35 thoughts on “Shark of Darkness – Wrath of Submarine (Full Documentary)”

  1. ERrr, notice all these people are all white Dutch and British English people? South Africa was invaded and plundered and murdered by white people. … illegal British English and Dutch settlers. …Be honest, if this was all black people from Africa dying nobody would care to view or you would say too bad, so sad. Well, I say (Wrath of Africa) no justice, no peace. Perhaps Africa has its own way of getting Justice or Revenge, indeed.

    P.S. Do not feel obligated to the British enterprise. The British plundered and murdered nearly a quarter of the world for their own profit, let's not pass it off as the age of enlightenment.

  2. I’ve watched this now twice? But just cannot make my mind up whether I think it’s authentic or not? The parts where the woman gets dragged under with the red life buoy and when the man was being pushed/nudged our too sea by the shark before attacking him? Cheers guys Mickey

  3. OMG WHY THE FUCK REPEAT AND REPEAT AND REPEAT EVERYTHING OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER !!!!!????????? Americans just LOVE to add +10000 drama +1000 bullshit to everything

    This is a 5 min Documentary repeated to 1 hour 22

  4. The amount of people, especially on Southern Fried 'Science', who are angry to discover this is not an actual documentary is absolutely astounding.

    To those idiots (since, naturally, comments are disabled there) all I have to say is this:

    No. Shit. Sherlock. The opening scenes say as much. Calm the fuck down and get over it. You think someone found real evidence of Submarine and the only place they announce it is on The Discovery Channel? They lost a lot of credibility years ago with their overabundance of obviously fake documentaries.

    It's still bringing awareness to the possibility of Submarine's existence. Plus, it's entertaining as fuck.

    Seriously, if you got five minutes into this show and didn't realise it was scripted, you're an idiot. Quit getting butt-hurt because you humiliated yourself by not being able to tell the difference between an actual documentary and a scripted show. Calm the fuck down, enjoy the show and move on.

  5. when your alerting people to the presence of a shark, do you think you would have to clarify the sharks environment, as to reassure the already nervous swimmers that it most definitely is a shark, unless of course there has been documented proof of sharks who can inhabit both water and air with the use of their pectoral fins to enable their avian abilities, in which case it would be most prudent to clarify as to which environment they were present., in consideration of such mythical theories, just the utterance of a single noun SHARK!!! would suffice.

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