The Wolfpack: documentary about six brothers locked in NY apartment

Six brothers, who were kept locked in a New York apartment for decades and constructed their lives from the movies they watched, are the subject of a new documentary. Channel 4 News went to meet them.

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I didn't have movies life would be pretty boring and there wouldn't be any point to go on so movies opened up another world deep in the thronging city their isolation was absolute we were taught by our father not to talk to strangers you know until five years ago the Anglo brothers had spent nearly their whole lives inside their 16th floor apartment on the Lower East Side with their sister and mother locked away by their father dad was the only one that had the keys to the front door no one else not even our mother it's scaring having to want to break out of that that box trapped inside that box the boys created a vivid imaginative world hang out with homemade props mr. pink scenes from the thousands of films they watch during their years of seclusion pulp fiction has a lot of characters that all of us can play in after meeting the family on a rare outing in the neighborhood five years ago the filmmaker Crystal Moselle befriended and began to film them it is through her lens that their movies appear this outfit is made out of cereal boxes and yoga mats and why do you want to kill me I'm gonna kill you Batman must take his mask off and turn himself in and everything he doesn't people will die without revealing too much these days the brothers are able to live their lives with the freedom they were so long denied there must be so much expectation of what the world would be like I said disappointed or has it absolutely not it's delivered and more everything is sort of similar to the movie world the only difference is it's not structured like the movie world it's not told as the movie world three-act story no it is not Mukunda is now 20 although one of the middle brothers he played a leading role in their productions we always say lines from some of our favorite films we kind of thought why don't we do those he says it was his curiosity about the world outside that led him to be the first to break away so tell me what made you make the decision to make a break from the apartment I feel like it just sparked naturally it wasn't a plan that I'm gonna get out of here on this day at this time where the specific thing do this symbolize it wasn't anything like that was a real spur-of-the-moment thing I just woke up and I was like today hey I'm gonna go out what how would you describe your relationship with your dad um now it's not so bad we don't talk but we wish each other the best although the voice father appears only briefly in the documentary their mother Suzanne is a constant presence perfect her son's value her transformation as much as their own we owe everything to her one of the greatest receptions we have is how taken people are with us they say like we're very well-spoken and nice and we owe that all to our mom it's ironic these boys who were so deliberately kept from the world have now found themselves propelled into it by the film that revealed their isolation it was a very strong way of living and it was like a coat that and it's completely backfired so now it's one extreme to another from listing their favorite films oh let's agree that the Godfather 1 & 2 is number one number two for me it's JFK I agree they're now involved in the craft of filmmaking working on sets in New York but there's much about the outside world to learn can I ask a personal question about relationships maybe relationships with girls I don't know sure how's that going it's going it's going dot okay let's see what happens yeah Monday's Valentine's Day right no I don't I wish I did though it's interesting as well it's like making a new discovery a new feeling in yourself I believe what makes you human is feelings if you don't have any of those this it's kind of pointless really there's no it's not clear yet how their next scene unfolds but for the anglo brothers that is what makes life so much better than any movie saluté Kylie Morris Channel 4 News New York you

IMF's Mati On Nigeria Historical FX Rates

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There is no logic in resigning from senate : Qaiser Sheikh

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Climate Scientist Jason Box: “Our Economic System Is Crashing With Reality”

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A heat wave is causing unprecedented melting of the Greenland ice sheet. Meanwhile, the World Meteorological Organization just declared July 2019 the hottest month ever recorded. We speak with Jason Box, professor and ice climatologist at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, about the intensifying climate crisis. He says humanity must move toward living in balance with the environment. “If we don’t reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately stabilize CO2 … there’s no real prospect for a stable society or even a governable society,” Box says. “Perpetual growth on a finite planet is, by definition, impossible.”


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this is democracy now the war and peace report I'm Amy Goodman as we bring you part two of our discussion of the climate crisis its effect on Greenland in the world the massive heat dome that shattered all time temperature records across much of Europe last week has settled in over Greenland driving temperatures across the vast region to as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit above normal in July Greenland's ice sheet lost almost 200 billion tons of ice the equivalent of around 80 million Olympic swimming pools this comes as the World Meteorological Organization said Thursday that July was the warmest month in recorded human history that followed the hottest June on record as atmospheric carbon dioxide levels climbed to a record high of 415 parts per million earlier this year we're continuing our discussion in Copenhagen Denmark with Jason box professor and ice climatologist at the geologic survey of Denmark and Greenland Jason thanks so much for continuing with us explain why you have worked on Greenland for so long why Greenland is so significant in the world and for people who are watching this from the tip of Latin America to Asia to Africa why should we pay attention to Greenland what is so unique about it and what does the surge in temperature hot temperature mean I've been working studying Greenland starting with my studies in the u.s. at the University of Colorado working with some excellent people and for 15 years we worked on Greenland I then took a job in Copenhagen doing a lot of the same work we are running a monitoring system at the surface where we get hard numbers to check models and satellites and Greenland is is iconic because of its large size it's like three times the area of Texas it has a huge potential for sea-level rise until now larger smaller ice bodies in Arctic Canada Alaska and the Alps have actually been contributing more relative to their area than Greenland has now Greenland has taken the lead position for the last 20 years in its sea-level contribution so it's kind of stealing the show but meanwhile like just this month last month alpine glaciers in the Alps setting all-time loss records Arctic Canada Alaska so this is a global pattern it is the result of elevated natural greenhouse effect we've almost increased co2 by 50 percent above pre-industrial levels it's unequivocal that the observed climate warming is the direct result of this excess co2 in the atmosphere and so we shouldn't be surprised to see record warm temperatures records being set year after year going forward and it's actually intensifying I think it's no longer a subtle signal and so we you know the land ice it definitely tells a story and it reacts to to warming but much more immediate consequences come from the continents which are warming up twice as fast as the rest of the world and and that is a direct directly undermines the food systems and water security and what does Greenland look like in summer you have a seasonal snow cover that builds up this year is actually really thin snow cover winter snow and then that melts off exposing a really dark bear ice surface it kind of looks like concrete but it has a lot of water coursing over the surface a huge amount of water production at the surface over areas and that water then drains in actually heats the ice internally warmer ice is softer it flows faster the same water then lubricates the ice of the bed speeding it towards the sea the same water then ejects out into the marine and and actually drives more heat exchange with a warming ocean so there's lots of connections that we've established in looking at large ice bodies like Greenland and we see a lot of interconnection the story of course doesn't end when the icebergs break off Greenland or melt into the sea that extra fresh water is disrupting ocean circulation in the North Atlantic one of the key parts of the global ocean circulation system that is being disrupted heavily now it's probably going to increase storminess in the northwestern Europe we've seen some conspicuous examples of that this enhanced greenhouse effect is got putting a lot more moisture into the atmosphere so actually the Arctic is getting wetter the continents drier we have a profound shifts in the hydrologic system globally and they're really starting to be not so subtle anymore and and we're gonna see this year after year as various records are said not just dry and hot but sometimes wet and even cold because the extremes are increasing as our jet stream gets a lot less steady it's normally the jet stream should go flowing more east-west but now we have these big dips in the jet stream and that that's how you can get really warm air to the north really cold air to the south and then along those boundaries sometimes severe weather storms and that's going to make it really hard for farming to predict how to you know for irrigation farmers used to be able to depend on on weather being a certain way and knowing when to plant and harvest and that reliability and climate is is we're starting to lose that can you talk about the major report that you did about the Arctic that you helped write an April concluding the Arctic biophysical system is now clearly trending away from its 20th century state and into an unprecedented state with implications not only within but beyond the Arctic explained I was part of a study where we looked across multiple disciplines and we kind of zoomed out because we tend to you know focus on our favorite region but this was a pan Arctic study also interdisciplinary we were looking at the bio biological system at the surface the the ocean system and when you zoom out you you actually start to see more of the connections and how profoundly the Arctic system is changing the Arctic is warming it twice the rate of the rest of the world because of a number of feedback processes like the removal of a reflective cover of snow or sea ice leading to the large increase in the absorption of sunlight the increase in rainfall and precipitation actually leading to more plant growth the so called a shrub af– ocation of the Arctic increasing lightning ignition is now clearly linked with the increasing temperature and precipitation there's more lightning that provides the trigger mechanism for the the increasing wildfires that we're seeing this interconnected system because it's warming so fast it makes the signal that much easier to see then this study looked forward into the future and and there's no real prospect under the most likely climate scenarios either business-as-usual or some kind of Paris climate agreement type scenario we we we see even in the the Paris climate scenario a permanently transformed biophysical system of the Arctic with with effects that radiate outside of the Arctic like sea level rise like the disruption of weather patterns that that is now being already felt in the mid-latitudes so the the Arctic plays an important role in hemispheric climate and the signal is very clear a new study finds even modest shifts and government subsidies away from so fuels and toward renewables could lead to a dramatic drop in greenhouse gas emissions the International Institute for sustainable development says governments spend some three hundred seventy two billion dollars each year subsidizing coal oil and gas if as little as 10 percent of that money was invested in wind solar and other renewables countries could see a nearly 20% drop in carbon dioxide pollution Jason box can you explain the significance of this many people may not understand for example in the United States and that's where you train were educated that we continue to subsidize the coal the oil the gas industry in this country gasoline is so affordable in the u.s. because it's heavily subsidized and that enables the US economy to to rev up like it does and and it's it's not surprising that they're proponents who who want to continue subsidizing petroleum to keep the existing economic system running however the externalities of that economic system are producing radical environmental impacts like climate change it to a point that we can't really ignore them anymore it's good news that studies are showing that that by reducing carbon emissions and putting investments into lower carbon energy systems that that we can we can achieve the needed reductions in in greenhouse gas emissions if we don't reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately stabilize co2 and we also have to draw down a lot of carbon out of the atmosphere if we don't achieve that there's no real prospect for a stable society or even a governor bowl society going forward on on a perpetual growth on a finite planet is by definition impossible so we have to confront the reality that we need an economic system that recognizes the important services that that that the atmosphere provides to us for free and and so where our economic system is is is crashing with reality and so reports that are detailing the the sustainability prospects of shifting investments into cleaner energy are not only welcome there they're necessary if we want a stable global society finally the significance of President Trump being a climate change denier what this means with the United States the historically greatest greenhouse gas emitter how this affects the rest of your world as an American you are now looking at the u.s. through a vantage point outside of the United States how this kind of climate change denial affects policy in the world the effect recently with the European elections has been the so-called Green Wave there's been a progressive I think it might be a reaction to the publicity that the climate change has been getting and and so we see a more rational more kind of humanitarian approach to environment and climate emerging in Europe because the facts are very clear and and there's there's less of there's less denial of this of science and and and the environmental crisis that we face in Europe for one I think a lot of the world that like here in Denmark there watching the u.s. very carefully but but not really falling into the the the lies that are being spread by the the Trump administration which clearly want to maintain a status quo because it's extremely profitable for a lot of people that that are supporting they just to perpetuate and I think to be able to exploit petroleum while while they still can I think those days are numbered uh hopefully you know the truth prevails and the world realizes that we need to not only leave fossil fuels in the ground we need to protect existing forests and re-establish forests in in some attempt to stabilize and the this increase in atmospheric carbon that threatens global society Jason box wanna thank you so much for being with us professor a nice climatologist at the geologic survey of Denmark and Greenland speaking to us from Copenhagen to see part one of our discussion go to Democracy Now org I'm Amy Goodman thanks so much for joining us

Impeaching Trump Is On The 'Right Side Of History' | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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In the wake of Mueller, the impeachment caucus swells to 108 democratic members. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver joins The Beat on why he now supports an impeachment inquiry.
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Impeaching Trump Is On The ‘Right Side Of History’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

throws headlines before they go to print I've just been handed some great reporting the 11th out with Brian Williams weeknights on MSNBC welcome back Democrats have launched an impeachment investigation with house judiciary chair Nadler saying Trump quote richly deserves impeachment today the impeachment caucus is swelling to a hundred and eight members nearly half the Democrats in the house backing an impeachment inquiry today Nevada congresswoman dina Titus joined the list while the Mueller testimony might not have been made for TV he certainly brought out that the President had been less than truthful and after those hearings I got lots of calls from people in my district saying do it now the cause have increased in number and in intensity but still leaders in the party they're hesitant about taking that next formal step watch this I worried equally though Chuck about the message of taking a Pietschmann case to trial losing that case having the president's acquitted and then having an adjudication that this conduct is not impeachable he richly deserves impeachment he has done many impeachable offenses he's violated the law six ways in Sunday's but that's not the question the question is can we develop enough evidence to put before the American people all right with me now is Democratic congressman Emanuel cleaver of Missouri who today called for an opening of an impeachment inquiry congressman good to see you so back in June you cautioned against a rush to judgment on impeachment telling your colleagues quote this the president will be held accountable for any crimes he may have committed but in order to ensure that transpires we must be patient what's changed for you well I still think that we must be patient I don't think that we can afford to haphazardly and thoughtlessly run out and start screaming impeachment but I sat down and had a conversation with chairman Adler I listened to atom shift I've listened to individuals on the Judiciary Committee and I have been convinced that we do need more information now do we have enough money enough information for impeachment absolutely if it's if it only involves the people in Congress but we're talking about 300 million people in the United States and many of them are not convinced and so we've got to have I think some rather commanding information to present to them and all I have seen is the redacted version of the Muller report there is also grand jury testimony and chairman Nadler saying look there's a lot of information that we don't have and some of them we may not meet we may not get because for example in the Southern District they were talking about counterintelligence and that may be so sensitive that with our intelligence community that may not be available to us but maybe it's available to the House and Senate leadership but we need to be able to have the judiciary the third branch of our government agree that now that we're moving in a direction to have a an indictment we need all of the information and so we can't afford to have the executive branch hold people back and say this is a executive privilege and in some instances just saying you just can't I don't want you to go and so we've got to have some punch to do that and I think an inquiry what's that punch well that we do have now a more powerful legal argument for the information we remember we're fighting this in court now and what what it what is it going to take because it seems as if this is going to be an incredibly drawn-out process you're not even in a formal impeachment inquiry this is still just an impeachment investigation which then leads to an impeachment inquiry which then leads to formal impeachment which could take months by January you're effectively into the primary season and then you have a presidential election around the corner the timing of it all doesn't necessarily line up especially if you're looking for that punch and of course we've all been asking what is the punch that Democrats need to really drive at home if that's in fact what they want I don't think we're gonna pick up a sheet of paper and say oh my goodness but he's done this and he's done that we have enough I mean I'm sure that he has already committed impeachable offenses with the information we have but you know we we've got to be very thoughtful we're talking about undoing an election even though I don't think that even if we impeach the president that there's any chance that mr. McConnell Republican Senate would do anything I don't care what we find nothing and so there are those who say that if the senator quits it may make it somewhat difficult to put the President on trial after he leaves the White House look we've got to be thoughtful about this and and I don't think we just rush in and start screaming impeachment that will probably come a time when we may have to vote that based on information we have whether or not we want to go for impeachment and remember if we have impeachment the government shut down we're through until some decision is made look at the end of the day you have a hundred eight on board it seems you need a lot more for a majority to say the least are you confident that more Democrats are going to sign on to this no I think that many Democrats my colleagues our conversations with they realize that that we've got to be you know very deliberate and they also realize that only 23 percent of the public wants to do this and they also realize that what has been telling us is real and that is you know we impeach another says no and then why did you go guys overreach why why were you why didn't you just wait around the election of sixteen month from now if your congressman quickly if you're not confident then is this more just about being on the record about the fact that you support impeachment of this president well I do think that's there's something has to be said for being on the right side of history and I don't want to be like some of my colleagues on the Republican side who are watching lawlessness and saying nothing III don't want that but I also would like to make sure that we can go and get information that we don't have at this all right congressman Emanuel cleaver thank you so much appreciate you joining us tonight hey I'm already Melbourne from MSNBC you can see more of our videos right here or better yet subscribe to our YouTube channel below you could have been anywhere in the world that you're here with us and we appreciate that

How BTS Became A Major Moneymaker For South Korea

Meet BTS, a seven-member South Korean boy band from Seoul. The band has sold millions of albums and is one of the most-watched artists on YouTube. Not to mention their stadium shows around the globe have quickly sold out. Should BTS maintain their popularity, they could generate $37 billion in economic value for South Korea over the next 10 years.

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How BTS Became A Major Moneymaker For South Korea

In 1964 an English boy band called The Beatles made its television debut and changed the face of the music industry forever. More than 50 years later another foreign import is doing it again. Meet BTS a seven member South Korean boy band from Seoul. The band has sold millions of albums and is one of the most watched artists on YouTube. Not to mention their stadium shows around the globe have quickly sold out. It's estimated that BTS is worth about 3.6 billion dollars per year to the economy of South Korea and more than 1 billion dollars in consumer exports. The idols as South Koreans call its megastars were the reason that 1 in every 13 foreign tourists visited the country in 2017. BTS even partnered with visit Seoul on a tourism campaign. which were featured in videos for the campaign have become hot spots for tourists. Should beaches maintain their popularity they could generate 37 billion dollars in economic value for South Korea over the next 10 years. So how did BTS break the mold in South Korea and jump to the top of the charts in the U.S.. BTS wasn't an overnight sensation debuting in 2013 the K-pop group took its name from a Korean expression "Bangtan Sonyeondan" which translates to "Bullet Proof Boy Scouts." Although the acronym has since morphed to stand for beyond the scene a nod to how connected the band is to its loyal fans known as "Army.". So what is K-pop anyway. K-pop is short for Korean pop or Korean popular music. It's a music genre that blends together electronic, hip-hop, pop, rock, R&B, and even rap. The genre can be traced back to the early 90s but rose to popularity in the 2000s. It has since grown into a 5 billion dollar global industry. Typically K-pop groups have gained a foothold in South Korea and throughout Asia before trying to expand to a global audience. But when they did travel abroad these trips were actually detrimental to many of their careers because it ripped them out of the spotlight in their home country. So previous generations of K-pop idols Korea very much depended on TV as a platform whereas BTS used social media to really kind of make themselves available and visible and that can be done anywhere in the world. But BTS did things a little differently. The boys of BTS were signed to South Korean entertainment company Big Hit Entertainment who had conducted the auditions that brought them together. The group spent several years refining their dance moves and sound before debuting in 2013. Two band members Jimin and V hailed from the Korean Arts High School in Seoul a private educational institution that has many K-pop idols as alumni. The school closed in February 2019 however as it was unable to keep up with new and strict laws and decided to stop taking students. Other performing arts high schools sometimes called K-pop schools remain. Here young South Korean students practice their dance moves and polish their vocal skills. The boys hail from cities and towns from all over South Korea and were brought together through a series of auditions in 2010 and 2011. Big Hit Entertainment was on the brink of bankruptcy in 2007. However it wasn't until BTS's launched that Big Hits' financials really turned around. By 2018 the company's profit soared 97 percent from the year prior hauling in around 57 million dollars. Revenue rose 132 percent from 2017 to 2018 and the company's net income rose 105 percent year over year. Much of this growth was due to how Big Hit first marketed betas to the public. Yes kind of circumvented traditional model of the viewing on TV music shows and gaining visibility and rather they took a route of reaching out to global fandom through social media directly. So it is a band that gained fame and popularity overseas even before they became superstars in Korea itself. The band was given full control of their social media presence and we're encouraged to live blog their practices and daily lives. Social media has been playing a tremendous role not only into Korean Wave but also in exchange and propagation of culture. In fact Korean Wave including K-pop, K-beauty, K-food, movies, and games is a worldwide trend now because of the social media and a U.S. market is no exception. In recent years the millennials have spent enormous time on social media and a massive cultural content has been consumed especially the expansion of Korean Wave on YouTube is the most powerful driving force. Notably, none of the band members have their own individual accounts on social media. There's just one band account meaning the group's fan following is concentrated on one account per platform. On Twitter the band has more than 20 million followers on Instagram more than 19 million. And YouTube has just over 20 million as of July 2019. This massive fan base isn't concentrated in one country or region; it's global. And that has been a major factor in BTS's success. Their record label even gave the boys latitude to create their own solo music. BTS first arrived in America in 2014, to be part of a South Korean reality TV show called "BTS American Hustle Life" which aired on a South Korean network. The show centered around the band living in L.A. while learning more about Western culture and rap music from industry veterans Warren G and Coolio. Later that year BTS became the youngest artist to play L.A. K-con on an annual festival that features the biggest K-pop superstars. This performance garnered the group a lot of attention. In 2017, BTS received its first billboard music awards for top social artist. Nominees are artists that fans engage with the most on social media. The first one at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017 was a total shock to the majority of U.S. media because BTS captured the top social artist overtaking superstars such as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. The Beatles were from Liverpool not from a rich background. BTS is very similar. Their daily lives it would be in the delivery room with friends every day. They show that their lives are not much different from ours. They are the same as us, they are real. Otherwise they would never be able to gain this level of popularity. The band also gained notoriety for their show stopping choreography and highly stylized music videos. In May 2019, at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey nearly 100,000 people showed up to watch the band perform shelling out between 55 and 250 dollars per ticket. Sales from the two shows reach more than 14 million dollars. Earlier that month in Chicago attendance was around 88,000 at Soldier Field over the two performances. The band hauled in 13.3 million dollars in ticket sales. For comparison, Taylor Swift also played at Soldier Field earning 14.5 million dollars for two performances in front of one hundred and 5000 fans each night. Swift also played at MetLife Stadium, earning 22 dollars for three performances playing to crowds of over 165,000 thousand. In 2018, BTS has earned its first platinum certification for its song "mic drop" and its first gold album for "Love Yourself: Answer." Answer debuted number one on the Billboard 200 chart and was recognized as the best selling album ever on South Korea's Goan Chart. There are so sung not about love or broken hearts. It's about identity, confidence, and loving oneself. It is socially conscious message that's why we pull their music the music of this generation. This messaging is especially important as the K-pop industry has become mired in scandal in recent years. In early 2019 a number of prominent K-pop idols were named as being part of an online group that shared sexually explicit videos of women filmed without their knowledge or consent. Many K-pop fans in Korea are discontent with labelling bikinis as K-pop acts because they think BTS is more than K-pop and beyond K-pop. Particularly at this moment when K-pop world in general is mired in very severe scandal involving sex trade, rape allegations, and illegal drug sales and what not. BTS has partnered with UNICEF to stage campaigns against violence towards children and teens around the world. Last November, BTS launched the Love Myself campaign with UNICEF building on our belief that true love first begins with loving myself. We've been partnering with UNICEF's End Violence program to protect children and young people all over the world from violence. And our fans have become a major part of this campaign. With their action and with their enthusiasm. We truly have the best fans in the world. In 2019 BTS continue to break records. The group was the first K-pop band ever to perform on Saturday Night Live. The band's most recent album "Map of the Soul: Persona" had more than 3 million preorders internationally and upon release went to number one on iTunes album charts in 89 different countries. Unlike other K-pop stars who mainly target Southeast Asia or Chinese fans, BTS has targeted the U.S. market directly. The boy band has collaborated with a number of music heavyweights that are popular in America. Including Nicki Minaj, Ed Sheeran, and Halsey and BTS isn't just taking the music industry by storm. Toys, apparel, and cosmetic companies are all benefiting from the band's global fame. BTS has partnered with Converse, Coca-Cola, Puma, and Hyundai in the form of clothing lines and advertisements. Not to mention BTS has collaborated with Funko on a set of seven Funko Pops. All the social media engagement we've had with any property this year, BTS is number one and that's ahead of Game of Thrones ahead of Avengers: Endgame. So that's a surprise to us and it's a it's a huge win and we got a little bit of how powerful the BTS brand could be at New York Toy Fair when we start to see that was our number one instagrammed, tweeted, facebooked item for that for that for the show. So we're seeing diversity across who and what the K-pop fans are and I think that's one of the reasons why the products are resonating at different retailers. I mean you can't get any more diverse from Barnes and Noble to Hot Topic to Amazon. Three very diverse retailers in all three are doing exceedingly well with the BTS brand It's clear however that BTS isn't just a passing fad. The Love Yourself, Speak Yourself tour has reportedly made more than 100 million dollars in ticket sales averaging about 4.5 million dollars per show. The group has been prolific about releasing new music. Since 2014, BTS has released six studio albums and six EPs. For comparison, the Beatles released 12 studio albums and 13 EPs between 1962 and 1970. Not to mention Beatles is the first band since The Beatles to have three albums hit the number one spot in America in less than a year.

How Juul Became A $15 Billion Giant

Juul Labs has rapidly overtaken the U.S. e-cigarette market. In the past year, sales have skyrocketed nearly 800 percent and Juul is now valued at more than $15 billion. But the company faces lawsuits and FDA regulation, and its popularity among teens could threaten its future. CNBC gets a rare look inside Juul Labs and talks to the founders, James Monsees and Adam Bowen, to hear how the company is facing its challenges while trying to eliminate cigarettes from the face of the Earth.

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How Juul Became A $15 Billion Giant | CNBC

James mom sees and Adam Bowen have a lot in common I went to college as an undergrad for science and art double majored in physics and studio art decided to apply to this program at at Stanford wound up go into grad school at Stanford we just had a lot of you learn a lot of comment and well one thing we also had in common was we were both mothers and we spent a lot of time together smoke cigarettes together and ultimately decided that we could be better when mon season bowen decided that they could do better than cigarettes they formed an e-cigarette company called plume we realized his people don't want to stay for cigarette they want to move past cigarettes bloom later became pax labs and in 2015 pax introduced a product called Joule in 2017 Joule spun off into its own company jewel labs it's hard to imagine an area that can be more powerful to public health in particular than to eliminate cigarettes from fifth-years it is one of the most successful consumer products of all time if not the most successful and yet it kills more than half of all people who use them long term but we had always intended to build this company around the idea of making cigarettes obsolete we knew that Joule would be the way to do that nobody had created an appealing product using this principle so we thought well you know that's that's easy right like for us as product the product designers of course it turned out to be not so easy it took many years many iterations thousands of prototypes multiple products until we felt that we really got it right the team that pulled Joule together originally was probably only about twenty done on a two million dollar budget and man things have changed since then joules are the one of the most popular products that we sell here I mean on my college campus it's really popular I definitely know it's it's up-and-coming it's one of those products that just flies off the shelf there used to like a lot in parties I've noticed recently a lot of people using the Joule on social media I've seen it on a Dave Chappelle stand up in the past year Joule sales have skyrocketed almost eight hundred percent helping Joule capture nearly three-quarters of the e-cigarette market today the company is valued at fifteen billion dollars but this explosive growth doesn't come without scrutiny the company faces lawsuits and upcoming FDA regulations jewel at its core is a vaporizer it heats up liquid in a cartridge containing five ingredients including various flavors and nicotine there's growing scientific consensus that there's significantly less exposure to toxic ins from east cigarettes or vapor products than cigarettes jool is careful not to make health claims but it's confident in the product in fact both founders said they have stopped smoking cigarettes and now only use Joule we are undertaking significant clinical and non-clinical studies to support our application to the FDA and we believe that those data will support a finding that our product Falls lower on the continuum of risk than cigarettes while more research is needed to study the long-term effects of e-cigarettes new evidence suggests they may not be as safe as jewel hopes if you had to interviewed me two years ago either said there may be 25% is dangerous as a cigarette okay now I think they're somewhere between three quarters as dangerous as a cigarette and as dangerous as a cigarette and while you don't have a lot of the chemicals that are generated by setting the tobacco on fire in an e-cigarette you have different chemicals so these cigarettes don't have a lot of the bad things in tobacco they have other bad things in them one of the key ingredients in a jewel pod is nicotine and it's a significant amount of nicotine 40 milligrams per cartridge which Jewell says recreates as closely as possible the nicotine delivery of a cigarette but it's highly addictive so much so that Israel bans the product a few months after it launched there while it isn't a carcinogen nicotine itself doesn't cause cancer it interacts with cancer cells in a way that makes cancers worse it stimulates your nervous system and that over a long time is bad for your cardiovascular system that leads to heart disease there's a huge amount of bad things nicotine is doing to your body beyond just the addictive effect the company recently added nicotine warning labels and introduced a lower nicotine pod there's a lot of misunderstanding about this category and about nicotine many people think that it's deadly it's this serious disease agent when really nicotine is alone is quite benign it's a mild stimulant it is habit-forming or can lead to dependence and so for that reason alone no non-smokers should ever touch you know this product should ever touch a nicotine product but non-smokers are using its product and a lot of those non-smokers are kids it's become one of Jule's most significant obstacles a new type of e-cigarette is turning up in schools it's a vaping device called Joule but it looks like a regular computer flash drive slick slender and the newest craze among kids it's definitely more popular among thieves my nephew is he's eight in junior high yes yeah and he told me about Joule before I had to hear about you oh yeah that's what kids are doing and the negative health effects of vaping are magnified when it's done by an adolescent kids you use them have more asthma they have more days off school there's evidence linking them with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other diseases addiction is not a phase it's not like something kids kind of grow out of when they go from being teenagers to adults those changes are permanent Julian has even become a verb and schools across the country are struggling to keep it out of classrooms we've invested thirty million dollars in youth prevention activities including secret shopper programs and honestly we're seeking guidance everywhere we can and how to migrate youth often dawei from our products as aggressively as possible is bad for our business right that's the last thing we need but it may have been jewels early marketing campaigns that escalated this problem we had a ton of confidence early on when we were originally developing jewel that this was going to be something different than the market and the way we would stand out is originally through a flawed marketing campaign not not the best one what you did was very different from those other major brands of e-cigarettes instead of using traditional marketing and the media channels what they did was heavily focus on social media platforms very much appealing to youth and young adults there is a high correlation between the activities on social media platform and their sales in retail stores kids you know 15 16 they are also very much attracted to the content that appealing to young adults aged between 18 and 24 earlier this year Jule significantly changed its social media policy now no longer using models and its advertising and focusing instead on testimonials from adult smokers who switch to jewel if I was up I was smoking we've built the underpinnings you know now the roadmap to ultimately eliminating all underage use of our product and we need people to help us get there we're also working with the Facebook's of the world to remove videos and pictures and we are working to create long-term partnerships with social media platforms to help encourage them to remove or not permit this content in the first place jool pods come in a variety of flavors but this is another potential problem area for the company flavored tobacco products are a key way that the tobacco companies appeal to kids the FDA banned cigarette companies from using characterizing flavors in part because they are attractive to kids jool however beliefs flavors are vital to its goal of converting adult smokers we are very supportive of reasonable regulation on flavors we do feel however that flavors are incredibly important for adult smokers to switch and that is our mission we have this ocean of evidence that flavors are bringing kids into the market and then we have you know a very limited body of evidence supporting these claims that flavors in assert help adults switch to e-cigarettes jool must submit its product to the FDA for review by August 2022 a recently extended deadline but it's moving forward with a new product internationally one that it says will give users more control over the vaping experience we will be introducing a connected device version of Joule internationally consumers will for the first time in this industry be able to visualize and control their consumption and frankly it's incumbent upon us to empower them to do anything they want with our platform and if that means to stop using it we will do that as researchers continue to study the health risk and schools and regulators try to keep up Jools monumental growth continues we estimate that we've switched over a million smokers to Joule in just three years but there are about 38 million left in the US so there's still a lot of room to grow the first time I told my mom we're gonna pursue this tobacco thing her immediate reaction was why would you do that you can do anything you want just don't go near tobacco but the moment that I first used the product in her house and we sat down talked about you know what this could do rate for Public Health she became very supportive very quickly I think she's quite proud of it actually you

Amazing Discovery Isolated Amazon Tribes – Tribe Amazon Rainforest Brazil Full Documentary

Amazing Discovery Isolated Amazon Tribes – Tribe Amazon Rainforest Brazil Full Documentary

out of the Brazilian Amazon it shows naked painted figures firing arrows at a passing plane who are they why they're there and why was the pitch when they claimed that there are uncontacted tribes in the Amazon dismissed as a hoax this is the story of a dangerous journey deep into a vast expanse of forest to find out more about the tribe in the picture Richard Worman veteran producer of many films about tribes in remote regions is mounting an expedition with filmmaker Ben Yong to find the truth about the tribe in the picture are the pictures fate Wiley's indians there are they dangerous just who are they and why do they remain uncontacted to start answering these questions Richard and Ben are making their way to phage oh the nearest town to the tribe in the picture they stopped on a new road to look at the impact development is having on the forest devastation this is 20 years old there became this Bank cattle of the enemy of the tribe in adventure bicycles though the cars bigger than people you can imagine as soon as this road is tama nothing's can wide and then they became alive aside from here they'll make the 10-day journey upriver near to where the tribe is supposed to live while preparations are being made some of the local townspeople are asked about the tribe do they think the picture is a fake nothing nothing it was to Turkey music every single judge two-dimensional winches grabs in don't you put out the pheromones or a bundle not debatable sorry Mikey quantity la maestra Bravo net see falafel attack of Islam Richard and Ben hoped to find out the truth about the tribe in the picture the next step in the journey is a meeting with a key person in the story this is Jose Carlos Morales the man who released the photographs he set up two base camps to protect the tribe from contact with the outsiders and has agreed to take Richard and been on a journey upriver to the camps his daughter Paula and her brother Arturo work with him and are coming to the journey upriver is dangerous in 2004 Morales was in his canoe when three arrows were fired at him one of them went through his face and exited between his jugular and spinal column Richard and Arturo try and find boatman willing to take them and the crew on the long journey upstream into remote territory budget our budget but the boatman seemed fearful special education parts of review here ask Miss Templeman see ISOs follow my inquires will change television yeah yeah Oh mais you have to focus on the expedition to the base camps can only be made by Cano there's safety in numbers and five boats are needed after much negotiation they find their boatman with all the equipment and fuel weight is critical so most food will come from hunting and fishing the guns also provided terror against attack in ten days time Richard and Ben hope to be at the first base camp before trekking through forests to the second one they won't try make contact with the tribe in the picture but if the tribe really exists some evidence could help it survive the only quick way out of the forest is by helicopter if landing is possible the Amazon rainforest is the most biodiverse region in the world home to 30% of the world's species there are millions of different forms of life some are still unknown unrecorded or just undiscovered the state of Acre is one of the remotest regions of Brazil it reaches as far as the Peruvian border and vast expansive of its forests remain intact during the last two decades Morales has spent a lot of time deep in the forest he works for the Brazilian Indian Protection Agency through nine he claims the pictures he released to the press proves existence of uncontacted Indians in the area but some people have dismissed them as fakes Richard and Ben are now two days upriver and closer to Indian Territory there are a few settlers living here known as Ribery nose or river people they clear small areas of forest and try and make a living from cattle rearing fishing and cultivation there are no roads electricity or phone lines here Josefa has a small farm on the river she just spotted strangers in the forest her neighbor Chico is an experienced woodsman and has agreed to join the expedition he backs up Joseph his claim do not know if we saw Kiki so intelligence intimately Hickel on your Sunday I think that numata fatigue Avena Qaeda the other who he and I wrote it an American community on that Amica persevere cause it is really much better Yasu VA policy Alabama Nakamura's Trevino arrived in Jamaica Genoa it is terrible complete with our but lives love with Mike his description bears striking resemblance to the figures in the picture it's dawn and time to get going the shelters used for sleeping are dismantled nothing is thrown away and the cord used to bind the palms is retrieved for further use Richard and Ben of five days upriver from the town and they are entering isolated and wild territory constantly having to haul that can those up rapid slows progress down this land has been set aside for Indians only there are no River Reno's here they stopped at an Indian village to spend the night perhaps they can answer some questions about the tribe in the picture the camper or the a Shaniqua are the biggest tribe in the area some have gone to live in the towns but many prefer to hold on to their customs and live in villages away from white settlements in the past the camper have been used as slaves by loggers and rubber farmers and forced to help clear isolated tribes from their villages the Amazon rainforest has been disappearing at an average rate of seven thousand square miles a year and as their land is taken away many tribes have tried to defend it loggers and prospectors have often gone into their villages and simply shot anyone they could find the camper had their first contact with white settlers hundreds of years ago but many other Amazonian tribes have only been in touch with the outside world recently maybe there are others to be contacted Richard is welcomed with a drink while Richard sampling the local beer and spit Ben gets his face painted Paula shows the campus some of the pictures her father Morelos has taken from the air and the villagers have some amazing revelations they claim the tribe in the picture was responsible for a kidnapping take Jana yeah I mean I just gotta go Paula's father Morales is trying to protect the uncontacted tribes by setting aside an area just for them and leaving them in isolation but what do the camber Indians think of this policy myself oh no no my baby no oh my son know my surname warm ah no but my face I mean your holy border cup already because it's made it as a mother no change in finances are for you mother funny back on the river we meet Joe a Shaniqua a camper teacher he too has strong views about the tribe in the picture Okita Lani Barrera Sanusi syllabi conseguir más ocupados homicide No como esta pasando in Doha masa pesos or Hamas ah la cara shakarpare to pay guy illness mayor jiggly Omarosa motivates the go truth yeah muscle man du travail the boats are entering the dangerous territory demarcated for uncontacted Indians this is close to the place where Morales was shot through the neck Richard woman and Ben young are making the long and dangerous journey into one of the remotest parts of the Amazon rainforest to find the truth about the uncontacted tribe photographed from the air the forest provides could cover for any aggressor an open canoe is a sitting target with the river low the boats are sometimes very close to the bank after 10 days on the river finally Richard and Ben arrived at the first base camp this base camp was set up near the Peruvian border after reports of isolate Indians have been received by Funai the Indian Protection Agency Marella's start building it in 1987 and has spent most of his time in this remote place ever since he identified the locations of uncontacted Indians by making aerial surveys although he keeps these flies to a minimum he's able to monitor their numbers and well-being in 2004 he was nearly killed he believes it could be by a member of a tribe like this one they serve our flesh our there's no flesh of piracy the quest Misaka with the Travis co-host Travis nope ESCOs sake nanu Co Palmer they were hunky a flesh who later have a travesty of you taco piece was Milby it is made Lupe Walker watch the near community because which a movie Meryl s was able to radio for help a military helicopter arrived two hours later and took him to hospital despite massive blood loss he was saved he thinks tribes like this one may have come over from Peru fleeing illegal loggers who often shoot them on sight this Funai footage from 1989 shows unidentified corpses found in the Jabari River had been shot there were people from the uncontacted Krueger tribe and will probably kill by illegal loggers a49 team made contact with the kuru bow the goal of the contact was to monitor their survival and swayed them to keep away from the forest areas where loggers operate when I can monitor their well-being but contact with the outsiders has resulted in the kuru boo contracting malaria influenza and other new diseases to which they have no immunity the Amazon was home to hundreds of indigenous nations each with their own languages and customs when settlers started arriving from Portugal and Spain they needed the labor and the skills of the Indians to survive and native resistance was met with gunfire many Indians fled into the forest to escape the oppressors who brought war and disease it's possible that some of them formed the tribes living in isolation which Morel s is trying to protect Richard and Ben visit another camp a village downriver the camper or a Shaniqua live in land especially demarcated for them it borders the area Funai has set aside for the uncontacted tribes only this is causing tension valley is no final el tercer plan to punch above vodka from a passage in neukölln no Morphin no kappa martha kombucha Martha mm oh my lady ain't no puta Sally como esta parado occupied nicola you daily pakistani innkeeper was a couple requests a Miss Mary Jo I pairen-sama Eric II don't know why you pleasure Kimiko wanker it won't have a cool person who says you take open bar this Gina this camper odor seems to think Bareilles should pacify the isolated tribes they have seen and heard figures trying to steal valuable items like cooking pots and machetes but can't communicate with them because they've got a different language these camper elders think pots could be the answer to Panera eejit are so many you Danny Madrid ranma-honey she does a Panera taxi funny saying is upon you acaba yes enjoyed working at Amidala prodigy bow well as you bow and you never mullah never see my god camera it's like an okay boy Santiago making a mono cabinet Morales who spotted what appears to be a metal cooking pot on this photograph it's probably been stolen from one of the neighboring groups of Indians this supports what the camber have said about the tribe in the pitcher stealing from them they find or grow cotton which is spun and woven into cloth here is a bale of cotton and a basket for collecting it we can see that the men wear cotton waistbands and the women wear skirts they are completely self-sufficient and their community seems to be thriving just like an Indian village might have been five hundred years ago before the arrival of the white settlers like the tribe in the picture the camper collect everything they need from making clothes from the forest these looms are made from a few sticks and may be similar to the ones used by the uncontacted Indians the camber will depend on bows and arrows to survive the process of arrow making is long and laborious they have the luxury of metal tools and nylon cord but newly made arrows from uncontacted tribes have been found recently which have been cut using animal teeth cutting the hard tips would be extremely time-consuming using teeth Morales believes that overflights caused the isolated tribes confusion and stress they fire at the plains and many valuable arrows needed for hunting are lost as a result Bareilles tries to limit his aerial surveys to a minimum as night draws in on the camper village some worrying news emerges on Hamas Hamas or grant affinity yank I use addition to problem I only tapped a hole in our price range Ibrahim – you going to Bravo while sleeping lie on the edge of the village and they keep saying to us to be careful you can probably hear the dogs barking well we'll tell you 100 annoying Richard and Ben have spent the night on the edge of an Indian settlement they've been told to be careful as isolated Indians were close by it's now morning nothing has been taken and everyone is safe at the camper village the while Richard and Ben were downriver Morales was attacked no kill you got up there my voltage in this bottle quote there's a flash see a preview of flesh with one flash let's see what the bomb came to her eyes when she co do this but anaconda don't take a lotta quarter-to-quarter Quebrada yes sir ducky I own a pool of boob AHA I see our two same Jill island here about dear sir darphus telepaths aussie yen trivago he can identify the bamboo tips from the other side of the border he thinks the blue cord used to tie the flights was stolen from one of his own boats it's stronger than the twine from the forest and shows that the tribe in the picture are not only fearless and resourceful but they are also watching what's going on around them Ellis is returning to the site where he was shot at to have a look around Gustav you Carlon appear at the bottom do middle ah it'll be spelled or game personal opera Parata Connie control now prepare dinner for example there's a new pair Dino panicky that you did if you would to devote to to Odessa Lagerfeld in Italy wears a hockey town and stop Scientology will improve Inspiron the pesto pasta court Ric garlicky moonsto volumeter get the flesh out if she can washing a Keith look over our chassis job I say Morales believes the isolated groups like the tribe in the picture should not be fired up when they attack and that it should be left to them to make contact your arch nemesis part which is premier statistical nature society called surprise contact coop over this supposed to premiere one to contact the states the popular Santa Bach so isn't a cantata Genesis as a premier civil war chief amicus tanja estate CSS provost grab an essay is a larger invade but even carry contact Croisette who cannot respect a satirical stay the isolated Indians are being forced into ever smaller regions these NASA satellite pictures show how the forest is being eaten away by logging Peru has given over 70% of its Amazonian rainforest to oil and gas exploration this often leads to road-building into the forest which provides access for illegal loggers Morales hopes that he can prove the existence of the uncontacted tribes and make the public aware of them this will improve their chances of survival but the tribes assume that all strangers are a threat to them and their environment this is why they attack Morales his daughter Paula runs the second base camp further north her camp was visited by one of the isolated tribes Dennis Abadi is on a suicide attack outside because Ozzie Encarta was near person abilities preocupada pass on my flesh has found a new host my students now our food psycho hand to become a tranquilizer a yummy sugar Morales is base camp had a dramatic visit from strangers in 1998 while he was out d marketing land Kumasi picada pasado de lado petrol petrol maldis enceladus jews endows Devine taken food ido es edema kazakh whadya say I consider booze Envy iraki korekara phobic – cheeky kamo cars Ibaka who seek a motive especially Staubach in Abbas Kosygin Safa Lavazza hajj yahoo people do judge appointed position sir karma gentleman welcome sir Carla fkq medo de volta praça da zento become a sahaja yoga Brazil a coordination in geology Brazil enter contact West Brasileiro SS – Brasileiro na co-op equal career positions body is mashuka wanted a pleasure yoga flesh eaten fugu piranha pal cable gelato to vote opus was Gazeta deposit vault Erica – Street food easily Cola Khandala business cards quit fuku problema deform because of the increased danger to the expedition Richard must return to the town to sign further government documents but there's not much fuel left so we must make the dangerous trip back with only one boat and he'll miss the next stage of the journey to the second base camp in the heart of the isolated Indian Territory the second base camp can only be contacted by radio and Paul is having problems getting through she's the keen to get on with the expedition and we'll start the journey tomorrow would Ben and the guides it's going to involve several days trekking through one of the wildest and most dangerous parts of the Amazon rainforest taking the team close to the tribe in the picture contact with the tribe will be avoided but will they attack this is where our journey will take us next before they leave for the second base camp Marella shows Ben and the guides the pictures contact is not exaggerated for test see what you love these things you can imagine the poster should I say no for my so saying trying Sebastian travel with materialism the isolated Indians tend not to attack larger groups the seven people are going on a journey to the second base camp everyone's been told to be vigilant and stay together canoes are taken as far as possible to carry equipment they'll be hidden when they can go no further most of the guys are armed then Chico here's something moving in the bush it's an anaconda they move quickly through water an attack by constricting their prey the porters think this snake could follow them upstream it seems brutal but such a magnificent creature should be killed in this way but anacondas composes a big threat when Richard Worman visited the kuru tribe in 1998 he witnessed a horrifying event kerubim child was taken while they were filming of all the dangerous isolated tribes faced strangers are the biggest threat but Morales needs to prove their existence in order to preserve their land this is the purpose of this dangerous expedition in the past if uncontacted Indians weren't shot other techniques we use to pacify them agrees with those methods and describes them a solution okey this ting tres cuatro group routine so large this ratio we told this into a large models in scope so sonic balaji school in X or body heart burns kanawa tortoise MIDI haka misogyny vamos cash in our ashram eh take for second thought question Zola's domineer behalf the position he converted Queens will say all the virus chip which proposes for example now children so loud can prepare a daily the galley maracas a MARSOC with dizzy result is 22 scours as well it causes dizziness his father is praha prodigy Obama beverage schools are most demos fats cocoa here Musa was Dean's preposterous Anastasia I present vices pop the solids ugh kill South Ossetian is knowledge one day into the trek and disaster struck Lewis one of the Indian guides has been bitten on the foot by a small snake one of the other Indian Porter's uses a traditional cure to reduce the swelling Amazonian Indians have an extensive knowledge of herbal remedies the tribe in the pitcher can be seen wearing some kind of herb around their waist it could have magic properties or perhaps it's another Amazonian cure waiting to be discovered by the Western drug companies Lewis is taken back to the base camp for more treatment with two less guides there is extra weight for others to carry and the party is also more vulnerable to attack then is now in the heart of the uncontacted Indian a few miles from their village there is no other direct route between the base camps so being this close is unavoidable the stream has become too shallow to continue with the canoes they're hidden and a group continued on foot then the silence is broken Sammy Takahiro didn't equip an idea she gave me toggle up did not come him attack you what I know yeah you might wanna say gamma K I chose to be ready yeah not chemically spell on horses are you I know you man yes lot of you a soft ways so the team thinks three men and a woman heard them approaching and ran into the forest so the focus is on board and service as far as if he wasn't in the home because there's four possible banana Masha come on Anika called Masada be elevated Miralles this policy is not too far even if they follow you back the pilot just asked me to hold the gun so then there's anyone watching the Indian guides have shot a monkey and prepare it to supper the team sleep close together particular method do studious the first trick I see attack is where the packages Commerce's would predominate so since talking to Peru in a no pero esta su esposa to take all this to madrid segaki equal to our education disseminated we saw it was a civil war that killed over suppose Jesus in the opponent whose function in our Institute of Pathology use or a test or surpasses from the lamas deepest my professor seekers for premier distance confusion material law bloggers on vacation snowy the possible methods attacks panic I'm going to support all the passages the spiracles Marty what appears to an urgent before you is lobbies this is the first night inside the forest on edge is an experience [Applause] take anything seriously very close to him conversely this is masking effect [Applause] on this journey through isolated Indian territory there have been many footprints pham which can only belong to uncontacted Indians filmmaker Ben young I spent a sleepless night in the forest and the next day more footprints are discovered the porters know that many of these footprints are fresh the isolated Indians could be watching then in the others move away from the stream and cut through the forest everyone stays close together then Chico here's something that's definitely something out there two of the porters walk towards the noise fuck out the other the team waits it's a dare the meat will provide food for the rest of the trip this area demarcated for isolated Indians is prime hunting territory as well as being rich in other resources that who owns the land assert our past LZ Jesus Antonio Meucci sausages could use the special to Jesus de l'été cheetahs are stairs the affairs houki see when I go to that Air Squadron Sequoia these two mongrels Marya the stairs in Jesus elevate leaders in Syria educators from particular finally the second base camp is reached all's well Paul has been running this base camp on the Douro River for four years Sooey trophy in bronco president it is wrong way flesh that Shiro such a lucky for my sissy it was simplified opreis key a key at the hitori de espana and our vantage so no podía taka change since the pictures were released the existence of the isolated tribes in the area have been denied by some groups and the authenticity of the actual pictures has come into question too while he has to convince the outside world of the existence of isolated Indians Morales also has to persuade local Indians that his policy of non contact is the right policy and he faces a lot of opposition nice no bigger joke or person afforded a messiah never say cuidado c'mon adagiamo nah c'mon ideally I tell ya no heart hey sook against Kerry Wood Democrats on that their song so what saw know why they my kappa das Alaskan persona okay listen even Donna Martin table inserted a a Democrat know Ponte been poor that's not be able to to thank you for a delta me to palana day like you don't Delta me but the market this sign is many days journey from the nearest town amongst border with Peru and Brazil is located throughout the better without them immigrants that are so good idea this is useful girly weekend recognizes you care to distort rejection heavy vehicle docile my division very very icky no to mr. Kotter solo parts agathi episiotomy disregard a key so nobody professional tool is a new hinge at the hip Lozano Hajek new protege as a gazelle you love July the lava the transmittances in the matter Bareilles has helped organize an exhibition in rio branco the capital of acre he hopes to bring people around to his policy of protecting the isolated indians through non-contact is our responsibility to maintain to protect them because there are 100% self-sustainable by the self and the vironment we need to learn from them they don't have anything to learn for us Pakistan will generate fundamentalist year because it defies minimum age a guarantee is delayed tempeh currency – the latest sports qualms Protege – Tate ordeals the Shantae toward a live the bass voice the materials the kakapo Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee resist and chemo difficult all these Isis pops Tony let DV very solid very tall jet skis and this afford appendage Eevee listen divide the mountains dark wash edge who can always pay – delayed can stay the isolated Indians are being forced into ever smaller regions these NASA satellite pictures show how the forest is being eaten away by logging Peru has given over 70% of its Amazonian rainforest to oil and gas exploration this often leads to road-building into the forest which provides access for illegal loggers marilla's hopes that he can prove the existence of the uncontacted tribes and make the public aware of them this will improve their chances of survival but the tribes assume that all strangers are a threat to them and their environment this is why they attack Morales his daughter Paula runs the second base camp further north her camp was visited by one of the isolated tribes where Dennis a body whose initial side approaches I'll take a course on zan Cara Gutierrez person abilities preocupada Paso my flesh has found a new host then is now in the heart of the uncontacted Indian a few miles from their village there is no other direct route between the base camps so being this close is unavoidable the stream has become too shallow to continue with the canoes they're hidden and the group continued on foot then the silence is broken so Mitaka hit a disability pan idea she gave me to grab dinner come him attack you what I know yeah you might wanna say gamakichi just be ready yeah not chemically spell on horses are you I know you man no I'm not working for software so how about then the silence is broken yeah she gave me to have dinner for him attack you what I know yeah you might wanna say gamma K I just be ready yeah not chemically spell on horses are you I know you man yes I'm not working for software so the team thinks three men and a woman heard them approaching and ran into the forest so the coach is going board and service are spotty there he brought into the home they process what Parts I knew be human garage bahnana bahnana shove a banana Naja now banana you can call me asada V the meat will provide food for the rest of the trip this area demarcated for isolated Indians is prime hunting territory as well as being rich in other resources but who owns the land esatto fast LZ Jesus entailed O'Neill velocities Cuchillo special to generate a cheetah's a stereo pair tsuki see when I go to the LZ spot Sequoyah disco jama'at Marija the stairs in Jesus elevated aesthetically this from particular finally the second base camp is reached all's well Paul has been running this base camp on the Douro River for four years Sooey trophy in bronco president it is only flesh that shirasaka for my sissy else my father is key a key a territory delis in responding and our vantage so no poiiticai changed since the pictures were released the existence of the eyes lot of your voice soft voice the team thinks three men and a woman heard them approaching and ran into the forest so the coach is going board and service as far as if he got into the home they can search for parts iMovie GarageBand ownership of banana Naja job on Anika called Masada Beach Google APIs are aware of eight others moralis these policy is not too far even if they borrow you know support back the powerless just asked me to hold behind so there's anyone watching the Indian guides devastation this is 20 years old having cutting this back cattle of the enemy of the tribe intervention bicycles motorcars diggers of the people you can imagine as soon as this road is tarmac nothing's can wide and then there be catalyzes here from here they'll make the 10-day journey upriver near to where the tribe is supposed to live while preparations are being made some of the local townspeople are asked about the tribe do they think the picture is a fake it was to Dookie music everything just your two-dimensional muchos browse in don't you put out the pheromones as a bundle not debate a bottle of my stuff Bravo here she falafel added a backpack of this one Richard and Ben hoped to find out the truth about the tribe in the picture the next step in the journey is a meeting with a key person in the story this is Jose Carlos Morales the man who released the photographs he set up two base camps to protect the tribe from contact with the outsiders and has agreed to take Richard and Ben on the June Ben is now in the heart of the uncontacted Indian a few miles from their village there is no other direct route between the base camps so being this close is unavoidable the stream has become too shallow to continue with the canoes they're hidden and the group continued on foot then the silence is broken so me Takahiro didn't idea she gave me go grab dinner come him thank you what I know my like honest a gimmick a Maquis bet on horses hey I know my soft ways so about that she do such a low key for my sissy it was simplified Oprah is key a Kia Territory dailies in españa and our vantage so no poetic I changed since the pictures were released the existence of the isolated tribes in the area have been denied by some groups and the authenticity of the actual pictures has come into question too while he has to convince the outside world of the existence of isolated Indians Morales also has to persuade local Indians that his policy of non contact is the right policy and he faces a lot of opposition nice no bigger person who did homicide in Illinois say cuidado come on Adama come on Delhi station Oh hark I put it against chemo Demick assume that they saw so I saw know why they my kappa das Alaska persona who clearly said even imagine toss a pencil take a mask are no Ponte Sabine no stamp or that's the B into 2 to the power Delta me to fall on the tail as you don't real to me the mascot this sign is many days journey from the cheeky cable cars Ibaka who GMO food especially Staubach in Abbas Kosygin safa they vote so hajj yahoo people do judge appointed position sir Carvajal our motto was cancer Carla fkq miedo de volta prahka lasa topic national Hajj the table Kotaku Brazil accordionist on genealogy Brazil in token that quest Brasileiro SS to brasileiro the same app equal career positions body is mashuka ponte de flesh is ova pleasure chief O'Hara Nepali cable gelato to movie for tapas was Gazeta Deportivo Terrica he comes to a 2d sake koulikov alo business cars will put problema de foam because of the increased danger to the expedition Richard must return to the town to sign further government documents but there's not much fuel left so we must make the dangerous trip back with only one boat and it'll miss the next stage of the journey to the second base camp in the heart of the isolated Indian Territory the second base camp can only be contacted by radio and paula's having problems getting through she's the keen to get on with the EX monitor their numbers and well-being in 2004 he was nearly killed he believes it could be by a member of a tribe like this one they said we were flesh out of there's no flesh of parasitic where's my soccer with the Treviso host lava soap ESCOs sake Nanako palm they were hunky a flash who later have a travesty of you taka Peshwas mil give it is net look big Walker watch the nail community because watch a movie Meryl s was able to radio for help a military helicopter arrived two hours later and took him to hospital despite massive blood loss he was saved he thinks tribes like this one may have come over from Peru flee and illegal loggers who often shoot them on sight this Funai footage from 1989 shows unidentified courses found in the chavarri river had been shot cigar here Kazakh make this regatta party so nobody professional original hinge at the hip Lozano technical TJ as a real duel of July to our detractors in the matter Bareilles has helped organize an exhibition in rio branco the capital of acre he hopes to bring people around to his policy of protecting the isolated indians through non contact it is our responsibility to maintain to protect them because there are 100% self-sustainable by the self and the vironment we need to learn from them they don't have anything to learn for us Pakistan will generate fundamentalist you will catch that you face minimum age a guarantee is delayed tempeh current is generated sports qualm protection okay tour deems deshante toward individual change in financial incident back on the river we meet java Shaniqua a camp a teacher he too has strong views about the tribe in the picture Oh Catalano Marisa no Cecily y conseguir más ocupados homicide No como esta pasando anova Massa pursue so homicide el-sheikh appear to pay guy illness mayor jiggly AMA sauce in intervals ago Rose a Muslim and otra vez Felipe the boats are entering the dangerous territory demarcated for uncontacted Indians this is close to the place where Morales was shot through the neck Richard woman and Ben young are making the long and dangerous journey into one of the remotest parts of the Amazon rainforest to find the truth about the uncontacted tribe photograph from the air the forest provides could cover for any aggressor an open canoe is a sitting target with the river it seems brutal with such a magnificent creature should be killed in this way but anacondas composes a big threat when Richard Worman visited the crew boo tribe in 1998 he witnessed a horrifying event

Why Jaguar And Land Rover Face Uncertain Futures

Jaguar and Land Rover are two iconic automotive brands with rich heritages. They also have rocky histories of being passed between owners, with BMW owning Land Rover and Ford owning Jaguar in the 1980s. On the verge of bankruptcy, Tata Motors bought the two British sister brands in 2008 and turned them into money makers. Unfortunately, things are getting gloomy for Jaguar and Land Rover once again.

This was a risky move for Tata, which bought two luxury brands with reputations for unreliability on the cusp of the financial crisis. In the following years, Tata was able to turn the brands into moneymakers with models like the Land Rover Discovery, Land Rover Defender, and Jaguar XF.

Just as Jaguar and Land Rover found their footing they’re again in trouble due to a drastically shrinking market in China and trouble in Europe. In turn, Tata Motor’s credit rating has also taken a hit. Will Tata be able to turn around Jaguar and Land Rover or will it cut its losses?

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Why Jaguar And Land Rover Face Uncertain Futures

Jaguar Land Rover are two iconic
brands in the automotive world. Rich with heritage an excellent style
and performance but each have also suffered Rocky histories. And for years each were passed between
new owners in Europe and the U.S. including BMW and Ford. With BMW owning Land Rover and
Ford owning Jaguar in the 80s. Then just when they were on the
verge of bankruptcy the two thoroughly British sister brands were bought
by the Indian, Tata Motors. Part of the vast Tata Group
empire that makes up everything from software to food products. When Tata acquired them in 2008, both
Jaguar Land Rover had their fair share of financial struggles and
had fought to overcome reputations for unreliability. If you were going to say drive
across the country in a given vehicle and hope that everything went well. Pre-Tata, Jaguar Land Rover would have been
one of the last brands I would have picked to do that in. I just didn't have
faith in their vehicles. Worse, Tata had bought these brands
and perhaps one the worst possible times in recent history. Right on the cusp
of the financial crisis. However in the years that followed,
Tata Motors did something many owners had failed to do
before turning them into moneymakers. But things are getting gloomy
for jail are once again. Just as these two legends have
finally found some footing a drastically shrinking market in China for
JLR and trouble in Europe are threatening them once again. The S&P lowered the credit ratings of
both JLR and Tata Motors in early 2019 and they are
now deep in junk status. The question now? Will Tata Motors be able to turn around
JLR once more or is looking to cut its losses? Jaguar was founded in 1922 as the
Swallows Side Car company by William Lyons, a motorcycle
enthusiast and engineer. Back then the company initially made
side cars, those little pods that sit on the side of motorcycles. But in 1935, Lyons built the S.S. Jaguar. It was the first car
to bear the Jaguar name. Over the years the company has
made sleek aerodynamic sports cars and became known for racing. Number 20 is the winning Jaguar
which eventually finish nine laps ahead of the next car. Having traveled at an
average speed of 93.5 miles an hour. Perhaps the most famous example was
the E-type which Jaguar started making in the 1960s. Land Rover had an entirely
different history making off-road vehicles used by the military and bucolic
customers in Europe and around the world starting in 1947. Over the years Land Rover developed
a reputation for making rugged trucks an SUV with
a distinct British touch. Models such as the defender,
developed reputations for ruggedness and capability rivaled perhaps only by few
vehicles such as the Jeep Wrangler. Though also extremely capable, the
brand's Range Rover was perhaps what anticipated the trend in
high end luxury sports utility vehicles. And has even been the target
of scorn for its popularity with well-heeled buyers who never drive
the thing off pavement. The two companies were rejoined under
one roof beginning with Ford buying Jaguar in the late 1980s. But in terms of fully exploiting the
brand name of strength that we were building up in the company there's
no question we should be able to do a better job with the
resources that Ford Motor Company will make available. And then in 2000,
Ford bought Land Rover. Ford under went its own
troubles in the following years. It had to sell off many of
the premium names they had acquired including Jaguar and Land Rover. And another high-end British
automaker Aston Martin. Just eight years after Ford bought Land
Rover, Ford sold it and Jaguar to Tata Motors for about 2.7 billion dollars. Tata Motors did exactly what many fans
and enthusiasts say is the best thing an owner can do for
car companies as legendary as these. And it paid off. Jaguar Land Rover didn't really start
to become a powerful and competitive group of brands in the
modern automotive world until Tata took over. And when Tata inherited both brands
and invested the kind of money that they had long needed invested. That's when you saw everything from
the design to the engineering to most importantly the quality, reach a
level that made them comparable to things like a BMW or
an Audi or a Mercedes. Up until 2017, it looked like
Tata Motors had engineered a lasting turnaround for the
legendary brands. But things took a turn
for the worse in 2018. JLR posting a loss of about 4.3 billion dollars in
fiscal year 2019. Its biggest loss in
the last 10 years. That loss resulted in a large part
from a nearly 4 billion dollar one time write down. However even taking that into account
the company still would have lost money. The company said in January of 2019
that it's cutting 4,500 jobs about 10 percent of its workforce. Jaguar Land Rovers troubles have
hurt parent company Tata motors. JLR's recent troubles have been one
of the factors contributing to recent declines. In April 2019, reports surfaced that
Tata Motors is considering a sale of the brands to
French car manufacturer PSA. Reports that Tata Motors denies. Out of the two brands
Land Rovers and the strongest. But it has struggled as well. A big part of the problem, Jaguar
Land Rover sales in China fell about 26 percent in May and
46 percent in April. In March 2019, the company said sales
in China had fallen 34 percent for the fiscal 2018 to 2019 year. It is also facing
headwinds in Europe. Brexit threatens to raise costs. More than 40 percent materials used
travels from the European Union to the United Kingdom. And it must contend with
increasingly stringent emissions laws in Europe following the so-called diesel
gate scandal that rocked Volkswagen and other companies
in the automotive world. In a comment to CNBC, Jaguar
CEO Ralph space said that: But the U.S. may hold the keys
for JLR's recovery. Land Rover's strongest markets in North
America where it's in the fortunate position of being a premium
sports utility maker in a time where U.S. customers are hungry for SUVs. JLR sold about 10 times as many
SUV as the United States as did traditional passenger cars in 2018. Despite the fact that jaguars portfolio
is still heavy on sedans and sports cars. But Jaguar is leaning
into utility vehicles too. It sold almost twice as many SUVs
in 2018 as its famous sports cars and sedans. And unlike brands such as Porsche,
it's brushing aside the usual criticism that moving towards utility
vehicles is straying away from its race car roots. The Jaguar Land Rover
CEO also said: Jaguar is also stepping forcefully into
electric cars with its I-Pace crossover which has been
praised by critics. The car swept the world car awards
at the New York International Auto Show in 2019. But North America's continued appetite for
its vehicles might not be enough to engineer a full
recovery for the two brands. Industry analysts worry about a larger
downturn in new car sales is looming. The easier path is just sell
Land Rovers people know them by Land Rovers. But they are taking a longer path
by of keeping both Jaguar Land Rover together because there are a couple
of restrictions which are coming in terms of fleet norms and all
those things which they need to meet and hence they can work out. In the meantime Tata Motors has
fended off reports that it's considering selling the division
to PSA group,. The very same French automaker that
bought Opel and Vauxhall car brands from General Motors
and turn them around. Jaguar Land Rover have history
and heritage on their side. But the global automotive industry
is changing rapidly and it's unknown how much of that history
and heritage will count in a business increasingly obsessed
with the future.

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You are being exposed to radiation right now. It’s coming at you from both space and the soil. From water and food. Your body itself is radioactive. And you’re …

The Business Of Black Hair

African-American men and women spend billions of dollars on their hair, but U.S. beauty care companies are missing out.

Mintel values the black hair care industry at more than $2.5 billion, but that statistic doesn’t include products such as hair accessories, wigs or electric styling products. So, the industry is actually worth much more.

Most hair care products purchased by African-Americans are imported from countries such as India and China, despite the U.S. having one of the most lucrative hair care markets in the world.» Subscribe to CNBC:

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The Business Of Black Hair | CNBC

hi I'm diamond I'm a black woman who spends hundreds of dollars on my hair every month I've even had my own YouTube channel in here since I was 18 every year I spent about three thousand dollars on my hair and every year that prices going up so at the age of 23 I've spent almost $30,000 on my hair but I'm definitely not alone on this on average I probably spend anywhere from five to six thousand dollars on my hair products I spent about two thousand dollars a year on here was he crazy to me seven to eight thousand a year like two thousand dollars a year on products African American consumers to dominate the entire beauty industry contributing to about 85 percent of all sales in the US and 2017 even though we only make that 14 percent of the population market research firm mental values the black hair industry at 2.54 billion dollars but that estimate doesn't include hair accessories wigs weaves extensions electric hair care products hair care services provided in salons or by individuals or products soldier salons if the data included these products the 2.54 billion figure would be much much larger but before we dive into the business of black hair let's talk about the basics there are tons of ways to categorize and bring up the black candice tree to keep it simple let's talk about the two biggest subgroups the business of weaving extensions and the business of keeping up your real hair when it comes to real black hair there are two main types relaxed and natural natural hair is essentially the way it grows out of your head within natural hair there are three main types based on your carol pattern and texture for 3 & 2 afro hair tends to fall under the 4 category then there's relaxed hair this hair has been chemically processed to alter or remove the curl pattern both relaxed and natural hair can be put into protective styles these are styles of our extensions like breeds weaves and wigs they're widely used with like black hair for me over manipulator this is so fragile most black woman dish out big bucks on their hair regardless of whether they have natural or relaxed hair weaves wigs and extensions are their most expensive type of protective style depending on the quality of hair a weave or wig can run you anywhere from $200 to $2,000 and anywhere from $50 to $300 to install its extensions on their only products that black women spend hundreds on either while it may sound counterintuitive one of the biggest driving forces behind black women spend so much money on our hair is the natural hair movement while almost every aspect of the hair industry is on the rise the sale relaxers are down 26 percent since 2006 more black women are opting to wear their hair naturally curly and throwing away the relaxers but that also means spending a lot more money on natural hair products to care for those curls yeah I spent so much money on my hair cuz I feel like I have to when you have natural hair such as our there's naturally kinky coily anywhere that there's a turn in your hair so speaker curve is going for potential breakage black woman can sometimes spend hundreds of month on their hair because it's harder to maintain the health of it compared to other demographics the curly are your hair the dryer is because the oil from the scalp has a hard time reaching the rest of your hair strands which inevitably leads to breakage a lot of our clients especially come from a point of being probably junkies and it constantly trying this trying that to see what works unfortunately a lot of the labeling isn't that great as well and so you really don't know what is going to work for you while salon visits weaves and extensions cost a lot of money during your natural hair at home can add up as well even though black woman is a type 4 hair only wash their hair once or three times a month we use a whole lot of products to make up for it half a black woman used three to four products as part of their haircare regimen according to mental but my friend Olivia uses twice that first she washes her hair with shampoo followed by conditioner then she uses two different each conditioners in the fourth step she applies a leave-in conditioner followed by a styling gel then she seals the moisture in with an oil and finally she uses eco styler gel for our edges olivia spends roughly 82 dollars for the products she needs in a Washington even though the black community is spending billions a year on their hair the u.s. is missing out on that market the u.s. is the world's biggest consumer of extensions but it's not a major supplier India base coat rich China base Rebecca the uk-based great blimps are the biggest producers in the hair extension business India and China are the roads leading hair exporters India exporting more than 6 million pounds of here in 2017 in China exporting more than 1.5 million pounds data from the United Nations shows that countries around the world collectively imported almost 1.5 billion dollars a week some 27 the u.s. included more than 600 million and wigs that sing there but keep in mind true human version hair sold online by these vendors abroad is not typically what we find an American baby supply stores that hair is highly processed or fully synthetic even if it claims to be virgin hair and even though black woman are driving up sales in the ethnic hair industry a majority of black beauty supply stores are actually not black owned Korean Americans control almost all major components at the Buddha supply business in the u.s. Recordings Bobson bhava aims to establish more black and Buddhist class stores worldwide since black people are its major consumers but the evidence remains largely anecdotal dr. Tiffany Gill wrote a book about it but even she points out for the numbers are hard to pin down data on South Korean black beauty shop owners aren't the only statistics we've had trouble finding the beauty industry is a really complicated industry to wrap to wrap our brains around on refining data and because it is really unregulated particularly with the fact that it is in many ways an immigrant economies our received connections being made from countries like China and in Asia that are importing these products it's unregulated to the point where we're having a hard time wrapping our head around some of the numbers and what's happening but also in terms of issues like what are some of the long-term regardless of who dominates what portion of the black hair industry it's still generating billions and even though the u.s. is missing out on a lot of money to be earned from the supply chain it has figured out how to capture another corner of the market America has the most lucrative hair care market in the world the entire market including non black hair care is valued at 15 billion according to statistic and unlike the weave industry the US accounts for a large portion of the global hair care market roughly 30 percent and in recent years big name retailers like Target and Walmart have started to carry black hair products including Shea Moisture curls and miss jessie's larger beauty companies but L'Oreal and Revlon also began to cater to the blood hair market L'Oreal actually operates the brand dr. lovely it also acquired the brand Carol's Daughter in 2014 and Revlon runs cream of nature which sells natural hair products and relaxes but the fact remains the u.s. still has a whole lot of catching up to do if it wants to capture more of the market for black hair experts are optimistic there's room to break in given that the man continues to rise exponentially we're very pleased with the future of the black hair care industry where it's going because more entrepreneurs more and young people are getting into the business and it's just it's exploded because now with the internet it allows individuals to get in quicker with lonna capital and salon owners say that business is booming we have definitely seen a spike and the natural hair growth lengthening with our business and there are new products coming on the market every day it remains to be seen how much of that money is going to be going to American businesses but I'm poised to be spending more than a hundred and fifty thousand dollars for my hair over the next 50 years

Sir David Attenborough at COP24: "The world is in your hands"

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A trip to Shenduruney wildlife sanctuary – Choonduviral 18-09-2016 | Manorama News

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A trip to Shenduruney wildlife sanctuary

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Prince William interviews David Attenborough at Davos 2019

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World leaders and top CEOs are meeting in Davos in Switzerland from January 22 to 25 to discuss how to steer policy amid worries of slowing economic growth, damaging trade wars and Brexit.

This year’s theme is Globalisation 4.0 and leading figures such as Prince William and Sir David Attenborough are expected to attend alongside prime ministers and presidents. Here’s the latest.

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos starts TODAY (January 22) and concludes on Friday, January 25.

For nearly 50 years, world business and political leaders have headed to the small Swiss village to discuss the future of the global economy with the collective mission statement of the organising body, the WEF, to “improve the state of the world”…

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Globalization 4.0 – what does it mean?

How old is Prince William, what is his surname and where do he and Kate Middleton live?

How old is Sir David Attenborough, who was his wife Jane, how many brothers does he have and what is Dynasties about?

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and David recently you're in Poland you spoke very powerfully the UN climate change conference their telephone here how urgent is that crisis now it's difficult to overstate it we are now so numerous so powerful so all pervasive the mechanisms that we have for destruction are so wholesale and so frightening that we can actually determine eight whole ecosystems without even noticing it we have now to be really aware of the dangers of what we are doing and we already know that of course of the plastic problem in the seas is is wreaking appalling damage upon marine life the extent of which we don't yet fully know and why do you think the sort of the world leaders and those in in key positions of leadership why do you think they've taken so long and they've been quite a few faltering steps to acts on environmental challenges because the connection between the natural world and the urban world the Society of human society has always since the industrial revolution has been remote and widening and we didn't realize the effects of what we were doing out there but now we are seeing that almost everything we do has its echoes and has its duplications and Inter implications across the natural world so that we have now really to care for what we do because we can exterminate things without even knowing and as you've alluded to in some of your films David there are there are still great sources of medicinal products and all such things out there that we still don't know about and there are still many species that we don't know about something we will never know about because they may be disappeared from the planet that is show and it may seem that when we say oh well this or that bird or that more is rare and ought to be protective people say well yes is that just the naturalist saying it's a luxury or a pleasure or is it really important are you really sure the problem about extermination of species is that the natural world of which we are a part is incredibly complex it has connections all over the place and you damage one and you can never tell where the damage is going to end up because of all those broken connections and if you break all of them then suddenly the whole fabric lapses and you get eco disaster I mean to give a particularly example in the early 19th 20th century the sea otter on the Pacific had the most luxurious fur that human beings ever come across so of course you hunt sea otters and then suddenly you began to a rare I realized that actually see a sea otters are getting rarer and rarer and they were on the verge of extinction at the same time but a second route of people saw that the seas around the Pacific Ocean up on the Pacific Northwest of the Pacific Ocean the food fish were getting scarcer and it did seem that was any connection between the two but actually sea otters prey upon sea urchins sea urchins actually live on the floor of the sea and they eat small sea algae few 'kiss so if they eat all that the forests disappear if the forests disappear the the young fish hatchlings actually normally live in in that forest and hatchlings from outside in the ocean the Pacific they suddenly begin to disappear knock out the sea otters and in fact the the consequence is loss of fertility in this oceans of fish upon which we might wish to live so it's an example of the complexity and their many much more complex relationships within the natural world of that one so that a healthy natural world is absolutely essential for human society and let you say that the the chain is so delicate isn't it and that if you pluck out some of these gaps without realizing what you're doing the consequences the repercussions go for generations yes and talking of generations people my generation now beginning to step it up positions of leadership around the world the work to save the planet is probably largely going to happen on our watch what advice do you have for my generation and what what can we build on that you have started I think the paradox that there has never been more a time when more people have been out of touch with the natural world then as now and we have to recognize that every breath of air we take every mouthful of food that we take comes from the natural world and that if we damage the natural world we damage ourselves we are one coherent ecosystem it's not just a question of beauty or interest or wonder it's the essential ingredient the central part of human life is a healthy planet we are in the danger of wrecking that if we don't recognize those sort of connections that I've been describing then the whole of the planet becomes in hazard and we are destroying the natural world and with it ourselves so turning specifically to the people in this room here in front of us David what very month are all leaders in their particular field what is your message if you have a particular message what is your message to them care for the natural world not only care for the natural world but treat it with the degree of respect and reverence the natural world is as I've said the source of of all wonder and our future we are bound up together that the future the last world is in our hands we have never been more powerful we can wreak it with ease we can wreak it without even noticing that we're doing it and if we wreck them like a world in the end we're a curse elves in our daily lives I suppose the thing that I really care for just an ordinary daily lives is its not to waste that the riches of the natural world on which we depend it's not just energy which of course is very important but it's also dealing with the natural world with a degree of respect not to throw away food not just care for the natural world of which for an essential part and Dave is obvious there's a connection between environmentalism capitalism and economic success isn't there between environmentalism capitalism and economic success yes that's quite an interesting topic that the audience here would find very interesting that's why this particular event or this particular day as far as I'm concerned is is that one of the most optimistic things I've seen for a very long time this this disaster this creeping disaster which has overtaken the world and is in the danger of really damaging it beyond repair it started in Britain in the industrial revolution in the 18th century and in in developing nations to the natural world at the stage of the didn't America seemed to be as it were there to be conquered a terrible word to conquer the natural world we we get up there and show our mastery of it and destroy it in the process and that had underlay the human reaction to the natural world for a very long time and still is seen by some people that in fact humanity and industrialized Humanity in particular is in opposition to the natural world it is not we are all one world and that is the important thing that we have to recognize and which organizations like this and events like this give you the optimism of feeling that that that fact that fundamental beautiful fact is now being recognized that is is why it is so exciting to be at this great important occasion where people attending it have more power perhaps than any other gathering in the world and then feeling that those responsible for this gathering recognize this fundamental truth and that people who come here will actually read not only recognize it but do something to make sure that that pact between the natural world and humanity is given its proper place aloma use the word optimism there David quite a few times do you feel the narrative around climate change and environmentalism sometimes can be quite pessimistic and that actually there is a real need for injection of optimism in a sense of I I shrink from saying either an optimist or a pessimist I mean what good does it do to say you're pessimistic that is not the point the point is that we have this option ahead of us we have to take the option of protecting the natural world and we are discovering more ways in which we can do so I am hearing all around of yes we could do this we could help that and so on that the fact that we are now actually beginning to get power directly from the Sun and the other renewables and that we can see that was no longer any need for us to pollute the world with the byproducts of of our devices for generating energy that we can do that is becoming reality all over Europe all over the world and that's where the future lies when one looks at the consequences of what we've done to the natural world in the processes of raising energy we no need love no need to so there's a source of great optimism that we have the power we have the knowledge actually to live in harmony with nature and the world came together in the Paris agreement to tackle climate change but specifically in 2020 in Beijing you and others I was seeking a global deal for nature lots of people here probably haven't heard about that David do you mind telling us why why specifically that is so important well because Paris Paris was a recognition by nations around the world that we have the natural world and humanity are interdependent and Paris recognized what the dangers were and they saw the problems about rising temperatures about how climate we have influenced the climate and caused appalling devastation with with rising temperatures and how it was paramount importance that we stopped doing it which we can do we know how to do it and their determination of the nature's of the nations around the world that we should do it and try and limit it what we said between two of two degrees and and one and a half degrees average around the world if we can do that we can prevent loss of coral reefs we can prevent all sorts of damages we can reduce the extremes of weather that's overtaking the planet already and if that is essential for the future well-being of the planet that was recognized by nations around the world and not universally I have to say and there have been people who have with which to withdraw from them but nonetheless the majority of the nations of the world have accepted that and recognized that and are working towards that and that's where we want to put our faith and David you're um you're specifically innovating a new landmark series called our planet and you've worked with waf syllabic films and Netflix why did you decide to become involved in this particular project because the issue has never been more important and the issue that it should be recognized in not just one part of the world not just in Europe but worldwide and and world wildlife fund gave us facilities to see the work that they've been doing the researchers they've been doing the knowledge they've got been doing about the way in which ecosystems are working and where there are dangers and where there are wonders through enable us to produce this this series of films and by putting it on Netflix it becomes possible overnight you can reach 150 million people immediately I mean I started television in television in the 1950s and television when Britain at that time was only seen by a few million people in southern England now with Netflix it's possible to on a transmission and it is seen worldwide by hundreds of millions of people and will go on being seen the fader book when people word-of-mouth did you see that show it's still there it's still variable for them to see it so this is a way in which the World Wildlife Fund recognized and gave us all the insights and the information the practical help that we needed to make these programs and it's so the World Wide Fund for Nature is worldwide and this picture of the world were becoming worldwide simultaneously on one particular date and remain there and if you if I made you choose David which I'm going to do it would this be one of your most favorite projects or your most enjoyable in of actually what they've created how they filmed it what's been shown and very mind the time it's being shown in in the world with issues that are going on yes I mean I started when it was just me and the cameraman and a little and the Clockwork camera you don't make Natural History films like that anymore the Natural History films now of this sort of quality are made by literally hundreds of people there may be thirty there may be fifty cameraman who'll be working on one particular program I think something like 300 cameraman have worked on the series as a whole because now you've got the facilities to go up in the skies and the bottom of the Seas you've got you could Trek over the over the polar wastes you can go over the deserts you can be in jungles of the world and all those pictures you can bring back in order to give a unique picture which human beings haven't seen until this generation and I think you've chosen a favorite clip from our planet which work and a show in a second can you just tell us a bit about what we're going to see in the footage this footage of the gas show one of the most immediate dangers that are facing the planet today is of course rising temperatures and where you may see that of course is actually more up in the north than it is in the South but in the Arctic the Arctic is temperatures rising very very fast and how we that the team who made this series determined of course that they would needed pictures of the melting ice that would symbolize this and they went up to the north now the glasses in the in up in the north and the Arctic are moving very fast indeed and they went to one particular glass here knowing that it was advancing into the sea are the forests but you need gaseous always on the move a bit but you need dramatic scene event they'll be like children david unpredictable yes Cockeysville but they wanted to see the gasser that was carving that say coming off in lumps and they decided that the way they would see that best would be from the air and in a helicopter they eventually and the very last day of their of their location they were up in a helicopter and they spied the glassy are suddenly beginning to carve that there were sections of the rasa the size of a skyscraper of a great multi-story building falling into the water causing huge surges now you're a helicopter pilot is that tricky it can be David yes I mean huge up rushes severe when the fast blocks fall into the sea and and what that does and if you're a pilot I mean you will know how you're going to get a steady shot to see that the pilot who was working on that helicopter has my imagination and you would know much much better than me how skilled he was to get the sort of shots of the carving of the glass here which is included in this series all helicopter pilots are very skillful David but I think everyone be fascinated to see the clip now if we could play they clip that'd be fantastic [Applause] these massive ice falls from the top of the glacier are just the beginnings of a far greater event a stretch of the front face of the garcia over a kilometer long is starting to break away from 400 meters beneath the surface the hidden ice is surging upwards the breakaway of an iceberg the size of a skyscraper generates a colossal tidal wave within 20 minutes 75 million tons of ice break free [Applause] in incredible footage I think everyone would agree David it just remains me to say a huge thank you on behalf of everyone here for you being here today it's talk I'm sorry openly and a huge congratulations again for winning the crystal award around applause please visit a rapper breath [Applause]

The Mysterious Haiku Bird Found Only In Nepal – Booned As Immortal From Lord Shiva

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Please watch: “Mysterious Lord Shiva Temple Hints The End Of The World || కలియుగాంతనికి కారణమైయే శివుడి గుడి ”


Welcome to Planet Leaf Behind The Secrets Youtube Channel.Secrets left behind from the world EveryThing That Got Us Here.Here I bring you interesting Facts And Unknown Mysteries in Telugu.Stay to Watch interesting videos Every Day.

To watch Haiku a four legged bird, but its seems like a mysterious animal. This bird is a lord parvathi devi’s pet. A rare species referred in hindu mythology and said as goddess parvathi named it as hyku. It is said that she used to feed it with bananas. it is also believed that this creature is immortal and no one can kill it…….

watch: Kerala red rain phenomenon was a blood rain

air france bel to blank li haiku liberi prena venara ed opachi perù cani i pacs matt giunta nichi o cavi ciclo managent ul out di cannes e gv nei palloni mancio parbat alepa inaudità lizza la a rodin e giliani vinicius nei vari chi sala ad auchan caduto in da lì a pera nepal imprese la mamma com pgi vigor in c burana locura on the knee far dei debiti acquisto mandalay ha però un induco gianlu mario adda chimica verde lu mammo tondar alla gates iii g vicky paper perché di curare parlate dei vini antica con i cibi chi ha un legni varani sicuro i gerani nei falli prese la namco i cup light box mancetta days allo matrem vendita ip che valenza legale lo marte meccaniche stanganini michele samantha varici canapa laden in brasile c'è nardini perù igoogle cani di leo pub si sa karamazov lievita anche alcune a cannes apparati hgv chuck hogan al gup ha letto trend perdermi l'iran comune taciuta nikita l'ha vinta da crastan dong a cura di cacia pa l'antenna kacar allontanta maxxi arte palana la honda li anna allo c'erano i sieri testo cota group anni ma nick e joe pisto di hi fi cupa xvi francis marini interesting with io sto male mi monteco stampa maria a peio smith ma busines miccoli ma lì c'era lente ma cianelli sup surf school march po campi [Musica]

Marble Helped Scholars Whitewash Ancient History (HBO)

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Polychromy in ancient statues and the whiteness of marble without paint has made both the Roman and Greek antiquity seem like they were all white. This was done on purpose by scholars in the 18th and 19th century who purposefully whitewashed those periods and pointed to the whiteness of the marble as proof that those worlds, which had people from all “races” (the term wasn’t really relevant back then) were also white. VICE News Tonight walks through the Art Institute with polychromy expert Sarah Bond.

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This past spring, Sarah Bond found herself at the center
of an unexpected controversy. Sarah is a classicist— a profession that doesn’t really attract conflict, especially about race. This particular controversy, weirdly enough, was about an article she wrote on ancient statues and something called “polychromy.” — White marble statues are what you normally
see when you go into any museum today. They’re really what is mostly presented to the public, either in movies or in video games or in museums. But we know, particularly from
a lot of digital technology, that polychromy was something
that was quite common. — “Polychromy” is an academic term
that just means “lots of paint.” Over the past 30 or so years, scientific and imaging advances have
made it possible to know that this archer, sculpted around 500 BCE, actually looked like this. Sarah’s argument was about skin color. Paintings from ancient Rome and Greece show a wide variety of skintones
that reflected multi-ethnic society. So why are these statues always
presented in bare marble? — The belief that Romans are white
people is something that’s widespread. Julius Caesar often gets depicted as a pretty white guy, when in fact he probably had
a much darker, Mediterranean skintone. — The image of these ancient societies as mostly white can be traced back to an 18th-century
scholar named Johann Winckelmann, who was fixated on the purity of white marble. — There is no monolithic skintone
or the entirety of the Mediterranean. You have people that are from North Africa, people from what is modern day Nigeria and Ethiopia, that are intermixed. — For centuries, nobody questioned any of this. And now, the work of figuring out
what these statues actually looked like fall to people like Rachel Sabino, a conservator at the Art Institute of Chicago. — This pigment in here we analyzed, and it is red lead so we know certainly that this whole sweep of drapery was
more than likely a maroon-y color. As for the skintones, that’s always the question because those are
some of the more fugitive types of pigments. They don’t last the longest. We’re not always sure if they were meant
to be somewhat ephemeral-looking, or if they were meant to be these flat monochromes. — To Sarah, the paint on these statues challenges the belief that the Western world was built by
white emperors, white scribes, and white artisans who created white statues. — What you’re describing is this
normalization of white marble. What effect do you think that’s had in terms of building out standards
of beauty in the Western world? — So I think that Western civilization
is itself a cultural construction, something that has been reused to argue for the superiority of Europeans
and for Western civilization, and thus to connect the U.S. to Europe
in this cultural heritage. — Sarah and a growing number of classicists believe that polychrome statues should come with
some cards, displays or even overlaid projection that would show how they originally looked. — There’s resistance to any sort of alteration, and something that’s been perceived
as an art historical standard— even in the Sistine Chapel ceiling. So there are gonna be people who are attached
to the idea that these things were white. — It’s something that was transmitted
to us because paint gets rubbed away. But at the same time, it’s not something that is a reality. It’s a fiction that we really like telling ourselves.

ਬਚਪਨ ਵਿਚ ਗਵਾਚਿਆ 80 ਸਾਲਾਂ ਬਾਅਦ ਪਰਤਿਆ ਘਰ | Punjab Historical News

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Topic : Story of a old man who came back after 80 years Produced By: Neetu Shatran Wala Edited By: Raju Research: Ranjit All Videos And content is owned by …

How Asteroids Really Killed The Dinosaurs – Part 2 | Last Day Of The Dinosaurs

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Did you know that if the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs from the face of the Earth would have hit another location, they may still be alive? The shallow waters of the Gulf Of Mexico instantly vaporized as the asteroid hit, causing absolute destruction. This was the Last Day Of The Dinosaurs.

Asteroid Day is celebrated every year on the 30th of June.

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Is Electric Skateboard Maker Boosted's Scooter Worth $1,600?

Boosted, best known for its electric skateboard, will enter the scooter business this summer with the Boosted Rev, a $1,600 electric scooter. We got a first look at the new scooter and talked to the CEO and co-founder to see why the company is betting big on electric scooters.

The company hopes to appeal to a broader customer base, but it will be going up against the scooter-sharing companies that have recently starting popping up in cities.

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Is Electric Skateboard Maker Boosted’s Scooter Worth $1,600?

Another company is bringing
scooters to the streets. This is the Boosted Rev, a
$1,600 electric scooter from the company best known for
its electric skateboards. Boosted, formally Boosted Boards, was one
of the first companies to take light electric
vehicles mainstream. Motorized skateboard. The scooter shares a lot of the
same technology and performance as its flagship longboard. The whole reason Boosted is named
Boosted is because we boost stuff. We're very, very good at high
performance light electric power trains and so it's very easy and incremental
for us to think about other form factors such as a standing
kick scooter because all you're really doing is just putting
a different frame on it. And we made a vehicle where
we just rethought every element of the vehicle from from the bottom up. It's a lot of fun to ride. If you've ever written any of those
scooters you can check out on the side of the street, it's very
similar to that, with way more performance. I've been running a Boosted
Board for a few years now and so I'm really familiar with how it
rides and feels a lot like the Stealth, the previous board. A lot of that technology's
been transferred over to this. Great acceleration that Boosted is known
for, which is great when you're trying to get out the way
of traffic or overtake bikers in the bike lane. A lot of people think about
performance as just being for fun. It's actually really
important for safety. If you're in a city and you have
traffic around you, you need to be able to accelerate and you need
to be able to stop quickly. Having that dual wheel drive means that
you can actually react to the environment around you very
quickly and very safely. If you ridden some of the scooters you
can check out on the street you know that they struggle with hills. This one has no problem with that. That's something that Boosted is
pretty well known for. A place like San Francisco, it has no trouble
tackling the hills. From the beginning we really wanted to
make sure that we could go up hills, but more importantly we actually
wanted to be sure we could stop going down them and so on
the electric skateboard our break is purely electric. That was actually one of the
biggest design challenges was designing an electric brake that could effectively
stop people on these crazy steep San Francisco hills. That same technology we've been able to
take and put over into the scooter so people are gonna
have one-handed throttle operation they can accelerate and brake just
with a single input. So whenever you want to take
it indoors it actually folds up. So it's a little bit
more convenient to travel with. It goes down like that. Snaps into place. For a company trying to shift our
thinking on transit, Boosted got a modest start. We really started out just as a
group of friends trying to build something that we thought could
be really useful and fun. We put it out in the world, we
found that people really loved it and it's really just taken off. After living in New York City for
17 years now, nothing has changed the way that I interact with the
city more than getting a Boosted Board. I like to joke that our founder and
CTO John was a lazy grad student at Stanford and got tired of
walking around so he started skateboarding, and then got tired of
that so made an electric skateboard. And then after wearing out
a shoe stopping all the time he put regenerative braking on it
and the Boosted Board was born. Founded in 2012 by a group
of Stanford grad students, the company launched its first product on
Kickstarter with overwhelming success. Kickstarter was a major turning
point for the company. We raised almost half a million dollars
and we saw that people were really interested in this. Since then, it's raised $70 million
from notable investors like Khosla Ventures, iNovia Capital
and Stanford StartX. Boosted has expanded to multiple offices
and has grown its team to over 100 people, but still
retains its lighthearted innovative start-up spirit. What do you get when you mix that
keg of beer and 12 Boosted engineers on a Friday? The Boosted couch. The Boosted couche is basically
two electric skateboards on the bottom of the couch. In 2017 the company brought Jeff Russakow
on board as CEO to take Boosted beyond the skateboard and its
new scooter is the first step in this direction. It's always been our mission to
make fun, fast, simple transportation for everyone. It just so happens that the first vehicle
that we came up with was a skateboard because it was the perfect
campus vehicle and that's where the founders started. It's always been our plan to be able
to come out with a wide variety of different light
electric vehicles. Our boards have gotten better. Everything's really just continued to
get stronger, more robust, more capable and now all of that
learning that we have from the skateboards, we get to apply
to the new Boosted Rev. So this scooter really is going to
be I think the most reliable electric scooter that's out there. Here we are at a point where people
are starting to in a lot of different business models proliferate
different types of light electric vehicles around the world and
put them on every street corner. And people are having a chance
to check them out and saying hey I really like this. This makes a difference in my day. And then what we're seeing now that
people are saying is you know I really want to own one. Boosted says its revenue has quadrupled
over the past two years, but can its scooter be as
successful as the Boosted Board? It faces tough competition. Last mile transit has been completely
disrupted by tech companies in the past few years. Ride sharing companies Uber and Lyft
have both expanded into this space as well as a
number of scooters start-ups. The Uber of electric scooters. California-based start-up Bird has grown
from a $300 million valuation to being worth over $2 billion
in less than six months. Bird has expanded to
scooter ownership as well. It just announced a $1,300 scooter it
will sell and it will also offer monthly personal
scooter rentals. Riders in San Francisco and Barcelona will
soon be able to rent Bird scooters on a monthly basis. But Boosted is hoping to stand
out over the cheaper Chinese models largely in circulation. If you think about it skateboard use
case is about the most abusive use case you can think of. Think about how hard
people ride these things. They ride through puddles,
they hit curbs. Our power train is designed to
stand up to all of that. We're just taking it and putting
it now into a new platform. We've made something that is
a Boosted quality vehicle. It has six times the power
of vehicles generally out there. It's all-wheel drive so it
has very very confidence-inspiring acceleration and braking. It's an extremely durable vehicle that's
made to go for many many thousands of miles over the years. Building vehicles like this where
we're just bringing an incredible amount of utility to people
we're saving people time. We're just making it much easier for
people to get from one place to another. Can you imagine that if you
could just get on something like a Boosted scooter, your 30 minute
commute becomes two minutes in rush hour. It just totally changes
how people think about transportation. While I really enjoyed riding the
Boosted Rev, the price point is pretty steep. At $1,600 it's one of the
most expensive options on the market. Whether Boosted can convince customers
to purchase their scooter over renting cheaper ones on the street
is yet to be seen.

🇲🇻 Stealing paradise l Al Jazeera Investigations

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AJ’s Investigative Unit has uncovered corruption in the Maldives. Secretly filmed interviews describe how men on mopeds carried millions in cash to the Maldives’ political elite. President Abdulla Yameen and his former deputy, Ahmed Adeeb, are accused of receiving cash in bags filled with up to $1m, so much that it was “difficult to carry,” according to one of the men who delivered it.

In a statement following its release, the Government of the Maldives said: “There is no evidence in this report connecting President Yameen or current members of his Government to any wrongdoing.” It noted that these claims already form part of a wider investigation initiated by President Yameen in February 2016: “We have asked Al Jazeera to provide any evidence they have which is relevant to this investigation.”

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#AlJazeeraEnglish #AJInvestigations #Maldives

he speaks on the phone the president fits in the order to take the case so I'm the one who takes the bag to him to his residence most of the time there will be like things then the sportive everyone ready to president some months is every day the money will become it suppose will be 100,000 the use to this might be 1 million views to this al-jazeera's investigative unit has obtained secretly recorded confessions and a major data leak over 10 gigabytes of documents photos and messages they tell the story of the president of the Maldives yameen Abdul Gayoom it is a tale of corruption thuggery and international money laundering what words would you use to describe Yami reclusive brutal corrupt authoritarian here just a bicycle when he started politics but now he's a billionaire he is the mafia head he presents himself as that he behaves like that the data drive leads to Singapore and applaud to launder up to 1.5 billion dollars through the Maldives central bank hi mr. pizer how many days we live I've seen your picture we have tracked down the men behind the deal men who move billions of dollars in cash stacked on pallets have you Bossier see a good 500 not big so in that's loving that seriously long as they don't sell arms my conscience is clear a journalist who criticized the government disappeared a television station torched anyone and everyone who expresses different opinion in somewhere being punished everybody is afraid to the outside world the Maldives is a picture of paradise but the local people don't live on luxury resorts for them it's either the cramped capital or underdeveloped islands their paradise has not just been lost it has been stolen what's happening in the mold is is out raids we gave out Islands we didn't sell over 300 million dollars have gone missing embezzled I'm will Jordan I lived and worked in the Maldives as a journalist a decade ago I returned to investigate the country's ruler after obtaining an extraordinary data drop the information provides hard proof of long-held suspicions I didn't realize that they were using the state for all sorts of criminal activities we'd heard rumors but I mean up until now we hadn't seen any proof the leak is the contents of three mobile phones everything from secret documents to selfies taken together they tell a story of corruption the man on the phone up made a deep the country's youngest vice president at just 33 in his phone messages vice president a deep portrays himself as more than just a politician I am boss of all gangs in the Maldives they all operate as a fleet I took them over in the last election admitted deep swapped football for politics becoming Tourism Minister in 2013 the tourism ministership is known as the ATM because that's what brings in revenue for the government it was also quite amazing his transformation from 2012 to last year he increased massively in size he was just so fat and it was also all the bling bling like so many rings the haircut the glasses the suits the cars it was unbelievable he referred to himself and his friends as bro and the system became known as the bro economy he was just flaunting his wealth and he always had a group of other bros around him and they were also in Parliament so he made sure a lot of his former football player friends got elected to Parliament and they were all the same admitted EOBs phone messages reveal how he and his boss president yameen stole paradise he was just a shadow a very loyal shadow of President Johnny he took the money he got the money he distributed the money once in power the two men offered islands at knockdown prices to international hotel chains he was setting up our nation from under our feet there were five million three million two million this building houses the Maldives marketing and PR corporation it was the cash machine and they are legally withdrew millions a blow Ziad was appointed director and regularly received texts from vice-president Adeeb to arrange their deals three checks 1/3 million 1 million 1 million bro gifts also in that bro don't worry man he gave a free reign to upload yet his accomplice at the mm PRC to just hand out Islands and all these deals it was so clear that from day one Ben never intended for this money to actually be used for public good the scam begins when unwitting tourism tycoons pay a fee for an island say five million dollars it would make out the check to the Maldives marketing and PR corporation but a blow ziad rewrote the rules to allow checks to be diverted he would put his signature and stamp on the back and it would be paid into another account cashed out and embezzled please two checks total over five million u.s. dollars the checks were paid from the government corporation two companies controlled by a deep uncle the data show how vice-president Deeb led the theft of nearly 80 million dollars of state funds better make it cash or something because we don't want anyone to know any details of ideals birth okay the government is even planning a special tax free zone for investors vice-president Adeeb joked about the opportunities it would offer we will make zone deals not only Islands he the untouchables but being untouchable can be expensive we have obtained secretly filmed confessions given by men who worked closely with the vice president and his boss they described how stolen money was used to buy influence since he came to power he have been driving the MPs the judges lawyers everyone else the whole system is the president's money man are on the run in the UK the Maldives government has put them under international arrest warrants the men say the government wants them back because they know too much about president yameen I think it's Li the president is scared kidding not that they had all the information each man describes how he rode around on a moped delivering bribes money stolen from the people and given to the Maldives most influential have been met some of Syria members of the government I am just personally going to get them the money cash in cash off always comes in it goes out guy just throw them in are let's tell me are they are and I say disco entropy the plan was not just to use the money to buy politicians but judges as well like Ally Hameed at the Supreme Court the phone messages expose him in receipt of stolen money last night you gave Ali Hamid $4,000 yes okay good so in 2012 there were audio clips and videos that were leaked that appeared to show a man that sounded and looked like Ali Hamid having sex with three different women in a Colombo hotel room and also of a conversation he had with local businessman where he said I'm a young mean man the messages show that for a feed judge Hameed was a young man the tuition fees for two of his children abroad and jobs for his brother and cousin Port Royal T until the next election we will remain soldiers till the mission is over in 2018 we will never let them destroy our president and his team's achievement after the sex tapes judge Hamid came under investigation six months later vice president of deep managed to close the inquiry read the news I have saved our Patriot Ally Hamid six months work my dear brother you and his Excellency the president did more than enough for me and my family I will always be grateful sir and after that video he was appointed as the chief of the Judicial Service Commission that's the motives that we are talking about we're talking about a man who was caught on camera having sex with three different women in a country where young women get regularly flogged for having sex outside of marriage with the judges in their pocket vice-president Adeeb and president yameen could act with impunity several media organizations were attacked Rajai TV was torched in October 2013 Shawny Ziad is the head of the English department everything was burned down everything all I could meant it is in here it was all burnt down but he started to notice later in the new Buddha undeterred the channel continued to broadcast a year later the vice president asked police to repeat the attack but the chief of police suggested intimidating the channels investors instead blast it again no I guess better to control sponsors he okay give me the list journalists are medrol one vanished over two years ago he was a reporter for Maldives independent so Hina Rashid is the editor on August 10th when he didn't show up for work we thought okay he's hibernating Monday didn't turn up for work Tuesdays when his family said we haven't been able to reach him and that's when we got worried they began retracing his final journey they found CCTV footage of him at the ferry terminal and they believed he was being watched he took the 1 o'clock ferry when rihwan got off the ferry he didn't get on the bus but he walked home sometimes I wonder you know like why did he walk home we've all received death threats if he'd just gone home earlier he would be here today he might be here today this is the corner it's just changed so much so he lived in that apartment of that or in the table between 1:30 and 2:00 o'clock they saw like a man being forced into a car at knifepoint and the car driving off really fast the car drove so fast the people in the car didn't have time to close the door two weeks after real one went missing police had few leads the case had become high-profile but the president was not concerned he instructed the Home Affairs Minister to take it easy on the investigation Umar no need to be overwhelmed by real one case okay noted so at the very least it implies a massive cover-up by the government worst it implies that the President and the Vice President were involved and ordered his abduction we lobbied every single government body or state body that we could think of I mean we knocked on every single door and none of these places responded real ones family suspect he was investigating corrupt Island deals it's a corrupted place where only the people who says yes without questioning will get the benefits of everything but since we keep on questioning they are targeted it wasn't just the abduction but it was also the fact that the entire state failed I think that was even harder the realization that when something happens to you the people who are entrusted with your safety don't care I think that was even harder the government has sold Islands cheaply all over the Maldives today in the greater Mali at all there isn't a single Lagoon left to develop all through the I was informed more than sixty islands were given out it's not on the islands shallow lagoons that scattered all over the Maldives everything has been salt one of the murkiest deals was for the island of Marga this is the place that the gonna circle around one see without a car Margeaux itself it could easily fetch 10,000,000 Lister's if you put into the proper tendering process only 2.5 million was received to the government the buyer was new mood resorts led by Italian Gian Andrea Tosi according to a report by the Maldives Auditor General the deal broke the law because there was no open bidding forged documents also emerged surrounding the deal they involved companies linked to the vice president's uncle we've shown our evidence to an anti-corruption analyst the money ended up in an account controlled by a company that was involved with the family member of the Tourism Minister again that's really classic case of corruption where you mix business family members politics and money goes missing they basically designed these transactions to look Lomo but in fact this classic drug designed to steal public funds a Deeb's phone messages show the deal involved a Maldivian gangster known as TC Dave weeks after the deal was done the details came out had Eve asked TC Dave if he was behind the leak bro Tasi or your guys are giving this info no don't think so if you know we made a deal but figures and transactions the Auditor General's report suspected corruption despite that workers are building 99 villas a resort is due to open in 2017 under the banner of Italian hotel chain Baglioni the government is selling these islands on behalf of the people of the Maldives you need to really look at the basis of those deals and start questioning is this a fair transaction have the people of the Maldives got the deal that they should have done all those companies who got this Islands do not have the right to get this island in the first place so the government of Maltese should take back these islands ugly oni hotels say they were not aware of any corruption in the island deal new mood resorts and Gian Andrea Tosi deny any involvement in the corruption and say they did not take any documents or transactions the Auditor General's report concluded that money was stolen from a total of at least 59 Island deals the amount of money involved in this is huge without realizing the corruption went right to the top the Auditor General submitted his report to the president even I personally informed him he basically ignored everything they just changed the law and then Virginia law was removed from Sophos it was me following publication of this report eleven members of my family received death threats they weren't idle threats corrupt police officers informed vice-president Adeeb of the audit and they conspired to silence another voice you guys need to focus on this Auditor General no worries maybe we need to light up his office as he is continuously making trouble for us we checked that place lots of cameras everywhere okay but you need to blast it at any cost sure let's do it but need to blast it at any cost oh my god oh my god these guys weren't trying to blast our face with two hundred staffs my god crazy state-sponsored terrorism against its own people and institution how could they do this such a dirty government I never imagined let's do it there's come from s-so police let's do it I think the reason why this thing was going on I warned them I'm going to publish the report so they are trying to stop us from publishing this report I never knowed it was actually organized at this level and then more dis police service who is supposed to be there to protect observers would be behind these things and unbelievable in part to president yaw means impunity grows and so do the deals we confront men involved in using the Maldives to shift up to 1.5 billion dollars so do you help people launder money my god how can you even see that see it the masses how can you even see them 1.5 billion dollars of physical cash is pallet loads of money it's something from a James Bond film in part one we discovered how president yameen Abdul Gayoom has turned the Maldives into a mafia State men biking bags of cash around the Capitol for the president and his cronies he has conquered the whole system later a plot to move up to 1.5 billion dollars in cash we reveal the Asian businessmen involved much as they say money's dirty I didn't deal with us and Russell a decade ago the Maldives was a place of optimism and reform 30 years of one-party rule had ended Mohamed Nasheed became the country's first democratically elected president in 2008 with stunts like an underwater cabinet meeting he cultivated a global profile as climate campaigner if more lives can't be saved today we do not feel that there is much of a chance for the rest of the world but Nasheed's future was to be shaped by events in one of Asia's major financial centers his officials detected a massive fraud it started in Singapore but it would end in the Maldives that was a very big scandal and the amounts involved in those transactions in that corruption is also very very big it concerned the Singapore branch of the Maldives state trading organization from the 90s until 2005 yamin was in charge Yaman was the Chanin the Sto he formed an oil company registered in Singapore this company was selling oil to Burma it had the hallmarks of fraud so mold Yves police worked with Singaporean officers to investigate machines government launched a court case which would soon implicate Yamin we have obtained two thousand pages of legal papers they lay out president yar means role the alleged fraud adds up to over a hundred and forty million dollars the sto imported oil to the Maldives Yamin allegedly helped divert some of it to Myanmar's military junta an additional secret company was set up the sto invoiced Myanmar so did the secret company its profits were embezzled this is a way of siphoning off money seemingly for their own enrichment when you control lots of the levers of government you can abuse those levers by profiting from from the money that the government is taking in by 2012 Nasheed's officials had the evidence in place to charge Yamin with fraud they were ready to take the case to trial then at home a mutiny Mohamed Nasheed was ousted marched out of the president's office on the day of the cool we were just about to announce some of the details of that case I was under threat I was at the Persia and I was forced to resign and while certainly Yaman himself was reading away from the unrest the new government stopped the investigation the case was quickly closed and the paperwork locked away yamin had got away with it a year later he was president and his first target his old adversary mohamed nasheed was arrested in February 2015 a month later sentenced to 13 years in prison yummy and turn the tables on the sheet our evidence suggests president yameen personally chose the length of Nasheed's sentence the vice president's driver describes in secretly filmed video how it was done that be national sentence they've called me and told me to keep let out like I'm in there and he gave me some gelatin not and I just offered it it was a two-disc so I just went and gave body it was just nothing then he just fell president didn't fall there's something has to be changed deeply listen this so it appears that your sentence of 13 years for terrorism was ordered directly by the president well it's sad not not only because I've been unlawfully and illegally held for so long and my family has been uprooted from my home I have had to leave the molders all of these politically motivated sentences are being driven directed by President Yami I've been told at the same but you've of course proven it beyond doubt that these sentences arm dished out by the President himself so if I was arrested tomorrow in the mortgage what hope do I have of a free and fair trial zero what if you do any little thing that challenge the existing power status corps then you are done then you go into jail then you can sit there this is not an independent judiciary at all it's judicially hijacked by the executive by the president it's probably the most corrupt institution in the country in power and with their rival in prison the Maldives became a playground for president Yami and his deputy a deal they stepped up the scale of their ambitions phone messages photos documents and emails reveal in new plot I am trying to bring 1 billion US dollars for a project the total soon rose to 1.5 billion it was hard currency 1.5 billion dollars of physical cash is pallet loads of money this is stuff that physically weighs a lot the fact that they're bringing this in in physical cash is a huge red flag of money laundering vice-president Adeeb worked on the project with three of the president's closest aides including his nephew they laid out an island investment plan to a group of secretive businessman the tourism ministry sent the men lagoon coordinates they outlined a resort investment scheme for an implausibly large 1.5 billion dollars but it was a ruse to make the plot appear legitimate the government is making a cover story of giving us a project development but that the funds will be brought the middle man was Singaporean tan Kuan Yew he replied to ministers spelling out the details of the scheme when the physical fund arrives in Maldives we need support from the Maldives Monetary Authority to secure the fund from the aircraft at bank premises for verification counting and ensure immediate credit to our bank account the cargo was the equivalent of 12 pallets piled with hundred-dollar bills the plan was to fly it into the Maldives soldiers then escort it to a vault where it is verified and counted the Maldives central bank then credits a private bank account then the money looks clean and can be transferred out bit by bit after the account is credited 10 million u.s. dollars will be telegraphed transferred to Singapore or Hong Kong the balance will stay if I can't find suitable usage after six months the money will be telegraphed transferred out flying in 1.5 million dollars in hard cash saying that it's going for a development and then moving it on this amount of money and in physical cash I think is quite unusual I haven't seen an example of this amount of cash being in order through a central bank before it's something from a James Bond film vice-president Adeeb gave one possible explanation of where the money was coming from and the central bank governor said it could be done it's all fly capital people want to move here mostly since Indonesian elections a lot of offshore oil trade money if they can provide the details of the source of the funds and the legitimacy of earning we can find a way it seems as though those at the very top of the government were involved in this supposed deal to move this money there are examples of lots of countries where the government is effectively run by crooks emails and text messages show tan Kuan Yew was representing secretive finances a mysterious boss referred to only as mr. hands a mining and energy investor Indonesian Rossi haiku a British educated Indonesian who runs an iron ore mine Abdul Hakim Hadi here he's pictured with the Malaysian architect of the deal fides an Hasan he spun the web of front companies through which the money would be laundered fides ons Facebook account shows he was in Iran in early 2015 the time of the plot and this email from Thanh Kuan Yew suggests the cash came not from Indonesia but Iran we caught up with mr. fides an in a luxury mall in the Malaysian capital mr. Pfizer my name's will Jordan I'm from Al Jazeera's investigative unit I wanted to talk to you about the Maldives and about cash flying into the Maldives under your company city trust an administrator you know anything about that but still there's a lot so do you know time fine you thank when you I've done quite knew quite a new honey tank on you from Singapore oh he has a company called idea 5 tan star I've heard I've met him before not all Hakam Hardy how come a TSO cousin Legion what's your relationship with him uh he's is he comes back to our office I'm Rosie honey a kook of course I've I've I've met him before he's an Indonesian guy so we have evidence of a plot to fly in hundreds of millions up to 1.5 billion dollars in cow as Megamall lives yeah that's a lot of money and transfer it to the State Bank of India huh and from the state to an account under the name of city trust an administrator there's a lot of money and it looks like money laundering why would anyone want to move that kind of gladly where would I want to do a yeah are you trying to make cash into the molded I mean I've been doing this business for 35 years and I go to do such things so do you help people wound the money my god how can you even say that see it my faith how can you even say that sir do you offer a service in which I can bring large amounts of cash to you and you will clean it for me huh no way absolutely not absolutely not but that's not what mr. fides and had told our undercover reporter minutes earlier hi mr. pizer how are you how many recognize me I've seen your picture he met Mr fides an under the guise of being an investment executive with a number of very wealthy clients and so the time for you to take that with you no thank you we basically look after high net worth individuals we told him our clients were looking to move large amounts of cash had political connections and wanted total secrecy this strongly suggests corruption and should raise red flags but for mr. fides an it was business as usual some of these individuals very substantial sums some of it similarly some of its in cash and I know that might be an issue no okay oh sorry I was reading that the businessman appeared well-connected we don't reckon he's well he know how he's a novel I didn't know Davis mr. fides an outlined what he could and what he couldn't do for us my chest they say when he's dead me me I don't deal with I didn't deal with arms and drugs how long as they don't sell arms my conscience is clear the conversation turned to money-laundering Roger how do you get around the issue of cash I mean if we have looked very large quantities of cash have you Bossier well it's pretty sizable see a good 500 well not that big but then that's what Big Mac seriously that's a physical and that physical transaction is is future achievable Wow what coating wells here is would be euros and sterling that is that okay because your dollars can be quite tricky because of the your social – the end of time – comes out to clear your plan for hitting is there but here is a much easier so much it really he had one concern that the deal was so large it would disrupt the euro currency market although of yours the placement rate is not as fast because market cannot absorb so yes immediately like you can be there the deal involved absolute secrecy hiding our names behind several shell companies let's put it this way I play some of these structures to up to seven layers really yeah so bill is the jurisdiction but this is a huge as I say seven dollars which we haven't going to have to go to get the identity I officially given at the end of it of it the identity of the owner is actually a foundation remaining goes more and one foundation they come back to me Isaiah so you know and this actually a Panama foundation right I'm is it still the dirty money would go through a central bank in the region you'll come to a country in Asia so I can see for now and I'm gonna show Jerry to include supper bang everything mr. fides and told us we have misunderstood his comments and taken them out of context finds an hassan tank when you Abdul Hakim Hardy and Rossi Chania Kubb deny any wrongdoing in the plan to transport cash and say no money was moved we have discovered from secretly filmed confessions our men on mopeds delivered stolen money bags of cash to a corrupt political class mostly the people that I have meant and given cash is the most senior members of Yami Schoen Ahmed is far Ali was part of a front company used to steal government money actually mostly we don't technically I just fooled them enough they just tell me idea and I say just going for me Mohammed Latif aka Moho ran the front company listen yelling do not listening because I was in world I was there I was managing some of their funds in this paying in slip the names been blacked out but it can still be recognized half a million dollars to president yameen to his account at the Maldives Islamic bank check number 247 Moho paid it in the vice president asked me to deposit a cheque to the president's account directly to his account I did two transactions I noticed it it was on froztok it was transferred that day within three hours to get account given money to impress King you say Mohammed aka was vice president to Deeb's driver he delivered the president's money on a moped huge sums of cash in black sports bags the vice president made the arrangements and eliminating they receive this money sometimes he returned you go and give to president for the Prince Liam details look Emma difficult one time Liam looks angry the just text me and asked me to give hundred so I thought it was hundred thousand so I took two bundles it is 50/50 and Yaman my he himself came down so I just give the money it was necklace in it the fish to me because if you give one media Naga spoon permeated so again I have to go to the abacus then I came I'm in 2015 vice-president Adeeb had accumulated money power and three gold iPhones he traveled all over the world meeting leaders like China's premier his plan was coming together he had installed a friend as prosecutor general effectively placing himself above the law haha after that my power is complete a deep even tried to get a gun and two dozen bullets bro what do you have now nine-millimeter silencer how many bullets how many do you want 24 okay delete all the messages bro for safety for both I will but the vice-president had risen too far too fast in October 2015 a blast hit the president's yacht the first lady was hurt and president yameen blamed a deep the vice-president was sentenced for terrorism but was he behind the blast we have obtained these previously unseen forensic reports lacking expertise the government called in American FBI investigators and Saudi specialists both found no conclusive evidence that there was a bomb they suggested it was an accident which in turn suggests the president used the blast as an excuse to remove his closest rival we have seen him in operation we have seen him purging his own government he has arrested two or three of his own vice president a number of his own ministers anyone and everyone who expresses different opinion in somewhere being punished now that there is no exception to this before vice president Adeeb could be arrested he handed his phones to an ally who sneaked them out of the Maldives a source copied the contents to us the phone leaked documents and recordings have revealed a Paradise Concord corrupted and stolen the system has completely failed I mean in such a small place where everyone knows everyone it's very easy to corrupt the entire system it's like a game operating at the top of our government president Yamin is involved policing world central banking world Parliament in world and judicial in world there is no future for the country so there is no future for acid everybody is afraid the Maldives is being sold out by these few people who are making money out of the beauty of that country the country has been stolen bit by bit since Yamin has come into power he has this need to sell off the country and collect money I will say to him that you do not have the right to stay in power now you have lost legitimacy and you are in my opinion one of the most corrupt incapable and autocratic leader we can ever get you you

Hugo Chávez: The Venezuelan Leader (Political History Documentary) | Timeline

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Chávez is a documentary based on the public and political life of the Venezuelan Ex-President from the day of the rebellion he commanded on February 4th, 1992 until his death on March 2013.
Aimed primarily to the understanding of international audiences, the documentary presents the ideological origins of Hugo Chávez which led him to challenge the political schemes in Venezuela during the early 90s.
His rise to the presidency in 1999, his opponents obstacles leading to the coup d’etat in 2002 which ended with his return to Caracas supported by the low class Venezuelan society.
Chávez shows the leader consolidating social projects in Venezuela while portraying the human side of a president who broke the mould.
His contribution to the integration of Latin America and its affiliation with other international actors that supported ideas of sovereignty and anti-imperialist struggle.

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Breaking: "Scientist FEAR 5G Networks" (Cancer, Genetic , Reproductive, Brain Disorders)

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Young and Gay: Jamaica's Gully Queens (Full Length)

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In Jamaica, attacks, murder, and rape are common occurrences against LGBTI people, with little to no retribution or justice brought against those responsible.

After being forced from shacks, derelict buildings, and their own families, many homeless LGBTI Jamaicans have found refuge in the storm drainage systems of Kingston — known locally as the gully. For trans girls and gay men unable or unwilling to hide their sexuality, the sense of community and relative safety the gully provides acts as a welcome sanctuary, and for many, a hope of change to come.

VICE News travelled to the New Kingston area to see what LGBTI life is like in Jamaica — where just being who you are can mean living a life underground.

This unique community has found solace in the lyrics of street life and struggle of the recently incarcerated singer Vybz Kartel, a national hero of sorts and considered “The Voice of the Jamaican Guetto” by many. Check out the unofficial video for “Beautiful Girl” by Vybz Kartel, the “”voice of the Jamaican ghetto” at Noisey:

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Als ze me zien,
zien ze me als een gangster. Dus als ik ze niet vertel dat ik homo ben, dan weten ze het ook niet. Er is elke dag wel drama in de gully. Ze hebben ruzie. Ze gooien zelfs met zuur
en hakken op elkaar in. Het kan echt uit de hand lopen. Vier steekwonden. Ze stak me met een mes. Homoseksualiteit in Jamaica heeft geen hoop. Het is hier taboe. Het zal hier nooit geaccepteerd worden. Ze zullen ons eerder vermoorden. Als je je flamboyant kleedt
en je bent op straat, dan verbranden ze je kleren. Sommigen rijden je aan, hakken op je in… en steken je neer. Er kan van alles gebeuren. De flikker rende hierheen. We hebben verschillende klassen in Jamaica, dus we hebben wat ze noemen <i>Rich Queens</i>… en <i>Scary Queens</i>. De Rich Queens zijn de homo's die… een beetje geld hebben, zoals ikzelf. Wij kunnen ons afschermen
van de ergste vormen van homohaat. Dus wij hebben de neiging om de
Poor Queens of de Scary Queens de schuld te geven voor alle homohaat
die ze tegenkomen. Als ze gewoon meer waren zoals wij,
dan zouden ze veiliger zijn. En als je in een vervolgde klasse zit,
zoals wij, en het lukt je om aan je vervolging te ontsnappen, dan wil je niet meer de sporen
van je vervolging met je meedragen. Bijvoorbeeld, de actie die we vandaag voeren, is gewijd aan de Scary Queens. Voor diegenen die zichzelf niet kunnen beschermen… tegen de ergste vormen van mishandeling. Ik hoop dat ze komen. Ze zijn eng en bang. De Scary Queens. Het kan als een kleinerende term klinken, maar het is ooit gebruikt om hen te beschrijven, en helaas is het blijven hangen. Nee, zij noemen zichzelf de Gully Queens. Zij zijn de norm… voor hoe de homobeweging vooruitgang boekt. Als zij respect krijgen… en hun rechten gerespecteerd worden, dan weten we dat ons doel bereikt is. Maar tot dat moment, hebben we niets. Vieze flikker. Wij hebben wat problemen met leden van de… uiteenlopende… seksuele groepering die zich in de gully bevinden. Er is er een die door het leven gaat als Pebbles. Een ander gaat door het leven als Batman. En eentje die Beyoncé genoemd wordt. Als hij iemand met een mobiele telefoon ziet langskomen, dan gebruikt hij zijn mes of kapmes… om die telefoon te stelen. Ze plegen misdaden uit de naam
van de homogemeenschap. Daardoor krijgt de gemeenschap een slechte naam. Het is hun eigen keuze om in de gully te wonen. Hun seksuele geaardheid, dat is hun eigen keuze. Onze agenten stellen zich niet negatief op
naar iemands geaardheid. We nodigen hen uit om aangifte te doen. Meestal willen ze niet terugkomen
om een verklaring af te leggen. Er zijn individuen die zich
met de gemeenschap mengen, die gekleed zijn in vrouwenkleding, en zij worden niet aangevallen. Nou ja, dat zal je overal vinden, waar je ook naartoe gaat,
alleen op dezelfde manier… vallen ze ook hetero's aan. En dat geloof ik niet. Ik ben het daar volkomen mee oneens. Nou, het is belangrijk dat wij onszelf zichtbaar maken. Als je verandering wil zien,
dan moeten mensen weten weten waar wij voor strijden. Het is makkelijk om iets te haten dat je niet kent. En we willen even zeggen dat het
vandaag Daggerings verjaardag is. Je mag een vrouw nooit naar haar leeftijd vragen. Ik kwam terecht in de gully, omdat mensen in mijn buurt… erachter kwamen dat ik homo was. Ik woonde in een pand… en ik ontmoette vrienden… die ook van huis weg waren gelopen. Ze gedroegen zich net als ik, helemaal opgetut in vrouwenkleding. Mensen zijn op een nacht naar hen toegegaan… terwijl ze sliepen, en hebben hun hoofd afgehakt. Twee van hen zijn vermoord. En dat is hoe… iedereen die zich ophield op verlaten
stukken grond en in lege panden… samenkwam, in de gully, en daar bleef. We willen we de gully verlaten, omdat we niet weten wat er kan gebeuren. Wie er naar beneden kan springen. De gully is koud, je wordt er door muggen gestoken. Dus, hier in de gully… is het net de hel. Er bestaat een idee… dat het wellicht tijd wordt om een
wetsvoorstel bij het parlement te brengen. Dat betekent niet per se dat iets zal veranderen. Je kan geen wetten maken tegen de cultuur van mensen. In het Verenigd Koninkrijk is het geloof oké als het in de
privésfeer gedaan wordt. Legaal, als het in de privésfeer blijft. Dat zeg ik ook niet. Door de cultuur van de bevolking. Als de regering het verandert zonder de sterke aanhang… van het volk, dan wordt het heel moeilijk voor de regering. Heb je mensen uit de gully gezien? Als jij een werkgever zou zijn,
zou jij ook maar iemand van hen aannemen? Opvoeding speelt hierin een grote rol. De meeste mensen [in de gully]… zijn uit hun eigen huis verbannen. Dat kan dus geen verantwoordelijkheid
worden van de regering. Nou, er zijn een paar dingen
die wij gedaan proberen te krijgen. Ten eerste willen we de zaak van… een paar fundamentistische groepen
van de baan hebben, die geloven dat… de decriminalisering van intimiteit tussen mannen… zal leiden tot een stijging… in het aantal verkrachtingen van jonge jongens. Natuurlijk hebben die zaken niets met elkaar te maken, dus wij proberen dat van de baan te krijgen. De realiteit is dat beiden belangrijk zijn. Het is oneerlijk om te zeggen
dat je moet kiezen tussen de twee. En een verandering in de wet
kan een verandering in de cultuur veroorzaken, maar een verandering in de cultuur
kan ook een verandering in de wet veroorzaken. Rechters en politici zijn ook
een deel van onze samenleving, en worden ook beïnvloed
door veranderingen in de cultuur… of hoe de kijk op homoseksualiteit verandert. Dus we doen dat tegelijkertijd,
omdat we de cultuur willen veranderen. Alleen we weten dat de cultuur door de wet wordt belemmerd. Activiteiten, zoals… fisten, felchen, rimmen, 'scat chariot races' en ander afwijkend gedrag, worden nu als normaal beschouwd… en als een positief aspect van onze seksualiteit. Als je hier woont, woon je in een soort jungle. Je moet oppassen voor dieren die je willen bijten. Als we op oorlogspad gaan, dan hebben we
kapmessen, messen en al het andere. Niemand zal het tegen ons op willen nemen, omdat we gevaarlijk zijn. Ongeveer 25 mensen. Rijst, erwten and koeienpoten. Dit is Thelma's bed. En dit is Sascha Berry's bed. Nee. Een stel slaapt hier en een stel slaapt hier. Ja, het valt naar beneden. Ik zal het je laten zien. Dit is mijn bed. Dit bed is gemaakt van pallets. Lakens, tapijten, en kussens. En als het regent, spoelt het zand, stenen, flessen, botten en dat soort dingen naar beneden. De regen spoelt het naar beneden. Pas op je hoofd en volg mij. Nee, omdat wij er op een schone manier mee omgaan. Het is niet zoals een huis,
maar je moet het jezelf comfortabel maken. Als je het jezelf niet zo gemakkelijk mogelijk maakt,
dan zul je je ook niet op je gemak voelen Ze hosselen. Ze hebben een kraam of ze verkopen hapjes, koekjes. Wiet, sigaretten. Drank. En sommigen zitten in de prostitutie. De meer mannelijke mannen prostitueren ook. De meeste. Ja, veel zijn heteromannen. Soms proberen ze te vechten of te slaan. Heteromannen of een heterojongen, ze komen niet bij de homojongens wonen. Dus je moet homo zijn om hier te wonen. Ja, heel veel. Omdat dit niet de enige plek is. Er wonen er meer in leegstaande
panden of op andere plekken. Ja, het is hetzelfde systeem. Nee, ik heb een dochter. Ze is ongeveer 19. Mijn mensen zorgen voor haar. Dus ik zeg gewoon dat het mijn dochter is. Dit is waar ze hun make-up opdoen. Voordat ze de straten opgaan. Loop aan deze kant. Ja. Vanaf mijn elfde. Die vond ik geweldig. Echt geweldig. Geweldig, geweldig, geweldig. Als ze naar de gully zou komen, dan zou ik flauwvallen,
want ze is mijn idool en ik hou van haar. Luister, ik ga niemand boven mezelf plaatsen. Ik ben de originele Rihanna. Ik ben de echte, echte Rihanna. Ja, het water is schoon. Het is kraanwater. Ja. Nee. Je mag er zo lang over doen als je wilt. Het is schoon water. Deze gasten willen niet zien wat je hebt. Ja toch? Ja, vertel het hem. Dat taartje is niet te zoet. Dat is omdat ze het nooit geproefd heeft. Ze heeft nog nooit een stukje gehad. Mijn zus heeft me verteld dat het niet lekker is. Haar zus verbeeldt het zich. Hier kan je omhoog klimmen, Christo. Wacht even. Als wij Jamaicanen een homo zien, dan vliegen er kogels. Homo. Homo. Als ze een homo zien, dan is hij in feite al dood. [Het gevecht] gaat over, mijn minaar die me heeft gestoken. Ze is zojuist teruggekomen. Ze beet me, vervolgens beet ze me in mijn gezicht. En hier op mijn borst. Ik was zo ernstig verwond, dat het mes zelfs in mijn nek afbrak. Ik zou haar moeten aangeven, en de politie het bericht
dat ze me stuurde moeten laten zien. Ze schreef: "Kevin, ik ga je vermoorden." Op het gebied van verkrachtingen
en seksueel misbruik… van lesbiënnes en biseksuele vrouwen, is de reactie die we krijgen op het politiebureau… de reden dat we niet terugkomen. In 2009… ben ik verkracht. Ja, een verkrachting is een verkrachting, maar dit was vanwege mijn geaardheid. "Je hebt een goede beurt nodig, om je op het rechte pad te krijgen.” Dat is meestal hoe het wordt gebracht. Ik kan me het verhaal nog herinneren van een koppel, dat naar het politiebureau ging, en zei, "Wij zijn verkracht." En de agent keek ze aan en zei: "Je krijgt wat je verdient." We willen die mensen niet in onze stad. Dit is onze stad. <i>We willen hem zien.</i> <i>We willen hem zien.</i> Ik zou altijd vrouw willen zijn. Maar ik wil niet dat mensen gaan zeuren, dus ik doe maar een broek… en een groot shirt aan. Ik doe stoer en dan ben ik klaar om op pad te gaan, zodat ze me niet aankijken. Wie is jouw favoriete fashionicoon? Rihanna. Welke, geklede Rihanna? Of… meer de Rihanna die ongeveer
in haar blote vagina rondloopt? Rihanna die ongeveer in haar blote vagina rondloopt. Als de tijd komt dat we de gully moeten verlaten, wordt het vinden van een andere plek moeilijk. Mensen gaan een voor een uitgemoord worden, omdat ze uit elkaar gehaald zijn. Mijn gemeenschap wilde mij vermoorden… toen ze erachter kwamen dat ik homo ben. Ik ontmoette Dwayne Jones
toen ik net uit de kast was gekomen in 2011. Op een dag had hij besloten
om op pad te gaan als travestiet. Dus we wasten onze vrouwenkleding… en deden onze make-up op. We kwamen rond 11 uur 's avonds in de stad aan, en terwijl we aan het lopen waren zei een man: "Die gast in het wit ziet eruit als een man." Ze renden achter me aan,
maar ik was te snel. De menigte ging om hem heen staan… en vroeg hem of hij een man of een vrouw was. Hij was in het midden van de menigte. Ik hoorde vier schoten. Ik wist dat er iemand dood was. Ik zag Dwayne's lichaam op de grond
en ik begon onmiddellijk te huilen. Ze hadden een auto gebruikt om hem aan te rijden, ze hebben hem neergestoken. Die mannen zijn nog steeds naar me opzoek. Omdat ze zeggen dat ik ze te slim af was. Iemand zou moeten bidden. En ik hoop dat ze nog vele,
vele jaren leeft zodat ze nog veel van Trina Boss Bitch kan zien. Precies dat. Mijn mooie, prachtige vriendin Daggering, kijk haar dan, kijk haar dan. Kijk dan naar mijn prachtige vriendin. Luister naar me, vraag het iedereen. We hebben goede en slechte tijden, maar weet je, ze is mijn schoonmoeder, mijn vrouw, mijn man.

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MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff examines the cause of the deadliest drug crisis in American history.
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One Nation, Overdosed: Documentary On The Deadliest Drug Crisis In American History (Full) | MSNBC

today more Americans are dying of overdoses than ever before and this is the epicenter of that crisis we're on the pace to have 800 people die this year due to overdose in our County what's the percentage of of the bodies that are in here right now that are overdose deaths from heroin or fentanyl we were averaging 60 to 70 percent of our cases now our overdoses you know anybody that's that yeah my boyfriend Jamie you go through withdrawal right now you guys mind explaining to me why but he's mass on short answer is if you breathe it in you could die you said do you have a nickname for this street morgue I mean Morgan Avenue it's not Morgan honey it's morgue you literally just walked in to cash a check and by the time you came back your brother had gone and come back and got an accident and then told the paramedic that he was on fentanyl what's it like to go through this every day welcome to Montgomery County Ohio where thanks to a drug so powerful it could kill you if you touch it police work isn't what it used to be why is a sheriff's deputy that's supposed to be fighting crime driving around with it with a heroin antidote we don't have enough EMS units for the overdoses when we first start doing this it was one every two weeks and then it gradually worked its way into one every week and now we're in two three four or five a day I could probably look on my computer right now and there'd be three or four overdoses on there right now somewhere within this county it didn't take very long the deputy said that there was a car accident here you can obviously see that with a minivan here and the pickup truck and they took one person at the vehicle who they say have a and a thousand-yard stare was out of it and so now he's in the back of the ambulance here he's my brother I just wanted we just lost our dad to an overdose you lost your dad yeah it is I come outside and there's an accident and they means another officer comes up and tells me they eat that you took two caps of fentanyl that no okay okay and I don't know what I wasn't even in the car when it happened do you use yourself anybody else your family hooked on heroin or fentanyl how many brothers you got three three I've done my whole like to keep my family so how bad you think the problem is in Dayton sick can I ask you question did you think your brother was using when I first picked him up no not today not today when I first picked him up when was the last time you thought your brother was using about six months ago he was supposed to be a live Atocha yeah and supposed to last like for a month right yes he literally just walked in to cash a check and by the time you came back your brother had gone and come back and got an accident and then told the paramedic that he was on federal yeah what did he look like barely open Oh What did he say to you nothing he said I love you what did you say to him what's it like to go through this every day in Giselle traditionally opioids like heroin are made from opium poppies but what's ravaging this community is made in a laboratory over the past two years fentanyl a synthetic opioid that can be thousands of times stronger than heroin has been flooding into places like here Montgomery County Ohio where the overdose death rate has been skyrocketing through just may overdose deaths in the county almost hit last year's total an officials estimate this year's final number will double that some people say that Montgomery County is the epicenter of the opiate crisis in America now yeah yeah per capita we're number one in the nation and overdose deaths we're on the pace to have 800 people die this year due to overdose in our County because when I think of if I'm a Mexican drug cartel and I want to bring my product into America I'm going to the big cities I'm not going to Montgomery County yeah yeah it's kind of strange why they picked us up but I think mainly our location you know our job markets tanked we lost all of our automotive industries so overdose age the average age is between 40 and 49 and that's your primary work force and I think it's driven by a loss of a good job you know they're bringing in jobs here paying $13 an hour where people can't make ends meet with $13 an hour so people you know I think they're depressed they're self-medicating and they don't know what they're getting when they buy a gel cap that they think it's full of heroin now we're having people overdose on fentanyl because it's so much stronger than heroin you know and then some of these people think they're buying heroin well these dealers are mixing fentanyl on with it or they're giving them straight fentanyl and that's killing people the first opioid of abuse was prescription pain pills including oxycontin but in response to media attention access to pills was restricted and in their place came heroin made from Mexican poppies cheaper and more powerful a couple of years ago traffickers began mixing fentanyl into the heroin yep that's all I'm getting in the car and fentanyl is by far the most fatal drug of abuse America has ever seen so fatal that relatives of users are calling the police to try to keep them from overdosing this is just a warrant one guy who the complainant told us he was using heroin at the time and would like us to come and arrest him on the open warrants to keep him from overdosing they thought he got away and as we were leaving we saw him run through the backyard again and now everybody's on the hunt all of this for a guy they suspect of having needles on him promised he could be an A in these vacant houses and that's the thing this is a neighborhood filled with the man at homes yeah so you live around here mm-hmm you said you have a nickname for this street morgue morgue Avenue it's not Morgan honey it's morgue which houses of people died in what houses that do not tied in really really girly look at all these places man I mean they wouldn't like this four years ago that's when you moved in here yeah I mean I clean up the neighborhood and I gotta wear these little thick gloves and stuff cuz all these needles and crap you know it's it's unreal as the death rate skyrockets the bodies come to the Montgomery County Coroner dr. Kent Harshbarger who performs tests to detect over two dozen varieties of fentanyl so this is what you call the cooler this is our cooler our main cooler when did the bodies that are all around us come in here over the last prior 24 to 48 hours and every everyday bodies are cycling through here correct these these trades will mostly be full by tonight what's the percentage of the bodies that are in here right now that our overdose deaths from heroin or fentanyl we were averaging 60 to 70 percent of our cases now our overdoses so 70% of the people that are in this room died probably a fentanyl correct that's correct if you could extrapolate from the numbers that you see here in Montgomery County how many people across a high are going to be killed by fentanyl this year for our system we cover about a fifth of the state of Ohio and we're estimating about 2,000 over two this year if that continues so that that's about 10,000 for the state or more 10,000 for the state for the whole state and that sounds that sounds like a national number 10,000 overdose deaths from fentanyl correct our last number lash for 2016 Ohio is estimating 4000 overdoses and I believe will at least double that if not two and a half times more this year if this trend continues I just saw a doctor walk out in the autopsy room towards the cooler and do this like what is that about right well that's that's bright his fourth case today fourth case of the dad of the day who's that we're all tired when you think about the fact that there will be by the end of the year 12,000 people who have died from fentanyl in Ohio how is that not a mass casualty event that is multiples of 911 oh it is a mass casualty event actually with my friends at Cuyahoga County we've actually been trying to put some pressure on the state officials to declare a health emergency this is no different than some kind of mass casualty event in any other form it's just a medical event a medical emergency I believe so it needs to be recognized that way to bring some federal assets to help us coming up the face of addiction if if any or your family or your friends catches on TV what do you want them to know once the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office comes into contact with people who have overdosed from heroin or fentanyl part of their job is following up neighborhoods like this it's something normally a social service office would do but they're literally aren't enough people to help why are you knocking on people's doors after they overdose well we're the heroin capital of the world and hey Nicholas okay there's other neighbors out here I tried to come over here and you can't yell like that kid can I talk to you for a minute we're just trying to give him some services we know that he overdosed on heroin last week and we're just trying to get him some help we're not here to be mean to him we're just trying to help him deal with his addiction so that he's not another statistic so we don't come back here and have to take him away in a body bag another recent overdose victim was just around the block did you overdose Christina I didn't overdose my mom did I had to watch her though so I went through a little bit of the theme with her I had to see her do you use also yeah I use all so I'm trying to get to help myself so so your mom was in the car here overdose then too she overdosed in the house she overdosed over here actually in the field we had to get her back right right here across the street here yeah when was the last time that you used yesterday yesterday and how many times a week would you say you're using we use every day when you're on here have to every day yeah you seem very clear-headed about this how do you stay how you stay so focused on getting help just my kids I have kids five little ones I don't want having to go through this they're going through things because while I'm going through five kids yep who are you in the family to the youngest kids ever more addicted you're taking care of the babies and they were born addicted yeah hey CJ this is when they said we'd never do anything what's my buddy two weeks 32 weeks yeah 32 weeks so you're dealing in therapy you're a hero bud what'd you get McDonald's what do you have ever give up a toy that's awesome what do you have chicken nuggets hi Cameron he's still having some issues they haven't figured out yet what's it like for you to see this family going through this it hurts because Chrissy really wants to spend time with her kids but you can't do that well you know they're still active Duncan booster you think there's drugs in the house now no you're saving these kids lives huh just on a on a personal level you've been in this job a while what's it like for you to see your community going through what many people outside of this community call an epidemic you know I worked the road when we had the crack epidemic and which was very violent but it wasn't to this extent where people are dying every day so it's very sad where you see mother's dying leaving their children behind you know our children services they have 250 children right now they can't place with foster parents there's that much overloaded with the demand it's not easy to get addicts into treatment but the Sheriff's Department provides a form of detox in their jail this is one of our female dorms where a lot of these inmates are going through detox right now so we try to keep them all housed together so they can take care of each other some peer to peer support because the whole detox process just very nasty and it's rough on them and so most of the women in here are going through some kind of withdrawal right now yeah ladies how are you what's your name yeah Kara how did you find your way in here care I was coming here to get drugs you traveled here to pick up the drugs why because what you pay for five dollars here you can solve for $20 where I live so you were using and selling yeah and the drug stronger that are coming from here yeah they are do you know anybody that's that my dad your dad died in January sorry how many people that use know somebody that's done everybody has to at least probably I bet everybody I guarantee it everybody knows somebody that's died in here yeah yeah ten days ago released from here when I was treat used and to passed away to fit most killing everybody it's killing everybody what are you doing in here actually for traffic in position trafficking and possession of mom fentanyl heroin fentanyl we have there's been no yet and were you using as well yes how many years have you been using on and off seven years eight years seven eight years clean one year and then two years I was clean and went back a couple times me and not no more though I'm done do you have a family yes kids yes my grandbaby so I'm done I'm your grandma yes yes they're too precious to be now so I'm no more what's your name okay Heather how long have you been here just today just today you just got here yeah anybody ever tell you like Kristen Stewart no what brought you in here um coming from Indiana to here to get the drugs map done what were you using no fentanyl mmm-hmm and so if you just got in here are you you gonna throw withdrawal right now yep no can you describe for me how you feel right now like yes I have no energy to do anything huh same time I'm cold uncomfortable body hurts sounds like a pretty crappy feeling yeah have you felt this way before yeah before it's not fun and what do you do when you feel this way stick it out it's usually what I'm in jail when you're in jail otherwise you go use again yeah how long have you been using for yeah three thank yous non-stop yeah how old are you 29 29 do you have a job do you want us that no no you're not sure yet right now no right now you want to be using yeah do you know anybody that's died yes my boyfriend and my mom just died in January I'm sorry if if any of your your family or your friends catches on TV what do you want them to know did I love him bit up so when you look at that and you compared to other times here where does it ring oh that's the worst I've ever seen it you know usually you get five or six girls in the other or sick look I'm in we're in their beds under their covers you know that that was the worst I've ever seen it and when you go in there I mean it's just mentally for me it was meant it's mentally overwhelming to think about there's just one room in here but you got thousands of people across this county that are exactly the same way yeah so for you what goes your head well you know luckily they've been caught they've been arrested so hopefully we can get them into treatment get them some help but as you're here and if they don't go into treatment they're gonna go right back to using the same amount they used prior to getting in here that's when they overdose and die when we come back a daily battle to take fentanyl off the streets unlike the meth crack and painful epidemics the fentanyl outbreak is killing people at rates never seen before what does in perspective from you in relation to the murder rate higher or lower much higher traffic deaths much higher so just about any category that you look at there are more fentanyl deaths per capita than just about any other cause of death I've never had one particulars of death that reaches seventy percent of my workload this is it's not believable you overdose all the other addicts go to that dealer because he's got the best product in the street you know the guy died yeah even that's what they're looking for chasing the next best hi it's a strange strange business model how you kill your your customers customers yeah fentanyl is so deadly it's causing deaths at mass casualty levels and taking it off the street is more critical than other drugs because any dose of fentanyl could be a fatal one we're at the office of the Montgomery County Sheriff that deals with the trafficking of heroin and fentanyl that's coming into the United States from Mexico they're about to brief on the search warrants that they're gonna serve today most likely it'll be a car a car deal today the task force is going after street-level dealers hoping to find out who their suppliers are so they can track them down to isn't my I think it might be my first time but not bulletproof vests well you keep doing this it won't be your last yeah we'll get the chopper up and then we'll start following our target around after we follow the target around hopefully we get him pinned down enough to make an arrest what's up man an undercover officer meets with the informant who's gonna buy the fentanyl from the dealer he gives the informant a wire so the task force can track him check check check McCoy to all units we are rolling at the same time the team's eyes in the sky Keep Watch on what's happening below so captain Bremen these other officers are inside this car right now listening to a live wire on a confidential informant the buy is under way what we're waiting for is the call to actually go in for the raid the buy goes down in a McDonald's parking lot afterward the undercover officers meet up with the informant to retrieve the drugs he bought from the dealer you know deliver some in the back but no yep really looks like it once the informants off the scene and the undercover officers have the fentanyl the rest of the task force now moves in to try to arrest a dealer who's driving that's him huh so we're past them yes guy on the Left kia the dealer fakes out the task force by stopping at a green light they lose track of him and he doesn't get arrested until two days later so they send the confidential informant out to buy from another dealer who shows up at this deal on foot that's gonna be him just grab them let's just grab them and I guess this is the dope that he was gonna sell now somebody's calling him right now yeah it's been it's been blowing up so you think that could be another deal trying to go through good champs and we don't know yet if that's heroin or fentanyl correct but that could potentially be deadly oh yeah great thing is you can absorb it through your skin and that's why you wear these gloves yes what are you gonna do with this guy right now we're gonna hold him he's given us some information that we're gonna use later on and possibly go and get his supplier so you're gonna follow whatever he had back to the place he got it from yes and you think that guy's an ounce level dealer yes okay that's our ultimate goal was to to climb the ladder and put as many guys in jail and as much drugs off the street that's killing people that's our goal is that it right there that's what we that's what you guys got in the in the field so what what is it well it's fentanyl China is the primary source of fentanyl in the United States and most is shipped to Mexico and smuggled across the border by drug cartels they picked Montgomery County because running through it are interstate 70 and 75 what law enforcement calls the crossroads of America for drug trafficking a couple hours later they locate the mid-level dealer pull him over the car alright so this is the guy they got him right here they busted him with about a half an ounce of heroin fentanyl we're not quite sure yet till they test it in the lab but the ideas he's going to jail tonight now we're about to go raid the house where we think that these drugs came from to see if there's any more drugs there we're hoping after talking to him that there's several more ounces of fentanyl inside the house several more ounces yeah so we're getting a search warrant sign now and then we'll we'll have the entry team load up and go good serve the warrant it's over twelve hours after we first showed up in this building for our first briefing we just had another briefing and are about to go on our third bust all piling in this thing Rapid Deployment vehicle there we go this looks much more serious than I've seen earlier today how come definitely not just the risk is a little more obviously going into a house we don't know much about you expect to find more here and we've seen throughout the course of day we're hoping so you see any uh any narcotics yet there is narcotics yeah whoa yikes do you guys mind explaining to me why we've got a foot these mass on a short answer is if you breathe it in you could die if you breathe this in Kadapa oh yeah you touch it really good absorbent units again I killed it just eyeballing out what does that look like how many ounces about 13 ounces is there any way to calculate what this means in terms of lives there's there's approximately I rough estimated 360 grams here each cap contains 1/10 of a gram and when you talk about lives people what do you think well a tenth of a gram can really kill you oh yeah less than a tenth of a gram can kill you a couple of grains of that is enough to kill somebody it's hard to wrap your head around yeah yeah what's your reaction to seeing this right here it's a good day yeah good day getting a lot of Fenton off the street basically you're seeing a lot of lives saved right there after the break the main drug smuggling route into the United States every single day 50,000 vehicles around 20,000 pedestrians and untold loads of narcotics make their way to the other side where is all this fentanyl coming from it generally comes through our southern border which is Mexico controlled by a cartel and then up to the Dayton area so the Mexican cartels are bringing fentanyl into the United States through the southern border and it ends up in Dayton Ohio that's right this is the San Ysidro Port of Entry it is the busiest land border crossing in the entire world every single day 50,000 vehicles around 20,000 pedestrians and untold loads of narcotics make their way to the other side what's the biggest threat coming through these borders it's everything we're looking at everyone we're looking at illegal narcotics heroin methamphetamine cocaine fentanyl all entering the border in the San Diego sector which includes the San Ysidro Port of Entry seizures of heroin have tripled since 2010 last year alone almost all of the 359 pounds of fentanyl seized at the Mexican border were taken here and meth seizures have more than quadrupled that's one of your agents that grows out here is specialized to look for a suspicious activity exactly what he's looking right now is looking at the spare tire a spare tire here potentially looking for any tampering any kind of anomalies once you see something he'll then initiate contact with this driver so literally physical conversation talking to the DEA says most narcotics entering the u.s. are driven in hidden in vehicles through what Mexico's drug cartels call plazas metropolitan areas with legal border crossings they're also all areas with a border wall this gentleman was detained in the drug case as he was passing through the port of entry right now he's obviously under arrest and he's on his way to face justice the next step was to search the car he was driving so what we're looking at right now as this vehicle was pulled into secondary screening here at San Ysidro at the port of entry and it got a positive hit from the canine from the dog and it appears that in the dash is some sort of narcotics that have been hidden in the vehicle so now they can actually tear this car apart to see what's inside they're tearing apart stuff in the engine area right now and if you actually take a look inside here in the passenger seat where the got a hit for narcotics they've pulled out the glove compartment but nothing yet looks like they found what they're looking for after cutting open the cow right there the upper part of the engine below the windshield they started to pull out these bags of I guess we don't know what they are yet one two three four five of them so far six seven eight just keeps coming I'm just looking at how many packages you have here looks like three deep he's cutting through these packages with a with just a knife looks like he's getting a little sample of whatever the drug is on the knife and then what does he do he puts it on some kind of scanner machine they'll take a little sample out of the package you'll put it on a testing equipment the testing equipment will then give us a reading of potentially what that drug is you know what you've got there yes what do you got methamphetamine methamphetamine is that a normal load yeah so for us hard narcotics a trending particular heroin and methamphetamine the packages are getting a little bit smaller for us the number of them have increased obviously because the packaging is smaller in order to put them in deeper concealment in the vehicles what happens then with meth that I personally seen searching across the border yeah they're flooding us with meth also they have super labs in Mexico making map and we're getting about ten kilos of meth per one kilo of heroin so they're trying to change the market and I don't know if it's because they're killing our customers with fentanyl but they are flooding us with methyl all of a sudden is this all you're gonna get today I would say if I were a betting person no this wouldn't be all that we get today so I would say we could get up to another five six lows today and that wouldn't be abnormal for us why if you're a cartel do you want to send drugs like this through a legal port of entry where you could cross with your passport on a yearly basis we're gonna deal with seventy-five million travelers coming across the border drug smugglers feel there are opportunities to mix in with the general population who are vastly compliant with what the laws are so translation they think they can sneak it by you right next the people who make fentanyl I am interested in getting fentanyl sent to us in the United States everybody that's died in this county you're storing their blood samples for a year good so when you talk about a mass casualty event this is one of the best ways to see how many people have died correct actually and we've had we have to have knew we purchased more storage cuz there's so many blood samples now we have to store whoa so these cases here are actually current working cases so these are just active cases these are active cases and every vial represents somebody who's died correct when you look at this you're desensitized and it looks like you're in a science laboratory but they represent freaking it's human beings every one of these cases is somebody's loved one it's great it's passed away and 70 percent of these are overdoses of those seventy percent over ninety percent of these cases have fennel smoke it inhale the powder or injected should it happen figuring out what causes an overdose death in Montgomery County requires lots of forensic work that's because the coroner's office has identified over two dozen types of fentanyl killing Ohio citizens but where these varieties are being manufactured is not a mystery they can order from China now mail it to your house so you're telling me people actually are sent at home in Dayton and they're going on their computer and people are just getting mailed packages of fentanyl yeah yeah typically they mail them to a vacant house which we have plenty of but they can they can mail-order it from China back at my desk at the NBC News Los Angeles Bureau we decided to put that to the test the main supplier of fentanyl is China and while Chinese officials tell us that they've been cracking down it still seems like it's relatively easy to get here in the United States this is Mitch this is Arnie the to producers I've been working with on this story and we're just gonna try so what do we do where do we where do we go anyway use Google okay so Google what buy fentanyl buy fentanyl okay here it is well the firt okay so the first thing that pops up at the top is by 3m fer and fentanyl online from Shing labs this is interesting here what does it say fentanyl has been growing in usage in the United States within the last decade it's a highly potent opioid that's been linked to thousands of deaths overdose from fentanyl is problematic especially when it's included as an adulterant in street heroin in order to increase potency so they're they're basically acknowledging what we saw on the street right basically saying we sell stuff that kills you and some do you want some okay so my name we've come up with a fake name they Richard Stevens I am interested in getting fentanyl sent to us in the United States I live in California is that something you can help us with that works thanks Richard submit let's talk a little bit more about what's on this website okay Chinese laboratories so Chinese laboratories are largely responsible for the absurd and availability of illicit fentanyl in the United States in recent years this was addressed recently by the Chinese government who introduced a ban on export of fentanyl in a move typical of these clandestine labs a modified version was then marketed to be sold so they acknowledge that they know exactly what this stuff is doing right basically it's not just going to Mexico and then being smuggled across the border you could go on this website and ship it here directly yeah I got an email and then just a few minutes later whoa the email already came through hello we have a very potent fentanyl analog similar in potency to the original we shipped to USA we only accept Bitcoin as payment method warm regards Wow yeah four minutes ago it came through we sent the email what ten minutes what time is it no China right now so it's 3:30 a.m. are you thirty in the morning in China right now is it possible to get it to me without it being taken by US Customs okay they here we go they email back again hello three minutes we provide a reship guarantee also we ship using ingenious packaging my name is Sarah nice meeting you mr. Richard smiley face warm regards as customer service Wow okay so next question ingenious packaging yeah that is great news Sarah news Sarah what kind of a genius packaging yeah or can they send us pictures yes a picture would you be willing to send me a picture of the packaging all right ten minutes ten minutes later we got a response well there's the pictures okay please find attached please note we have new fentanyl analog yes name three MAF we often change packaging styles no I haven't been to California before anywhere in the US smiley sorry my connection very slow sometimes warm regards Sarah okay check this out this is the package that the fentanyl comes in and this is the box that they ship it inside way I can zoom it I think there it is alright so that's what it looks like wow that is amazing how much would a kilo be for our initial order send a few days later we again heard from China this time from somebody other than our pen pal even though fentanyl was supposedly banned this year in China we know it's still flowing into the United States so we asked our colleagues at the NBC News Beijing bureau to ask China's Narcotics Control Commission if China's at least in part to blame for all the fentanyl deaths in the United States here's what they said 9:40 2002 was autumn so it taken to the show but you know what's left for the shroom so what he's saying is it's hard to say it's purely China's problem he says there's plenty of blame to go around plenty of blame to go around I mean fair enough there is plenty of blame to go around but look at this just four days after we first started talking to our friend in China about ordering fentanyl directly to the United States they gave us the pricing for a kilo ten thousand nine hundred and forty-nine dollars guaranteed so if it gets seized at customs by the Americans they're gonna resend it for free damn let you say what I say back yeah I said it's the fourth of July can I get back to you because I don't think I shouldn't order fentanyl directly to my office so I bribed the best bet for now we never went through with our orders so we can't confirm whether or not ching labs actually ships fentanyl or if it's just a scam but the DEA tells us that some mainland Chinese companies sell fentanyl and other illegal drugs online Chinese officials claim they're cracking down on the deadly drug but it's still showing up in the u.s. directly from China every international piece of mail that enters the country is subject to search by customers and in Los Angeles this is the facility where certain packages get extra scrutiny because as commerce has grown yeah ecommerce is one of the contributing factors in the volume of us making sure that we examine mail from China so China's sending us our iPads they're also sending us a fentanyl right yes as part of this story we've been emailing with China particularly laboratory in China I asked him to send us the picture of the packaging on what the shipment comes in we were talking about ordering fentanyl directly to the US is that something that you might see a box like this in which there's a package like that similar yes we examine those packages like that but when they dump mail from China as you see through e-commerce yeah it's a range so the large variety of legitimate on its consumer its consumer protection exactly you don't want a bear bag that's defective you don't want I glasses for the Eclipse hey you don't want people ordering pencil through the mail through the mail so what are you looking for right now anything that's dense this would shake they give me a powder form and this look like it was a dense powder form that requires oh it's a vile thyroids the agents here are looking for all types of illegal drugs coming from China steroids ecstasy date rape drugs and now fentanyl have you ever come into contact with fentanyl here yes what does that look like it looks like any of these other white powders the scary stuff why is it so scary just because of the amount of damage that is a really small amount can do to a person obviously you know we have families we all want to go home to our families so you're cutting open what you think it's fentanyl right you've seen packages that look like that before we go every day yeah now a laser shoots through there and breaks down with the chemical compound is right in this sample was headed for somebody's house and it's on California yeah and it goes off to the lab and we find out when end of the day or if that was fentanyl right it turns out this time it was an illegal sedative not fentanyl but with Chinese manufacturers continuing to make and ship variations of the drug there's no telling what the next package will bring I got an email that I want to ask you about this is from a woman named Sarah who just from this Chinese company Ching Labs she said hello the last few days we had some technical problems with our website now everything has resolved our mail is working properly and all orders will be fulfilled not if not if you have anything to do with it right exactly and my officers – up next the long road back from drug use this is your mug shot yes whoa it just looks like death I feel like I should be on an episode of The Walking Dead what were you using no fentanyl mm-hmm to help addicts and their families in Dayton there are support groups like families of addicts we're scared lost my place the question that I was asking myself is are we helping or hurting and by we I mean us families who know things about the fiction recovery the group is run by a mother-daughter team how did this all come about well the way I say I have my 11 years of my own recovery from alcohol and other drugs currently but that's gonna prepare me for when I found out that April started using heroin your daughter yep and I didn't know whether they saw the marks on her arm and I said what is that and she said you know what that is and I was like I had no clue I felt like she knew that I was using drugs I don't know I mean like what else do you say she kind of like made a scene but I was I was like sixteen she'd walked away from help she stolen a lot of my stuff I do remember asking her can't you just not do it for one day and she's like no it's not like that and I'm like well then how is it and so she like let me into what her life was alike and it was really educational so I wanted to bring that education to other families it's so scary Tony Watkins attends families of addicts she says she started using opioids in 2008 after the birth of her first daughter and has been in and out of treatment and the County Jail so you've been clean for over a hundred days yes how'd you do it I actually fell out and quit breathing so I that scared me and that's never happened to me before I when you say you fell out was it me I stopped breathing I was taking fentanyl and heroin as soon as I shot it I stopped breathing that scared me so I checked myself into rehab nearly every day since then you've been in some kind of program yes that's like what I eat breathe and sleep treatment I have a sponsor through Narcotics Anonymous who I call every day if there's any problems or I have any like cravings or urges to do anything not just necessarily with drugs I just got a house with a couple friends I got my job back just getting back on my feet is very hard but you know I'd do it and I talk about it I share about it in my groups and meetings that's one of the big keys I don't keep talking about it yes definitely if I don't talk about it that could bring me back out there like having guilt over you know you got to get that stuff off your chest yes are you comfortable tell me what kind of stuff um yeah I've been I've been raped several times um just last May I was going to buy drugs during the daytime in a bad area and some guy came up behind me and grabbed me by the back of the head and drugged me into the backyard of an abandoned house and violently raped me I didn't call the police because I was on probation and on the run I wasn't checking in so I had an active felony warrant so but I ended up turning myself in in July well when I was in booking in Montgomery County jail they did a pregnancy test and I found out I was pregnant by that person from from the rape yes so I decided to carry the baby and give her to a family that couldn't have children so I gave her up for adoption so I'm still in contact with that family but just that situation alone like the guilt of giving a baby up for adoption like if I don't talk about that with people and get feedback from my counselors and friends like you know that guilt could cause me to do other things that could lead me to use it's crazy to know that like one wrong move and I can be right back out there this is your mug shot yes whoa so you remember you remember that day yeah a little bit I mean I was pretty wasted in it it just looks like death I feel like I should be on an episode of The Walking Dead as a zombie like I just don't I see someone who's lifeless for real and like in a weird way when you look at that let's make you feel good about where you are yeah like I'm so grateful I don't look like that anymore and I'm so grateful I got a chance to get back on track because some people won't get that chance staying off any kind of drug of addiction can be a lifelong struggle but now with fentanyl America's deadliest drug ever there's also a race to stop using it before it kills you hey they're armed cruisers from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

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that you have good few thanks for coming in all the usual suspects there's a tower try to match them no yeah we're able to trying to miss I want that as a mouse professor tycoon tycoon putting dinner basically party together go yourself yeah how come I got posed Giamatti to play me Billy Crudup or somebody this dinner is a remarkable moment it brought together all of the players from the financial crisis of 2008 the people who are actually in the room in the moment and have a conversation about woman right and what went wrong in the 2008 financial panic there's no playbook for this stuff there's no roadmap there's no instruction manual on what to do we're trying to think of the most hated moment in the crisis yeah there's a lot of candidates I think the most hated program was any IG by far when you think about this group of people Hank Paulson Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner and you think about their different experiences their sensibility how they approach life in Hank you have the dealmaker his word is his bonds if he says he's good for something he's good for it we've come up with a whole bunch of policies which are about jobs and growth Ben Bernanke he was an economics professor at Princeton it's been his whole career thinking about him studying the Great Depression he was built for this moment a research paper they're giving a Thursday of the Brookings papers all meeting and then there's Tim Geithner can tell up at the top you know some people thought he looked too young for the job or he looked like he worked on Wall Street but he was a government guy he'd spent his whole career in government working on global financial panics we're against almost everything you're doing and we're gonna fight you on all of it and it's working for us it's pretty remarkable to think about how they came together and what ultimately happened the 2008 financial crisis was far beyond the confines of Wall Street the good news is that the economy rebounded the bad news is how the public understands and thinks about what happened because of the financial crisis today there is distrust in government there's distrust in big institutions there's distrust in this idea of elites it has led to the populism that we see in our politics today it's a straight line make trouble for millions of American homeowners as a slowing housing market has turned some mortgages into time-bombs one failed bargain why not threaten the whole financial system millions of them could 34 subprime mortgage companies have gone bust in just the last few monetary to spurring the stock cut in half investors in general cutting out may not have enough money on hand to stay if you're used to thinking about the issues it is very intuitive that if you've got a bazooka and people know you've got it you may not have to take it out but down tumble more than 500 points after two pillars of the street tooled over the weekend Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy the Dow Industrials finished with their worst one-day point loss in history down 777 points if our nation continues on this course the economic damage will be painful and lasting this American price it's the American economy the deeds this rescue plane to the country what they've done to the world this American carnage stops right here and stops right now morning welcome to the White House in the first quarter of 2006 the US economy grew at an annual rate of 5.3 percent the fastest growth in two-and-a-half years we had a 5.2 million new jobs since August of 2003 when I became chief of staff at the beginning of 2006 the president gave me a mandate to refresh the cabinet I felt strongly that the president needed a secretary of the Treasury who was experienced in the markets the markets with respect and Paulson really stood out he is the leader of Goldman Sachs perhaps the most successful financial institution in the history of the world at that time Josh Bolten was the chief of staff to George Bush called and made a pitch I talked with people around me and no one advised me that that was the right thing to do first he said his family would be against it his wife was a friend and classmate of Hillary Clinton my wife one day clearly didn't want to and I did didn't want to so I turned it down a couple of times but his reticence came largely from the work years ago when I was in the White House I went to the Nixon White House great sense of timing six weeks before the Watergate break-in I wanted and what undie didn't like he'll do with the whole political scene but a few weeks later they came back it occurred to me the reason that I was turning this down was you know due to fear of failure and I tell you as soon as that hit me I just reversed on a dime and I came up to the treaty room there in the White House he was reluctant but he wanted to serve the country and I assured him one thing that think was important to Hank and that is when he picked up the phone and called me how to answer it there was he wouldn't have to battle his way through a lot of layers of staff he agreed to come and one of the best decisions I made in my presidency good morning welcome the White House I'm pleased to announce that I will nominate Henry Paulson to be the secretary of the Treasury our economy strength is rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit in the competitive zeal of the American people and in our free and open market it is truly a marvel but we cannot take it for granted I didn't know Hank before he came to Washington it was customary for the Fed Chairman and Treasury secretary to meet at least once a week over breakfast or lunch we both liked oatmeal so we used to have an oatmeal breakfast either in my dining room or in or in the Treasury dining room Hank was a markets person he had been very successful on Wall Street he's very high-energy he and I are very different people I tend to be personally kind of quiet I was an economics professor full-stop I like being in a class professor and I never expected to be at the Fed or in government but in 2002 I got a call from the White House they needed to fill a slot on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve would I be interested I recognized that I had been spending my academic career studying monetary policy and financial markets and maybe I could put some of that to use and moreover it was just a few months after 9/11 and I was kind of feeling that it was important for me to do some public service today I'm honored to announce and I'm nominating Ben Bernanke to be the next chairman of the Federal Reserve you could say Ben was the academic who grew up studying the mistakes made in the Great Depression why financial systems matter to economies you know Hank it's been his life in markets and I'd spent my life from the in the policy world really dealing with financial crises I first met him when he became the president of New York Fed where the New York Fed is probably the most important of the 12 Federal Reserve banks and the president of New York Fed has traditionally been the feds eyes and ears on Wall Street I think we all had something in common which is you know anybody who'd gone to life in markets understands that markets aren't always self-correcting so I think we all shared a view about this tenuous fragility of the system and we really did trust each other when I arrived in July of 2006 I thought there was a very good chance that in the two-and-a-half years I was in Washington we would be facing a financial crisis but the things that I was concerned about turned out not to be the biggest problem it was March 13th which happen to be my birthday I was at a vraja this greek russians down here with my parents my family the CEO of bear stearns called me it was maybe nine o'clock at night and said Jamie I need twenty nine billion dollars before Asia opens or we have to declare bankruptcy and I said Alan I can't possibly lend you 20 but nine billion dollars overnight Bear Stearns one of the most admired firms in America now one of the most endangered firm has been buffeted by constant rumors of a looming liquidity problem what happened at Bear Stearns was the first true demonstration of what the crisis looked like because it was a crisis of confidence Bear Stearns owned a huge piece of the housing business and they had taken on some of the worst risk all of a sudden all sorts of investors on Wall Street said I don't think that Bear Stearns good for the money and not only do I not think they're good with money I got to get my money out of there immediately Bear Stearns is the biggest casualty yet of the nation's mortgage mess the company has become a poster boy for the real-estate bubble we knew that their excesses in housing and we missed it totally homeownership went very sadly from shelter to an investment when I had joined goldman sachs in 1974 the industry was growing in many ways he saw an evolution and modern finance you begin to see different forms of securitizations mortgage-backed securities really came into being in the 1980s they have started as a really good idea which made a lot of sense which was a way to take mortgages packaged them up and sell off the cash flows so an investor would buy a portion of all these mortgages and the mortgages wouldn't pay that investor and the idea was that made investing in mortgages much less risky because instead of investing in just me you were investing in a thousand people as we move to securitization we had cheaper mortgages if you could afford 20% down fine but if you couldn't let's say have 5% let's say 1% let's say you had 0% we came up with all these ways to get loans to more people you know it was certainly felt exciting at the time and we were gonna spread the American dream all over the place a record year for housing and it shows no signs of abating in the early 2000s the price of borrowing to finance a house was very low very attractive these exotic loans have exploded in the last three years interest only loans adjustable rate loans no down payment options people who were earning like $1,000 a month working as a gardener are working as a hairstylist saying they were making ten thousand dollars a month because you could do these things called stated income loans which came to be known as liar loans where you could just say here's what I make and nobody would check and so you could get away with murder demand for these million dollar plus homes as out pays supply got speculators buy multiple houses people are flipping your neighbor who's not as smart as you are but nevertheless went out and bought a couple of houses and flip them is now driving a better car than you are and you say yeah that does make pretty good sense I wish I'd started earlier as the housing market heated up and were asset management firms around the world that all wanted a way to benefit most things on Wall Street start with a concept that makes a lot of sense a thing about Wall Street is they take everything to an extreme they take thousands of mortgages and staple them together and they go to investors and they say what do you want you want safe you want risky we got all these mortgages there was an incentive to chop up these loans because along the way there was a profit a fee to take for each institution that somehow touched every piece of the loan goldman sachs importantly profits up 93% everyone was making a lot of money because of the housing market quitted the globalization top executives will earn as much as twenty to fifty million dollars each sister we need to thousands people were making so much money and I can make ten fifteen twenty thirty hundred to two hundred million dollars and there was this competition which was ridiculously Chuck Prince was the CEO of Citigroup and he had an amazing line which was while the music's playing you gotta take big bonuses are driven simply by profits and competent everybody was looking at the success of Goldman Sachs and of Morgan Stanley and of Lehman Brothers all of whom worth making more and more profits the company will distribute a record high sixteen point five billion dollars in compensation so there was this remarkable pressure on everybody to keep the answer another part of what drove this was belief that home prices would never go down the shaky housing markets starting to crack at the foundation particularly hard-hit markets Miami Vegas Northern Virginia and right here in DC historically house prices have been somewhat disconnected across different parts of the country but this housing bubble did end up being national and it did have implications for the whole economy the real estate bubble everybody knows has burst this is the hangover after the great frat party you went to house prices were to fall the economy started to slow those adjustable rate mortgages are now coming to people who had bought these adjustable rate mortgages when they started to reset they couldn't afford to make the higher payments they try to refinance them their house prices declining values they couldn't refinance them foreclosures are up over a thousand percent some people start defaulting on their mortgage payments and now that begins to ripple through it was very very bad a lot of people lost their homes like people lost their savings those falling home prices are like an infection now spreading throughout the US economy the system's not designed to function in an environment where house prices are going down so these mortgage-backed securities start to unravel and you got problems investor confidence in the mortgage financing space is not doing well if there are so little transparency and so little confidence in these securities that financial institutions are struggling I looked at one offering of mortgage-backed securities I would have had to read over 300,000 pages down lies that mortgage I had some as smartest people in America couldn't explain to me what some of these instruments meant and this is like inventing more and more product in order to achieve higher and higher returns I was taking bigger and bigger risks unfortunately maybe this is the weakness of the street I think discipline was kind of lacking it was ourselves leaving Golden Bear Sterns others the amount of risk we were taken was out of control today Bear Stearns stock dropped nearly 50% the loss of 3 so rapid change in Bear Sterns over the past 48 hours and reintroduces anxieties about what's not known the complete lack of confidence in Bear Stearns or run on the bank the feds job this was a four-alarm fire it became very clear to us that Bear Stearns wasn't going to exist on Monday if there wasn't a solution the markets were so fragile and so interconnected that we were going to have to do some pretty repugnant things if we were going to save the American economy for the American people and he came in and said Bear Stearns is failing and we gotta do something about it and my first reaction was why they made bad investment saying and sadly the people that invested in Bear Stearns and sadly those who work reverse earns they're gonna have to pay the price of working for an and he made bad investment he said you don't understand if they fail it's gonna affect the international financial system I had been told there is no authority for the Fed or anyone else to guarantee the liabilities of a failing non-bank there is nothing more terrifying than feeling a great sense of responsibility and not having the authorities you need you know we had to each other in some sense to talk through options and strategy and that helped a lot Bentham and I we talked multiple times a day we always treated the three of them kind of as one entity and the president always wanted to know when he was getting a recommendation from Hank would have been in ten whew I remember having a conference call where Hank and Tim and I talked about what the implications might be for the financial system if Bear Stearns failed and what we could do what we decided that morning was to buy some time to get through the weekend Congress have given the Fed this emergency tool you could use an extreme crisis to lend to an institution that was not a bank so we had authority to lend but the Fed had not done something like this since the Great Depression that Bernanke made a really bold decision to extend a loan for 28 days the Fed Reserve agreed basically to help finance about 30 billion dollars of bears risky assets this was the first important intervention that we did and it was a tough call that was a registered Republican I believed in markets solutions to to economic problems but I was a student as a Great Depression I went to graduate school I knew I wanted to do economics but I didn't know what area and I said to myself the Great Depression was one of the most important events of the 20th century about a third of all the banks the United States failed and that in turn created a tremendous contraction and amount of credit available to ordinary households and businesses my grandfather's drugstores kept going out of business in the 1930s and it created enormous hardships for many many years later on when I was a policymaker took to heart the idea that allowing the financial system to collapse and the credit system to collapse was going to be extremely dangerous for the whole economy and that was why I was so important to make the low Bear Stearns was forced to take an emergency loan funded by all of us taxpayer bailout prompted investors to dump Bear Stearns stock as earth stearns was going down President Bush was scheduled to be in Wall Street to make a speech at the New York economic 43rd President of the United States he showed the speech to me he had the line in it this is there could be no bailouts I started off by saying you could take that line out about no bailouts President Bush tried to make light of a grim situation seems like I showed up in a interesting moment I was unhappy about it you know I was a free marketer I told people that you know and firmly believed it and still do by the way but Hank is a persuasive guy and I trusted him then what they came apparent was alone it was permissible for the Fed to make no way was gonna stop an investment bank from disintegrated and fortunately JP Morgan was a wire it's a really risky thing buying a big investment bank it was a house on fire it was collapsing Hank and Tim were I want you to buy it you want to buy it you should buy it I said we'll do anything we can to help I can't be irresponsible to JPMorgan I can't end up being a tea tree giant after this he wanted to own Bear Stearns there's no doubt about it I'd gone to bed on Saturday night thinking we had a deal at one point on Sunday I called up and said Hank we can't do it it's it's a bridge too far and then we started working on well what could you do to do it which is why we had this idea well if the Fed could finance this 30 billion we can handle the rest of it Thurston's has a bag let's say of garbage let's just say it's trash and nobody wants to buy all of Bear Stearns and the trash Jamie Dimon says I'll buy Bear Stearns but you guys are gonna have to share the trash with me you Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson you got to take the trash out it would be like Fox Valley on NBC JPMorgan Chase joins the Federal Reserve in a frantic attempt to rescue mr. that was very controversial because that was in essence the first prototype even woke up on Monday and thought that it was the heist of the century people thought Jamie had stolen bear and people thought that Hank had basically given away the store by taking on thirty billion dollars of terrible crapola and that was the beginning of this debate in the country about what was what was happening how bad it was going to be and whether we should whether we should be doing any of this communication was a really tough issue during the crisis none of us were able to convince the public that what we did was not for Wall Street but it was for the American people we should have done a better job of explaining the financial system was so concentrated and so intertwined that if you want to stop the bleeding you've got to go to the source and the source is Wall Street and if you don't stop the bleeding at Wall Street you kill the economy an extraordinary period there is his presidential election going on we had these two candidates both running against President Bush because he was very unpopular we need to bring real change to Washington and we have to fight for it that was a bad period for President Bush remember we're still in the midst at the war in Iraq and President Bush was generally unpopular in the public hardly as a result when you're president you don't make decisions based upon your personal popularity you don't have to be a PhD to know that some popular spend taxpayers money on Wall Street that may be okay in New York but you get out the middle in Texas it's not okay you know it was pretty clear what the public wanted to hear it's very easy to tap into that popular stream and the against bailouts and putting government money and anything mismanagement and greed became the operating standard while regulators were asleep at the switch [Applause] is off the hook what response building the person who got us into this mess we should not be failing at this Wall Street we should be restoring opportunity on Main Street there was a bum deal for people you got up folks out there teachers and construction workers small business people single moms and they're working hard they're acting responsibly to the extent that they were involved in any of this it's that some mortgage broker tells them they can afford a house that they don't know looks like they can afford it and suddenly folks are getting wiped out and the problem you have the dynamic you had at that juncture is that the actions that are necessary to save the financial system are by any definition bad politics I describe it as a clash between politics and markets and of course both are important but at the end markets win the housing market in plain English is coming apart is 2008 progressed the crisis intensified we were all concerned about Fannie Freddie but we didn't know how bad it was Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are the backbone the US mortgage market holding roughly half of all US mortgages Fannie and Freddie may not have enough money on him business the first thing you have to understand about Fannie and Freddie is that they are so important to the machinery of everyone's everyday life any person who has a mortgage it's pretty likely that Fannie and Freddie touches you they were publicly traded companies like any company they would invest in like Starbucks like Apple like Google and yet they were known as government-sponsored enterprises because there was this idea that the US government stood behind their debt so that if they ever couldn't pay their debt the US government would step in they got a government money printing machine in which the government's implicitly says if everything goes wrong we'll will foot the bill that was a guarantee it was written know where I'm paper it didn't actually exist and so it came to be known by this term called the implicit guarantee there was no guarantee but the market assumed that there was so you had management teams and shareholders making money off a government guarantee they ensured something on the order of five trillion dollars something close to half of all the mortgages in the United States were insured and resold by Fannie and Freddie the fear was if Fannie and Freddie defaulted that would throw the global financial system into chaos the company's stock prices off more than 85% since the credit crisis began last August they've announced huge losses their stock is diving so I needed to ask Congress for enough money to calm the markets thanks secretary Paulson and the chairman of the Federal Reserve we thank Chairman Bernanke for his involvement this was a tough political ask with members of Congress I felt we needed expansive authorities one of the proposals that that you've suggested an increase in treasury line of credit for banning Freddie I have some concerns of my suspect my colleagues do too about having no cap no limit at all if I asked for a hundred billion it wouldn't be enough and I certainly knew I couldn't ask for a number of the started with the tea trillion much money contemplating ears I would ask for it to be unspecified for some of us it sounds a little bit like a blank check you're talking about potentially spending a trillion dollars here we're a little skeptical one of the tough things about testimony was that you had multiple audiences so you're sitting at this table the glass of water you're looking up at the Senators it's when you're trying to answer their questions but you know at the same time that you're talking to the TV camera which is going out to American public and then you're a staff member behind you gives you a piece of paper it says Dow Jones down 180 points so you're also talking to the markets I looked at those hearings is largely theater I was worrying about saving the financial system for the American people these guys want to save the financial system but they wanted to get elected but I really believed what I said when I was testifying I said you know if you give us unspecified authorities it would be so powerful that we won't have to use them if you've got a squirt gun in your pocket you may have to take it out if you've got a bazooka and people know you've got it you may not have to take it out you're not likely to take it out by having something that is unspecified it will increase confidence and by increasing confidence it will greatly reduce the likelihood it will ever be used you know he had this tremendously valuable skill which is how to convince people to do something they did not think was in their interest it was Hank that insisted and others who kind of lay down the law and said no this is what's gonna happen I'm about getting something done that can get done that will make a difference and my judgment is in the best interest of the taxpayer the sense of urgency is something I think all of us at least most of us here appreciate look we're in the middle of this thing and it's getting worse and the secretary of the Treasury says I've got it I need these some of these tools we're in the eye of the hurricane at that point I got the bazooka and I didn't think we were gonna have to take it out but the most aggressive investors get it very quickly to where the most fearful investors are faster than you can imagine and so it was only a matter of time until we had to use a bazooka the takeover of Fannie and Freddie was like a military operation Hank was too general Congress had no idea we were thinking of nationalizing and so we needed to keep this quiet Fannie and Freddie were politically powerful entities I mean really powerful they made people rich most of them were very well-connected we had to do it in a way that they didn't anticipate otherwise they would have used political and other forces to prevent it I remember talking to President Bush about this and he was asking how can you possibly get this done without them knowing and fighting and I remember I just came out of my mouth the first sounds they're gonna hear us when their head hits the floor this is the full Paulsen there are some bitter pills the CIO's were replaced they're gonna lose their golden parachutes history was made when Washington took the reins at the two organizations that back or guarantee nearly half of America's home loans today's actions should accelerate stabilization in the housing market ultimately benefiting financial institutions now either way had thought maybe we brought down the hammer as I told President Bush maybe this is what it's gonna take to put out the fire on Saturday night I was sound asleep it was an optimistic sleep my phone rang it was Barack Obama on their call he said look I know I'm going to be President of the United States yeah at that point I was fairly confident I was going to win the election and I already felt as if I had some responsibilities for an economy that I was going to have to manage fairly soon to Hanks credit he was consistently straightforward and honest and transparent with us and I ended up developing a good relationship with him and trusting him and it had been impressed upon me that if this thing went sideways we could have a depression and whatever short term political advantage I might gain from it was not something that I was going to be interested in playing he very nicely warned me you better take care of the Republican candidate because if I start hearing the populist anti-bailout Renick for him I'm going to have to start talking that way two years ago there was one man who stood up and warned us about the problems at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac it was John McCain Thursday I talked with John McCain and Sarah Palin I encouraged everybody to call me Hank I did not want to be mr. secretary but if somehow or other I don't know what it was on their first call the way she immediately started saying Hank the tone of voice it's just it's a rub me a little bit the wrong way people in Florida and should be outraged huge financial institutions going under because of their own bad practices and now asking the public to bail him out despite what her other failings may or may not have been she certainly understood where the public was with regard to bailouts early September there was so much bailout fatigue there was so much opposition's not just what we've done in barristers case but to the Fannie friendly receivership people had no sense for the perils of what was happening the economy is like a house of cards and the bottom could still drop out sending markets into a freefall I grew up in the Treasury in a series of crises that happen to other countries beginning in really 94 with the Mexican financial crisis I then lived through a whole wave of really devastating emerging market financial crises in Thailand Korea Brazil Indonesia in Indonesia fears of financial disaster hit the streets with long lines formed outside I could see you know how deep the depressions were how tragic for the cost and how hard it was for people to figure out a way to navigate their way through it I had a huge impact on me of course panics are different from all other crises and in a panic you have to use overwhelming force because you have to convince people it's safe not to run not to panic and to do that you have to muster a wall of money Lehman taking a beating right now down about 35% it hasn't rained this low since 1998 Lehman Brothers in particular both was leveraged but more importantly had taken on a huge amount of real estate and that real estate everyday was being marked down even more another tough day for shares of Lehman Brothers today as CEO Dick Fuld is actively shopping the entire brokerage firm Dick Fuld was looking for capital he contacted us I had talked with him I came down on a Friday night I remember and and and looked through a two hundred and some page 10k and scribbled a lot of notes on they still have the dengue and by the time I got all through I knew we weren't going to to make a deal by that week in September they were closed out of options the debate now is the rule the government will play in all this Treasury secretary Hank Paulson and vengi Ben Bernanke are behaving like socialism should resign that is what Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning says they both should be fired first for Renacci not watching the store and Paulson because he didn't tell the Banking Committee the truth Hank in particular was taking a lot of the heat for quote being the bailout King and the like if it's two hundred billion dollars for this bailout it was three billion dollars for the housing bailout it was thirty billion dollars for Bear Stearns I mean weird now they're rumors that Lehman might be in trouble the government would obviously come to the rescue Lehman I made frequent calls to Dick Fuld we had told him repeatedly that the government you can't put in capital source was close to Treasury secretary Hank Paulson saying there would be quote no government money in the resolution of this situation he puts the word out to the street we are not in the bailout business I did call Hank saying you're gonna regret that because it's not gonna get solved without more public money he said I understand that this was a tactic plain and simple if we didn't communicate that all the other Wall Street banks would believe too that the Fed you know would be there to put capital in we had two potential buyers for Lehman the first was Bank of America the second potential acquirer was a British bank called Barclays we assumed that there would be some bad assets the hope was to keep the Fed out of it if possible and to get the CEOs from the other Wall Street firms to get involved in in buying those or holding those assets in some way Wall Street Titans and top government officials have been huddled in emergency meetings scrambling to prevent the collapse of the giant investment bank Lehman Brothers I convened the heads of the major firms in New York that that evening the best financial brains in the world are in pressure negotiations to resolve the fate of Lehman Brothers this is like the five families every major character on Wall Street this is Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan this is John Thain of Merrill Lynch took from Pandit of Citigroup Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs John Mac of Morgan Stanley I thought it was exactly the right thing to do they had a problem to solve and their problem was my problem these CEOs are all scared and they were scared about what Lehman going down might mean I said you know you're all exposed to we don't have the means to protect you from this they're effectively being given an assignment Hankins him whether the school teachers telling telling the children you're gonna be broken up into groups to come up with a deal to ring-fence these assets Noah sent I don't want to do this but it was complicated I mean all sudden you're looking at all this data the banking crisis forcing another long weekend of work in both Washington in New York top executives of rival banks met under tight security to discuss plans to buy Lehman home or in parts it turns out that one of the potential buyers really had no interest in leaving Bank of America is now reported to be in advanced talks to buy Merrill Lynch a shotgun wedding arranged in two days the fact that Bank of America purchased Merrill Lynch took another serious problem off our hands but Barclays sure seemed very interested and identified the assets that need to be left behind and I think the banks were largely on board to step up and take it we were all under the impression that this was gonna go through there's one major hitch which is the British government Tim Geithner and Hank Paulson get a phone call there were several people they spoke to including the bank supervisor but the decision-maker was the Chancellor of the Exchequer the secretary of the Treasury essentially of the UK who was named alistair darling and the British said that for Barclays to buy lehman would be like importing the us cancer paint called and said the british will not allow you know the British bank to take over Lehman and it's gonna fail I was very angry that was a very unpleasant surprise Hank told the staff he said the British grin us and Hank walked into the other room and said to the CEOs it's over Wall Street in crisis mode this morning Lehman Brothers says it will file for chapter 11 bankruptcy today the journal and the time to the Troy on Monday morning I would say Express relief that the Fed and your end I'll tell you none of the three of us look that that is the positive of that we didn't know how bad it was gonna be but we knew it was best good afternoon everyone and I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend yeah by the afternoon I was standing in the White House in front of press corps you know putting the best face I could only as you know we're working through a difficult period in our financial markets right now Lehman was a massive mistake and I think maybe those who were involved in that decision will de still defend it but I think when you look at the tremors afterwards I think that goes down as one of the most colossal mistakes ever there's a lot of retrospective analysis and so on I think people need to appreciate that all his decisions had to be made in real time in very very time pressured situations we could have lent money to Lehman but we would not been enough or sufficient to prevent a company from failing there was a broad-based run going on throughout the entire company not just on his short term funding but on stimulus and on many other aspects of its business and so the company was not savable for the people who believe that if they had just saved Lehman then there would be no financial crisis you're being naive if it weren't Lehman it would have been Morgan Stanley it would have been somebody because the fundamentals were so bad the Dow fell by four point four percent today more than five hundred points the worst one-day point drop since 9/11 after Lehman America I called my management team and said you're gonna see the worst week ever in the finished history of the United States it was a huge liquidity problem the bank inter lending market was drying up in any institution across the United States caterpillar GM Ford Chrysler Harley Davidson anybody whose existence depended on the ability of your customers to borrow or your bita borrow at that point I think people thought that you know it was dire we were a few days away from the ATMs not working I can see the crisis spreading very very quickly from Wall Street to Main Street that week one of the largest McDonald's franchisees in the country calls Ken Wilson who's working for hank paulson the Treasury and literally says to him I don't think I'm gonna be able to make payroll next week think about that and you might say so why couldn't McDonald's is well guess what they rely on Bank of America to roll their paper and they're worried the Bank of America is not gonna do it the markets were affecting the real economy the markets are closing down people cutting back hiring cutting back investing cutting back spending to protect themselves and you were looking at what looked like the be Great Depression I describe it as an economic Pearl Harbor the 1929 panic was nothing like this the system had stopped a day after the failure of Lehman Brothers and the fire sale of Merrill Lynch attention turned to AIG the world's largest insurance company American International Group is seeking emergency funding as it struggles to stay afloat AIG effectively was insuring all the other Wall Street banks wait a minute all your insurance is for an insurance company that's about to go bankrupt now you see how the fire spreads from one company to the next company and then everybody looks and says AIG must raise at least forty billion dollars and fast AIG the situation kept worsening and we got told that they weren't gonna make it through the day you know the needed balloon so it was 85 billion dollars imagine that fed can lend against collateral and we essentially decided that even though the loan to AIG will be very large that there was enough value in all these insurance companies that we could take it as collateral AIG may not have been too big to fail but it was certainly too interconnected to the economy to fail by Tuesday night the AIG saga is at least temporarily over they stuffed the turkey with 85 billion dollars and they fire the CEO volatility does continue in a big way today I think it may be that the whole AIG bailout is not enough for the market in its entirety now we're talking about Morgan Stanley going under if Morgan goes under Goldwyn goes under the two remaining and independent Muslim banks Goldman and Morgan Stanley are acutely vulnerable we worked quite aggressively with financial institutions I was on the phone jawboning urging them to raise equity Hank and Tim and and mainly Hank I was pushing at least Morgan Stanley to figure out a way to get external financing Tim said pick up the phone and call Jamie he'll buy your bank I said Tim yeah he'll buy it for $2 a share he said I don't care what he pays for you I want you to do it and I said you know what am i more stupid moments well I won't do it I'll take the firm down first and I hung up on who the does that on Thursday Hank came in with Bernanke with Geithner and started talking to the president about we're gonna need some legislative authority were kind of out of ammunition we needed to put capital into the banking system but Hanks concern about capital injections was that it would look like the government was nationalizing or taking over the banking system and so his idea was to buy Troubled Assets is why was called the Troubled Asset Relief Program to tarp not halfway through the conversation the president interrupted Hank and directed a question at Ben I asked her we headed for a Great Depression and Bernanke said you know it looks like way and you have to make up your mind you know do you care and what I care about was people that would be hurting you were already starting to hurt people that run out of their homes payrolls couldn't be met and I just could envision what a Great Depression would mean if it's bad now imagine how bad it would really get as we left that meeting the president turned to us and said if this is Hoover Roosevelt damn sure I'm gonna be Roosevelt usually the Secretary of Treasury keeps me posted on the markets but I haven't heard from him in a couple of weeks in that amount of time we've had Lehman Brothers Merrill Lynch and then AIG so I called him was 3 o'clock in the afternoon to say can you be here nine o'clock the next morning to which he said madam Speaker tomorrow morning will be too late so we planned a meeting for five o'clock that day Hank Paulson and jaren Bernanke came in and Chairman Bernanke said to the group if you don't give Hank Paulson what he needs within 72 hours the entire banking system the United States will fail and then the world banking system will fail on top of it one of the most sobering periods I've ever experienced you got to be kidding I mean why are we first meeting now we've got 72 hours if anything I think I might have understated in my predictions how bad things were actually gonna get the secretary described what they wanted to do so we've tested many models and we have what we call our break the glass plan we were gonna buy trouble to assets you know not sure how but we were gonna buy Troubled Assets about every 15 minutes Majority Leader Reid would say how much is this going to cost a hundred billion dollars no no no thanks it no no no no we knew it couldn't start with a tea I couldn't ask for a trillion I wasn't gonna be unable to get unspecified again and so the biggest number we thought we could get was 700 billion and we thought you know 500 billion sounds sounds big but 700 billion 500 billion $7 billion many people don't know the difference basically we wanted it to be as big as we could get without spooking Congress they blew up on her face I said we need the authorities immediately and Harry Reid says Congress doesn't do anything immediately and so it was after that where we all walked out and late at night and oppressor we reached a bipartisan agreement to work together to try to solve this problem and to do it in a expeditious manner I am very impressed with Chairman Bernanke secretary Paulson I've said that a number of occasions we look forward to working with them and we're anxious to see their proposal which we hope to receive in a matter of hours not days we're coming together to work for an expeditious solution which is of course that was the best thing that happens for the next then next week because after that it was one difficult process today on behalf of Main Street Congress had a chance to ask some hard questions about the 700 billion dollar bailout of Wall Street why are we asked but 700 billion dollars to keep CEOs in their office while families get kicked out of their homes why do we have one week to determine 700 billion dollars that has to be appropriated or this country's financial systems go down the pipes I hear the outrage that people have it's it's embarrassing to look at this and I think it's embarrassing for the United States of America their view is right same as all of our view is if you take risk and you make money that's fine great for you but if you lose money we don't expect the United States of America to be there to save you anything that looks like a bailout is unpopular too many people on Wall Street have been recklessly wagering instead of making the sound investments we expected of them the other crazy thing about this this whole thing is happening in the middle of a presidential election [Applause] not only have I assured Paulson that we are not going to play politics with this I actually reached out to McCain and suggest to him that we should make a statement expressing confidence that we can get through this difficult period that now is not the time for politics he asks me on the phone what would you think about potentially suspending the campaign and I say well I'm not sure that it's a good idea for you and me to be in Washington that's just gonna politicize the situation maybe half an hour passes maybe less before David Plouffe my campaign manager gets a call saying listen John's gonna be going out in two minutes to announce that he's suspending the campaign I said no no that can't be right I just talked to McCain half an hour ago well sure enough this afternoon John McCain dropped a political bomb show tomorrow morning I'll suspend my campaign and return to Washington I'm directing my campaign to work with the Obama campaign to delay Friday night's debate so there was some Kherson that took place in the room that was irritating to say the least I came here called Bush and said he was going to interrupt his campaign and when to come back and help solve the problem and the president said that is just the stupidest thing I ever heard there was a flurry of dramatic developments today as economic policy and power politics collided so I'm sitting there saying oh my gosh if he comes out against what we're doing we'll lose the Republicans we may lose the Democrats and there goes our economy there goes our financial system here comes another Great Depression it appears to me that John McCain is trying to divert attention to his failing campaign remind me of Andy Kaufman as Mighty Mouse oh yes McCain here he comes to save the day barney frank the chief democratic negotiator said it was the longest hail-mary pass in the history of football and mary's i'm calling on the President to convene a leadership meeting from both houses of Congress including Senator Obama and myself thanks dad said against the meeting he doesn't want to meet but you know if I just said no it would have really hurt his campaign I called senator Obama at the time and said I'm having a meeting at the White House and I'd like for you to come President Bush was almost apologetic he's saying look I don't know how well this is gonna work we'll try to make it as serious and constructive as possible and I say well I appreciate that mr. president I'll be there it was high-stakes drama was the most bizarre meeting you know sometimes history is stranger than fiction tell me well thank the leaders of the House and the Senate for coming I appreciate our presidential candidates for being here as well we're in a serious economic crisis in the country and we know we've got to get something done as quickly as possible President Bush ever gracious defers to me a speaker and I say Thank You mr. president leader Reid and I have decided that we're going to yield our time to Senator Barack Obama even very wise about he said listen I've been in touch with Hank Paulson and I'm watching this crisis very closely I had at that point been pretty steeped in these issues and was pretty familiar with him and I've banged my pitch mr. president yet we want to act responsibly we think it's important that taxpayer money isn't wasted he had a well-crafted presentation the president then called on a cane and McCain said I'll wait my turn and there's sort of a deflation around the room John didn't have much to say the problem was I think John still hadn't really thought through what exactly his approach would be at that point I knew that that campaign was staggering I knew he couldn't possibly have developed another plan McCain doesn't talk it places well I think the Republicans have a perfect right to offer that plan somebody said no one doubts that but what do you think about it and it was so shall we say just not there I didn't believe he had a plan they thought it was a really cool campaign gambit they were playing checkers not chess they had only thought one move ahead it was a situation where I felt that he hadn't been served well his team needed to make sure that he had an agenda that he was bringing to bear and and he didn't and the the meetings sort of descended into a little bit of chaos Barney Frank started shouting at him where is your plan where's your plan McCain McCain would not say what he thought about the planet the meeting broke down into a shouting match it was chaos and disarray as they turned into food fight Barney Frank yelling it's simple Republican guy and it got out of control and I basically said the meetings over it brought the meeting to an end I brought two meeting to an end it was the most horrifying and dispiriting meeting in the white house that I I ever experienced I asked him not to use the White House as a political backdrop I said because we're gonna spook the markets you walk out of here and you start giving people what happened in the meeting and this there and the other the markets are shaky as it is and we don't want to be a part of making them shake here Richard Shelby went running out and told the press that our plan was a disaster and there was no support for it there's still a lot of different opinions mine is it's flawed from the beginning and the Democrats all went running into the Roosevelt Room we're talking about what Obama is gonna say in that press conference afterwards I was a little naive because I thought geez these are all my friends I've been working with him I've been talking with him regularly and I was concerned that they were gonna run out and what they were gonna say at the press so I came barging right in like I shouldn't have and they're all huddled around Barack Obama and I went right up to him like I was one of them and they looked at me they said get out of here this is the famous meeting in which Hank Paulson and only half and jest gets down on one knee and begs Nancy Pelosi not to torpedo the tarp legislation Hank no damn and said I'm speaker please bring the bill to the floor and I said well you know it's not us we want a solution you have to get the votes on your side the financer crisis was a life altering experience for me I would wake up in the middle of the night and I'd look into the abyss and I would see food lines and I would see millions and millions of people unemployed it gave me really a new appreciation for fear that comes from trauma and you know the impact in people's lives when they go through prolonged periods of stress this was a really tough period personally and went on not just a few days but really for months for Lehman weekend I basically was in the office the entire weekend slept on the couch Tim essentially lived in the fetters Rebecca New York for quite a few weeks as I understand it we all just crushing burden of responsibility in this deep fear whether the size of the problem exceeded our grasps the reach of our tools to reach of our knowledge of our competence I was a hard and terrifying time then because we were not certain whether it would work and the world was pretty confident so it wouldn't and you know the fate of you know the fate of many things hung in the balance I was at Treasury President Bush came over to see me part of the leadership is to kind of recognize what's happening on your team and it was pretty clear that hank was working himself to near exhaustion so I tried to go to Wendy his bride and said Wendy you got to got to get him dressed I don't know if it any effect but at least he had a friend me I said well if you really wanna know what I'm concerned about I don't want to be Hendra Miller you know Andrew Mellon was Herbert Hoover's Treasury secretary during the Great Depression and he laughed and I said well let's put so funny I mean no one knows him they know about Hoover the country has got to have confidence and the government's ability to stave off a crisis I learned that firsthand 9/11 and one of the jobs of a leader during your crisis isn't only project calm but project confidence that will deal with the situation and lo and behold my administration started with a crisis and a tentative one there'll be ample opportunity to debate the origins of this problem now is the time to solve it in our nation's history there have been moments that require us to come together across party lines to address major challenges this is such a moment in terms of getting the tarp there were three or four sticking points but one that was very big was compensation you know Congress said if you're going to do something for Wall Street they should be willing to sacrifice the issue was our people are gonna keep their bonuses while we're bailing them out there had to be some Old Testament justice for the sins you committed that we're all asked to pay for when you go that way no bank will take apple or take help from the government unless they're ready to fail they can get their head wrapped around the idea there'll be some public say in private sector pay what do you mean you would tell the private sector who could get paid and we looked at Hank and Ben Bernanke like what do you mean you want 800 billion dollars you know we're not the ones that said the Lehman should go belly-up when you needed it thirty billion dollars for Bear Stearns you figured out where it was what do you mean you want 800 billion the pay was an acknowledgment that you had messed up Hanks first job was to work out a deal on what the parameters of the tarp legislation would be that we put on the floor sometime well after midnight in one of those sessions I recall receiving a call from leader Reid who said that Hank had just thrown up into a into a wastebasket I was in a little cubicle and I got the dry heaves and I make a lot of noise and so Rahm Emanuel immediately came in he has you know I was called chest pains anyway whatever I think it was a hit some breathing issues senator Gregg and I are whiffle Rahm and I didn't know this was real or not and I said aramis it well let's get the doctor Hank Paulson said no doctors no doctors I know I've been through this before it's okay I looked at Gregg and I we both said the same thing which is this is never gonna come out of the room because if it ever got to the market that the secretary-treasurer lizard I don't know if it was a panic attack or whatever but had basically the challenge breathing a market couldn't handle it psychological so there was a flood of between senator Gregg and I I never told Nancy you never told Stan he never told anybody I'm said we've got to solve this quickly the implication being if we didn't so eat it secretary may be passing out or something worse that was not a tactic but if it had that it was the best thing that could happen because it was amazing how quickly we got together and had a deal good evening for the last several hours the chairs of our committees have worked with secretary Paulson and others from the administration to resolve our differences so that we can go forward with a package to stabilize the markets most importantly to protect the US taxpayers we write the bill and we bring it to the floor and we're coming up to the day before the vote and I said I never lose a vote because I know I have my names I want to see your names president said they have to vote for it of course they'll vote for it this is an emergency yet that drove over small businesses mom-and-pop grocery stores don't get this break when they make bad financial decisions they go out of business but the rich and famous Wall Street New York City fat cats expect Joe Sixpack to buck it up and pay for all this nonsense it's pretty clear Republicans work for it I mean there was about a hangar and I didn't come to Washington to bail out Wall Street you know I didn't either but you know it's necessary under this plan ultimately the federal government will become the guarantor of last resort and madam Speaker that does put us on the slippery slope to socialism I remember talking to senator Kyl and asking him how his constituent calls were going on the tarp he said well it's about 50/50 50% no and 50% hell no if I didn't think we're on the brink of an economic disaster it would be the easiest thing in the world for me to say no to this John Boehner had warned me he had said Hank when you're looking at the House Republicans you've got to remember one third of them are knuckle draggers another third of them are in danger of losing their seats at this election and believe they're likely to lose their seats and don't want to take in a popular vote so you're fishing in a small pond stand up for the American tack reject this bailout and vote no I went into his office and said you know look the speaker brought this up for a vote they wouldn't do that if they didn't have the votes to get it over the top and so we're watching it and watching it and watching it nothing's moving and it's 212 – you know just hovering there was a classic political vote it was a bad vote if you were a conservative it was a bad vote if you were a liberal so the rank-and-file members went in assuming that them their leadership had the votes to pass it they went in early and they voted no they left and they couldn't be found the yeas are 205 the nays are 228 the motion is not adopted the stock market has moved lower the Dow Jones Industrial Average down almost 500 points I was watching the vote on television and watching at the same time watching the stock market falling and falling and falling and saying to myself the whole US economy is at risk and Congress can't get it together to take the necessary action to help us stop this crisis I was very unhappy very disconsolate we knew it was gonna be a close vote but the wall street is extremely upset the Republicans abandoned bush I don't think Boehner and blunt knew that they Clint deliver but I do remember walking over to him and put my finger right in John Boehner his chest I said you better fix this and you better fix this fast I said this is your problem not ours we tried to help we need everybody to calm down and relax and get back to work the primary issue for the market right now is fear I almost thought I planned for the worst but I just assumed with all the leaders on board naive me I've been in Washington for a couple of years but I assumed it would pass part of that was also every step of the way that we would have half the votes and they would have that suppose because we believed that this had to be bipartisan it was very very deflating emerenc called me that night and his voice broke and he apologized to me for you know he's owned this sense of failure because he was unsuccessful that first vote and I remember saying to him is thank you or you'll get this pass you know we're the United States will figure out a way through this we need to work as quickly as possible we need to get something done and I'm going to be continuing to consult with congressional leaders to find a way forward to get something done as soon as possible we need to get something done now Jones Industrial Average lost 777 points that is the biggest point value loss ever the first iteration of tarp goes down and the market corrects by one point four trillion Josh and the team came up with a different strategy and ran it up to sent to Congress again the Senate the first time the time to act is now we failed to act Oh years of our economy will grind to a halt the Congress started to hear from their from their constituents what's happening to my 401k what's happening to our economy then that led to a reversal the yeas are 74 in the nays are 25 the amendment is agreed to and two second Boehner going down I might have found myself a cave someplace good for one we literally passed a bill to send a signal to the markets in the Fanta here's 800 billion dollars we'll figure it out later so how did Wall Street react to the big bailout the Dow actually closed 157 points the lower so then while we were getting this legislation in Congress the situation worsened we had the two biggest bank failures in US history with Wachovia and Washington Mutual Worman the last five days the Dow was falling more than 1800 points and 18 percent the biggest weekly decline in its entire 112 year history we needed something that was going to work much quicker and be more powerful we had various capital program ideas bilenda thanks then we had our teams working around the clock figuring out what would work so as we were working this through on Saturday night I was exhausted I fell sound asleep my phone rang that I answered the phone they said Hank this is Warren and my mom has a handyman named Warren I'm saying why is he calling me but it was Warren Buffett he laid out the idea which was a germ of what we did I made a suggestion around the beginning of October of a way to do it where I thought the government would come out doing very well I actually thought that it might make more sense to try and put just put more capital into the banks than it would to try and buy these assets so I actually sent that along to Hank Hank came to me and said what we just passed in Congress didn't gonna work I said you got to be kidding me man yeah now you tell me this plan was now to give the money directly to Wall Street he says it's the only shot we got I said we're going for – all cheer – meet with the Treasury secretary disgust you today sir sure that can you tell us why you're here today why are you here Columbus Day weekend after carpet past paint convene the heads of the major US banks at the Treasury I walk in and there's no nameís lined up there and on the other side there's Hank Ben Tim a bunch of other officials and they said they have an idea they want us to take this tarp money you know your 25 billion your 10 on this basis they calculated roughly 2% I think of risk weighted assets they also fully knew some people did not need it and their public a couple of people in that room needed it nobody wants to publicly take the money because if anybody takes it then the market says well they must be terrible let's pull everything out so it actually was quite an important decision to twist arms and force everybody to take it he was very obvious if you don't take it and you need it later it won't be a 6% preferred and I'm gonna take your firstborn and I fully understood I don't like to be heavy-handed I heard some of the things I saw people in government do that I thought was abusive I really believed we needed to do this for the good of the system he had this document and I said we'll give it over here and I signed it and flipped it back across it does and Vikram said aren't you gonna go to your board I said no when the Secretary of Treasury tells me that we don't do this and we get in trouble I'll get punished that's all I need to know and I said look if I get lucky my board will fire me I'll get out of those craziness subscribe to the press had been all over the place the mistake we made is in walking out they try to talk to us every one of us you know brush them off a little bit and so the headline the next day said not only were they bailed out they were ungrateful I'm here to oppose the bailout plan because it's a massive transfer of wealth for working Americans to elite institutions and the super wealthy Hank called and said I got him what to take all the money plus I think 700 other banks around the country so probably the greatest financial bailout ever the intervention I think saves a depression but I can't prove it I mean I can talk to him blue in the face at the Rotary clubs and the heartland of Americans say man we stopped a depression and they'll look at me and said no you spent our money to bail out Wall Street [Applause] I think there's still many people who believes that we bailed out companies and helped Wall Street because we were trying to help our friends in the financial industry and not out of are interested defending the US economy that's absolutely not true but you know I think I have to live with that my dad I met the then Democratic nominee Obama in New York and late October maybe a week or two after the tariff thinking remember saying to him you know we broke in the back of the panic but it wasn't over yet it's gonna take a bunch more stuff still [Applause] in a long time coming but tonight because of what we did on this thing change has come to America [Applause] let us remember that if this financial crisis taught us anything it's that we cannot have a thriving Wall Street Lee wall Main Street suffers a fever plateaus but it doesn't break we didn't know how fast the economy was contracting foreclosure rate is skyrocketing and there's no end in sight so we're gonna have to have a housing strategy even as we celebrate tonight we know the challenges that tomorrow will bring are the greatest of our lifetime we get at least five institutions mom's ready to go off at any time welcome to the worthless I had been talking to Brock Obama on a daily basis and the tarp had become stigmatized my credibility was going fast you seem to be flying a 700 million dollar plane by the seat of your pants I was looking forward to after the election to hearing from him and getting support and backing and so on and instead I heard from one of his transition team members guess what mr. Treasury secretary you've had your last conversation with the president or big-name companies made plans to shed workers the bank that got billions enough free money from the taxpayers that turns around cuts off credit to business and then won't authorize workers to get a penny upon leaving with three days notice were outraged the nine weeks between the time that Barack Obama was elected president and when he was sworn in it was holy hell Circuit City will go out of business cutting 30,000 jobs a nation's unemployment rate bolted to a 14-year high we did slow the panic or stop the panic but the system was very broken at that point we frozen automakers were back on Capitol Hill today seeking a 34 billion dollar bailout looking at the need to keep the auto industry from applauding but Barack Obama had the political courage to do what was right and do what the public didn't want to hear all the money came back and came back with a fifty billion dollar profit the money they put in the banks of the insurance companies so when you look at how the US economy recovered you know growing at 2% for the third quarter of 2009 on our system worked really well so the tarp capital program is the most successful program that is broadly hated in the history of mankind we had a dinner at the Federal Reserve for know that say goodbye to Hank absolutely been a really tough time for him and I'm sure he was relieved that he no longer would have the responsibility but we knew that we did still count on him and that we could call him and talk to him as stressful is working for 18 months during the crisis the first year I was out of government was the hardest period by far for me I sort of sat on the sidelines with my heart in my throat but I look at it now and I say wow you know policy continuity President Obama we first met in late October and he at the end of our meeting he said I might need to ask you to come work with me in Washington and I was deeply reluctant to do it he encouraged me not to do it said mister he said mr. president you don't wanna bring me up you know I've been on the frontlines on this thing maybe you what you need is a clean break but I trusted him as someone who is a technician who was non-ideological he was my best bet you know ultimately if the president asked you to serve a country and you believe in him or her it's a hard thing unto do today vice president-elect Biden and I are pleased to announce the nomination of Timothy Geithner as Secretary of Treasury we did a whole range of things to keep the mortgage markets open lower interest rates help people refinance help people stay in their home President Barack Obama is rolling out the next step in his multi-pronged plan to revive the US economy a 75 billion dollar program to help struggling homeowners but if you remember the public debate there was a huge opposition to bailing out the homeowner to you listening famous rant by Rick Santelli which a lot of people views the you know beginning expression of what being a tea party the Tea Party begins with the announcement of the housing program and they say this is all for deadbeats at rewarding people who don't deserve it we should form a tea party I was not surprised by the public backlash because a year after we spent a trillion plus dollars people are still going to feel worse and all they see is that there's a whole bunch of money going to the folks who perpetrated some of these terrible things financial crises are often followed by the populous reaction but I think it's important to understand though that there's some very long-term trends in United States including the stagnation of wages the reduction in upward mobility for people lack of opportunity it was a whole number of things which have contributed to the present moment financial crisis didn't help that but it obviously exacerbated some underlying tensions the United States – of AIG s former CEOs were grilled about a retreat where only a week after being bailed out by taxpayers its executives spent four hundred and forty thousand dollars on oceanfront rooms rounds of golf and trips to the resort spa and salon editors and their massages while American people were putting the bill one of the worst days I had came when we learned that AIG was contractually obligated to pay bonuses to some of the people in the financial products division I knew that was a catastrophe and there was a huge problem politically American people had to bail out AIG but most Americans still lost 40 50 50 percent of their retirement plans we not need that action they would have lost 70 percent I think was clear was gonna be fraud that the core of the challenge was again is this basic thing about fairness and morality how do you figure out a way to protect the public interests without creating a whole bunch of private beneficiaries did the people who took out insurance with AIG to insure their retirement plans get reimbursed a hundred percent so they suffered very little loss yes or no not one of you three can give me a YES on that answer or no because it's a it's a poorly posed question the fact that the American public hates what we did is not surprising because in many ways that's on American several hundred people packed into Bowling Green Park in lower Manhattan for what they're calling and Occupy Wall Street demonstration mark definitely getting screwed over right now getting hurt by a lot of the powers-that-be we want to see a change in that people struggling to pay their mortgages incomes that haven't gone off all this strain and people at the very top walking off actin like the doesn't stink since 2000 you've taken home more than four hundred and eighty million dollars are these figures basically accurate I would assume they are and that whole attitude is that people think that there are two rule books one for the elite and one for everybody else and that started off a populist revoked the fuse was lit in 2008 and Donald Trump was the explosion he's the result of the financial crisis politicians who don't want to see things change that's because everybody is faking to fortune and people outside of that area of pain for the money we're not gonna happen the crisis awakens people to that sense that the game is rigged this economy is not working for me we have a lot of sickness in some of our institutions [Applause] and in that kind of environment if you've got your responsible politicians who want to take advantage of that and start scapegoating people who don't look like you or start trafficking and conspiracy theories yeah there's going to be more of an audience for that and it tests our democracy in ways that are troubling we're going to take care of this country for our children and our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren and we're not going to let people come into our country Morgana's destroy our country crises breed populism and yes economics go along with politics and if one is broken the other gets gets broken and it's going to take very strong leadership to bring this country together because we're very polarized those of you who know me you don't have to worry I'm not going to read a prepared speech it's funny but not that funny right I think perhaps because we were so different in our own ways we had different skill sets we had different personalities we had different experiences but we trusted each other and so I you know to me I I look back and I don't know how we would ever got through it and if I had neared these guys as as partners I remember looking at my wife's face in the morning when she read about something we'd done and like watching how I could not convince her that really that was his best we could do that was the best we could do we designed a strategy that was effective and getting an economy growing again quickly and people thought we gave hundreds of billion dollars away to the banks which they paid themselves in compensation and the country lost those resources but in effect we designed a strategy where we force them to pay for that and the taxpayer earned a significant direct profit but I don't think that's enough for people at one point Michelle Smith came to me said you need to have a town hall with the staff people are coming up to them in the grocery store saying what the hell are you doing I guess it's the thing that makes me a little more optimistic is that we've shown it in the past that when there's a real threat whether it's a 911 or a financial crisis or a war or whatever it might be that we can come together and I think we will if that if that does happen and remember we were lucky to you know we had financial resources large enough to really do anything not many countries have that privilege not really fun to see you all again although it's kind of painful to [Applause] [Applause] you you

This Day in History, May 14, 2019

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Among the events that happened on this day in history, the first McDonald’s became a fast food business museum.


Diego Maradona – Trailer for new documentary on Argentinian football legend by makers of Senna

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Trailer from Diego Maradona, a new documentary constructed from more than 500 hours of previously unseen footage from the footballing legend’s personal archive.

Lionel Messi’s 600 goals for Barcelona include nearly a quarter of club’s Champions League total… and one with his hand:

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a la cancha se va la vida si va todo [Música] diego nació en un lugar muy difícil la parte más pobre de la ciudad capital [Música] pero en este mundo que había le dice a mi sanación [Aplausos] no la falta maradona la falta día con diego iría hasta el fin del mundo pero con maradona [Música] no daría un paso fue una salud ausencia presidente seguido ser simplemente manada [Música] fútbol es el juego del engaño podría ser nada contra el amor [Música] noté que no era diego más y más y era maradona [Música] la sección y jan klass información y guía en el ordenador luego ya vieron un distrito sólo carga 2