Lone Samaritan – Documentary by Barak Heymann (Scene from the film)

Lone Samaritan - Documentary by Barak Heymann (Scene from the film)

The Samaritans, a tiny religious sect, are dying out. But they still maintain extremely harsh rules against assimilation: if you leave the fold, you and your family are as good as dead. Israeli actress Sophie Tzedaka is one such woman. One by one, she and her three sisters became “Jews” and were excommunicated by their 700-person community. So was their father. “Lone Samaritan” is a touching father-daughter journey that transcends all beliefs. It explores universal issues of faith and modernity, the role of women in religion, and the individual’s right to forge an independent identity—especially when that means violating a tradition you still hold dear.

Written, Directed and Produced by: Barak Heymann
Editor: Neta Dvorkis
Cinematographer: Uri Levi
Original Score: Ehud Banai
Research: Tali-Shamir Werzberger

The film was supported by Channel 8, Makor Foundation for Cinema & TV and Gesher Foundation for Multicultural Cinema.

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3 thoughts on “Lone Samaritan – Documentary by Barak Heymann (Scene from the film)”

  1. חחחחחחח… לפחות הקנאית הטבעונית שכתבה כאן לפני כשבוע רשמה שהיא בעצם שונאת את עצמה ומרעיה ("אני שונאת אותנו!!"). אכן פליטת מקלדת פרודיאנית שמסגירה את שנאתה העצמית. שנאתה היוקדת להורגי בע"ח למאכל ואוכלי בשר באשר הם (חילוניים ודתיים כאחד) העבירה אותה גם על בריאותה (ולא רק דעתה) כך שהיא כבר שונאת את עצמה…..

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