Pawn Stars: How Chumlee Got His Name (Season 6) | History

Pawn Stars: How Chumlee Got His Name (Season 6) | History

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Chumlee reveals the origin of his nickname when a vintage animation cell is brought into the shop in this scene from Season 6, “Hot and Colt”. #PawnStars
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COREY: What do we got? BRAD: I'm selling a
limited edition animation cel of "Tennessee
Tuxedo," featuring Stanley, the zookeeper,
Tennessee Tuxedo, and– COREY: –Chumley the walrus. Well, I can definitely see now
how you got the name, Chumlee. CHUMLEE: Spitting image. BRAD: I came to
the pawn shop today to sell a limited
edition "Tennessee Tuxedo" animation cel. I'm hoping to get $350 for it. I want to sell it because I
just bought an engagement ring. I'm hoping she says
yes, but we'll see. COREY: So how'd you get it? I bought it online from
a dealer a few years ago. COREY: All right. Well, "Tennessee
Tuxedo" has always been pretty popular around here. Tennessee was a penguin
that lived in the zoo and was always coming up with
ways to try to break out, and Chumley would
inevitably screw it up. BRAD: Exactly. COREY: It's just
like our pawn shop. I'm Tennessee Tuxedo,
trying to run a business, and a guy named Chumlee
is screwing it up. And the zookeeper
always reminded me a little bit of my grandfather. Just always kind of angry
and yelling at Chumley. Well, I could definitely
see the resemblance. Tennessee Tuxedo came
out the early 1960s and only ran for
like three seasons. But it kind of
became a sleeper hit. There was reruns on
TV up until the 1980s. Can I see this cel? BRAD: Sure. You got anything with it. BRAD: There's a
seal right there. All right, now, is
this a reproduction? Because it says 1993 on it. The cartoons were made
in the early '60s. BRAD: It's a reproduction,
but it's a limited edition. It's signed by executive
producer Peter Piech. CHUMLEE: No one ever cares
about the executive producer. [chuckling] COREY: In 1993, they
probably went around, and who's still alive that we
could tie to "Tennessee Tuxedo" and had him sign
a bunch of them. Right. I mean, the only reason I'm
going to buy it is because I'm going to hang it above
my desk because my best friend's Chumlee. Corey acts like I
get on his nerves, but I knew he had
a soft spot for me. So what do you
want to do with it? I'd like to sell it. Any idea what you're
looking to get out of it? I was hoping to
get $350 for it. $350? I deal with thousands of
production cels a year. And in my experience, I'd
say it'd be worth about $300. So that being said, man,
I'll give you around $200. Could you do $275? It's limited edition, so there
aren't that many out there. COREY: I'll split it
with you and go $250. Don't ask for any more because
I'm not going to pay it. I can do $250. All right, man, deal. $250 is fine. It doesn't pay for
the engagement ring, but it definitely pays
for the taxes of it. [cash register ding] COREY: Check this out, Pops. It's pretty cool. What's the cartoon? What is it? COREY: Chumley the
walrus, Tennessee Tuxedo, and Stanley Livingston. I like it because it
reminds me of Chum, myself, and The Old Man. RICK: I think it's
stupid, and it's never going to be worth anything. Don't be mad because you don't
have a cartoon of yourself. Why would I want
a cartoon of myself? COREY: Because
you're the most vain, egotistical person I know. And we all have a cartoon
that represents us, and you're not in it. I don't think Rick likes
it too much when he's not the center of attention. RICK: It was bad animation
when it was made. Corey, he's jealous. Figures my dad would get
jealous over a cartoon, but I think I found a
way of including him that will make him feel better. RICHARD: Go hang it
in Rick's office. [cash register ding] COREY: Here, Pops. Look what I got for you. Noticed you were a little
hurt about not being included in the whole cartoon
thing, so I went ahead and found Professor
Whoopie here, you know, the bald, know-it-all
professor that Tennessee would always ask for advice. I added it into the
picture for you. In a Pawn Shop shirt? Yeah, I customized it for you. RICK: How in the
world is that me? Well, he's got
short, stubby legs. He's bald. He's got kind of a potbelly. He's a know-it-all,
puffy cheeks. If his head was a
little bit bigger, he'd be a perfect
match for you, son. [chuckling] Why are you doing this to me? COREY: Doing what? You're finally a
cartoon character. All I know is if you guys
start calling me Whoopie, I will fire you. Get that thing out of my
face and get back to work. Whatever you say,
Professor Whoopie. RICHARD: You have to admit,
Rick, they got you good. RICK: They didn't
get me on anything. RICHARD: They got you.

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