AVICII TRUE STORIES: Documentary Website Case Movie

This is a case video of the official documentary website, created for Avicii’s upcoming film in October. Web design, development, and motion.

Full portfolio case

Pontus Wellgraf

Anders Åberg

Official website

All rights reserved to Avicii and the creators for its trailer, song, and cover in this footage. This is a showcase video of the website production only.

24 mins Citi Heroes Series 10 "Saving Scientist"

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Scientists are captured, how will Citi Heroes save her?

Welcome to the world of “Citi Heroes”!
Let’s enjoy Saving Scientist Series Video!

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Math Almost Destroyed Me In School

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Yandere Simulator Logic | Cartoon Animation

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oh this is cool I'm a girl fine fine that's fine no hate so what's the point of this game do I go to school or he needs to be mine look at him being so beautiful I just can't he's so relatable I love it but I can't risk him not being mine when everyone's in the school there's only one thing I can do boy everyone in sight so senpai will notice me what oh my god well I'll sit quiet please notice me I'm right here hello hi hello brings you love me I killed everyone Prius in fight just let me cut your hair off or something for my shrine anything will do get this psycho out of here before she kills me to simply notice me this is the happiest day of my life

Scientist pinpoint mysterious space radio waves

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Australian scientists have for the first time pinpointed the precise location of a mysterious burst of radio waves that originated in another galaxy.

According to a release by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization or CSIRO, researchers in a world’s first have identified the exact location of a great one-off rupture of cosmic radio waves.

New Atlas reported that fast radio bursts are one of the most perplexing mysteries of the space age. So what in the galaxy are they and why haven’t their origins been located before?

Fast radio bursts, or FRBs, are millisecond-long signals which are known to repeat. However, most are single burst, making them extremely challenging to localize. They come from all corners of the universe and were discovered in 2007, with 85 of them since detected. Nobody has been able to understand where they’re coming from or what’s causing them, until now.

An Australian led team of astronomers have now located the galaxy from where one of these FRB waves originated, some 3.6 billion light-years away. The discovery was made using CSIRO’s new Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder, a radio telescope in Western Australia.

CSIRO lead author Keith Bannister said, “This is the big breakthrough that the field has been waiting for since astronomers discovered fast radio bursts in 2007.

So, how has this new technology allowed them to localize the radio signal?

The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder is a design of multiple dish antennas. The burst had to travel a different distance to contact each dish, thus reaching them all at a somewhat different time, allowing for pinpoint accuracy.

Adam Deller of Swinburne University of Technology said, “From these tiny time differences — just a fraction of a billionth of a second — we identified the burst’s home galaxy and even its exact starting point, 13,000 light years out from the galaxy’s center in the galactic suburbs.”

The cause of the burst remains unknown.

1. A fast radio burst is emitted from deep space
2. Scientist try to identify the source
3. ASKAP antennas absorb radio wave information
4. ASKAP antennas identify the location of the burst

VOICEOVER (in English):

“According to a release by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization or CSIRO, researchers in a world’s first have identified the exact location of a great one-off rupture of cosmic radio waves.”

“Fast radio bursts, or FRBs, are millisecond-long signals which are known to repeat. However, most are single bursts, making them extremely challenging to localize. They come from all corners of the universe and were discovered in 2007, with 85 of them since detected. Nobody has been able to understand where they’re coming from or what’s causing them … until now.”

“An Australian led team of astronomers have now located the galaxy from where one of these FRB waves originated, some 3.6 billion light-years away. The discovery was made using CSIRO’s new Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder, a radio telescope in Western Australia.”

“The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder is a design of multiple dish antennas. The burst had to travel a different distance to contact each dish, thus reaching them all at a somewhat different time, allowing for pinpoint accuracy.”



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according to a release by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation or Cicero researchers in the world's first have identified the exact location of a great one-off rupture of cosmic radio waves fast radio bursts or FRBS are millisecond long signals which are known to repeat however most are single bursts making them extremely challenging to localize they come from all corners of the universe and were discovered in 2007 with 85 of them since detected nobody has been able to understand where they're coming from or what's causing them until now an Australian led team of astronomers have now located the galaxies from where one of these FRB waves originated some 3.6 billion light-years away the discovery was made using Cicero's new Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder a radio telescope in Western Australia the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder is a design of multiple dish antennas the bursts had to travel a different distance to contact each dish thus reaching them all at a somewhat different time allowing for pinpoint accuracy you

💻 – See How Computers Add Numbers In One Lesson

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Take a look inside your computer to see how transistors work together in a microprocessor to add numbers using logic gates.
Get the book CODE that inspired the video
This is a great book by Charles Petzold that really breaks down a computer conceptually so that non-technical readers can understand how it works.

EDIT: At 00:12, the chip that is circled is not actually the CPU on this motherboard. This is an older motherboard where the CPU was first inserted into a small board and that board was then inserted into a slot on the motherboard. The chip that is circled is called the “northbridge” and helps the CPU communicate with memory. The northbridge also uses transistors and logic gates just like the CPU.

تعرف كيف يضيف الحاسوب الارقام في درس واحد في داحل الحاسوب ستجد اللوحة الام اللوحة الام تتصرف كالهيكل داخل السيارة تعطي جميع المكونات شيء تتصل به على اللوحة الام هناك المعالج الدقيق معظم المتحكمات الدقيقة تحتوي في الاعلى على مقلل حرارة لمنع الحرارة الزائدة اذا ازلت المتحكم الدقيق ونظرت اسفله سترى الكثير من الاسلاك البارزة تصل من ثقوب في اللوحة الام الى المتحكم الدقيق الاساسي المتحكم الدقيق مصنوع من مناطق مختلفة والتي تقوم بأمور مختلفة مثل اضافة او تخزين الارقام هذه المناطق غالبا مصنوعة من شيء واحد الترانزيستور هاهو توضيح ثلاثي الابعاد لأحدها قاعدة الترانزستور مصنوعة من شبه موصل والذي يوصل الكهرباء في بعض الاحيان ويمنعها بأحيان اخرى شبه الموصل لديه مناطق مشحونة بشحنة موجبة ومناطق مشحونة بشحنة سالبة الكهرباء لن تتدفق بين المناطق الصفراء الا اذا فتحت المنطقة الخضراء الموصله المنطقة الموصلة ستفتح في شبه الموصلة اذا وضعت مادة موصلة كالمعدن في اعلى الفجوة مغطاة بمادة عازله كالزجاج ومشحونة بالكهرباء لكي تتدق الكهرباء في القناة الموصلة بين المنطقتين الصفراء يجب ان يكون هناك مصدر و مصب(مخرج) بكلمات اخرى مدخل ومخرج هاذان مصنوعان ايضا من الموصلات عالمعد اذا كان المدخل مشحون فلا يمكن للمخرج ان يشحن الا اذا كانت البوابة وهي القطعة التي في المنتصف مشحونه اذا كانت البوابة مقتوحة فهي تفتح القناة الموصلة قي شبه الموصل سامحة للكهرباء ان تتدفق الى المصدر الي الجانب الاخر من شبه الموصل وصلا للمصب الأمر المبدع بهذا الشأن انه لا يوجد قطع متحركة وانت تستخدم الكهرباء وحدها للتحكم بالكهرباء في اماكن اخرى الفكرة كانت استخدامها في صنع البوابات المنطقية على سبيل المثال إذا كان لديك موصلين وتقوم بتوصيل كهرباء لمدخل كل موصل ومن ثم قم بإضافة مفتاح لكل من البوابات ومن ثم اسمح للمخارج بالتدفق مباشرةً الى مصباح لقد قمت بصنع بوابة "أو" والتي لها هذا الرمز قم بفتح المفتاح الأيسر أو قم بفتح المفتاح الأيمن أو حتى كليهما، فتحصل على انارة من المصباح إذا قمت بتغيير طريقة التوصيل، بحيث مخرج الموصل الأول يوصًل بمدخل الموصل الثاني: فبذلك تكون قد أنشأت بوابة "و" والتي لها هذا الرمز بواسطة بوابة "و" إذا قمت بفتح المفتاح لأيسر فقط، فالمصباح لن ينير. لأن الكهرباء القادمة من الموصل الأول قد توقفت عند الموصل الثاني. إذا قمت بفتح المفتاح الأيسر فقط، فإن المصباح لن ينير. لأنه لا يوجد كهرباء تتدفق من الموصل الأول لتصل الى مدخل الموصل الثاني. لذلك فإن المصباح لا ينير يجب على كلى المفتاحين أن يكونو مدارين ليكون المخرج مفتوح كذلك مفتوح و مغلق يمكن تمثيلها بواسطة المفاتيح ك: مغلق (0) و مفتوح (1) سيان مع مصباح الإنارة، مفتوح و مغلق، صفر و واحد أصفار و أوحاد هي لغة الحاسوب وهم يقومون بصناعة نظام الترقيم الخاص بهم المدعى "النظام الثنائي" أو البايناري فلنبدأ العد بواسطة نظام العد العشري، ونقوم بملاحظة أي رقم ثنائي نصادفه بلغة أخرى، أي رقم يحمل صفر وواحد فيه! لذلك لنبدأ فإننا نسجل الصفر لأنه به صفر او واحد وأيضاً الواحد يجب أن نتجاوز الأرقام العشرية الأخرى حتى نصل الى الرقم 10 و أحد عشر يصلح أيضاً إثنى عشر لا تصلح أيضاً باقي الأرقام في الحقيقة الأن يجب علينا أن نقفز على العشرات لأننا لن نحصل على صفر او واحد حتى الرقم 100 ومن بعد ذلك 101 تصلح ثم لاشيئ حتى الرقم 110 و 111 ولن نصادف واحد و صفر مجدداً حتى نصل الى الرقم 1000 حسناً فالنحرك تلك ال1000 الى الأسفل ونستمر في عد الأعداد الثنائية

OFFICIAL Chandrayaan 2 videos Animation by ISRO || Gareeb Scientist

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ISRO Released 3 official chandrayaan 2 videos featuring Animations , stories and much more . I have not monetized this video but if you see ads , that means the videos are claimed by the companies that own the music . You can confirm this by scrolling down the description , it appears most of the times

इसरो ने 3 आधिकारिक चंद्रयान 2 वीडियो जारी किए जिनमें एनिमेशन, कहानियां और बहुत कुछ हैं। मैंने इस वीडियो का मुद्रीकरण नहीं किया है, लेकिन यदि आप विज्ञापन देखते हैं, तो इसका मतलब है कि वीडियो उन कंपनियों द्वारा दावा किया जाता है जो संगीत के मालिक हैं। आप विवरण नीचे स्क्रॉल करके इसकी पुष्टि कर सकते हैं

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left our t-minus 10 seconds yeah nah hey six five four three two one we have ignition you decoe beta india chance pekopon choker chapter top bar Yochai he said uh pitas the moon the spatial object that has captured hearts and imaginations for as long as we can remember the key to our past and the way to the future the world has always been fascinated with the moon and we have paid our closest neighbor many visits over the past century 1959 Soviet Union's Luna 2 was the first man-made object to reach the moon 1966 Luna 9 made the first ever soft landing on the moon and in July 1969 the world held its breath as Apollo 11 became the first manned mission to land on the moon between 1969 and 1970 224 people traveled to the moon and 12 of them could come back to tell us what it was like to stand on new ground and as we watched all of this in all we knew we had to leave our mark – on 22nd October 2008 India turned a new leaf in her space program the chandrayaan-1 was launched during its magnificent tenure the mission reported a remarkable discovery we found water on the moon and nothing was ever going to be the same again chandrayaan-1 gives science a whole new perspective drawing attention and awards but for us the journey had just begun it was our first step in exploring a world that explains our only it was the start to answers mankind has always been asking for over 10 years thousands of people from across the country came together for one dream India's next big expedition we're all set are you we are built to go to the moon capturing the imagination of millions of Indians to explore a new world a new home Gendry on to is a three-in-one mission of this row born but the you are Rao's satellite center in Bengaluru in addition to me the orbiter are my other two family members alanda vikram anna rover program my creators spend years of hard work to prepare me and my family for a mission of potential discoveries and challenges we are all geared up for Tintin – it opens up a new era of do not exploration our journey to the moon will be on GSLV mark 3 the mightiest rocket ever built by India enabled by a powerful cryogenic stage GSLV Mach 3 will inject us into a highly elliptical orbit around the earth as we approach the vicinity of the moon we will be captured by its gravity while my family detaches from me – softly land on the moon I will keep a constant vigil on them from the top our plan is to explore the unexplored regions closer to they do not southport this mission will help us better understand the origin and evolution of the moon there are many experiments we plan to conduct while dating the moon this is the beginning Tamar quest to unravel the mysteries of the moon

The surprising reason our muscles get tired – Christian Moro

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Why do our muscles get tired and sore after exercise? Explore how our muscles function, and how you can exercise longer without experiencing muscle fatigue.

The murder of ancient Alexandria's greatest scholar – Soraya Field Fiorio

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Dive into the life of one of Ancient Rome’s most powerful figures, Hypatia of Alexandria, a renowned scholar and political advisor to the city’s leaders. — In the city …

Meet the Animals 2 | Mountain Gorilla | Wild Animals | Little Fox | Animated Stories for Kids

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“Meet the Animals 2: Mountain Gorilla

Meet the Mountain Gorilla, who lives in the mountains of Africa!

Meet the Animals introduces kids to popular wild animals. With real photos and easy-to-read sentences, this nonfiction series helps kids to practice reading for information.

Visit www.littlefox.com for more of our fun animated stories and songs for kids and ESL learners!”

meet the animals episode two mountain gorillas hello who are you I am a mountain gorilla gorillas are the biggest kind of apes where do you live we live in the mountains of Africa our home is the forest do you make sounds we make many sounds we hoot and roar when we're mad we growl softly when we're happy what do you eat we mostly eat plants and tree bark we really like plant stems roots and leaves do you have any enemies people are our main enemy they steal our land and hunt us but some people try to protect us do you live alone no we live in groups see the baby young gorillas love to play who's in charge the big silverback is our boss he's the oldest male he tells us what to do I hear the silverback calling me now goodbye little fox hello Wow who are you I'm a Nile crocodile we're the biggest reptiles on earth

The Cheat – Ancient Olympics: Bridging Past and Present

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To see more of my vase animations, visit my website:

The Panoply website also has information on the vases, the background to the myths, history, and animations, and ideas for using the animations in teaching.

This was commissioned by the Open University for their open access study unit, The Ancient Olympics: Bridging Past and Present.

vase details:
Fragment of an Attic, black figure kylix cup. High Archaic, c.550BCE. Ure Museum, (Accession Number: 51.4.6)

Licensed under Creative Commons:
By Attribution 3.0

This is only free here for educational use. Please do not download or add your logo for redistribution. Please contact us for licensing.

Construction of an angle – Elementary mathematics

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This video gives an introduction to the construction of an angle for Class 5-6 students with an example of constructing a 45 degree angle using a protractor.

The First Cause argument, A Critical Analysis Part 1

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This is the first part of my refutation of the First Cause argument for the existence of a god. In this video I will play a clip from an apologetic mostly in full. This way we can understand the argument before I refute it. I did edit the clip mostly taking out blank noise to allow it to fit in the 10 minute time frame. However I did take out one sentence in his argument around his rain:clouds, author:books example because he was repeating the same thing twice slightly different- also it allow me to put in more sassy remarks in the beginning of the video.
I am an atheist. I’m not promoting these ideas. I’m sure many of you have come across this argument in some form or another but I’ve noticed some misunderstanding and want to make sure we all know what it implies.
I made the images for the audio to make it more amusing and maybe to make it more easily understood.
Sorry for the poor handwriting.

Leo the Wildlife Ranger Minisode #126 – Clouded Leopard

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Find out more about Leo and his adventures at A kitten, no, it’s a clouded leopard cub that has been spotted in the garden! Noting that it is …

Physics – Adobe Character Animator CC Tutorial

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Adding physics is a great way to give extra motion and life into your characters and scenes in Adobe Character Animator CC. In this 3-part tutorial we’ll cover the …

10 Times The Simpsons Predicted the Future

Fox’s cartoon has a history of fiction becoming reality. Here are 10 examples of just that.

Best Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Episodes:

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Visualization of Quantum Physics (Quantum Mechanics)

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This video visually demonstrates some basic quantum physics concepts using the simple case of a free particle. All the simulations here are based on real …

ROLLIN' SAFARI – 'The Chase' – Official Trailer ITFS 2013

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A common wildlife scene: a cheetah is hunting its prey.

Official Trailer Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film / Internationales Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart 2013.

(c) 2012 Flying Stone GbR.

LOONEY TUNES BIGGEST COMPILATION: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and more!

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This is the **BIGGEST** Looney Tunes compilation running over 4 & half hours on YouTube which features some of the best-known characters from the golden …

Ancient Rome’s most notorious doctor – Ramon Glazov

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Learn about the Greek physician and philosopher Galen of Pergamon, whose experiments and discoveries changed medicine. — In the 16th century, …

A brief history of cannibalism – Bill Schutt

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Human cannibalism is a lot more common than you might think. Dive into its complex history and see its uses in medicine, cultural rituals and in times of survival.

15th century Europeans believed they had hit upon a miracle cure: a remedy for epilepsy, hemorrhage, bruising, nausea and virtually any other medical ailment. It was a brown powder known as “mumia,” and was made by grinding up mummified human flesh. But just how common is human cannibalism, and how do cultures partake in it? Bill Schutt explores the complex history of cannibalism.

Lesson by Bill Schutt, directed by Basa.

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15th century Europeans believed
they had hit upon a miracle cure: a remedy for epilepsy, hemorrhage,
bruising, nausea, and virtually any other
medical ailment. This brown powder could be mixed
into drinks, made into salves or eaten straight up. It was known as mumia and made
by grinding up mummified human flesh. The word "cannibal" dates from the
time of Christopher Columbus; in fact, Columbus may even have
coined it himself. After coming ashore on the
island of Guadaloupe, Columbus' initial reports back
to the Queen of Spain described the indigenous people as
friendly and peaceful— though he did mention rumors of a
group called the Caribs, who made violent raids and then cooked
and ate their prisoners. In response, Queen Isabella granted
permission to capture and enslave anyone who ate human flesh. When the island failed to produce the gold
Columbus was looking for, he began to label anyone who resisted his
plundering and kidnapping as a Caribe. Somewhere along the way, the word "Carib"
became "Canibe" and then "Cannibal." First used by colonizers to dehumanize
indigenous people, it has since been applied to anyone
who eats human flesh. So the term comes from an account that
wasn't based on hard evidence, but cannibalism does have a real and
much more complex history. It has taken diverse forms— sometimes,
as with mumia, it doesn't involved recognizable parts
of the human body. The reasons for cannibalistic practices
have varied, too. Across cultures and time periods, there's
evidence of survival cannibalism, when people living through a famine,
siege or ill-fated expedition had to either eat the bodies of the dead
or starve to death themselves. But it's also been quite common
for cultures to normalize some form of eating human
flesh under ordinary circumstances. Because of false accounts
like Columbus's, it's difficult to say exactly how common
cultural cannibalism has been— but there are still some examples of
accepted cannibalistic practices from within the cultures practicing them. Take the medicinal cannibalism in Europe
during Columbus's time. Starting in the 15th century, the demand
for mumia increased. At first, stolen mummies from Egypt
supplied the mumia craze, but soon the demand was too great to be
sustained on Egyptian mummies alone, and opportunists stole bodies from
European cemeteries to turn into mumia. Use of mumia continued for
hundreds of years. It was listed in the Merck index,
a popular medical encyclopedia, into the 20th century. And ground up mummies were far from
the only remedy made from human flesh that was common throughout Europe. Blood, in either liquid or powdered form,
was used to treat epilepsy, while human liver, gall stones, oil
distilled from human brains, and pulverized hearts were popular
medical concoctions. In China, the written record of socially accepted
cannibalism goes back almost 2,000 years. One particularly common
form of cannibalism appears to have been filial cannibalism, where adult sons and daughters would
offer a piece of their own flesh to their parents. This was typically offered as a last-ditch
attempt to cure a sick parent, and wasn't fatal to their offspring— it usually involved flesh from the thigh
or, less often, a finger. Cannibalistic funerary rites are another
form of culturally sanctioned cannibalism. Perhaps the best-known example came
from the Fore people of New Guinea. Through the mid-20th century, members
of the community would, if possible, make their funerary
preferences known in advance, sometimes requesting that family members
gather to consume the body after death. Tragically, though these rituals
honored the deceased, they also spread a deadly disease known
as kuru through the community. Between the fictionalized stories,
verifiable practices, and big gaps that still exist
in our knowledge, there's no one history of cannibalism. But we do know that people have
been eating each other, volunteering themselves to be eaten, and accusing others of eating
people for millennia.

How fan films shaped The Lego Movie

The 2014 film was an animation feat — but it was built on the legacy of homemade fan movies.

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When you watch installments of the Warner Bros. line of Lego movies, it’s hard not to be struck by how realistic the animation is. It isn’t quite traditional stop motion — but it sure looks as if it could be. That’s largely thanks to the work of the animators at Animal Logic, a Sydney-based visual effects studio that has worked on The Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie, and the upcoming The Lego Ninjago Movie. Powered by live action filming techniques and a close attention to detail, the studio has helped reinvent what Lego animations can look like. But they owe a lot of that aesthetic to the influence of fan films. Since the early 1970s, enthusiasts have made home movies with their own Lego sets. They’re called Brickfilms — and they’ve grown into a sizable community producing great movies and helping many young animators get their start. The Lego Movie animators learned from what made those home movies so good by embracing the limitations of the medium, and creating a world that anyone could could rebuild at home.

Check out some of the Brickfilms we showed in this video:

The Magic Portal:
Journey to the Moon:
Matrix 2003:
Monty Python and the Holy Grail in Lego:
Tapporalli 2020:
Predator Montage:
ONE: A Space Odyssey:
Krieg der Steine:
Batman Begins Montage:
Star Wars Brickfilm:

For a great explainer on how to make your own Brickfilm at home, check out this video:

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This is a 20-minute VHS tape about a LEGO
character called Jack Stone. When it came out in 2001, it was the first
real computer-animated Lego movie. … but it hasn’t aged that well. "Incredible!" "Fantastic." Thirteen years later, The Lego Movie looked
like this: Let’s watch that again. This is 2001. "There you have it." And this is 2014. "Yes, that's me." That is a huge difference. Here’s how they made it happen. “My name is Grant Freckelton, I’m a production
designer at Animal Logic.” He’s overseen the animation style of movies
like Legend of the Guardians, 300, and more recently, The Lego Movie, with co-directors
Chris Miller and Phil Lord. “Chris and Phil were determined to sort
of make sure the audience was confused about what they were seeing. You know is it actually stop motion, or is
it CG film?” And that became a big debate. Before the movie came out, there was a lot
of conversation about whether the movie was stop motion or computer animation. "It is, I would say 99% CG animation, but
it respects the rules of stop motion animation, and is designed to emulate that style.” To understand what made that style so unique,
you have to look back at what Lego movies used to look like. Early productions for themes like Bionicle,
Star Wars, and Batman helped establish the whimsical feel of Lego movies — but the
animation didn’t fit the physics of the toy itself. “There was this tendency to sort of treat
the plastic like it was flexible rubber, which meant that the characters could flex and move
a lot more than they might be able to in real life.” That style is typical of more traditional
computer animation, like what you’d expect to see in a Pixar movie. Take a shot like this, for example. The background isn’t made of actual blocks,
plastic limbs are bending in ways they couldn’t, and the faces are a bizarre blend of skin-like
texture and Lego geometry. It doesn’t look like a scene you could make
at home with your own Legos. Compare that to scenes from The Lego Movie,
where everything — gunshots, smoke, water, fire, explosions, clouds, even mud on the camera
lens — are all made up of Lego pieces as they look in real life. “We respected the hardness of the plastic
by not necessarily bending on the elbow, which you can’t do on a real Lego minifig.” That means that any movement you see onscreen
simulates the adjustment or replacement of an individual Lego piece. A joint or facial expression will never actually
bend or stretch — it’ll either move slightly or be replaced by another piece. Early Lego movies lacked that level of discipline. They struggled because they fought back against the limitations of the medium instead of embracing them. But the creators of the Lego Movie saw things
differently. “Characters that have limitations force you
to find solutions and charming ways of doing things in different ways. I mean, look at R2-D2: he’s like, the ultimate
limited character, he’s basically a bin with wheels that makes beeping noises, and
that’s all he's got to work with. And yet he’s a really charming character and everybody loves him. Same with BB-8. And other characters. Same with the Muppets, they’re essentially sock puppets with googly eyes that you don't really have much control over. But it’s from those limitations that you actually get a lot of charm.” Every now and then, the Lego movie animators
would let some joints overextend slightly to make room for a nod or a shrug of the shoulders… But overall, sticking to the plastic rule
made for a believable movie. You can freeze frame any part of the Lego
Movie and look at a scene that you could practically make at home. “We were always trying to echo and hark
back to how a child might make a film. So we would alternate between thinking like
responsible filmmakers working on a large-budget Warner Brothers animated film, and then we
would suddenly approach a scene as if we were like a kid animating in their basement.” But the history of Lego movies actually does start
with kids animating in their basements. In 1973, two Danish cousins, aged 10 and 12,
shot a short film called Journey to the Moon on Super 8 film. They made it for their grandparents’ 50th
wedding anniversary — and it’s widely considered to be the first time anyone made
a motion picture with Lego blocks. Note that the “people” in this film are
just little cylinder blocks — this was before any version of the minifigure design came
out. Movies like this came to be known as “Brickfilms.” When fans were making these at home, they
shot them in traditional stop motion. Footage was usually shot “on twos,” which
meant that they would take 12 pictures — adjusting the characters every other frame — to make
one second of film. Shooting “on ones” meant taking 24 pictures
per second — this was usually reserved for making faster movements like running look
smoother. When the Danish cousins sent their movie to
the managing director of the Lego Group, they were rewarded with a tour of the Lego factory
and sent home with large Lego sets. But Lego hasn’t always had the most positive
reaction to homemade fan films like this one. Between 1985 and 1989, a teenage animator
named Lindsay Fleay worked on a 16-minute short called The Magic Portal. He used borrowed equipment to shoot it in
his parents’ basement. Before entering festivals and competitions,
Fleay sent the film to Lego to see if they were interested in doing something with it. At first, Lego responded with a letter of
approval. But soon, the company started expressing legal
concerns and issued a letter demanding Fleay surrender all copies of the film within seven
days. Lego ultimately backed down, but Fleay had
already missed out on most major film festivals by then. Fleay actually went on to work at Animal Logic. He left before production on Lego projects
began, but his movie had a huge influence on the world of Brickfilms. “If you look at the live action portion
of The Lego Movie, you'll see Finn, the little kid, holds up a sort of cardboard tube and across the side is written Magic Portal." The Lego Movie, of course, was a huge technical
feat. There are 15,080,330 animated Lego pieces and 182 unique minifigures in the movie. Early mockups of buildings and vehicles were drafted on a free software called Lego Digital Designer Later on, in the animation software Maya,
each brick was given profiles for fingerprints, dents, seam lines, scratches, and dust. It’s hard to imagine what The Lego Movie
would be if it weren’t for the legacy of these early home experiments. Where most animated films use soft lighting
modeled after paintings, The Lego Movie’s lighting was harsh, replicating the actual
lamps that animators like Fleay used. Playful non-stop motion interludes — like
levitation via fishing line — were part of Journey to the Moon long before they appeared
in The Lego Movie. Even the final break from the Lego world into
the real world to meet a human creator parallels The Magic Portal really closely. Ah, my film! It’s easy to miss on-screen, but The Lego
Movie pays tribute to fan films in the background of this scene — these four clips are shorts
submitted by fans. “Look at all these things that people built!” The homage was a nod to the fans. By doing that, the movie embraced the idea
that amateur creators matter — and sometimes, the way they handle source material is far
better than the way major studios are used to doing it. If you want to try any of this at home, you
can actually use the same software that the animators of The Lego Movie used. It’s called Lego Digital Designer, it’s
totally free off the internet. When I talked to Grant Freckelton, he challenged
me to make this sort of pig-drawn carriage. I tried. I got the pigs, I got the wheels, but not
much else. It’s very, very difficult.


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A Pro, advanced, deep guide about PANGOLIER. All animated! It is not supposed to be funny, wtf. Just the absolute truth. Special thanks to all my patrons for …

Pixar: The math behind the movies – Tony DeRose

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View full lesson: The folks at Pixar are widely known as some of the world’s best …

Human brain and its parts – Biology

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This is a biology video for grade 7-8th students about the human brain and its different parts which include fore brain, mid brain and the hind brain.

the human brain the human brain controls all the bodily functions and works like a network that releases messages to different parts of the body an average human brain weighs about three pounds it has many folds and roots which are used for storing and passing information the brain is protected with the help of the bones of the skull the meninges are a cushioned layer of membrane which along with the cerebrospinal fluid protect the brain the brain is divided into three parts known as the forebrain the midbrain and the hind brain the forebrain is the largest and most complex part of the brain it consists of folds and roots and is also referred to as the cerebrum the forebrain contains information related to human intelligence memory personality emotions speech and the ability to feel the mood the cerebrum is again divided into two parts the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere the left hemisphere is considered to be logical analytical and objective and the right hemisphere is thought to be more intuitive creative and subjective the midbrain acts as the master coordinator of all the messages going in and coming out of the brain to the spinal cord and is located underneath the middle of the forebrain the hind brain consists of the cerebellum and medulla and it sits underneath the backend of the cerebrum the cerebellum is responsible for balanced movements and coordination the cerebellum means little brain in Latin the pons and the medulla along with the midbrain are often called the brainstem it sends out and coordinates all of the brain's messages it also controls other automatic bodily functions like breathing heart rate blood pressure swallowing digestion and blinking of the eyes the different centers of the brain help us to form different activities the cerebrum helps us in new of our body involuntary actions like the heartbeat breathing and swallowing are controlled with the help of the medulla

Maths Made Easy! Pythagoras theorem: Basics [O&U Learn]

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MAJOR ALERT! We’re very proud to announce the release of our very first app/game *MATHSTROID* Available on App Store now! 🎉 [Mathstroid by Onwards …

Green Baby AT THE ZOO – Wild Animals Stop Motion Cartoons For Kids

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00:00 – AT THE ZOO Watch Green Baby Funny ZOO Time Play Doh Cartoon Video for Kids and find out what an awesome time Green Baby has by getting to …

Kannauj – The City of Ittr (Documentary)

This documentary covers the process and the present scenario of the Ittar Craft.
Ittr or Ittar or Attar, is a natural-oil perfume sold worldwide – famous mostly in Arab countries because there are no alcoholic contents in it. Kannauj is the only place in the world where ‘ittr’s are made, thereby owning the name – “The Perfume City of India”.

Submitted as an entry to the International Film Festival organized by the World Crafts Council (www.worldcraftscouncil.org)

Episode 2: Electric Boogaloo | Tesla vs Edison | Adult Animation

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The Super Science Friends are back! And this time they’re facing off against Nikola Tesla’s nefarious arch-nemesis Thomas Edison! Follow Albert Einstein, Marie …

Brewstew – Chemistry Set

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It’s just science

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Hidden Agenda Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

End Music by Mark Jay

Sound Effects:

Alright, so I don't know if you guys ever played
around with a chemistry set, when you were a kid I know it's not the 1930's, chemistry sets
aren't exactly all the rage these days But growing up, my cousin David,
he had a chemistry set And for the record, he did have normal toys too He didn't just have a bunch of toys
from the great depression "Hey, you guys wanna play with my TinkerToys?" "I got these stick and a hoop
that we can have fun with!" So we're in his room,
and we crack open this chemistry set And we're over there
with our beakers and our test tubes Looking like a Nickelodeon version of Breaking Bad There's all these vials and chemicals included And we don't know anything about chemistry And we sure as hell not gonna read
the instructions, like some kind of loser "Look, I've watched a couple episodes
of Beakman's World, alright?" "I practically have my PhD
in chemistry, for Christ's Sake" We can't even pronounce the names
of half the chemicals we were using "Potassium.." "Potassium.. PAAAA.." "Oh, boy.. uh.. Pamaa.." "Oh, boy.. uh.. Pamaa..
Pome.. Pomegranate!" "Potassium pomegranate!
Yeah, that's it! Sounds pretty tasty!" *Gulp-gulp-gulp* [Thud] So we decided to do what any kids would do And we mixed all the chemicals
together in one beaker I'm not sure what we were trying to accomplish "We're about to find a cure for cancer
with this $12 chemistry set!" No, we sure as hell didn't make that But what we did make, was the color blue Euuwww, fancy!
We're breaking some new ground here! Somebody publish us in a scientific journal! "Ladies and gentlemen!
I've gathered you all here today to announce.." ".. that at our state-of-the-art laboratory,
also known as David's bedroom" "We have figured out
how to create the color blue!" *Crowd gasping* "Oh my God!" "They're geniuses!
Somebody get them a medal!" So there we are, standing there
with our blue concoction We're not really sure what to do with it "Maybe if we drink it,
we can turn into X-men" "Yeah, or maybe we'll get diarrhea for a week" "Not really somethin' I wanna gamble on!" So we get bored with it
and we take our stupid blue potion And just dump it out
in the middle of David's driveway Well, imagine to our surprise That this puddle of blue
starts to stain the driveway So David starts flipping out
Because his dad's gonna be home from work soon He's gonna get home He's gonna get home
See this big-ass blue stain on the driveway And he's gonna lose his goddamn mind! "Wait, Dad, I can explain!" *cocks the gun and shoots* Because David's dad loves his driveway! His favourite room
in the whole house was the garage And the driveway
is like the front yard of the garage He wants to keep it looking nice There was one time we were shooting bottle rockets
down the driveway like a couple assholes And David's dad came out and yelled at us But he didn't yell at us for shooting
bottle rockets at people's houses, no He yelled at us, because we were doing it
in his precious driveway! "Ah, what the hell!" "Don't be doing that in the driveway!" "Go blows your hands up
in the street or somethin'!" So at this point David goes
and gets the garden hose And he starts spraying the blue puddle of water But this doesn't help,
it just spreads it around Now the whole goddamn driveway's blue! "Holy hell, David, you are gonna die!" "Your driveway's smurf blue for Chist's sake!" It's a pretty unique color for a driveway Make a pretty great landmark,
if you're giving somebody directions to your house "So, when you turn down that street.." ".. just keep going until you see..
the stupid-ass cotton candy blue driveway!" "You really can't miss it!" So in sheer panic David runs in his house,
and grabs the bottle of dish soap off the counter Now both of us are on our fours in the driveway With a bottle of Palmolive Scrubbing away like Little Orphan Annie But this isn't working either And you know why?
Because dish soap works on dishes! Not on blue driveways! It even says on the bottle, for Christ's Sake! Well, what the hell are we supposed to do now? Maybe we can camouflage it somehow You know, just like..
park a bunch of bikes and scooters out there Maybe set the bushes on fire,
that would draw his attention, right? Nope, too late.
David's dad pulls up in front of the house We just stand there in the front yard,
accepting our fate David's over there, he's got a blindfold on,
and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth His dad walks up, he takes one look at us And then he looks over
to his stupid aquamarine driveway Then he looks back at us And he's like: "David and the boyzzz..
What are you guys doing out here?" "Uuhh.. nothing" "You guys want some hotdogs?" "Uh, yeah, hotdogs.. sounds good" "Alright, I'm gonna make some hotdogs" And then he just walked away! Never said anything about the driveway! "What the hell was that all about?" "He's seen the driveway, right?
There no way he could miss it!" "You can see this damn thing
from outer space, what the hell happened?" Maybe David's dad just didn't feel
like dealing with our bullshit that day Or maybe he just wanted some hotdogs! I don't know. But what I do know Is David's driveway did turn back
to normal after a couple of days It didn't turn into some stupid
national landmark, like we thought it was gonna "It's amazing! Take my picture with it!" *Camera shutter clicking* So David probably knocked
ten years off his lifespan that day From sheer anxiety, thinking he was
about to get murdered by his own dad But instead we got to eat hotdogs "Get your red hots!" Talk about a happy ending https://brewstew.com Special thanks to: [These wonderful people]
& All the other patrons! https://patreon.com/brewstew https://teespring.com/stores/brewstew
https://facebook.com/brewstewcom https://twitter.com/brewstewfilms

Five Nights At Freddy's Logic | Cartoon Animation

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why does this light keep going out what am I doing wrong I don't know why I keep coming back here this is the body stop it stop no you stop yeah I'm the guard here obey me stupid animatronics so same time tomorrow right uh yeah is that blood you keep questioning the marionette oops sorry forgot to whine the music box

Animated Introduction to Cancer Biology (Full Documentary)

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An animation/video teaching the basics of how cancer forms and spreads. Topics include: mutation, tumor suppressors, oncogenes, angiogenesis, apoptosis, …

I Love Science (I Love The Whole World)

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There’s more Super Science Friends on the way! For now, please enjoy this fun lovey dovey song just in time for Valentine’s Day. Support us on Patreon: …

Alec Benjamin – Gotta Be A Reason [Official Lyric Video]

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Alec Benjamin – Narrated For You available now: Follow Alec Benjamin …

CGI VFX Breakdowns : "BBC Winter Olympics: Nature Making of" – by Platige Image

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Check out this insightful CGI VFX Breakdown for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games spot, by the talented team at Platige Image! For more information, please see …


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We are going to become scientists! Jen’s Channel! EPIC SHIRTS! Our Book!


Get Zero Part 2: (Sale: 50% off eBooks!)
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In a world that judges people by their number, Zero faces constant prejudice and persecution. He walks a lonely path until a chance encounter changes his life forever: he meets a female zero. Together they prove that through determination, courage, and love, nothing can be truly something.

Zero has screened in over 50 festivals and has won 15 awards including ‘Best Animation’ from LA Shorts Fest and the Rhode Island International Film Festival and has been nominated for an AFI Award in the ‘Best Short Animation’ category.

Since its release on YouTube in May 25, 2011, Zero has been translated into over 40 languages by its many enthusiastic fans. To create translations in your language, visit this page:

About the Director: Christopher Kezelos has recently relocated to Los Angeles from Sydney, Australia and is seeking new Directing opportunities. To get in touch, you can contact him here:

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Lindim të gjithë nga e njëjta materie Por, nuk lindim të tërë të barabartë Kush do të jesh? Çfarë do të bëhesh? Disa njerëz lindin për të udhëhequr e ndryshuar jetët e popujve të tyre Të tjerë për të qenë mediokër, të kalojnë pa u vënë re Por për disa Jeta është një betejë e vazhdueshme që ofron zero mundësi Atëherë, si mundet asgjëja… të bëhet diçka? Vetëm në shkollë Zeros i kushtohej vëmendje Aty mori mësime të rëndësishme rreth vlerës që do të kishte në shoqëri E që për të ishte e ndaluar të shumëzohej Ndonjëherë Zero ndjehej si një numër shumë më i rëndësishëm Por fëmijët donin vetëm t’i kujtonin se Zero mbetet Zero pavarësisht se nga cila anë drejtohej Teksa Zero rritej, ndjehej gjithnjë e më i vetmuar Pavarësisht defekteve të tij numerike, Zero e dinte që kishte diçka për të ofruar Zero nuk i lejonte kurrë situatat e këqija ta vinin përposh… Ai nuk donte të ishte numër negativ Zero ishte zgjuar edhe herë të tjera me plagë e lëndime në trup… Por këtë herë ishte ndryshe Për herë të parë Zero nuk po ndjehej më i vetmuar Në prani të shoqes së tij të re, ai ndjehej po aq i rëndësishëm sa një Tre… Madje sa një Katër Por ndjesia më e mrekullueshme Ishte ajo e përkatësisë Një jetë e tërë vetmie tashmë ishte tretur në të shkuarën Së bashku me mendimin se dashuria e tyre ishte e ndaluar Teksa bota vazhdonte pa të Zero pyeste veten sesi do të mund t’ia bënte pa dashurinë e tij? Foshnja mbante shenjën e infinitit Numri më i madh e më i respektuar që njerëzit kishin parë ndonjëherë Zero e kuptoi atëherë që nga asgjëja… Ai pat krijuar diçka me të vërtetë të mrekullueshme Fillimi Translated by: Translated by: Mars Gj.

The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics (1965)

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Based on the book by Norton Juster from 1963, this 1965 short film won the Academy Award for Animated Short Film. Created by classic animation artist Chuck Jones, the story was inspired by a the Victorian novella “Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions,” in which the protagonist visits a one-dimensional universe called Lineland, where women are dots and men are lines.

If you would like to purchase a copy of “The Dot & the Line” it appears on the “Glass Bottom Boat” DVD in the “Special Features” section. To get it on Amazon:

once upon a time there was a sensible straight line who was hopelessly in love with a Dalton you're the beginning and the end the hub of the corn the quintessence he told a tenderly but the frivolous dot wasn't a bit interested for she only had eyes for a wild and unkempt squiggle who never seemed to have anything on his mind at all singing and dancing and frolicking and laughing and laughing and Lord knows what else he's so gay and free so uninhibited and full of joy she cried rapturously and you're as stiff as a stick Dow conventional and repressed tired and famine subdued smothered and stifled squashed squashed and quenched why take chances the line argued without much conviction I'm dependable steady consistent I know where I'm going I've got dignity but this was small consolation for the miserable light each day he grew more and more morose he stopped eating or sleeping and before long was completely on edge his worried friends noticed how terribly thin and raw he was and did their best to cheer him up she's not good enough for you she lacks depth look alike anyway why don't you find a nice straight line and settled down but he hardly heard a word they said for anyway he looked at her she was perfect he saw things in her that no one else could possibly imagine she's more beautiful than any straight line I've ever seen his side wistfully but even allowing for his feelings this was probably stretching a point and so he spent his time dreaming of the inconstant dot and imagining himself as the forceful figure she was short but not the line as a celebrated daredevil the line is a leader in world affairs the line is a fearless law enforcement agent the line is a potent force in the world of art the line is an international sportsman he soon grew tired of self-deception and decided that perhaps the squirrel might have had the answer after all I lack spontaneity I must learn to let go to be free to express the inner passion at me but it didn't make any difference for no matter how often or how hard he tried he always ended up the same way and yet he continued trying and failing and trying again until when he had all but given up he discovered at last that with great concentration and self-control he was able to change direction and Bend wherever he chose so he did and made an angle and then again and made another and then another and then another and then another and then another odd stuff is shouted much impressed with his efforts and in a wild burst of enthusiasm set up for half the night putting on an outrageous display of size bends and hands freedom is not a license for chaos observed the next morning oh what a head there and then he decided not to squander his talents in cheap exhibitionism for months he practiced in secret soon he was making squares and triangles hexagons parallelogram rhomboids polyhedrons trapezoids parallel pipe heads decagon spectrograms added infinite number of other shapes so complex but he hadn't let his sides and angles to keep his place the for long he'd learned to carefully control ellipses circles and complex curves and to express himself in any shape he wished you name it I all plate but all his successes meant nothing to him alone and so off he went to seek the dot once again you would gain method the squiggle a voice that sounded like bad plumbing you don't stand a chance but the line was bursting without love a new confidence and he was not to be denied for now he was dazzling clever mysterious versatile night profound enigmatic complex and compelling the duct was overwhelmed she giggled like a schoolgirl know what to do with her hands then she turned to the squiggle hood suddenly developed a severe famine well she inquired trying to give him every chance the school taken by surprise did the best he could is that all she demanded I guess so replied the miserable squiggle that is I suppose so what I mean is I never know how it's going to turn out hey have you heard the one about the two guys who wondered why she'd never noticed how Harry and course he was how untidy and graceless and how he mispronounced his ELLs and picked the herb and suddenly she realized that what she thought was freedom and joy was nothing but anarchy and sloth you are as meaningless as a melon she said coolly undisciplined unkempt an unaccountable insignificant indeterminant and inadvertent out of shape out of place with that she turned to the line and shyly took his arm do the one with all the funny curves again honey she could softly and he did and soon they did and lived if not happily ever after at least reasonably so

Festive chainmail physics simulation test — Blender Bullet Physics SmallLuxGPU

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Pure Bullet physics rigid body simulation, no constraints, no cloth sim. Metals parts simulated using compound physics capsule primitives (~10K rbs). (~5K rbs …

Interested in marine biology and oceanography?

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Part-animation, part live-action — grad students from USC’s marine biology department discuss their research and why they chose USC.

Introduction to Cancer Biology (Part 4): Angiogenesis

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As the tumor grows, it eventually reaches a size where it requires additional vasculature in order to sustain continued growth. To achieve this, tumor cells excrete …