National geographic – Life of Panda – BBC wildlife animal documentary 2016 Full HD

National geographic - Life of Panda - BBC wildlife animal documentary 2016 Full HD


these Cubs are the latest additions to the largest group of captive giant pandas in the world around seven months old they were bred in a desperate bid to save the species from extinction but there are still too few pandas as the mating season begins at least 15 more Cubs must be conceived this year alone if the species is to survive and time is not on their side China's conservation and research center was set up at Wolong in Sichuan province in the 1980s at a critical time for wild pandas the precious bamboo began to flower and became an edible parts onions or you body girl okay so you need to change to camp hua and 20 good – mommy sure 300 be any freaking talent you see that we she negative connotation well woman the end you can join a group with a twig hello the work seems straightforward the plan was to rescue starving wild pandas and then breed more pandas from them but this seemingly simple task took a long time to achieve and it wasn't until 20 years later that we long witness the fruits of successful breeding in 2006 a record-breaking 18 panda cubs were produced the following year another 14 panda cubs were born there are now more than 60 pandas at the center and another 80 live at zoos and research centers in China and abroad but even though were long is filled to capacity there still aren't enough captive pandas minion to loose the South s silly Santa Masuda 10 yeah that's a tall wall when I can't home woman QWERTY could have 20 aa woman don't on time how the T ago I kinda saw warned me about him Tigger about to take a giant wooden bat ie guard when didn't don't have one Monsieur Perrier gas and pizza description Allison bans Assamese mental important ago water washing woman cited only when the super shower sang-hyeok up an incident but father you got somewhere to the surgeon so the race goes on contrary to popular belief wild pandas breed as easily as any other beer but captive pandas have always been a problem even here at will on only about a quarter of pandas are able to go into Easter Astatula and only one in ten male pandas are able to mate naturally and they have precious little time to do so overseer this your mojo position take a significant one then you can also a son can have begin negotiation more color so something visual memory no Congress intends to show more students how India position more peace ossified ratio more the Inupiat are inefficient Machoke Western currency the ambitious Sophie's a prison Tim Tschida as this year's meeting season starts at were long the pressure mounts it's almost the end of March there are sixteen females already any stress merely three mating males only eight breathing pens available and just a few days to get the job done and those aren't the only problems pandas are just as particular about their partners as humans months ago the Americas was either one you saw solution is your March every time you end up you're a sheep and a visual mark hoppus you tell me why you don't want what a payment doesn't take about worship time and this is your mother she checks this is phone viola your social mission Nations Association is solution and saving a species can sometimes be thwarted by the simple fact that some pandas can't stand the sight of each other it's day one of wolong's annual breeding bonanza when the male team are three wild caught pandas will Gong Ling Ling and of course will own star stud Lulu they're wild genes are crucial to the breeding program as many of the females are captive bred the three males are expected to service all the females currently in East hrus but the limited number of breeding pens means there's only room for five females at any one time they constantly have to be moved into position in and out of different pens while the male's stay put one of the first females to show signs of readiness as 13 year old Fifi whose name means concubine she makes her feelings and heightened hormonal state as plain as her name oh sure it's generally a fuzzy tiny little girl time yeah because you know hole a little bit for my yaojin as in any proper relationship the couple have to be formally introduced before matters can be taken any further we're gong as the first potential suitor is kept indoors initially so that both parties can have a risk-free mutual assessment fear phase behavior makes it impossible for anyone to ignore except it seems whoo gun his mind is clearly focused on higher things such as his stomach see my daddy right I'll tell you tomorrow you see my anxiety there's no hmm but Fifi simply doesn't have the luxury of waiting for we're gong to finish his dinner her estrogen level is peaking and will soon dip again she will be it a most fair tile and must find a more reliable me it quickly so Faustian just delivered about three engagement to see he hasn't but the first problem is to get Lulu indoors before Fifi can safely enter his den a seemingly simple task but Lulu has other ideas in the wild the higher a male leaves his mark the stronger and more varieties considered and the more attractive he is to the ladies with lulu safely indoors it's time to introduce fifi at first sight it seems that Lulu late were gong isn't at all interested in Fifi but the keepers experience tells a different story you think that's that way hi-yah heh-heh it may be early for the adults but for the products of last year's meeting it's well past their bedtime not that many of the Cubs make a distinction between sleep and activity as evening draws on Fifi's hormone level Peaks and as it begins to fall the pressure is on for one of the meal pandas to perform despite his earlier lack of interest the keepers decide to give will gone another goal at first things seem to be going well but then we're gong seems to lose all sense of direction Fifi and ton loses patience with him and veins are frustration disappointed keepers take an even more disappointed Fifi back to her own pain it's time to bring Lulu in Agana to everyone's relief not least Fifi's tonight's meeting is a success copulation lasts a highly satisfactory six minutes and 29 seconds having been up most of the night Lulu is in need of a little rest and recuperation Wu gong however still has a healthy appetite but his lackluster performance the previous day has serious implications half of the centre's female pandas East region levels are now peaking they need to be meted soon or there won't be enough pandas next year they cannot rely solely on Lulu despite a successful track record because they must introduce more meals to the breeding group and widen the gene pool where Kali eats her boy action didn't yawn yawn was all right you guys should mop y'all got a tight ball tiger yeah peanut oil there's a little bit of salt either Tony then Sonia is on the show yeah I didn't call either she doesn't know movie a woman infanticide poor Ling Ling the third male on the team is introduced to south south but things don't quite work out he appears no more adept at meeting than we gone reinforcements are required they come in the shape of Chung Chung his name means strong he's actually a 21 year old male panda and the process of losing his teeth and here Chung Chung might not seem an ideal solution to the problem but he's not expected to perform in the same way as the other meals with the female pandas biological clocks ticking away Chung Chung has a more indirect but vital role to play his semen has just been collected in the hospital and while he recovers from the anesthetic his contribution to the breeding program will be put to good use as has happened many times before Chun Chun has been a vital if unwitting participant in the plan to save the planet's precious pandas fefe having been successfully mated with Lulu will now undergo artificial insemination many of the breeding females a true long are artificially inseminated as well as being meted naturally so Jabba you hold the date on paddling so Jim took it somewhat hand you know it's in Japanese isotope yeah twinners have played a crucial part in reaching will long's breeding target and making it a success story before Fifi can undergo artificial insemination she needs to be anesthetized she must be thoroughly checked over and most importantly weed to ensure that the right amount of anesthetic is administered it today chime I won sedated she's raised to the hospital so that the artificial insemination can be completed before she wakes up the calculations were apparently wrong but for safety the erred on the side of caution too little is better than too much the artificial insemination is completed and Fifi is put in a quiet enclosure away from the breeding pens they won't know for sure if it was successful until late summer when the birthing season begins many of the other females in the block are also stimulated by the comings and goings and the other pens she she starts chirping and mourning very loudly and is decided to try wukong to see if she is more his type than Fifi shishi is visibly irritated by wu gongs apparent incompetence she turns on him then we're gong suddenly reveals another side to his character perhaps he's not the apathetic passive panda he appears to be despite his outburst the keepers nor wu gongs true character and easily tempt him away from shi shi with his real interest in life lulu meanwhile is being reacquainted with his very first love yin yang light lulu she was a wild caught panda but it eight years older more mature and experienced but Lulu's lost that loving feeling and shows absolutely no interest disappointed they move her through to Wu gong but no joy aware that yang yang's hormone level has peaked and is dropping there's a sense of urgency but persisting with Lulu backfires horribly it may look frightening but the Clippers aren't worried the centre's director is also unperturbed by the violence and points to an even more logical explanation for the aggression doesn't bother me yeah Joey you hope how many were had time a years ago the knee like it's tomorrow but there's you won't happen without me you're bad though so I'm moving with anti so Tyler never told you having a job in your corner ha ha yo yo yo Xiang don't receive my factory as is painfully evident when Lulu is introduced to long Shen me or send innovation this is what she loved the new consort oh boy Peola so you get a la la da la ya give a shot at its to you that's a Toyota so junk is so Kyla so you throw your doesn't me also I'm a crazy perhaps best illustrated when Ling Ling is introduced to me Cheng and the situation becomes even more violent she raised his next door to try to get away from him once safely indoors me Ching is clearly terrified but only suffers minor cuts and scratches nothing serious well Monday yeah well if I stumble on you and me or fight English Joel P Y shall Moe get back those song that's a meal competing the behavior of captive pandas and their wild relatives is an important part of wolong's work the long-term plan is to release some of wolong's pandas into the wild one of the reasons that are only eight breeding pens available out of a possible 10 is because two of the Pens are currently being used by the release team as more and more females start to come into estrus the breeding team thinks they should have priority over the pens once they've successfully reached the target of 300 pandas for a sustainable captive population the hope is to use those pandas to help reach a sustainable wild population of 3,000 but the centre's director is skeptical wasn't we fashion world telling you sometimes multiply the viewing pimples all over a certain way a woman jillian Barberie offense at all sometimes you must have been fighting with public comments on agenda which ends at Sandia even make a passion with my family too much time she won't go meet possible sue keep my gonna hire you before Department say said something about fun when we put cutting saw me 22 schemata mats on the other hand so you tell you some passion what you soon I mean yeah twice latekka super klenda sorry so what's the answer woman's ankle pants is she watching Tweedledee my mind would take a giant passion my sushi pattern so you so nice to dissident men kangaroos mega years in diameter is to deny or taro sanctions Tetsuo machine haha the real problem for wild pandas remains the lack of protected habitat this is part of our precious protected habitat 850 kilometers northeast of we long six thousand feet up in the Qinling mountains on the site of an ancient Buddhist temple a team of scientists at the Ching Ling giant panda research base have been studying the behavior of wild pandas for more than a decade the damp climate may be good for bamboo and pandas but it's not so good for humans trying to study them when there is a break in the clouds observing the behavior of wild pandas is considered easier here than in Sichuan total vanilla a canyon Talmudic pnina and they go pina has a bigger koto chanto is Susan and Susan a Vanessa since our day y'all kinda it's a time of isn't under the Attorney Italica did you guys teach in prisons in time nearly sure what don't you envy to prison go the density may be higher than in Szechuan but there are still only around sixty to a hundred pandas living in an area of around 300 square kilometres and searching for these elusive wild pandas to study requires long tracks sometimes for several days and climbing thousands of feet as it will long it's the spring mating season and the chances of seeing pandas in the wild are increased because the pandas come down to the lower slopes to mate until a female is successfully mated a number of males will congregate wherever she leaves her scent marks the task of finding and filming giant pandas is still far from simple but after a long and exhausting climb the sound of loud bleating and chirping raises hopes of a chance to get close enough to study them not too close like any wild bear they're very dangerous especially at a time like this that's a fight ensues I assume oh yes which is a human then Susan as you miss him so much so jealous you must call me my last and it's a nigga we're not even high consumer this is a very rare sighting of one of FIFA's distant wild cousins from the growls it's obvious the meals will have no energy left for fighting as Lulu does with the females Andrew long since the last National Survey of Panda numbers in 2001 which calculated that there were around 1,600 wild pandas scientists here have completed another survey of a number of reserves and subsequently come up with a very surprising result so yeah come on in which in Cheng hua he isn't – Madame Jeunet Coenen your young hunters Arjun Singh the wild panda population might have already reached the magical figure of 3000 but doctor zhang jiazhen still doesn't consider this to be a sustainable population and believes that the giant panda remains an endangered species and even if the future looks a little brighter for pandas another ominous threat to the survival of the species is emerging hi in the Qinling mountains research scientist he's on ball has been observing the pandas food as closely as the pandas themselves here the eat around 20 kilos of bamboo every day mainly by Sharna bamboo and he's discovered something very worrying to partner models for kennefa possum module can I could have a telephone so I heard issue module to where he was sure that here first of all the essentially passionately sutra nadu fastener that means the tooling haha Virginians sure that Shannon did you get to the melon relevant here ancient folklore says that when bamboo flowers death and destruction follow and modern science agrees the bamboo will die within three to five years after flowering then the seeds will drop into the soil but we'll take another seven to ten years to germinate and become edible once more if panda numbers really have risen to 3,000 the rabbit of plummeting again much highlighted a woman Elega woman a young fellow I do her sure we'll miss our gate and eager to servitude energy ago ship on the tabatha young inclusive okay harder to the attorney the attorney could share what I had to the to the car she got dopamine Atwater you banjo sure sure sure lucid or even yeah – you go to see women do it here to the CEO I said that maybe the tweet that in live while he struggled to avoid the same fate that befell the pandas and we long ultimately scientists here are absolutely clear about what needs to be done to protect giant pandas whether there are 1600 or as many as 3,000 was Iranian government you go for – powerful Senior Day isn't a fashion faux pas for her activity seniority and so to achieve it in CCTV PN codes of wire use the candle me when I go for Mina Majesty she charged I dream and talking with her she helped answer make a charge how you can use and touch more funk we found in the Korean to easily go to the ramen to be going to countryside children decision the king hi Jenica Jenna documenting with tingling the fun without yucky bakit will long they're getting on with the first part of that task making more pandas it's now a chrome the peak of the breeding season and as more and more females come into East hrus the keepers are under increasing pressure whether they'll reach this year's target depends a great deal on Wu Gong who seems to have no sense of urgency despite his hopeless history the keepers are encouraged by wiggins burst of energy during his earlier encounter with shi shi they've decided to reintroduce him to yang Lin Wu gong however seems to have reverted to his old ways suffering from an apparent lack of coordination things seem to be going in ever decreasing circles as Wu Gong looks around as if he's desperate for encouragement or support disappointed keepers decide to cut the meeting short and tempt him away Wu gong obviously interprets the Apple as sustenance and hangs on well yang Ying is clearly unimpressed with the entire performance after yet another disappointment the last chance is the other meal in the group ling-ling but Ling Ling isn't being very cooperative the reason for Ling Ling's obstinate behavior is in the voluptuous shape of a new female in the pens she may which means happy and lucky girl she may send drives Ling Ling crazy and her appeal isn't limited to him she may appears to be a source of passion and delight to all the boy bears most of all Lulu she successfully meted with both Ling Ling and Lulu in 2006 and subsequently gave birth to twins but last year she may mysteriously came into East hrus six months late which was a source of concern for the keepers and Lulu awake and resulted in the latter banging against the side of his pen for weeks on end XI Mei has now returned to a normal cycle and it's having a big impact and all her neighbours there's something about this panda that drives wild pandas even Wilder surely even we're gone will faint her charms impossible to ignore alas not with Lu Lu gazing longingly at the love of his life things between Schumi and will Gong follow a familiar path at one point the rules are even reversed finally the moment arrives for lovesick lu lu to sha woo hyung haven't done but instead of leaping on shimi and his usual domineering way lulu romps about with her and they play like small Cubs both behave like meeting is just a big game it's hard to believe that Lulu is the same panda that was so aggressive with the other females she made or may not be the love of his life the coupling looks likely to succeed without any of the drama and violence that marred other meetings but whether their relationship will result in Cubs capable of being released into the wild it's impossible to know Wheelan will probably reach the target of 15 pandas this year in spite of Ling Ling and Wu gong slow start these are some of their offspring from last year the Cubs early ancestors lived around two million years ago the decline is due to us whether these pandas will become part of a sustainable population and survive for even a fraction of that time isn't the responsibility of lu lu Ling Ling or even whoo gun it's also down to us just rolling our own place what yeah

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