everybody record label building right here where the original but wait the third corner and sunset this is where we met Duffy hooks and he put in 1981 we recorded our first record rapping party group at the KSR studios over here on Hollywood and Vine and we will be taking you over there to see where the studio is at the tap building and we recorded that track in November 1981 hey what's up YouTube the ship way kingdom sea man we are live at the original home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame right there this history that also was the mission a rappers rap records so let's take the pictur here and this see what's going on this here is the hole not today crap love it see see frosty and mr. ice and KFC of the rapid revenue and we're going to bring you the true history of West Coast rap we're in Hollywood of the rapper rap yeah and I met Duffy hooks 20 years Michael hooks and Duffy you know it's always been you know going in with the rap music he said if you dictate that the rap music would be one of the biggest musical John Ray's that the industry would ever know it did he was one of the first you know you don't come to West Coast that really put that on the map I couldn't find a better person in hell but he was definitely one of the founders and the cult animal or front of West Coast rap music we love you missing Adele no they got a head of the soul rest in peace this is the tap building West Coast hip-hop record record record she's ever made what's this here oh listen the Stars man let me see this going down see if we got the rough this is this pulsing I'll just healthier on that floor was Kor this right here is the old Motown building our founder Duffy hook spent a lot of time up in there man and then right here that is the Palladium that's where the first Best of the West rap contest went down where we have one of the original members from rappers rap group MC frosti and his new group they won and I got signed shitty no records yet and we're down right there senator front of the Screen Actors Guild on Hollywood Boulevard and this building we're about to enter into you is the original avi Records building where dummy hooks took the rappers rap group in to audition for Ray Harris for the Dark Star sexy baby el which was originally done for MCA records now MCA records didn't put the record out because it was the first rap record they ever had they didn't know how to market it didn't know what to do with it rap was so new in 1982 we're continuing our search for the true history of West Coast rap hey you know what that dark star album the infamous Doc's got happened that is so hard so rare as we caught it right here come on in alright this is the original producers workshop a lot of disco records were cut in here Dark Star as some of you know was the rappers rap group is MC Faust ekm see myself DJ flash love and see maqam oh and mr. ice this is where we recorded the first West Coast hip-hop album ever made on API after we went from rappers rap this is what Dark Star albums the sexy baby where we had darkstar we had a whole lot everything a lot of history in the studio right here right here is where everything's reported back and we'd have all the computers and stuff but you know we just have to pick the rules and this is an amazing thing man look back in fact that board right there I mean the the take right there is probably the one that we use way back then yeah so a little bit of history right here in Hollywood the interesting thing is that the engineers had never recorded her map record and they didn't know how to mikus there were six guys they had us all on one like our two Mike's three guys and it just wasn't working out because of the levels and things the engineers had never experienced a rap record recording one so they were learning just as we were learning as we went so we in they pretty soon they set up six separate microphones so and put us on six separate tracks and it was a little experience for those guys as well we had the Black Diamond band with us they were a band from Bakersfield California they were still in high school DJ Sparkle want to give a shout out to the matine's out there oh yeah and mudgy everyone in the black diamond band for coming and recording with us and this is where we did all the recording the miking the live band we had live bands backed in 1981-82 there were no samplers there were no computers it was all done with live musicians this is probably there is no point or track recorder right here this is I'm about a hundred cents you're back in 82 remember you to come here and show you everything this is highway denim this – you'll see we're continuing our search for the true history of West Coast rap hey what's up man listen innocent boy to MC man hope you enjoy hey what's up dr. dr. Dre what's up man hey hang on one second man my father would call you right back man you guys it's going down right here man what Kingdom see check this video out man this is West Coast history that's fine okay again I want to thank everybody with us the world of West Coast rap the beginning follow J's thank you we want to thank all the people all over the world been responding to the video and we didn't know the true history of West Coast rap and showing the love from Japan Germany Europe Sweden so many different places that one day I'd like to come out there and entertain some you guys but we want to thank you for following us to a rappers rap history in the West Coast in LA and we want to send you back some love tell me tougher story now it's time for rapid raps 30 come out now it's time for people to know the real truth of how West Coast rapidly started and how the foundation was laid its I hope everybody looking at this they understand it hey that was West Coast rap thriving before an easy you know before there was a recall of records there was a rappers rap disco with Duffy hooks myself his father the late Jerry hooks you know and a lot of artists it came true before tonight before the can't scrap camera in LA so hey I hope you enjoyed this interview I hope you enjoy everybody's artist interview and I hope God bless you keep you nothing from the east side from the west side from the north and from the south you know they all come here far near just attend with the man with the mouth I said I'm disco daddy that is my name rapping to the beat is my claim to fame you know my rapping the strong and my game is tough and all night long I just targeted stuff I said a hey say what say what see there had to be a first one and thank God Almighty we were the first we would never be forgot we will forgot because a lot of people didn't tell our story a lot of people to know who we were because we kept the street we never went corporate and we never sold out now it's the time you kept it real we kept talking people so so long we got people try to silence us and bring us down but there were people that were feeling things on but now the food is now over because God is now shining his light and everything that's real because whatever's in the dark will come to the light so how long can you keep a giant down you can keep him sleeping but let me tell you something rappers rap the company was like a man among minutes and a giant among men that's what I'm trying to tell you

26 thoughts on “OFFICIAL WEST COAST RAP HISTORY (part 1) documentary”

  1. the west coast is hiphop heaven…the east cost is hiphop paradise. antiniga1 i heard you but we the inspiration man. peace,love unity and having fun.

  2. Hello D.J FLASH…..THIS YOUR RAP BUDDIE THE OG. ZBOI….!! NOW LIVING SAN DIEGO AREA AND BEACH HOME IN ROSARITO BEACH AREA…WE NEED TO PROMOTE THIS HISTORICAL RECORD WE MADE IN 84 TO THE GRAMMIES FOR THE 1ST BREAKTHROUGH IN VARIOUS AREAS..1) FIRST RECORD TO PUT RAP ON A MUSIC THEME FOR A MAJOR MOVIE RELEASE….FIRST ITALIAN RAPPER WHICH WAS YOU! FIRST MEXICAN/CREOLE JEW…TO RAP IN THREE LANGUAGES THAT PART HAS NOT BEEN BROKEN YET! iI have 2 CD Coming out as one of the 1st tri-lingual singers in the world….pioneerin this in 1991…now releasing Zboi da Zebra Knight da Reluctant Star…holla back at me 619-344-0537…I plan on getting the Native American Grammy award..2017 since I am also 14 % Choctaw Indian……love you guys…when are we getting together for the annual wEST cOAST pIONEERS OF rAP aWARDS!?

  3. Fuck that! Real shit started with N.W.A.!.. I don't care what any foo says.. West coast was never on the map until that gangster shit came out.. And i'm from L.A.!..

  4. Man i like old school hip hop
    since i was 13 when i played gta san andreas that kinda introduced me to west coast hip hop
    when i got interested in old school hip hop i wondered what was LA like back in the early 80's
    i have to say that dj flash and every OG in the game are great
    simply great
    much love from Croatia

  5. I worked in that very building in 1983-84 doing graphics for Wolfman Jack!His son Todd hired me, and I remember the original Rock n Roll hall of fame being there.
    They had a lot of old films of R&R legends.
    West coast y'all!


  7. Hell yeah!!! World on wheels, radiotron!!!
    I got all Rich cason 12 inches…2001 was the ultimate poppin cut back in the day!
    killer groove too

  8. Thank you ever so much for this tour. We and the rest the world need to know the real truth about rappers these days. So many of the rappers claim to have their own style, which is good, but they need to know what real rapp is all about. Thanks for the history.

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