Swimming with Basking Sharks | Documentary

Swimming with Basking Sharks | Documentary

We go in search of the second largest Shark on the planet the Basking shark! Along the way we learn all about the basking shark, from how big it can grow to what it feeds upon. Did you know that these gentle giants of the sea are very closely related to Great White sharks?

This was amazing to be apart of and big thanks go to FGOL, Oceana and Basking Sharks Scotland.


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33 thoughts on “Swimming with Basking Sharks | Documentary”

  1. Hello Beaver,
    Firts of all I wanted to say thank you for the amazing work you are doing with your videos no matter the subject you always are the best 🙂
    I was watching some of your videos about sharks, games like Debris or your dive in VR and I was wondering have you ever played Subnautica? I think this game might interest you if you love underwater exploration (and you even can play it in VR if you want) I am quite thalassophobic but I would really enjoy sea you playing it
    Anyway great work as usual, thank you for your great videos and I wish you all the luck and success you deserve
    Written by a humble French fan 🙂

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