Peter Lindbergh – the supermodel photographer | DW Documentary

Peter Lindbergh - the supermodel photographer | DW Documentary

Peter Lindbergh was the only German in the select group of photographers who have found international acclaim in the worlds of fashion and advertising. His black and white photographs are highly distinctive. His snapshot of models in white shirts was named the best photograph of the 1990s by Vogue magazine. But few people know who Peter Lindbergh actually was.

Peter Lindbergh was inspired by expressionist German films of the 1920s and the free dance of that era. He combined avant-garde aesthetics and a down-to-earth stance to create something new and distinctive – what he called a “verité approach.” Peter Brobeck, as he was then, was born in today’s Poland in 1944 and grew up in the Ruhr region after being forcibly displaced. He started off working as a shop window dresser, but then – more than 40 years ago – he bought a cheap secondhand camera to take snaps of his brother’s children and discovered his love of portraiture. His first pictures appeared in the cult magazine Twen and in Germany’s national news magazine “Stern.” Then suddenly international magazines such as Vogue, Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair became interested in the German view. We talk about Peter Lindbergh with film director and photographer Wim Wenders and photographer Jim Rakete.


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37 thoughts on “Peter Lindbergh – the supermodel photographer | DW Documentary”

  1. Just as side note, he had german nationality, due to be born in the german-occupied Poland. I wonder how his life would have been different in the event that he was born in a "regular" Poland

  2. He marked an era, his style was unique and real.. beautiful art/photography. He was about authenticity and real, sometimes raw beauty. Loved his work and his style, wish he took a photo of myself, would've been such an honor. May he rest in peace….part of a fashion era is gone, so sad. Have a safe journey Peter🌷

  3. Sad
    news is always a pain. no matter how narrow the real art world is

    Peter Lindbergh is as big a loss in photography as Helmut

    who have made their creations inaudible .. in the
    creative work of getting the image to a reflective concept of
    creation, by or maybe or by the might .. but just as one who knows
    and sees the world and has a kind eye has a heart for everyone, not
    to mention the aesthetic experience of his talent and knowledge ..
    .no lose the creative talent of this generation and innovation
    momentum …

    Peter Lindbergh will be a part of the creative
    generation in our eternal memory .. God be with you..and thank you
    very much .. sorry for Google translation

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