Science & The Swastika: The Wrong Stuff | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

Science & The Swastika: The Wrong Stuff | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

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Looks at how after the Second World War the American military recruited dozens of German scientists. Amongst them was Professor Hubertus Strughold whose subsequent development of space medicine made a large contribution in the ability to send astronauts to the Moon. However, as a Nazi doctor he was involved in inhuman experiments at Dachau concentration camp, using inmates in experiments on the effects of high altitude and extreme cold. Looks at how far the Apollo moon programme may have been tainted by Nazi war crimes and criminals.

Germans are known for their high standards and attention to detail. From early progress in the link between smoking and cancer, to triumphs in aviation – their scientists have been among the greatest in the world. This four-part series examines the effect Hitler’s Nazi regime had on the scientific progress in the country – from world leaders to crumbled ruins.Science And The Swastika investigates how biology, medicine, physics and aviation fared during the Thousand Year Reich. An uncomfortable truth emerges – while some scientific work was carried out to morally repugnant ends, many German scientists actually did ‘good science’, rigorously conducted in a dispassionate and rational way. This troubling legacy demands that we continue to question our understanding of science and the moral responsibilities of scientists.
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12 thoughts on “Science & The Swastika: The Wrong Stuff | History Documentary | Reel Truth History”

  1. As several others have noted, the secondary audio (people talking under the translation, sound effects, musical score, etc.) is much too loud. I really love your videos but the narration is nearly inaudible anytime there is secondary audio present. Someone needs to look into the audio mixing. It appears in every video I've watched on this channel. Keep making the videos though. I find them very interesting and educational. Thank you.

  2. It doesn't make sense that the Frenchman was put in a camp for being a socialist, the Nazis were socialist. I'm guessing the filmmakers just didn't want to say communist. They were imprisoned by the nazis

  3. During the 60s the Army conducted tests on " volunteers " of the effects of drug , primarily marijuana and LSD to see the effects on fighting men . Several of the men in our Headquarters Company volunteered for TDY and we never seen them again .

  4. This series is so interesting! Bringing alot of what was hide to the front!! Crazy how people can be so cruel to others & so many turned a blinded eye to what they were doing! WW2 is so interesting!

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