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Bicycle Dreams is the true story of the Race Across America, a 3000-mile bike race that challenges riders to pedal across the country in just ten days. See and for more.
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I think we have more people in society now that describe a feeling of missing something there's just something missing in my life and I don't know what's missing but yet they describe something very tangible very very close to them that they're missing and in desire true desire may very well be for for many people what is missing Lance Armstrong said that endurance athletes are running away from something inside of themselves and that's one of the reasons that they do what they do there is no way these people are normal they are the seekers of the new realm or plane we're heading up on 23 hours and Marco's been off the bike for eight minutes total guessing he's gonna go down at about 40 hours without sleep the biggest fear I have and I think most of the people have in this race is it not finish and yet half the people do independent desire is is something that's that that is tricky to tap into sometimes because it requires confidence if that desire starts to falter a little bit they'll crack this next 3040 miles or take you to 300 yeah for the day and that'll be 650 miles in two days you've got a damn good chance I cooked my penny miles and I'll be out because I can't sleep because my eyes are gone but how far the next time station while we go there no I did I don't want to continue this it's not a sporting event in the classic sense it's more of sending a gladiator into a pit with a lion people can say this is a bicycle race no this is nothing you can compare to anything is no bicycle race it's not a sport event this is nothing this is something completely out of this planet you

A women's Tour de France? | DW Documentary

The Tour de France is one of the world’s biggest sporting events, alongside the football World Cup and Wimbledon. But so far, it’s only open to men. A group of female cyclists in France wants to change this.

A few years ago, a group of women cyclists started cycling the same route as the Tour de France, just one day before the men – without an entourage, without big-name sponsors and without the roads being closed off. The route is a challenge in itself — a physical ordeal — but the women, who are generally not professional cyclists but make a living as sports teachers, engineers and consultants, have other battles. The main one is that some people in the industry do not think that women have a place on the Tour de France at all. A report by Eva Beyer.


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13 women 21 stages three thousand four hundred eighty kilometers and one demand to ever tour de force for women because so far it's a men only competition yeah c'mon moon we want to show that women can accomplish extraordinary things – by doing something that may look a bit crazy we're getting people to listen to us their plan is to cycle the entire Tour de France all 3480 kilometers exactly one day ahead of the men we're in Brussels where the Tour de France will start this year tomorrow these 13 women set off from here now they're making last-minute preparations sorting out their helmets jerseys and shoes everybody anyone need a digest Plus this isn't doping this is all legal it's all natural ingredients these are food supplements clear Florrie is the one behind the done on dessert all feel or project which roughly translates to let's get women on bikes she's been doing the Tour de France every year since 2015 no matter the circumstances we did the tour there were just three of us and we didn't know if we'd budgeted enough money on the trip we stayed with families cooked our own meals and washed our jerseys by hand every evening do it yourself basically that was a real adventure things have become much more professional in recent years no the women have a sponsor without this financial support they'd be hardly able to pay for their bike equipment and accommodation none of the women are professional cyclists Claire for example works as a sports teacher and organizes this competition in her spare time organizing all this is exhausting but it's okay because it's my passion right now it leaves me little free time for anything else because I'm totally focused on this project but in one or two years when there will hopefully be a women's Tour de France it will have paid off but of course that Curzon's activity gamble in central Brussels the morning before the race the women are preparing to set off tomorrow just a few hundred meters from here the Belgian king will send off the men competing in the Tour de France and then somewhat unceremoniously they're off unlike during the actual Tour de France the roads are not blocked off to cars so they must carefully weave in and out of traffic and there's much less pomp and glamor than during the men's race they have to deal with red lights oncoming cars and other challenges the women will cover a distance of three thousand four hundred eighty kilometres cycling through the Vosges the Pyrenees and the Alps climbing to an altitude of two thousand seven hundred seventy meters but it's not about setting new records all these women cyclists want is to be treated with the same respect as their male peers I started cycling as a sport late when I was 24 at some point I realized that I'd never seen a women's peloton on TV even though there are plenty of women involved in competitive cycling but they never feature on TV I wanted to change that some hardcore cycling fans have already gathered along the route to get a good view of the men's Tour de France quite a few are impressed by the women taking on this challenge [Applause] [Applause] if the men get all the backing and attention they could hope for but the women don't receive enough that's why we're here to cheer them on anyone up for it can even cycle along with them for part of the journey everyone's invited no matter their gender I think they have a point why is their Tour de France for men and not for women surely there's room for both cycling along with the women has become really popular now for security reasons only 100 athletes are allowed on the road at any one time so many cyclists have joined us it's amazing that means our message is being heard and that's a fantastic feeling for days and 650 kilometres later we're in sanh da da volge in the Vosges mountains the tough section lies ahead but thankfully clare is in great shape and up for the challenge in fact just two weeks ago she competed in the French cycling Championships it's not a steep climb but it drags on unlike the men who get nutritious snacks passed on to them on the go the women have to pull over to eat that along with navigating road traffic slows them down considerably meaning that they need almost twice the time men do for a day's stage a small team of volunteers accompanies the women on their journey helping with preparations this is the second year now that Oscar Maya has signed up to support them he even took a break from his student job so he could be here it's a race against the clock during these three weeks the more we help the women the more time they have to recuperate carbohydrate heavy food and fruit give them the necessary energy to get back on that bike so far things have been going alright but we still have half of the climb ahead of us the toughest bit is still to come and LaPorta belfie a really steep we'll see every day the women spend 8 to 9 hours biking that obviously takes its toll with muscle cramps and the like a common problem luckily they've got three physiotherapists on the team traveling with them when needed they set up their massage tables in the hotel always in the evenings they're super busy giving the women a rubdown yesterday was a hard day we cycled for 215 kilometers and the last 90 were really painful our muscles got all tense but now I'm getting my toxins massaged out of my muscles so I'll be ready for tomorrow though with their busy schedule they don't always have time for an evening rubdown often they meet local sports clubs and even mayor's after a day's cycling like here in Nancy for example it tends to garner the mad Mauritian though sometimes people doubt they'll pull off the whole tour do you think you'll make it to the end we've been doing this for five years and so far only one participant ever gave up that's one out of 22 in the last four years 22 made it to the finish line so there's no reason to believe all 13 of us won't make it this year women always need to prove themselves because people tend to think that men are more capable day two in the bush this year Claire and her fellow female cyclists are supported by an international women's team with athletes from England the US and Australia Australia's Pippa lyon did not mind traveling this far to participate along the road her eleven month old son is there to cheer her on since having him it's made it even more important to me to just show to the next generation boys and girls that women can do exactly the same as men yes we can't do things as fast or as strong but we can do it and we can do it really well each year there are more and more people calling for there to be an official Women's Tour de France but so far these demands have fallen on deaf ears even though back in the 1980s the organisers did once staged a women's race along with the men's but then rescheduled the event and that was the end of it Christiaan padam in charge of the Tour de France doesn't want to tell us what he thinks about this instead he sends this statement mr. Purdham already answered many times questions about the possibility of organising during the Tour de France a Tour de France for women the answer is still the same organising another race at the same time for three weeks is logistically not possible there is some truth in this the Tour de France is the world's third biggest sporting event 4,500 helpers are needed just to prepare the route and almost 30,000 police officers and firemen are on duty to maintain security and some say that staging another race just requires too much work but dávila patio the president of the International Cycling Union thinks a women's competition could be a great success Oh priest how is your in solution we will have to work on a solution and examine the technical problems and circumstances I think we can address these challenges and I am convinced that women cycling can appeal to a large audience female athletes will finally get the recognition the good news is that in 2014 the Tour de France organisers did begin staging a one-day women's race during the men's competition but for Claire that's not enough I asked myself why should we be happy with a one-day race when we are capable of going for days over several stages days and weeks a one-day race is not comparable to one that goes over several stages because over time cycling teams develop and it's something different for viewers – and from a sports perspective as well so I think women are entitled to a proper race for now much hard work still lies ahead of the cyclists even though they've mastered the first steep stages it's still a long way until they reach their final destination in Paris and we'll also take a long time until there's a proper women's Tour de France but giving up is out of the question look listen listen this is the fifth time I'm doing this and I hope I don't have to keep going for another 15 because it certainly is hard work and it gets harder by the year besides I want to start a family at some point the good news is should I stop others will take my place [Applause]

Building A Historical Slavia Bike

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Vladimír Vidim is a passionate cyclist and a bicycle manufacturer. He decided to bring back a legendary bicycle, the SLAVIA. A bicycle made by Laurin & Klement – the predecessor of ŠKODA brand.

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Documentary makers talk about upcoming film Fixing Dad shot at Prudential RideLondon

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Ian and Anthony Whitington talk about their documentary film Fixing Dad and their mission to get their dad healthier.

the big part of the film is about friends and family really helping out and getting people to to chip in because what Dad on his own would never have done it he would never have got to the stage he is now without our support so it's really saying to people if you've got somebody at home that's like you know there has these problems just to jump in and help out to the film that we're making is basically trying to fix what out and it's about just that really so so our goal really was to fix Ted but not just in terms of his fitness but also his nutrition and his mind as well because he got into a real mind saying a bit of a rut and it's really been about inspiring other people I think the premier point that we want to we said at the beginning we missed by one person and get them off the sofa as well they'd be fantastic so I can who's young thing I could do I've got shot coach thought which part of the diabetic their disease and so I can walk very far couldn't do very much as soldiers I thought it would be amputated when one time I was going to lose the thought it was unbelievable is this experience I'd recommend to anybody that's fantastic the people the crowds just spare you on if you think you don't want to stop you one stop believe me is really really good I would say to anybody anybody especially the diabetics earlier don't give up nobody was in a worse condition than me there's always a chance out there all you got to do is get out do something like this gonna buy it build yourself up build your self-confidence and and you can you can get through it

Prudential RideLondon 2016: Fixing Dad documentary makers back for more

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When Geoff Whitington was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes sons Ian and Anthony decided the only way to fix him was to get him on a bike – and film the process for a documentary.
Two years after filming with the Whitington’s at the end of their first Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 adventure, we met up with them again to find out how the journey had changed them – and what is bringing them back again in 2016.
The Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 takes place on Sunday 31 July. For more information, visit
To find out more about Fixing Dad, visit

my name is Anthony Washington I'm here with the team fixing dad my brother Ian and what that Jeff my dad was in a really bad way he had type 2 diabetes he was 20 stone in a really bad state we decided against the better judgment of a lot of people that pretty much said to us then only a day to fix himself we're going to try and fix him ourselves we have no medical knowledge but we got him on the bike it was the one exercise he could do because his foot was collapsing shot host foot so i can turned out to be something he could do and inspired in to really keep things going we did the Prudential 100 back in 2014 and we're hoping now now two years ago fixed and dad was all about fixing dead and we're hoping now it can inspire other people to do the same we are documentary filmmakers we do a lot of corporate film work as well but this has been ultimately the most rewarding film we've taken on it's been brilliant for the whole family much closer together I just went on year by year by year and gradually getting worse I'm still putting on weight i was getting heavier I think seem to be working and I'd reach the stage well you know this is obviously gonna going to get worse it's not going to improve spoke to the boys I chat chat to the boys one diane and you know think they realize that that stays that but I've given up I've created given up start with Anthony pushing me along literary up the hills you know I just couldn't get around but just gradually built me up and filled me up and are stuck just I don't know I just reached a point ruffle something's happening here I'm doing stuff off and never though and then that was it and then they hit me with it the big one prudential ride london sorry 100 that was unbelievable the on the day it's the most fantastic billion I've ever had in my life just going out on that start line standing there waiting for the start and the often and away you go and feeling around the coax the support you get is unbelievable it just might just drive you on these persona now he's so much more energetic so much more lively he's obviously lost a lot wait she's one great thing about you but now I just feel that we've got our old dad back that's that's the big thing it sir it's getting their own personality back at how I remembering when I was a kid on our support we managed to get there so yeah it was phenomenal really and we hope now that my dad showing that that can be done will inspire us to do something similar although just push you along I just couldn't believe they've done what they've done their got me I got me through it's the best thing I've ever done in my life you