Royal Deaths & Diseases: Living By The Sword | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

Royal Deaths & Diseases: Living By The Sword | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

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Extraordinary royal war injuries, including Richard the Lionheart, hit by a crossbow bolt, and Henry V, critically wounded by an arrow to his skull.

Series investigating how royal doctors and medicine have changed the course of British history – from madness to war wounds, decadence to the struggles to conceive an heir. The series recounts the fates of Richard the Lionheart and Henry V on the battlefield; examines Britain’s most famously mad king, George III, and investigates the stories of Queen Victoria’s clinical depression and Henry VI’s acute schizophrenia. The film also examines how Royal misbehaviour changed the image of the monarchy – from Henry VIII’s overeating and lack of exercise to Charles II’s death at the hands of his own doctors and George IV’s opium-fuelled reign.

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38 thoughts on “Royal Deaths & Diseases: Living By The Sword | History Documentary | Reel Truth History”

  1. rome and thier secret all lies knew to take total power they needed to destroy those who stand in thier way.
    Latest example the last Saxon Heir of Germany murdered by the zionist black hand.what happened next was WW! and WW2 to gain Our Holy Land.

  2. ty it was great but the princes disided to put there selves in harms way and now should susead ther father i hope hen the queen rsts in peace one of her grand children will take her place

  3. Honey an lots of boiled clear salt water an cut raw garlic.On the wound an consumed an lots of fruit an garlic an water consumed.Alcohol on the wound maybe not great constantly but twice per day.

  4. Medical help then awful, medical help today still awful and now profit driven. More profitable to keep people sick and suffering than to heal them.

  5. I THINK IT IS HIGH TIME THAT THE GOVERNING BODY OF A COUNTRY ARE FORCED TO FIGHT FOR THERE CAUSE IN BATTLE. (be they King, queen, or president, and the congress, as well as the parliaments. "that may be the cause of less warfare in the world today.)

  6. Prince Charles’ doctors fell down on the job (or perhaps he acted like a ROYAL patient), because his hand was noticeably swollen. After my shoulder surgery, I was given a small rubber ball and told to squeeze it quite a lot (it never left my hand). I amazed my physical therapist and didn’t develop one BIT of swelling in my hand.

  7. Not to mention ur using their sorcery not allowing other sorcery ,it's apperantly pices fish maybe its Scorpio ,maybe the year is not 2019 yet maybe the fact that after 365 days making aging faster, Egyptian weakedness maybe

  8. So their occult knowledge, not to mention the evil spells they head,painting of rock art showing 21 century, airplanes drones helicopter submarine not to mention light bulb,wow

  9. Diseases yes extreme inner breeding trying to hold monarch seats nature stepped it in u see,hereditary, not to mention Egyptian pharaoh s where fat ,infested with brother sister fuckses,the young Egyptian pharaoh died young he was handicapped,diabetes,he looked upbnormal walking and looking a monster not to mention their occult knowledge wow,

  10. @ Reel Truth History Documentaries can you tell me where you found this video, if you found it on a website can you send me the link, can you tell me if you can upload the episodes royal deaths and diseases Decadence. royal deaths and diseases Madness. royal deaths and diseases Royal Birth.

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