AVICII TRUE STORIES: Documentary Website Case Movie

This is a case video of the official documentary website, created for Avicii’s upcoming film in October. Web design, development, and motion.

Full portfolio case

Pontus Wellgraf

Anders Åberg

Official website

All rights reserved to Avicii and the creators for its trailer, song, and cover in this footage. This is a showcase video of the website production only.

The Cinematic Orchestra – A Caged Bird/Imitations of Life (feat. Roots Manuva)

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Taken from the album ‘To Believe’, released 15th March 2019 on Ninja Tune: Follow The Cinematic Orchestra – Spotify: …

KęKę – Safari prod. Dj Frodo

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“Safari” to pierwszy singiel z szykowanego na 2019 r. albumu pt. “Mr KęKę”

Tekst/Rap Piotr “KęKę” Siara
Muzyka Dj Frodo
Dj Frodo FB
Dj Frodo IG
Narganie/Mix/Master Dj Deszczu Strugi Otrabarbwa Recording Studio
TakieRzeczyLabel FB
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Adrian Gargul, Adrian Rękawik, Anna Władziewicz, Bartłomiej Kałużny, Damian Chyrzyński ,Damian Daros, Damian Rembiarz,
Daniel Gargul, Daniel Kłys, Daniel Malorny, Dawid Waligóra, Denis Orliński, Diana Celmer Tumulka, Dominika Kwapulińska, DorianBendig, Flip Lubecki, Igor, Hulbój, Jakub Czekaj, Jakub Gromadzki, Jakub Plebańczyk, Józef Krzynówek, Justyna Czechowicz, Kacper Zawiślak, Kamil Filipczak, Kamil Kasiński, Kamil Łapkiewicz, Karol Ćwikliński, Kinga Kozik, Łukasz Kompała,
Łukasz Makowski, Marek Hamel, Mateusz Białas, Mateusz Błaziński, Mateusz Ciastek, Mateusz Jandzioł, Matylda Szałkowska, Michał Góras, Michał Silski, Michał Utikal, Patryk Markiewicz, Patryk Wilczek, Piotr Dąbrowski, Przemysław Zięba, Sebastian Gwóźdź, Sebastian Sokołowski, Tomasz Belski, Tomasz Grenda, Tomasz Stefański, Tymoteusz Truszkowski, Xawery Kostrzewa.

Produkcja: 9LITER FILMY
Reżyseria: Błażej Jankowiak
Scenariusz: Piotr Siara, Błażej Jankowiak, Irek Jankowiak
Zdjęcia: Błażej Jankowiak
Producent: TRL
Montaż: Błażej Jankowiak
Script supervisor: Irek Jankowiak
Asystent reżysera: Natalia Rozpondek
Kierownik Produkcji: Szymon Tomalik
Kierownik planu: Szymon Tomalik
Kierownik ds. lokalizacji: Szymon Tomalik
Koordynator statystów: Szymon Tomalik,
Make up: Dorota Piecha,
Scenografia: Natalia Rozpondek, Szymon Tomalik, Błażej Jankowiak, Irek Jankowiak,
Mistrz oświetlenia: Bartek Gburek
Oświetlacze: Bartłomiej Stelmach
Światło 2nd unit: 9LITER FILMY




#safari #kękę #trl

Baauer: Beyond Harlem Shake | Documentary | Red Bull Music

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To the more than 1 billion people who have created or watched “Harlem Shake” videos, Harry “Baauer” Rodrigues is best known as the man behind the song. But the DJ, producer, and audiophile is no one-hit-wonder. Collaborating with Grammy Award-winning producer Just Blaze; remix work for dance-floor heavyweights including Jay-Z, Disclosure, The Prodigy and AlunaGeorge; and a dense tour schedule including a residency at LIGHT nightclub in Las Vegas have kept Baauer on an upward trajectory.

Baauer has also been readying his debut album by traveling from his home base in New York City to the distant deserts of the United Arab Emirates, and to the volcanoes, temples and metropolises throughout Japan, in search of sounds that will inspire his new music and push him beyond the shadow of “Harlem Shake.”

After thousands of miles traveled and gigabytes of recordings collected, Baauer returns to the studio inspired, with a fresh collection of sounds, and a new direction for his debut album.

#Bauuer #Documentary #RedBullMusic

Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. Music, dance, and culture collide to form the Red Bull Music channel.

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#RedBullMusic #SearchingforSound #HarlemShake

Solarstone 'Touchstone' Mini Documentary #1

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Back in February, with the Touchstone album safely in the can, Solarstone met up with renowned dance music documentary makers Our Man In The Field to give them the inside track on it. In the first of two Touchstone ‘mini-docs’, Richard returns to the Solarstudio to talk about the creation of ‘Electric Love’, ‘Slowmotion’, ‘Zeitgeist’ and the title track (his own Seven Cities Touchstone). Viewing these are going to become an essential part of the album experience…

Check out the ‘Touchstone’ microsite to win some amazing prizes, participate in the viral widgit campaign and preorder the album. You can also pre-order signed Cd copies with 3 sticker set on the Solarstone website.


I guess one of the definitions of touchstone the word is standard to which others aspire the music on the album is coming from lots of different lesson from John's you know these trance when they're progressive has kind of german-based of ambient even stuff which is like touchstone to to seventies prog rock this album was raised altar was a good artists out but now I really want to do something that he's you know pushing bringing in my guitars and the strings and all the brilliant musicians I've got around as well to make it it's a bigger experience touchdowns the title track the album and it's got that classic soul stone sound you know the production of the tracks more based on breaks and there's lots of guitar work going on there there's lots of you know neutral strings but there is back so under stone sound looking forward with the reference to the passage of Anatomy and I love the way that the truck comes in with those lovely strings requires and then you've got the face coming up underneath and then you've got the percussion coming up underneath and then those when those lovely brakes slam in you know it's such a big moment on the album it's kind of like okay right now you've arrived you know it's kind of it's a track that's going to it's gonna feel familiar to establish soulstone fans but it's also different to love so I'm not kind of repeating myself touchstone goes into electric level now electrum of being the first music moving record it opens with that vocal map lovely piano and then just whacks into this driving ponse teeth almost acid has sort of trials record features a guy could build makruh d on vocals bill as a fantastic singer performer he really sings with such emotion and passion that you rarely get in is this so emotion is a trap I've recorded with Al Queda this is brilliant Finnish Finnish producer it's really warm and spacious and I don't rely too heavily on percussion and things like that it's all about sort of driving arpeggios and it's a very sort of organic earthy sort of Giorgio Moroder type Renaissance esque trance truck it's one of those tracks when people hear it they say are you know this brings back all those great memories of the 90s as I guys is the second track I've recorded with all he do I said we approach that there's a in exactly the same way as slow-motion except that we wanted to do something's a little bit more sort of peak time trance we go straight for the jugular in terms of trance music players since slowly building up and just letting the photos at the synthesizer being the work when I started the album it was very very clear I do how I wanted the pace and the flow of the artistry from start to end the whole journey of the album has felt like very very carefully mapped out and planned in 18 months solid work you

Funny Talking Animals – Walk On The Wild Side – Episode Three Preview – BBC One

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Walk On The Wild Side is a brand new comedy series that seeks to provide a long overdue forum for the views and opinions of the animal kingdom.

It’s a world of hip hop-loving badgers, dieting pandas and a marmot called Alan.

More about this programme:


DJ Snake, Lauv – A Different Way (Bro Safari & ETC!ETC! Remix)

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Music video by DJ Snake performing A Different Way. (C) 2017 DJ Snake Music under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.