh 150 pounds twice the weight of a wild dog so the dogs about the size of a Doberman take to the field and numbers in tag team B parent hyena the arrival of wild dogs in Walla Walla jacks up the pressure just as quickly as they arrived they pull up super mobile they opt for less chaotic territory even with their formidable discipline and coordinated attack capability they'd be no match for the dogs of war about to be unleashed star between Mala Mala is now scorched by heat Kim has rarely seen it so dry never seen the predator some stress he thinks new rules are evolving in the contest News hyenas the cackling opportunist of Mala Mala quickly adapt to the chaos they're taking a keen interest in one of the rival powers Chuvalo humbly stalking his every move but it's not the big cat they're after they want for the big cats after tenacious hunters never even better bandits juggalos feeling the hyena heat he quickly muscles his latest meal into the nearest tree before he's even finished killing it not a moment too soon the hyenas are hard on his heels which a Lolo may have miscalculated badly when the hyenas are making their own calculations the leopard has chosen to roll a branch a costly lapse in judgment in the Predators war hyenas can't climb but they can jump and those jaws are relentless the hyena jaw exerts nearly 1,000 pounds per square inch of biting pressure and a stubbornness to match all his hard work for not until Rollo heads off and in the nick of time the ire field lion pride always dominates the battlefield at night but in these conditions that's not enough no rules means more risks lionesses work their dagger like claws leaving a chemical marker warning competitors to stay clear of the territory tonight the air rolls for the promise of tons of meat on the hoof meet the increasingly gaunt lionesses badly need the cape buffalo have entered this sector seeking any remained grasses the lionesses silently eavesdrop on the perimeter of their herd now Kim is caught with the besieged surrounded by bad-tempered Buffalo neither party has any idea where the big cats will launch their attack Buffalo relying pretty much on safety in numbers and at the moment there's a pride of lions circulating them just kind of find out how to find a weaker individual but it's a seriously formidable prey for for lines to take on and they only do this really in hard times and they're hard free obviously there's a major risk involved here and they could easily be casualties on the lion side all to the Lions it's a fortress of meat horn and lethal hooves the herd picking up the distinctive scent of lion begins to spook despite their hunger they know that patience is the key to victory the lion has built-in night vision they can see about six times better than humans in the dark still they hesitate they know that going after Cape Buffalo can be a suicide mission throughout Africa mother Buffalo can be insanely defensive many lion has died trying to steal a calf now the Lions carefully consider their plan of attack as the Buffalo settled back into foraging target acquired it's an old Buffalo slightly lame but still intimidating as the Lions begin their attack the rest of the buffalo herd takes off abandoning the old Buffalo at the end begins the minuses as always meet the attack a male lion usually delivers the deathblow he goes for a throat lock that will crush the windpipe but the prideful lions get a surprise arrest you force returns the Buffalo have regrouped and counter-attack against all odds they drive off the attackers but can their comrade rally the Predators war degenerates into a desperate scramble for survival in an uncanny display of unity the cape buffalo lick and Naja wounded comrade urging her to get to her feet and free mother Lions by their time the embattled buffalo makes a valiant struggle to regain her footing but she is too old and has lost too much blood an old soldier looks death in the eye but finds no strength to continue the fight the herd sensing the inevitable abandons the rescue operation still a cape buffalo with this neck and windpipe protected by Kevlar like muscle there's no simple animal to kill out here old soldiers don't fade away they die a slow death this grim drawn-out death for the Buffalo means life for the lion cups with the pride bringing down only small prey for months they've been starving the steaming carcass is more than enough for all 13 lions the dagger job of the drought is parried for one more night across the battlefield the hyenas have finished chalo Lowe's dinner they're back on night maneuvers drooling with anticipation they haven't caught scent or sound of the Lions kill they've been distracted by an incursion of their own kind it's a nomadic hyena Oh cast and haggard Vermont it seems that the hyenas will simply check it out and leave it alone that is not the hiding away it is the wrong hyena in the wrong place at the wrong time harassment gives way to all-out attack the cobalt as the rest of the clan joins in the melee abruptly as the torment began it ends the Charleston clan senses something it's an advance guard of the ireful pride a notorious hyena killer the hyenas scatter with lions on their heels the outcast slips away in the confusion the male line continues to hunt down the hyenas but he picks up a sound that makes him turn back it's one of the Charleston clans comes wounded and abandoned it's back broken in the melee it poses no threat it offers no promise of food the lion has eaten his fill of the Buffalo but this hyena Cubs fate is sealed male lives and this complete and that's a passionate hatred for hyenas and will go out of their way to to kill it must've held on for five minutes strangling this poor little thing didn't did not good after the first minute but he was making absolutely sure it was no life only when the cub grows cold doesn't lie and leave off the killing he leaves a calling card scratching his mark in the turf in the end lions won't eat the high genic up a member of its own clan will do the job taina cannibalism typically his mother's eating their young cannibalism is not more disturbing than watching any normal kill but after time you become detached from it it is one of those things where if you if you got involved you would just you know I wouldn't be out here because I just see too much out much and I wouldn't I wouldn't be shooting it through the camera I would you know be hiding away somewhere not wanting to see it but it's that's the reality of the reality is that it can get worse the spiral of carnage can twist even further down some brutal natural limit has yet to be reached electricity splits the south african sky gym can only wonder if this means the end to the long nightmare a promise of life that has been absent for almost two seasons at the first hint of its return Mala Mala blossoms into florid greenery but the promise is false in holy days all the water has disappeared for Kim the Predators war is about to come to a head to roll those hunting prowess will trigger a battle amongst all the major players more will pay the ultimate price it starts innocently enough Kym follows to Lolo on leave the big cat is after a little R&R wanting some companionship this female is Turf overlaps his that both of solitary soldiers they only seek each other out to reproduce for a week they mate and hunt together taking her cue from shinola the female seems to accept him as part of the scenery she also let's chill Oh take the lead on the hunt he shares the carcass less than gallantly they settle in to eat a couple of mouthfuls though and she seems uneasy she leaves to Lolo and the carcass with good reason against a single hyena Cholula knows he can hold his own while chalumeau brandishes teeth and claws behind a wheel just psychotic shriek and his infamous job it's a standoff a bikini aired hyena knows he's gaining the advantage another Howie that takes a shot at the carcass come on what retreats the hyenas celebrate their victory by dismembering the carcass but victory is short-lived out here a patrol from the IRA feel pride zeroes in on the reveling hyenas the lead lioness surveys the field assesses the enemy's strength charges while the lioness chases the hyenas which are low spots his chance to reclaim his kill and a flash he's got the carcass and himself off the battlefield the lioness returns this time with a companion but their plunder has been airlifted away it's too much for the lead lioness she surges upwards even though she's not built for climbing it's a treetop skirmish in the Battle of the big cats Chuvalo is beaten on his own lofty turf worse he's trapped up here with the spoiler the lioness settles in to enjoy the spoils of war her earthbound companions paced anticipation the temptation is too much for one Conrad she thinks of that rocket with their lira flailing in the treetops something is bound to give but it does the ground crew occupied essential oil makes us break but the lioness were paying a bigger price for her audacious assault on Chihuahua Citadel morning dawns on the dead – her back broken in the fall one of her comrades surveys the unlikely scene in a world run amok curiosity quickly turns to cannibalism probably the most shocking moment was that that lioness breaking her back in the tree we're just you know horrific to see her there and then does he have her mates literally come and feed on her because of the stressful times that they were in they were taking advantage of our carcass the Mala Mala Game Reserve has gone nearly a year and a half without significant rain – Kim the animals have reached the limit I never see anything like it I can't believe how far these animals will go just to survive it's sobering it's humbling and even frightening at times images in my mind pictures of killing finally the searing Sun and the brutal blue sky give way and the heavens crack wide open it's new false promise this time it is deep soaking rain after days of rain Mala Mala begins to write itself and the kind of normalcy returns the Sand River has emerged from scorched earth on the water dependent Giants return for the survivors it is as if the drought never happened once again Mala Mala is a predators even shallow low the leopard has emerged from the drought surprisingly Hardy the cheetahs have returned with the Rings as have the wild dogs the ire field pride has suffered some terrible losses among their cubs what the survivors are quickly becoming sleek and healthy the Charleston hyena clan didn't read it all during the drought but now they're rebuilding with a new leader although I saw some new unusual behavior it was a lot of it that that wasn't unusual but it was just intense all of it occurring at one time that's what really got me going out there every day following these guys because I knew a lot of them individually I needed to get our way to see how my mates if you could call it we were referring in this in this whole struggle it's hard to believe that if anything good could come up but really has been a kind of war all these terrible events will eventually strengthen all the different parts in the system the strongest survive maybe in the next generation we'll hear something you just can't put your finger on someone capable woman to loose

Kannauj – The City of Ittr (Documentary)

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Ittr or Ittar or Attar, is a natural-oil perfume sold worldwide – famous mostly in Arab countries because there are no alcoholic contents in it. Kannauj is the only place in the world where ‘ittr’s are made, thereby owning the name – “The Perfume City of India”.

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