Scenez From Tha Basement | "DJ" Preston Lee Documentary

Scenez From Tha Basement | "DJ" Preston Lee Documentary

Scenez From Tha Basement is a short, Award Winning, documentary on the life of the up and coming rapper “DJ” Preston Lee.

Directed, Produced, Filmed and Edited by Dallan Babb.
In association with Loyal Hound Productions.
With a piece of footage provided by Coast 2 Coast Live.

okay yeah turn it turn it up a little bit yeah right there good mm-hmm hey man there's no snare there's no snare on my boat okay now I'm gonna do a serious one okay here we go people look at me and they see stereotypes they see the colour on my skin and they see where I came from or what neighborhood I live in right now and just to make sense of the world we just kind of label people different things and it's not necessarily a bad thing it's just what you do it's just human nature it seems like Preston has more of the reserved personality on the face of you know if you first met him but hand him a microphone and say liven this party up and he'll make it happen I don't know but I'm glad she one day he called and was telling me about the fans that he had started they had a gig coming up and I said remind me what instrument you play and he said mom I am a rapper dude the first time I ever performed on stage was at byu-idaho and people started screaming like my girls do like I'm married now you know I don't need any extra girls I got my I got my euro just like knowing Preston he's like super motivated to always like do more and I feel like you know sometimes living in a small town there is only so much you can do it like looks like a really bad thing but like you learn how to apply then it's like awesome you know I would practice for hours and hours and hours and then my dad kind of he was just like hey whatever you know it's probably not gonna happen so I'm not gonna encourage it you have this sense of like oh good I'm glad you know good for you nothing will ever come of this there will be this will be a passing a thing that you'll grow out of it and then you'll go on to B go to business school and get your MBA and so forth but it's been interesting stay focused on it so we got this rap competition coming up Salt Lake City dude shoutout to coast to coast live when Preston decides he wants something and wants to do something accomplish something he does it dude I cannot wait to kill it in this rap competition man so I broke my ankle it sucks so my wife and I went to a show across the street so we decided to jump on our longboards and just cruise over there you know and somehow I got close to this curb and that kind of like threw off my equilibrium or whatever and so I stepped down with my left foot and instead of catching my balance and catching my weight my toe just hit the curb and it just twisted my foot backwards I heard this like ripping sound almost like velcro being ripped apart and I knew as soon as I hit the ground I was like dude this thing is broken and so you know we had the surgery got so just one screw in there but it's a big screw it goes all the way across do it I'm stressed out right now to be honest because I've got this this hip-hop show coming up it's kind of like a rap battle and and I got this freaking broken leg competitions over I did not win I came in second place which is cool I mean there were a lot of really talented artists that came out really talented rappers and the thing is I could have won it I really could have wanted if not for the from my frickin crutches school acted like I put a knife to his back he stood his ground it just seemed like he was there with me when I was listening to his music and since he's been in radio I do that to just turn on the radio now and again and and just listen to him I pursued radio because it's something I'm good at and because it will help me in pursuing breath I pursue driving because it's going to help me in radio I got fired now let me clarify I didn't I didn't I didn't get fired I gotta let go my boss actually you know pulled me into the office he told me that it didn't have anything to do with my performance you know he said he loved having me as an employee and everything like that and he even told me that he would do everything he could to help me get a new job so I mean if there's any way to get fired that's the way to do it I think definitely a surprise for sure first broken ankle lost my job guess that's a life of a rapper they go let me put my Y ambition before I'm done trying see the vision problem is most people blind they couldn't see success if it hit him between the eyes only two positions that I'm livin succeeded I know middle division you see that's why I'm so tripping one CD ain't enough I'm multiplying mathematician they wanted ten of hundreds what I give up J ELISA don't win surrounded by fear but I'm completely alone in got my fake smile on is the way pass on and not think I'm ready to explode in know why I'm joking I probably need surgery to see my heart open I'm working for weeks to be heard when I speak but they just please just sit back take a breather with legs and watch me fade to black will make me I will rap like a box of revealed oh and seize every whack it's not even a competition

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