49 thoughts on “National Geographic: Tesla Motors Documentary Full 1080p HD”

  1. It's amazing to watch this in 2019, all what was promised came to reality, model 3 is taking over the world. All legacy automakers screaming about going electric (but actually trying to delay it as much as they can). But what didn't change – FUD and hate and wish for Tesla to fail, actually it's growing stronger from all who are deeply invested in industries fated to change or die. But I'm sure Tesla will keep overcoming it all and will be victorious in years to come, and I will make sure to support it as much as regular Joe can.

  2. The whole Tesla and it’s sustainable energy concept is great and we really need this type of technology going forward but Tesla as a company don’t treat their assembly line workers right. I’ve had friends who worked there and quit because you had to work mandatory overtime. It’s great if you need the money but also taking away time from family.

  3. Hello Elon. It is not going to be easy. You were struggling in the US. NOW China have you the chance to expand this initiative. Good vibes for you. Most of all. God Bless you. This is such a big cuntribution to the world.

  4. Mr. Elon Musk if you are reading this I wonder if is it possible to fit four small generators to the wheels so they keep on generating electric power to charge the batteries while the car is in motion so that the car will never need external electric power to charge it's batteries and its range becomes infinite which will make the car affordable and attractive to everyone and save the world from pollution forever.

  5. This video seems to rewrite history, where are the two initial founders of Tesla, it’s a great video but the information is not substantial. Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning wasn’t mentioned once in this almost an hour video.

  6. Save your $$, but in the meantime there are cheap electric cars coming off lease with low mileage. All have user forums-Nissan, Chevy Spark, BMW, Fiat, etc. Don't need to wait, EV's are too fun.

  7. Replacing the gasoline powered cars will require a lot. I mean a lot. TESLA and MUSK have some unsurmountable mountains to climb. Don't give up. Should you not get it done, someone will feel inspired enough to try again.

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