Mongols: Invasions of Vietnam 1258-1288 DOCUMENTARY

Mongols: Invasions of Vietnam 1258-1288 DOCUMENTARY

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The second season of our animated historical documentary series on the Mongol Invasions continues, as we cover the invasions of Vietnam by the Yuan Dynasty and the battle of the Bach Dang River of 1288. Previously we talked about the peak of the Mongol power under Kublai and the invasions of Japan in 1274 and 1281 –

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47 thoughts on “Mongols: Invasions of Vietnam 1258-1288 DOCUMENTARY”

  1. Excellent work as always! I love learning about Vietnamese history, it's one of my favorite nations and cultures. Pho is the greatest food on earth. I think it's very sad how many simply see Vietnam as part of "Southern China" or a place that belongs in China's sphere of influence (the way many Russians think of Ukraine). Politics aside; to my knowledge they speak different base-languages.

  2. Does anyone know that Vietnam is the first country that revolution against the French and after that all other nation follow same same route especially countries from africa

  3. Mongols: We can speak to the horses. Our horses will crush our enemies under their hoofs.
    Dai Viet: We can speak to the rice fields. The rice will disappear when our enemies come.

  4. In design of AOE 2 game (THE AGE OF EMPIRES II), The Rattan Archer ( Vietnamese Archer) is too powerful, can easily defeat the Genghis Khan ( Mogolian Archer) and all the Archer Dynasty. I think the game was made on history.

  5. I like when small kingdom defeat big empire. The Vietnamese are a very strong people who have defeated the Chinese Han empire, the Mongol Yuan empire, the French colonial empire and the USA occupation.

  6. Thank you for finally covering this history piece that our small country has contributed to the whole picture of the Mongol Empire history and it's sphere of influence.

    In school we have always been taught in pride of this period of valiant and heroic defend against the mongol invasions. Was always curious about the outside perpective thou.

    Good video.

  7. Ever since Vietnam gained its independence, so many powers have tried to invade it.
    Southern Han in 938
    Song dynasty in 960
    Yuan dynasty in 1288
    Ming dynasty from 1407-1427
    Qing dynasty in 1788
    Siam from 1831-1833
    France from 1864-1884
    Japan in 1940
    Britain in 1945
    America from 1964-1973
    China in 1979

  8. mongols were unbeatable in the steppes, but when they have to move into forests (whether the forests of Western Europe or the tropical forests of southeast Asia) in which their horses could not manouever, they had to quit

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