Superman (Documentary Portrait)

Superman (Documentary Portrait)

“He is a friend, and he is an unassuming hero. I also think the fact that he is both awkward and a shy newspaper reporter makes him like everybody else. And yet he has another identity, this larger-than-life superhero. Sometimes we feel like Clark Kent, and sometimes, if we are lucky, we feel like Superman.” – Christopher Reeve
A film by Drea Cooper & Zackary Canepari

I have human flaws you know and I'm willing to admit that I have flaws but I'm also willing to work on my flaws to try to make myself a better person in any way shape or form I can't take the flight I can't leap buildings in a single bound but what i can do is i can put a smile on a person's face and portray the character to the best of my ability speeding strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men were created to give people a symbol of hope you know that's pretty much what superheroes are a symbol of hope for society when I'm out there on Hollywood I'm betraying the characters of man you know that's kind of what our job is to get out of ourselves and become someone else and you know I love doing it it allows me to escape my reality and let me be someone else for a little while I feel that I have to know the complete history not just bits and pieces but the complete history what if i get a historian that comes up and wants me to sign something in Kryptonian and I don't know what Kryptonian is then I would look like just some guy in a suit okay and as an actor you don't want to look like some guy in a suit you want to look like the character that you're trying to portray chris is unique in the sense that he embodies the subject of the collection and this is a very rare aspect of any collector I know collectors who maybe they have one room we don't have that option everywhere we go we have Superman ebay comes first I would rather buy stuff on eBay than pay say like the electric bill but then again I also realized that without the electric I wouldn't have ebay you know they kind of coincide with each other so the collection is us we built most of it together if I think about oh my god where is our money well you have to do is look all around and well here here it all is here's here's the money it's here suit there's nothing ordinary about him he's beautiful to look at he's fun to be with he's very charming from the time I met him I I practically had to wait in line just to talk to him I of course I'm a very private person not normally interested in being in front of cameras I don't want a lot of people rushing at me recognizing me all the time and so it is quite ironic when once in a while somebody does appear in front of me on the street and say I know you you're mrs. Superman and I say I and I am mrs. Superman I'm the original character out there I've been out there for 19 years kid asked me to take the flight for Michael I'm sorry son I only do that when there's an emergency Superman wouldn't use his powers just for fun you know there is jealousy and I lost it out there you know some guy came out some Spanish guy dressing up as a Superman yeah telling me how he was gonna run me out of out of what I do and I said good luck I've been doing this for over 19 years you know what are you gonna do I'm kind of become a staple symbol of it you know everybody knows me the studio's all know me I've got it locked down Chris and I met at a movie premiere on october twenty fourth of the year 2000 I belong to a club at the time called insight and it's an acronym for the international network of somewhere in time enthusiasts they were having a rerelease of the movie to celebrate its 20th anniversary I had never seen the film oh I knew as they had an outfit for me to put on and some lines that they wanted me to go around and say to the people that were coming and all of a sudden out of nowhere I hear somebody say excuse me miss but can you tell me where I could find miss McKenna that was the line and she turned around and she paused I look up and I see the most gorgeous pair of blue eyes I have ever seen and then I noticed that around his blue eyes is this gorgeous face that looks just like Christopher Reeve what chance did I ever have that I was gonna meet and possibly fall in love with a man who looked like Christopher Reeve this would be something that I would say to a friend and they'd be like yeah right keep dreaming and that would be the end of it and instead it really happened people who believe in fate say something me about it something about the workings of the universe on this one I'm still not sure if I believe in all that to tell you the truth but um maybe maybe I'll have to talk to some of my people and see what they say it definitely sounds like something that I would be interested in of course of course yes no I would be I would be willing to be whatever they want me to portray whatever they want me to portray I was handed out a path of destruction I was basically what you call a speed freak I had black wings under my olives I was hallucinating I kept going while I was all spun out and crazed I ended up seeing a movie and it was mask you know they do that little Skycam shot of the funeral suit and I can't wait on that spot and it was like wow that's me and that's my fear that was pretty much my awakening moment you know you've got to hit your rock bottom before you can come out of it so you're going to be Wonder Woman yes okay see you soon Cheers okay now LLS that you kill that killer light before you leave I will not kill anything please superheroes don't kill we save lives we save limes and we love the ladies I never heard that it does take its toll you know suiting up every day going out there a rain sleet or snow you know but every actor has to pay their dues in one way or another I'm just pay my dues hello Earthlings you have breezy the one and only four billion christopher dennis also known as hollywood Superman please leave your name a number after the beep and I will get back to you as soon as possible two men kids show up and stay do her wait hey you think she thought that you could so tomorrow the roads to the dark No

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