Pantanal, Mato Grosso, Brazil – Birdwatching along Transpanteira

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Pantanal is a paradise for ornithologists and birdwatchers. See and photograph beautiful aquatic and paludícolas birds are not difficult in this region. Since the biggest stork of the world, symbol of Pantanal, and tuiuiú or jaburu (Jabiru mycteria) with its sleepy figure, resting on only a leg, part of the pantaneira landscape, until small jaçanãs, that dont stop moving on aquatic plants to capture insects. Lots of birds of our Brazil are in the region of Pantanal. The Pantanal is among the biggest reserves of birds in the world and needs to be preserved!

Some of the birds species that can be found in Pantanal:
Arara vermelha (Ara chloroptera), Ararinha-de-colar (Ara auricollis), Talha-mar (Rynchops nigra), Curicaca (Theristicus cuadatus), Viuvinha (Fluvicola leucocephala), Seriema (Cariama cristata), Coruja-buraqueira (Speotyto cunicularia), Mucurututu (Pulsatrix perspicillata), Colhereiros (Platalea ajaja), Suiriri-cavaleiro (Machetornis rixosus), Ema (Rhea americana), Garça branca (Bubulcus ibis), João grande (Ciconia maguari), Papagaio verdadeiro (Amazona aestiva), Prícipe-negro (Pionites melanocephalus), Socó-boi (Tigrisoma lineatum), Tucano-açu (Ramphastos toco), Tuiuiu (Jabiru mycteria), Urubu-de-cabeça-vermelha (Cathartes aura), Arara-azul grande, Papagaio-galego, Gavião-belo, Cuco, Arara-canindé, Urubu-da-cabeça-amarela, Arara-azul grande (Anodorhynchus hyazinthinus), Caracará (Polyborus plancus).

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When a Western Kingbird Mama Took Over my Basketball Stand

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We found a Western Kingbird mama building a nest in our backyard basketball stand, and decided to document the process she went through of nesting, laying, and raising her little chick. It’s been a fun thing for the family to watch this summer.

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*Safety Notice: I am a trained, and certified Range Safety Officer, and am following established Range Safety rules in this video. For infotainment purposes only.

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hey guys welcome back and thanks for tuning in we're doing something pretty different today I like to think that I do things different kind of regularly just to kind of mix things up and kind of keep myself interested in satisfied and so today we're doing something pretty different showing you something pretty different and I hope you guys are on board with it real quick behind me this is my throwing target system that I built if you guys are interested in seeing a video on this I didn't document any of the building process but I'd be happy to talk about how I built it what I made it of and so forth and also just kind of do a general knife and tomahawk throwing video if you're interested in that if not say so down in the comments as well so today I want to talk to you about this looks like a bird's nest Shane that's because it is one I'm gonna tell you the story of this little bird's nest so in the time that we've owned our house this has never happened to us we don't have a lot of trees and so we don't really have places for birds to set up but we've got a basketball hoop in our backyard and it's adjustable it's got one of those little crevices down in it where a bird could potentially put a bird's nest and we discovered one day when we came out to shoot some hoops that a bird's nest was kind of accumulating in this little space in the basketball hoop and so I talked to the kids and I said look this bird has just gotten started on this nest we've got a couple options here number one we can pull this out of there and encourage her to go start her nest somewhere else because she's still got time or we can lay off the basketball shooting for the next few months while we let her build her nest lay her eggs and hopefully have a chick what's what's your choice kids everybody with hands down yes we want to watch the bird I want to see her build a nest and hopefully lay eggs and have a chick so that's what we did and that's the nest you're asking well why do you have it now that's because the process is done and that's what I want to talk to you about I want to show you the process so it was really fun to watch what I decided to do was I set up a GoPro and I to get it in a couple different positions and over several days got lots of footage of this mother bird building her nest that was so fun to watch she came back with little I mean I think she'd done most of the twig laying by the time we had Y discovered and started recording it and so she was bringing back little Tufts of what is this stuff it looks just like fuzz like stuffing from a stuffed animal or something I don't know what it is but it's it just looks like junk like messy junk that she just flew around the neighborhood and found anyway just garbage largely and you can kind of see by looking at it there's lots of stuff in here that is definitely just garbage so anyway it was kind of fun to to washer build all that and and see what what she was doing with it and how she was building it was very enlightening to see her sort of set something down in the middle of the nest and then sort of use her belly and her feet to sort of smash it down and her neck and tail would go up on either side of the nest and she just kind of turned in a circle and smashed it down that she'd fly off and come back with some more and then repeat the process and this happened for several days a week or more I was recording it almost every day and getting shots of her doing all this laying all this building this nest it was so fun to watch so interesting I decided to Google what type of bird this was it was sort of a gray backed yellow bellied thing didn't know what it was with some sort of white highlights on the tail and I just sort of started looking for pictures of local Utah Birds who's trying to figure out what this thing might be I discovered that this was a Western King bird so Western King Birds apparently spent a lot of time around here they're very common in Utah something you'll see in neighborhoods very regularly so look up some pictures of Western King Birds and you'll see what I mean that's what this is definitely was and it's again one of these things that you see around neighborhoods pretty frequently it was always fun to watch was you know when we would come outside because we'd still use our backyard I would come out here and throw knives every once in a while and we'd come out and just hang out in our yard and the bird typically would buzz off fly away from the nest and then sort of chirp and make all these loud noises a flew around in little circles and it would do these sort of mock dive bombs where it's really way too scared to come down close to anybody but it would sort of just dive just a foot down or something from where it was to try to try to scare us off and everything but but it came back and came back and came back and before you know it I put a camera up there and there was there was one egg and we were stoked we're like sweet we're actually gonna see a chick at some point and then I came back day or two later and there were two more eggs now at the point where there were these these eggs up there we realized that we had a vacation coming up family vacation we were heading out to Florida to visit some family and so we were gonna be gone for over a week so off we went and ice man I I racked my brain trying to figure out some way to pair together the equipment that I had to turn some kind of a camera into a wireless webcam basically that I could set up there or even wired but you know I couldn't work out the the tech in time so we could not get a webcam up there watching the nest 24/7 to actually see the chicks hatch which is what I was really hoping to to witness what we got instead was we came back from Florida and we were met with this combination of a thrill and a mystery where two of the eggs had completely disappeared like they weren't anywhere to be seen in the nest you couldn't you know there's no remnants of them in there and yet one load one of the eggs had turned into a check and so we had one chick sort of flopping around in there doing that little Cape cheep-cheep thing every time you put a camera up and of course the bird would be flying around angrily Munk dive-bombing every time we came to look at the check again we had the one check the two eggs the other two eggs were just gone and I looked around on the ground outside of the nest no sign of it again no signs of those you know egg fragments in the in the nest so I don't know if some critter came along somehow got those other eggs if they didn't develop and then the mother pushed them out of the nest and for whatever reason you know maybe something did come along at that point and get the remnants of the eggs but whatever the case we had one chick was the result of three eggs but that's cool that's totally cool because that's one chick we get to watch develop which we did so we got a pair of binoculars we can use to sort of watch from the window and we can see the top of the basketball hoop look down on it and we were able to watch that watch that chick sort of develop and put her mouth up and then the mom and even the dad because we would see two two birds to Western King Birds which is pretty cool because apparently these birds I don't know if they mate for life or if they just you know once they mate the dad actually sticks with the mom and and helps to raise the chick apparently that's the case because we always you know not always but many cases we'd see two birds landing there on that nest hanging out there both of them comforting feeding the chick and one of the one of the really cool things to see was I don't think I have any footage of this was the mother and/or the father would actually just land on the nest not feeding the chick at the time but just shielding it from the Sun was a really cool thing to see like here's the nest and that bird would just kind of be right here and it's sitting down in there you could clearly tell the chick was down in there and might put his mouth up for a second and then that bird would just sort of set its wings out just a little bit just a little bit to shield that chick from the Sun give it a little bit of a from the Sun bearing straight down on it again this was in a basketball hoop so there was no branches above it to give it shade or anything like that so it was up to those birds to just hang out with that chick all day long and you know give it the shade it needed give it the company it needed I guess I don't know birds can I guess they chat and talk with each other I don't know what they do play peek-a-boo whatever and they're they kind of hung out with the chick a lot that was really fun to watch too and over time you know we come back to the nest we'd take a few more pics get a few more little shots with a selfie stick and a phone of that chick growing and growing and growing until finally one day I came out that chick was as big as an adult bird or appeared to be had as much feathers on it as an adult had a few little kind of wispy baby feathers that were still sort of stuck to it but you could tell that it had its adult feathers and I knew at that point this thing was gonna be gone any time now some of you guys who don't follow me over on Facebook and or Instagram will not have seen any of this process but to those of you who do you've seen pictures of this up till this point yes oh you you know that you know I've been documenting it I've been watching it and it's been a pretty exciting thing for me and my family one day lo and behold came out to see what the status of that chick was and it's gone it's just gone no mama bird no Papa bird no baby bird we just got an empty nest and what was funny is for the next few days because I just took this down like yesterday and it's been almost a week since the chick hopped out of there but then for the next few days I come out look at the nest and I'd still see the momma or the Poppa would come out and angrily kind of fly around the nest like wait a minute some reason I feel like you shouldn't be there even though the chick isn't there anymore so they kind of habitually kind of came back to the nest and defended it for another day or two after the chick was gone but eventually I noticed that they were nowhere to be found mama dada i have no idea what happened to the chick clearly it hopped out of the nest and it made its way out of our yard somehow and the mama bird and the Papa bird have been feeding it following it around helping it defending it protecting it elsewhere so they've got no reason left to come back to this nest and that's why I took it down now we play basketball again but that kind of made me think of you know my job as a dad and I'm sure a lot of you guys out there are dads too and kind of the purpose of you know my home and everything I do and the way I provide for my kids you know it's it's it's all here right now the whole purpose of my home whole purpose of everything I earn is to raise my kids that's it and then once they're raised once they're out of the house once they're doing good they're adults they're on their own it's like all this stuff it's like I could be my home at that point but it really has no no purpose other than to you know raise a family and I was kind of trying to think about that and have that perspective when I'm thinking about my house how nice certain things are how broken other things are how unfinished so much is I think about the fact that my priority is as a parent is to make sure that we have a safe and comfortable and healthy nest for my kids and that's it you know everything else is superfluous things can be unfinished and not very impressive not very cool or whatever and it's okay because it's safe healthy happy place for my kids to be it's a safe nest for them to live in anyway I kind of think about that stuff well I think about that stuff a lot I try to keep that perspective as I as I work as I try to provide for the kids as I look at my you know what I do here on YouTube and put that in perspective to the rest of my life like how important is it compared to everything else I spend time on yeah it makes me happy in a lot of ways but my job my mission in life is to make sure that my kids get out of the nest safely that's it hope you enjoyed that little story and a look at that nest Nature is pretty cool and this was really fun for me and my family to watch hope you enjoyed watching some of it – on the late boy scout we'll see y'all later

Eastern Kingbird Visits Hellgate Osprey Nest – Aug. 5, 2019

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Start your Monday off right with a visit from this sharp-looking Eastern Kingbird to the Hellgate Osprey nest! During the breeding season, these bold flycatchers are fierce defenders of their nesting areas. They are quick to harass bigger birds—like Ospreys, Red-tailed Hawks, or Great Blue Herons—that pass over their territory.

Watch live with updates, tweets, and highlights at

Watch the cam and learn about the Montana Osprey Project at


This Osprey nest is at the mouth of the spectacular Hellgate Canyon at the edge of Missoula, Montana. It’s in a very busy location, right outside the Riverside Health Care Center and next to busy parking lots, a construction site, a busy highway, and a railroad. However, it’s also an ideal location in many ways, since these Ospreys have riverfront property only about 50 feet from the Clark Fork River. Being so close to people does not bother them, and hundreds of people enjoy watching them every day.

The female Osprey at this nest is called Iris because she has very distinctive spots on her iris, especially in her left eye. These iris patterns serve as individual barcodes and allow us to identify her. She has nested at this site for many years. Her mate of many years, Stanley, did not return in 2016, and she attempted to breed with a new male dubbed “Louis” after an influential local Salish elder named Louis Adams (for more info:

Ospreys are consummate fishing birds, and this pair fishes primarily from the Clark Fork River and nearby Rattlesnake Creek. They use their 6–7 foot wingspans to soar above the water, looking for fish, then diving as deep as 3 feet for shallow-swimming prey. Adult Ospreys usually weigh 3–4 pounds, and they can carry prey up to 50 percent of their own weight. Ospreys can live up to 25 years, and they typically lay 1–4 eggs in a clutch.

The nest used to be on a power pole about 200 feet west of where it is now. This was dangerous, since the Ospreys could have been electrocuted, causing fires and power blackouts. In 2007, the current nest platform was erected to provide a safer place for the Ospreys to nest. They took to it immediately. Getting the new nest platform set up, and installing and running to high resolution camera for this feed for you to enjoy has been a large effort involving many groups: Riverside Health Care Center, Karen Wagner, Kate Davis and Raptors of the Rockies, Northwestern Energy, Dave Taylor Roofing Company, and Dr. Erick Greene of the University of Montana.

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Kamoyvaer – Birdwatching at finger tip in Norway

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This clip is about the village of kamoyvaeer set in the Island of Mageroya, in Northern Norway. You can enjoy some beautiful pictures and get a feeling of …


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Mit myBirdList von NATURE MOBILE halten Sie Ihre „Life List” immer auf den neusten Stand und organisieren Ihre „Events” und „Sichtungen” von unterwegs …

Green Heron MA

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The oldest Green Heron on record was at least 7 years, 11 months old when it was found in Mexico in 1979. It had been banded in Oklahoma in 1971. (from All …

Best Bird Trap Technology make from Water Bottle – how to make pigeon bird trap

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How to make water bottle pigeon bird trap This video just for survival of knowledge purpose only and killing animal not recommend from Show All Channel.

New Cam Species: Social Flycatcher – July 30, 2019

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A Social Flycatcher landed in the branches behind the platform to have a look around. Look above and behind the Buff-throated Saltator and you will see it land …

Sea Eagle – Isle of Skye – Scotland, UK, nature, birds, birdwatching

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White Tailed Eagle swoops for a fish, Isle of Skye, Scotland.
wildlife, nature, eagle, bird of prey, birdwatching, uk, britain, british isles

Juvenile Red-bellied Woodpecker Visits Cornell Feeders – Aug. 2, 2019

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A juvenile Red-bellied Woodpecker joins a bustling Cornell Lab FeederWatch cam after alighting on the hanging log feeder. Juveniles look similar to adults, but they are duller overall. Young birds have a less distinctive pattern on the back, and their crowns are dusky without red on the nape or nasal tufts, although males and some females can show red-tipped feathers in the crown.

Watch LIVE at for news, updates, and more information about the pond and its surroundings.

This FeederWatch cam is located in the Treman Bird Feeding Garden at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Perched on the edge of both Sapsucker Woods and its 10-acre pond, these feeders attract both forest species like chickadees and woodpeckers as well as some species that prefer open environments near water like Red-winged Blackbirds.

The Wild Birds Unlimited store at Sapsucker Woods has been a part of the visitor experience in the Cornell Lab’s Visitor Center ever since the new building opened in 2003. They are the preferred vendor of official Cornell Lab merchandise and offer a dizzying number of feeders, binoculars, and birdwatching-related gear and gifts to make any bird enthusiast happy. WBU has also pledged support for many of the Cornell Lab’s local efforts, including providing the bird feeders and food for this FeederWatch Cam.

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Trekking & Birdwatching at Chavarrillo, Veracruz, by trucha 1.618

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Trekking / Birdwatching at Chavarrillo, Veracruz.
With natural birdsongs.
Thank you for watching.
trucha 1.618

Common Kingfisher. Bird catching a fish. David Attenborough's opinion.

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This is a clip from “RHYTHMS OF NATURE IN THE BARYCZ VALLEY” movie.
This film tells the story about nature in the Barycz River valley and enormous Milicz ponds. This area is located in the south-western part of Poland (in the middle of Europe). I and my wife made it for 2 years.
Sir David Attenborough, a world-famous BBC nature documentary film maker, after watching the film “Rhythms of Nature in the Barycz Valley” wrote:
“I have viewed Rhythms of Nature with great pleasure.
A lovely place, beautifully filmed”

alongside the rivers and streams of the Barrett Valley believes a real jewel for Kingfisher when it hangs in the air it looks like a hummingbird its daily food is small fish which it hunts with great skill but no matter how good a fisherman it is one day the Kingfisher may drop the catch just like human anglers the kingfishers know the good fishing spots and will fight to fish they're hitting the spiny stickleback against a branch the Kingfisher knocks it out and then strips off the spikes this little bird can catch and eat ten small fish in a day you

Inside Birding: Color Pattern

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Color and plumage patterns are key components of bird identification. Improve your birding skills by watching Lab experts as they demonstrate how to recognize …

Audubon Puffin Burrow powered by

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This cozy burrow 21 miles off the coast of Maine is where Atlantic puffins breed and raise their young. Watch live and learn more about these sea birds on …

Kermit the Frog and Elmo Teach Big Bird How to Fly!

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Kermit the Frog and Elmo Teach Big Bird how to Fly!
In today’s video Kermit the Frog and Elmo reunite with their old friend Big Bird! But they have ask Timrek for some special help with magic to bring him back. After Timrek brings Big bird back, Kermit and Elmo have to re-teach big bird on how to fly!
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oh he's over the course haha I got you your you suck you suck you suck what are you doing here what are you bothering me oh well I was bored too but I found video games to entertain me why don't you go find some friends to talk to so go find some what about Cookie Monster what about well go find some other friends I don't know book Mike or Sean or something I don't know go find some friends leave me alone I'm late for tonight shut up around Big Bird's been dead for like a year and a half soft Emma with last song and Colorado why is he here in Arizona you only said to come with us you brought a dead body with us to Arizona you've had him this whole time you're so sketchy Omo why do you do these things well now we have to hide a dead body what if the police come around they'll start asking questions a frame you that doesn't solve our problems it's on the floors they look in the floors actually come to think of it is there any way to bring them back I kind of do missile we do need another friend why don't we go ask timmreck and see if he could do some magic power stuff do you revive him back to life all right back to 24 night like the video just Wow hello where you at why are you back there grab the look get your ass over here we have come here to ask you for a favor Oh God Timur why do you always have that sassy tune with me because you only come to me when you need me don't test me what do you mean coming well we are friends big bird that apparently animal brought up from the dead from Colorado brought him here remember big bird right yeah that big yellow dude yeah that big yellow dude that's him he's still alive apparently well I guess not really alive you see the X's in his eyes he's definitely dead that's the cartoon sign that he's dead yeah definitely then we want a new friend and we were wondering if you could bring it back to life what's the magic so you're gonna take your anti social skills and rub them all over me and make you make me make a new friend for you please you've always been saying how you want a mini test subject right we want to try out some new magic spells well look at this nice fresh body for you to test your new magic tricks on what'd you say I couldn't use my my new spells do it let's see if it works timber what happened to the rest of his body it's just that hand yeah it's just a head you messed it up fix it right now that's elbow that's not even that's not even paper you're not you're not moving your mouth can you feel that Tim Burke this is clearly not working all right colonel back we need Big Bird I got it I know a guy you know a guy across town for what by ah spells powerful enough oh so the all mighty magician timmreck doesn't have powerful enough magic to bring back Big Bird wow it will be powerful enough with this sorceress stone that I know that I can get from this guy sorceress stone cross town well let me guess we have to go a knight – yep of course we do seven o'clock so be there but you're gonna come with me wear something cute I'm not gonna do that all right Tim ricke we've been driving for over an hour yeah we drove all the way to the other side of town just to get your stupid stone uh-huh so who's gonna have this stone huh um well there was a big tall guy over here a big tall guy huh yep and he had a ski mask and a ski mask yep isn't that pretty suspicious that is kind of suspicious yeah does a guy with a ski mask on is this the guy right here yeah that's him that's him yeah that's him well why don't you go out and talk to him huh what do you mean you're scared this is your soul you're looking for your stone oh god he's coming over he's coming over he's cracking his knuckles he's cracking – stay cool stay cool okay okay what do you want stop knockin on my face for you the stone yeah well technically he's the one looking for the stone but yes we're the ones looking for the stone do you have the stone yeah are you gonna get stoned what do you mean hold on this guy doesn't even have the stone yeah the good stuff let me see that stone let me see it all shoulder how hard is it to get this stone look at that stone if I said pretty let me see the inside look at–look perfectly inside timber cuz it's a stone very shiny is it this is the stone yeah okay you lookin for this is a styled purple you mean that's it's right there you're funded virtually wait are you Joey you'd know wait a minute Joey wait hey you get back here your guy was Joey Joey was sitting on the other side of town yeah let's just go home this will judge ient waste of time alright camera we got your stupid-ass rock you ready to complete the spell I got a secret a secret what's your secret I didn't really need that wait what what that's just for my rock collection give me the tummy wasted the whole last night just to drive the other side of town for your stupid rock collection just complete the spell come on oh god that's so much better Timur what the hell did you do I made it like a cracked out version of Big Bird can you talk I don't think you can talk bobby's without talking he's back to normal I gotta go now he's not back to normal I know what you asked what where you going I gotta go play with my rock come on you're gonna go play with your rock collection yeah god you're such a nerd I've been great wait actually you have been great you've been dead for a year and a half and also my heads over there obviously I've been craving something yeah I've been one to five yeah it's been a year and a half since I've flown so that's like what like 18 months yeah yeah no actually I don't maybe we shouldn't walk you out you know teach you to fly again uh I mean I guess I'm are you ready to teach bird bird hit apply all right so if I've learned anything from nature mother birds teach baby birds to the fly by pushing them out of the nest right yeah so the best way for Big Bird to learn how to fly is to jump off his balconies on these hard rocks with human-like shadows yeah there's definitely us not not the people behind the cameras he's hot nice lava hot rocks that's been in the Sun all day in the Sun or 20 degree weather so pushing your fault yeah very soft all right so just just go ahead and jump we'll catch you I'm gonna get a running start though get a running start okay all right Becca Becca Becca Becca Becca all right we're ready when you are I think he cushioned the fall with his head oh that hurt it yeah of course it hurt you threw yourself off the balcony you didn't even try to fly well like see I don't remember because it was over a year and a half ago are you waiting yeah why were you running you didn't need a wrench start well I mean like it makes more sense doesn't it rather than just free palm into my dad well I mean birds usually birds don't get a running start so I guess throwing you off the balcony didn't work maybe we should attach you to a drone let's go to the field ones hash you to the drone and see how that works alright Big Bird so we're here at the field we got our drone down there I almost got the controller and what we're gonna do is take that duct tape right there we're gonna attach your hands to the drone okay and since you have a really weak grip since you know you've been dead for a year and a half yeah we're gonna duct tape your hands to the drone okay alright Big Bird you ready to go yeah man I'm ready yeah it looks like you're doing some gymnastic things yeah yeah just go here you go all right [Laughter] until their crap Big Bird hang on here forget people were trying okay so uh about this whole drone situation yeah man sorry I think I'm owe you $700 $700 yeah your fat ass broke the drone you're gonna have to explain to Shawn that you crashed his drone all right Big Bird pretty confident yeah your flying abilities oh yeah you're ready for the final test you know what the final test is uh yeah let's do it – all right big weird how you feeling we came back to check up on you how you doing I'm just climbing up at this tree why are you making this you're gonna make a nest up in this tree it's my natural instinct it's your natural instinct after falling out of a moving car to go up in the tree and make a nest yep make some friends with these secateurs they're making really loud noises ruining their audio shut up yeah tell me shut up for being really loud shut up you'd be really loud your houses yep all right just go ahead and fly back to our house whenever we'll be back at home playing smash broz okay sounds good we'll see you later big bird phone with your pizza have fun in your nest buddy all right that's it for the video thank you guys for watching hopefully you did enjoy I know I've seen so so so many comments saying they want me to bring Big Bird back and I did like I said guys I do read almost every single comment and I will try to do more stuff with Big Bird and I'll even try to do more stuff with Cookie Monster here soon – this is the last week for you guys to cop my merchandise and we'll be gone forever 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Lyrebird song – Stephen Powell Wildlife Artist

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Gday, Stephen here I hope you enjoy this video!

This lyrebird is just 1 of 10 lyrebirds heard singing during a late
afternoon walk in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. I was able to
film 3 birds from as close as 2 meters. My apologies to the video
purists as it is not very steady. Unfortunately, I was not equipped for
filming. I don’t normally carry a tripod but prefer a Cullman 080
Shoulder-Table-Pod used as a shoulder stock. This is great for getting
grab shots and is much steadier than handheld. However, is not suited
to filming. Combined with the weight of the 7D and zoom is a strain and
the results are less than perfect. The conditions were also difficult.
Cloudy and late in the day. High ISO also diminished the quality. None
the less I was very pleased with what I managed to get. Filmed on a
handheld Canon EOS 7D Lens EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM.
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Bird Watch Ireland Limerick

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Birdwatch Ireland Limerick Secretary Maura Turner speaks to the Limerick Post about the organisations role in Limerick as well as the events they hold to educate people on Limerick’s wildlife.

Video: Soham Ghosh

most people when they look into the river when they see that the cold seagulls there aren't really any seagulls there are actually varieties of calls mainly the black-headed gull among those get Mediterranean girls which are kind of not so much rare but are unusual and you get an Icelandic oh and it gets him the other Caspian girls so the main port Ireland that's faced in Wicklow little cocoon they're the largest charge for conservation body in the country and so their work will be just the preservation of wildlife of the habitats and to keep an eye on the biodiversity of all the areas and they run some preserves around the country they they sort of fund them and they've got different projects then on we say boards the like in danger like there was a turn Davison Island welcome to my the moment but it's just awful the coast of Dublin and they've set up kind of a group there during the nesting season and they've been ring these words then they'll monitor them and schoolchildren from the mainland from scurries area have made bird boxes for these and they're put on the island these returns have been there haven't been nesting here for a question of many number of years so they're back now that's mothership bite that they say will during the summer you know somebody worth two three months of this island and so that's the kind of work they do we try and keep an eye or mean we receive reports of him any breaches of that and we report to the council other national parks in my life because if this boring are cutting at the wrong time of the year especially with birds are nesting that's going to destroy you know the future of those kind of birds and people might say I was only one Bush sure whatever were recording but as you know that the whole of the whole of why does the world of food reduced by 60% do to me the climate change but somebody's just due to bad manage people now taking care of the magician in the wrong time support we look at the walls of the river or especially near Southfield bridge there's a lot of sound Martin's there they're like a swallow and they nest in those walls now if they're if they're maintained too much if say the councillor whoever's in charge of those fill those in geology might wall that that's coming a little bit decrepit if they're filled these nesting areas will be gone for the board so we make the council aware we do surface and we make the council aware of these areas that it operate the boards will nest so now um you talk this awareness that you don't do it out so that's a problem overcome but it's just that somebody's looking at these walls I said gosh those nests there make sure nothing happens that you know that they're not interfered with too much we actually run talks every month for about six months we go small grant from the County Council's do this and so it's really to make people aware of what's involved in nature and what is out there because as you know you said to go outside your front door every morning and you know what the copy boards around people don't even see them at the prett everything down to a rock or a crow so this this gentleman Jim he will be talking about the boards that around the countryside the background to it do we have a bit of music we will also be having someone eats after some in spice um whatever so if anybody likes to come along you more than welcome yes every every County almost has a branch like ourselves you know which is a voluntary group and we organize these outings so if people weren't too sure about something though they can Co along and the color and something they're gonna learn there's a lotta life there for everything they're they're looking to substantive space the way before it's moving so it's quite an interesting area there

Bird Watching in Pune, India with Gopro (Slow-Motion)

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Bird watching with GoPro session!! Super close and super slow motion. Best birding you’ll ever see. Shot in Pune (India) with the birding season at its peak.


Views:447|Rating:5.00|View Time:3:35Minutes|Likes:2|Dislikes:0 [email protected] www.facebook/monteaventura Discover the Real Spain. Andalusia is a paradise for lovers of bird watching. A passion of birding in southern of Europe.

Andalucia has the largest concentration of natural parks in Spain and a great diversity of ecosystems it is a paradise for bird-watching both professional and amatuer bird watchers will be able to observe more than 300 different species in the area throughout the year the under Lucien government's environmental ministry together with the Natural Park brand markup our collateral has created a four day bird-watching route through various natural parks in Andalusia with activities designed for groups of two to eight people along this route visitors have at their disposal a wide range of products and services from businesses certified by the National Park brand which guarantees quality and professionalism combined with a strong commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development the service is included in the route our accommodation in hotels certified by the natural park brand trips in a 4×4 vehicle personal guides and the use of optical equipment needed for bird-watching forests geographical situation the Dan Jana natural park represents an important European link in migratory routes between Europe and Africa where birds rest on their long journey in this area one can see the largest colonies of water birds in all of Andalusia as well as a great number of Raptors including the Spanish imperial eagle the next day the bird-watching route travels into the province of Cadiz in the East ritual natural park the highlight is the playa de las lances beach here the birds are the great protagonists of this show which reaches its peak during times of migration many of these birds find shelter and food in the Brenna and Maurice Mazda Barberton natural park as well as in the Lokhande lagoon where a program promoted by the Andalusian government's environmental ministry successfully managed to create a colony of the northern Balder veces one of the most critically endangered birds on the planet the next destination is but on their mountain range the perfect place to see birds with a wide range of areas designated as zipper reserves bird conservation areas the Rhondda mountain range houses the CLA the Las Navas Natural Park and the Sierra the Groth ulema Natural Park both declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO and offers a magnificent landscape with an abundance of Raptors and a large number of passerines the trip comes to an end at the fascinating Cabo de gata Nihad natural park which is marked by contrast and is distinguished as a biosphere reserve and Geopark it has the largest extent of untouched beaches on the Andalusian Mediterranean coast native birds to the coastal step and waders are just some of the species that can be seen in this natural treasure that closes our bird-watching route the route is marked by its natural diversity and sustained by a network of businesses certified by the natural park brand the environmentally friendly companies and promoters of eco-friendly integrated tourism whose personalized products and services will successfully allow the visitor to enjoy all that nature has to offer without being intrusive leading the way naturally

American Dipper Behavior – Bird Watching Canada HD

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I filmed this Dipper gathering food in Hardy Creek, British Columbia. It’s amazing watching it dive and swim in the cold fast water, it’s feathers never seeming to get wet.
Dippers are unique among passerines for their ability to dive and swim underwater.
They inhabit the banks of fast-moving upland rivers with cold, clear waters, though, outside the breeding season, they may visit lake shores and sea coasts.

National Geographic Wildlife Wonders, Owls – The Silent Hunters

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Amazing documentary on “Owls”. Owls are truly a magnificent creature and this is a very interesting documentary for all to see!

killers stalk the shadows legendary creatures they wield unrivaled power attack in silence pierced the dark inspiring fear superstition now the mystery surrounding these creatures are coming to light one man follows a lifelong passion journeying around the globe in pursuit of clues he aims to discover how they've conquered the dog and mastered some of the harshest realms on earth but they fiercely guard their secrets these fearsome warriors are the Owls death on the wing champion hunters of the sky furgus Bailey has devoted much of his life to the pursuit of earth's most powerful birds birds of prey have been a passion of his since youth around the world Fergus has observed their dazzling array of hunting techniques snaring prey on the wing subduing it with brute force and racing through the air and up to 200 miles per hour furgus has discovered that hawks eagles and falcons are the lions of the sky now he sets out to investigate another bird of prey one just as deadly but with far different powers owls they amuse me surprise me even frighten me sometimes but most of all then treat me it's just the way there's so much about them that we don't know there's such a fabulous beast since time immemorial owls have held our imaginations in children's stories they are often portrayed as wise old birds but in folklore their reputation is far more sinister helmet matching booty good boy it's incredible to think that on a really still night this sound can be heard as far as four kilometres away this fabulous sound has connected the owls all over the world to superstition myth and legend we fear what lurks in the night and owls rule the shadowy realm superstition Lynx owls to witches their calls to misfortune in their presence to imminent death sensing these creatures stealing through the dark only feet away we may feel uneasy but many smaller animals know to fear for their lives like a shadow a barn owl prowls through a graveyard searching for a meal a vole uses the cover of dark to cloak its own hunt for food a tiny target it barely makes the slightest rustle but it's being stalked by a supreme night hunter a man and all that can peer into the darkness here the faintest of noises and pursue its prey in near complete silence owls have been around for a very long time in fact the first recognizable owls appeared in the fossil record more than about 40 million years ago but now they've evolved into this fantastic widespread and quite diverse group of about a hundred and thirty-five different species but looking at these beautiful baby owls it's easy to understand why people think of them as wise benevolent even like little people but in fact they're soon going to develop into some of the most efficient killers in the bird world some of the equipment they've got you'll see that the speak they're totally harmless at the moment is actually going to grow into something that will be extremely effective as a deadly weapon and the same with the feet underneath this fluffy down there are talons which at the moment aren't really of much use at all but they will become very very powerful owls have developed an awesome skill the ability to stalk prey in the dark getting through a woodland at night at any kind of speed is incredibly difficult but there's one type of owl that can do it extremely well I'm in a pitch-black studio and the only way you can see me is on an infrared camera somewhere to my left is rose and her Tony are called basal eyes beautiful name in relation to the size of his head the Basil's eyes are absolutely huge in fact there is large if not larger than mine if our eyes were the same proportion in our heads they would be the size of grapefruits at night owls huge eyes are up to three times more sensitive to light than humans and to see around them owls have evolved flexible necks allowing them to spin their heads 270 degrees to demonstrate how Al's vision in the dark compares to ours Fergus constructs a simulated forest and these are sort of look-alike tree trunks now this may look a bit crazy but what we're doing is mimicking a woodland because there's gonna be a time when all the lights run we've just got a few more to put in I'm gonna make it quite difficult for the AR and it's gonna have to find a route through these gaps of course it's easy now because the lights are on when the lights are off without being able to see anything at all it'll be pitch dark it'll be a lot more difficult for them Fergus sets up cameras that are sensitive to infrared light a wavelength that neither our eyes nor the owls can detect furgus tries the course first it's now so dark he can't see his hand in front of his face even fully dilated fergus's eyes are useless in the pitch-black he is forced to rely on touch to feel his way though he set up the course himself furgus quickly grows disoriented it's only a matter of time before he makes a misstep but how will basil fare and now it's Basil's turn he's out there in the darkness somewhere I'm going to call him to the fist to see if he can come down Bess Bess well Fergus can't see a things Basil's eyes are sensitive enough to sight down the entire length of the course oh wow clever oh that was amazing Fergus rearranges the posts to test if Basil's success was a fluke owls have remarkable night vision only cats can see as well in the dark kiba's Oh nasal Bob's and weaves getting a clearer picture of his flight path then he's off even the more difficult course still poses no real challenge Fergus watches Basil's performance in replay that was a fantastic maneuver he had to go one way and then the other let's just see that again because that last second as he gets through the gap he's quite remarkable basil maneuvers through the tightest phases by tucking his wings in mid-flight and spot on to my glove right on the very mark in that pitch darkness that is incredible as basil has demonstrated superbly tourneys can navigate the tightest of corners when I can see nothing at all but that's a vital adaptation for a bird that's got to fly in a wood at night there is another adaptation that helps make owls such lethal hunters it is their feathers unlike other birds an owl's wing feathers are soft and serrated on the leading edge this fringe muffles the noise of air passing over their wings even when flying at full speed the result is the ultimate stealth huddle death on the wing the vole is being stalked by a predator that can see by starlight alone give chase through thick underbrush and attack barely making a sound but for all their lethal prowess at night some howls are vulnerable during the day to ensure their stealth in flight howls must sometimes clean their feathers in broad daylight dirt and dust can cause feathers to whistle betraying an owl in the dark so they bathe Tawny's have short broad wings unlike the longer more narrow wings of hawks and falcons the tawny is built for stealth not speed or power scanning about he's not in search of his next meal he's on the lookout for danger because daytime belongs to the larger swifter Raptors the goshawk with a wingspan of over 5 feet is one of the top predators of the light em go Sox have a taste for owls not all owls fare so poorly in the daylight around farms and villages in Europe the normally nocturnal bar now thrives day and night as Fergus discovers barn owls possess a tool for hunting that's as lethal in the light as in the dark during the day foals can spot an owl's approach they hunker down into the deep grass when their stalker passes overhead but that won't save them for owls have taken another sense hearing to a formidable level even when they can't see their prey owls can hear it as Fergus demonstrates with a trained owl named gripper now maybe you think I'm a little bit crazy but these are my homemade squeakers and I'm gonna take them to the end of this field where we know gripper flies and I'm gonna hide them they're going a run first cable out now here's a nice deep bit of grass will hide the squeaker right deep in there the next one goes out to the middle of the field now I will make it completely invisible so I know tuck it down there I'll put the right buzzer in a tuft of grass over there this is the large wanted to be fair in the ground I think the trick is you wait here with the squeaker I'm going to go back to the control box hit a button and you should be able to hear something it's completely invisible all three are invisible but you'll see or you'll hear just how quiet they are well I can't hear any of them I could when I was right beside them but of course from back here I can't hear anything the question is can gripper let's go and get him come on gripper is a four year old barn owl kept by her trainer Loyd buck Shh Fergus hopes that gripper will demonstrate how an owl can find prey without being able to see it what I'm gonna do now is do the middle buzzer and we'll see just how quickly she can find it when the buzzer is pressed gripper homes in almost immediately she aims her face like a radar dish locating the invisible squeaker what she focuses on the target aren't her eyes but her ears look look at that money lump she's whatever ha ha tastic yeah that is fantastic and I could not hear a thing but she picked it up probably from a third of the way across the field it's a fabulous size so keen the next time we'll try the left buzzer left buzzer she's going over she's going over no she's coming right over she's right over it grippers ears lead her right to the squeaker she's right on it she's right down on to the very spot that is incredible it's quite windy so there's obviously rustling sounds in the grass anyway so hair she differentiates between the two is quite amazing tired of hunting metal boxes gripper does what comes naturally what she done none of this but this but this she's cool one for a self she pumps us on of all that was absolutely incredible so not only has she succeeded in finding my squeakers in the grasp she's also been hunting for herself I think we've clearly demonstrated that not only country find the squeakers she can fight look for others their prowess as hunters makes owls a welcome sight in rural Europe feasting on rodents the destroy crops they are often considered a farmers best friend and this male is spurred to extraordinary feats by one of the strongest drives in nature the drive to reproduce for every meal he delivers to a female he gets to mate almost as soon as he's gone he's back again and again and again to feed their broods barn owls may catch as many as 700 rodents in the breeding season the bar now can hunt around the clock aided by his super-sensitive hearing but what accounts for owls extraordinarily powerful ears Fergus visits an owl that embodies acute hearing now this fantastic bird is a great gray owl unlike gripper the bar now she's got fantastic hearing you gonna turn her on smokey you can look at the camera if you look at her face it's like a parabolic dish the fence fur face has got a great rim surrounded by feathers which send the sound into ears which lie at the back short stiff facial feathers reflect sound and focus it toward her ears her face functions like a dish antenna capturing the slightest noise the very shape of owls faces and heads are constructed to focus and heighten sounds her hearing is so powerful she can hear through a blanket of snow to our ears snow muffles all noise in a wintery Montana landscape but for the great gray owl it is a world alive with sound with a wingspan of up to 5 feet he straddles the top of the food chain from a high perch he surveys his roam from here he can hear a chickadee preening its feathers a fox rustling through the snow otters scrambling up a hillside and even the pitter-patter of burrowing paws far beneath the snow deep under the drifts voles have carved out their own little world a universe of tunnels protected from the hungry eyes of predators and insulated from the cold they forage without even leaving home thousands of voles can live in a complex of tunnels that lace under acres of snow but even out of sight they are hardly out of danger with his extraordinary ears he can hear a vole moving beneath a foot and a half of snow the great gray doesn't even have to look at his catch he can feel the bowl with downy feathers that surround his talons a quick bite to the back of the neck dispatches his prey many people think eating like a bird means to nibble or snack the opposite is true for the Great Grey he swallows the vole hole in one easy gulp then he launches himself again after more voles and he will hunt until his hunger is sated pursuing its unseen prey great gray owls can catch and consume about seven balls in a day you as the Great Grey demonstrates so well owls reign as supreme hunters they're equipped with impressive tools they had developed visions so powerful they can fly by starlight alone in silent flight they can attack without notice and with extraordinary hearing they hunt unseen targets but not every owl relies on these tools to succeed a diverse group some owls almost seemed more hawk than owl like this bird is a full pal and unlike most owls that are very good at hunting at night the hotel is particularly good at hunting during the day instead of hunting with stealth Hawk Owls chase down their prey his tail is very long and quite pointed and he's got quite long wings more than that he's very very fast and very agile Hauk owls may be the fastest fliers of all the owl species they specialize in quick attacks in the open voles come to the surface to forage when the snow is too shallow for tunneling hunger drives them from cover and into danger in the light the fall spots is Swift stalker but the hawk owl isn't easily thwarted a master of the quick recovery he renews his attack within seconds and in the open the race goes to the Swift the hawk owl barely slows down to grab his meal you the hawk owl success as a speedy hunter displays the versatility of owls Oh owls flourish around the globe adapting to and conquering some of the most extreme environments on earth in the Sonoran Desert of the American Southwest one of the hardiest of all owls also happens to be one of the least imposing few animals can withstand temperatures that may top 120 degrees during the day and plummet to below freezing at night one owl not only manages to live here but prefers the unwelcoming saguaro cactus for its home the elf owl North America's tiniest weighs less than an ounce and a half and it's not the only owl to have carved a niche for itself in our world not too far south on the flood plains of Venezuela the burrowing owl lives and raises its young underground faced by myriad challenges and habitats I'll survive and prevail above the Arctic Circle one bird embodies owls ability to thrive in even the most inhospitable of places up here cold-weather specialists hold sway we're ice floes never completely retreat a fantastic menagerie crosses the lands and fills the sieves snowy owls are the only birds of prey hardy enough to live here year-round furgus journeys to northernmost Alaska in the late spring we've come up here because it's one of the most reliable places in the world to find snowy owls yes are we very close about thirty five right now and the winds blow buckles 12 to 15 out of the east that's pretty cold wind wildlife biologist denver holt leads Fergus to snowy owl nesting sites founder of the owl Research Institute Denver finds owls especially the snowing all-consuming passion for the last nine years Denver has been studying snowy owls on the Barrow Peninsula one of the most remote areas on earth he returns every breeding season to study new generations no water this year Denver is watching 16 nests let her spread out over 100 square miles of wilderness right and we're gonna go in there and take a little fix check on survival and see if there's any prey remains in the nest it will take a full day of walking just to reach three nests a huge area to fully understand the snowy owl Denver studies their diet here snowy owls rely heavily on one major source of food lemmings tell me why these lemmings so important to the snowy owls oh it's what they eat and you can look around anywhere here and see lemming sign if you look right here there's a runway yeah there's some holes over here take the peak now we can see this is all where the levees make their holes and they're really dry the whole snowy owl population up here I'm Vicki there are lemmings everywhere well done yeah well this is a good year and when lemmings are plentiful the male hunts whenever the weather allows well you tell me exactly what to do because you know I'm very happy to to help you at business but it's important to me that I follow your advice all right so now when we approach the nest you have the male and female which can be quite aggressive particularly males when defending the nest what do you mean by aggressive oh come in and attack you there's usually a small population of the birds we study here where the males are very aggressive where they community is that right some will pass by you and just make you dock others will physically hit you decide to drive you from the nest because they view us although we look at it as research and we're not trying to harm you they look at us as er you know a lethal threat to their chicks and they trying to drive herself what do we do if he if he if he Stoops of us what do do just duck that would be a smart thing to do ah so we should dock while Denver examines the owls and their nests Fergus has been given an important role he will serve as a decoy and they will be difficult on but we do have I think we've got about three meals that are particularly aggressive but but the thing too is now you working with us you have to take it while I do the work yeah because he generally will attack the tallest of the two people standing next to me that he'll be coming in at us so if you're up high then you duck that'll protect me yeah any may hit you yeah but he may not after hiking for several hours they find a clutch of snows look at this the nest is on a really raised prominent part of the tombi isn't it yeah they all tend to be this is fantastic not this is an amazing will keep the wind off them for yourself it's the three isn't it yeah great here's a male sitting right here really nada yeah fidelity Denver gathers data on whether owls return to the same nesting site how old they are when they first breed and how many of the young survive mortality for owlets can run as high as 50% hmm so we can see here that she didn't hatch an a she lost a chick the club size build up a reserve of food the male creates a stockpile of lemmings around the nest hey look we've got a pile of you the size that one is it amazing isn't how many on that point 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 here's another there is simply access to to their knees we had one NASA had 56 of them piled yeah it's a bit like a fridge here specific the male's prowess at hunting is rivaled only by his ferocity in defending the nest he's off snowy's have been known to drive away arctic foxes and even wolves Fergus keeps one eye on a circling male and takes notes for Denver who weighs the prey to determine how much the owls are eating male 82 71 he's coming in coming in okay and he comes any time steady steady oh okay God is he Cody he's got a big one yeah with a five-foot wingspan and razor-sharp talons if he hits the owl could gouge fergus's eyes or shred in the air it's one you just be watching the deal on that here okay and he's coming in he's coming in stomach okay yeah Denver bans the young to identify them for later research here he goes a veteran of snowy attacks he remains philosophical the owl particularly the male we're a very serious threat until it's nestlings and it's gonna try to defend and drive us off the best he can where's the meadow what smell serious that means I'm up that other there's always a smaller student emails which are you know quite aggressive okay I've got that sound by then but he's not very happy stand by mind your head okay they were all right oh yeah yes it will keep an eye on him though they'll feel like to get us now again they'd hear the bark he didn't hoot I don't think Denver and Fergus meet a hasty retreat leaving the nest to the odds he's a good male okay he's done his job snowy owls live in sync with this harsh environment they store body fat for when lemmings are scarce and can go 40 days between meals if the lemming population plummets snowy's may not even attempt to raise young but if lemmings are plentiful as they are this year the owls may raise large broods when the weather holds fair the mail owl hunts around the clock you he builds a stockpile of prey as a reserved for when fog or rain make hunting much more difficult and each day is voracious offspring devour a couple of lemmings of peace owls have adapted to Alaska's frozen tundra and mastered it but in a world far removed from this icy landscape owls also thrive Africa teams with a bounty of life were predator and prey locked in a deadly dance this world is an emu for owls over 30 species make their home on the continent but a European owl that spends every winter in Africa maybe the most impressive every summer in Europe the modest-looking Scop soul weighing less than half a pound catches moths and insects on the way but come winter the scopz performs an even more amazing feat when prey thins the scopz migrate south across the Mediterranean Sea in the first leg of their journey they travel over 1,000 miles Fergus Bailey follows the little scarps owl to North Africa but the safe arrival here on the African continent isn't the end of this hour's astonishing journey because from here they've got to fly a further 1,000 miles south across the Sahara Desert Fergus pursues the Owls as they cross one of the hottest and driest landscapes on earth but does so without the benefit of their wings under a Blazing Sun but only mad dogs and Englishmen would brave furgus searches for any sign of migrating hounds this is the kind of bush that I might expect him to find the scopes are roosting during the day although I have to say they're brilliantly concealed and the counselors have actually finding scopes off a very small the scarps fly at night leaving no trace of their passing so Fergus pushes south knowing that hunger drives the Owls on to the fertile lands beyond the desert and this is why the Europeans cops has come all the way to Africa because there are fabulous juicy giant millipedes like this there are beetles there are moths at night there's so much food for them here in Africa but this abundant supply of food has to be shared with a number of resident owls for Africa has one of the greatest numbers of different species of owls to be found anywhere on earth however the greatest threat faced by scarps arises not from competitors or even the rigors of its epic journey but from the world's top predator man a local guide leads Fergus to where he knows scopz can be found here Fergus finally catches up with the owl he's been chasing for 2,000 miles just feathers and bones now these owls have been killed and sold in the marketplace Fergus meets with a village elder to find out why some people here hunt owls those homes you we're betting on every condo who the elder explains that owls are still used as charms to cure childhood illnesses and their call is considered a warning of misfortune even in the 21st century our fears and superstitions die hard it's small one day that some people still link vowels to the supernatural here in Africa at least some possess what seemed to be otherworldly powers some howls can even pluck fish from out of the darkest waters well all we see are surface reflections appelles fishing out uses its night vision to scan the water for prey biding his time the male waits for a fish to swim within striking distance you but this efficient killer has a soft side he brings his catch to the female in a touching display he feeds her this act cements the bond between a pair and signals the male's desire to mate attacking underwater in the night the Pels fishing owl has evolved as a specialist but an all-purpose killer rules the skies above the African plains with dagger like talons and the beak that can rent flesh the McKenna's eagle owl embodies all of the owls most ferocious traits the rock hyrax makes a choice meal for the McKinley's for defense the hyrax rely on vigilance and padded hooves that grip the rock at the first sign of danger hyrax dart for cover but even the most vigilant Iraq's can be fooled because occasionally there's just not enough time to hide from what you can't even see coming in the endless struggle to survive out here nature rewards strength and cunning McKenna's may be among the largest fiercest owls in africa might and muscle are their stock in trade but if some owls have had an evolutionary ace-in-the-hole it could well be their ability to adapt even as our cities and suburbs put pressure on howls habitats some like this Tommy seize every opportunity we present even though owls have always been with us we are only now coming to appreciate them we have linked these ghostly killers to death and doom imagining a supernatural creature our fear of the unknown roused by their haunting call but truth reveals an animal even more wondrous than that of fiction in the fight for survival Nature has fashioned a predator of unrivaled skills armed with superb powers Wow and the ability to adapt to almost every corner of the plan there's nothing maze they are the Owls champions of the sky you

Bird Watching Adventure: Looking for Bird Nest and Bird Chicks. Part 1

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Today’s video is a new kind of video. A bird watching adventure. A journey to find as many wild bird nests or chicks as possible. Don’t forget to like and consider subscribing so you don’t miss part two.


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hi guys in today's video we're doing it a little bit different not only mine birds are breathing at the moment also in the wild the birds are very busy so today we're going on an adventure to look for breeding birds and hopefully we will see some chicks and right of the bet we find a house Sparrow defending its nest somewhere under the rooftop a little bit further we arrived in the forest and find two great tip nests close together we sit here for ten minutes and see that the parents are very busy bringing food to the nation and if you listen closely you can hear the hungry chicks the parents are bringing a variety of food mostly different titles at the pillar but also some worms and as you can see some small flies we also see a great spotted woodpecker how wonderful and get better ayoung bertrise and the parents start feeding it we continues to find the natural ditch with lots of birdlife two small Eurasian good with our listing redheads are swimming fastest and the further we continue alongside the ditch the more families of could be fine with checks of different ages it seems to be a very productive ditch a little bit further we found two Europeans don't we try to find the net that could not find it the male's trying very hard to lure us away to leave him for now and don't disturb in any loss on our way we find a lot more bird like this neutron which is not happy with our presence or this gray hair which is looking for frog unfortunately I just missed filming in Catchings further on your field do you see a lot of gray leggings with a lot of chicks managing around fear it seems to be a very successful year for the goods there are ticks everywhere but this journey has a specific destination I want to show you for that we have to take a book if you want to know what the destination is you just have to wait a little bit longer in the next video we continue our game so you don't want to miss it click that subscribe button and the Bell button so you get notified when I upload my new video see you in the next video and remember stay happy and always love your birds bye bye you


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Hello my parrot lovers,
Day one with Brando the baby bird is here! Getting Brando has been quite a new experience for me, it is interesting to watch him grow, gain his birdy confidence and learn his personality. Birds are always full of surprises, no matter if it is a baby bird or a rescue parrot, so it is always exciting to learn what kind of personality the bird is going to bring to the table. I am going to make a video about everything I have learned about Brando so far because his personality is very distinct and interesting! I hope you enjoy watching this bird grow up to be as special as I know he will be 💋Marlene Mc’Cohen

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George already woken up I was sitting here just reading messages quietly as soon as he saw me get up so jump down okay so I got Brando playing with him a little bit everybody wants to see you hmm nobody thinks the camera is like his mom – he's like a baby Brando Truman Truman Brando so all I'm doing is nothing but sitting with him and observing him and getting to know him clearly guys I feel like I should say this like if you see two minutes of video of me and Brandon let's say just like how long are these videos like maybe 25 minutes 2015 that means I films like five minutes with me and Brando and I spent a lot of time with him so I don't want you guys ever think like oh I just do you know what you see on camera because to remember like I have a real life with Brando and I like to spend time with him without holding the camera you know just bond with him but I do try to pick up the camera and give you guys a good idea of what happens so basically I just I'm not gonna take him out of this room he's not gonna be out for more than half an hour at a time so let's get into some details of things that you would want to do on your first day if you haven't been watching the bird 100% he's in his cage relaxing you want to make sure he ate right that would be of interest to me so I see that Brando this would be his first time on top of the cage – he's never sat up there just get him introduced to this case but I see that Brando has mixed with his water some of the poet oh my god his first little stair climb probably I think he's doing all this for the first time you want to make sure that there's evidence of the bird eating so whatever they fed the bird where they were breeding him you want to keep the same food for a little while so you don't want to introduce them to something new and then suddenly they don't eat and they're still a baby right it's still a very fragile time so you want to keep the food very consistent and make sure that you buy or bring home whatever they were feeding the bird for a little while Felipe said probably for about a month I'll just wait until I run out of it and also it's like for example obviously I want Brando to be eating Marlene's signature blend with top so after probably like 15 to 20 days I'll start mixing that in with his food so that he can get used to it so that's one way that you would get your bird you know adjusted because you don't want to shock the bird and take away something if he's not eating but I might test and see how open he is to it but you never know eating is important also you really want to be an observer of parrot behavior when you have a bird okay it has to be interesting to you what are they doing what are their movements where is their instinct to go like he's scratching the speech like what made him scratch it beep right now you know dude you just drew water you itchy isn't plugging what is it the air conditioning like all sorts of different things like sometimes you know they just ate whatever obviously you could see that it was that he drink water so just giving himself like a little dried out so that's one thing the second thing is you want to be aware of like where did the bird like to sleep last night so evidence of that would be in the droppings I could see by the birds droppings that he barely moved like he chose a spot and that's what he likes and the reason that would be interesting to me is to analyze the cage setup if he doesn't move anywhere else maybe he doesn't have a secondary spot that he's comfortable with or maybe that's just where he likes to sleep and then we'll always keep a perch there because you know you want to start paying attention to the way that they behave in the way that they sit and making sure that everything is accessible and comfortable maybe if I notice he's not playing with toys it's way too soon but over the next couple of days and weeks like if he's not playing with toys or he's not interested in anything you know moving them or trying different things these are the things you have to observe you can't just let your Birds be and be like oh whatever he does he does he has to be interesting to you that's one of the most important things I feel like just the bird being interesting like every little thing they do you should try to figure out in your head what is the correlation between him doing this now and doing it last time when you have a bird it's different than having a dog because you really want to become an excellent behavior analyst even when you have a dog or a cat you want to be that's what makes the best trainers to gamers and animal friendly people with the bird it's very important because they can be difficult they get hormonal there's a lot that goes into having a bird so if you understand their behavior and understand what makes them happy and what makes some stress you're gonna have a much happier bird overall I don't know if I've ever said this before but a lot of it with me and birds is really just analyzing them focusing on them and getting to know them and by the way most of that's gonna happen when the camera's not on right it's gonna be me watching intently focusing looking and just genuinely interested in the bird and his well-being every movement that a bird makes how they step up on you how he didn't want to step up right now he wants to go back to where he is oh how interesting he likes to be applied which way does he face doesn't want to face where I am get to know I'm just trying to give you guys all sorts of questions on the spot because that's how you become good you just really wanna analyze so it's gonna take some time and it's it's fun though like I think to have birds you have to love the science of birds as well even just a little part of your personality to be like wow what made you behave that way because it's not always as simple as you think but it may also be simpler than you think and that's where you know the understanding comes in so in a little bit Brando will have been out too much at a time friend's boss I can tell already I let him out too much for the times you early bill demands to be right here I have to go rehearse with the scene partner now so Brandis gonna go back Annie is gonna relax he kind of had a little bit of an environmental introduction for my bed a little more to the room he hears the birds so he knows there's other birds then I'm gonna come back and we'll see what happens okay all right guys as you can tell by my lipstick it's a later Brando's been resting and getting used to things welcome now I have to do his food in water so hi did you eat oh my god he's not gonna be out long just a few minutes and then he's going to bed and then he's gonna wake up bright and early again you believe use my third moustache parakeet stretchy stretchy they often go potty after they stretch just a little ticket I don't have a brand on a bed I love him I hope you guys enjoyed seeing Brando today he says so day one we just pretty much laid low he was in his cage he came out where he's not supposed to come out they want all day one was kind of like yesterday so he didn't come out yesterday once he went in there he went to bed day two he could come out like half an hour every few hours so he's tired now so he's gonna go to bed we brought him out for that 1/2 hour and then we brought him out for another half hour this is his kind of like 10 minutes before he goes to bed he did some funny things though when he was in his cage which we like to call this house I was in the room doing stuff and every time I like sang to him he would go like it was so cute he was so responsive it's gonna be so interesting introducing him to the other birds you know there's change okay guys I love you so much don't forget to subscribe and if you want videos early join my flight errs Club I love you guys so much you guys make everything happen I just want to let you know that you as one person have so much value you watching my channel and subscribing really encourages other people to watch and subscribe and then we get the word out about helping birds learning about birds and that's one more person that can tell another person about birds in the way that it's important to practice engage not caged right Brando so look wings when a bird lifts his wings obviously you know he's going to stretch right I can say wings so he understands that even though he didn't do it because I said when he does it then I say the word and then he'll associate the word with the action so if you want a bird to associate a word with an action you can wait til they do the actions essentially it's like they think they're controlling you saying it so sometimes one say proud burnt rocky he lifts his wings and we go yeah he's so excited by us going yay that it turns into him lifting his wings so we could go yay you know what I mean then he becomes controlling us which is so cute it's time for his bed I love you guys bye hey guys the feathered funbox is our new subscription box of toys treats and other surprises for you and your bird so don't forget to check the link below and get in on that

Why some birds hop while others walk/run | Ornithology

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As a general rule of thumb, the smaller/lighter birds hop. While larger/heavier birds will run.

Smaller birds will normally hop around the garden because they’re used to spending a lot of time on top of tree branches, and it’s a lot quicker to hop from branch to branch.

There are exceptions, however. Wagtails are small and light birds. But they spend most of their time on the ground chasing insects instead of hanging around trees branches, so they’ll run rather than hop.

Large birds are normally too big to fit in trees. Can you imagine a giant swan squeezing himself into a little fern? Hopping is too slow takes too much energy to be viable. Just imagine how much harder your life would be if you had to hop everywhere.

An exception to this is the magpie. Which despite its large size, still spend a lot of time in trees.

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as a general rule of thumb the smaller lighter birds like a thrush Finch and sparrow will hop while large and heavier birds like penguins ducks and Kiwis from a run smaller birds will normally hop around the garden because they're used to spending a lot of time on top of tree branches and it's a lot quicker to hop from branch to branch there are exceptions however bag tails are small and light birds but they spend most of their time on the ground chasing insects instead of hanging around tree branches so they're run instead of hop large birds are normally too big to fit in trees imagine a giant squad squeezing himself into a little fern hopping is too slow and takes up too much energy to be viable just imagine how much harder your life would be if you had to hop everywhere an exception to this is a magpie which despite its large size will so spend a lot of time in trees

Birding With Charles Episode 1: Valee

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In Rolling Stone’s latest series, staff writer Charles Holmes takes musicians and celebrities birdwatching. First up: G.O.O.D. Music’s Valee

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Why You Should Know the Prolific Princess of Paleontology

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Mary Anning was a 19th-century working-class woman from Dorset with no formal education. She became one of the most celebrated fossil collectors in history.

Canadian Arctic Expedition

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Snowy Owls, Ivory Gulls and Sanderlings were the targets on a Lab of Ornithology expedition to collect sound recordings in the Canadian High Arctic. Join Lab staff Gerrit Vyn and Martha Fischer as they trek across barren Bathurst Island recording birds.

Visit the Macaulay Library, and explore the world’s largest collection of animal sounds at

Going to the Arctic had always been a dream. This was amazing to me to be asked to go. There's no way to find out what's up there, what it looks like in many
places without going there. It's largely unexplored you feel like you're you're seeing
things for the first time. We packed up a knapsack with a little bit of food, but
mostly the recorders, the parabola. We had a shotgun with us. Armed with those items and our binoculars, we started
walking. You have all these birds that come there from all over the world these small tiny birds
fly some birds 6-8,000 miles to breed. But all these things happen these brief
little windows. So to be there when these things are happening is really special to get to experience that. We were in Resolute and one night we
heard an unfamiliar call. Usually, I know what most
the sounds are up there, so as soon as I heard that's got to be an Ivory Gull. And we ran over the
sea ice and we went out and sure enough we spotted a couple of Ivory Gulls flying around. and there was a carcass on the ice left over from some native hunters and four Ivory Gulls came in and fed on the
carcass and we spent probably four hours in the
middle of the night out there with the gulls on the ice. The Ivory Gull pretty much just lives year-round in the Arctic it breeds in high arctic islands;
they rarely come much farther south than the Arctic. Resolute Bay is it about seventy four
degrees north of the equator– well above the Arctic Circle. The only way to get there is to fly. It's a
small town. You could say it's in the middle of nowhere. No trees, I talked to people who had never
seen trees. Its truly, truly Arctic. We're in Resolute, Nunavut Canada yesterday we were in Ottawa and also in New York where was eighty-five degrees and humid it's probably about 25 degrees; the wind chill much below that. The winds been blowing about 30 to 40 miles an hour. So we've left summer and
now we're getting used to the the arctic conditions and winter and
we're heading over to Bathurst Island. So, we're finally on our plane! We've got all our gear here, all our food for two and a half weeks anyway. I can hardly believe we're doing it! We have been, over the course of the last
few years, identifying areas in the collection that
we wanted to improve. And one area that we wanted to work in
was the High Arctic; mainly because it's an area that could
be threatened very rapidly by global warming. There's a host of bird species that live
in the High Arctic that go there to breed. One of them in particular – the Sanderling is a very familiar bird to most people — it's the little white
shorebird you see running back and forth chasing waves on sandy beaches throughout the world. All
the Sanderlings every year go up to the High Arctic to breed on these barren Islands. The camp that we're at, I think it's roughly maybe 250 miles
from the magnetic North Pole which is distill a distance from the
actual North Pole but gives you some idea of how how far did
North it is. This location was really a remote place. We relied on some written accounts from the 1960s about the birdlife the
chronology of events and when birds may show up to breed and so we sort a put together a puzzle of when we thought the exact right time of year would be to be there, but that was always, you know something
that you're anxious about– are we gonna be there exactly the right
time? Our first feeling was okay this is big. There's a lot of space. It's an immense landscape. I've never felt more isolated
anywhere in my life than I felt up there. n That first day when we're walking around we, gosh, I just remembered it's just a big land and there's so much snow and you don't know if that's
snow you can walk across or if you'll just sink through it. We'd head for the snow and it was pretty
much solid. And we got up to the top of the hill and I remember it being quite gravelly very
little vegetation but all of a sudden there were birds there. There were
three or four Sanderlings Gerrit started recording and I was standing a good maybe
twenty feet away from Gerrit which turned out to be really good
because I can watch where birds were flying around and one
came right toward him and I could say, "Incoming." And he got on this bird
and just got such a good recording of it. After the initial day we found the
Sanderling and we were really excited and we thought OK, this is going to be great we're gonna get no fear you know no more anxiety about if and when we're going to get the
Sanderling recording. Day after day went by after that and we could not
locate a male Sanderling doing the breeding display in-flight which is the recording we wanted but, we spent days following around pairs of
birds that were obviously courting, but no
males were displaying anywhere. So all this anxiety built up
day after day. But then, finally I think we were maybe day
10– and this was a wetter area we're going
through and we didn't really expect to find Sanderlings there, but indeed there was a
male and he was up… Here comes this male floating by the tent and giving this little display flight and I just busted out of the tent and went and recorded in the rain. And there's rain pinging on the dish, but it was something
at least. So we'd finally gotten like a recording of this vocalization that
we have no recordings of. So we hung out there the rest the day
and we finally got a few little breaks in the weather that day and we got some really great recordings of this bird doing its displays. And it was incredibly lucky that we found this one bird because, I think we did not hear another individual male display until maybe our
last day at Bathurst. Another stunning part in the trip was finding the Snowy Owl nest. Over the course about a week we moved a
blind into place. I planted the stereo pair of microphones
and ran the cable back and, I don't think they've told Garrett this yet, but I had seventy feet of cable and the blind was exactly seventy feet. We placed an MS pair of microphones about a foot from a female and for chicks. There were three unhatched eggs. I was sort of leaning back to the blind and through the video screan all of a sudden I see these glaring yellow eyes and this white white head. This absolutely beautiful male owl came in
and it was like this stunning moment such a
beautiful bird. I could see just barely the top of one
of the chicks heads. At that point I pressed the
record button 'cuz there was all sorts of sound coming
out of the nest– the chicks were [cheep cheep] and you know the females doing [call] She started feeding the youngsters and
was just plain very, very moving watching this whole scene. You have to watch out, because you get this sort of cozy family looking thing, you know, oh and aren't they so sweet? You have to remember that in years when lemmings are few and far between it's not
warm and fuzzy like you want it to be. But, it was fun to watch. [Long-tailed Jaeger call] [Rock Ptarmingan call] [Snow Goose call] [White-rumped Sandpiper call] [Baird's Sandpiper call] [Purple Sandpiper call] Overall I felt like the trip was a big
success. We didn't run into any unexpected weather or hazards and we
came back with all the recordings in the species that we went after. Had we not gotten the Sanderling, I'm would probably not feel good about trip but, once we had
the Sanderling in the bag it felt like okay now it's really
worth it that we came up here to be able to share this with the world.

Marsh/Eastern View: Savannah Ospreys Cam 2 | Cornell Lab

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Watch live at During the Fall of 2014, a pair of Great Horned Owls began frequenting this recently abandoned Bald …

Female Returns To The Cahow Nesting Burrow – Jan 22, 2017

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The female Bermuda Petrel has returned to Nonsuch Island for the first time since laying her egg! Early this morning, she wandered into view to greet her …

Red, White, and Blue at the Cornell Feeders – July 31, 2017

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A Northern Cardinal, Blue Jay, and pair of Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers painted a patriotic portrait with their plumages this morning on the Cornell Lab …

Sue Bird Opens Up About Being Gay And Dating Megan Rapinoe | SportsCenter | ESPN

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WNBA All-Star Sue Bird joins SportsCenter to explain why she chose to share her sexual orientation with the world now and talks about her relationship with …

Stuff that Annoys Wildlife Photographers

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[record scratch] Wow, that lens looks expensive! Is that an eagle? You know that bird that's like, um, well it's like kinda speckled but it's black and white and there's some red and it's like… what is that, it's like kinda big? And… Shh, that's a great crested egret. -that's a heron. -No it's not. What are you doing? -there's an osprey nest. -I can't see, can you pick me up? I went on safari once -oh yeah? -2012, Busch Gardens. Never forget it, all the big game. 'Cept elephants, they were getting their shots that day. My iPhone gets really good pictures anyway. Did you see the new one? I heard it's bending like a pancake. How much did that lens cost? Did you see this? I just took that right now -oh yeah? -let me see yours -it's a, uh, great picture. -I think mine's better. I like that your lens matches your outfit. -Yeah, it's so animals don't notice me. -Did you ever see a bird eating a bird? -Yes. -That's gross. My uncle's got an eagles nest in his yard, you should go there. He lives, uh, in Pawkatuck. Right past that red barn. You know, when you take the right at the gas station? What are you taking pictures of? -There's an osprey nest -did you see that butterfly? Get a picture of that. -I, I don't have extension tubes. -That's um, those are rare. That's a monarch. -No… nope -You wear a lot of camo, are you a hunter? [on the phone] It's a gorgeous day, are you at work still? Yeah, it'll probably still be nice when you get out. What? It's not like you own this spot. I've been looking for a camera. I want a good big one. What should I get? Like Canon or something? [on the phone again] Well I showed up at the gym today and my trainer wasn't there. I was like, excuse me. How am I supposed to get rid of these saddle bags if you won't even show up? Bring your A-game. Oh, hold on, there's some sort of like, murder-picture-taker guy here. Am I in your way? -Uh, no, you're alright. [back to phone] Anyway, I'm taking Cowboy for a walk cause he just got diagnosed with like, doggy introvert syndrome, so, I know! I didn't think that was a thing either. Did you ever see a moose? My aunt, she lives in Canada and she sees moose. Did you write this? Smoke weed? -No. -That's illegal. Could you take pictures of my dog? -Uhh -Could you Photoshop my dog to look skinnier? -Uh, um, I mean -The vet says he's getting overweight and you know, you can't really feel his ribs. Go ahead Cowboy, be free. -I don't really think that would fix the problem -Your face looks young but your hair is old. Do you murder animals? I'm a vegan. Do you ever get your pictures in National Geographic? -Not yet. -That's too bad. My uncle did once. Do you know Gary Walthum? -No. -Me either. Do you know Sarah Mcdowel? -No. -She takes better pictures than you You should check her out, maybe you'll learn some stuff. Do you just teach yourself or do you know what you're doing, or… What, what are these buttons? [off camera] we have to take a break -My arms are getting tired too. [laughing] You're good though, Chels. -that was like, two and a half minutes.

Clint Eastwood "Bird" Charlie Parker Story

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is where you can purchase this DVD or contact me at ozmusicshop “at” Movie based on the life of Charlie Parker with original solos worked into the film with a new rhythm section. Won an Oscar for sound.

ladies and gentlemen let's eat for the man of the century Charlie Parker's in town jazz will never be the same and what do you think about yard bag I'm sorry if you and me got together three months suspended sentence is it possible that you could put me in jail and then reinstate my cavalry car sir I think you would benefit from the state Asylum and from shotcrete we're talking about a very special creative man you know there's no law that says I have to mess up they gonna talk about you when you did only do now it's time to save your life Berg this is the year I'm supposed to die how does he everything I love you bird of time has but a little way to flutter Charlie Yardbird Parker a man who knew no boundaries bird produced and directed by Clint Eastwood

Blue Jay Eyes The Cornell Lab FeederWatch Cam – July 24, 2019

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Blue Jays have a strong, straight bill and a crest that can be raised or lowered at will. The pale-blue iridescent patches on the wing can glitter or look dull, …

Juvenile Red-winged Blackbird Joins Busy Flock At Cornell Feeders – July 26, 2019

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After a dust up with a Common Grackle, this juvenile Red-winged Blackbird settles in on the patio of the Cornell FeederWatch cam. Juvenile Red-winged …

Gray-cowled Wood-Rail Displaces Rufous Motmot In Panama – July 24, 2019

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A Gray-cowled Wood-Rail takes the place of a Rufous Motmot and begins digging into some fresh papaya. What other tropical wonders will stake their claim to …

Deer Stops By Sapsucker Woods Pond – June 27, 2019

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A deer parts the lush vegetation to take a break at the pond’s edge. Watch LIVE at for news, updates, and additional information …

Female Red-legged Honeycreeper Feeds Two Hungry Fledglings – July 19, 2019

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Watch as a female Red-legged Honeycreeper feeds not one, but two hungry fledglings at the Panama Fruit Feeder. She rushes about tucking food into their bills …

Bird songs [10 hours]

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Soothing bird songs. Don’t forget to leave a comment or rating. Recordings by Klankschap. If you liked this, be sure to try out these videos: 12 hours of ocean …

Pileated Woodpecker Shows Off Impressive Bill At Cornell Feeders – July 25, 2019

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When they aren’t digging into suet on the Cornell Lab FeederWatch cam, Pileated Woodpeckers excavate rectangular holes in trees to find ants. These cavities …

Identifying exotic birds in the tropical rainforest – David Attenborough – BBC wildlife

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Want more natural history and wildlife videos? Visit the official BBC Earth channel: BBC Earth The BBC Earth YouTube channel is …

Pair Of Palm Tanagers Forage Side By Side – July 26, 2019

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A pair of Palm Tanagers arrive together to forage for some fruit. They eat in and then take some to go. Palm Tanagers are similar in many ways to Blue-gray …

How To Make an Origami Flapping Bird

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Sell your crafts, learn all the insider secrets Download the course now! SHARE this video with YOUR FRIENDS …

Voices: Ruffed Grouse

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Listen as Macaulay Library Audio Archivist Martha Fischer describes listening to the drum of a male Ruffed Grouse.
Learn more about Ruffed Grouse on All About Birds:

Audio recordings by Jonathan R. Storm. Photographs by Marie Read. To explore more audio recordings visit the Macaulay Library:

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Hearing a grouse drumming is… it’s just a cool experience. You’ll be walking out in the woods and especially if you’re fairly close to a log and you start hearing
this thumping. The sound is so low it’s hard to describe,
but it’s really… it’s one that you feel
more than you hear. Males find logs,
we call them drumming logs, where they can get up to do their audio display. If you can imagine seeing this bird, which is really hard
to see a bird drumming because it’s hard to find the log because these guys are very, very shy. Each of the thumps that you hear is the bird beating his wings. So, one thump is
one beat of his wings, and as he gets going the wings beat faster and faster until it makes that brrrrr sound. I did have an opportunity to listen
to a grouse through headphones with a microphone
right beside the log. I could hear the grouse
walk up to the log and then hop on to it. And then he started drumming and it just blew my mind,
it was just the coolest thing just to be up close and
personal with this grouse.
It was really neat.

Bird photobombs weather report

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A curious bird photobombed Mark Tamayo KTVU’s weather report

here's our live camera looking out toward their San Francisco out toward the Marin Headlands here so we actually have some sunshine for other portions of the Bay Area down towards San Jose East Bay neighborhoods but still some stubborn overcast here over the city look at this he's totally checking out the camera mark yeah oh my gosh I might need a little more time for this weather segment just because we have a little visitor that's like okay I've seen it perfect I mean that's a little short love short lived visit but interesting there so our live