[ REACTION ] Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock Epic Rap Battles of History & Behind the Scenes

[ REACTION ] Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock Epic Rap Battles of History & Behind the Scenes

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what's good TMG baby she'll boy Elle I'm back with another reaction video man how y'all feel welcome back to the channel master Luke to the whole TMZ family back with another bottle pest right listen we got Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg vs. mr. Alfred Hitchcock and then we got jaws vs. psycho jaws vs. psycho man – out of most iconic movies – the most like these movies has to stood the test of time I think recently they even came out with like a series of I was what was the guy named Norman Bates like it was a it's a series out that me and my son got a chance to watch man it reminded me the old school movie of psycho so man this is about to go down it's bout to be epic and nothing short of hilarious I already know it bro so before we get into it man please take the time if you're new to the channel go ahead and hit that subscribe button man enjoin the TMZ family as we continued this tour of epic Rap Battles of History man you see the social media links up there in the corner man gay boy or follow anything ever happened to channel you know where to find me and with that being said let's get to the battle there we go picture a child sitting next to a project learning from your films to become a much better the right now picture a three billion dollar dream machine who can bustle over your crop do with me out for your bus came out cuz this is like like Spielberg word flag I think one of his highest grossing box-office nays was like ten bit like it's something crazy he's like the highest-grossing something that ten billion it's astronomical whatever the stat is the number is just overall for your earnest to go to John Williams like he's a dude that created like the jaws infinite jaws done and the music that you love to hear in Jurassic park's and different things like that right like that's crazy bro half for your money should go to him which I think about that man I hope they talk about that deadline you know we're gonna be checking out the behind the scenes at the end so when we get to the behind the scenes that's crazy you got no style dog I'm the king of dialogue there's only one movie I know you from and I've seen more blood in the shower I had to fight over one but couldn't do that the British Army look it's a true fact we're competing of that now allow me to attack Stephen a hack who the were the worlds of failures when I played we would look like some sellout bullshit my crate would do anybody what's your favorite Sam Jackson part no one's gonna say what's-his-name from Jurassic herbs that I write Tarantino is a genius Quinn Tarantino mr. pulp fiction himself had a jump in genius is a powerful word but there's no reason to use it less you're talking about the kubrik then there's really nothing every single frame of another word crap from all of you when I come down there and show you what a real stock can do with [Laughter] right was that BAE was that BAE man some of these names yeah I gotta make shy guy right use it less you're talking about the kubrik then there's really nothing to everything I do is visionary every single frame up Amy made exactly how I wanna make it you another take get it right hundred 27th I'll make you learn to love me on the bottom thank you all means meal birds are color purple I don't know why said Spielberg that's why I had to go back I'm still trying to figure out who this is I said Spielberg earlier but that ain't what I meant to say who is this we gotta figure out who this is dude items and we had Spielberg we had Hitchcock we had Quentin Tarantino and the end I think who is this I don't know y'all have to give me under watch that Spielberg earlier but how about them looking at in this agency who we got man they kind of threw me out throwing people in they gotta announce this stuff man they gotta announce this stuff let's see who we got alright I just feel very Hitchcock Quentin Tarantino Stanley Kubrick was the was the last no it wasn't it wasn't a Michael Bay I thought one of them what would have been Michael Bay I was throwing the references off but one was Stanley Kubrick and the other one was Quentin Tarantino so I caught Quentin Tarantino and when I was Michael Bay so okay so when I was Michael Bay alright so I got one of them man let it do me I'm throwing them people in there like that they gotta let you know man when they come in they gotta let you know who they are you know I said cuz I don't be knowing these producers and and everybody by face like that cuz I'm pretty sure if I knew the face I could pick up the similarities you know what I'm saying so but shoutouts to them man crazy crazy battle Steven Spielberg versus Alfred Hitchcock along with the others that jump then along the way man let's go to the actual behind the scenes here we go this is Michael bass yeah sometimes people in Hollywood try to put me down [Laughter] part of the directors which is the midseason finale it's gonna be a long process today this is Heather we just met hi I think she's from New Jersey I don't know yet I am you can always tell the other day they did a cast of my face and they went over my whole hat so now they have this well that's based on my face and my neck is not like that I don't have a gobble neck yet and probably will I come from a long line of gobble the net people add all that stuff on and then I'm gonna be Alfred Hitchcock make sure a child's name check turning from your films to become a much better – right now picture a three billion dollar dream machine who can black muscle over your crop disease try to do with me Alfred you must be psycho I'll bring back because I want to be like get like an old man body done and just walk around and do the stuff just does you know how you see like anger your grandpa something like that the movie just to be able to do stuff like that man I would have a blast with that face off bullshit I've been working on this for years to get the character correct so I still think that I could take up Rob about five more years and practice to get it right but deadlines are deadlines [Laughter] I didn't know so we're testing the stain the Cougar intro shot we're trying minica they will see from the shining shining man do you think I learned the guy who invented the steady camera was the guy who filmed the Steadicam stuff right hey don't kill me too bad man I tried to get as much as I could offer just offer the top of the dome starting with this one I'm crash and then just having a bigger one nine hours advil and Rockstar most likely a more horrific combination than any film I've ever doing that scream Angela Kleist Indiana Deseret on season four first half we'll see you in 2015 bitches been going central for 2015 bro that's dope man I don't know y'all let me know in the comment section how 400 like how long ago did this thing start like we're in 2019 now so like that's insane but it's incredible at the same time how long that run has been man successful to edit shoutouts to them man they got me man they confused me a little bit having me thrown off but I got a few of them right man y'all don't kill me too bad that me in the comment section let me know what y'all think man and let me know what y'all want to see next to the next reaction video man I'm out peace y'all stay solid hey what we do here just go back back back

48 thoughts on “[ REACTION ] Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock Epic Rap Battles of History & Behind the Scenes”

  1. John Williams and his orchestra has made music for so many films it's not even funny most spectacularly known for the Star Wars music as well as many other Spielberg films.
    Stanley Kubrick who made films like the shining, A clockwork Orange which he references. And yes the one at the end blowing things up Is Michael Bay.

  2. It’s funny…I just credited you with being the smartest “reactor” on YT, and here you miss Stanley Kubrick. Nah, I don’t take it back. I still think you’re the smartest. But it’s still funny to see somebody so blasted smart miss something so obvious! Still, maybe I think it’s so funny is because I’m such a dolt! 😂

  3. Don't worry about those haters man, as a nerd who already knows all of their videos, I love rewatching them with you with a completely different perspective and a genuine fresh appreciation for stuff he didn't know about before.

    Keep it up man!

  4. its not about the face, its about the elements they are presenting in the background and lyrics. Kubrick, also alleged to make the "moonlanding footage". Thats why you see the moon in the background.

  5. What's sadder? The fact that I've never (to my knowledge) seen a Stanley Kubrick film or that I still somehow recognized him through all the references and he didn't? Not hating on the guy, I'm just saying, both things are kinda sad.

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