[ REACTION ] Jim Henson vs Stan Lee Epic Rap Battles of History & ERB Behind The Scenes

[ REACTION ] Jim Henson vs Stan Lee Epic Rap Battles of History & ERB Behind The Scenes

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what's good Tim shieff and Michel boy L I'm back with another reaction video man how y'all feel welcome back to the channel and get right let me get right listen we back with another but bottles I'm pressed right listen we back man and we got Jim Henson versus Stan Lee we got the creator of the muffets versus the comic book creator probably one of the greatest comic book creators of all time man by the square off and go at each other in the rap battle man are y'all ready for this i'm hype for it so real quick before we get into this battle that I'm salivating over listen if you new city China please take the time and go ahead and hit the subscribe button man let's get the lights up give your boy a light man shoutouts to y'all for that give me the life all right you see the social media links up there in the corner please get your boy and follow alright with that being said let's get to the battle man I'm height ready bottles up s tray let's go word washer yeah see he had all the condoms behind them right yeah look all the comics and anything back there behind [Applause] with a secret identity of a super EXTREME super he's doing that with the muppet like I can't wait to yard and know we gonna get to be behind the scenes right after that so make sure y'all stay – but I want to see how he liked his voice how is he doing everything like that leg I already know this was pre-recorded – what I'm saying like his voice that he's using it is definitely dope and brings an extra you know what I'm saying – his verse so this is pretty blow he did his own thing and now you've made it clobberin time you taught children to count then smell then you tie your own kids out of your white doing a research man maybe doing the research to give blows down dead smell and you tie your own kids how to drop your white powder then you slap that ass then I'm telling you ensign you wouldn't like me when I'm angry mmm I love a body boomba turtleneck like a Doozer stick and put you out to pasture like mr. Hooper I'm sorry Jim sometimes I can't control my rage honestly there's a lot of things you can't control it my age ya just gotta let it flow or you get old I guess I don't know we got something to look forward to they say I miss you you were gone DUSU you were like watching a beautiful sunset between us we're two mine's the same time there is no man with what we left behind I shoulda known it was leading into somebody else the way they were saying it setting it up doing the building up in anything oh now you want to talk about somebody who has an empire he'll probably controls everything but you know Disney hands in everything bro let's not even talk about tell get back to work ah yeah I was probably leaning towards Jim Henson but uh Disney coming in right now I'm just taking over Mardis with only three holiday oh hey not only is he stunting on him I burned man a little ways they starting like my daddy he's stuntin like my daddy right now just that like Big Daddy like they daddy look he said with only three one circles I dominate the planet I mean can you argue with him you know he came in like Floyd Mayweather you know how flowy like the stunt he came in life Floyd how long do we got more with it oh no it's just another two minutes of bed but I like blowing sterno you know how flowy like money Mayweather like the skillet you know he came in just like that and told him to get back to work I'm ready to see behind the scenes how about y'all y'all ready to get to it let's do it man that was that was a dope battle [Applause] you recorded Jim Henson over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again Wow all those pieces are a different take and there's that set of takes and then this set of takes it happens because I'm not trying to sound like me and like get a performance I'm trying to sound like somebody else I get a performance out of them or sometimes you'll nail it rhythmically or musically but it's like that was some other dude snuck in there it doesn't even have to be the exact impression of the domain do I do i dude who isn't that performance bro so that had to take a lot you could go on a senior cruise oh yeah I'm gonna senior cruise like cruise right up to the ladies and be like let's pull this ship at a point you know [Applause] so puppets I had to learn how to at least fake my way through it I just don't think Jim ensign would show up to a battle without Kermit you know for a few weeks the studio was just full puppets I wanted to have that sort of thing around me while we were writing it and while I was trying to figure out how would you Manson rap so I just surrounded myself with puppets I figured that was a decent place to start he definitely had a lot of puppets one time when I was young man do what a door television salesman came to the house we buried him in the we thought it would be cool for Stanley to use Jim Henson's strength against him a little bit so we found a puppeteer in Los Angeles his name is Jess McKay and he made this awesome Stanley puppet it was also a little bit of a tip of the hat to Stanley because Stanley always makes cameos in his Marvel movies children to count and smell and you tie your own kids how to drop your wife hotter than you you just call me checking out epic Lloyd's new website which was designed using Squarespace and Squarespace helps millions of people build their own professional-looking websites including epiclloyd himself hello dude I thought you were gonna come onto the ship why would I come out of the shadows so we could tell people Squarespace which has intuitive and easy to use tools that let you design professional looking websites regardless of your skill level yeah but we already told them that in the last two video did we tell them that they have state of the art technology and make sure the website is secure yep did we tell them they're trusted by millions of people and some of the most respected brands in the world yeah we told them all that well did we tell them that they should go to the squarespace.com slash ARB and start a free trial today with no credit card required and receive 10% off the first purchase yep you should just go do that didn't treat the Muppets like they were living things when they weren't being used you know put them in boxes and stuff so in keeping with a house trying to treat this casually this Kermit puppet and I couldn't I get like Agron you sitting uncomfortably I'd be like oh it looks uncomfortable you go fix it but apparently is not it was not treated Jim Henson Jim Henson died in 1990 and I think I was in eighth grade and I remember really clearly that he was the first person from TV or movies or Hollywood or celebrity when he died that like really broke my heart we felt like that had to be touched upon in the song because I feel like a whole generation of kids felt the same way he'll be sadder than positive right on top of it getting a little teary at some of this most most yeah he nailed that part with Kermit on his butt yeah he nailed that where that ball was fired to be though the internet thought that you died 12 years ago so we wanted to make a shot to show just the vastness of all the things that Disney makes we spent a whole day just filming Mary in different wigs different costumes what we wanted to do is make it look like an old-timey you know wah Walt Disney was alive animation studio is this kind of a bird's-eye view of what all the layers of video are and this is the camera moving through it so you get this oh that goes on forever feeling and that's the basic idea so I just took a nap in the makeup chair and I woke up in my hair straight this is great no I want this all the time Wow oh this is where everything's been going wrong all the years by you four billion so you can play around right well history support by man they got a seems like a close-knit staff of people that they work with man that that makes everything probably flows so effortlessly man so they they got that whole setup man salute to them they continue to put out that great content that we know and love man this was fiery I could have me the conversation let me know what y'all think make sure you leave your boy a like man let's get the lights up and stick around and stay tuned until the next reaction video I'm out peace y'all stay solid hey what we do here just go back back back

29 thoughts on “[ REACTION ] Jim Henson vs Stan Lee Epic Rap Battles of History & ERB Behind The Scenes”

  1. I still love how it seems like almost no reactor catches the M-I-C-K-E-Y line. Its the big start to the classic mickey mouse club show and was, I thought, pretty iconic. maybe im just too old as I remember it in reruns growing up.

  2. That's all nice, but Disney is taking serious hit points. Disneyland is a ghost town, they're not selling any toys (the majority of their profit), and it is trying to ruin Star Wars and the MCU. Dunno about Sesame Street and Muppets. In fact, the reason why Disneyland is so screwed is that the lack of attendance to their new SW land is spreading to the rest of the park.

  3. that was the darkest episode.
    normally i'm amused and happy after a new erb episode.
    i still remember when that one first came out……it was fun at the start….sad when the lines "you were gone too soon. you were like watching a beautiful sunset, at noon" was sung…..and then disney came and it was like a bucket of cold water…..brilliantly done like everything else….but the message was so….realistic and fucked up….

  4. This is one of the best ERBs. The music is really good. There are so many little details. I'm guessing you weren't impacted by the death of Mr Hooper on Sesame Street like many kids were."Put you out to pasture like Mr. Hooper" is one of the most brutal likes in ERB. Which is why Stan then apologizes. The m-i-c, k-e-y transition is also one of their best.

  5. Stan Lee was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He loved the fans and they loved him. Unfortunately his kids and wife abused him towards the end and he just wanted to die. Luckily towards the end, the courts stepped in and saved him. A lot of his fans wanted Kevin Smith to step in and take care of him but Stan's family wouldn't sign off on it. Even Kevin Smith wanted to take care of him. But he died happier towards the end with the love of his fans as a lot of Youtubers spread the word and got the court to act.

  6. I think its fun to notice that Disney starts out with staying m-i-c, and starts the next sentence by staying k-e-y, which adds up to Mickey as in you know Mickey Mouse

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